“When everybody votes one way.. That’s Boring you look like a bunch of sheep” – Jason

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7:30am Morning Hugs..

7:33am Jason sitting on his pad
Jason – What if Cody gets drawn outta the hat
Xmas – then we fight like hell

Jason we’re not supposed to sit on the chairs, we’re supposed to get our food and go back to the pad

Jason says he was recruited. Mentions that 1/2 of the people on the show were recruited. Xmas thinks that’[s smart casting spread out the demographic.

7:53am Paul says the Veto is going to be before noon.
Xmas thinks that’s pretty vague. She says she can still hear construction going on at first she thought the competition would be at 9.

7:58am Xmas and Josh Kitchen
Xmas asks Josh if he’s nervous about the Veto Competition
Josh says he is
Xmas – why

Xmas – people have been really really happy about your contribution.. Thank you for your trust.
Christmas – Cody is going to be pissed if he can’t compete.. And he’ll be pissed when either you or Alex take yourself off.

Josh – I only talk game to you and Paul
Josh says she’s always got his back she never has to question that.
Xmas says the people they want out are the most toxic people in the house not the best game players. (Cody, Jessica, Ramses)
Xmas says her personal goal is to help people… feed cuts

Josh says he still doesn’t know how he feels about Mark… Says week 1 he overheard Cody and Mark saying they were targeting him.

8:20am Josh telling his family he ‘s having the time of his life.
Xmas comes back Josh tells her he would be f*d if it wasn’t for her and Paul
Xmas claims to have known that so that is why she moved in to help him.
Josh again saying that he only trusts Paul and Xmas.
Josh says Matt doesn’t talk game to him at all.
Xmas – press him on it..

8:36am Paul wakes everyone up to pick Have nots..
Paul – As head of Household I must choose 4 new have nots for the week. Do I have any volunteers.
Jessica and Cody Volunteer there’s already in the have nots room anyways.
Paul – might as well make the whole frog fmaily
Paul picks Jason.
Paul – any other person wants to be a hero
It comes down to Matt and Mark to rock paper scissor it. Matt volunteers before it gets to that.
A bunch of people say thanks to Matt.. (But not the other three)

9:00am Cody, Jessica and Jason
Jason says he’s going to go get the Have not temptation.

The Have-Nots were offered a temptation. On the wall of the Have-Not room, there were two available spikes. Inside one spike is a Have-Not Escape, making the holder a Have for the week. However, the other has a Have-Not Extension, making the holder a Have-Not for an extra week. Any Have-Not, but only one per week, may go to the Diary Room to claim the key to unlock a spike.

9:03am Jason comes back
He can’t decide which one to pick.. He says he was the first person to request the temptation and he’ll pick later.

Cody tells him he’s safe this week it’ll either be Alex or himself getting voted out.
Jason – if they draw your name outta the hat you’ll win that f***r
Cody – I won’t lose
Cody says Paul getting Ramses to go up hurts them because it pulls Ramses’s chip out of the bag increasing Cody’s chance of getting picked.
Cody – poor Alex
Jason – Dude she’s going to win, nobody can beat her

Cody leaves..
Jason – there’s a common thread among houseguests and it’s resiliently.. I mean everybody here is sorta bada$$ in their own realm.
Jason – that’s why we’re all here
Jason – Everybody already has that instinctive you know.. adapt to adverse conditions no matter what
Jessica – there’s people in this house that feel so damn safe
Jason – Drive me nuts
Jessica- love to take it away..
Jason – you know what, I think that’s the beauty of the BIg Brother house. You think they want just a straight line show where everybody just falls in line.. F nobody wants to watch that sh1t.
Jason – when everybody votes one way.. that’s Boring.. Fing boring you look like a bunch of sheep

Jason says Production must be ready to throw a monkey wrench into the house dynamic. They can’t make it too easy for Paul.
Jason – Paul is nervous I’m telling you cause he knows it’s coming

Jessica – I hope you get the have not pass and it’s just me and Cody in here. We’ll make out the whole time and make Matt feel awkward.
Jason – he’ll just leave
Jessica – then he can’t sleep, I’m fine with that.. Start to dry hump, I’ll make him feel real awkward.
Jason thinks he’ll get screwed over by picking the have not temptation.
Jason – there’s no way they’ll let 2 people get it in a row

10:14am POV players Picked
Jason host
Josh, Alex, Paul, Ramses, Matt, Elena

10:15am Paul telling Ramses he’s safe. Everyone is throwing it Alex or Josh will win.

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Where are my favorite HGs? – The ants.


I have to add my comments about how great the site is overall. Simon and Dawg have a great eye for the pix – the one heading this post made me howl. Everything reads more like a blog with a lot of straight-forward graphics and simply listed facts and stats to ground it all. You’re both just great with this.


I just sent my annual donation to you two rock stars. Love you both! Thanks for all you do. I have a question for anyone though. How was the viewership on the last BB that they only made available to subscribers and not televised?


amen brother! first site I jump on every day! you guys are killin it!


