“If that Motherf****r breaks my goddamn foot and flips on me I’ll cut his jugular”

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2:43pm Storage room Jason and Paul
Paul says he’s worried that Cody has a secret key. Adds that Mark is up there with them right now but he trusts Mark.
Paul – It might be a reset week
Jason – Ohh man
Paul tells him to stay cool he’s got Raven and Matt to start to change their minds about Cody.
Paul – right now I trust you I trust Kevin

2:46pm HOH Jillian, Cody, Mark and Jessica

Jillian tells them the votes she has are, Alex, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Ramses. They tell her she needs the 6 votes to stay.
Cody tells her she needs it to be at least a tie.

Jason joins them.
Jessica says they have to LOCK Josh and Ramses
Cody warns them that Christmas is going to strong arm people

Jason says xmas can spread poison around the house.
After Jillian and Jason leave. Jessica tells Cody she really wants Christmas gone this week.

2:58pm Mark, Paul and Elena
Mark says Cody never mentioned anything about a power.
Mark – I am voting to keep Christmas in.. I’m being very honest with you.

Elena says it was not a good look that Mark, Jess and Cody were up in the HOH when Christmas came back in.

3:01pm Alex and Jillian
Jillian says Jessica will vote for her as long as she gets the numbers.
Paul comes in and asks if there’s anything weird going on upstairs.
Jillian – no
Alex leaves with Paul to make burgers.

Jillian WTF

Jillian – because i’m on the block nobody wants to talk to me about anything…. Feeds cut to Christmas and Kevin Chit chatting.

3:04pm Jason and Josh
Jason saying Paul wants to Keep Christmas.
Jason – I want to work with Paul you know what I mean but he doesn’t want to tell me too much
Josh – I’m getting HOH on thursday and i’m telling everybody start sharing shit or you’re going on the block

3:08pm Jessica and Paul
Jessica tells him Cody had the blog and tweets.
Jessica – where are you voting
Paul – I don’t know
Jessica doesn’t sound convinced.
Jessica says xmas told her she on her radar and 1/2 the house is after her.
Jessica – she is campaigning against me
Jessica- if you win HOH are you going to put Cody and I on the block
Paul – Nope
Jessica- – Look me in the eye and say that
Paul – Nope

Jessica says she won’t put Paul up if she wins HOH.
Jessica says Matt, Raven and her are all on the same page with their targets. I told Cody the first chance I get to backdoor Alex i’ll take it. Jessica says the only reason she’s voting Christmas out is because she started campaigning against her.
Paul tells her even if he’s voting Jillian out doesn’t mean he’s against them.

Paul is positive that he was Cody’s target from early on that is why he got the pendant of protection. Cody must have said something in the Diary room and it was aired.
He tells her Christmas is not the only person in this house that is targeting Jessica and Cody.
Paul – my advice for you is you’re in a tough spot…there is no advice.

3:40pm Mark and Jason
Mark says he doesn’t know who he’s going to vote for.. People’s true colours are showing and he’s shocked. Marks says he’s being forced to reevaluate who he’s associated with.
Mark – I’m stressed..

3:48pm Josh and Christmas
Xmas says Cody is playing both side of the house and is trying to get them to fight it out.
JOsh says he’s backdooring Cody if he wins HOH.

3:50pm Dom and Christmas
Xmas – you know Cody is recruiting the other side openly now.. Christmas says last night cody asked everyone in this (the other side) that he’s tired of working with his group, said his group had “Shaky feet”
Xmas – he’s switching and making deals..

Xmas says Cody has made a deal with Jason, Alex and Ramses.

Christmas – If I leave this week you guys are fuc*
She lists of the people on the other side of the house, Jason, Alex, Jillian, Cody, Jessica, Ramses

Paul comes in “they got a army brewing..
Xmas – against
Paul – against
Paul thinks if they can get Kevin they’ll be fine. Warns that Jason might be flipped the more he goes up to the HOH and talks to Cody.

Xmas – If that Motherf**ker breaks my goddamn foot and flips on me I’ll cut his jugular .
Paul says Cody was trying to join the other side of the house because he’s pissed everybody off.
Paul tells her not to worry about Mark.

4:10pm Christmas and Alex
Christmas goes on about how Cody is playing both sides of the house.
Christmas says Cody told her she’s “good, safe” and “She’s going to Jury with him”
Christmas says Cody is the next Megan.
Alex says the reason Cody told her she was on the block was because she said she was going over the showmances.
Alex – I never lied to him.. I said I might not go after you (Cody/Jess) but I’ll go after somebody..
Alex points out the showmances are 6 people that’s a lot plus they have floaters on the side, “Like Ramses”
Christmas says Ramses is a snoop and a mope.

Alex says Jessica has been staring at her these last few days. Tells Jessica to get over it she had a boyfriend for 7 days and he’s her friend.
Alex says they’ll talk again after Wedensday’s MRI.
Christmas – Cody’s a f***G snake.. he’s still working the people on this side and he going over there…

4:20pm Paul, Elena, Mark, Dom
Paul tells them he thinks COdy threw the POV to Alex.

