Cody “It took his (Ramses) chip out of there so now there’s a better chance they pull my chip.”

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9:20pm Havenot room.
Cody – I’m just going to pretend that you’ve never had s*x before. Jessica – you’re my one and only. Cody – wait?! I would be. Jessica – would be ..if it had happened yet. Jessica – would it be okay if I parade you around LA? Cody – would it be okay if I parade you around the rest of my life? Jess – you’re getting brownie points today. Big fan of Cody today. Cody – Don’t think there isn’t cool points for having a babe for a girlfriend. If I .. I mean if we were. Jess – ah wait what?! All I heard was girlfriend. I’m not your girlfriend. You haven’t asked me yet. Jess – hopefully the guy that is watching my dog is … is like… Cody – killing your dog?
Jessica – no he wouldn’t. He’s a sweetie. It was never going anywhere. It was just to pass the time. And I told him that all the time. He was also a lot younger than I am. He is 21. He’s a sweet kid so he would never be mean about anything. I don’t think. He’s a boxer so it would be good to see you go toe to toe. Cody – I need to get back into my fighting proficiency.

9:40pm – 10:45pm HOH room – Paul and Matt.
Paul – I guarantee he (Cody) doesn’t have the balls to come at me like he did to Josh. Matt – of course not, he wouldn’t come at me like that or Mark. That was not very honorable. Paul – if that’s what you think of Josh, why would you let someone like that get under your skin. Matt – three or four separate meeting he blatantly disrespected him. Not that I didn’t love every minute of it because I did. Paul – If you’re going to dish it out. You better be able to take. I am ready for tomorrow. I have a hunch on what that veto is. Matt – hopefully Josh gets player pick and he picks me. Paul – the only way this can get f**ked up is Ramses. Matt – the odds of him (Cody) getting picked and winning are low. Paul – we know he doesn’t have the temptation so I don’t care who has it. Paul – She (Jess) is secluding herself. The girls aren’t. Dom joins them. Raven joins them. Paul – so when are we getting Raven out? Raven – when am I stabbing you with these heels? They talk about how they think Christmas won the temptation. Dom – it makes sense they (America) would give it to her. Paul – three people that f**ked her over are now hopping. Its so funny dude! What are the odds man! I wonder if she will stick around after her surgery. Dom – she said she just wants to make it to jury.

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10:30pm Cody & Kevin.
Kevin – you got to win. Cody – it all depends on that chip. Kevin – 10% chance. Cody – I was trying to figure out the odds. You know what’s funny, they thought by having Ramses put himself up this week that it would help their chances but the thing is, it took his chip out of there so now there’s a better chance they pull my chip out of there. They didn’t think about that! It just goes to show that they needed a team to take me out. The only way to take me out is to not having me compete. Kevin – and then they’ll be after Alex next. Cody – no, you’ll have to help her out. Mentally she’ll break down. They’ll torture her. Kevin – exactly.

11:40pm Cody and Jessica are still secluding themselves in the havenot room.

12:10am Kevin puts the kangaroo costume on and hops around with Jason. Josh then jumps on Jason’s back. Jason starts hoping around. Josh jumps off because he’s scared Jason will break his foot too. Christmas says she was having flashbacks.

12am – 12:50am Mark and Dom talk at the chess table about random things. Christmas then plays Mark.

1:03am Outsiders goofing around.

1:08am HOH Paul and Christmas

Paul – walk me through this temptation so I know what it is
Xmas – did you tell Elena
Paul – no
Xmas – we’ll probably end up using it tomorrow if there was a time to use it

Paul says people are starting to think Christmas has it.
Xmas says the temptation nots a big thing.

She goes on to explain what the temptation will do for her. If Cody’s name gets picked in the POV she can jump up and swap out with him.

Paul – he will f**** implode
Paul – that’s awesome another odd in our favour
Christmas – this week is bye Cody
Paul – he’s a d1ck head
Christmas – I’m sorry you failed by your mission
Paul – stop crying about it

Christmas says every single person in the house is aligned for this same move (get Cody out)
Xmas laughs

Xmas – I hope Josh wins..
They laugh at the scenario where Cody is nominated in his frog costume against Ramses and Josh.

