“America is probably laughing at us.. he gets 10 grand if he keeps this b***h”

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4:07pm Jessica, Ramses, and Jillian
Jessica asks how many votes has Jillian secured.
Jillian – Kevin talked to me this morning we have 5

Jillian says she’s knows nobody cares (you’re right we don’t) but she’s been on the block since day 1 and she “really wants to be here”

4:20pm Jillian and Jason
Jillian tells him when he said Jessica should put her head in the toilet, shut the lid and flush her own head down Christmas heard. Christmas ran to JEssica and told her.

4:23pm Jason and Jessica
Jason says he’s voting out Christmas.
Jessica asks if Paul is campaigning for Christmas
Jason can’t answer because it’ll come back to bite him.
Jason says he’s not putting Cody or Jessica up he give her his word.
Jason says he wants Cody in this game as long as possible.

Jessica thinks the vote will be 6 for Jillian to stay and 5 for Christmas her vote will tie it up and Cody breaks the tie.
Jessica says Christmas look her in the eye and told her she coming for her.
Jason now saying he’ll NEVER put Cody on the block and if someone else does Jason will vote to keep him.

Jessica wants safety for her and Cody from Alex, Jillian, and Jason. If they give her that she will vote out Christmas.
Jason says it won’t be a problem.

Jason asks if Matt and Raven are on the Cody train
Jessica – no

Jason isn’t sure about Ramses
Jessica says his vote is locked he came to her.
Jason says he can’t trust Ramses.

Jason says Cody’s original deal was a bit lop sided, he wanted Jason to not nominate 7 people. Jason was happy when Cody told him to scrap the deal.
Jessica says some of those 7 people are not loyal they don’t deserve it.

4:50pm Paul and Jason

Paul – I’m not telling you to keep Christmas I’m telling you she’s a good person to keep because she’s going to shoot fire that way (to the other side) “
Paul – if she wins and does it that saves use the f***g work, do you understand that..
Paul – I trust you, I trust Kevin and I’m starting to learn to trust Alex some more

Jason – why is she so important
Paul – She’s a loaded gun she’s a pistol a pit bull
Paul – she will do more damage in this game than Jillian.

5:09pm Paul and Jason
Jason says he feels Jillian’s still going home if he votes Christmas out.
Jason is wondering why Christmas would say that to Jessica.
Paul – you should have a one on one on Christmas.. Pick her brain

Paul says Christmas HATES Cody and Jessica.
Paul – Jillian is so far out of this game.. Keeping her in is a vote
Jason – a guaranteed vote for me
Jason – Ramses needs to get the f*** outta here
Paul – I know he does

Jason thinks they are f***g Paul, and telling him they are keeping.
Jason says he’s going to tell her what’s in his head but doesn’t want to use it against Jason.
Jason – I’m tired of you trying to convince me

5:17pm Cody and Jessica

Jessica – did I tell you Mark last night delivered a message from Christmas to me.
Jessica – she wants me to know I’m not her target in her book..
Jessica – I was like Mark we live in the same house she sees me every day
Jessica – if she wants to have that conversation with me a) she could have and B) she’s backtracking and C) it sounds like bullshit
Cody – and D) ol f***g tough Christmas couldn’t even f***g talk to you herself get the f** outta here
Jessica – Deliver a message for me please lick my a$$hole
Christmas – what a barker no biter
Jessica – Paul and Jason got in a fight..
Feeds flip

5:19pm Matt, Raven and Xmas
Matt – I have a piece of information that will literally send Cody out tomorrow
Xmas – LOVE IT

Raven – Dishonorable discharge
Matt – no no
Matt adds it will immediately split Cody and Jessica.
Xmas – oh he’s got a girlfriend
Matt – no
Matt – I’m not planning on doing anything with it but if things get really grimmy we got some stuff too
Xmas – I like that.. Alright..

5:34pm Christmas and Matt trashing on Jessica

5:35pm Jason and Alex
Alex says Paul doesn’t have 1 good reason to keep Christmas.
Jason suggests that maybe Paul is getting paid 50K to keep Christmas
Alex – he might because team america had to do that sort of thing
Jason – I ask Paul why are you campaigning so hard for her
Jason – It’s Christmas and Jillian they both are going to gun for the other side
Jason – He’s like NO NO she’s a way better competitor
Jason – she’s F***G lame
Jason – he’s like that doesn’t matter she’ll f***g fight
Jason – I’m like well she can’t even compete in this next HOH
Jason – and your safe for 2 weeks so stop sweating me

Jason – I think he thinks I’m with Cody

Alex says Paul f***D up on his season he picked Nicole the veteran to go to the end with instead of the other person. (LOL James the other veteran)

Alex – something’s not right with Christmas dude broke her foot… America is probably laughing at us.. ohh he gets 10 grand if he keeps this b1tch
Jason – we gotta stick to the plan I’ll keep dodging that mother f***r

5:40pm Storage room Kevin and Jason
Kevin says it was cold hearted of Christmas telling Jessica about Jason’s toilet conversation.
Jason – why is Paul so adamant
Kevin – I don’t know exactly…

5:48pm Christmas tells her she has Josh in her back pocket.

6:00pm Christmas and Elena
They’re talking about ways to rattle Jessica before the HOH.
Paul joins them. He asks her if she ever went to Jessica and told her something about Jason
Christmas – no just like I never told Jessica I’m gunning for her.
Paul – You better go talk to Jason
Paul says Ramses is not voting to keep her.
Elena – Jason and Alex are voting for Jillian
Paul – that’s why you need to talk to Jason
Elena tells him she thinks Ramses wants Paul to win HOH because he wants Cody to go home and thinks Paul will do that.
Paul – I have a really t1ts plan

6:06pm Jessica and Matt
Matt still complaining about Cody putting Christmas up and not letting them now.
She tells Matt by him voting Jillian out they are saying a screw you to Jessica and Cody

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Omg madness . Happy 4th of July ??????????????


