Candice says Shut the FU*K UP! MUZZLE! Aaryn needs to go, she hasn’t changed!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:55pm Out on the backyard lounge chair – Helen and Candice continue to talk about Amanda and about how Aaryn has to go. Candice is worried about her or Howard being nominated as the replacement. Helen shows Candice that no matter what happens we have the votes. Candice says I know we are all strong players and we will eventually have to battle but just not right now. Not when there is someone up on the block that has said derogatory comments to Howie and I. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Amanda and McCrae are waking up and making the HOH bed. Out in the backyard – Helen and Elissa are talking on the backyard couch. Helen is telling Elissa that she thinks she will be going up as the replacement. Elissa says that she thinks it’s someone in the house that’s MVP. Helen says we just need to send Aaryn home. Helen asks why Elissa thinks Howard is the MVP. Elissa says he never gets called to the diary room and yesterday he was called a lot. Helen agrees and says he didn’t even play in the POV. They end their conversation and start to head inside. Andy rolls his ankle and sits down but then starts running soon after. Meanwhile in the living room – Aaryn tells Amanda that Elissa has been talking and asking everyone this morning about why you were upset with her. Amanda heads into the diary room.


1:10pm Out in the backyard – Candice talks to Elissa about how Amanda was upset with her. Candice says that Amanda is self conscience about her body. Elissa says I wasn’t saying anything about that I just didn’t want to see all that. (The strip tease Amanda did for McCrae last night.) Candice brings up how last night Andy commented how he doesn’t date black guys and Aaryn asks how he can say things like that but not her. Candice says Shut the FU*K UP! MUZZLE! Candice says that she needs to go, she hasn’t changed! Elissa says that Aaryn is trying to victimize herself and say that Howard and Spencer attacked her. Candice talks about how Amanda was offended that she kept you safe and then you turned on her. Elissa says all I said was whip cream on her boobs would be gross. I am sorry if I am offended that you are dressing like a .. I have never been to a strip club in my life, I don’t know what they wear. Amanda and Helen join them and Elissa heads inside. Amanda asks Candice what she said to Elissa and if she added her own thoughts or not. Candice says that she told Elissa that her and Amanda need to talk it over as friends. Candice says that when you were emotional in the bathroom the other girls particularly the one on the block took it as her opportunity to bash Elissa. Amanda says I was hoping we could all just wake up and forget about it. Candice leaves. Amanda tells Helen I have a feeling Candice didn’t put it that way to Elissa because when I sat down Elissa got up and walked away. Helen asks McCrae what he wants to do for his birthday? McCrae says maybe a date with Amanda. The conversation turns to talking about who the replacement nominee will be and their theories about who the MVP is. Helen says everyone just needs to stay calm, we have the numbers to make it to jury. Everyone needs to just vote out Aaryn. Helen says that Howard and Spencer hate Aaryn – It would be against their moral code to keep her.

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1:30pm Spencer is talking to Judd under the lounge room door. Spencer offers to make him a pizza so that it is ready when he gets out of solitary confinement.

1:35pm – 1:50pmElissa asks Amanda what’s going on. I heard you were really upset with me last night. Amanda says that she just thinks it was a wine things. She says that a bunch of comments like the spearmint rhino (It’s a strip club) hurt my feelings and I started to be self conscience about my body. I took you being grossed out about the whip cream thing too was that you thought I was gross but I get how that could look. Amanda apologizes to Elissa for getting up set and for being hyper emotional. Amanda thought the comments were about her body. Elissa says I have never even been to a strip club. I am sorry if I said anything that hurt you. I didn’t mean anything malicious. Amanda tells Elissa that we are good and I really just wanted to wake up and forget about it. Elissa talks about her career aspects outside the house involve ministry stuff and I take it as slander when those girls say things about me because they don’t know me, I don’t even talk to them. Elissa says it’s just not my style to be mean to you. I am just excited for Aaryn to go because I reached out to her and was nice to her yesterday. Elissa says that Aaryn has talked bad about Rachel and said derogatory things. Amanda asks Elissa if we can hug it out. Elissa says no. Amanda asks why not. Elissa says because I take offence to you turning on me. Amanda asks don’t you think it was mean to call me a stripper? Elissa says you called yourself a dominatrix, don’t you think that’s way worse? Elissa says that she doesn’t want to be involved with Aaryn and them. Amanda gets called to the diary room. Elissa says with us moving forward when you talk to them because they’re maturity level is so low its non-existent – can you just not talk about me. Amanda and Elissa hug. Amanda heads inside.



1:55pm – 2pm Elissa talks to McCrae about how Aaryn has zero character and no class. Elissa asks how does someone in the 21st century even see colour. McCrae says that she is in for a wake up call when she gets out. McCrae says that Amanda was in the bath tub last night upset and just really sad. He says it was just a combination of things. Elissa heads inside.

2pm – 2:10pm McCrae talks about how he feels like he is always going to be alone and never going to find someone that will love him enough to want to marry him. Aaryn says that Amanda is the coolest chick and she really likes you. McCrae says that he thinks he will just be alone watching the live feeds the rest of his life. Aaryn asks McCrae if anyone has broken his hearts. He says no. I guess I am just weird. Amanda joins them. Aaryn asks them about what their favourite competitions have been so far.