Xmas points out how Jessica is already starting to try and reintegrate.
Paul doesn’t trust her says doing that is making a mistake.
Paul – she’s going to blame everything on Cody.. Cody is probably telling her I’m leaving this week
Xmas – she can’t go in a room without him, it blows my mind

Paul – this plan is flawless
Xmas – he’s going home on Thursday PERIOD

Xmas brings up her conversation with Jason earlier today.
Paul – Jason’s a idiot

Xmas says Alex and Jason aren’t very tight.

Paul – good work with the temptation and the curse
Xmas – thank you … thank you
Xmas – I’ve never seen such a great plan be executed so well in BB (groan)

1:31am outsiders

Kevin – I’m sweating like a mother.. I mean it man.. It’s dripping down my back.

1:32am Paul and Christmas

Paul talks about is super emotional cats.
Paul says he wants to move to New York and start the next chapter in his life. “expand my network, explore my opportunities, continue my brand see where it takes me”
Paul – I want to say I live in LA, London and New York by the age of 25.
Paul – LA is getting a little slow for me.. it’s slower than New York, once I got a taste of New York theres no turning back.

Paul says he wants to open a coffee shop in LA.
Paul complains that the meet and greets are draining, “it’s work I see it as work.. I’ll capitalize on some meet and greets for about 6 months.. the money is good”

Xmas talks about where she lives and how “SLOW” it is, says she’s thinking of moving to LA.
Xmas – I hope CBS likes me and wants o put me in something out.. I’m supposed to be filming this really cool show in October.. it’s like Madmax meets monster trucks and WWE.

1:40am Outsiders goofing around

1:45am talking about how they would have picked Josh instead of Jason to be the frog.

1:56am Christmas rubbing Paul’s back (I’m living in some parallel universe where Christmas Abbot is in a showmance with Paul from Big Brother)

2:00am Mark working out.. (never a bad time)
Mark complains to Elena that he has “testosterone” to burn

2:21am Jason and Kevin
talking about production.
Jason – they know more about use than we know about us
Kevin – you and Alex that’s it. going to keep it cool from now on

Kevin says Mark, Matt and Paul were saying that Jason was voting out Jillian
Jason – they wanted to flip you.. that’s how they flipped Josh and Ramses

Kevin says they have to win HOV 2 weeks in a row… “no one can beat us it’s me you and Alex”
Alex is back starts calling Ramses a “Rat bastard”

Alex – Mark’s not going to screw us right now.. but Matt’s a b1tch..
Jason – a B1tch

6:37am Everyone sleeping

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Cody is going to lose it when his chip does get pulled but then Christmas takes his spot in the veto with her temptation power. It’s going to be an epic meltdown.


Why would anyone vote for her leg broken ass..? Production rigged it.

Trigger 18 thumbs down for ‘BEING MEAN TO MY FAVOURITE, NON-THREATENING, RLLY SWEET HOUSEGUEST!! BOO MEAN ONES..” tyrants. Paul sucked/s.


Doubt production had to rig anything. Much like the care packages last year, the most popular House guests got them, popularity is based on all viewers. There are a lot more TV viewers than feedsters. Plus both Paul and Christmas start off with a fairly large fan base from which votes will be cast, even if they are not fans of the show.


You are joking right? Production rigs everything. The entire show is rigged.


Production certainly plays a role but in this case I don’t think they needed to do anything for Paul to win the first one. I’m sure we’ll see some production shenanigans later to protect the current favorite.



Are you kidding? Paul getting THREE WEEKS SAFETY…REALLY! If that doesn’t smell like a production decision I don’t know what does. He’s ruined the whole game. And these people are gullible enough to fall for Paul’s manipulation and double speak. The only person that’s got Paul’s number is Cody and that’s why he put up Christmas when he couldn’t put Paul up. Production wants Paul in the game for as long as possible. Get him out!


You’re a moron!


WHY is Jessica skipping instead of jumping? Production doesn’t say anything about it. Jason is rocking his costume and loving his experience – kudos to him for his fun attitude.

Jessica Camacho

Elena reminds me of a cross-eyed large mouth bass. I just skip right passed anything that has to do with those cucks Mattabell, Marktha, and Paula

Sitting on the TV watching the Couch

Elena looks like a blonde version of Amanda Zuckerman!!

So anyway...

If they bring somebody back next season it better be Kevin. He’s hilarious!

Big Brother Production

Cody got absolutely screwed these past few days. He had to put up 5 people. Then the guy tried to make a big move, the temptation f’ed him. Then his group turned on him. Now he’s a sitting duck. 1st Cameron got screwed, now Cody got screwed. While he very partially did it to himself, so many things had to fall into place, along with help from Big Brother production.

