“They’re [production] going to hate me saying this.. they’re like puppet-masters controlling everything”

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12pm The house guests have been sleeping in all morning because they stayed up all night. Matt, Ramses, Christmas and Kevin are the only house guests awake. In the kitchen – Christmas comments on the pain she is feeling from her surgery. Christmas – we’re going to call the doctor and get a better game plan. The closer to the surgery the more medication I have to take and the more it messes with my sleep. It was Christmas tolerable.

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In the kitchen. Matt, Ramses and Kevin.
Matt – I know there have been some really wild seasons of Big Brother but I feel like in terms of the first 4 weeks this has to be up there. Ramses – It has to be the wildest. It has to be because this is insane. People going to sleep at 7am strategizing right after veto week 3… is this week 3 or 4? Matt – there have been 3 evictions. Ramses – but wasn’t there an extra week? Kevin – you have to count Cameron. Kevin – that’s what I was saying why is everyone so crazy when there has only been 3 evictions? 3 evictions but one ran away. But he (Ramses) teaches me the game. I don’t know what’s going on … I think its weird. Matt – I know barely more than you. I’ve watched one whole season. Do you agree and they’re [production] going to hate me saying this they’re almost like puppet-masters controlling everything. When I was going to bed at 7am .. people were still up!? Big Brother – you’re not allowed to talk about production. Kevin to Matt – You just have too keep your cool. Matt – Oh I’m good. I just feel bad for everybody else. Matt – I’m straight, people are going to start losing their minds shortly. I think that’s one area you and I have an advantage, I’m 33. Kevin – You don’t have to worry about me. Matt – I’m with you brotha. Ramses burps. Kevin – hey, you close your mouth when you burp. Do you do that at home!?

12:15pm Matt comments on how much crazier Ramses curse was than the others. Ramses – That really pissed me off. Matt – I wonder if its going to continue to decrease in intensity and importance? Ramses – I have a feeling. I think the reason why they did a costume is because they hadn’t done one yet.. I think this one is going to be a good one like a power. Ramses – I had to put myself on the block and they got to put on a toad suit and hop around. That’s literally what I do for fun! Matt – today could be a really good day. We could have the veto ceremony, temptation and havenots … if there’s havenots or not.

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12:40pm – 12:45pm Kitchen. Kevin and Christmas.
Christmas – last night was big .. it was a big deal! They called Dominique out on all the stuff. Kevin – did she start crying? Christmas – no, but she didn’t have answers. Kevin – so everything is going to stay the same? Christmas nods and says she’s gone. Kevin – are they going to use the power thing and take Jessica down and put someone else up? Christmas – no. I don’t think they’re going to use it? Kevin – did your name come up? Christmas – no. Kevin – did mine? Christmas – no. Ramses joins them and the conversation ends. Jason is now awake and in the kitchen.

Kevin – I can’t believe it there’s 12 people in the house and no ones up..
Ramses is with him.. they talk about where the cameras are. Ramses says there’s a camera in the toilet but they only turn it on if you are talking.
Kevin wonders if they catch peple m@sterb#ting.
Kevin – have you seen m@sturb@tion on previous seasons?
Ramses – no.. Kevin, Don’t do it.
Kevin – who.. not me..
Ramses – asking for a friend..

1:36pm Matt and Raven
Matt – my goal last night was to say as few words as possible
Raven – me too
Raven – Paul was so good
Matt – amazing.. I don’t know if that sort of thing is helpful in general..
Raven – she got called out../
Matt – our entire agenda was laid out there
Raven – yeah Dom laid it out there..

Mark Joins them.. says last night got dragged on and dragged on..
Matt says Do’s interview was sketchy he’s not cool with that..
Alex comes in.. “Jason’s going to pull down Jessica”

Mark says after last night he’ll vote any way Alex wants.
Raven – we’re votes taht can get her out..
Alex says her first pick was Paul to go up as the Pawn but he’s got the safety, She then was going to put up Mark but he’s not comfortable.
Mark – every time I turn my head my name comes up because of what Cody said.

Raven tells mark he’s not going home they have too many locked votes to evict Dom.