2:10pm – 2:20pm In the bathroom – Elissa talks to Spencer about Aaryn. Elissa says that Aaryn just says the most ignorant things. She is a hot mess. Spencer agrees. Elissa says I can’t believe I felt bad for her. Elissa says she can’t believe how last night Aaryn said in front of Candice that how come Andy can say racial things and get away with it. Elissa says that Judd hit the nail on the head – She’s a Texas Tornado that twists words! Spencer says that it sickens him that there are groups of people out there that love to hate.


2:20pm Gina and McCrae talk to Judd under the door about his night in solitary. McCrae then leaves and Gina tells Judd about the events of last night. Gina tells Judd about how Elissa said last night that Amanda looked like a hoe and a stripper. Jessie walks up and smacks Gina’s a$$. Gina didn’t even flinch. Jessie heads out into the backyard and joins Helen and Elissa in the hot tub. They talk about being havenots. Helen says that Rachel should have told Elissa what to make with Slop. Elissa says that Rachel didn’t really tell her much other than this will be fun. Helen asks what Brendon said. Elissa says he said I shouldn’t do it.

2:40pm Meanwhile in the havenot room – Howard tells McCrae that he got him something for his birthday. He says he wasn’t really sure what to do but wanted to give him something. Howard tells McCrae to read a certain chapter from the bible. McCrae says oh this is awesome. Howard says he will give him 5 or 10 minutes to read it. McCrae finishes it and says he appreciates it. I get all warm tinglies inside. Howard says it’s all about family. Your a good dude. McCare says you’re gonna make me tear up! McCrae and Hoard hug. McCrae says thank you. Howard says start reading it, apply it!


2:45pm – 3pm Out in the backyard around the hot tub. Helen, Elissa and Andy talk about making it on the show. They talk about sequester casting finals and Andy says he came home from it with $300 because he saved most of his food stipend money. Howard joins them. Andy says that he knew after seeing McCrae that he was getting on the show. Helen says that she knew Aaryn was going to be on the show. Big Brother tells them to “Shut it DOWN!” Candice says she loves that one!


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Finally…Candace does make sense. Aaryn is more like a problem. She really needs to go.

Helen's Alliance Member

Must you post the same thing on every thread? I think Captainwedgiearchnemesis needs to go also!


I agree, you said that
Helen’s Alliance Member says:
July 21, 2013 at 3:17 pm
Must you post the same thing on every thread? I think JohnnySik needs to go also!

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Zingbot Fan

Fireworks are coming. Wait until the MVP replacement is named. The house will be chaos and this is going to be fun.

Will.I.Am, I Think

I honestly hate that the term “strong player” is thrown out so easily, The only strong players in that house is Amanda,McCrae, Howard, Kaitlin, and Aaryn, everyone one else is either a floater, or being protected by a twist, that doesn’t make them “strong” in any way shape or form.


LMAO, Howard a strong player? No, no, no he’s just a glorified floater with big muscles that don’t mean shit in BB! It’s about using your brain all the time, which he is bad at. Seriously, Candice is SMARTER than him when it comes to this game!


Really? how so? Howard has kept his mouth shut for the most part and has been observing really well. Candice on the other hand is confrontational and if she desint watch out its going to hurt her and howards game badly.

Jean A.D.

The MVP twist has been like adding a ‘nuclear option’ to a game that was 100% zero sum and almost totally 2-D predictable.
If Aaryn leaves next, she will be the first woman out the door this season. Zeus’s jovial Jovian bolts took down three mortal
and almost legendary & Titan-like players because Nick’s brainfreeze came very close due to the showmances of dominating
the game via extended secondary alliances. David was 100% blindsided, he never doubted his own innate charm. The latent
strength inside the Moving Company went hand in hand with a rather clever high ground immediately secured early on. Lets all
wonder where things could have gone right now had Jeremy held back from bullying McCrae and had not gone binary on him.!


Funny. You hate the term “strong player” but you use it in the very next sentence. It seems to me you just hate the term when use to describe players that you don’t think are strong. More like you hate someone disagreeing with you.


you’re exactly right. willie iam has hijacked the board with inane ramblings and a lack of substance.

Manipulate Deez Nutz

Oh Snap, I had no idea this was a board where everyone had to agree with everything people post.

Get a life Sheep

Jean A.D.

i am in agreement! we are looking at five grandmasters playing out their 3-D chess games each to their one mult-i-universe dimention
and are using the jargon from last season’s checkers game to describe the player’s moves! the unwashed mob who tells each HoH
who to precisely “bums rush” out the door or strategically pawn does not control this game! none of the BB players have a degree of
control. you need two or three obvious control freaks in order to measure all the floaters against and up to! we have a chaotic flux!!!
Will.I.Am is only slightly repetative but totally correct. Am i equally redundant when wondering if CBS took the coward’s way out???


