“This guy is playing with 3 weeks god mode, unfettered game play, he gets to play in HOH”

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6:14pm Alex and Cody

Alex says there was something written in the sky about Mark.
Cody – what did is say
Alex – I don’t know what it said.. There was a shit ton of people out there..
Cody says his loyalty with Mark is Solid.

Cody says Xmas is “a broke d1ck” and she’s emotional. Alex doesn’t understand why people want to keep her because she’s hurt.
Alex – everyone is campaigning really hard for christmas to stay
Cody – that’s only going to work against them
Alex mentions how Chritmas never talked to any of them.
Alex says a lot of people that were with Cody and Jessica are Salty at them for what they did.
Cody – I need you or Jason to win it (HOH) Life on the line sh1t
Cody – the crazy thing is I made the deal to protect some of them..
Cody mentions how Paul lied about having the pendant yet everyone still trusts him.

Cody – Matt told me ‘Ya I trust him’
Cody – this guy is playing with 3 weeks god mode, unfettered game play, Not only is he guaranteed safety he gets to play in HOH.

Cody – he had a fanbase that was going to give him that first temptation
Alex – I know
Cody – they knew he was going to get that sh1t , it’s unfair to every single one of us
Cody calls Christmas the poison in the group.
Alex – my loyalty is with Jillian and Jason.

6:28pm Christmas and Jason
Christmas – are we cool
Jason – we’re cool christmas, I know you are worried about my vote.
Christmas – Jessica is lying about me
Jessica – I don’t trust that b1tc as far as I can throw her
Jason tells her Alex is close to him.
Jason – I’m not a fan of Jillian.. Alex likes her and I wanted to do her a solid.
Christmas – that’s the best answer I’ve heard from you yet.
Jason – You think I would rather Jillian over you.. You’re f***g crazy.. What should I do

Jason says Jillian isn’t the same caliber of version compared to Christmas (LOL)
Jason brings up feeling bad for breaking her vote and not giving her his vote.
Christmas jokes that he should take that into consideration
Christmas tells him the house is not in Jessica’s favour.

6:30pm Alex and Jessica
Jessica asks her for safety next week if she votes out Christmas.
Alex says yes.

6:48pm Ramses, Alex and Jillian
Alex warns that Dom and Mark are in some kind of alliance.
Ramses tells them they have to lockdown Kevin.

Talking about Jessica and Cody and the Deal they are proposing.
Jillian said Jessica is all about Deals. Mentioned what happened the first day she was on the block.
Jillian – she’s trying to mulse you that’s what she did to me

Jillian says she must have a lot of TV time lately because she’s always on the block. She thinks that’s good that means a lot of people will vote for her.
Jillian – I’m in there like swimwear.. I hope America voted for me to get the temptation
Jillian – If I get it I’ll tell you

Ramses really wants to get Paul out “he sucks”
7:00pm Jillian back to saying she thinks she has a good chance to win the Temptation. Mentions how sh’es cried a couple times in the Diary room.

7:05pm Mark, Cody and Jessica (apparently there was a banner plane said something about mark, Dom, Elena.. not really sure)
Jessica – that’s crazy
Cody – these fans man
Mark – that’s just crazy
Jess – are you flattered
mark – a little bit
Mark – but no, also what the f***
Jessica – somebody doesn’t like that relationship
Mark – yeah, means somebody doesn’t like me

Cody – puts in perspective how many people watch this show

7:09pm Paul, Alex and Jason
Paul fighting to keep Christmas.

Paul says Jillian is selling information to Cody and Jessica. Paul says he say her saw Jason when talking to Cody.
Paul says Jillian and Cody/Jessica made a side deal.
Jason mentions Jillian and Ramses are very close.

7:10pm Jason and Alex
Alex about Paul – He’s lying, you know Jillian’s not telling them that sh1t
Alex – he just lied to our faces.. she’s literally shitting about the vote
Jason – they’re f***g liars man
Alex – I think he has a side deal wot keep Christmas that’s why he’s fighting so hard.
Jason – I’m going to talk to Mark
Alex – NO NO NO
Alex – Cody came to talk to me, he’s not sure about Mark
Jason – if it’s 6 to 8 we’re going to have to win the HOH. (They vote to evict Xmas and Jillian goes)
Alex says Paul’s always talking about a power move maybe he plans to throw Jason and her on the block.
Alex counts the votes to evict xmas: Alex, Jason, Ramses.

7:33pm Feeds are on cats..

8:25pm Feeds on cats

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Somebody please adopt these damn cats! I’ll take the fish instead. Really don’t like cats




Paul obviously has a deal with Xmas. But he also wants her. He has since she rubbed on him. He is hard up for tail. He wants a showmance. Dude got no tail last season. Theres 3 months left. Trust me he wants her bad.

Paul running around talking how great his plan is. Dude either tell your allies your plan or stfu. I dnt even think he has a plan. He using it to get ppl to follow his selfish crap and votes. He is out for himself and Xmas. Xmas his thought right now for F2. Well she gone beard boy. Think of new “plan”

Kevin Jason and Alex may have to dump that fool soon. He acts like he best player ever in BB history. Dude u didnt even win. Gtfoh.


I don’t think he wants a showmance with her. Listening to several convos he’s had, I don’t think that’s it at all. Personally, I get the feeling this is more of a directive from production.


