“Tore some ligaments, I have to go back on Wednesday to get an MRI, Maybe a fracture”

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12:35pm Josh Jason and Alex
Josh says he’s voting to keep Jillian they have to keep their numbers.

12:42pm Paul, Dom and Mark
Talking about Josh peeking on Raven in the bathroom. Dom brings up how she told her she should go to production and say something.

12:47pm Jason and Alex
Alex says they need to play the least shady game that is why she doesn’t want to go against Cody.
Josh joins them.
Josh – next week one of us gets power and it could change the whole dynamic in the house.
Josh – I know how I stand in this house..
Josh thinks he’s the target.
Tells them they are 100% good with him.

Josh – I had a shit start at this game..
Josh – I’m going to give Kevin space otherwise he’ll wring my next…
Alex says they are still trying to figure out where Cody and Paul relationship is and if they are working together.
Josh said Christmas lost her shit when she was nominated. She was legit shocked about it.

Jillian comes by … Jessica and Cody just got in a fight..

12:52pm Jessica, Raven and Matt
(Jessica seems upset. Cody was told to go up to the HOH and not talk to anybody.)
Raven – just give him time.. I don’t know what’s going on, maybe it’s about the game
Jess- he sounded angry

1:11pm Jillian and Ramses
Jillian says she has some secret votes in the works
Ramses – oh my god I wonder what is going to happen with Christmas
Jillian says Christmas was working hard on Kevin, “they think we don’t know”
Ramses – they think I’m oblivious
Ramses – you know what chirstmas said to me.. Well I see your position now you’re a floater
Jillian – oh my god why would you say that
Jillian – she straight up lied to me
Ramses – girl bye

Josh comes by, asks if there will be personal safety in the next HOH. Jillian suggests he doesn’t go for it but it’s really on how he feels for his personal position.

1:20pm Dom and Jess

Dom – I want to know what the deals look like. (between Cody and Jason)
They agree “Cowboy” is ridiculous happy since the Veto Ceremony.

Jess points out that Jason broke Christmas’ foot and went back to sleep that irks her.
Jess – he’s taking this as a victory
Jess – raven and I heard him talking with Kevin. He said to Kevin, If they’re going to put up another nom they have to do it today so we can campaign against them for the next couple days”
Jess – he used the word campaign
They agree if Cody has to nominate someone it has to be Jason.
Jessica – we don’t have the majority anymore.. That is why going down to 7 was a bad idea
Dom agree says Cody should have waited awhile before going after Paul not they’re down numbers.

1:26pm Raven and Jessica
They think Cody got a key to open a safety deposit box.

Jessica- You ran upstairs and locked yourself in your room, I was worried about you
Cody- They (production) told me to do it
Cody says everything is fine..
Jessica – did you get something
Cody – no

1:40pm HOH Jessica and Cody
Cody says he had to move the table. Production had a computer set up. (tweets, Blog, etc)

1:40pm Elena and Mark
Elena – I’m nervous about Cody, I don’t even like being around him
Mark – I get the same feeling, but…
Elena – sucks because I like him
Mark said Cody kept him safe so he’ll do the same for him, until Jury
Mark mentions that Cody told him to keep his distance from him until things cool down.
Elena – I’m concerned about the information Paul has/ that he’s not sharing with us
Elena – I’m concerned about a lot of things
Mark – you concerned about me
Elena – no
Elena – I’m concerned us being a target we are now not individual people we are us
She wants them to spend as much time as they can with other people.
Mark agrees, “as long as me you matt Raven win HOH”
Elena – I wouldn’t be mad if Paul won it.. It would bring a lot of clarity, he has a plan. Even though that’s a power shift in the wrong direction for Cody .. I don’t know I don’t want to see Cody leave.. “

2:10pm Raven and Elena
Freaking out about Cody being called into the HOH. They don’t know why.
They agree theres a big concern with Cody. Neither of them want to shift away from Paul and Christmas. both are hoping Christmas comes back.
Elena brings up Jason going to sleep after falling with X-mas on his back. “Matt was out there holding her hand”

2:19pm Paul, Matt and Raven
Raven talking about Cody going up into the HOH and telling everyone to leave him alone.. Says she can’t trust him.

Xmas returns

“tore some ligaments on the arch of my foot, I have to go back on Wednesday to get an MRI to see if there’s any fractures”

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YES!!!!!!!!!! She’s back!!!!!!


Whew! Thought Christmas was over.


Christmas is NEVER over. It’s all year round baby.


So what does the count look like for Thursday? Jillian or Christmas. I’m so confused.


Josh and that personal safety…good grief. Also, would production really let it slide if he was purposely looking in at females in the shower? Because that’s messed up.

I have a hard time getting a read on Elena sometimes, but the more I hear her conversations with Mark, the more I wonder if she’ll be the first person to turn on her showmance.

I had a feeling Jason was going to start attracting too much attention, he needs to dial it back. If Christmas hadn’t come back and Cody had to nominate someone again, I’d have laughed if it would’ve been Jason.


I think that is at least the second time someone mentioned him playing peek-a-boob. Just when I think he can’t do anything more damaging to his game ……………surprise. Dude is a creeper


I don’t think production said anything but that the ladies saw him peeking. There’s already very little privacy and to intentionally try to grab a peek is not good. It’s technically a crime.