I’m more addicted to this site than BB itself (if that makes any sense). I just love Simon and Dawg’s witty commentary. And it’s always fun to see all the different opinions of posters. Thanks guys!


The stars will align and Cody and Jessica will both be back next week. There’s no way they will allow this much drama to walk out of the house this soon. Then we’re going to see a showdown between Josh w/Christmas and Cody w/Jessica! Paul and the rest of his fugly gang will be kissing their a$$ next week. Paul is terrible but Mark might be the worst.


SUPPOSEDLY, a buy-back on July 21st… You know it will be Cody to mix up the drama…

starting to 2nd guess temptations

Temptation should probably just be changed to “Reward” at this point. There is no temptation, if you know a reward helps you and hurts 1-3 of your opponents. Analytically speaking. At first, I thought it was a good change, but you will not see a temptation denied ever, so its really just an artificial way to manipulate unfair game play in a sense. LOT of difference between curse of force nomination (Ramses), a the curse of being a frog(3) for a week.

Butters Mom

Exactly… if you take a temptation, then the effects of the curse should fall upon yourself or “your side” otherwise, who would not take it? Stupid really. I’ve already lost interest this season and we’re only a week in. I really hope things get better this next week or I might have to find a new favorite show and I’ve been watching from the beginning. Production stacked things so heavily against Cody is what made this season plummet for me. From having to put 5 people on the block to the 3 entire weeks of safety for a return player with a fan base who is allowed to compete in HOH on top of it… to letting an injured player continue even though they have to leave the house multiple times for medical treatment where they can get outside information about the game, to the coded hoh letter that was so obvious everyone on here picked up on it… I’ve met several former players in the past and they have always told me some of it is scripted but, I think the heavy hands of production has grown to the point of it not being an UNpredictable human nature experiment anymore… its become a predictable human nature experiment…. lets stack the decks AGAINST someone and lets stack the decks FOR someone and see how they both react… ummm I think we all know how that will turn out.

sunny dee

that’s nonsense, all that had to happen was megan just stick it out to eviction day. he won HOH, i don’t see how that was detrimental to his game, even megan leaving and his having to nominate another wasn’t detrimental to his game or ‘rigged’, considering according to him he let alex win. having the odds stacked against him now was due to his own choices, no one elses and certainly not production. no one could have rigged his decision to ignore his own team’s wishes, put up a back door option. if he thought paul would be evicted considering the aligning paul had managed with the others, and considering that cody would not have gravitated over to the ‘outsiders’ had it worked, paul would still be there and jillian still gone.

the only difference is wiser choices by cody would mean that cody would not be the target now.


Your comments spot on as usual. I’ll add one additional point to your observations. It’s not enough to backdoor a target you still need the votes to evict. With the 2 HOH foolishness and the house basically voting as one perhaps we collectively have forgot the importance of counting votes. This season looks like less sheep on eviction day. A refreshing change if it continues.

PS do we know who has the ring? It would be cherry if it was Cody just for the fun it would create.


Cody is annoying, but i respect him stirring the house up and would be sad to have him go because geez it will be so boring.

These houseguests hopefully will hop off Paul’s d*** and not hand him the $500,000.

Alex for the win


That Alex is hot as hell!

well see you next year

Thanx Simon and Dawg.

Club H.O.H

Best case scenario: Ramses wins Veto takes himself off, noms stay the same and Josh walks out that door! Come on BB Gods!!! You failed me with the ungrateful hop-a-long getting the temptation! So BB Gods do your work! (Since we know production will make it so the groupies win!)

sunny dee

except that would seal his fate, if he did that, he’d be the next target 100%. right now it is his choice, and if he plays along and stays up there, he can make a deal with everyone to not win the pov or if he does by chance, and to use it on alex, he would also repair the damage the last vote did to sour them against him. he’d show as a team player for the whole house who would all agree to leave him alone for the next couple of weeks, and maybe finally alex and jason would believe him when he says he didn’t vote out jillian, (since he didn’t but they think he does)


All true. Ramses would more or less *have* to take Alex down for all that you’ve said, but jeez…I feel for the kid in that scenario because who could blame someone for taking themselves off the block?


“10:15am Paul telling Ramses he’s safe. Everyone is throwing it Alex or Jason will win”

i think you mean alex or josh.

Spartacus Jackson

This could get interesting???

ericcca with three C's

I see this is the bash Cody site. Can’t get anything posted on here otherwise… it’s all gravy cause I know right now Paul should be back at his momma’s house yelling I don’t wanna get job. Xmas should be somewhere taking p.e.d.’s and getting spotted wit my pablo in her face


There’s a villain every season and every season we vent about it. Cody didn’t need to be such an idiot on national television. No ones fault but his own.

And what do you mean “you can’t get anything posted”??? Every post shows up unless you use foul or vulgar language.


