Twerking, D!rty Dancing, POW POW Dry H*mps The Minister & Caleb confesses his love..

POV Holder: Donny Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner Team 1: Frankie HOH Winner Team 2: Caleb (current HOH)
Battle of the Block Winner Brittany, Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: Caleb noms (Donny, Paola) Frankie noms (Brittany, Victoria)
Current Nominations: Joey, Paola
Have Nots Cody, Hayden, Joey, Brittany
POV Players Donny, Paola, Cody, Zach, Caleb, Victoria (HOST = Jocasta)

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12:50am in the havenot room – Zach and Frankie start showing off their twerking skills. Zach says that JUstin Timberlake is his idol. He starts dancing like Justin Timberlake. Amber asks him if he can see him self. He says yeah I look good!

Big-Brother-16-2014-06-30 04-16-12-418

Zach heads out into the backyard and starts dancing for the girls. Christine and Nicole love it. Christine can’t stop laughing and says she would do anything for music right now. They tell him he has to do that to the music tomorrow. Frankie tells him to try it again but be n@ked.
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1:10am Cody comes out and start dancing like Zach. Then Frankie, Victoria and Nicole get up and they’re all dancing in the backyard.

Big-Brother-16-2014-06-30 04-27-34-533

Cody and Nicole cuddle on the backyard lounger..

Big-Brother-16-2014-06-30 04-33-07-265

1:15am Inside the house – Brittany comes out of the diary room and tells them that the havenots aren’t allowed to put their clothes or other padding on their havenot beds. She says they said if we want more padding we have to wear all our clothes. Caleb says I knew it. I knew that! Devin says they’re doing that because they want to film you guys tonight all uncomfortable.

Big-Brother-16-2014-06-30 04-34-30-443

2am In the fire room – Devin talks to Paola that she has the next couple days to relax and sleep in. Devin tells her to let Joey freak out. Paola asks if Devin is protecting her? Devin says he’s protecting her right now. You’re not going home. Derrick comes into the room. He talks about how his daughter has an ear infection that needed surgery. He says that he almost didn’t come into the house because of it. He says that production told him they would tell him that she is okay and if something went wrong he could obviously leave. He says that the surgery is tomorrow. Devin says he respects that and understands how hard it would be when its anything to do with your daughter.
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2:10am Hayden talks to Christine while he shoots pool by himself. Hayden says the 8 of them did do it and get one out then its 7 against 8. Hayden says that he is trying to trust Caleb right now and because I think he will be HOH again. Hayden says I like Frankie but he’s dangerous too. Christine says part of my wants to get out Devin too. But part of me wants to keep him too as a target. She says but this week I am just voting with the house. Neither of them (Paola or Joey) mean anything to me. He says that it would be dangerous if the 3 guys did try and run the house to the end. Christine says all the girls would be out. Hayden and Christine comment on how they really like Donny.
Big-Brother-16-2014-06-30 05-01-09-722

2:10am Up in the HOH room – Caleb is talking to Amber. He tells her that he is so attracted to her. Its more than just you being crazy attractive. Its you reading your bible. Caleb says theres a certain way you look at me throughout the day. Amber says I don’t know that I look at you any certain way. Caleb says everyone sees it. Amber says this is news to me. Caleb says of course I found you attractive at the gym but its grown since I’ve gotten to know you. There’s a lot about you that I’m attracted to you. Hopefully when this is all over, I can stay here for a bit and we can go out. We can go out to the movies or something. I want to get to know you. Caleb says I haven’t given a speech like this in a long time. Amber asks a speech?! Caleb says I get vibes that when I walk in a room, you walk out of it just to not give people the vibe that we do like each other. Amber says I didn’t know I was doing that. I’m sorry. Caleb asks what her thoughts are? Amber says well I’m here. I’m not looking for anything. I am just looking to get to know people. Caleb says okay. Amber says you’re so awkward right now. Caleb says I don’t know I feel like theres this chemistry there.. we’re so much alike yet so different. I guess now you know that I like you to that extent. Caleb says I heard you mentioned a date? Amber says NOOooo! I never said that. Amber gets up and says and says ummm.. yeah but thank you for talking to me. Okay … She awkwardly smiles and leaves the room.

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Amber is in the kitchen talking to Nicole, Jocasta and Victoria. Nicole comments on how Hayden gave her a massage but that it was too much. She says she just doesn’t like him like that, he’s not her type. Amber tells them how Caleb just confessed everything. It was so awkward. I just don’t like him like that at all. She says he sees the way I look at him. Devin and Hayden join them and the conversation ends.