Can someone break down where — as of now — the votes stand? Thanks!

Correct Me if I'm Wrong

As far as I can tell as of todays feeds

Keep Christmas – Paul, Mark, Elena, Dom, Raven, Matt, Josh (although a lot of the house assume he is voting Jill to stay but from what I’ve seen of his convos it sounds like he wants Xmas to stay)

Keep Jill – Jessica, Alex, Ramses, Jason (although he does feel guilty so he might change his mind but doesn’t seem like it as of right now)

Kevin – no clue I think he wants to keep Jill according to others in the house but really I think he could vote either way


Is it Thursday yet? Poor Simon and Dawg. Their ears must be bleeding with all this craziness. Bring on the next two lambs for (verbal) slaughter because I personally am over Jillian vs Christmas already.


Why would Alex, Jason or any of them make a “deal” with Jessica & promise her safety for her vote. She is obviously voting to evict Christmas regardless. All she’s been doing (besides Cody) is running around saying how Christmas is coming after her & her a$$ wipe of a boyfriend is the one who put her up & wants her out. I really liked Alex before but that is plain stupid to promise her for safety for something she is already going to do. Then if Alex grows a pair and puts them up Jess will be running around crying that Alex broke a deal & can’t be trusted.
Ugh these people are on my nerves today!


Yea that jumped out at me too. WTF! Jessica has the nerve to ask for safety to ensure her voting out X-mas? I would have just told her no vote out Jillian if you want. Besides I can’t count the amount of checks that have been bounced on BB!

I like how Dom is staying out of the fight and letting things play out a bit but I was turned off by her “show” the opening was strange and the whole thing seemed off. Maybe it will get better we will see. I also thought I read that she said “god told me not to trust Jessica”
I guess she won’t need production’s help!


Jessica needs to say
Bye, bye


Paul needs to STOP! Jesus. Like anyone besides Alex and Jason give enough of a a sh*t about Julia to make a side deal with her…he’s going to ruin this for Christmas.

Either way, whatever. At this point I’d be super happy to see Alex win HOH and throw up Cody and Jessica. Sure she made a deal w/ Jess but she also just said her loyalty was with Julia and Jason. Do it. Go for the gold, girl.


It doesn’t make sense for Alex or Jason to do Paul (or the house’s) dirty work in putting up Cody and Jessica? That’s only going to make them bigger target after Cody and Jess leave. Alex/Jason/Jillian should be going after Matt/Raven/Dom. Ramses/Kevin/Josh don’t really need to be going after anyone and need to ride the way till jury to start making their own moves.

Though I would want Cody gone either pre jury or early jury because his ability to win comps is intimidating. But I’d still leave Paul and Cody to go after each other. You never take out someone that someone else is already going after.


Paul is acting just like he did last year after he figured out Paris. Like he’s Papa Smurf of the house.


He’s been acting like that from day 1. Idiot. He tries way too hard and is irritating.


And I was referring to Paul when I said idiot…just for clarification.


I just realized I called Jillian Julia.

Sorry, Julia.


I don’t think anyone is getting voted out this week. Megan self evicted.


Paul is playing way too hard, and it’s going to catch up with him sooner or later. Kudos to Alex and Jason for realizing Paul lied right to their faces. I hope this means that the realize they can’t fully trust him ever.

And while I may not like him personally for his remarks, I do have to admit I like Cody as a player somewhat. If nothing else he is not as frustratingly annoying as Elena/Matt/Raven are. I mean Paul lies to your faces all week throwing other people utb, and is exposed and yet the three of them are falling on their knees begging for his forgiveness? Am I missing something here? WTF?! And don’t even get me started on Matt talking about wanting to play for Raven to win. Get out of the house! What are you doing there if you aren’t there to win for yourself?

And how can Josh trust Paul? Paul was leading the charge in mocking him the night feeds came on? I know it’s easy to judge as a viewer, but a little common sense would go a long way in the BB house.

Anyhow I like how the lines are shifting in the house.


Cody has already blown up his game week 1. The majority of the house will never trust him, and he put an even bigger target on his back. He’s kind of screwed actually unless he wins veto every week. He’ll be a backdoor target weekly unless Alex wins and she honors their deal. Which sounds like she will.

Rye guy

Straight up nut jobs in the house … I think Matt will win just personal opinion..


Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but Cody must want to be on JTOTTs and really wants America to know he was a Marine. I wish I could go on the show for 5 minutes to call him out. It’s one thing to wear Marine Corps uniform items in you home and leisure…….but bb house?


if you a pual fan do not give the ring of replacement to alex cause I think she against pual now
so if you a pual fan an Christmas stays give it to her that’s what im doing


I’m voting to give it to Jess. It would be worthless to her as she would be unlikely to replace a VETO competitor and be any threat. Also, that way she can’t get one that is more beneficial for her.


Watching BBAD and Paul is so fing annoying the way he talks to Jason is ridiculous. I know it wont happen but starting to hope christmas leaves just because of Paul

Miles Archer

I don’t understand why the entire house is not furious about the way Paul has been gifted ever since he walked thru the doors…and now he has three weeks of immunity… I never bought into the ” production is controlling the game ” line, but now it’s pretty evident… Paul because of his own ego chose the wrong person to go to the end with (Nicole) and lost but still won 50 grand , now they bring him back and give him every advantage, Julie says he’s a “fan favorite ” really?