Mark tells them the original plan was Jessica and Ramses.. He’s seen Big Brother before he knows things can happen when you’re on the block. Points out there’s 3 people in the house that nobody trusts yet they are safe.
Alex asks them who Flipped Josh, says she heard it was Mark.
Mark – you see Alex that’s my name being thrown out there.
Marl tells them

1:53pm Matt suggesting that he volunteers to go up.

1:58pm Alex and Jason
Alex is having trouble getting a willing person to go up as a pawn.
Jason – why is Paul pushing so hard for Mark to go up on the block..
Jason – before you set the nominations nobody had a problem with Dominique..
Jason – Paul really saved our bacon he blow that up big time
Alex – I know that is what I wanted him to do
Jason – it’s not a big deal put Raven up

Jason reminds her that she told Elena and Mar that she would keep them safe.

Mark comes in, “Sorry I keep bothering you”
Mark says he doesn’t feel safe on the block.
Jason says for her to put up Raven.
Alex wants to guarantee the votes to evict Dom.

Mark swearing that the the votes : Paul, Raven, Mark, Elena and Matt will not change.
Alex says she believes there’s a live eviction tomorrow.
Mark – I’m not going ot screw you
Alex – yeah I trust you

Alex says they kept a dud player in Christmas week 1 she cannot understands why.
Matt – I wanted to get rid of Christmas but the votes where there
Jason – they were there but our little dip sh1ts flopped
Jason says why not put Christmas up.

Alex says Jessica is really easy to flip on. They are worried if Jessica is on the block people will vote her out.

Matt says he’s putting up Ramses and Jessica up with a backdoor on Christmas
Alex – I hate Christmas for what she’s doing..
Mark – she’s not competing

Mark says Ramses was the one that voted Jillian it was Kevin that Flipped the vote.. “that’s me showing trust”

2:16pm HOH Alex, xmas, Jason, Mark, Raven

Alex wants to confirm the votes.
Xmas says she’s fine with Jessica being in the house.

2:23pm Josh and Dom
Josh tells her not to get down.
Dom feels things have gotten personal for her.
Dom said that was her team, “my heart is broken”
Dom – no one has to believe me about him but I know what I know.. I never gave names because I wanted the names to come out..
Josh suggests she starts calling people out with facts.
Dom – my team wasn’t loyal to me..
Dom – If people were in tune they would have noticed he EXPLODED.. and he lied.. he lied..

Dom – why would you advice me not to have individual conversations with people..
Dom – I was being targeted.. and he was getting close to me so it didn’t look like it was him.
Dom – I told Mark they are coming for him.. I hope he sees it. (I think she’s right)

3:00pm Josh and Alex
Alex – what’s the game plan. we’re the votes going
Josh says he’s voting out Dom
Josh says he doesn’t trust the other side they are in an alliance.
Josh – I trust Paul and I trust Christmas.. this week we take out Dom next week we take another one of them out..
Josh – they aren’t getting a chance to be alone..
Jason asks him who he’s voting for
Josh _ Evict Dominique
Jason – good don’t let that thought leave your mind.. keep it there.

Josh leaves…

Jason is suspicious of Paul because he’s fighting to get mark up.
Alex – let keep the nominations the same.
Jason – we can’t risk it.. I don’t trust them.. they are saying they all want to vote out Dom..
Alex – why are you saying this..
Alex – weren’t you in the room when Christmas swore she’s voting her out..
Alex thinks it’s Kevin that is the snake in their group.

They are going to apologize to Ramses for thinking he flipped the vote week one when it was Kevin.
Alex – we have to take Kevin out.. He’s playing us
Jason – you are certain if we leave Jessica there.

Jason – Alex.. if it goes down like last time we’re f*ed
Alex – do yo think Mark will vote with us
Jason sighs
Alex – if these people turn on us
Jason – we’re f*ed
Alex – next week maybe
Jason will do what she wants but he really thinks the “safety net” should be up there.
Jason wants Raven on the block, it’s the only sure way.
Alex – raven and Matt will vote with us..
Jason says the other side doesn’t want Dominique to go home.
Alex – why..
Jason – I feel like all of them are just like…. vote to evict Jessica.

