“It’ll be 9-3 or 8-4 I’m telling you, you don’t want to be on the opposite end”

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9:30am Jason and Kevin
Jason brings up Paul telling him it’s not good if he’s on the wrong side of the vote this week.
Kevin – don’t let that get you nervous.. they’ve been gunning for you since the beginning.
Jason says he talked to Cody yesterday and told him Matt was saying the next person that gets power will put up Jason and Alex.
Kevin isn’t surprised they’ve been after Jason adn Alex since day 1.
Kevin – Jillian will have more allegiance to us Christmas will flip flop..

10:24am Christmas heads to the Diary room so she get an MRI done.

10:34am Jessica and Kevin
Jessica – Who are you going to vote for
Kevin – I haven’t really thought about it but, I’ll know on Thursday
Kevin – I dunno.. someones injured and the other girl is trying hard
Kevin – it’s going to be difficult, I guess it depends if she comes back today
Kevin adds if might be out of their hands xmas might come back and have to leave.
Jess – I don’t think she (xmas) should get a sympathy vote for it
Kevin agrees..

10:35am Jillian and Jessica
Jessica says she talked to Josh and she thinks she convinced him to stay with Jillian.

11:00am Paul and Kevin
Paul – you voting to keep Christmas
Kevin – oh yeah probably
Paul – DO IT i’m telling you
Kevin – I tells you, you going to be shocked
Paul says Ramses, Maybe Alex, Maybe Jason isn’t voting for Christmas
Paul says they have to convince Jason to vote for Christmas (to stay) because you don’t want to be on the opposite end.
Paul points out everyone on the other side will be voting out Jillian
Paul – Everybody now hates Jessica and Cody in this f***G house
Paul – believe it or not Josh ios voting to keep Christmas in
Kevin – Really
Paul – he hates Cody, they’re trying to pull him and and he’s pulling their legs.
Paul – yeah I’m voting for Jillian
Paul – It’ll be 9-3 or 8-4 I’m telling you, you don’t want to be on the opposite end
Kevin – no one knows
Paul – they’ll figure it out you sleep in here..
Kevin says he’s going to do sit up and push ups for 2 hours. The backyard is now closed as they build the HOH.

11:00am Paul, Mark and Elena
Paul – the votes are going to fall 9-3 or 8-4
Paul – I’m not worried about anybody
Paul says everyone is telling him they want him to win HOH.
Paul – I will sh1t in all (cody/Jessica) of their mouths” (if he wins HOH)
Elena – that’s so sexy
Paul – I have a good plan
Elena – I’m excited about your plan
Paul – it’s a cheap move .. you’re going to be like I see what you did they’re

11:42am Alex saying everyone is being lazy but she’s going to work out so she can crush it and win.

11:51am Jason and Alex
Talking about “Sticking to the plan” and voting out Christmas.

12:00pm Alex and Cody

Cody says Paul lies about everything.
Cody – Matt, disloyal motherfu**er, I couldn’t believe it
Matt- you telling me you trust Paul who blatantly lied.. and he’s like YEAH

Cody – and he called me a f***G idiot
Cody says Matt is super scared of Alex. Every time they brought Alex up he was like “We gotta get her out we gotta get her out” Cody calls matt a Pu$$y

Nothing but stories and girls getting makeup on.

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Cody, alex, Jason, Kevin and Jessica need to stick together. They are way better than the pathetic other side of the house. Paul and xmas are terrible and she definitely needs to go.


I agree. Paul is super obnoxious and acts like the BB God. Matt, Mark and Josh are nice guys but seem weak willed.


I agree. Paul is a bully. I can’t believe they are falling for his threats. They are all Big Brother Star struck with Paul. He says I have a plan!!! He’s not sharing his plan with his stary eyed group that he reeled in with his threats. Duh! and they are upset with Cody for not sharing his plan. Unbelievable!!! Did anyone other than Coty watch last season?


How is he a bully?? Just like dumbasses calling Devin a bully?? Not true.


It works for Trump


Tbh Paul is overdoing it now, I wouldnt be shocked if Xmas gets out now, for a facts tears will come


Absolutely correct. Raven isn’t who she appears to be. Matt is smitten and listening to caddy young girls. Paul is way over playing and controlling. Elana is using Mark and he’s too much in lust to stand up for what he knows is right. Not a Cody fan but Paul thinks he’s the Pied Piper and everyone will follow his lead.


Do not underestimate the hatred Jess has for Alex. The idea of them on a team together is a non starter.


I’m surprised that Kevin is voting out Christmas. I guess I thought that Paul had more sway with him than he actually does. Thursday will be interesting….


I don’t think he’s officially decided yet. Today he told Alex and Jason they should wait to decide based on what happens with Christmas’ doctor visit.


Even though I dislike Cody and Jessica, it is not a bad idea for Alex, Jason, Kevin, and Ramses to work with them. I see Cody and Jessica as the ones Paul, Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Dom will target first, but Alex and Jason will be the next targets shortly after. And I do not want to see the “outsiders” getting picked off each week one by one by Paul’s gang.


Paul is an outsider. Cody is a bully.


Is it just me, or does it feel like Cody has already been HOH for about 3 weeks now! There has been so much drama already this season!


