Alex “Paul is lying. How hard is he selling Christmas? Cody could have f***ed us 3 times and he didn’t.”

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9pm The live feeds return. In the bedroom – Josh, Jason, Alex, Kevin, Christmas, Jillian and Ramses. They’re all sitting around chatting about random things.

In the storage room – Paul, Elena, Mark.
Paul – he said who the f**k told you that and he said Christmas but it wasn’t Christmas. It was f**king Jillian. Elena – did you tell him that? Paul – yeah and he was like that B***h! Paul starts singing Wanna go against me, I’m going to get you out because I don’t play this sh*t! You chose to f**k me and I’m going to f**k you right back. Its as simple as that. Whatever weird agenda he has about him and I .. NO the game isn’t about you and I. He took a shot. He chose to f**k me and I’m going to f**k him right back. You guys can do whatever you want, I’m just going to take a little vacation. I have no other reason to be upset right now .. because I found out he is the only one that tried to f**k me. He f**ked me and I’m going to f**k him. Elena – and then we have another agenda after him, right? Paul – yes, Jessica. Big style. Elena – okay 2 weeks we handle that. I feel a lot safer. Mark – and we have to get the f**king snake out of the house. Paul – who? Mark – Ramses. Paul – but guess who has the curse. Elena – Ramses. Dom joins them. Mark tells her about the plane that had the banner that said Dom and Marl. Elena – we’re all gathering that the plane was false. Paul – I figured its Jillian and Ramses gathering information and going up there. They are sneaky as f**k and I f**king told you guys. Elena leaves the room. I’m on to it. Ramses is a f**king snake. I have a good understanding of the house and I know everybody wants Jessica and Cody out. Lets keep Christmas in and concentrate on this HOH. Paul leaves the room. Mark tells Dom – Cody is trying to blow up our games. Dom – not Cody, Jessica is.

9:25pm Lounge room – Alex, Jillian and Cody.
Cody – if you guys get it all I care about are Jess and Mark at this point. Alex – we are going week by week. And this week will dictate how the next week goes. We’ll see who is really in for what. Cody – actions speak louder that words. Jillian – if you guys trust Paul and keep Christmas, I’m going to kill you. Alex – I don’t know why they’re trying to keep her. It literally doesn’t make sense.

9:40pm HOH room – Cody & Jessica.
Jessica – the house is weird tonight, like really weird. Cody – I was comfortable. Jessica – it was not because I saw some side glances from people especially Christmas. Cody – oh Alex was like Ahhh everyone is pretty much gunning for ya. And I was like who? And she said she can’t name names. So basically everyone on our side minus Mark. Jessica – I have no idea who I would even put up. Cody – I would have no problem putting up Matt and someone else. There are so many targets right now. Cody – as far as I’m concerned Matt is gunning for me. So if he wants we can Alpha it out. Damn traitors. Jessica – yup. Cody – I don’t even think once they get out and see everything I’ve done for them .. they would probably still say that was such a dumb move. For me you’re either with me or against me. Cody – everyone is fair game except Jess and Mark. We’re at the bottom… rise to the top.

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9:45pm – 10:10pm Jason, Alex, Paul.
Jason – I feel like Jillian and Christmas are on the same side now so why does it f**king matter. Paul – because Jillian is working with f**king Cody. She is the one that went to Cody and said she wants to bash Jessica’s face into a sink. She went behind your back and said that. Does that not strike you in any weird way? Jason – so everyone is just planning on exiling them? Paul – literally, literally. Jason – so they get those two (Cody & Jessica) out and then what? Paul – then you can do whatever the f**k you want. Jason – where is Matt at? Paul – what he tells me is that he’s abandoned shit with Cody & Jess. Paul – next week Cody knows he can’t compete and we’re going to come around and cut his d**k off. And he is going to come after you… if that don’t make sense to you then you are dumber than the f**king dark buddy. Jason – that makes sense. Paul tells Jason and Alex – if you f**k me then I am going to f**k the both of you. Jason – we’re not going to f**k you. There is no absolute way Jillian is stay. Jason – I am voting Jillian off. Paul – Jillian has been getting information and using to to sell you out. That’s not a good teammate. She is f**king you. I am trying to help you. Paul leaves. Jason – we’ve been bested at our own game. Alex – he is lying. Paul is lying. Jason – what do you want to do. Alex we need to get on that side. How hard is he selling Christmas. Alex – Cody could have f**ked us 3 times and he didn’t. Paul is playing a shady game. He is pushing way too hard. You can’t say any more. You say too much to him. Paul comes back – Jillian and Ramses are snakes. Paul – when I get power you will find out what my plan is and it involves another couple. Jason – I hope its the same couple I’m thinking about. Alex slaps him and says stop telling people sh*t. Paul – it probably is.