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Caleb’s obsession with Amber is creepy. Someone commented in an earlier post he was stalkerish and I agree. Giving an “I like you speech” is completely awkward and ridiculous. I totally lost all respect for him walking around with Amber’s dress on as a scarf.


Oh I know it getting really creepy.


I personally don’t find the “I like you” speech ridiculous (if both parties are certain there is some attraction going) Him making all those assumptions are very awkward borderline creepy.


YES! Finally a cast that isn’t full of showmances. It’s hilarious to see everyone get shut down by the person they’re interested in. Let the meltdowns commence!


Caleb is über, creepy, stalkerish. Poor Amber.

Killer K

Caleb totally shot down! That’s AWESOME! I know some of you people just LOVE the showmance…..just can’t get enough showmance……but me? I hate it….I think it takes more people out of the game than it helps….and before anyone says “Sometimes love is worth more than money”….remember this is BB, NOT that Bachelor/Bachelorette…..and yes sometimes being in the house with someone for a few weeks, you might get feelings or whatever…but week 1? How embarrassing Caleb! At least Amber has her head screwed on straight….at least from what she says, she’s not interested in that……coming soon to BB16, the bummed out, depressed Caleb, thinking in his head….DENIED! LOL


In fariness, BB has had more success in relationships than The Bachelor/Bachelorette…


I have said the same thing to my girlfriend and she couldn’t believe that BB does a better job of match making than the Bachelor or Bachelorette.


I am so confused. Frankie’s HOH nominations won the competition, so I don’t understand why Caleb is HOH and not Frankie? I may have missed something, but that doesn’t make sense to me


If you win the “Battle of the block” competition, you come off the block and the person that nominated you gets “de-throned”. It seems like the twist is designed to keep weak players from getting to the end of the game. If an HOH nominates strong people, there is a good chance that they will win the BOTB comp. and the HOH is vulnerable if POV is used.


Yep, the nominated duo that win get the last laugh (they are saved from elimination) and get revenge because the HOH that nominated them gets dethroned.


that’s how it’s set up. the people you nominate can win their freedom in the battle of the block and force you out of your HOH position. So as HOH you want to nominate people who will lose the battle of the block.


WeHo…I agree…I feel like such a PowPow…too comppli…commpli…*crap*…too hard to think!


My understanding from Julie’s explanation was that the winning team would be able to take out the “HOH” who put them on the block making that person eligible to later on possibly end up on the block his or herself.


if you are HOH, your nominees are not your friends, and not working for you, they are working against you. Would make no sense for an HOH to be HOH with the other guy’s nominations on the block. They may not be the two they would have chosen, so they’d be stuck with two they may not have wanted to go home. Makes more sense that if noms win, they knock themselves off the block, and knock that HOH off as well

Amanda's dog Woofy

IS THIS THE most boring group ever?


CALEB IS A WEIRDO. point and answer.


Omg the boys on this show are ridiculous with their “feelings” when they like a girl…. They’re acting like they’re in high school… What’s the deal!?!


They’re in lust, not in love, as you say like in high school. Before they actually enter the house aren’t they in LA for like two weeks prior doing promos and stuff, so maybe they’ve been without for a long time by their standards and are jumping on all the available girls to hopefully satisfy an appetite? I honestly can’t tell if Caleb is sincere, but in a way it doesn’t seem likely going full throttle after Amber like he is. IMO true “feelings” take time to develop.


Judging from how self absorbed he is I’d have to believe Caleb to be far to immature to know what love really is. I’m surprised he didn’t write Amber a note like a first grader, something like, “I like you. Do you like me? Circle Yes or No. 😉


not trying to be snarky, but are you actually questioning the libido of any guy under 25? they are 90% raging hormones! add 8 girls, then lock them into a confined space for 10 weeks, and the number jumps to 100%. i think they’re being restrained. 😉


He’s Christian with a capital C, and wants to be chaste before marriage. I can totally see him misreading signals. People he’s been talking to before he talked to Amber should have warned her so she wouldn’t be ambushed, and so she could have told them to tell him that she doesn’t think of him ‘that’ way.

Plus, is it just me, he is quoted saying he saw her before, ‘at the gym’, as in he’s seen her outside of the house, and not just at the airport?


I’m loving this season so far. I completely take back what i said. This cast is pretty cool. I’m really rooting for the f2’s in the house (frankie and zach) (nicole and christine).

ALSO is cody and nicole a possible couple?


I “thumbs up’d” your comment…except for the Frankie part…I liked him at first, but now, I’m not so sure…I feel like he’s trying to be BB15 Andy and that gets me leaning towards not liking him…hopefully I’m wrong…still in the early stages.


