Joe tells Janelle that Frank is talking like he is going to be here next week for sure.

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


12:30am Up in the HOH room are Shane, Ian and Britney. Ian tells them that at first he didn’t know who to nominate if he won the head of household competition next week, but says now he knows he would nominate Joe. Ian says that no one would care if Joe left. Britney and Shane agree. Shane then says that he would even be a pawn against Joe to make it less suspicious. Ian says that it would probably not be best to nominate Shane before the power of veto because Joe’s chances would go from a 1 in 7 chance to a 1 in 6 chance of winning the veto because Shane automatically plays for the veto due to the veto ticket. Ian leaves the HOH room. Britney tells Shane to never ever again say you will go up as a pawn because they will vote you out. Shane says that he was just trying to make it easier for the others in their alliance. Britney tell him that she knows he meant well but Shane is too big a target in the game and that Frank and Boogie could vote him out.

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Frank joins Shane and Danielle up in the HOH room. They talk with Danielle for a bit about random stuff and they Danielle heads downstairs. Frank talks about how Janelle was hotter back in season 7. Shane comments on how Britney has a rocking body. Frank agrees. Shane tells Frank that Britney had told him before she came into the game that he could not trust Boogie even if he trusted Frank because Boogie would do things like changing his vote at the last minute. Shane says that from what Frank told him, it seems like Boogie changed his game as a coach from how he was in his season, although he might be more aggressive as a player. Frank says that Boogie would not do anything super wild and crazy because Frank would not do anything like that. Shane tells Frank that Danielle is a sweet girl and that he likes her. Shane says that Danielle is also young, emotional and he says that it is tough to tell her but he does not want to have a showmance.


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2:20am Frank, Ashley and Wil are in the stereo room talking about Janelle. Wil and Ashley talk about how much Janelle has lied. Wil tells Frank that Janelle has made you out to be a bigger target than you really are. Ashley says that she has seen through Janelle since day one. She would back stab us in a heartbeat. She throws us under the bus all the time and she tells lies that we get associated with. Wil says that Joe was so happy when he and Frank were nominated. Wil and Ashley talk about how when Shane used the veto on her, Janelle had wanted him to use it to save Joe and not her.


2:40am – 3:10am Janelle and Joe are alone in the backyard talking. Janelle tells Joe that she told Ashley she doesn’t trust Wil anymore. Janelle says that she thinks she might have gotten put up to save Wil but with the votes for her to stay. Joe pissed at Wil and says that in the last two weeks Wil has destroyed his team. Joe says that last week Wil threw me under the bus and now he’s throwing Janelle under the bus. Joe says that he might even want Wil out over Frank even though he doesn’t like Frank. Joe says that he doesn’t know if Ashley trusts Wil or not. Joe talks about how he can’t read Ashley. Joe says that he will keep quiet and pretend he is good with Wil to try to keep Janelle safe. Joe tells Janelle that he thinks she might want to just expose Wil’s lies. Joe talks about how he thinks there is some bigger plan in action. Joe tells Janelle that Frank is talking like he is going to be here next week for sure. They talk about how they don’t trust Wil and how in week one that he didn’t come to make friends. Joe says that he never thought Wil would be this bad to his allies. Janelle and Joe head to bed.

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3:20am – 4am Danielle and Dan are up in the HOH room talking. Danielle tells Dan that she is way closer to him than Shane and Britney. Danielle tells Dan that Britney would pick her over Shane. Dan says that Britney demeaned her players as a coach. Dan says Shane isn’t incompetent and to let him voice his thoughts. Danielle says that she would take Dan over Shane because Dan never left her side and Shane voted to evict her. Dan asks Danielle how close she thinks Ian and Britney are? Danielle says that she doesn’t think anywhere near as close as us. Dan says that Ian, not Shane. Danielle says that Britney says Ian reminds her a lot of her little brother. Danielle asks if that scares him? Dan says no, just in case he is on the block with Britney. Danielle says that personally Ian likes Dan more than Britney. Danielle says that she doesn’t question Ian when it comes to Dan and says that he has a lot of respect for him. Dan says that Ian has gotten a lot better at this game but that he just needed someone who had confidence in him. Dan tells Danielle that a lot of the game is luck and how you react to situations that influence the outcome. Dan then talks about being the coach of Danielle, Kara and Jodi. He then talks about how weird it was to see the episodes of the show after his season was over. Dan and Danielle then decide to go to bed.


5:40am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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The "Original" Erin

I, personally, am still in complete shock that Ashley is not sticking with Janelle through this. Ashley really is a tough one to read. I guess it’s like Ashley said, “everyone thinks she is Janelle’s little minion”, but appparently she’s not.