Even the PR group Aaryn’s Mom hired is welcome here lol


Aaryn a strong player? Howard a strong player? Again, here is someone basing someone’s strength on their appearance. Everyone you stated are the people who CBS would typically have in the forefront, whether it is based on looks or personality. These people look like the typical “strong players” every season but truly what have any of them done. The only person I would say is a strong player is Amanda and that is due to her manipulation skills. McCrae does well in challenges but does nothing but follow Amanda like a lost puppy. I don’t at all understand how Aaryn is a strong player unless you’re counting that HoH win because socially she’s not doing well at all. Howard is doing pretty shitty, to be honest. Commenter above me is correct. Candice is better at the game than Howard as she figures a lot of thing out with the only issue being not knowing what to do with that information. Kaitlyn has been floating along hiding behind Jeremy and has recently began to show herself as a true competitor as she has almost won 2 HoHs and won 1 POV, so that’s understandable. Overall, you’ve practically named the only houseguests that CBS is more inclined to give more airtime to – which for some reason people consider to be “strong players”.


Why do you hesitate to recognize Helen. When she was HOH she was not scared to had blood on her hands and she even admitted it. She was not persuaded to change her mind. She got the job done knowing she did upset the others being so tough and demamding but she got the job done. The others are hiding and making others to do their dirty works and you know who they are. This is a game and to be fair I do recopgnize Amanda!s strategy and Helen so I think these are the two best player. I also like Elissa but I think she is just here to have fun and something else?.. Only she knows. I prefer final four Amanda, Helen, Elissa and Candice. If any of the guys is in hoping Judd and Andy. These are just my opinion.


@Guest 1, I distinctly remember when Helen was HOH, She blamed every nomination on “What the house wants”, How is that her not being afraid of
getting blood on her hands?


I genuinely don’t understand why being a “floater” is such a bad thing! This is a game and the goal is to get to the end by any means necessary. So if laying low and not committing to any alliance in the beginning works for you then THAT’s a great strategy no? No one can call you out for jumping ship or promising something you never meant etc., You simply float while the others crash and burn, save you energy and promises for the end of the game. Simple! I really don’t get the backlash against floaters.

Jean A.D.

NUMBER THREE is still a murky mystery?
Even so, i hope Aaryn packs all her bags
and is gone this Thursday! McCrae’s quip
would be a British understatement if he had
seen the complaints hitting CBS, as it is, he
looks rather perceptive and able to read a
mood. I’m assuming Aaryn will only listen
half the time to the publicist her mommy has
hired. Eventually normalcy will return to her life.


Mommy hiring a publicist? Maybe she’ll be the next Kim K (whatever)!

Amanda's Last Days really

Game on.


As much as you all want this, Amanda won’t be the replacement nominee… Mark my words! Production has been making her look so good on the CBS edits that their is no way they’re getting rid of her just yet! Seriously, GM could be the one evicted this week ’cause she’s useless to CBS’ storyline they got going this season! With or without her all the drama will still be in the BB house which is exactly what Production wants! DRAMA!!!!!

Will.I.Am, I Think

I agree, production had has been all over this season.. Feels more and more like a soap opera, and less like a competition everyday.


production and your comments have both been all over the place this season and both are dismal and lacking in any consistency !!

Will.I.Am, I Think

All I read is “baaaaaaa”.

Sorry, I don’t speak sheep.

Jean A.D.

Five players have a pair of classic metaphoric BRASSBALLz right now and only two of these five brilliant players are male!!!
Elissa and Aaryn are not in control of the game, Elissa is being strategically positioned inside the game by CBS management
to draw attention again to the divine pair of R + B as AMAZING RACE is into a new season and Aaryn was too foul mouthed.
We need two or three more weeks before classic “strong” players can emerge from this “animal spirits” keynesian chaos!!!!!!

Will.I.Am, I Think


She Said What

I agree – however, based on the CBS show (edits) and if the CBS audience liked Nick and/or Jeremy – Helen may be on the block.


I don’t think America would vote for Amanda anyways, she is loud and say it like it is but there was way more drama surrounding the mean girls, Howard swearing on the bible, all the racist.comments and everything that come out of Spencer mouth is women degrading! Oh and i think lots of people was.extremely annoyed with Helen HOH or GM stupid breakdown!


Perhaps not. I still like her. McRae too.


but what would create the most drama?

manda being nominated

she will go insane like a bull in a china shop trying to figure out who nominated her

everyone will deny it as none of them are mvp

please let it happen and if it does its gonna be explosive


is it just me or is this cast bipolar when it comes on deciding who to vote out

Jean A.D.

i hope JUDD totally likes his pizza!
Spencer is doing a very nice thing!!!
(hopefully he KNOWs how to cook!)

Parker Sandstone

Spencer’s turned into a lecherous wuss with a pottymouth.


Elissa did to Amanda what everyone has been doing to her since day one and I don’t blame her. Honestly, they treated E. like she wasn’t even human the first 2 weeks! It was horrible and even the ones that wanted to talk to her couldn’t ’cause that would a unforgivable sin to the rest of them. That is disgusting to treat anyone like that in or out of the BB house especially when YOU DON’T KNOW THEM!!!!!