10:30pm Mark and Elena.
Mark – I hope when we get out of this house and there aren’t cameras anymore I can keep showing you how much I do like you. And you will see its not an act. Elena – I don’t think its an act. I think its genuine. Elena gets up and starts to leave she tells him to come too. He says he needs a minute and then rolls over onto his stomach. She starts laughing.

10:35pm Mark & Dom.
Mark – the only person that knows about me and you is Cody… and Matt. Dom – about me, you, Cody and Matt. Not me and you. You get me. So, I don’t know I could be reading into it too much. So I’m just going to chill out. Mark – I feel bad. Dom – Why? They’re coming at both of us. Why would you feel bad. Mark – yeah but you’re being grouped with me because I’m an emotional basket case and I keep coming to you for help. Dom – no, no. I wouldn’t be concerned about that. They can say whatever they want about that. I’ve got your back. I don’t know if you see and understand or just see but I am going to play it out and confirm what I know. She is sharing information with Ramses or Ramses is planting seeds in her brain. I find it strange that Marlena getting it on it the storage room. I don’t know why he would do that. Why would it benefit him.

10:50pm HOH room – Cody & Jessica.
Alex was down there and she said she wants to talk to Jess. Jess – she wants to talk to me? What does she need to talk to me about? Cody – I don’t know. I don’t know why these people can’t chill out till Thursday. Jess – should I go down there? Cody – I don’t know. Go down there.

10:55pm Storage room – Alex & Jessica
Alex – I need to ask you something and it will depend on the deal we made because I know the truth. Who told you what Jason said today? Jess – about what? Alex – someone said that he was joking about you today or he made a comment. Jess – the only think I talked about with Jason was in the HOH and he said you better not be telling me that you’re voting to keep Jillian to put us in a compromising situation and make us look bad to the rest of the house and show our cards. I let him know, I am not playing that kind of game with him. Alex – there was nothing said .. something about a toilet? Jess – I swear to christ I have no idea what you’re talking about but I want to know now. Alex – na, I just want to make sure people are telling things that aren’t true. Jess – I don’t know what you’re talking about. Alex – that’s fine, that all I need to know. Jess heads back up to the HOH room and tells Cody about Alex’s question. Cody – On Thursday I want to be like Christmas there’s the door. And I’m only going to do it because Matt is such a f**king pu##y about it and I’m going to give the most blunt Christmas get the hell out of here. BOOM! its one thing if she wants to be nice and gun for me but she’s gunning for Jess now… BYE!

Jason comes up to the HOH room. Jason – I can’t do this. Cody – everyone just needs to relax. Jason – I don’t know what the f**k is going on. People look at me and I’m like what the f**k are you looking at me for. Jess – what’s up with the toilet thing? Jason – me and Kevin were just f**king joking and I just said it… Jess – said what? Jason – Lets just put Jessica’s head in the toilet and slam the lid down on it. And then we all laughed. Jess – I didn’t know that. Jason – well then how did you know. Someone came up and told me that Kevin came up and told you that I said that. I wasn’t worried about it. I did say it. It wasn’t derogatory. Cody – Christmas is just trying to spin it to make you look bad to Jessica. Jason – I think, they think if you, me and Alex team up they couldn’t beat us.

11:50pm – 12am HOH room – Jess, Cody and Josh.

Jess – do you have any idea how you are voting? Josh – Voting Jillian out. When you pulled what you pulled I had no idea what was going on. Cody – if you vote for Christmas what is going to happen is they will try and pick you and the other side of the house off. Cody – you’re powerful til week because you’re the swing vote. Josh – I am going to do this but am I safe with you guys. Cody – you’re not a target.