4:31pm Christmas and Cowboy
Christmas tells him Cody is the Male Megan “He’s playing both sides”
Jason says he’s not a fan of Jessica’s
Christmas suggest they take her out too

4:32pm Matt and Mark
Matt tells him the reason why Cody wants Alex and Jason in Jury is because he can’t take out Jessica.
Matt wants Cody to go as far as possible but he’s not on board with that plan of Cody’s to take Jason/Alex with them.
Matt “Cody picked that battle. None of us wanted that battle.”
RAven joins them.
Raven – I don’t want Jillian left in the game.. she goes with Josh.. Creepy mother f***r
Matt says Jillian is a number against us Christmas is a number for us.
Raven says what Cody did was not smart he didn’t think it through.

Paul joins them..

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Paul is really going to screw things up, for himself and for Christmas. Jesus, watching him come in and go at Jason in the room with Alex and Christmas…woof. This “you’re either with me or you’re against me, I’ve done this before, blah blah blahhhh” crap is too much and Paul is coming on tooooooo strong.


Only in Big Brother!: Gimp used as term of endearment and Paul & Ramses doing a PSA for weed. Lol


This house will flip again before Thursday.


*fans self furiously*…..dis tew much!!
The alliances, the sub-alliances, the crossovers, the deals ….these folks are intense! Seems to me they are all playing both sides. Openly. Mark and Whistlenut especially.
Not quite sure why Paul is playing so hard, so early. One person in that house wants him out…the rest are fanboying and want to be the next Vic. He needs to chill. And I wonder what Raven has against Jillian.
It seems Alex and Cody had a showmance before the cameras started rolling which explains Jessica’s jealousy.
Dom and Kevin are in the best positions right now…..laid back watching everyone else put targets on themselves.


Paul is playing so hard because of his feelings for veterans returning, he thinks everyone feels that way. Remember all the stuff he said about Nicole?


I think Cody is playing the best game for now. Even if Cody is on the block next week, he will still able to have the votes to stay. Cody is setting himself up very well in the middle. In addition, Cody just lets the house decide for whom they want to stay. That is the great move to divide the house. Christmas and Paul campaign to the house for Christmas to stay is to go against Cody but nobody wants to go against Cody. In addition, Cody lets Jessica to go out there to do all the campaigns for him while Cody just lays low for the week , he will be there for long.


I agree, Cody is playing is superb game….love or hate him u gotta give the guy credit for his game.


Why is everyone just believing everything Paul says…. wtf. Did they not watch last season. Idiots. Only one that sees it is cody.


Not only that he convinced them he didn’t get the 3 week safety thing so easy to forget.. get rid of Xmas she only there for her “brand”

Team Alex

Cody looks like me Rogers on Meth. He is the most boring and bland person in the history of earth. This is all.

Team Alex

Mr Rogers. *

By the way, has there ever been a crazier start to a season? Usually there isn’t this much drama until week 3.


Cody looks like a merge of Spock & Bruce Lee. And no personality – like a blank white board.

Thanks for the Change

Thanks for the new formatting. The first few days was hard to keep up with. It is much better this way with each person’s statements on a separate line.

Game within the game

Raven is playing big brother like its a sociology project. Her whoopsie do Betty Boop antics are very funny if not Transparent. Unfortunately for her, all the guys are too busy staring at Jessica’s rack to noice.

Quoth the Raven

I see what you mean. She will be a major player if she can last past jury.


I can’t stand Raven. Bitch nobody cares that you’re sick; you can’t win the game like that. Can’t wait till she’s gone.


I really want Paul, Christmas, Alex, and Kevin to just f everyone else. these are my final 4!

Not today

Cody tried to make a smart/strong game move- it backfired. The rats are jumping ship.
Idiots- is right.


Elena’s lips are so disturbing. Disclaimer: not making fun of NATURAL looks – why do people do things to themselves. She would be so beautiful without those weird injections.


I just “hate” the guys from this season. They are just like the bridgade. This will turn this game so boring. None of them will have balls to go after each other. The girls will be picked one by one. Christmas must stay.


Ratings are not good so far. I assume the feeds purchases are down as well.

When the ratings are dropping normally a All Stars happens the nxt season. Nessa back. I’m all for that:)

I think ratings will climb though and the traffic on the BB sites. It’s a ghost town here so far. Takes ppl a while to realize “oh sht BB started. I forgot”

I dnt mind at all if Xmas walks this week. She is eye candy but to me annoying as fk and can’t be trusted. Paul has his eye on her for a Final2. To me she is one less person with a brain that Kevin has to get thru to win. Send her on her way. I dnt wanna see her wobble around whining for 3 weeks while foot heals.