As for Janelle:
“Janelle says that she thinks she might have gotten put up to save Wil but with the votes for her to stay.”
I cannot believe Janelle truly believes that. If they were trying to save Wil and putting someone up against Frank with that person having the sure votes to stay, doesn’t she think they would have put someone like Jenn or Ashley up instead of Janelle? If Janelle really believes that, then she really is overestimated as far as common sense in this game goes.

Anyway, though, Boogie has gained a lot of respect from me this week as a viewer assuming that he does not screw this plan up with his mouth. I just hope that production doesn’t try to mess with the way this week is going.

Dark Horse

I agree Janelle must be on cloud 9 to really think that she is staying.

A part of me thinks that Janelle just wants to leave and go home to her hubby & baby. The Janelle this season is very different than her past seasons…it does not feel she is really into the game.

I just can’t with Ashley…I hope she does not float all the way to final 2, she doesn’t even deserve 50K.


I’m not one to. criticize, however, Ashley’s general knowledge of facts and vocabulary is lacking. He memory is poor, too. And I have huge doubts about he Penn St. attendance (note: there are many satellite schools in Pa. She certainly never took Biology! As far as Janie, I hope she realizes that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I think she entered the game way overconfident, the same pattern the she has experienced her life. And “aging” certaintainly, as she has admitted, truly plays havoc on us all.Sorry, Jannelle, looks like your gonna learn the hard way- while Boogie uses his left-brain to figure some things out logically.


I can imagine that slient six alliance plus Ian in Final 7.


Is there anyway to to go to the next or previous entry without going to the front page?
Oh love the site by the way… been lurking for awhile…


Gay Shane and dimwit Danielle locked up together in jury alone after a double elimination is what I would love to see! They can spend the rest of their summer with her begging for his attention and him just wanting to get back into the closet in Vermont


Love it!!


You know what, personal attacks to Shane, Danielle, and any of the houseguests for that matter is so unnecessary, childish, and immature. You don’t know these people. You can say that they made a bad move etc… but going around attacking them is pure hatred.


I’d actually feel bad for Shane if that happened, lol.


These folks never sleep or very little. Don’t they know the body doesn’t work well without sleep for competitions and mental focus? CBS should have a 1am lock-down curfew. I’m sure if the show was in NY, then Bloomberg won’t let them have soda drinks, salt, smokes, liquor, fatty foods and made them do a exercise routine at 7am, lol.


Lack of sleep makes people paranoid just ask Willie anyone in the Hoh is always paranoid thats why floating helps you get farther because you are a threat if you win Jordan knew that and came alive when it was convenient if you play too hard to fast your a big threat


I dont here Jenns name being mentioned do you? Good Strategy


Janelle keeps coming back & still lose. If it the guidness world record for most losing. It will go to Janelle. Her record would be 60 losses.


Next week, get rid of eagle eye Joe! Sorry Eagle eye, you got to go as well. Your causing trouble as Janelle!

Danielle's Big But

Yea, and Boogie next for polluting the enviroment with his horrrendous breath.
Causing trouble, really? This is Big Brother, not the Seame Street. You’re watching the wrong channel if you want rainbows and sunshine, dude.


I find it funny that you have to use personal attacks on people because they are playing a great game. Take Boogie out because of his bad breath. Wow you are conceited. If you can’t respect the fact that he just pulled a miraculous move, taking him and Frank (the two biggest targets at the time) and making a solid alliance that has a great chance of being final 6, then you are a fool. You’re judging people on personal feelings rather than their gameplay, because after this week anyone that says Boogie deserves to go home isn’t paying attention. Boogie is running the show!


My new found respect for Danielle lasted a few hours, but I can’t get past her constant approval seeking. It doesn’t matter what the topic of conversation is, she will always try to make it about her. I can’t stand her constantly trying to get people to build up her ego. Janelle has been lying since day one. She has been caught in her lies. Danielle didn’t need to lie about her conversation with Janelle. Janelle already looked bad enough. There was no point to it. Just as Janelle blows it by lying and not thinking anyone will compare notes, Danielle is setting herself up too. If anyone tells Janelle about Danielles version of what happened, Janelle will know Dani is lying, and she is just the type to confront Danielle in front of everyone and call her out. Dani is not emotionally stable to hold her own in a situation like that. If that happens, not only will people be annoyed at at Dani’s attempts to fish for compliments and approval, they will have good reason to not trust anything she says. Dani needed to lie about why she put Janelle up. She needed to make nicey nice with her to keep her in the dark, but lying to others, especially Dan who is supposedly on her side about what Janelle said to her makes her no better than Foghorn Leghorn Joe or Janelle. I really can’t stand hearing her pity parties much longer. I think Dan is looking forward to the day when he doesn’t have to listen to her and bite his tongue. She needs some serious help when she gets out of the house. I don’t know who is more annoying, Danielle or Joe. They both need to go soon.


