“I’m going to hand him his bag on Thursday and open the door.. Give him a little wink”

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10:40am Matt, Josh and Paul HOH
Matt is complaining about Cody
Kevin joins them.

They keep talking about Cody …

Paul likens the George St.Pierre Nick Diaz feud in MMA to the feud with Cody.
Paul – I’m going to hand him his bag on Thursday and open the door.. Give him a little wink

Josh – this game is crazy man.. Crazy
Paul – there’s no room for egos in here

Josh calls Cody a F*ing idiot for putting Paul on the block, “America loves this guy and you want him out week 1”
Paul goes on about how he played a honest straight forward game last season and that’s how he’s playing this season. (he told Josh he wouldn’t go up “even as a pawn” )

Paul likens Cody to Paulie.

Paul says the fans watching the show saw that Cody was planning to backstab him so they game PAul the power.
Matt says Cody is like Devin.
Paul says he had a hunch day one there was something up with Cody
Josh pipes in calls Cody a idiot.

Paul goes on about how nice he is and how people tell him he’s so nice. The world in general has a lack of niceness.

Paul – pffff going to make the army proud
Josh says out of the house Cody is a solid dude
Paul says when the feeds were off they talked the entire time
Josh – this environment
Paul – it amplifies your negative traits

Josh – do you think Jason has a good sense of the game
Paul – no
Matt – no, doesn’t know what the hell is going on (sadly Matt is right)
Matt goes about how it’s not a good look for Jason to be talking to Cody right now. Paul agrees.

Paul – I get it you’re a frog and you have to be on a lillypad.. But f**g..
Paul doesn’t think there will be a person coming back pre jury. He thinks it’ll happen once they hit Jury.
They all agree if Cody comes back it’ll make great TV.
Paul says Paulie was a better player than Cody.

Paul – if it’s not 9 -1 (on thursday) I’ll be at a lost for words
Josh says he doesn’t trust Ramses. Paul agree.
Josh – Ramses f*d me
Josh says ramses told Jillian that he was voting to keep Christmas when he never said that to him.

10:48am Cody and Jessica
Cody tells her he doesn’t mind that it’s Cody Vs the world.

10:57am Frogs
Cody says him and Jess have plans to keep things going after the show.
Jessica joins them.

11:04am Matt, Raven and Paul
Freaking out about Jason and Cody whispering in the kitchen earlier. .
Paul – how f*in more stupid do you have to get, how many more people can you piss off
Matt – it’s unbelievable

11:16am Paul, Dom, Mark
Paul still losing his shit over Jason and Cody talking.
Paul – how much more stupid can one human being get..
Paul – how much more of a f*ing idiot can one person be
Paul – I’m HOH and I made my agenda clear and you went behind my back.. you’re on the shitlist buddy.
Paul – I’m baffled.. Matt and Raven.. they’re pissed

Paul needs them all to give Ramses a little tap to not worry about the POV.
Paul – I’m also gunning for it.
Paul thinks it’s going to be a word comp
Matt and Raven join them
Paul starts talking about there being something about Cody that didn’t mix with him.
Paul says Paulie was Stronger smarter and a better social game than Cody.
Paul calls Cody a muscle meathead

Paul called to the Diary room..

11:39am Christmas and Kevin
Talking about Jason hanging out with Jessica and Cody is making him a target.

Xmas – Jason thinks you voted for Jillian
Kevin – I know
Alex joins them, starts freaking out about Jason talking to Cody and Jessica. She says if Jason can’t get onabord with their plan they won’t be able to help him. He’s hurting the integrity of the group.

Alex says she’s going to give Jason one more warning after that she can’t help him.

Everyone can now relax Jason has stopped talking to Cody and Jessica.

12:19am Jessica and Cody

Jessica – “You know I’m getting my boobs done after this”
Cody – you don’t want to wait until after kids.
Jessica – I’m 26 I want to look good now
Cody – you do look good.. they’re seriously perfect…

Jessica says she has a “Client” that Paul wanted to meat for his clothing business. Now that Paul made them Have nots she’s not going to make those introductions.
Jessica says it cost Paul a couple thousand dollars.

1:38pm Lotsa loitering around waiting for the POV

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Jessica is the most petty person in that house, plus I’m pretty sure she’s a hooker


VIP Concierge at the Strip club maybe


Lol, I so agree, can’t stand her


“VIP Concierge” is definitely code word for high priced hooker. I mean alot of dudes would pay big bucks for that and she obviously needs the $$$.