3:17pm HOH Paul and Alex
She tells him Kevin is the one “Stirring the pot”
Paul – f* ramses on all aspects of life, if I win HO next week that fools going home.
Paul tells him he’s still 100% convinced the best move is to put Mark up.

Paul says he’s certain that Christmas will quit on her own because of the pain levels.
Alex says Paul should talk to Jason if he uses POV she’ll chuck up Mark.
Paul says if he wins HOh he’ll put up Jessica and Ramses.

3:53pm Matt and Alex
Matt is suggesting she puts Raven up. Alex says Ramses and Kevin both don’t like raven so they might vote her out.
Matt – I don’t feel comfortable going up

Alex says if Jason does use it she’s putting Mark up. He needs to talk to Jason.
Mark – he’s in the DR
Alex – shit. . If he pulls her off I have to put you up..

3:31pm Raven and Alex
Alex says she’s putting Mark up regardless what he thinks.
Raven – that’s the smartest thing.

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Well done, Paul. i’m not fan of him. Alex has no mind of her own. Pretty pathetic!


you all thought alex was such a game changer. seems to me she shifts like the wind and Jason is running the show. WHY!

You were right about Paul

What a joke. A one footed lying bitch gets to influence the game without playing it. Her name should not have been in the veto bag. And Paul? What a piece of shit. He knows that the one footed ink stain is lying through her teeth, but watches another person being persecuted, and viciously, for it. Paul and Xmas should get together and spawn an inky Satan baby.


Joke? you’re the joke!


Agreed I don’t c how she is allowed to continue.she needs to go home contributes nothing.im so sick of production manipulation.i just don’t understand why they can’t let the game play out.one other thing does everyone really think going after a black person in a game is racist?if so what do u suggest letting them go to the end on a free pass?


lol you think Dom is being targeted because they think she voted out Ramsey?

You are oblivious!


Dom should repent..


She’s being targeted #1 because of her show alot of people say that coming and #2 because she’s onto Paul

Jason Roy

I wish I was in the house to school these bitches.

BB lover

Do they not realize the whole idea of “Big Brother” is someone watching your every move and manipulating it? How dumb is Matt?!


Matt brings nothing to the game (even only 2 shirts) lol
He’s there just to sit next to Raven and agree with her juvenile conversations. He’s useless



BB19 Watcher

Do they not realize the whole idea of “Big Brother” is someone watching your every move and manipulating it? How dumb is Matt?!


Again please someone help me out. What did Paul mean when he said someone is going home SUNDAY? Is it maybe because he was told Christmas was leaving? He told Jason that around 2am?
Sorry to be annoying


It was just said again so I’m thinking there really is going to be an eviction tomorrow. Weird?


They will have the eviction tomorrow night, so they can do the battle back and HOH Thursday


Battle back is on Friday tho not thrusday

sunny dee

probably they want to do the battle back before thursday ?


I agree they likely do the eviction Sunday/Monday and the Battle perhaps Wednesday to edit story line to adjust for Battle winner. They won’t show the actual battle til Thursdays show. May not show the eviction til Wednesday or Thursday on CBS. Remember we are way ahead of the CBS edit as TV hasn’t even shown HOH winner as of yet.

Just me

showing it Friday @8 special episode


Not necessarily, they have three players already, Cameron, Jillian, and now Cody. They could set Cameron versus Jillian in some contest then the winner plays Cody and the winner of round two plays whoever gets evicted Thursday. Or one big build for 15 people Paul replaces Megan in that case and Alex can’t compete.


I think Paul (and some others) are just speculating since they had the veto stuff early.

I don’t think any of them know about Friday’s competition (at least they shouldn’t know, but we do know that prosucktion feeds information to certain HG’s from time to time).

Ravens vagina

How can they not be on to Paul at this point? How are Dominique and Cody the only ones to see this? Didn’t they watch last year?