He is very wrong about him having a better chance on the veto draw though. He now only has 2 chances to get picked instead of 3. Don’t know how he doesn’t realize that.


ramses chip has been taken out of the bag, because he nominated himself.
ramses doesnt pick a chip, because only the hoh and both hoh’s nom’s pick chips.
6 people play veto + ramses


Facepalm no. Only 6 people get to play, I am assuming just the two original noms get to pick from the bag. Not the hoh this time.


the hoh doesnt pick? thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard

That's a guess

You don’t know that… you are guessing.
It seems Paul’s genius plan never considered that the first chip could be Xmas and then Cody gets picked. What then?


Do we know for sure her chip will remain in the bag since she has the temptation? It kind of doesn’t make sense that they would leave it in there, because then she couldn’t utilize the temptation.


Unless she can still replace him and it just leaves one less to play. Or it could be one of those comps where folks take turns and she’d have 2 shots each round.


No it didn’t. It never said that he couldn’t pull himself off. Just that he had to nominate himself.

Uncle Teddy

If Cody nominated Jason instead of Paul he’d be sitting pretty

If Cody actually asked some members of his alliance before he nominated Paul how they would vote, he might be sitting pretty

If Cody didn’t hide in the HOH all week and suck face with Jessica, he might have been able to get the votes he needed to evict Xmas

He had a decent plan and epically horrible execution.


he didn’t even need to nominate jason instead of paul, but he did need to nominate jason or ramses instead of xmas. not cluing in his alliance was a huge mistake, but he could have run damage control if he put up someone expected after his paul plan failed, instead he remained flying solo which made them all abandon him.


Exactly. Ultimately it’s his poor social game that made him lose his alliance. Having to pick 5 noms was a bad draw, but that’s what separates out the worthy winners from the duds. It exposed his weaknesses as a player, which were going to catch up with him one way or the other. Think of Dan’s funeral. That’s how to get out of a tight spot. Cody did the opposite….dug himself in deeper.


Let’s say he wanted to make a big move and get Paul out, but he was honest about it with his side of the house… Instead of blindsiding the whole house to prove what a maverick he is, they likely wouldn’t have felt alienated and wouldn’t have helped Paul win HOH this week. Yeah, from his point of view it’s unfortunate, but this is a house where little details magnify. Like “PaoPao” turning into “Panda” so why would you expect the House to treat Cody differently?


Had his big move worked, it would of been interesting to see if his side would of been as upset, I think what screwed him is putting Christmas us when he couldn’t put Paul up. I think he could of gotten them to his way of thinking but it was just to much when Christmas went up.


I think most of his side would have been ok with Paul getting put up. Then he went after Christmas who was never mentioned as a possible target among any subset of the group and that sketched them out. All Cody needed to do was clue in Matt and Mark about Paul and bring up how close Paul and Christmas had been getting. I think then he could have maintained his group. He went rogue and when folks balked, Cody threw a hissy fit and hid in the HoH room most of the week pretending Jessica was a virgin.


your comment is fine… but “would of?!”… “could of?!?!”… just because the ‘f’ in ‘of’ sounds like the ‘v’ in ‘have’… doesn’t make it ok to swap them!!

(it’s not just you but, sorry, you were my breaking point – too many cringeworthy mistakes all over the web – had to point it out to help stop my eyes from bleeding)

[and if anyone has a problem with what I said, then you’re definitely (as opposed to the commonly used: ‘definatley’) guilty too] 🙂


Victim Sounds.


No Cody 🙂 . It’s less than a 10% chance. Both you and Jessica need to be picked for veto, then Christmas will swap places with you, and your fate will be in your sweet little Jessica’s hands, who probably can’t win a competition to save YOUR life <3 .


christmas will use her temtation and pull cody out of the competion jessica will win and use her veto for cody this the noms remain the same and pauls hoh will be a waste


No if Jessica won the veto if she used it on Alex Cody would go up


learn how the game works first, then comment


If Jessica wins she can protect both her and Cody by NOT playing the veto. Which means Alex, Josh, or Ramses goes home.

sunny dee

ramses will go home if the veto is not used, even his own team mates will vote him out since they are still convinced he voted out jillian (he did not, kevin did that).