Exactly. And it’s not only the way they outright treated her, but also some of the things they said as well. Discussing in detail the way they wanted to kill her, them discussing slashing her throat, Spencer and GM planning to attack her, Amanda hoping she gets raped. All of this hate for someone they didn’t know. And I think Jeremy was one of the worst, being that his hate for her was so deep and kind of sick when you think about it. None of them knew her yet they attacked her both to her face and behind her back. She has kept shut for weeks and now that she calls it like she sees it: Amanda looked like a stripper (which we all know she did as she was giving McCrae a STRIPtease), everyone’s on the attack as if the things they’ve been saying for the past month haven’t been 100000000X worse. I’m glad Elissa is getting a little sass because being trampled on day in and day out has to be the worst.


Time stamp, link to simon/dawg’s post, or link to another reliable source verifying this, or you’re full of it.


Here is how it is.

Elissa being treated like crap for 2 weeks because of her sister is not cool.
BUT, does it give her the right to now act like a giant *C*?
Because when I read the post above that is exactly the Spencer type word that popped into my head.
Production power has gone to her head, she has deemed herself to be the judge of the entire house,
and gods forbid if you do not fit her mold of perfection.
Also, let’s get real. Her prissy ministry act is getting really old. Does she think she has to be the polar
opposite of her sister? Whatever she is playing, it ain’t flying with me.
How many times did she say “I have never even been to strip club”?
WAY too many times in my opinion. The *ahem* lady doth protest too much.

She needs to get off her effing pedestal, she is no better than anyone else in that house.

I am almost hoping production just told her get out there and be an unholy bitch, because if she is like
that in real life I pity anyone who has to deal with her on a daily basis.

Elisa's Botox

Elisa is obsessed with Aaryn. She hasn’t brought up race in over a week yet Elisa keeps repeating the same line on Aaryn


Aaryn brought up race just last night! Lol She was upset that Andy could state his preference for white guys, but she can’t say anything ‘racial’.


I really don’t know what you say to people like Aaryn, because reasoning is not their forte. Then again, how do you explain to people like Aaryn that Andy preferring not to date black guys isn’t the same as what she’s doing (There is a BIG difference between not wanting to date a black guy and saying derogatory remarks at a race. Then again, I can SEE why Candace has a problem with Andy’s comments. Why should his COLOR matter)? Aaryn lacks the introspection and reasoning skills to understand what she is DOING is wrong. She only KNOWS it is wrong because other people are giving her flak for it. The one thing registering with Aaryn is people aren’t seeing her as the most popular girl in the room. I think she has more worried that she is an outcast). Also, when you go through life prejudiced, you justify your actions because your fall back is that EVERYONE is prejudiced. And there is no degree of separation for people like Aaryn in saying terrible things to Candice and people’s personal dating biases.


Why should his color matter? People are attracted to who they are attracted to. Some people only date blondes, some only tall men, some only thin women. That doesn’t make them anti- brunette, short, or heavy, just their preference. I think she’s just overly sensitive due to the sheer amount of racial comments in this house.


Exactly, just like willie iam only dating dumb people doesn’t make him anti intelligent people. just seeking his level. I only date dimes, doesn’t mean I don’t like nickels….


LOL 🙂 that made me laugh !! Thanks for making my day….


I can’t blame Candace for being oversensitive. I’d take a person who is oversensitive to a person that lacks any of it.


I agree with you 100%. I can’t believe Candice was upset because Andy isn’t attracted to black men. He has a right to be attracted to who he finds attractive. And didn’t I hear Candice say she has only dated black men, never white men (yes, I did hear it). I really liked Candice the first three weeks but now I can’t stand her. She keeps saying that the remark about the fish swimming separately was torturing her and “Howie”. Come on, that was not a racial thing, it was fish! She said you all can’t send me or Howie home this week because it would be really bad to send a black person home with all the racial comments that have been said. First of all, most of the racial comments have been about Asians. Helen isn’t using that as an excuse for people to feel sorry for her and she doesn’t say, oh this is torturous to me. Helen has more class than to use that to try to protect herself from being evicted. And Candice keeps talking about what a great christian she is but she is always calling the others bitches and she uses F*****g is every conversation. Candice has turned into a really big bitch. But then again, a lot of them have. Candice, though, thinks she is above everyone else (her and Howard) because they are christian.

Jean A.D.

her parents and those swapped around letters!!!!
if 1/2 the stupid or horrid remarks this ’13 season
came from her mouth, she’s gone past her quota
of pure cruelty + stupidity. i do admit she has not
been alone in this, but her obnoxiousness has no
true limit or pragmatic strategic sense of discretion!


Jean, does A.D. stand for Advanced Degree?


“Andy commented how he doesn’t date black guys”

Just seems like you miss out on a lot when you let something like race restrict your options. Oh well, more Black gay men for me!


Just because she hasn’t brought it up doesn’t mean she has changed and it also doesn’t mean people should forget about it. Forgive? Yes if she is truly sorry, which i don’t think she is but, Forget? Hell No


“Amanda asks Elissa if we can hug it out. Elissa says no. Amanda asks why not. Elissa says because I take offence to you turning on me. Amanda asks don’t you think it was mean to call me a stripper? Elissa says you called yourself a dominatrix, don’t you think that’s way worse? Elissa says that she doesn’t want to be involved with Aaryn and them.”

i know amanda says/does lots of things she probably shouldn’t but elissa is still kind of stuck up about everything. amanda and mccrae need to reassure a lot of ppl they are voting out aaryn and stop talking to her. meanwhile spencer was up all those girls asses last night and no one says anything…


Oh, no. I haven’t forgotten how big of a dope Spencer is. It’s just that all of the attention is on Aaryn right now.

