“Who’s the villain now” Spencer tells McCrae Your Deal with Elissa and Helen.. It’s going to sour

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


3:05pm Amanda talking to JUDD
JUDD is still in the solitary confinement. Amanda tells him they are planning a party when JUDD gets out. JUDD mentions how the penalty Helen got was worse than his. He was able to tune out the buzzer and sleep through it.
Amanda asks him if he heard the drama from last night. JUDD heard a bit but didn’t know what it was about. Says GM mentioned something to him.

Amanda saying that Elissa was being malicious saying all these nasty things, Amanda kept blowing it off but eventually she couldn’t take it anymore..

Amanda says that they spoke about it today and Elissa had turned it around to make her look like the victim. Amanda found herself apologizing to Elissa when it was Elissa that made her cry.
Amanda: “She said I feel betrayed by you”
Kailtin in the bathroom “SHE SAID THAT TO YOU”

JUDD: “Is she still acting as weird as she was before”
Amanda: “I don’t know I Haven’t spoken to her that much… We just had that one conversation and somehow I ended up apologizing to her and I don’t know how”
Kailtin: “Are you serious you apologized”
AamndaL: “She’s been b!tchy”
JUDD: “B1tchy like she’s trying to start stuff”
Amanda: “it bothers me how she Antagonizes Aaryn.. I see the way she looks at her.. I know obviously no one is innocent here and Aaryn’s done her share of being b!tchy “
Amanda says that Aaryn never talks about Elissa “for weeks now”. Amanda adds that Elissa can’t leave Aaryn alone she always brings her name up.
Amanda: “It’s like Who’s the villain now”
JUDD: ‘Ya”

JUDD: “She’s switching sides.. Aaryn doesn’t even talk about Elissa”
JUDD: “Is she taking herself off the block”
Amanda: “Yeah I assume so”
Amanda brings up how she told Helen not to use the veto because they have the numbers and somehow that got back to Elissa. Amanda tried to explain to Elissa if She was taken off the block and another one of them got put up they may not have the numbers to keep that person safe.
Amanda says everyone in the house wanted to have fun last night but all they got from Elissa was comment after comment. People are saying she was getting pissed because she wasn’t the centre of attention.
Amanda: ‘She was obviously wasted last night.. she got drunk.. she was cursing at production.. Said F*** you.. she listed off all the people from production and told them f**k you “
JUDD: “I heard them production tell her to shut it down”
Kaitlin: “And she listed their wife’s” (Productions wives)
JUDD: “Their wives what the hell”
Amanda says that this morning Candice turned it all around and victimized ELissa
Kaitlin: “I can’t believe you apologized”
Amanda: “I have to I’m afraid she has a power. “

CBS Interactive Inc.


3:12 Hammock Spencer and McCrae
McCrea apologizes for lying about the MVP last week. Spencer is fine with it. McCrea says that Elissa screwed them over she did what she wanted and McCrae took the heat for it.
MC: “you know.. I really do like you I think you deserve to be in the game.. you know”
Spencer says he knows that McCrae and Amanda say they have something going with him and Howard but they are not the only ones AManda McCrea have made that deal to. Spencer believes McCrea and Amanda have a bunch of final 4 deals with groups in the house. McCrae admits that they do.
MC: ‘To be honest I do like use four I really do. (Howie, MCcrea, Amanda and Specner) MC says that they need a strong group to take out Elissa. Hell pull the trigger.
Spencer: ‘Just keep me in the know and don’t put me in a bad position.. I’m not going to scumbag you dude”

Spencer: “Dude you know i’m down.. it’s all good man”
S: “be straight with me.. you have a deal with Elissa and helen”
MC: ‘Not really”
S continues “It’s going to sour because Amanda and Elissa are hard headed”
MC: “We had that 7 deal then a deal without howard and you”
MC: “Who the f*** knows now because Elissa is going crazy.. we want out of that group”
Spencer knew there would come a point when Elissa would feel comfortable in the house and start to show her true colours.
MC agrees.
MC swear he has no idea who the MVP is, he thinks it might be Elissa, Howard or Aaryn.

McCrae tells him the only person that really talks about Spencer being nominated is Elissa and right now she’s more focussed on Aaryn.
Spencer: ‘Dude I can strike two of those off based on what I know” (Howard and Aaryn)
Spencer: ‘Elissa has an odd amount of Influence in the house that I don’t understand”
Spencer says if Elissa did nominated herself as the MVP it’s a sneaky plan but it could mean she wants to take someone out that will not suspect it.
Spencer says McCrea lying to him about the MVP last week would have prevented him from telling McCrea if he had it but he feels that after this conversation he would tell McCrea again.
Spencer: “Helen hasn’t been able to look me in the eyes for the past 3 days you can tell when someone doesn’t feel comfortable with their shit”
Spencer and McCrae both feel that it’s Elissa, Spencer thinks it could be Helen.