Am I the only one who believes that Paul has a big time crush on Christmas? Paul runs around speaking about how showmances are stupid which I think is an effort to supress his amorous feelings towards her.


They were all over each other the other night when Dom was doing her “show” with Kevin. Rubbing each other’s legs and necks. He want’s it. Big mistake. He need’s to lay low. Kevin is doing the best job of all taking a few pages out of Derek’s playbook.


Thanks I didn’t know that. Paul has three weeks of safety. Sure it would be nice to keep an ally around but if Christmas leaves it would hardly represent the end to his game. Therefore the only explanation I can see for the intensity of his campaigning for Christmas is that he wants more time to get to know her better. Continually pestering everyone about their vote is counterproductive to his game but deep down I’m not sure he really cares.

Kevin stole Shemp's hair

I think all of Paul’s negativity toward showmances is primarily because he has never been in one, but wants to be in one. He plays everything off because he is so “cool” but you can tell that some things really bother him.


Cody is a *ipshit! lol in other news Rob Kardasian and that trash Chyna had a child i feel sorry for .. this world is full of retard*s


I just want tmrw to get here so Paul can shut up about his tits plan already. I don’t know that there’s any nomination that would truly surprise me unless whoever wins puts up Jason and Alex. Are Cody and Jessica honestly most folks target this week? People seem to not want HOH and said they’d throw it to Paul because they’re scared or some dumb carp, so do they even have their own targets?

Random sidenote: Elena speaks like Shoshanna from GIRLS on HBO.


Paul is campaigning to much for Xmas that I dont think she has the votes, nd Jason is really fucked up for breaking Xmas leg nd not even giving her his vote for another week


you keep xmas so your boy can go to work on these fools!

Ya girl knows

I need christmas to be voted off so ya boy can deteriorate….. I need Josh, mark, and Kevin to vote her out!!!


i need you to shut up cause you have no idea what your talking about so your boy can run the next 2 weeks *oe!


Does anybody else feel bad for Megan? I do. Feel like she got treated so awful.


She did. Too bad, she didn’t have the courage to give anyone a big FUCK YOU, and just stick it out.


The bitch tried to call someone a racist based on nothing at all. Anyone with that kind of hair trigger deserves to leave in tears.


Look if Paul had a real plan. He wouldnt be going around telling everyone and their brother “I have a plan” actual good plans are kept to a very small group.

Who knows why this fool wants to keep Xmas so bad. I guess he knows everyone but her will hate him shortly.

You know when Kevin is basically like fuck Paul. Pauls days are numbered. He way too cocky. And all the reasons we hated him till the last 3 weeks last year are painfully reminding us that beard boy must go. You got to final 2 last yr. You will nit this yr. I promise.



Jillian is getting voted out 100% .. Ya Girl Knows NOTHING.. your not that bright..


I find Paul so annoying that by a ripple effect I want everyone close to him to be in trouble. (Xmas, etc)


Cody is playing way too hard too fast and so is Jessica and Alex, those people never last. They will be lucky to make ti to jury. I like Paul but he is starting to play too fast also. I think the people at this point laying low are Matt and Raven. More in the middle are Mark and Elana. It’s way too much for all of them to start freaking out already. I think Christmas might go because she does not have the votes from my tally. I think Jillian, Ramses, Kevin are the floaters.


Has Mark said at any point that he was voting out Jillian? Almost immediately after his heart to heart with Christmas he still said he’d be voting Christmas out.


Mark is definitely not voting to evict Christmas. Definite to keep her are josh, Paul, mark, Matt, raven, Dom, and Elena. Kevin is a toss up imo. Jessica, Alex, Ramses and Jason are most likely voting to evict Christmas. Matt and mark have been talking on and off all day, and that whole group has pretty much turned their back on Cody. Game wise anyways. They all say they like him etc, but don’t want to be aligned with him anymore.


Anyone voting on the latest temptation? I haven’t been voting as I am not sure who to vote for if at all. Surely there will be better ones down the road. Almost thinking of voting for one of the weakest players hoping that they won’t accept it. Any thoughts?

big meech's bald spots

It seems all the players I like are on one side of the house now. Rams and Kevin have important votes. Matt and Mark are scrubs but the game move is smart in that it takes the heat off them and theirs, and on Cody and his. Dom should keep Jillian and not xmas, cause she can compete and is actually tolerable and then send Josh packing next week. Trio’s have been forming the week has been so crazy


I predict that if Jillian stays this week she will become this season’s pawn star, may as well get comfortable up on that block lol


This here granny is gettin’ impatient!

Why the hell does an MRI take this long?


It’s California. The 10 miles to the hospital/ clinic is probably a two hour drive.


Cedars Sinai Hospital is right down the road from the studio…5 minute drive.

April in Paris

Christmas in July needs to go


The photo of Kevin and Paul…is Kevin transitioning to a female?


Big brother has become a joke, xmas is back and can’t compete or do anything. This is ridiculous what they have made Cody do and keeping xmas who is as worthless as a paper weight.


Bet she goes Thursday, as her own choice. At this time they would probably encourage to wait until then.


I don’t give a fuck how crazy Cody is. He’s leading the charge against Paul and that’s enough for me. GO CODY!