Josh heads back down to the bedroom. Alex, Josh and Kevin ask him where he was. He says I was upstairs in the HOH with Cody and Jessica. The first time they talked to me. I’m the chosen one. God is good. They’re going to pick us off. They want the swing vote.

12:50am Storage room – Josh & Paul
Josh – Jess pulled me upstairs and she said we think you should side with us. We’re keeping Jillian …like nobody f**king came to me. Paul – everybody hates them. Josh – they’re going to pick you off one by one. We’re with the outsiders. And yeah we’re going to need you as competitors. Paul & Josh laugh and high five. Josh – I only trust you (Paul) and Christmas. Josh – they said I was the swing vote. You guys haven’t spoken to me all week and now you want to work with me … F**K YOU!!! Paul – now you’re playing the game bro! Now you’re f**king playing the game!

1:35am All the house guests are sleeping..

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I like Paul but he just needs to chill out, he’s safe for three weeks


he is a snake.


I only love his voice….but as a players I find him boring.

Vivacious Victor

I’m asking a serious question when I ask this, but What happens to all of their clothes? All these people change in and out of 5 outfits every day, and to my knowledge, I don’t see a washing machine. Do they just each have a hamper and BB takes care of it?


The washing machine is outside. Their clothes end up all over the floor and on the beds. They live like teenagers in the house.


No, the washer and dryer is outside in the backyard. They do their own laundry when the yard is open. (:


Paul was like some sort of stalker tonight.
He was hovering everywhere. He’s way over doing it.
Let people breathe man!
And what sort of game is Elena playing with mark? It’s not cute.


Seriously, that girl has problems. He is better off without her.


i agree, i am like damn mark can you not see that she is not into at all. you try and kiss her and she just talks about a wall socket by her bed..nice to know that even good looking muscular guys have issues with women as well..


Mark seems like a good guy. Elena is shady. I have heard her insult his intelligence and talk to him in a condescending manner on several occasions. Mark can do better- he deserves better. If he needs a chick to open up to, he can lean on C’mas and Dom.


So who is going home on Thursday. I don’t have the feeds and am having a hard time figuring out who is voting out who???

sunny dee

feeds won’t help you. even these recaps won’t help you. too many people are sayng they are voting out christmas to one set of people, then turn around and just as sincerely tell another set they are voting out jillian. and those numbers are way too close to determine which way it really will go. plus it is 12 voting, meaning if it is that close, it will be a tie and cody will decide who goes, which means christmas, unless some other weird twister happens. like the most recent twister of alex, jason, cody and jessica teaming up.


Paul, Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena and Dom will vote Jillian out. Also, Paul seems to have convinced Josh to vote for Christmas to stay so, as of right now, I think Christmas is staying. I am not sure about Kevin but anyway, if those 7 don’t change their vote, Jillian is already gone. Unless something crazy happens, Christmas is staying and Jillian is out.


Kevin will vote with Paul most likely .

So anyway...

Jason is annoying. I can’t stand Cody and Jessica. Alex is smart as a fox. Paul hasn’t picked up on her yet. She may be his downfall.


Maybe but Jessica & Alex are rivals

Dog days

I might grow to really like Alex.
She’s a thinker. I like that.
If only she and Jessica could learn to get along.


I wish I could give half a thumb up to your post.


I agree….Jessica and Alex are smart and knows how to play this game. They could be a deadly duo to win the whole thing.


Paul’s actually needs to shut the hell up.


When nobody wants to be in the HOH room, that should tell Alex and Jason all they need to know if Paul is telling the truth about the vote. Jessica and Cody are now resorting to talking with Josh! I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.

sunny dee

what’s funnier is alex seriously saying that Xmas hasn’t come to talk (campaign) to her, which she thinks is sketchy? why would she waste her time, plus she is on crutches lol. it’s funny when these paired up teams look at each other and get pissy about a nom not coming to them when it is pretty obvious they aren’t going to get a vote from them. of course xmas could go to alex and assure her safety not for her vote, which she knows she isn’t going to get, but just in case she does stay so she isn’t targeted by alex.

turns out Ramses curse is he has 2 nomination weeks to put himself on the block

now that is a curse.