What I find annoying is how she gets all excited and starts talking really fast – takatatakatatakatatakata – and she thinks she’s saying witty stuff – but it’s just high school gossip. She then makes a face like it is all so obvious. Blank stare and open mouth. She may be 23, but she acts 15. No offense to the 15 year olds reading here. Hell, you’re probably more mature than she is.


The thing is, I don’t think that she thinks she is lying. Danielle is so insecure that even the tiniest negative comment toward her becomes amplified in her mind. Girl has some serious self-confidence issues and I’m hoping someone figures it out really soon. I don’t know if I can make it through another night of whining.


Team Slient 6 alliance


I agree Chloe. I was praying that Something like that will happen.


Danielle is trying very bad approach, if janelle bad mouthed anyone, at least it was to their face but this girl is talking shit behind her.
i cann’t wait to see her as house guest AND not HOH, HER WITHOUT POWER , SHE IS A MOUSE running away from cats


You’re right Janelle never talks about Frank behind his back….oh wait


Danielle is playing a good game at the moment.

When she got HOH she wanted to get rid of Janelle. Her alliance, especially Dan, talked her out of it and she nominated Frank and Wil (showing that the Core 4 know who the enemy is). Then she wins POV.

Boogie comes and offers a six person alliance Avergers style and says “Lets get rid of Janelle.” Dan is very reluctant to the point of resisting. He wants the 4 coaches to work together. Danielle is a team player and says that even though she wants to get rid of Janelle, ALL 4 have to agree. Boogie still had hope to convince Dan and was working on it when Danielle and Britany show up and the infamous coaches meeting takes place, convincing Dan that Janelle has to go. Great move by Boogie. Bad move by Janelle.

Danielle gets her way and Janelle goes home.


Eagle eye Joe will be next to leaving right after Janelle got evicted!


Go Janelle. Keep up your spirits! You can beat these pygmies!


@CAPTAINWIDGET Not going to happen. Janelle is going home. She has no chance at all.

Fleur de Lis

I can’t wait for Danielle’s HOH to be over and for her to get backstabbed by Boogie and Frank.


Bye Bye Janelle! Team Janelle spirit is gone!

Red Lampshade

Interesting that Danielle didn’t tell Dan about Britney’s sly proposal of a Final 2 of Brit and Dani. How long is it going to take Janelle to figure out that she’s going home!?!?!? I swear, it’ll probably Thursday morning and she’ll still be working for votes as if she actually has a chance. At least if they break it to her now we can get some drama out of it.


Janelle’s face will be priceless when her team (except for Joe) turn there back on her. Eagle eye Joe will be next to go!


Dan can use Danielle for some time. Surprised he’s not coaching her to keep her emotions more in check.


danielle does get on my nerves as well….as soon as she start lying about how her conversation went with janelle i almost threw up…i think britney was kinda catching on that danielle was exaggerating it a bit….shane isnt that good of a player like people think he is…i really think that in about two weeks…dan is going to make a side alliance with boogie and frank…i know dan doesnt have confidence in danielles social game…if she keeps winning comps then dan will def stick by her because he plays her like a monopoly board….danielle is so desperate for approval she wont even play her own game…she needs confirmation from dan and britney first…i hope britney gets voted out soon im getting sick of hearing her stories and have u ever noticed how britney just cuts people off in the middle of their sentence…no matter who it is …brittany just interupts them and starts talking over them

Danielle's Big But

I am so concerned for Danielle’s patients when she goes back to her job of being a nurse after Big Brother is over. This girl is easily impressionable. I am worried she might start pitting her patients up against eachother by taking sides and trying to make the Doctor discharge them earlier because of he said /she said comments they may or may not have made to her or about her. LOL.

Kathie from Canada

I don’t have the feeds, so maybe I am missing something here. Why the need to give Janelle a heads-up before Thursday’s show that she is going to be backdoored??? I thought that element of surprise and shock is what backdooring is supposed to be all about.


I also think Joe will go home next. Anybody see during the 1 hour show how he was cooking Shane pancakes, in a pan full of grease. I dont think this I yell when I speak fool is a chef.