McCrae thinks that Elissa may have the coup d’etat that is why she took the no veto pass for next week during the competition yesterday.
Spencer: “I don’t mind going home big brother style I just don’t want something coming out of left field f***ing me in the a$$”

Spencer: “Anything out there that is America’s vote she is going to get it”
Spencer says they need to get Aaryn out this week then Kaitlin the following. After those two girls are gone they should take out Elissa.
Spencer: ‘GM is loyal as f** and that’s not bad”
Mc: “I would rather keep her in the house than anyone else”
They both agree that GM’s fierce loyalty is a huge reason to keep her in the house.
Spencer: ‘She doesn’t have a bad social game.. she talks to everyone.”
They agree to not F*** each other over in the game and to talk with the intention of reaching a common goal.
Spencer says he doesn’t hold anything against McCrea for turning on the Moving Company.. “Dude I had the same thoughts”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


3:27pm Bathroom Gina and Aaryn
GM says that Amanda is such a f***ing loser.. she gets made fun of and cries and she’s the one apologizing. GM laughs. GM: “I’m sorry I don’t kiss a$$”
Aaryn says that Elissa was talking about GM, She said if GM took the college thing the wrong way than it’s GM’s fault.
Aaryn mentions that for the first three weeks she was saying how mean Elissa was and no one believed her but now that Elissa’s turning on other people they are seeing it. (Really it’s Amanda and McCrae)
GM says everyone knew Elissa was crazy.
Aaryn: “She hates us both by the way”
GM: ‘WHATEVER.. I’m over it Aaryn I don’t even want to hear it”
GM: “She hates us… she hates me what do you want to do.. I’m sorry i’m heated i’m a nice person if people hate me it’s their own f**** fault I never do nothing to nobody”
GM: ‘She hates me OH OK PUT ME UP THEN”
GM: “I’m so over it.. She hates me thanks.. I’m happy”
Aaryn: “You talking sh!t to me right now”
GM: “No i’m just saying alright I don’t care”
GM: “Thanks for telling me someone hates me I’m happy about it”
Aaryn: ‘If you are really going to take it that way”
GM starts getting heated saying she never did anything to Elissa she’s a good person. Aaryn tells her to go tell Elissa because she already knows it (she says it a bit snappy)
Aaryn: ‘you are the one snapping at me”
GM: “Do you want me to go outside right now and say Aaryn told me you hate me”
Aaryn: “You are out of line”
GM: “YOU ARE OUT OF LINE.. you say sh!t like.. like you tell people hate me”
Aaryn: ‘I said us.. she hates us”
GM: ‘OK she hates us then.. I’m such a hurtful person I do horrible things”
Aaryn says she should just go talk to Elissa about it because she’s the person going around the house talking sh!t to GM. GM heads to the backyard to talk to Elissa.

Aaryn: “I don’t think that is a good idea right now”
GM storms out “i think it’s a great f****ing idea”

CBS Interactive Inc.


3:30pm Bedroom Elissa and GM

GM “I’m going to be straight up” she says they have both said some sh!t in the beginning and they have talked about it. GM adds they have both apologized for what was said and happened so she feels it’s behind them.
GM says she likes Elissa she really does if she didn’t like her she wouldn’t talk to her. GM likes how Elissa does her hair like all that “Glamour Sh!t”
Elissa: “If you are going to be aggressive with me I don’t think we should have a conversation”
GM says she’s not mad at Elissa she’s just mad at the things she hears
Elissa says she’s done with the drama from the younger girls she has a family she isn’t interested.
GM goes on about what she likes about Elissa. Elissa kindly asks her to not be so loud and excited. Elissa is tired and has trouble following GM.

Elissa: ‘I’m not trying to be mean i’m just trying to have a normal conversation”

They chat through all the drama they’ve had the last couple weeks.. In the end they agree to talk more and to help each other out.


4:12pm Kailtin and Howard Pool Table
Kaitlin asking Howard why he threw her under the bus in front of everybody in the HOH last night.

She says that he was saying she’s telling him that the house thinks he’s a professional football player.
“Apparently I told you that Amanda is saying I’m not safe”
Kailtin says they had a private conversation in the room that was supposed to be between them.
Kailtin storms off.