Jean A.D.

McCrae broke apart the MC and if Aaryn is preceded by three MC males and is soon to be followed by two more macho guys who lack sensitivity,
i will not be in shock or upset over a turn of events like that if the initial evictees are male. Aaryn has created her own bed this season, she is not
totally stupid or a child. She knows she hazed people and made their life miserable like as if this was a snobby sorority set in the 1950s, prior to all
the big Civil Rights marches. I can cut Paula Deen more slack for wanting to be Scarlett O’Hara for at least one day out of her 60something southern
life, and the poor woman definitely had a hostile person point a gun at her. Aaryn is much younger and was told there are live feeds and streams!!!!


Elissa was right in pointing out to Amanda that discussing last nights events with Aaryn, instead of resolving it directly with Elissa, is the equivalent of Amanda fueling Aaryn and subsequently putting Ellisa back on the radar. Despite what many think, Ellisa is not too stupid.


Yeah, when Elissa refused to “hug it out” I thought she really showed what a snob she is. Amanda recognizes her mistakes, and accepts responsibility for them, but it’s still not enough?

Elissa is so stuck-up.

Rocco Gianini

Good grief! Does McRae ever ever remain upright for more than two minutes? He is never I. A vertical position, watch him, even when he is outside on the country h he slowly melts into his own little puddle. Don’t get me wrong I like him….but…..


He probably has plenty of time to be upright after the show, so he’s using what little time he has in not being upright…preferably with Amanda on top of him.


Candice the Peace Maker!

Candice is going to tell Elissa that she needs to apologize and talk to Amanda as friends. Yeah right! How about you lead by example Candice and make peace with Aaryn as friends? As much crap as Elissa has taken from Amanda and you think Elissa is at fault. Elissa is the problem? Candice but out if you don’t know what’s happening.

Candice is so worried she might go on the block, she is playing the race card every chance she gets. I know some of you will defend Candice actions and say I am blaming the victim. However, the time to had confronted the racism was when it happened, and tell everyone you were uncomfortable with it. Instead, you chose to remain silent thereby allowing everyone else a free ride and allowing that type of behavior. Now that you wrongly assume that you might be going on the block, you can’t miss an opportunity to tell everyone that I have been a victim of racism.

So what happens now Candice if Amanda goes up? You pretty much told the house it must be Aaryn leaving this week. So can Howard still try and back door Amanda if she’s the replacement nominee? After all, you said the racist has to go out first.

Candice, I think you can use this race card for another 3 or 4 weeks. After all, Gina said some racial references, she should go before you. Ah! Amanda said some hurtful things to you. Andy said some mean things to you as well. Yep, you can ride this race card for 3 or 4 weeks. You don’t even have to play the game. The rest of the house guests will wake you when we get to the final 6. Happy now Candice!


Why would Candice need to make peace with Aaryn?? That is so idiotic when Candice wasn’t the one making racial comments. Aaryn needs to take the initiative and make a sincere apology not the bull that has been coming from her mouth.


If looks could kill, Candice would have been dead the night she was put up on the block. Everyone else was hugging, and Aaryn just gave Candice a dirty stare. I don’t care if Candice wasn’t listening, Aaryn just feeds off people ripping on others, and just piles on with her own biases. There was nothing Candice could have done in making peace with Aaryn, other than doing what Aaryn wants and keeping quiet. Candice was likely stunned at first that Aaryn could be that petty…unfortunately, I think, Candice had questioned herself and wondering if she was being “overly sensitive.” Now Candice is doing what I would have done and call Aaryn on every ridiculous comment she makes.

Jean A.D.

MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as a teen i was badly hazed by kids very
much like BB’s Aaryn, and irony of irony,
way less so by classmates who remind
me of Candice. Further total irony! odds are
in real life i have skin that under a May or
June sun goes LOBSTER red faster than
Aaryn’s does in the dog days of summer.
nothing storebought spares me from blistering!
i easily regret any naps in the sun i take!!!!!


At least know I now who is thumbing down all my comments.


Please stop using the term “race card”, I emphatically object to that privileged verbiage. Thanks.


They are like broken records. Just vote out Aaryn nd be done with it already! The MVP replacement nomination will hopefully stir things up again.


I went back & watched last night & it’s sickening how they kept going to *fishes* cause of Elissa being do drunk & saying stuff, right before *fishes one time I heard Elissa drunk & mumbling, I’m the special one here & I hate everyone in this house I really do hate every person in this house this is about me & I hate every person…*fishes. If BB is going to show every person doing & saying stupid sh** then they should have let every body hear the crap that was coming out of her drunk mouth. I know they want publicity cause Brenchel is gonna be on Amazing Race, yet again, but this is ridiculous… She is just like her stupid sister who can’t string 2 sentences together that makes sense drunk or sober…..I have been pulling for McCrae & Amanda but they need to get the he!! out of bed & quit thinking they can rely on a deal made a week or a day ago & think that they are safe. I understand the slop & the patch had them run down but it’s time to get up & mingle!…Andy, he’s annoying & funny at the same time…. Howard needs to get it through his head that he has to work WITH women & not try to control them…Spencer, bleh…..JUDD is my guy I’m liking right now…. Aaryn, needs to leave… Katlin, doin much better without Jeremy… Helen, hypocrite…Candice, quit hanging on to a Showmance that’s not gonna happen. Get in the game!…..Jessie, another bleh…GM, keep floating i guess….