Paul’s tits plan going to back fire like they always do.. I really don’t like Paul. Jason and Alex I like but think they arent playing right Xmas needs to go they need to not be so outspoken go to josh and lock him down all they need now is josh dumb ass. Which he changes his mind on a farts notice so right before vote tell him Xmas was making fun if him and saying shed vote him out next blah blah and she gone


The person fighting these always is oddly bias towards Paul and Xmas? So the recruited fitness model and a returning play everything we complain about every year. Make up your mind!


My eyes are sore……Not sure who of the house guests makes me roll my eyes more. CRAY CRAY right now. Can’t wait for the game to actually begin in earnest or are they going to play grade school tattle tail the whole season? Staying tuned with ice packs on my eyes.


First- love your tag- I am also eye-rolling royalty
I agree with your comment. Such weakness and paranoia so soon? I find myself asking if these guys are still in grade 5 or what??? Hoping it will get interesting and soon!


I would bet that production is paying Paul extra to keep Christmas. It’s so obvious who’s going to be the last people standing.
Which makes everything so ho-hum.
Cody/Jessica are great for the drama. When they’re given the boot it’s really going to get boring. I mean, who’ll we hate on.

Captain Crunch

Jessica wants safety for her and Cody?? How about she go out and win the HOH then, nobody should be safe automatically in BB you have to earn it. Thats the problem with most of the people they want safety without doing any-work.


I don’t know how many times she’s said “what have they done in this game”? I’m thinking what in the world have you done besides lay all over a guy? Besides it’s week 2. Lol! She’s a complete idiot.


I know! That’s what I keep saying! Just like before all this went down and they were all “feels great to be ruling this game” and it was week one!


Jessica win a comp? Seriously??? She is a pool float!


“Jillian says she’s knows nobody cares (you’re right we don’t)…”

lol Simon ;)!

While Jessica is annoying the hell out of me, I am at least happy she’s dropped the whole “Cody and I aren’t 1 person, we play different games” crap because it was never going to be truly believed. And, I find I’m looking forward to anyone but Jessica being next HOH just because I want to see how the sleeping arrangements go. Segregating themselves won’t be so easy then.

I’m also wondering how many house guests will be having full meltdowns in the next couple of weeks. The paranoia and over-playing is so strong right now, lol, they’re going to wear themselves out.

Still Team Kevin.


Paul and Christmas come with all the advantages. Hell… Paul has 3 weeks safety.
Their advantages- FANS who will vote for them every week on polls or game perks.
Unfair to others playing the game.
Cody was an ass but, he really got fucked having to put up half the house in the first week. Some bullshit. That’s what I have against them.


However, I believe the way it works is he can’t win a temptation again. Like the care packages last season, getting one early obviously was good for him but if production wants him to stay production has to come from behind the curtain again. Most people realize production interferes and manipulates people for their own ends but they have to keep the wizard behind the curtain so we can more easily suspend our disbelief.


They can only get a perk once.

This is the water and this is the well

I hope Josh wins next hoh. That will really make them all freak out.

Bring Back Zac Attack

Omg Josh winning HOH would be hysterical! Everyone would be throwing each other under the bus about every time someone made fun of him right after comforting him.

What does Matt have on Cody? Did Cody tell him his real age and Matt thinks Jessica is still in the dark?


I was wondering about that, also. Maybe that Cody has a daughter?


Cody told Matt that he wanted to take Alex and Jason all the way to jury so they could be the ones to eliminate Jessica, Raven and El so that Matt, Mark and Cody didn’t have to be the ones to do it. He was telling everyone how he wanted to protect Raven and wanted her to win but in all honesty, He wants Alex and Jason to take the girls out for them.


It would be hilarious if Jessica won HOH just to be to watch the fall out…….(tee hee)


Kevin looks like he’s in the middle of a sexual identity crisis.


I think Kevin is thinking he’s seen bonobo chimps with more restraint than these idiots.

The cat that curiosity killed

I wonder what Matt has on Cody…. hmmmm


Personalities aside, I’m loving this cast for 2 reasons:

1. No one is breaking into song every ten minutes, giving us five minutes of fish.

2. Every one of the girls can speak a complete sentence without whining.



I don’t understand why Paul is pushing Jason so hard for his vote. Even if Jason wanted to keep Christmas Paul’s constant campaigning to him for her would’ve changed his mind. He is hurting Christmas’s chance of staying more than helping at this point. Also, it shouldn’t even matter with Josh telling them he is voting for Christmas to stay. I can see not 100% trusting Josh’s word since he’s coo-coo for Coco puffs so Paul should be working Josh more & leave Jason alone. He has to be able to tell he’s getting on Jason’s nerves. I loved Paul & am trying really hard to keep on rooting for him but he’s making it hard!


Production is up to something It seems like they’re paying paul extra on top of the money he’s making right now ( vets money) . If he’s going all out for saving Christmas I’m really tryna figure out why is he putting his game on the line to save Christmas? I’m sidetracking but i haven’t heard a peep from Cameron The Superfan since he left possible Battle-Back for incase Paul gets evicted before Jury there are literally Episodes on Friday on the BB schedule so unless ziggy is coming on of those Fridays something big is gonna happen on those friday’s.