Howard tells Spencer that the other day he talked to Kaitlin in the bedroom he wanted to see if he could trust her. When he was up in the HOH Amanda had asked him about the conversation. Howard now knows that Kaitlin tells Amanda everything, “ I know what i’m doing I know they talk to each other”. He wanted to try and catch Amanda in a lie in front of the house but it backfired. He’ll Wait until Kaitlin calms down to talk to her.


4:20pm Poolside Helen, Elissa and Candice.

They are telling Helen she lucked out last night missing the drama. Helen : “The key to winning this game is going to bed at 8pm”

they laugh
Elissa says obviously she doesn’t want to be friends with Aaryn outside the house but she thought that inside the house Elissa could have sympathy for GM, ‘She’s a hot Mess”

Elissa says she went to talk to Aaryn and told her she might have problems when she gets out of the house by the haters so she should reach out to Rachel for advice.
Elissa: ‘I told her I Don’t even think about her.. so umm .. hmm.. umm. whatever”
Candice says she feels like she’s in high school her pet peeve is she dislikes fakeness.
Candice says that Arayn treats her like dog sh!t. Candice points out that the only reason they talk to Elissa is because she’s MVP.

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Mr. Homer Simpson

Simon/Dawg, What do you think about Amanda’s run of HOH’s. This is her fourth HOH in a row this must be a record.


Perhaps Amanda will be kind enough to let Judd sleep in her HOH bed tonight.


surely production made amanda change judds sheets if she didnt have the decency to do it?


decency: Behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability

Zingbot Fan

The stress and all the back stabbing/fake stories are making people crack already.


Power corrupts.


that’s not me. quit kidnapping me !! I like power..


i honestly have no idea where anyone stands ……..crazyness


GM is one loud ghetto biotch! I can’t listen to her talk, it’s annoying.


I want to see Howard go back into the INCREDIBLE HULK PRAYER MODE.

Sheeple Slayer

Looks like the ladies are caking the makeup today, something special going on in the house?


Bringing this over from the last thread, I want to know if I am the only one who feels this way.
(After reading the way she dealt with Amanda this morning)…..

Here is how it is.

Elissa being treated like crap for 2 weeks because of her sister is not cool.
BUT, does it give her the right to now act like a giant *C*?
Because when I read the post above that is exactly the Spencer type word that popped into my head.
Production power has gone to her head, she has deemed herself to be the judge of the entire house,
and gods forbid if you do not fit her mold of perfection.
Also, let’s get real. Her prissy ministry act is getting really old. Does she think she has to be the polar
opposite of her sister? Whatever she is playing, it ain’t flying with me.
How many times did she say “I have never even been to strip club”?
WAY too many times in my opinion. The *ahem* lady doth protest too much.

She needs to get off her effing pedestal, she is no better than anyone else in that house.

I am almost hoping production just told her get out there and be an unholy bitch, because if she is like
that in real life I pity anyone who has to deal with her on a daily basis.


She is so ridiculous! She have double standard, she thinks she all that, she really annoy me now! I mean she always did, but after yesterday I’m sick of princess Elissa!


Yeah but have you noticed that worse she treats them the more they apologize and they spill their guts. When Elissa tells them she doesn’t want to have a conversation with them if they’re going to be pissy, they’ll buckle and end up on Elissa’s terms. If they all think she has some special power, why not act like you have it.


The big question is if production cares what the outside thinks more than what the inside thinks. If it is the outside, then I think Aaryn goes home. I can’t help this is going to bite production in the ass, because the irony is that the outside probably doesn’t pay much attention to the intricacies of the rules and will just nominate the people they dislike. So Amanda has a good possibility of being backdoored, since no one is paying much attention to second or third most. If production wants Elissa to keep eliminating the bad people, then I say they take the chance of getting Amanda out. But, somewhere I think production has lost control of the train, because whose to say that the players won’t game this too and keep GM, Spencer or Aaryn in knowing they will never win.


You know, I am very impressed with how Elissa handles confrontation and drama. People like Elissa piss Aaryn off because Aaryn is the type of person who enjoys attention (good or bad) and Elissa is very good at not reacting. Aaryn is going to be a have-not outside of the big brother house.

Parker Sandstone

Elissa’s barely awake. It’s easy not to react when you’ve been swallowing the entire contents of a medicine cabinet.


Botox reaction

Sheeple Slayer

LMFAO @ Kaitlin being mad that Howard told Amanda about their conversation when she told Amanda what Howard told her.


good work howie


Yeah Helen!! Don’t get to cocky. Just know your role.