Dear Zeus, say it isn’t so, Brenchel on the Amazing Race again!?! Can’t CBS let these annoying people Just Go Away? I really do not get it, the fascination with them. Meh.

Jean A.D.

Seriously… lil ole sweet & sassy missy Elissa is on this “game theory” season of BB if only to whet an interest in what the divine pair
of star cross’d lovers are about to do? i admit that CBS could have evicted house guests when things, although not violent directly
got intense and unspeakable. Big Bro is not the ‘jewel in the crown” of the CBS media empire? i like both shows, and my all wise mom
is a total AMAZING RACE fan who has no idea who RACHEL + her BRAINY BEAU are in real life! My own mother is not a total BB fan!!!

Will.I.Am, I Think

I know right? I watched their Amazing Race season, and I honest thought they would do well, but in the end her constant whining every 2 seconds slowed them down. CBS are indeed desperate for ratings.


This is the reason why mostly men win reality show.

Will.I.Am, I Think

This is why I LOVE the Live Feeds, it;s where the TRUTH about Big Brother is…. F**k a CBS edit


elissa not giving two fucks!


Spencer has a moral code????


Love her or hate her I think Elissa is the most transparent person in the house. Once she has made up her mind about something it becomes set in stone with no deviation.

We are all waiting for the POV ceremony before any REAL plans can be hashed out on who the next person to be evicted will be. Then its a few more days of boredom before the final push before the vote to see if there is any chance of the house turning. To fill this time BB needs to have daily contests for prizes and cash to make this interesting and to create drama. For anyone to win anything I really like the idea that for any prize there needs to be a punishment to another person. Put limits on punishments so they cant be all thrown at one person and make these punishments severe enough that to take a prize the person on the other end is going to be seeking revenge.


For a yogini, her thought process is very rigid. Her body maybe flexible, but not her mind at this point in time. She isn’t very open or forgiving to anyone. My guess, she isn’t to herself either because usually characteristics we display to others, we do to ourselves tenfold.


—>>>Once she has made up her mind about something it becomes set in stone with no deviation<—-. Like the plan they all had for her to nominate Howard til production told her she couldn't. Her drunk mouth last night left no doubt to anyone within ear shot this is rigged for her. She even talked about how the POV was rigged for her to win, extra arrows(?) in her path & getting to carry several what ever it was while everyone else had to go back & carry theirs one at a time. Sorry I don't know the full details about the arrows & such but the ones playing knew what she was talking about cause Katlin said I KNEW IT & saying this whole season is set up for Elissa… If she's not gone soon idk of i can keep watching. My little house dog can't even stand to hear her voice! He scratches at the screen & covers his ears every single time Elissa starts talking …it's so funny…

Will.I.Am, I Think

Don’t mind the down votes, sheeple only watch the CBS edit, they have no clue what’s heard on the Live Feeds

Jean A.D.

some rat race ‘sheeple’ people have demanding bosses due to the real life ‘Great Recession” and cannot block book their lives
so that they can get the maximum pleasure out of the wondrous live streams, yes, they are at the mercy of CBS and all good
AVID workstation people who truly KNOW their mass media onions! CBS does do a good job of having wheat be not chaff but
their management mind~frame is sorta like an amateur 1970s filmmaker trying to Gallup poll & scenario the greater public at large!


That idea is a keeper! Production, didja hear that?


Wow! I am liking this new Elissa. The Elissa that stands up for herself. Wow….Elissa might be the strong woman that I wanted to see play the game. When Elissa confronts Amanda and says you are upset about me calling you a stripper, but you called youself a dominatrix and that was much worse. Bang goes the dynamite! Right on Elissa. For once Amanda was speechless and didn’t know what to say. Elissa then gones on to say, when you talk to those idiots, tell them to keep my name out their mouths. Well Elissa didn’t say it exactly like that, but that was essentially the meaning. Elissa, I am in love with you.

Peter Griffin

Elissa, you are shallow and pedantic.


Is the POV ceremony today or tomorrow?


Thanks Dawg!!

Will.I.Am, I Think

Dominatrix – Is a female who takes the dominant role in a bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM) relationship.

Stripper – is a professional erotic dancer who performs a contemporary form of striptease at strip club establishments, public exhibitions, and private engagements.

In other words, “Whore”

You can’t act this way in public and NOT expect people to judge you.

If you’re not a whore, do it in private among people that know you personally.

I find it beyond hilarious Amanda being “self-conscious” about her body, yet 2 weeks ago she was running around the house with band-aids on her t!ties.

Women who are “self-conscious”, would never do this in public, and being in the BB house you’re in public for 90+ days, everything you do and say can be seen by millions.