The site is moderated by Simon and Dawg. They are Canadians with actual jobs and families who run this site in what is jokingly referred to as spare time. They do get some compensation from those who sign up through the site and what not but that income may not cover the cost of Kraken in some seasons.

When you make a post, it goes to them, they tend to approve most of the relevant posts regardless of point of view. They try to limit the racist and vulgar ones although sometimes they get through but you can flag them for review. Sometimes a post get caught in the middle of a bunch of work from home stuff and gets tossed by accident. Since they have actual lives it may take a little while for your post to become visible on the site unless they happen to be working at that time. Posting around show time sometimes gets you on pretty quick. The site is free and you don’t have to do anything to get the full experience. Relax and enjoy the show, even if you hate what’s happening right now.


The curse should have been she had to pick 3 people at random who she can never swap with. And she doesn’t know who they are! That would have been so much better!
I would have loved to see her attempt to use her pendant and watch the screen reveal she can’t swap with someone. Revealing her pendant to the house but screwing her


Still hoping for Cody and Jessica to stay. Last week I’d never imagine I would say this but they are my favorites right now, the other houseguests are too boring.


Im pretty much over Jessica and Cody right now. Yes, Jessica, there are people here that feel a little too safe right now. Why not stop playing grab a$$ for a minute and try to integrate yourselves back into, you know, any other area of the house where there are other people? I know the house is against them, I know it’s awkward and that feeling sucks but they’re isolating themselves, they have been for most of the game, and I’m tired of their constant complaining. If one of them goes home next week, one is staying. You’d think they’d be talking about that more and trying to formulate a plan. But I guess making out and talking about the children they’ll have one day is a completely better way to spend their time.


She has no reason to say people feel too safe in this house, when that was her last week, basically threatening people to do things her and Codys way or else! I wanted to like them, but dayum they just make it so fricken hard too! =) Thanks Simon and Dawg, heres to yet another stellar year on this ah-mazing site!


“Jessica – then he can’t sleep, I’m fine with that.. Start to dry hump, I’ll make him feel real awkward.”
She’s a classy one…good catch Cody!


Looks like Cody will get put up. If the middle tier players are smart, they would keep Cody in the house to remain a target for awhile longer. Let him, Paul, Xmas and Jessica keep targeting each other for now.

As a fan, even though I can’t stand Cody, I hope he remains in the house for a few more weeks so that we have a little bit of drama at least into August.


I would like to see Cody play the game without the distraction of his “klassy” gf hanging off him 24/7. They really messed up their game so far, but I have seen this before and it can be turned around. I hope this season turns out to be exciting, but BB made a mistake giving Paul this advantage straight off the mark.


I’m not normally a production cynic, but it’s pretty lame that Paul got three weeks of safety. Of course he was going to get the most votes in the first week because nobody knew the other house guests, . Production wanted Paul for the first month, I get it. It works for the one hour TV episodes with his short little funny quips., while the season gains momentum.

But from a competition standpoint, three weeks is excessive ( especially since this result was pre-ordained.)


Another Neda play, protect at all costs, until viewers complain enough, then we pull the plug and they are on their own! Production is so dayum predictable! =)


Literally can’t stand how this week is going. Im really hoping Cody Jessica Alex and Jason makes it through this week


Cody- The game-changer who tried to turn the house on its ear by breaking free of the HOH “traditions” and doing thing his own way. No more, “group think” for Cody. Entertaining!!
Paul- The venomous snake, adopted as a pet by houseguests too frightened to jump into the game with both feet. He WILL bite you!
Easier to let Paul, bullet-proof as he is, ferry them all back to the dark place wherein group-think rules and Paul instructs them on what to think. Same old stuff as always.

Come on, people!!! Embrace change. Do things a different way. You don’t have to like Cody to appreciate that, at least when he was HOH, the game was challenging. It was HIS HOH.

All of these production-inspired twists and turns have gotten in the way of game-play and made it impossible to even do any critical or creative thinking. People are already fearful that an evicted guest will somehow return. Heaven forbid we get back to basics: you know, where someone wins a challenge, and you can’t just yank it out from under them; or this whole business of curses, or anything that forces players to deliberately sabotage their own game. And the idea of bringing back veteran players ought to be flushed down the nearest toilet. Do they really need to keep recycling houseguests? When was the last time there was a season of BB where we didn’t already know some of the players and/or there was no way to return after you were evicted? Can’t we, please, just have new people whom we get to know as they reveal themselves, over time, and let them play Big Brother? Does anyone remember the early years? People actually had to figure things out for themselves. Christmas has a broken foot. In season 1, there was an amputee with only one leg. He participated in all of the challenges. Nobody handed him a win. Personalities emerged and you had a level playing field. I miss that.


Show is soooooo rigged in Paul favor just like Nicole favor last year



Yeah, hug out the shame HGs.. for hugging Cody and then backstabbing as soon as he turned on POOR PAWLIE!!!!