Thats it Aaryn just keep running your mouth so even the people that still kinda like you, realized how much of a stupid girl you are!

And I really don’t understand Howard, was he not supposed to be working with kaitlin now?? If so, that was kinda dumb!


I totally agree. Aaryn’s a dumbass. The only thing she was doing in that conversation with GM was trying to get GM mad at Elissa. I just love that it backfired. Aaryn needs to stop talking to GM like that. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve seen her get $hitty with her. Thank God GM gives it right back to her. I think in Aaryn’s mind she thinks GM is weak & she can run all over her, bc of the way GM acted when Nick left. She’s just an idiot. That’s all I have to say about that.

***I really hope Amanda gets nominated as Elissa’s replacement. I really thought she would’ve been up b4 Elissa anyhow. I was completely shocked by America’s vote. I figured the order would’ve been; Aaryn, Amanda, then maybe Elissa. I hope Julie gives us the order on Thursday. I also hope they tell the HG’s it was America that voted. Just bc I want them to wonder why we would vote for Elissa or Amanda. What do we see that they don’t. It’ll also take the heat off Elissa too. Bc that’s not fair.

***Simon/Dawg/Anybody: We got the results from the POV, but we didn’t hear anything about the 2ppl(Aaryn & Kaitlin) that were actually nominated. What did they get in the POV comp? Also how come Amanda was pushing for Helen to win the veto so they knew Elissa would stay up & they couldn’t be nominated. But she didn’t get mad at McCrae for taking 5Grand? That doesn’t make sense. He must not have been too worried. Or he just doesn’t care.

***Does anyone else think it’s funny that McCrae & Amanda just designated themselves HOH & took over Judd’s room while he was in Solitary? LOL, how do the other HG’s not see that they are literally running everyone’s HOH. ***Poor Judd, he better wash them sheets:)

***And Andy is a shady fu¢k and is getting by with it. WAKE UP HGs!


Elissa is getting cocky now, because she knows she’s protected by production. Live Feeders know what’s up.

We’re all Big Brother fans and we love the show, but it’s hard to take this season seriously, when everything has been so obvious from day 1,

She’s nothing more than publicity stunt for ratings preparing for when Brendon and Rachel goes on Amazing Race.


She was calling out the names of Productions wives….WTF she knows them that well!? Unbelievable!


well if that is the case then how is it that they all so called knew she was calling out the wives… give me a break .. does this mean the house also know the wives.. oh dang must all be fixed and we now have a lot of ticked off actors and actress`s .. geeeeesh .

Ms Gees

Just in case you weren’t aware, Brendan & Rachael were already on Amazing Race & lost.


I’m calling it now. Andy, Jesse, and Judd are def making final 5. They are just never gonna have a target on them.


I agree about jessie and judd they are in a great spot no one talks about putting them up only about working with them. I don’t think andy will make it that far eventually people are going to get fed up with him always floating around I can see him getting back doored in a couple weeks when the real target wins veto


Andy could go far if he makes it to the jury stage. I have a feeling he could get screwed in a Double Eviction. Jessie is in a good place, nobody sees her as a threat. I am disappointed in Candace. She would have looked good if she put the racism behind her and played the game, been the bigger person, like Howard said, but instead she keeps dredging it up, threatening people if they don’t evict Aaryn, talking smack about all of the girls and drinking Helen’s koolaid. She is going to hurt Howard’s game more than Howard. I’m glad McCrae is mingling with the others more. I don’t think Amanda can make it to the end, and I hope when the time comes McCrae is smart enough to cut her loose. I am all for an alliance of McCrae, Judd, Spencer and Howard. It’s time to take out some girls.


Until you’ve walked a mile in Candice’s shoe then don’t judge, its hard facing racism and then your in that house with the worse kind of person’s and not one but Ginamarie is the same and I’ve heard Spencer say some not so nice stuff, see I would have face it with Aryaning a long time ago and most likely been kicked out for punching that crazy ass Bitch a long time ago, she is playing like she likes everyone she mean and nasty and I hope she goes, I can’t stand to even look at her and GM, and Kaitlan isn’t any better, triple eviction for me!!


That is why you are one of the reasons why majority of these reality show winners are men. Women get jealous of each other and bring each other down so men prevails.


Not Spencer; horrible comments about women. NO WAY!


Spencer is a worthless piece of sh*t. He acts and talks like he’s controlling everything but he doesn’t have a clue. This years ultimate floater, can’t win anything and kisses ass like there’s no tomorrow.


