“Theres no way I could go after Jess, Raven. somebody is going have to take them out” -Cody

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10:28am Jillian and Ramses
Ramses says if Christmas is out they probably won’t get Cody to nominate another person since the Veto is already over.
Ramses thinks they’ll just start over next week.
Jillian says she prayed to the lord for safety

10:34am Storage room Jason and Paul
Paul – We got to win HOH this week
Jason – I know man but damn
Paul – I’m telling you we need an ACE plan.. ACE, that will confuse the f*** outta everybody
Jason says cody’s side is still really stuck together. He’s been trying to talk to them but they still are saying they had no idea about Cody’s nomination.

Paul says they’re people that don’t like Cody anymore.
Paul – and now since he’s (cody) is all I f***D up I’m going to go over there (the other side)

Paul – he’s just playing the whole house
Jason – I can’t figure out Jessica, I’m telling you that b1tch.. .
Paul – NO NO that’s another one on the list. For sure.. BIG STYLE.
Jason – she’s been on my list since day one
Paul says Cody doesn’t care if they take jessica out but Jessica will care if they take Cody out. The order of operation is important.

10:40am Paul, Jason and mark
Paul is saying that Mark is one of those guys on the fence (About Cody)
Paul says that Cody is pumping over to the other side and trying to turn the house against itself
Kevin has joined them.

Paul says he’s got a A plus plan as long as they win the HOH.

Paul warns them about talking in front of ramses
Jason says he wants ramses out.
Paul – he’s lied to myself 15 times to my face..

Paul tells them if Christmas broke her foot and she has a cast she’s probably out of the game.
Josh joins them.

10:41am HOH Matt and Cody
Cody tells Matt about his Deal with Jason/Alex. Where if he kept Jason off the block this week then next week the couples and Dom are safe.
Cody says that Alex also wanted JIllian safe this week so he put up a juicer target that’s not on her side.
Matt asks if he thinks they will go ahead with their side of the deal.
Cody thinks they will.

Matt asks him what he doesn’t like about Paul.
Cody says he never liked Paul on his season thought he was “loud and Brash”
Cody – but on a personal level I like him.. I saw an opportunity to take him out.
Matt – are you looking to work with Alex and Jason long term here
Cody – to Jury
Matt – I don’t trust Alex

Matt tells him next time if he’s going to make a move like that he needs to fill him in.
Cody understands.

Cody – In jury, theres no way I could go after Jess, Raven.. Marks the same way
Cody – if there is any way that we go forward in Jury and actually play this game somebody is going ot have to take them out and it can’t be us
Cody – it sounds awful to say, but we can’t be the ones to do it
Matt – I won’t do it
Cody they’re has to people on the opposite side

They talk about how much they don’t like Josh.
Matt brings up Josh looking at Raven’s boobs in the shower.
Cody says Josh might be his saving grace next week cause the whole house wants him out.

11:06am Elena and Jessica
Jessica is talking about her conversation with Christmas where she said the house is turning on Cody and she tried to get Jessica to flip on him.

They talk about how pissed they got at Cody for pulling that move yesterday…
Jessica reminds her Cody was trying to keep 7 people safe.
Elena – I feel a little screwed over by him

Elena – I have more respect for Cody than I have for most people in my life he’s an incredible human being..

Elena – it’s hard to move forward with that trust..
Jessica – my main allegiance is Cody, you.. It was Paul but paul is coming after me 100%
Jessica says after her conversation with Christmas she doesn’t feel bad trying to take her out.

11:30am Elena and Mark in the storage room
Talking about how lost they are..
Elena wants to maintain a decent relationship with Jessica and Cody.
Elena is going to play a really neutral game until the line is drawn.
She feels backstabbed by Cody.
Elena – Christmas and Paul felt just as safe as I did
Mark – do you truly believe they were closely to Cody than you are

11:29am Jason and Kevin walking around the backyard
Jason says Cody told him that him and Alex where the two people he related to the most.
Kevin – since when ..
Jason – he said they have to stick together because there ‘s a lot of people that don’t deserve to be here
Kevin – yeah, they’re all in his group.

Jason – I feel like COdy is shitting a Brick and he’s coming to me
Kevin – because he screwed people over
Jason – you know what, He doesn’t give 2 f***S about that Jessica.
Kevin – How do you fall in love with someone in 2 days
Jason – I know, she’s a dumb b1tch if i’ve ever seen one
Kevin – she ain’t as dumb as you think, she knows he’s not going to win on her own
Kevin – she thinks he’s going to carry her f***G though it
Jason – he ain’t going to carry her through
(they bring sup Jessica always Name dropping)
Kevin says every person that comes into this game and is the early favorite they win everything and it looks like they will win the game never make it.
Jason agrees..
Jason says he really like Paul and he trust him but.. “I don’t want Paul driving me like a f***G school bus”
Kevin – lets see what happens.. They haven’t come back with the christmas situation
Kevin says they need to just enjoy the next couple days.
Kevin says people are talking to Jason because they think they can manipulate him not one person has comes to kevin.

Kevin – one word.. Everyone likes you that’s it..

11:50am Alex, Jason and Cody Backyard

Cody says they have the votes to keep Jillian.
Jason – unless we have ramses it’s not going to happen.
Jason – whereas Mark at
Cody – mark is on our side.. Him and Jess are the only ones..

Cody says If Jillian stay the deal is on if Jillian goes the deal is off.
Jason and Alex agree.
Cody – they don’t even respect the fact I made a deal with them.. They don’t trust me but they trust Paul..