Mary Ann

Cody is not on the block. So how can she take him off if he is not on the block. You are not thinking

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

It’s not about taking him off. If Jessica wins POV and doesn’t use it, noms stay the same and Cody doesn’t go on the block, That is how she can protect him. That is why Paul is wrong when he says this plan is flawless – there is at least one way out for Jessica and Cody.


In his defense, he called it “flawless” because either way someone he wants out can go (Cody or Ramses). I’m not sure why, but Paul really wants Ramses out also.


i’m not convinced paul really wants cody to be voted out. cody only has one ally and no one else wants to work with him. every hoh that cody doesn’t win, he’ll be the target, and even if cody does win hoh, is there any one he can put next to paul that would send paul home? i actually think paul voting out alex is his best play as she seems so opposed to working with people. josh is also not a bad person to get out considering how emotional he is, which could be a liability.


I agree, I’m not convinced of it either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he doesn’t like Cody, but he is an excellent target to keep in the house. The only problem is he’s a good physical competitor. We don’t know if he’s good at mental yet.

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

Could be, but personally I think from an ego point of view Paul wants to send him out now. It would also make him top dog in the re-shuffled alliance and make a “see, don’t mess with me” statement. However, if Cody survives this I would not be at all surprised to see Paul want to work with him again (although I doubt it would work well). And keeping a bigger target than you in the house is a valid strategy.

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

True, but he also said “he goes home Thursday, period!” which may not happen. So at least when he made that statement he hadn’t thought through all the possibilities. I’m sure he has by now, and I also agree with you that he seems to consider Ramses a good consolation prize.


Yeah, Cody/Jess destroyed this shit with their lame ass Bachelor romance. Didn’t Jessica apply for the right show or..? CBS isn’t affiliated with The Bachelor, right? She definitely got confused when she drove to the audition studio.

I don’t mind Paul tbh anymore, but he still shouldn’t have come back. LOVE EVERYONE ELSE KIND OF <333333 MINUS RAMSES.


My one problem with these houseguests, year after year, they do not watch this game and do not understand the intricacies of building up your core group, keeping gameplay secret, and striking from the side. Dr.Will should teach a master-class on BigBrother for ALL competing houseguests…Boogie and Janelle can jump in too!


Buddhistgirl after Dr. Will cheated on his girlfriend in season 7 with Janelle I doubt that duo master-class will ever happen.


Boogie and Janelle weren’t nearly as good as will, so I wouldn’t want either of them to teach a bb course. Boogie sank without Will on 14, and Janelle was great at comps, but she also sank on 14, neither of them were incredible players.


I agree. Everyone, especially Elena, keep telling their interpretations and strategies. Many of them try to show their game or life savvy. Shut up!! Don’t show your cards. This is what happens when you have only a young demographic and not many different age groups. It makes the game dull and predictable.


Most people who end up on this show are simply trying to get on TV. Agents, reps, and whatnot are selling them all over the place; the show is irrelevant to them.


Bachelor romance? Are you watching the same show as everyone else? There are two other Bachelor romances in the house, in case you didn’t notice.


Raven is gorgeous


Yeah. In a homely, k pop, pageant make up fail sort a way. Yeah I can see it


she does goth makeup, its really weird


She reminds me of the clown sister from the movie Grind.


Earlier, Cody was waxing poetic about being the king of awkward and using that talent as some sort of psychological warfare against his ex alliance and now he’s in a toad costume and I can’t stop laughing. Looking forward to seeing his royal highness role out Operation: Awkward Frog.


yep now he is the one feeling awkward

Bunny Flop

well, I think Paul has highly overestimated his ability to intimidate Cody.
I also snorted coke up my nose when Cody and Jessica were talking about her imaginary virginity.

Science geek

I’ve been thinking VIP concierge is just a nice way of saying high end escort.


The way Jess was talking about her pre-BB boyfriend. cody has anger and control issues. Women are only trophies. He shows signs of wife-beater to me.


I think I get how the game works if christmas uses her temtation pulls Cody from competing then if(a big magical if) Jess somehow wins pwer of veto she decides to say I am not using it on any nominee and to be safe gives it to cody they are both safe ergo josh alex or ramses get voted out is that not how it works?


Yes, pretty much.


She wouldn’t have to give it to anyone. If she wins, she keeps them both safe by simply not using it.

POV Ceremony

Right… it goes in the box at the POV ceremony. You don’t give it to anyone.
The poster is now trying to make sense out of her prior nonsensical comment.