What IS it with Jessie? She seems a sweet kid, but the girl never opens her mouth, and her diary room sessions bits are vacuous. Did Judd even talk to her about his nominations? Why isn’t anybody calling her out?


And IF Helen wins, she could go down as the best player of all-time.

I mean, Helen’s playing the minority card … the mom card … the house-cleaner card … the crier card … she’s making alliances and she’s winning competitions.

If she starts telling the guys how handsome they are, they should just end the show and give her the cash.


At least she knows how to play. She got blood on her hands and accepted it. Good strategy I might say.


HELEN has won what one maybe two competitions…no way she would be considered best all time player. Every hear of Chilltown?


Name says:
July 21, 2013 at 7:53 pm
HELEN has won what one maybe two competitions…no way she would be considered best all time player. Every hear of Chilltown?
Chilltown was NOT A single player.
And Dr. Billy won squat when it came to HoHs & PoVs. In fact, when Billy was eliminated the last time he played, he claimed he threw the competition that could have saved him. NOT an all-time great move; more like one of the WORST moves of all-time If you believe Billy, he was merely hoping the other players would carry him to the end twice in a row. Ridiculous.
AND, during the All-Stars season, Billy was promising all the housemates future benefits outside of the house, including free lodging.


Yea, they’re laying so low, while the rest of the house are in the spotlight…


i hope judd and jess do well


lmao at amanda trying to play victim! the biggest shit talker gets shitted on and now she’s like “oh fuck…i might be goin up. gimme a sec to produce some tears real quick and make people feel sorry for me” xD


GM says that Amanda is such a f***ing loser.. she gets made fun of and cries and she’s the one apologizing. GM laughs. GM: “I’m sorry I don’t kiss a$$”


I don’t know why everyone keeps spelling Aaryn’s name wrong. Its spelled “Aryan.”

Jean A.D.

Or even ERIN… which would hint that the parents CAN spell
and maybe someone’s ancestors spoke fluent Gaelic better
than James Joyce ever could or did. I’m assuming a Texas
“dixicrat” WASP is somewhere in the family tree but her folks
actually may be new arrivals. if not a WASP and not a Texan,
then who is she? like where does she get off if Ted Cruz is more
legitimately Texan in a good way than she is? she is obnoxious!!!!

Jean A.D.

its HIGH NOON and yes… in that 1950s b+w flic ole Gary Cooper looked tougher + brainer
than John Wayne did in all his celebrated cinematic roles from the 1930s up until TRUE GRIT

Jean A.D.


VA Vet

We spell Aaryn’s name Aaryn in order to aggravate the grammar/spelling police.


Simon, you are spelling Aaryn’s names the way Aaryn spells it. 😉


Elissa got blasted the first couple weeks, I get it, she was, and I felt a little sorry for her, but she is getting rude herself, and acting a little like a stuck up witch/prude. Things like “If you are going to be aggressive with me I don’t think we should have a conversation” (act like she’s talking down to or offended that someone talks to her. She is getting real annoying )
GM says she’s not mad at Elissa she’s just mad at the things she hears
Elissa says she’s done with the drama from the younger girls she has a family she isn’t interested. (What??)
GM goes on about what she likes about Elissa. Elissa kindly asks her to not be so loud and excited. Elissa is tired and has trouble following GM.
Elissa: ‘I’m not trying to be mean I’m just trying to have a normal conversation” (Normal!!!) When does she ever have a normal conversation? Poor Elissa, she talks about not making sense, she all over the place and acts like she isn’t listen to anyone, they talk, and she jumps to another topic or acts like she didn’t hear what they are saying.


This whole thing reminds me of the game Asshole. The president usually stays president because the game is stacked in his or her favor.

Jean A.D.

most very recently… ronnie reagan, bill clinton, THE SHRUB & BHO done got re-elected potus!

maybe maybe they are bigger aye~wholes than RMN + jerry ford + jimmy carter + GHW Bush!!!


Because of Judd I keep screaming my favorite quote from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: “MUMBLER! Seriously, I can’t understand a word you’re saying!”


I can’t wait until veto ceremony I’m praying Amanda goes up and goes home she dressed like a hoe and did a fake strip tease then cried when she gets called a stripper stfu and go home


What if Aaryn goes home?


I am liking Judd more and more.


and a couple of times on the show tonight you could understand him without captioning – who knew? GO J-U-double-D!


I don’t think my last comment took: Does everyone think Amanda’s going on the block when Elissa takes herself down?