Anyone with a halfway decent social game would realize they need to tape Paul’s mouth shut and toss him in a closet until Thursday. He’s not doing his side any damn favors with his little big man on campus attitude and I’m baffled that his allies aren’t recognizing it and telling him to chill. If they’d open their eyes and ears for a minute they’d recognize he’s turning everyone off.
I honestly just wish the folks that are voting Christmas out would just straight up say it and say they don’t want to talk about it anymore. Just draw your line in the sand already, let people know and start thinking about the game going forward. I see Jason getting really annoyed with Paul so it’s like dude, tell him you’re not keeping Christmas and ask him to leave you be. Done deal. Everyone’s games have already been blown up so put the nail in that coffin and move forward. Blah.


What the frig is Aliena’s problem. She seems so cold and bitchy to Mark. It’s like she wants him to chase her but it comes off cocky to me. She seems so sour and unlovable towards him, I don’t know why he’s putting up with it. Although Mark is being pretty stupid telling Dom shit that Aliena’s says about her. Dom has been pretty chill so far but I see that angry black chick stirring in her. Mark’s going to regret that.


i agree thousand percent


i agree totally


“angry black chick” – an unnecessary comment to make.
Angry chic, angry woman, are other ways to articulate your feelings, if “anger” is the adjective you want to use.

Butters Mom

Im confused… is Elena making up lies to make Jessica look worse because that isnt necessary.. she can screw up on her own without the lies? These people are the worst. They have a gang mentality and none of them seem to be independent thinkers… Paul is way over playing right now… for a return house guest you would think he would know better than to play so hard… why does he feel like he has to campaign non stop for Christmas… he’s being so pushy about it, and just keeps non stop going on and on about it… there are 2 more days… I would be turned off by the way he’s pushing so hard and see right through it. Im guessing production is telling him he’s safe so stir stuff up as much as possible bc this just doesnt make any sense. And I dont think all of this back and forth makes this season more interesting… Im getting bored with how stupid they all look and sound.


The house guests seem to be the dullest and meanest. It is getting hard to watch or care.


I agree. Paul’s not making much sense. I know past players have said production ask them to try to swing things a certain way sometimes. Considering Paul’s current position (safety), It makes me think this is either A) production or B) it’s a revenge thing because Cody wants Christmas gone.


Well, it’s probably B) it’s a revenge thing because Cody put Paul up for eviction and it only failed because Paul had that three week magic pass from eviction. So there’s that.


Yes, that’s exactly what I’m referrimg to. It most likely is B because Paul keeps saying “if you screw me, I’m going to try to screw you twice as hard.” So getting Christmas to stay, plus trying to get Cody out next hoh would be twice as hard 🙂


Well, the truth always comes out After Dark. Jason’s web of lies are starting to catch up with him. What was once a joke between him and Kevin is now his downfall. Why in the hell would you keep pulling more people into it? After you threw Christmas under the bus you then tell Cody and Jessica about Kevin only to put a target on his back when the only thing he did was listen to your IDIOT JOKE.
Everyone keeps harping on Paul for trying to keep Christmas ( playing hard ) this Week, but if it wasn’t for Jason and his stupidity and paranoia all would be fine !!! – And it seems it was warranted. Now that Alex has figured it out on her own will she tell Paul ??
One other question – Does anyone know what Matt has on Cody ? He said he had intel on him that they could use on him at a later date if they needed it to blow his game up ??


Cody told Matt he wants Alex/Jason to stay so they can get rid of Jess/Elena/Raven.

Bunny Flop

Well, this season is shaping up to be exciting!i can’t remember the last time we didn’t already know who was leaving. Most of the first few exits are obvious. With everyone voting the way the “house” wants.


Here is where I think the votes stand:
To Keep Christmas … Paul, Matt, Elana, Raven, Josh, Dom
To Keep Jillian … Jessica, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Mark, Ramses
Cody sends Christmas packing.

Only one I really question is Mark … do not know where that guy stands on anything … game play or the women in the house.