Not to mention they VOLUNTEERED to be have-nots. I’m wondering why people aren’t giving Jason some slack on talking with Cody and Jessica. There’s only so many lilypads, right? And Paul DID make him a have-not too.


Cause Paul is pos


Whose playing in the veto comp?

Bring back Pablo!

Paul and his minions need to mind their business. Jason is a grown ass man and can talk to whoever he wants to.


Quote of the day from Paul, “there’s no room for egos here”. LMAO


What a waste of all those muscles. The girls could take over the house this year and for once take the guys out first if Christmas and Alex could work together. But half the girls came for a showmance to take them through the game. I think Christmas and Alex would have made a great team but one of the men broke Christmas. Even Alex is starting to listen to other people now and fall in line. I wanted her to be the one kicking everyones A$$ she should ask Ramses about the vote and what people are saying so he can defend himself. Kevin, I love Kevin hope he wins. So far IMO one the best senior players to play BB so far. Could make it to the end.


As a female I can tell you that women getting along long enough to take over the BB house is an impossible mission. Besides, the show would suck if it was all women.


Matt, raven, and Paul need to get over it. So they can tell people who they can and can’t talk too. They weren’t even talking game just bs. Paul is unbearable to watch now.


Paul has BEEN unbearable to watch. The house latched onto him and now he is controling everyone. Plus he has 3 weeks immunity. He’s on a power trip. I can’t wait until this giant alliance starts crumbling.

Caren in Canada

Agreed, he is starting to get quite nauseating to say the least! Was never a fan, but never disliked him either until now that s!


Now Paul thinks he’s Derrick, and can forbid HGs from talking to people he wants out.


Clients ? Is she an escort ? Being serious


why you interested?




I wish Cody would break away from Jess and attempt to try to form an alliance against Paul. He seems like the only one that has the balls to make power moves but he doesn’t have the numbers to do it. Thats his problem. He tried to put the cart before the horse and make a big move without a team behind him. And now its frustrating because he’s canoodling with Jess instead of a playing the game. She needs to ho home so that he can wake up. If Cody goes home then who is going to take out the other side?


the numbers…….or the brains

R U Kidding Me

Paul actually said there’s no room for egos in there? He has absolutely no self-awareness.

Russ 604

Anyone else getting tired of “the season of Paul” yet? Week 1 was so exciting, and week 2 is so boring now with Paul and his minions just teaming up on one guy, who is one of the greatest villains in BB history. I don’t like Cody as a person, but as a BB character, he is gold.


I agree. As much as I dislike Cody, I’d rather him stay around til jury just to cause chaos in Papa Smurf Paul’s “plans”. Jess should be going home this week instead so she can watch the game from home, and let Cody fester in the jury house without her boobs to play with.


Greatest villains in history? Idk about that.


I am beginning to think that Paul had them put it in his contract that he would be safe for the first 3 weeks ~ I can’t believe that america voted for him ~ just a thoiught


Agree. Week 2 and looks like people will “vote with the house.” Yawn. Hope things shake up soon.


Holy smokes! The irony of Paul talking about other people having Big Egos…Paul is on a huge power trip and it is getting old, fast! Paul better check himself and calm down. I think it is hilarious that he is assuming we all love him!


I gotta hope that once Paul’s 3 protected weeks are up, they’re smart enough to get him the hell out of there. I get why they’re aligned with him now but they can’t be that stupid to keep him around for too long.


I think after Cody is gone, there will be a vacuum of targets. Is Ramses a big enough target for the group to get behind? Jason? I don’t think so, so there will be several groups of 3-4 folks jockeying for position. Paul will be a target in 2 weeks. Sadly he’ll also be eligible to play in the HoH.


I love jessica complaining about paul making them havenots when they practically volunteered.


Paul is not a natural leader and it is becoming painful now with his constant repetition of the same trite phrases and his constant nagging of everyone. Plus, he is getting that hubris that so many of these guys do where he now can’t allow even a word to pass between others that he does not like. Eventually he will simply talk himself out of the game when people just can’t stand him anymore. That will be in the second 30 days I predict.