Ms Gees

Yes I think Amanda might go up if Elissa uses the veto & takes herself down. Amanda is becoming more & more the tyrant & like Helen she needs to zip up her mouth because I think she is turning ppl off with her non-stop demands of getting rid of Howard. She talks of splitting up Howard & Candace showmance yet she is constantly under the covers w/MC. She’s ruining her game & Mc’s as well. I liked her until she went on her non-stop “Let’s Get Howard Out” campaign. If you want him out so bad than maybe she should STF up & win a comp. so you can get him out yourself! Just saying.

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Why does Howard always try to pull Candace away from everything? Judd wasn’t out of solitaire two min, everyone was celebrating and Howard grabs her arm and says he needs to talk to here and tried to take her away.


Because Candice does not now how to SHUT UP; she cannot let anything go and is ruining Howard’s game. Candice is an idiot!


If I had to name this game, it would be Coward, because no one has the balls to nominate people because they are afraid of people coming after them next week. And the weak people stay, because other people want their votes.

Jean A.D.

the sheer abysmal gutlessness of CBS as a parent company makes all cautious gameplay by the BB contestants
look like as if they are Medal of Honor candidates with quite a few solid recommendations each! CBS has lost any
repect i ever had for them as an economic entity. their ‘good will’ 99% tanked for me a week or two back, IMOHO!!!!

Bob Saben

I like Howard, but man he does some stupid shit


They didn’t even show Ellisa throw up in the Have Not Comp only McCrae!! CBS EDITING!! Sucks… Anything to protect their girl.. She is the ONLY one that knows ALL of PRODUCTIONS names and their wifes names BUT this game isn’t RIGGED for her RIGHT!!???? NOTTTT!! Total BS


Word, bet they also don’t show her telling everyone in the kitchens how this season is about HER, which is basically admitting that she’s protected, which is why the feeds were cut.

i can’t wait to see this POV to see if the HG was telling the truth about them having all the low numbers, while she got the high ones.


Funny the sheeple don’t want to believe the truth, when the facts are hitting them in the face.

Name one contestant in the history of Reality Television that comes on the show for the very 1st time with knowledge of the names of the producers and their families??

CBS Big Brother Production Team

It hurts us deeply when someone accuses us of bias toward or against any competitor. Also, we feel obligated to refute accusations of BB rigging the game towards or against anybody. We strive to present the best family entertainment unequivocally free of any unfairness to our national viewing audience. Without you faithful “customers”, we would not be in business and with a heartfelt gratefulness we wish to extend our warm congruency and admiration for your loyalty.

In response to the person who said that Elissa knows all of production and their wives, etc, Elissa is Rachel Eileen Villega’s sister and attended quite a few social events with her where many of CBS staff were present. It was at this time that Elissa expressed her desire to be part of the Big Brother household.

We have worked very hard to have a very open and transparent process in selecting members for the BB reality show. Also our openness and transparency extends to the production of not only each BB episode, but every second, minute and hour while our BB house is occupied by contestants.

We hope that clears matters and are confident that we can maintain a wonderful relationship with our “customers”.

Jean A.D.

Luv… are you trying to tell us all Elissa ‘slipstreamed’ into Hollywood’s fast lane + zone due to who her erudite sister is
and that neither sibling went into total stalker mode? is this again more damage control on a zany + wild BigBro season?
i admit i did sound highly tabloid speculative, and i can gonzo opine on things very happily from a distance! if you are not
on CBS’s payroll, i applaud thy clever idea that has you utilizing postings on Simon + DAWG’s site in lieu of a boring resume!

Butters Mom

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. good one! For freaks sake… (insert the raspberry here)


Quit trying to pretend you work for CBS sheep. You were exposed the last time you posted on here.


cbs if you are going to call out aaryn for racism, please do the same for amanda instead of giving her golden edits every episode

that’d be great


They also won’t show her drunk last night either saying “this is about me, i hate everyone in this house, i really hate every person in this house, I hate everyone…*fishes…For 20 minutes she said the same thing to Katlin over & over, “What’s the first thing you’re gonna say to Jeremy, like, ma dude evited” that SAME sentence over & over & over, She also said a lot of snide remarks as soon as she was in that house, just like her stupid sister, she was not miss innocent for 2 weeks in there… the cat people can’t see Elissa for what she is…


Andy has the ability to walk through walls & sit there while everyone talks game like he’s not even in the room….