Once Christmas goes, Paul will realize Alex, Jason and Kevin are not truly listening to him and will re-evaluate his game.

As usual, this will come down to who wins HoH next, who wins the veto and waiting to see if any more twists change the outcome.


Mark is keeping Christmas, and Kevin is a toss up. He acts like he’s voting her out to one side but tells Paul etc, he’s not. I’m not sure who he’s really being truthful with.


Cody will get to Mark just before the vote and let him know where he stands … Mark will be swayed … last one in his ear is going to manipulate him as he is pretty much clueless. Kevin will stick with Alex and Jason. Kevin see’s what is going on and as long as he can continue to float under the radar, will continue to play along with Paul but I really believe he is going to work with Alex.


I’m not sure about that. He has a lot of private convos with Paul pretty much since day 2. And he’s been smart not to offer info from any of their discussions with Alex or Jason. I guess his vote will show which way he’s really going. I suspect he’ll go with what he thinks is the majority not to show his cards.


Yeah … this vote will reveal where a few of the questionables really stand … going to be fun to watch it all unfold


I am thinking Kevin is with Paul because he is doing what Paul asked (assigned) him to do. That is, stay close to Jason and the other side of the house to find out what they are saying. They have had several supply room meetings.

I think Jason (snake cowboy clown) will flip and vote to keep C’mas because he does not want to stand out as voting on the losing side. If he does, I would put him on the block with Jess and work to BD Cody. If Jason goes- no loss.

BTW: what up with the curse on Ramses? Did I hear that he has to take someone’s place on the block this week or next? and Jillian/Alex are pushing for him to go up this week. If he sits in for Jillian, he will be evicted. If he sits next to almost anyone else he is likely to live another day


I do not have the live feeds so that is good info on Kevin and Paul’s relationship. As for the curse on Ramses … he has to volunteer to be nominated … not sure if it means the HoH has to honor his request but he has to at least volunteer himself up as a nominee. Think he has up to two weeks to do it though so he may not really be competing for HoH either this week or next for if he won, he could not volunteer to be nominated. Not real clear on all the specifics but I think that is the gist of the curse.


Yes that’s true. Given the fact that he is basically doing what Paul asked and not revealing any of his convos with Paul to Jason and Alex, it does appear he’s actually with Paul. But I’ve been wrong before. Paul went to Kevin and talked game before any of the others, which was smart on his part.

sunny dee

i always say if you want someone out, you don’t split a pair, you put them both up there. if cody is not on the block with jessica, and he wins POV he will use it on her, and there you go, both still in the game. if your goal was to take one of them out, you failed. if your goal is to take out any one of a group of 4, no problem, but keep in mind, cody will still use pov on jess, then 2 of the 4 are no longer options, and all you have are your #3 and #4 targets, instead of #1 and #2 targets, with at least one of those still up there.

what’s the chance jason wins POV and uses it on #1 or #2? pretty slim, when he knows that #4 is going to go up as replacement, leaving him solo.


I think Cody told Mark and Matt that Cody said he was gonna keep Jessica close to basically have a olay toy but could cut her at any time cuz she means nothing to him. Granted that was before the veto meeting and all hell broke loose and Cody may think differently since everyone has abandoned Codys ship


How is Christmas going to play with that leg??? Should she be sent home?!!?!?

4 roses

Christmas is scheduled for an MRI today(wednesday),if indeed she has a fractured bone in her foot,more than likely she will be put into a full foot/lower leg cast. She would not be capable of physical comps. Have to wait and see what the MRI results reveal.


It wouldn’t preclude her from staying in the house although, she’d be almost useless in physical comps. Which means she’d have to hope for a “mental” comp which is usually just a coin flip anyway to gain HoH or rely solely on her social game.


Since I’m Canadian and no longer get the feeds here, I want to thank Simon and On-line Big Brother for the incredible job you are doing of giving the most information, the best re-caps than any other site. It’s like I have the feeds, so thank you from Canada I love your site


Your’re welcome. Glad you find our spoilers useful.