Raven should be ashamed for letting Boyz2Men near that thing. They do remind me of Nicole and Corey. Not doing sh!t and then win a few competitions in the end. Idiots

PURSE (Paul the Curse)

Well, If they listened, they would realize that Paul is the CURSE of the 1st temptation ($25k)
I believe PAUL is in the game to disrupt EVERYONE.
And, he is doing a GREAT JOB!


Christmas need to be home where she can be attended to in a clean environment with people who care. Especially since she needs drugs.


No, she’s showing “America–” all of America now–how to persevere. It’s her purpose, like spreading joy is mine.


You both failed.

Bunny Flop

No, most of them didn’t watch Paul’s season. Most of them only watch maybe half a season. I don’t think they like too many fans in the house. The ones recruited are easier to manipulate. And the producers get a better mix of eye candy. And people willing to do outrageous stuff to entertain. I think there are enough people onto Paul, that he won’t make the final two. I could be wrong. But he’s playing to hard. I think his schtick is starting to rub the wrong way.


paul’s in 6th in both alliances. hard to think he can make it much further than that, but he can probably get there pretty comfortably, which is boring.


K-“The back of your hand. What’s wrong with you?”
R-“Stop yelling at me.”

I just love watching and listening to Kevin and Ramses together. They are fun and have very interesting verbal volleyball. 🙂

Smitten Kitten

They’re like an old married couple, lol.

It’s cute watching Ramses educate Kevin about BB.
Whenever Ramses teaches him something, Kevin comes out with these hysterical one liners with a question mark at the end, that usually have absolutely nothing to do with what Ramses just taught him.

It’s like watching my mother try and explain things to my father who’s hard of hearing.
It’s great, I love these two.
I just wish Kevin would stop using Ramses as a scapegoat & blaming him for everything that HE’S actually done (the $25K, the vote against Jillian).


So, so true!

Actually, Kevin has made me like and appreciate Ramses even more. They are hilarious, and I hope they stick around awhile!

Kevin's Closet

Yeah…maybe Kevin is interested in something more. Just saying ?…the clues are all there.


Funny k

Team Jess

These people are so stupid! How is Paul getting away with everything? UGH I’M SO ANNOYED

I hope Cody comes back and manages to actually do some harm to Paul.


Exit interviews: Cody has said more than once that if he returns he’d like to align with Paul.


Apparently he wants to work with ” Paul ” When and if he comes back into the game .


How is Paul getting away with everything?

Can you be more specific?

Banana Beard

Did none of these clowns watch last season? Paul plays both sides and he does it very well. The ultimate floater. I had high hopes for Alex, but she’s letting Paul play her HOH for her.
I wish CBS would just bring the old Big Brother back, and stop with the returning players every year.
If they want them on again so bad, do another All Stars. I also think Christmas being left in the game is
a joke at this point.


Mark always has a surprised Deer in the headlights look. Scared and Sketchy. Like he’s trying to figure out where he is and who those people are talking to him.:)


Not a Paul fan but he is usually pretty smart and a few days ago was sure there would be a buy back. Now I haven’t heard any mention of it.. Plus this schedule change should have also alerted him (or production). So I thought for sure he would be trying to get out Jessica for the obvious reasons. So it kinda makes me wonder if he is expecting Cody to come back and then tell him he was the one to flip the house to keep her. Then he has Cody. Ugh I hope not bc he would be useless if she’s still in the house. I want to see GAME play not tonsil hockey.

Detroit Girl

Can we just leave Jessica on the block, so she fights Cody to return to the house? I can handle Cody by himself, I think. He may show a personality without her there. The two of them reunited will be insufferable! Although I’m glad Ramses is out the crosshairs, not ready to see Dom go either.


You could be right Bunny Flop but unless Paul leaves in a double eviction I doubt he’s going anywhere. The only other variance would be if Cody or Cameron return & get HOH before they get taken out a second time. Although I think Cody would target Mark (would have said Xmas but once he learns she voted or Ramses that will change). Personally, I’m kind of hoping Cameron gets another shot b/c he seems smart/physical & might not be a sheep.