You get a vet in here with 3 unfettered weeks of Game play.. It’s the worst twist ever

Cody starts talking about how vets will always win the van vote twists, “F*** the newbies”

Jason says Paul told him he has Mark
Cody laughs. “Paul’s a f****G gamer”
Cody keeps saying Paul was a snake his entire season, “Am i the only one that saw that”
Cody – I asked the guys on my side do you trust Paul?
Their answer “Yeah”.
Cody – Are you out of your mind?

Alex and Jason both say they don’t trust Christmas and Paul is working them hard trying to keep her safe.

12:01pm Jason and Alex
Alex is suspecting that Cody and Paul are both playing them and that Cody knew Pal had the safety for 3 weeks.

Jason mentions how he told Cody if he wins HOH he’s putting Matt up. They’ll have to see if that gets out. If it does they can’t trust Cody.
They agree Cody et al. don’t really want to be on their team they just want their numbers and their strength.
Alex – and when they want to they’ll pick us off. this is why I want to win HOH
Jason – I don’t really want to put up Cody, I want to put up Matt and Dom.
Alex – Matt and Jessica and vote her out

Alex is questioning why Paul and Cody are so close right after Cody called him a snake. Alex says Paul and Cody were talking and laughing all morning.

12:05pm Raven and Jessica
raven mentions how Jillian is going around asking if Christmas doesn’t come back will Jillian be safe for the week.
raven – I’m more concerned about her Health.

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Paul needs to bring it down a few notches, he’s really going to annoy the hell out of folks.
I almost want Cody and Jessica to fully switch allegiance over to Jason and Alex, just to watch the other showmances dipsticks squirm. Elena has known Cody for 2 weeks and she already respects and loves him more than most people in her life? Inside and outside of the house? How lovely for her friends and family back home.
And Kevin is right. I don’t usually like saying people don’t deserve to be there, but the folks on Cody’s side of things don’t deserve to be there if they aren’t going to actually play the game because they want to win. I’m sick of people just wanting to make it to jury and then just help someone else win. I feel for Raven and her health issues but if she was alright enough to go through everything required to get on the show, she can play for herself.


Except for a couple of them, they’re all saying they’re playing to get raven to the end lol. So stupid. I’d prefer someone win that’s actually playing to win.

Uncle Teddy

What is Ravens health issue? I missed that one

No fave yet

I missed her “health” issue too. Can someone fill us in. Hope it doesn’t exempt her from being a have not. Meh

Raven's gut

I have no respect for house guests who prior to entering the game say they will play hard and win the game and then once in the house, they hear one house guest’s sob story that they just met and immediately say they want that person to win and will play for them to win. They are either phony or foolish.


Completely agree. Raven seems like a nice girl, but come on. Matt and Cody both keep saying they’re playing to get her to the end. Give me a break. Makes me want them both otb and gone lol. This is big brother not a charity. I don’t care how much money they have, or what their health issues are, I just want the best player to win.

HOH Fishtank

Now all the fish are worried which one will have to wear a cast on one fin.

big meech's bald spots

Good to see Jason and Alex adding layers to they’re game. Jillian should embrace the pawn roll. Paul should instigate more w/ his safety so certain.


I’m so pissed Jillian is gonna( if X-mas does come back) stay in the game she’s useless and she’s basically a Meg 2.0 .

Anonymous User

Did Cody Just call Paul a Snake? LOL the only snake i recalled being on that season was named Nicole . Paul needs to pump the breaks before he has no Allies ,and Jessica Needs to Stfu saying I’m gonna put cody on the block and send him out if he doesn’t do what i say Jessica is making Maxi-Z look like a saint ( if that’s even possible)she isn’t gonna win no HOH’s or Veto’s. Rant over ( and i hope christmas is ok.)


Jillian is heartless. She will do absolutely anything to be safe and win this game.


I don`t get why people does not like Cody. He`s playing a great game and has a great personality. Last night him and Jessica eating popcorn and making out at the same time was so adorable. I see a genuine love connection with them.


Really? I feel like he has no personality….totally dependent on his looks. He is a horrible person who judges others on their looks and feels that he has a right to tell people he just met he does not like them! Needs to go asap as far as I am concerned!


He’s ugly himself though.


At first I really liked Cody. He seemed like a good guy with a sexy build, afterall he served his country etc. But after seeing him make his first nomination and putting Megan on the block because he “doesn’t like her” makes me see him for what he is. He is a superficial bully. Personal attacks and all.
He is like the popular kid in high school that picks on the other kids because they are not as cool as him. It would be nice to see him stand up for other people like a marine instead of being a D$%^. He reminds be of the popular kids in school that turn into ugly white trash losers when they get older. The way he formed his alliance with the other hot people in the house and then looked down on the others because they weren’t as cool just emphasizes what is wrong with society today. As the season progresses we will see if people like Mark, Jessica, or that silver fox are actually kind hearted people or superficial followers that just stand back and watch as bullys pick on other people. Right now they just seem like air heads that don’t care if they trample on others. I get that it’s a game but there is no need for personal attacks. Of course you are going to back stab, lie , and manipulate cuz its a game. But there really is no need to pull the “I’m popular mean card” when the other person has done nothing wrong. IT DOES affect people after the show in their real life. The show didn’t play one scene where Megan ever did anything wrong other than misinterpret what she heard Jessica say. I see people pick on her basically at random and she has done nothing to deserve it. I find many of the players this year to be superficial with no depth, if this doesn’t get any better I will stop watching. I don’t need the bad taste it leaves in my mouth.

And the other thing I am sick of is that BB always puts the flaming gay guys on. There are a lot of normal gay guys or even hot gay guys out there, stop perpetuating the sterotype CBS. Its fine to be a big old flamer but why is that the only type of gay person you show?