Bunny Flop

I kinda feel sorry for Ramses. He’s getting the stink treatment for something he didn’t do.

Hardy's Toothbrush

Why does everyone think Ramses is a rat? I’ve been trying to figure it out but am not seeing it in the feeds. What happened?


i think it’s mostly stereotyping based on him and andy both being gay, and andy was the rattiest rat that ever ratted.

Tar Pit

Because he lied about the plane in the sky with the banner.


F* Paul and his sycophantic horde.


Why are we not talking about Dom trying to steal Mark from Elena. She was talking about how God sent her there and Mark is for her. She even recited a poem she wrote for Mark. Once Xmas came to the chess table with him, Dom looked so disappointed.


Yeah. I watched that on BBAD, where she was trying to tell him she likes him. How she saw the ‘prophecy’ in her dreams of them being together; God revealed that to her. Mark was just looking at her like some kinda confused child. ?? Hahaha. It was funny.


That’s what i’m saying! She pretty much claimed him to Elena previously and now him yet no one is talking about it! She really is in to him and he looked like “Can I get some more soup please…”


Because Dom knows that Xmas wants him too. Xmas also seems to want Elena.

Grease Is The Word

They should have brought Pablo back instead of Paul.

Mary Ann

Cody is not on the block therefore Jess cannot take him off. If she does use it on anyone on the block, then Cody will be backdoored. But you know she would not use it on anyone for fear that would happen. She is not stupid.


Somehow, I had the impression the being “vetoad” would prevent them from competing?


That 21 yr old that is watching Jessica’s Dog will end up killing it. He thought he could get brownie points by looking after her dog but all he getting is crumbs. Cody go the brownie Bruh!!!

Killer Ken

Loving the season so far! I do gotta say though, this Jessica/Cody thing is beyond annoying! I know AG is LOVING this but Alex nailed when she said “This is NOT the bachelor”! I think the showmance is the viewers CURSE! LOL To me Jessica is the most disappointing…here’s a girl who knows the shows history, it was her and her dads show growing up, lists Janelle as her favorite player and threw her entire game away in within 2 weeks over a guy nobody likes….wow! Crossing fingers Cody is gone this week with Jessica not far behind! #ShowmanceCrusher


You do realize there is 3 other showmances going on right now??? Mark and Ellaina and Matt and raven are just as bad. Ellaina is the worst HG ever.


Xmas was engaged to Geoff Kercher….and I’m not fully sure they aren’t still. But even if not I find her repulsive. Sorry to her fans..but she sucks. Her game sucks and once Paul realizes he isn’t gonna get none. He will ax her ass as well. And she just stroking Pauls ego till she realizes this short captain cave man isn’t getting me anywhere. Bye.

Paul always talks about how great his life is and all these amazing things he is going to do when he gets out of house. To watch him trying to impress Xmas with his lies is amusing at best. Isn’t Paul the one who had a “horrible year” after leaving house last yr and came back cuz his life was going no where? Dude you still live at home with mom. Your “brand” is known by 3 ppl and you in real world. Good Luck Xmas and Paul:)

You all aren’t seeing the obvious that Cody winning POV is what would make for better TV? Oh well, yeah just wait till Cody wins then scream the “rigged show sucks” “I’m leaving” haha. See you 10 mins later:)



“Dude you still live at home with mom. Your “brand” is known by 3 ppl and you in real world.” <— ROTFLMAO


Meh, he’s only 24. A lot of millennials live with their parents for quite awhile, even if they can afford to move out, now days. And he’s Romanian, it’s kind of a culture thing. Families stick together. Besides it’s pretty obvious he could live on his if he needed to.


Armenia, not Romania.


***Armenian. I have no idea why I wrote Romanian. Smh.


He is not Romanian. He is Armenian.


I’m not a huge fan of cody/jessica. That being said I really hope that someone realizes if Cody remains in the house that he will always be the bigger target and one of the outsiders uses that tactic to keep the house distracted while slowing voting out anyone they put up against Cody. Without Cody I’m afraid it will be another boring summer and voting will go back to what the house wants.


I wish Cody would break away from Jess and attempt to try to form an alliance against Paul. He seems like the only one that has the balls to make power moves but he doesn’t have the numbers to do it. Thats his problem. He tried to put the cart before the horse and make a big move without a team behind him. And now its frustrating because he’s canoodling with Jess instead of a playing the game. She needs to ho home so that he can wake up. If Cody goes home then who is going to take out the other side?