^ ^ ^ ^ ^didn’t realize I was still in the reply box^ ^ ^ ^

Jean A.D.

i liked WALK THRU WALLs as a DOOM cheat/godmode thingie.
i liked playing DOOMs One, Two + Three on a 486 and/or Pentium
IBM clone computer! Andy totally has his WIRED lurker mode down!
He almost looks like a total floater but for this totally cautious way
he sizes up potential scenarios. the game heats up so very fast.

Butters Mom

Andy isnt really in the house… he’s a ghost of BB house past.


You could see her heave by the wall.


Candace + Howard= COWARD….love it.


i prefer hand ace


LMFAO @ GM illiteracy being put on bast by CBS, nobody ever said models had to be intelligent.

Now, I’m thinking production is putting up GM has the 3rd nom.


They are showing Amanda’s negative side on the show tonight. Do you think that it is a sign that she is America’s third choice for nomination and they are prepping America for her potential eviction?


hope so i want to see her lose it if shes nominated

who did it? who is the mvp? was it you? answer me?

serenity now, insanity later


I’m disappointing in Spencer, how GM eat more Ice cream than him??

GM got some “throat skills” if you know what I mean. She was giving that ice cream dispenser upside down dome, No Gag Reflexes.

Nick might have to sample that before he draws up that restraining order. Real Talk


@ Aye! You are a misogynistic prick. Maybe they should had allowed Spencer to receive the frozwn yogurt through his butt.


Yea, sure, commenting on the truth about her not throwing up while swallowing gallons of cream, that would normally make someone with a gag reflex puke or barely be able to take anymore is misogynistic, GTFO.. _!_


Yeah, I wish Judd wasn’t too afraid to make a move and would nominate Howard. I’d like to see him go next.

I don’t get all the Amanda hate. She’s a strong player and HILARIOUS.


amanda is a crap player, as she overplays and is annoying…and i have not laughed at anything she has said

she has no class or respect for anyone and is a selfish mean cold b1tch


I disagree Mia …. it’s part of the game to try and get the people out that are gunning for you, that’s why Judd wouldn’t put up Howard, he know Howard isn’t going after him. Amanda really wants him out cause there was a time when Howard was gunning for her. I think this season is great. BBCanada was who the house wanted out week after week. Like someone said, we really don’t know who is in alliance. I find it awesome that we really can not be sure what’s going to happen until maybe the day before. Who is betting if Amanda gets put up the majority of the house will take the opportunity to get her out. Helen is smart enough to take such an opportunity.

Elissa's cute little dimples

Why is Amanda so obsessed with Howard? Every other word that comes out of Amanda’s mouth is: Howard this, or Howard that. I’ve read where people posting on her said that Amanda Zuckerman is a racist and I didn’t want to believe it at first, but now I’m leaning to agree with that. There is absolutely no reason for Amanda Zuckerman to have so much hatred against Howard other than she is biased and has some underlying racist issues in her bones. Except that now it’s out in the open and Amanda is portraying herself on national television to be just as much (or more) of a racist than the other house guests who have made racial comments. Here are some reasons for Howard NOT to be a target.

1. He does not do well in the mental games

2. His physical strength means zilch in the physical games, we have seen in the past where muscular guys do terrible in the endurance games. Usually, it’s the slender, athletic types who win those types of competitions.

3. Howard does not have a large alliance.

4. Howard is not good at the social game. In fact, as several BB house guest have expressed, Howard can sometimes come off as intimidating.

5. Howard is not a good public speaker, nor is he very persuasive. Which would mean that you’d probably want to keep him around since he would not be able to put up a very convincing argument in the finale when stumping for votes.

6. Howard has already proved himself to be a liar and people won’t forget that when it’s time to get him out later.

So why is Amanda bullying everybody to put up Howard? Why is Amanda Zuckerman so obsessed over Howard. Could she be a racist?


Based on the comment she made last night about why Candice is really protecting Howard, deep down she wants the Magic Stick bad, but she don’t wanna hurt her pizza boy.

No shame in that.


Amanda admitted she is a racist, but guess it is the closet type, and wow GM getting so so edit and she is the one that used the N word? Elissa calling out production wife names. Could you say rigged any louder?