The MRI will be key. If Christmas is found to have any fractures/dislocations in the bones that form the arch of the foot or the joints that link to the metatarsal bones then surgery is required. These cannot be detected in a standard x-ray. The bones are typically fused with the insertion of clamps and screws. After surgery a minimum of six weeks in a non-weightbearing cast is necessary before rehabilitation can begin. Any delays in having the surgery increase the risk of arthritis and scar tissue formation thereby lowering the probability of a successful outcome. This diagnosis would definitely end Christmas’ time on BB. If the MRI shows no additional damage then it may come down to Christmas’ level of pain tolerance. A grade 1 or grade 2 ligament tear requires about four weeks recovery time though patients who are strong and athletic like Christmas are often able to resume normal physical activity more quickly. Also, there are effective pain medications available should Christmas decide she wants to continue on in the game. This risk of further injury to a grade 1/grade 2 ligament tear is fairly low.


Ur a smart ass!

Christmas bad case scenario

Even though I do like Christmas, at this point, it would be very unethical for CBS to allow her to continue at this point. That is an injury that has future long term ramifications if it is not treated properly. In fact, I am sure lawyers at the show are probably considering future ramifications of letting her stay after Wednesday’s tests, if they aren’t already.

I don’t care if she signs waiver after waiver, I would feel any Doctor clearing her to stay in that environment where she is forced to compete would be very unethical. Violates the entire ” Do no harm ” issue.

This may be a gameshow, and we like/dislike Christmas, but there is a reason you need Clearance for work just in the Private/Public sector. I know employers who won’t allow you on grounds for minor sprained ankles. That is to protect BOTH parties. I was kinda rooting for her too. I would speculate that if results are bad Wednesday, the lawyers force the Doctors to release her, and that would be the right decision. Otherwise wait until she blows her entire leg out hanging on a rope next week for the world to see.


On the same token, is Raven “so sick” that people should give up their games for her? Everyone should lay down and let her win? If that happens, I’m gonna be pissed. I work in GI, I can tell you it’s not as bad as shes making it out to be.


What’s wrong with her? I was thinking the same thing, if she’s so sick why is she there? She’s using it as strategy, so people feel sorry for her and these fools are buying it.


Three is no reason she can’t stay. They may draw the line and say she can’t do certain ones. She’ll be severely handicapped but she’s still got the social side of the game. Injuries happened in survivor and the lady stayed but sat out the last couple contests.


I think Paul is the best example as a fan favorite…He isn’t a dick ever on purpose but knows when he is being one, and warns us viewers, before doing so. He is my favorite THIS season even though he wasn’t mine LAST season.

Musicalchairs (the real one)

And using someone else’s name is the BEST example of what you just said….

Kevin Fan

Josh is more emotionally immature than them entire cast of McCranda’s season….. and that’s saying something. I can’t stand that guy. Go choke your n your golden apple

Quoth the Raven

This reminds me of mccrandas season since it started with so much promise and has quickly turned to racism and controversy.

Okay implied racism but still


No no there was major racism on season 15 not the season but 15 Aaron was a racist bitch

Quoth the Raven

No I know Aaryn was a nasty racist bitch on season 15 I mean this season it was implied when Meghan though Jessica called Alex a panda she said Pau pau


I think it would be funny if Josh Wins HOH next week ( i don’t want him too btw) Purely for entertainment value and people are gonna trying to save their ass from going on the block.


Biggest player in the house is Raven. She has bamboozled everyone with the gastroparesis thing. Guess what? I work for GI docs and we see this all the time. Worked there for 13 years, we may have sent 2-3 people for a gastric pacemaker. IF it gets so bad that she needs a feeding tube, still no big deal. People get colostomies and crap in a bag forever. She’s banking on them not being able to Google this crap. They are all laying down for her, but she can chow down on Mr Goodbars all day and clearly isn’t concerned about her own nutrition. I asked my doctor today if gastroparesis is fatal. He said the most concern is aspirating into your lungs the undigested food. Clearly that’s not a concern for her that I’ve seen so far.

Sorry not sorry

I like the way Cody is playing this game. He is being honest and being a man of his word. I think cody likes that Alex does what she wants and gives no fucks for anyone else. And he respects that. He is the same way. everyone else is running around playing all sides. I like matt but even he is saying whatever to all the clicks in the house. I rather have more people like Alex and Cody then a bunch of fake, scheming, lying house guest that just want to FLOAT their way till the end…… this season started off so quickly. I’m loving it. Keeping things exciting.

Quoth the Raven

I agree with you to a point. They both do have those qualities but Alex is far more genuine and real than Cody is. Well, maybe not, but I don’t like the real that Cody represents. the way he responded to the house guests when they first tried talking to him in his HOH room was lousy. He has the least “heart” in the house and Alex has the most.

Kevin Fan

This is a social experiment. I love the possibilities for the den of temptation. One person gets a diamond power of veto and the other gets a can’t compete curse. One person gets a slop pass and another gets a have not for 2 week curse. So wonderful.

Crazy Season

Dom is playing the best game because she is laying low and not getting involved in any of the bull. She’ll float her way to Jury without batting an eye. She won’t even have to pray. She will of course.


Jillian-I’m on the block and nobody wants to talk to m…… .feeds cut