I’m looking forward to that day

Bunny Flop

When That garden gnome says there is no room for egos in the BB house. He really means no room for anyone else’s ego. His is as big as the house. Already the HOHitis is strong with him. He just draws the pettiness right out of someone, and amplifies it, the sends it all around everyone. As soon as he got that temptation, I knew this would happen, he is just a mean little man.
Geeze, Jessica an Cody, just stop. You could’ve come back from this. All you had to do was talk to the douche squad. Instead, you just started acting like a bratty kid who favorite toy was given away.
I can see why he’s out of the Marines after just four years. He can’t overcome, and adapt, to anything.
Now he’s going out the door, and a gnome is going to troll him. SMH!

Club H.O.H

Cody is on stand by. He did more than 4yrs. He did 4yrs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before that he was in the Air Force. His troop squad are known as “The 8” and they’re some of the best Marines and are still active just on stand by.
Paul= Little man syndrome (and as a sitting duck fan from last season I can’t even believe I hate Paul this season)
The Groupies—> NEED TO GO!


It’s pretty clear BB prefers snowflakes to be in the house rather than an entertaining ex marine. Production has jumped the shark this season and we aren’t even 30 days in.


“Everyone can now relax Jason has stopped talking to Cody and Jessica.”

Simon! lol I love this blog ^.~


I’ve come to realize I dislike both Cody and Paul. But I find I enjoy disliking Cody more. Paul just talks way too much.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Christmas biding her time. She will be the one to take out Paul. Watch.


Its official. Paul has lost it. First he says there can be no egos in the house. Then he gets mad at Jason for talking to a fellow frog, saying I’m HOH and made my agenda clear. OMG He is actually acting worse than Cody now. Sounds like paul has got a straight up God complexIf. If Paul didn’t have the safety necklace backdooring him, a vet in the first week would have been an excellent move and Paul would have done the same to Nicole and James if he could of during his season.

You feeders have no awareness

It has nothing to do with ego…
That is what you assume bc you don’t like Paul…
All he is saying is that he is HOH has the power made the agenda clear… now it does not mean he thinks he runs the place or that you must do what Paul says… it is simply an observation of how stupid a game move it is for Jason
Jason is ruining his own chance to distance himself and change his own fate…
Feeders you kill me with how you make up stuff about people by misreading their actions
It is just like the idiots who don’t understand that trying to get Paul or anyone out for that matter without telling your plan to your friggin team mates or alliance or even your friggin showmance is just dumb game play… it really just says trust me. Even though I evidently don’t trust you…
Those are facts… thumb down away…
The world can’t deal with reality anymore just excuses whining complaining and claiming rigged and unfair
Wha wha wha…
Hahahaha I love this game

Paul's Ego

Uh.. what power do you think Paul has left? He can nominate a replacement if the veto is played, and he has already made it clear that will be Cody. It’s not likely he will nominate Jason instead. Then he gets to watch everyone else play for the next HOH.

And what besides ego makes him keep taking about last season and how great he was? Or that he won AFP when he did not? Victor was Americas favorite.


Whats the time stamp for him saying he got AFP? I missed that.

Paul's Ego

I don’t get the feeds but have read it in these posts. Dawg’s post on July 1 even has it as part of the post title.


It was days ago…maybe a week


I literally just watched the entire thing and Paul was just sitting in the hoh when Matt ran up there carrying on about Jason, getting everyone all hyped up. Every single person in the house except Jason, Cody and Jessica were carrying on about it but Paul is getting all the sh*t about it. Lol. Smh


You own words state Paul’s agenda is known and needs to be followed for safety.
“All he is saying is that he is HOH has the power made the agenda clear…”

His agenda, meaning Paul’s, is clear. Hmmmm sounds like Paul is saying he is running the house and beware if you don’t follow in. Paul has a BIG ego and it will be his down fall.

I do however agree with you staying the excuses and whining about production stepping in too much is crazy. Production is part of the game, as it always has been. Paul was voted the 3 weeks of safety far and square. Of course it made a fair playing field since Paul came in by himself with a big old target on his back.


I don’t know, but I think Jessica and Cody are pretty perfect for each other.

When she said she was going to get her boobs done after the show, I almost lost my teeth.

*mental note to buy more Polident


Granny, just use Superglue it lasts longer.


It looks like she already had them done.


Why is it so bad for Jason to talk to Cody?.. What does Paul think is going to happen?.. I hate it when Big Brother brings previous players back… If they love old players so much, then make the new season with ALL previous contestants..

Yo momma

Raven needs to go. Don’t like floaters.

No fave yet

Most of these girls are floaters. Since xmas broke her foot only Alex is willing to play on her own.