Danielle is not a good player. You should her talk. Everyone that is on her good side has given her a compliment. Not saying Jan going home is a bad thing. Just an observation from last night.


Last night’s BBAD was pretty boring honestly…it was Janelle scrambling and even assuming she has the votes. She considers herself this great player, but she honestly thinks that she is up on the block as a PAWN? *shakes head* Goodbye Janelle, enjoy time being the “Real Housewife of Minnesota” again. Her words in the first episode, not mine.


All these ppl are ignorant. It’s a game about lying to each other. I see Ian winning the game. I didn’t like him at first , but now I do. I’ll see how long that lasts. I liked Danielle, but now she is so annoying. she needs to go next before I throw up in my mouth. Britney also. I never could stand that princess.


So far I don’t really have any favorites. There’s been so much flip flopping, stupip evictions,Wilie being thrown out of the game, and then the coaches entering the game that it’s just hard to really sense a good idea of people’s game strategies. AND that is why I’m completely enjoying this season. To me it’s not predictable, some people are hard to read (there are sleepers out there just waiting to spring), and you just never know what people are going to do, much less production. There’s still a LOT of game left to play. Janelle could pull this out, and again she may not. People may soon tire of Danielle’s constant need for approval, and see that this move IS personal and not really good game play. With Frank’s arrogance, Janelle may just have a chance. A lot can happen in the next 2-3 days. Just so entertaining.


Sounds to me that Janelle is your favorite. You said that she could pull it out 3 times.

Yes, Danielle was the one who wanted to put up Janelle originally and partly for personal reasons, but Britany, Shane, and Boogie were all FULLY on board. Boogie came to the decision on his own. Boogie owns Frank and Dan is fully on board with Danielle and Boogie. Ian wants Janelle gone. ASHLEY wants Janelle gone.

Janelle is gone.


Janelle is still the BB queen. She came and won 2 out of 3 competitions she played in and these assholes aren’t giving her a chance to win anything else. Seriously, it seems like Janelle really believes that they’re with her and she’s all about working with them which is why they should keep her instead of Frank even though I like him too. They have a better chance of not being evicted with Janie in power but, Boogie and Frank will most definitely get them out for what they’ve been making the two of them go through these past couple weeks especially now that Frank and Boogie know they were gonna vote Frank out last week cause Dan opened his mouth. They’re such pussies, they wanna evict people but not tell them, they wanna blind side them, WHY? It’s not like they’re going to the jury house and they’re trying to secure votes. It’s just stupid, they were doing it to Frank last week and now Janie, maybe she’ll luck out too and get some twist thrown her way so she can come back and put a spanking on their asses. Danielle is scared of Janelle the most that’s why she can’t say anything to her face, she’s a COWARD and she will never win Big Brother she’s going to get played worse than Britney did in Big Brother 12. SHE DESERVES IT!!!!


Awww… Poor widdle Janelle worshipper has his widdle feewings hunt. Has to thow insults widdle gurls on TV. Thinks his pwecious Janelle don’t deserve to be evictwed. Janelle worshipper think that Big Brudder OWNs Janelle the win. Widdle worshipper think that his Janie deserves to be permenant HOH and deside each week which house guest goes home. Widdle worshipper think that Janie be declaired winner of all competitions automatically.

Poor widdle worshipper biddur and sad.


Good post. Got me laughing.


How mature. Janelle is a beast and they all know that, that’s why they don’t want her around, they’re scared that this time around she would win it all! You can’t take that away from her no matter what you say, she’s the comp queen and always will be. I wanna see the bitches in BB 14 try to break her records. NEVER HAPPENING, not even guys!!!!


Janelle is no longer a queen of bb. Thanks to Danielle singled handed backdoor her.


Really? She got back doored by Danielle, I think not, cause Danielle doesn’t use her own brain. Boogie and Frank brainwashed her dumb, insecure ass and that’s the truth nobody can deny that. This wasn’t her move, she just hates Janelle cause she’s jealous of her, it’s not strategic like Dan said it’s personal with her. And by the way Janelle getting evicted doesn’t tarnish her BB history. She single handedly evicted Dr. Will, the one sole vote to get him out of BB All Stars, did that tarnish his BB history? NO! I would honestly say when it comes to male and female they were the best, Kirby being an amazing social player and Janie practically winning everything. People can hate them but don’t deny that they’re damn good BB players in their own rights.