You must have missed the first two weeks when all Howard talked about was getting Amanda out cause “she is smart”. Howard & Spencer have a very backward way of how they think women should be treated, kinda “can be seen but not heard” attitude… He don’t know how to work WITH a woman, he wants to control em… Amanda has had racial slurs hurled at her too, (getting Jewed, Jew girl) but with her personality she laughs em off… Funny, ever since Aarys mama hired a PR firm for her little racist daughter is when all this crap come out about Amanda being a racist. Amanda don’t know what’s going like we do & one night she was talking about DR asking her about the racist remarks & she said Aaryn must being portrayed as a racist & she brought up “gay” things she said to Andy but her & Andy were kidding & Amanda said if they looked at that “Then i’m a racist” & ALL the haters came on here screaming Amanda is a racist… She comes from a very diverse family & people should not label someone a racist because they’re trying to take the spotlight off someone else…


pearl give up defending amanda – she is a self confessed racist, even mccrae calls her out on her comments telling her,”thats bad, thats racist,” many times


Re: point 5. I thought Howard and GinaMarie rocked it in the Talk Show ‘.


What does Judd in solitary mean? And why did Helen have an 8pm curfew? I’m sooo confused!! Thanks!


Simon, what about Aaryn & Kaitlin punishment

Bob Saben

With this edit of Amanda tonight there is no doubt in mind she will be the MVP replacement nomination


I was thinking the same thing. Although it could be Howard too because they were showing that the housemates find him threatening.


please let it be so


Sometimes I have to pull back from Big Brother because I sometimes forget this is JUST a game. Lol. I have to pull myself back to reality (This is a game!…This is a game!). I hope Amanda get backdoored. She is a hyprocrite that can’t deal with people confronting her BS. It’s weird for someone like her to sit and sit and talk trash about some people in the house but once it’s turn on her, she can’t take it, she is now the victim. She’s playing the game as a manipulator and snake (Like Andy), and we all know manipulators will not give up control without a fight. But mark my words… She will go down. I don’t see her further in the game because the players are catching up to her. Just like they will with Andy, the Rat. SOON…VERY…VERY…SOON.

Dog Days

Agree with you Jilly. Candice and Howard’s cut made them look like a totally cute couple that Amanda wants to break up, Howard looked funny trying to do yoga, GM looked like just a goofball, while Amanda was shown being overbearing with an overwhelmed and indecisive Judd. JUDD FTW.


i hope j u DD has a man with DD’s evicted


i hope amanda goes up i hope elssia wins hoh next in secret golden of power with mvp so macre howard could go home


I hope McCranda will be sent home double eviction … That would b sweet!


i want manda gone and mcvag slothing around and sulking like the wimp he is

Butters Mom

Elissa suggesting Aaryn contact Rachel about not being liked when she gets out of the house…. YA RIGHT! Im sure thats the first person she will call when she leaves BB house and finds out what has been going on. lol Yet another clue that Elissa knows exactly what the edit version of the show is and how Aaryn is being portrayed.


I think Amanda has to in for howard because in the first couple of weeks howard was gunning to get her out. she is really concerned, and of course wants him out of the house because it’s in her best interest. i don’t believe it has anything to do with him being black. glad judd did what he wanted to do, amanda was so looking out for herself. judd really doesn’t want another male to be voted out of the house. am so hoping amanda get put on the block this week and the house sees it as an opportunity. what the hell will MC do without her??? have to say though that i really don’t have a favorite right on usually by this time i am totally behind a player … i think it because there really isn’t a underdog (my favs).

Jean A.D.

when i was very young, walter cronkite often sounded wise
and was usually well informed. cbs’s standards have slid…


I agree that the game favors the floaters.
If HoH’s could get two extra weeks of exemptions during the first half of the game and one extra week of exemption during the next third of the game, I think people would try far harder.
And you could give players an extra vote for each HoH they won.
I’d love to see at least one season with rules such as these.


I don’t think Howard is trying to ruin Candace game. I know she wants Aaryn out, but she needs to lay low for a minute and vote that nasty chick out and smile while she’s leaving. She doesn’t want targets on their backs but she goes ballistic about them targeting Howie (duh…bigger target) if it can get any bigger that is. I think Candace got more game then Howard knows. She’ll do something or say something and people are saying Howard put her up to it. I think that some of those girls (Amanda, Kaitlin, Aaryn and Candace) were and are using these guys. Poor Jessie, as much as she tries to expose her body to Judd and try to gain some flesh power, Judd is not having it. Judd and Jessie, final two. Jessie for being the best under dressed floater ever and Judd for seeing through all the bs!!


judd actually initiated the friendship/final 2 alliance with jess

i think they are good together, just a respectful pair that enjoy each others company without the need to slut it up

jess sees now the importance of not actually being in a showmance, but more a trusting partnership with loyalty

he pulled her away from the mean spirited bullshit of the mean girls

judd is smart as he knows jess is going to be loyal, and is fit, with potential to win comps, either mental, or something like hoh endurance iceberg alley

they seem comfortable and relaxed together