Ahw poor Caleb…


Caleb is a stage 5 clinger, yo


I smell “bunny stew” on the burner.


Caleb is by far the most insecure, self absorbed, narcissistic, pathetic excuse of a man to ever grace a cast of a season of Big Brother! The guy is just sad.


I don’t know if its just me, but Paola seems just as creepy/stalker-ish towards Cody. And she’s 27 years old. Caleb is a creeper, but at least he’s not being crude. If he was humping pillows and pretending it was Amber, people would be disgusted. Paola does it, and no one cares.


I have to agree with you on pow pow. Her situation is really sadder than Caleb’s in that it’s really sad when an attractive girl can’t give it away to a young American male.


I think he said he likes cougars.. 27 year old cougars..


Caleb is a patriarchal fat white 80 year old Tea Party Texan trapped in a rocking 26 year old’s body. It’s strange. His Dad must have been a piece of work.


I think this is a great cast this season. One of the best they ever had. Great job to casting!


Awww. I really feel bad for Caleb. At least Amber has the decency to not want to embarrass him. I hope he can grow on her and she starts to like him romantically, eventually. I hate to see anyone hurt emotionally. I think he had her dress as a form of flirting with her, not being stalkerish. I don’t have the feeds, so i could be wrong. Poor Caleb. He is just a romantic. I mean, his favorite movie is the Notebook.


This is going to take some work to get into this season.


Who Cares

Ohh Caleb who cares about Big Nostrils Amber, she’s only a 7-8 at the most. The way a good looking guy like Caleb is following Amber around in that manner like a little desperate puppy dog is a little repulsive like buddy get more confidence! Better pull your love puppy sick head out of your ass before it’s too late and your game self implodes because it already is! Hello gorgeous you will get that girl!


Yeah that Amber. That nose… Those eyes… That body… She’s a conundrum..
Is she black or white? Mixed parentage? Is she wearing colored contacts?

She’s going to be at serious risk from “no-game” Caleb after her dissing is common knowledge. That is if he even realizes he was dissed. He IS a bit delusional.

Side note: would love to be in a regular poker game with these people.


Haha poor Caleb. I really like how Amber just flat out rejected him. Its refreshing to see a cast of people where they aren’t jumping all over each other, unable to keep it in their pants. The true icing on the cake would be Amber winning HoH next week and putting up Caleb.


If anyone wants to be entertained, vote Devin for Team America. This guy’s a train wreck, lol.

give me a break

I like the fact that Amber and Nicole are shooting down Caleb and Hayden advances……Having sex on National t.v. is never a good look for the girls…..I’m sure their family is breathing a sigh of relief…..focus on the game girls..


Cast Good? Season has potential!

To early to have a true opinion of the seasons potential long term. The fracturedediting early episodes didn’t help. Last nights show back to good old Grodner 101. They jammed a lot into the hour. As for the cast……

Folks I’m interested in seeing more of Christine. My 1st impression was she is this years “tattoo chick”. Then you see she is this years BB encyclopedia/strategist! Here DR stuff last night tells you the edit for the season. Need a BB 101 explanation she is getting the call. Don’t be surprised if we have another Wee Ian on our hands. She might turn out to be a way better strategist as well. We’ll see how she works “the bomb squad” angle Only thing I’m not thrilled about with her is her F2(maybe real) with Nicole. Nicole is air, needed but not respected! Never see her becoming a “player”. She’ll turn on Christine to save herself 1st chance.
Like Donny so far but he is starting to use “charm” way to much. Be a good old southern boy and sit back and enjoy the ride as others become targets. His story telling could become a huge asset if he uses it in moderation. Week 1 noms saw that he carried himself like a true adult! No panic and no boo hoo woe is me stuff! Like this guy so far a lot.
Caleb on the other hand appears to be a car wreck….. as far as Amber is concerned. Funny the perspective on Amber and Caleb here. As a man I definitely understand his attraction to her. I thought you girls wanted a man who communicates? Is honest, sincere and shares his feelings and is open? Guess not in the this crowd :P!!! You better watch him though he has comp beast written all over him and he is aligned up right early.
And yes The Bomb Squad(TBS) will implode sooner rather than later but its a 2/3 week run. Christine needs a Caleb and Caleb better figure out he needs a Christine. They’d make a wicked F2 run together. That’s why I hate the Christine Nicole pairing. “C&C” would run this summer big time IMHO if he can get off the Amber thing.
Joey leaving ….me so happy I want to die. Others that won’t be missed when they go…… Pow Pow go soon little NY DJ miss. Victoria the self absorbed narcissist leave and never, and I mean NEVER come back! Undercover cop is an under whelming bore please find the exit! 😛
A minister on BB, casting faux pax Jocasta can go or stay the laugh is as fake and annoying as h e ll. Can I get an amen to that. And Finally the “all American” baseball player. I’m not in the mode all summer to listen to “my daughter” this and that. You should be at home with her or play game. I find Devin interesting like a train wreck. Some how he appears to have gotten away with bringing in the 2 girls. 6 guys would have become 5 if I was in the original 6. And I don’t mean I’d be leaving either. That sort of “pushy/my way” approach to the game can be pretty entertaining. If only we didn’t have to hear about the rug rat every 5 minutes.
Car wrecks, Train wrecks narcissists and bores it’s potentially a good season. Looks like “Kasting” actually did a pretty good job!
As for the double HOH it has great potential and the structure/rewards from the battle are very well thought out. The season of floaters this will not be. The float game as we know it will have to be modified if the double HOH is an all season thing. Unlike many I have great respect for a true “float”. True floaters are rare, as a do nothing isn’t floating at all. Shelly still defines a great floater to me and has since her season IMHO. And I truely despised her as a human being. Got her jury invite on perfect timing. So close to the money yet so far away!