What I dont understand a comment last night from Ian about Chilltown went right over Britney and Danielle heads especially after veto ceremony. Dont you think its dumb of them to not wonder what he meant? Chilltown was about lying and making fun of people in the dark, taking out all the strong players not so much floaters and Boogie said why do you want to waste your Hoh on a floater, when it means so much to get out a big threat wake up Britney the brigade is back calling them selk Silent 6 for a reason so they wont talk to each other and just to trust in each other Boogie and Frank will be throwing comps just to see who will protect them and now just need to play for veto to control the game


I am glad to see that noone seems to upset that Janelle is leaving. Unfortunately Shane will always have a big target on his back. I hope Brit or Shane win HOH otherwise Shane will go home unless he wins POV. EVERYONE except Britt would put Shane up. I’m hoping Frank/Boogie don’t win HOH. Ugh!!

Shane FTW


FOR NOW I think Shane is safe with Dan getting HOH as well. It would be too early for him to turn on Shane. There are other targets to go after before Shane. He might turn on Shane before he turns on Boogie. But if hed put up shane now Danielle and Brittney would be gunning for him, as well as other players that just see him as a power player and want him out. he does not want to make enimies of his own alliance quite yet.


Don’t think for a second that Dan, Danielle or Ian would put Shane up at this point. Maybe some time in the future, but not now.


So if your prediction is close to correct then there will a sort of Frank camp and a Shane camp. Could happen.


whatever bb sucks ass

Danielle's Thoughts

Ya’ll Janelle is spreading lies about me. Everybody is targetting me because they know how much a threat I am. I’m smarter than Ian. My dad molested me as a child. Hey ya’ll Shane is waaay into me. Frank and Boogie is stalking me. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEE


I love how this janelle backdoor has sca-rood with AG and production’s game. I want to see how they scramble to fix this over the next 1 and a half weeks. Too funny.


if production wants janelle back I guess the best way would be next week the pandora’s box shows up and the bad is janelle is back in the game. Id like to see for once that the HOH says thanks but no thanks and does not open pandora’s box. The good is never good enough for what bad comes out of it and messes with the game. Though who knows if production has so much hand in this they probably tell them they HAVE to open it to keep rating up. They just make it look like they have a choice to open it or not


Im loving it cant wait to see Pignelles face as she goes out the door. She is so overtaken with delusions of grandeur she doesnt even see she is getting played hard. Way to go Bama ride her right out of the house.

Danielle is fat

ahahahah danielle is an idiot!


Sure, it might be entertaining between now and Thursday to watch Janelle know she is going, but it is much wiser not to tell her.

Janelle's worn out lip

Is it Thursday yet?
Can’t wait to see “the lip” walk out the door.


Song intro
When you wish upon a star. That no difference who you are. Everything the heart desire. When the dreams came true.

Commerical guy:Congratulation Janelle, you are three time big brother loser. What are going to do next?
Janelle:I’m going to audition for the biggest loser.
The biggest loser logo!


First comment here.

I’m a fan of dan and have been since season 10, but I have to say I think he’s making a huge mistake not telling danielle to get frank out.

Boogie is waaay too dangerous with Frank left in this game, and I really don’t think he sees that. IMO, I think that Dan is letting his fandom get in the way. He is a fan of Boogie’s I believe and I think it’s making him want to have an alliance with Boogie even though it’s obvious Boogie is already sided with Frank.

Honestly, I think he should work with the team of four(DDBS) because those three seem trustworthy actually for a final four deal. If Dan wanted to look out for the alliance he would get rid of Boogie this week. Frank would be obtainable then because Frank would be freed up of any deals then and he would be waaay more workable than Boogie. Also Janelle isn’t as big of a threat as she used to be and with all of the enemies she has made in the house she has virtually nobody left to work with, maybe Joe, but really what does he matter?

Anyway that’s my thoughts on what’s going on right now I just don’t think Dan is playing it smart right now. Boogie may be a bigger target, but is it worth it leaving the most dangerous team besides your initial alliance in the house?


I absolutely agree that boogie and frank should be separated. Yes, Janelle is annoying and won’t stop lying to everyone but I think she would be easy to get rid of at another time. Getting rid of Frank now is the best option and would be an even better blindside that voting out Janelle. These people need to stir the pot!!


When you wish upon a star (BB Style)
Song intro:
When you wish upon a star. That’s no difference who you are. Everything the heart desire. When the dream came true.

Commerical Guy:
Janelle congratulation on being a three time loser. What you going to do next?
I’m audition for the biggest loser.
The biggest loser logo

Team GB

Danielle should know that she can’t win with Dan or Shane beside her. Her best chance of winning is with Britney. Dan is manipulating her for Dan’s benefit and he will not take her to final 2. Am liking Britney now but not at all in her first season. Shane or Brit FTW.