Ouch you left out Dawg!! I don’t know who does the lion’s share of the work or if it is 50/50 but you both do a great job. By far the best site and now pretty much the only place I come to. Love the regular commenters and the occasional lurkers as well. Some seasons this site was better then the actual show no BS.


There is a way Canadians can steal our feeds=). I’m not sure it involves getting a program that alters your isp’s country of origin and getting a prepaid card. I’m sure Simon or Dawg can give a much better explanation.


Did someone steal my spectacles?

I seriously don’t know if I’m watching Big Brother or an episode of Truth or Consequences.


Lol. When I saw your comment I was also thinking about “To Tell the Truth”


Kevin isn’t a wildcard. Kevins crew is Alex and Jason. They all voting Xmas. Out.

Paul is also ok if Xmas goes. I still think A) He has F2 with her. B) He wants her.

Ok. Since I posted on this thread. There will now be a new thread put up at once.:)

One reason I posted. 🙂

sunny dee

i still think jason and alex are dumb as stumps, considering how hard paul wants to align with them, and they keep spinning around. if they go along with the larger group, they will be much safer down the road. no one expects alex to vote for jillian to go, but if jason votes for her to stay, he’s putting a target on his own back as well

Baebee Gyrl2

I’m so confused. It’s so many alliances that I can’t keep up. It’s alliances within alliances within alliances.


They should vote Christmas out. I Don’t care for Cody, but keeping Christmas isn’t smart. Jillian is not a threat. Anyone of the people left can get Cody out. They Don’t need Christmas. Alex is smart and knows this. Kevin still my favorite and Paul needs to start laying low.


Can’t wait for a new head of household. By Wednesday I am just ready for this weeks drama to end. I am excited to see where it goes next.


I wish there were a twist and Cody would earn the right to be the HOH for the next 2 weeks.


So I voted for Cody to get the veto temptation because I think everyone is going to throw the HOH to paul. And he’s likely going to nominate Jessica and potentially Ramses with the curse! In an attempt to backdoor Cody. But I’d rather Cody has a chance to win the veto and pull down Jessica. Because I would rather this Paul Vs Cody conflict lasts a while. Then who does Paul nominate! It would finally show who he’s really aligned with because right now he’s playing all sides of the house. So his goal is to get rid of Jessica and Cody but what if he can’t do that, he has to reveal whose lowest on his totem pole…

Please vote Cody for the temptation to keep this drama interesting!!!!

Butters Mom

I think he would nominate Jason and Josh or Jason and Alex. I agree with you though.. I’d like to see Cody be able to take down Jessica and keep himself safe… not because I like cody or Jessica but because Paul has seriously been given an extreme shelter from production with his 3 weeks of safety which has caused his head to spin and made him unbearable to watch or listen to… he’s run a muck!


Heck no. I can’t stand Cody. He and Jessica are the only 2 I really don’t like. He’s so boring, bland, and rude. And she’s just there to shack up. They can both get out as far as I’m concerned.


My thoughts are why Paul is pushing so hard is he has a sense of invulnerability now that he has protection for the next 2 evictions as well. He thinks if he can get rid of 3 folks he’s not working with then he’s the king of the house the rest of the summer. Paul will more than likely be out before jury.


My theory is he doesn’t expect to get to the end so he is planning to do as much damage as possible. Also, when he hones in on a target, he ratchets up the mischief. For example, using Christmas as a gun against Jessica & Cody


I know there`s a camera in the toilet room. But does production watch them when they are doing number 2??? I would feel so unconfortable .

Butters Mom

It appears to go with this years theme of temptation and the decor in the house they have cast pure evil vs the clueless and innocent.. it appears that the pure evil outnumber the innocent but the clueless runs through both descriptions… i can only imagine casting having a discussion after interviews about how vile some of these people are which makes them perfect for this season. This is a fish bowl of what our world is coming to… tisk tisk. shameful. Lord of the flies.


I think there have been FAR more “evil” casts that 19. 15 ring any bells? I’m okay with this bunch so far – it’s an interesting, twisty start so far. My faves at this early stage are Kevin, Alex, Matt and Dom. The last two are just a hunch as they haven’t really been tested yet, but I like how Kevin and Alex are playing – both are pretty intuitive and not over-reacting.