Welcome to the BB Jungle!


Has the irony of Caleb’s female obsession occurred to anyone else in that it could be titled an “Amber Alert”


I’d rathe a guy say he wanted to f$?# me, than feel like I was listening to my girl friend talking about her latest crush. Communication is one thing. I do want a man that can clearly communicate his thought feelings and needs, but like I said don’t do it like a girl.


Yeah that Caleb has zero game. Zero understanding of women. Women are just like guys in many ways. You have to flirt.. You can’t just say we are so alike. You have to make them laugh and talk about sexy stuff to feel them out. Not “I like you and I know you like me too”… Creepy. Immature. Insecure.

Amber's Dress

Why does Caleb keep using me to choke himself while he touches himself?

Volatile Vixxen

Joey should convince Caleb to get everybody keep her and it would be towards his benefit if he did. Since Devin likes her and she could keep him liking her. Then Amber liking Devin (as it seems) would maybe give Caleb a better chance at getting close to her if Joey is still there keeping Devins attention to her. That would be my thoughts on Joey possibly saving herself on a strategtic last attempt.


Amber likes Devin but she can take a hint so when she figured out Devin could care less she moved on like a normal human being would do. But if Devin shows any sign of wanting her she would be more than ok with it imo.


I don’t like showmances at all (this was meant to be a reply to someone, but page jumps all over the place when i try posting, so will just put it here). I agree they seem to last better than Bachelor/Bachelorette, which i think is due to spending more than 3 days together, then breaking for 3 months while the show airs, then coming back together for another 5 minutes before announcing what made sense while filming.

I loathe BB showmances. I think they are ridiculous, and they put unnecessary targets on themselves, plus they become highly unentertaining. McCrae and Amanda individually were interesting, and entertaining. Became a couple and they lay in bed all day and never left the room. They ate in the room. It was totally boring. BB canada Jillian and Emmett spent all their time winning comps, winning HOH and living together in the HOH room. it was like everyone else was being picked off while they were the only ones playing the game, because they were a couple and no one deals with the couples and breaks them up. Of course, no one wants a Rachel Rampage on their hands, but if you choose wisely, you send out the crazy one first.


I think most of you here are misunderstanding Caleb. He’s not a stalker nor is he creepy. He`s a good guy with a great heart who is honest and sincere and who would cherish his woman. Unfortunately, in today’s society men like him are looked down upon because everybody is busy “hooking up” for a quick wham, bam, thank you ma’am in the sack. The young women today don`t know what it`s like to be treated like a lady. Caleb specifically stated that he’s not interested in that sort of relationship nor does he want a showmance on TV. He’s laid his feeling bare because he’s interested in getting to know her by dating her outside the house after the show is over. Because I’m old school I find this very charming and endearing. Amber does not know what she is missing, she`d rather go for the `fluff“ (Devin) who would probably use her and then toss her out like a used tissue. I hope that years later in her life when she looks back she does not regret the way she shot him down.


People are too hard on Caleb


People might not be so hard on Caleb if he didn’t spend nearly every minute of every day in the house spouting propaganda promoting himself.


A couple things… First off you’re probably giving Caleb a lot more credit than he has proven he deserves. It is more likely he is just saying those things he thinks women want to hear than truly believing in it himself. The irony is most girls DO NOT want to hear that sort of nonsense… Especially not the sort that are thrown into a big brother house.

Secondly “a girl like Amber” aka most girls aren’t looking for Prince Charming everywhere they go. Girls are just like guys… They want a bit of fun.
hormones > *