Maybe that’s why Jessica is getting her boobs done…


I don’t get it? Everyone is so annoyed with Paul ..he was exactly the same last season when things were going his way..I couldn’t stand him last season until the very end when there wasn’t many choices of who to like left. He’s always had an ego, and always carried on and on and on about whatever drama is in the house and whoever has created it. Yet he was so many people’s favourite last year…this season I actually kind of like him…besides Cody he is one of the few who is actually strategically playing…and those saying it will suck when Cody goes…if it’s the first 5 evictees fighting to come back into the house, Cody will win and it will cause even more drama. So impatient. It’s like the second week of the show. Things change daily, don’t disregard the season just because one week isn’t as exciting as the last…?


I don’t like Paul. I didn’t like him in last year’s show. He is an arrogant potty mouth. Paul is an LA guy. He’s got the acting down to a Tee. They are all falling for it. Who does he think he is to dictate who Jason can talk to. Jason is a grown man with a mind of his own. Really Paul!!!!


Where in the heck is Dominique? There hasn’t been a word or a picture of that girl in days…


She must be the ghost!


Dom is disappointing really only cause she is grouped in with the floaters. Can’t blame her tho cz they came to her. (Flakes) She is playing well to me having a comp threat in Mark’s sly self, And Ramses as a friend

Just sayin

All the “floaters” have friends who are comp threats.

I need you to...........

Who the heck is Dominique? She talks to other house guests like she’s their therapist, she claims her dreams come true, she believes she knows what others are thinking, and talks like a Stepford Wife. I don’t think she has ill intent, it’s simply getting creepy.


Is Matt, mark, raven, Elena, or dom even playing the game. They literally have done 0 up to this point but bitch and whine. Mark is a fool bc he is getting played like a fiddle by Elena. Matt is just a boring ass dude and raven voice is unbearable to listen to.

Yo momma



What does Jessica mean by “clients?” Isn’t she a VIP concierge. It makes it sound like she’s an escort/prostitute or something.


I can’t stand Cody or Paul. I hope both are gone before jury. Seems like there’s a lot of genuinely nice houseguests this season, too bad that doesn’t typically make for good tv.


Looks like it is going to be frog legs for dinner Thursday night unless something happens to upset the apple cart.


I’m starting to think he was right to get Paul out. I guess he is a proven commodity for ratings or something and they didn’t want him out first week. Plus paul and josh’s conversation sounded very rehearsed.


Paul made sense as a target. Cody’s just a moron. To keep everything from exploding in his face all he had to do was let Matt and Mark in on his plan. When Paul popped the safety and Cody went with Christmas, he could have saved it there too, just by letting those two guys know that Christmas and Paul were getting real cozy. I think then Cody, Matt, and Mark would still have been able to work together. Cody pissed his decent position away because he refused to communicate with people.


I won’t be watching it this year. Had enough of Paul last season, and certainly not going to waste my time watching Big Brother Paul, excuse me while I go throw up.


I wonder what Julie thinks of Dom trying to steal her gig with her BBAD in-house interview show ….

I can appreciate some of the “shows” some of the house guests have done from inside the house over the years to bring some comedy to it all … the way Dom is doing her show though, interviewing other house guests about how they are feeling about the game and how they think it is going like she is a host and not another house guest … just does not seem right. Commend Cody for being smart enough to decline the invitation to be interviewed by the house.

It seems to me, all Dom is about is landing a TV gig after the show and has no desire to really play or win the game … hey Dom, are you planning on interviewing Julie as well when you get evicted?


Paul is nauseating. I’m sorry, but he is. I can’t stand watching him.

Yo momma

Who is here to read the comments ??


Yo mamam

hat tip

I see what you did there


is there any way to get to the last post without having to go through all the posts to get there? had to restart comp and was trying to get to my last read but had to go through all the posts to get there, which is time consuming, if i need to restart farther into the season it will take awhile to go through from day one. love love love your site, keep up the fab work!


You guys are talking about Jessica being petty? Jason can talk to whoever he wants! That’s petty! This “you can’t sit with us” is annoying. If he wants to talk to them he can. That’s stupid to make such a big deal over it.


Are all of them sheep? Production has set Paul up with not one but three free weeks. Now he wins HOH and POV…really! Only Cody, Alex and Kevin are hip to him. Get him out. He’s had his turn. Can’t take another season of “your boy.” He’s not our boy.