Will.I.Am…being that I’m 100% assuming that you are a guy, may I offer a bit of a female perspective. It is BECAUSE she’s self-conscious that she’s running around naked. She needs validation by the attention she gets.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Unless there’s women that are named William in the world, yes LOL

And yea, I believe we are all created equal more or less.


Well I guess that’s one way to express self-consciousness about one’s body but certainly not a mainstream way. LOL I don’t think she’s self-conscious in the lease, in fact, quite the opposite: an exhibitionist and (I agree) attention-seeking++ Anybody coming on this show is attention-seeking to some degree but I think Demanda and Rachel top the list.


I am of the mindset that you believe all people are created equal or you don’t. If you believe everyone is created equal, you take offense at any racial, sexist, or bigoted remarks. If you are a bit squishy, you justify certain actions based on your personal prejudices. People like Aaryn, however, are the last to admit what they are doing is wrong, and what motivates them isn’t a desire for self-reflection or self-improvement, but seeking to become well-liked and popular again. I thought before maybe for a moment that Aaryn was having a bit of growing moment, but Candace has removed any doubt whatsoever that Aaryn is hard-wired to be cruel, likely learned from her mother. Aaryn is by some people’s standards pretty, but she is already talking about plastic surgery. Her mother had many procedures done, so I think Aaryn is consistently getting signals that it is better to be pretty than be nice.


What, you can’t be both?

Wpg Fan

Good thing Elissa wasn’t in BB14 when Ian ran through the house naked… I chalk it up as women being catty.


I’m betting anything that Aaryn has never in her life been the one on the outside looking in.


NO, HOWARD. Let’s first get GM and Spencer off the show. Don’t worry about their votes, because keeping them on only gives them validation. As much as I hate Elissa getting the MVP all the time, she’s the only one talking about getting Aaryn off. As it SHOULD be.


Omg a stripper is not necessarily a whore. It could be that someone is doing that but not selling sex. Geez.


No, not all strippers are whores. But I don’t think anyone will mistake them for saints, either.


A lot of church goer’s can’t be considered saints/


Not every stripper is a whore, but every whore is a stripper. Its just common sense. Amanda beds McCrae within 2 hours of meeting him. She is a whore, hence a stripper. What’s the big deal!


thanks PEARL


I was watching last nights’s events and came away with one glaring factor: Candace is the one most sickeningly needy women I have ever seen on Big Brother. She lays on Howard’s body with all her weight and leans on it too and he appears and visibly gestures “WTF”: to other people in the room while she is talking. It was pretty gross when she was in the HOH in her see through tights looks up for the camera angle and spreads her legs and you can see everything in her tights (and she knows it) then tries to cover the fact that Howard’s hand is down her tights while everybody is in the HOH. This girl is desperately throwing herself on him and ne needs to for game and ‘might as well take the pu$$y if it’s being handed to him.” She is gross and disgusting and there is no way she works with children – NASTY GIRL with a very big chip on her shoulder.


……Candace……that’s who disgust you in the house…..really…..


wow, amanda just told judd that elissa was yelling out production names one by one last night AND their wives names. what a crazy psycho!

Will.I.Am, I Think

So she knows them? here I thought Elissa was just a contestant, and she’s just like the vets were last season, when they were saying so and so in the back don’t want me out…. Figures.


What??!! Like she knows them all??? If so production need to take her out of there, cause now It’s just too obvious!!

Jean A.D.

OH MY GAAAWWWWDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! dare i assume dear sweet RACHEL looked up & stalked CBS production people within 72 hours of leaving
the BB house? i sorta doubt that ELISSA went online an’ did a ton of NANCY DREW detective work when her sister was inside the BB house!


Ok so since America was stupid and voted elissa as the 3rd nominee, I wouldn’t be shocked if Helen is the replacement nominee since America may have thought who should be the mvp not whose nominated
I think Amanda, Howard, Candice and aaryn need to go, the rest of the people are great!!!!
Can’t wait


Aaryn should stay cuz she’s nice to look at


Attention: The Mia above has hijacked my name! Aaryn should NOT stay.


I hate that you can just hijack anyone’s name on here!


How long have you been missing?

Jean A.D.

lil ms Faux~MIa —- i feel Aaryn has a perfect right when evicted

this Thursday to youTube + blog about her teenish “sorority sister”

WASP but not Celtic angst if i can read an inference as to her given

name. i will not be looking at her youTubes, only the mainstream press

coverage they may receive. she can join the millions of happy bloggers.

had she had game, David would be here with her as her brainer, better

and wiser soul mate! i think her EGO destroyed her game and yes, her

mommy is about to go into helicopter mode when her beloved dingbat

leaves the all wise cameras of CBS. pore old Walter Cronkite and poor

auld Edward R. Murrow are rolling and spinning in their graves over CBS

and the way they did damage control on this apple~carted crop of wannabes!


I wish people would give America more credit than that. I voted for Elissa. Like Andy said, for every one person that likes Rachel there are 2 or 3 that don’t like her. The cbs tweets alone show people voted for Elissa knowing it was for her to be nominated…I’m not trying to be a smarta$$ I’m just saying a lot of people voted for her knowing what they were doing…


so who is going to be the replacement nom?

