Big Brother 20 Faysal Shafaat – Model, Ninja Warrior, Indecent Exposure

The premiere of Big Brother 20 is in one week where we will get to see the 16 new house guests compete for half a million dollars. As with past seasons, once the cast is revealed there is always lots of dirt that surfaces. Not to mention an arrest records here or there. This season is no different with an arrest record of Faysal Shafaat surfacing from when he was 21 and living in Chattanooga. He was charged with public intoxication and indecent exposure. Another interesting fact is that his Model Mayhem profile states that he was a top 20 finalist for BB19.

Chattanooga (Hamilton County) TN Jail Arrest Details
Booked Dated: 7/7/2013 12:45:02 AM
Booked Age: 21
Arresting Agency: Chattanooga
Source: Rapsheet

Model Mayhem Profile:
Former division 1 all American football player and NFL player. Athletic build. Was on American Ninja warrior season 9 (2017). And was a top 20 finalist for CBS big brother 19 (2017) and CBS survivor and MTV are you the one finalist as well both in 2017.

Source: Model Mayhem

Instagram @fessyfitness
Twitter Account: Fessyboyy (It has since been de-activated.)

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BB All-Stars 2

Watch him streak around the house.


I had seen on another site that several cast folks were worried about being off social media for so long. I fear we have another batch of folks looking to make a career out of breathing. Please be interesting and at least try to play the game. I love some of those really poorly acted b-movies!

double D

Public Intoxication and indecent exposure = taking a leak behind the bar


He was just doing what Many Young Kids do when in college!


Hey Simon can’t seem to be able to purchase an american express gift card at any storehels here at all this year, tried, staples, 7 eleven, post office, walmart, safeway etc. They use to sell them, but nope, not this year. Tried to purchase one online as well, they said not from canada at this time, We you able to find one in BC? I was told here in Alberta they were taken from the stores because of their higher rates. I little pissed right now !!! Please help!!


Dawg’s had good luck with a pay pal account. I’ll ask him to reply to tell us how he did it.


Thank You!!!


Thank you Dawg for this information. This is such great news. I am now off to get a paypal account, wasnt sure if it would work or not being in Canada either. You and Simon have been very helpful as usual. Looking forward to the season now lol I would have been lost. I’ll let you know when I get everything up and running. Thanks again to you both!!


i’ve done everything you said ( I have vpn year round ) clicked on your ad, logged into my cbs account (always have it set to california addy ) clicked on paypal it said “We’re Sorry, CBS all access only accepts payments from paypal accounts registered in the us. I screen shot the reply from paypal. I really don’t get it. I added my visa, not bank account, to paypal but that shouldnt make any difference, still a canadian address. You didnt buy the Canadian cbs access for 5.99 Did you? I thought you couldn’t get live feeds thru that one. That’s what I understood when read it anyway. I clicked the 9.99 a month commerical free one like I always have. I’m sad.


Hmm.. Was the VPN running when you tried?


These blasted Canadians, always stealing our feeds! At least they are polite about it and save many of us the hassle of enduring some rather painful feeds from time to time. Last season I may have mutilated a bunch of stuffed puppies or watermelons, probably watermelons because they are much more tasty.


I too searched everywhere. On their website it looks like 7-Eleven is the only store to carry them anymore. I just found them at the 7eleven in Salmon BC. From their website I searched 7 elevens near me and then called to see if they had any. Here is the link.
Now to run out and pick up my card. Yay!!! Glad I’m in BC for the summer…I’m actually from AB.


*Salmon Arm BC.

Eric Carr

This cast just screams Big Brother the Liberal version. I am wondering if I should I even waste my time with this.

Kaitlin B

Been routing 4this side since episode1. Level6 R pure evil. Only seasons thats made me angrier &angrier each episode 2 the point I honestly dont even wanna watch anymore. Brett is ugly inside&out (yet is obsessed w himself?). Angela’s a evil revolting ***** troll. Supposedly a model who needs 2win so she can finally afford 2go dye her mustache. Tyler’s 2faced &cocky& takes advantage of good ppl. Kaycee is a man now a liar sided with the devils. JCs a bully a perverted insignificant subtitle who’s become faysals brain. And I liked Sam until she sided w evil. Outta them all shes the only 1not evil. If Scottie goes I’ll never watch this show again in my life, seriously! Come on Faysal Haylie Scottie get your shit together isnt good always supposed to beat evil???? Let’s go it’s not too L8 but it will be unless u wake up!!!!