All of these people trying to defend Cody and Jessica on here need to get over themselves. Never in my life, have I ever seen 2 people roll over and and give up on BB so easily and it’s only Week 2 !!! I can understand Cody because he did all the damage, but that should be all the more incentive for him to pick his SORRY ASS up and strategize to stay in the game. If not for him then for Jessica. – And what’s Jessica’s excuse ?? Nothing, she has none, she’s just a terrible person like him I might add. All they do is stay locked in their room verbally bashing the other House Guests and not coming up with how they are going to get out of this situation.
I can understand Cody being mad and mad for his people deserting him, but when you just give up and don’t let the other side of the House see you trying to stay in the House ( that you still have some value ) how can they respect you ?! – When all you do is let them see the anger left in you, and Jessica is doing exactly what he is doing.
I have more respect for Ronnie from BB 11 than I do for Cody and Jessica right now and Ronnie was a horrible, horrible person. He played a shit game, but he also got a very verbal tongue lashing and bullied from Russel that Season when his game got exposed that Week he was HoH and everyone said he was going home the following Week. But you know what, Ronnie survived one more Week after that by fighting through it even though the whole House hated him.


Exactly! If Cody could have humbled himself just a tad and gone to his alliance and explained that he was blindsided by Meghan leaving and thinking taking out the biggest threat to them all and then the Paul safety…I think he could have saved it. But his ego is too big! Now, he just bashes them all for not trusting him blindly with their game. Seriously? There is only one winner in the end. They all know that.

And I wouldn’t worry about it being the Paul show. They are all united right now to get Cody out, but at some point the group will have to turn on each other.


Hey Dawg loved your comment about Xmas rubbing Paul’s back.
It is indeed a parallel universe where this Hobbit(Paul) is running this house?
I find his voice nauseating and i hope his plan to BD Cody fails


LOL Thanks 🙂

Mel T

So Paul thinks he knows what the comp is going to be……The Spelling Comp. If it is then you know that production is telling him to ensure that he is winning this game. Then we will know it’s rigged!


If you want to go conspiracy theory…Paul concocted this plan way before Christmas got the temptation. Imagine if Paul was aware of what the temptation was. That would make his plan seem less silly which is why he kept it to himself. Christmas having the temptation can certainly keep Cody from being able to protect himself. Paul started laying the groundwork for nominating folks he was working with early in his HoH. And Ramses, his other target got the curse from Paul, who knew who’s bottle he was picking, to force Ramses to nominate himself. He does it this week further insulating Paul’s “allies”.

::puts on the tinfoil hat:: 🙂

Paul's Mouth

When Xmas came back the second time, it was stated that she could compete WITH Doctor’s approval.
Question: If Xmas can’t compete in the VETO will she still be able to use her Temptation?
Hope not! Would love to see Paul’s SOLID plan blow up in his face! And a least give Cody a chance.


Josh is really a genius and master game player and is playing like he is slightly autistic to make himself seem less threatening all the while gaining sympathy as he goads others into attacking him on a personal level …. he annoys everyone but yet he will consistently be used as a pawn (always a bigger target than him will emerge) and will end up making his way to the final 4 before revealing his true self to the house.

okay…. back to reality now 🙂

La vie est belle

Hahaha!!! Some people on this forum will give your comments a thumbs down even though what you post is a fact, and not just your own opinion. For example, some people posted above that Paul is Armenian, and not Romanian, which is a fact. But they got thumbs down. Also, people sometimes would post ‘thank you, Simon and dawg’, and they still get thumbs down. Sad internet trolls at work.


I have hit or thought I hit thumbs up, and a thumbs down came up. But I found out if you keep hitting thumbs up it will fix the problem. Maybe this is what happened in some of those cases, and they didn’t know how to fix it.


The other 2 showmances Matt/Raven, Mark/Elena are not playing the game. They are just floating by. Can’t stand them. At least Cody/Jess are trying to play the game. Christmas should be pulled from the game. In Survivor they pull you from the game if need any medical treatment that can’t done on the spot. Unfair to pull someone for a day or even hours then let them back in.


They’ve brought people back in the past from the hospital. So unless she’s not cleared to be in the house, they’re just holding up the standard they’ve had all years, with regards to injured HGs.