Butters Mom

Im beginning to wonder if a replacement nominee will even be named… Elissa could take herself off and BB announce… ok… MVP now over… you will only be voting for either Aaryn or Kaitlin… securing that Aaryn will go out the door. Production has made it clear they want her out.. they set this whole thing up to show her the exit in the most painful way possible and its clear Candace has been in the DR getting instructions to dredge up all the race crap today as much as possible so that it stirs everyone up again.

Aaryn was making herself to be a victim about Andy not being called out because Aaryn is the only one who is being called out for it and SHE KNOWS she isnt the only one who has said something. Candice changes her mind from day to day on whether or not she is going to work with aaryn or hold her grudge against her.. Candace also changes her persona and voice and personality and mannerisms depending on her mood… The day Aaryn and Candice got into a fight and Aaryn was yelling at her saying “I can be black too… blah blah blah”… she was saying that because Candice changed her voice, tone, mannerisms when they started fighting and Aaryn threw it back at her. I think Aaryn is stupid. I think she has to learn that saying such things is not acceptable but I also think Candice has to learn that she cant claim herself to be a victim if she is going to let things slide until she sees an opportunity to make it work for her.

I hope aaryn learns from this and grows as a person. I hope Candace does as well. I hope CBS and production get a slander lawsuit against them for the way they have handled it because none of it was necessary to make good entertainment on a reality show. It was better before production decided to make this racial statement .. and yes I do feel it was a set up known to occur from the beginning… white and black fish in tank,… people who have never played the game before with illiterate viewpoints being thrown together. The way production has edited and blocked cameras from showing what Elissa says is proof they didnt have to broadcast the racial things that were said either.. they were hoping it would happen and knew they could profit from it. Elissa is being protected on so many levels by production in this game… its sickening. I cant stand any of these people. I believe Elissa said, This is 2013… people shouldnt even see color… yes they should… but they should embrace it and know that just because someone is different from you doesnt mean they are unlikable. I think its in everyones best interest for Aaryn to just go home before even more damage is done to ruin her life outside of the house. I hope she does keep her mouth shut and not saying anything when asked about being racist by Julie Chen. That would be the absolute best thing she could do for herself. Shut her mouth.

Will.I.Am, I Think

I would love for the twist to end that way.

The look on Elissa’s face = Priceless


Absurd !! a Kaczynski like manifest that rambles on & on & on ……..lacks direction or clarity. Try again & shorten it next time

This Season Blows

Just because you can’t read anything longer than a couple sentences doesn’t mean everyone can’t.


@ tsblows Now now, don’t go & be all upset cuz ya feel inadequate with that GED ya got lil’ troll..


I think every single person on this show has potential to grow. Aaryn, however needs to do a LOT of it.


Are we all thinking Amanda is going to replace Elissa on the block?


Who is Brendon? (mentioned by Elissa that Brendon told her she shouldn’t do BB.)

Will.I.Am, I Think

Brendon was Rachel’s f**kbuddy in both of her season and currently her husband… You might remember him by the nickname “NeanderTALL” bestowed upon him by the devilishly hilarious Britney.


he’s the dummy that married Elissas sister Rachel… been on BB twice, Amazing Race once & gonna be on it again, him & Rachel…


That “dummy” is doing his Phd.

Zingbot Fan

Rachel’s husband and Elissa’a brother-in-law.


Just found a pic of Spencer’s girl Marilyn and her sisters


which one is Marilyn?

BB fan

Spencer you dog! Why would you ever want to be with Jessie with a hot woman like that.


Is it just me or are these people more than a tad bit boring?
I’d have self evicted, self destructed, or spontaneously combusted by now if I were in that house.


I would have stayed long enough to find out if Amanda and McCrae were for real. Then I would leave.

Will.I.Am, I Think

I have a feeling Jessie loves bending over showing her her nice derriere and thick thighs.

P,lease, may I have some more?!!


Jessie, a word of her advice: When you bend over, there is no way to separate the guys whose attention you want, and guys whose attention you don’t. That is the danger of using her looks to get what you want. I don’t think Jessie’s end game was to attract Spencer.


jess, dat ass

duff man says ohh yeeeah


I really hope American was smart with the voting and will put Amanda up as the third nominee to replace Elissa. And she will hopefully be evicted on Thursday.




Simon, do you know when the POV Ceremony will be? Also, who do you think will replace Elissa?




Come Monday, it’ll be all right….


Here we go with the poor Amanda crap. Amanda is a foul mouth, racist, bullying, no respect for herself, disrespectful( screwing in someone elses HOH room without permission) non-winning, floating ass liar. I hope they vote her ass off the show. Aaryn is ignorant, small-minded, racist and foolish. I’m not rooting for Elissa but it’s about time she starts standing up for herself and putting these jealous man hungry tricks in their place. She’s been, threatened to be put up if she didn’t do what they want. Lied on and Amanda hoping she gets raped?? Really!!! What type of ” woman” wishes that on another woman. Aaryn, Amanda and McWussy need to go.
And whomever don’t like it, boo-you too!!!


i love your comments on amanda, she disgusts me