I don’t want Christmas to go, she’s a strong player (in every sense), but that’s why they’d all be idots keeping her. Even being injured, she’s dangerous!

They’re once again playing Paul’s game. Love him too, but it’s not as endearing this year. Not even close.

Least there will be fireworks once the showmances implode! Cody’s with Jess, but TOTALLY into Alex. Mark is with Alaina, but moonng over Dom. This week not end well for any of them

sunny dee

at this point they’d be dumb to evict an injured athletic person. like this, she can’t perform as well as jillian will be, making it a smarter move just to keep her. she’ll most likely have to sit out certain comps, maybe have someone else taking her place for POV, most likely next HOH is a quick question/answer one, tho


Don’t think she’ll stay in with torn ligaments and possible fracture. What the hell type of dancing were Jason and Christmas doing to cause that?!


Xmas is toast. If everyone was smart, keep her in as she will likely have to withdraw at some point. Ligament tears will require rehab so she can’t likely stay all summer. And she will be useless in most comps.

Unlikely to have a double evict this year now.


With this injury, I don’t know how she could stay in the house. I agree that double eviction during this season seems very unlikely. 1st Megan quits and then Jason the Cowboy injures Christmas while dancing, WTF!


I’m always on the side of the underdogs (or outcasts), however this season the whole jillian, jason, josh, ramses group really irks me. Alex is ok… but I like Dom, Elena, Mark, Matt and Raven a lot more. And you might hate cody’s guts, but the guy came here to play, he tried to backdoor the only vet week 1! No newbie in past seasons would have done that, they’re always too scared or too starstruck. It kind of sucks that the move blew up in his face…but of course the producers gave an obvious unfair advantage to paul right away. It’s not that i don’t like paul, but the way vets are always in advantage in some way is annoying. I just hope Christmas will manage to stay and jillian will go home at the end of the week.

sunny dee

realistically, who else other than paul was ever going to get the required number of votes for a temptation? none of the others are known, and knowing it was safety for that long ensured the vast majority would be voting to keep him in. anyone in the house suggesting fans hate returnees coming in is nuts, fans love vets coming in, they are fans of these people after all newbies have to earn the votes.

Club H.O.H

Ugh! Why is xxxmas back?! Hope that MRI sends her home! BB producers are just as bad as bachelor producers with their “faves” staying in. Loving the season so far. It’s funny and I hope someone makes a video and sends it to Paul (mind you in a fan of sitting ducks even bought deadskull shirts last year) of him bitching to James about “Not my first rodeo” and then he goes and does the same thing. I don’t understand the ranking having xxxmas or Matt and Raven near the top. Those three and Elena need to go! Loved Matt in Pre but after he said he’ll drop his game for the “I use my disease for pitty” ostrich- Girl Bye! Also someone asked if the reason I favored Cody if I knew him. I know of him, my cousin is his ground combat Sgt. so I know the type of person he is and xxxmas slandering him yesterday and questioning his Military background!… Karma broke that foot. Sorry I had to let that out I’m a BB Super Fan and that’s one of the two reasons I would never audition- I go off and hard! Really liking the Alex Cody thing but sometimes I think on Alex’s end it’s temporary and not genuine. Love that about her since I don’t know where she’s at. I read online the Nolan twins are coming back in, is this true? I didn’t believe it because of their connection with Jess but I have to ask.


So you all mad at Jason and blaming him for breaking Xmas’s foot? She was on his back. Her choice, dancing laughing…and the dude slipped. How is it his fault? And he went back to sleep after he got her help and she was in getting her foot looked at. What’s he supposed to do? Walk around crying saying “omg omg omg” pfffft.

Rams is a total rat. And he will last a while cuz he does nothing but try to listen in on convos then lie to everyone and talk shit behind everyones back. No threat to anyone really though cuz he has zero #’s on his side. He just a vote.

Mark is as dumb as a box of rocks. All he does is eat and go tell Elena how great she is. This dude desperate for a # on his side and big floppy tits on a stump. Sorry her bottom half is a stump. Then his bromance with Cody.

Get those 4 out as soon as possible. Jess, Elena and Doofus and Cody.

Kevin playing great game but he needs to keep Paul in check. Paul thinks of himself first which is fine but he doesn’t mind hurting his allies game if it helps him in long run. He likes to have one person he planning final 2 with. And I think it’s Kevin but Kevin needs to not just follow Pauls plans but make Paul follow his.


Agree wtf people rooting for Xmas she sits and promotes her books and shit not there for game.. every year people complain about these models and shit but then root for the most obvious attention white in there. Jason and Kevin who I am rooting for and I like Mark he dumb but a very likeable person. Jessica is all lies and drama.


Thank you, Thank you Simon or Dawg for the new format to read the spoilers!!! So much better. ?


I’m rooting for Cody. I love that he isn’t going around play all sides with everyone. He told everyone that he was the only one that knew. He is straight up. And isn’t fake. He is ready to make bold moves. Over all these people who float around and afraid to make moves.


Let’s make Cameron the favorite house guest! He hasn’t completely irritated me yet…

Baebee Gyrl2

These showmances are getting on my nerves. They all talk too much. Any info someone gets, they each run and tell. I’m irritated already and it’s only the 2nd week of Big Brother.