Paul seems to be well positioned although there are people who would target him. but factor in the following:

Paul spoke to Alex & told her he wanted to play with her to F2. She recently told Jason (her ride or die) they need to take Paul to F4

Paul knows Kevin took the $25k & hasn’t told anyone & Kevin does what Paul tells him (ie: vote for Gillian/Ramses). Paul protects Kevin (see below re: F3) & Kevin constantly says I trust Paul.

By working to save Xmas she owes him. That said, she also is controlling & smart so I don’t see her going deep in the game, but I think he’ll keep her around as a target.

As for the females in the showmances (Raven & Elena) if they were Eskimos they would buy ice from Paul. Both girls believe he has their best interest at heart & if Matt/Mark leave Paul will be their #1 (if he isn’t already)

Josh is wishy- washy but not well liked & he’s also done whatever Paul has wanted. Although he vacillates from power to power he’s consistent in his Paul support

Of the men – Matt’s apparent “friendship” & Raven’s connection to Paul make him the least likely male to be targeted by Paul. Jason he wants gone b/c of his ties to Kevin/Alex. If he leaves it pulls them both closer to him, Ditto for Mark/Elena & Raven/Matt. Still, I won’t be surprised if he tries to get Raven ousted prior to F4 b/c the entire house seems committed to giving her the money should she reach F2 b/c of her illness.

So, who exactly would target Paul? Dom (she’ll be gone), Mark/Ramses (watch them be the next targets), Jason (won’t b/c of Alex, but Paul will get someone to target him soon).

Paul’s desires seem obvious. Here’s his order to keep from top down IMHO: Elena.Kevin as his F3 NOTE: I do think Kevin is his desired F2 b/c Paul can tell everyone how Kevin took the $25k, lied about his votes which will piss people off so they vote for “honest Paul” (yeah right) instead, Josh, Raven, Alex, Jessica, Christmas, Matt. And his priority targets: Dom, Ramses, Mark, Jason (depending on how much Christmas or Jessica stir the pot they’ll be added to this list, but I think he’ll want them kept around just like Josh b/c others will be inspired to take them out before him since they aren’t universally liked AND b/c he can beat them in comps).

Of course things can change, but Dom was the best positioned in the house & Paul was the one who shifted the target on her after her interview show.

What is annoying about this season is none of them seem to have a clue. Here is Mark in trouble of going up on the block & instead of chilling he’s in talking to Jason asking if they can save Dom, knowing the house is worried about his double-dipping game & relationship to both Dom/Elena. By doing this he’s just confirming their reason to think those 2 are super sketchy.

Plus Paul has so much information, he’s able to get ahead of situations – like Alex’s disdain for Jessica & Ramses. First he makes sure to tell Raven to deny what Jess is saying (tbh I don’t know if Raven hid the cat ears or not). Then he tells Alex that Jess has pulled in Ramses. So, by the time Jess throws shade at Raven she doesn’t believe her & when Ramses works to keep Jess off the block/bury Raven it only serves to make her more skeptical of those 2.

Paul has a bad habit of talking too much, but he’s also brilliant at deflecting suspicion on another. Just by calling someone out publicly (like Dom) b/c he’s repeats the “truths” the other hamsters know from him they believe him instead. It’s smart game play. He learned from Nicole last season when she kept denying even though she was lying through her teeth.

I’m loving Kevin by the way, he’s HIGHLY entertaining & for some reason I find his lying & backstabbing hilarious. It’s great to see an older player doing so well – I prefer him to the banal youngsters who have nothing of substance or humor to say. I’d love to see if he would do his own thing with an HOH – I think he would target all men Matt/Mark & Ramses as a backup but perhaps Paul could talk him into targeting Ramses since Paul has no influence over Ramses.

Real Nurse

Dang you should go on the show. You know it very well.

BB Watcher

Great thoughts! I’m team Paul/Kevin for now.


Excellent break down. This is why I keep saying Paul is definitely playing the best game. It’s seems to be ticking off some people watching, but he’s playing the game. It’s like another commentor said, I’m not sure yet if it’s a Dan’s mist situation or him having safety, possible a mixture of both.

I guess we’ll see after next week!

Captain Obvious

Well TTOTambz. Good thing for some of the HG you are not in the house. Analysis on-point.


What illness does Raven have?


This may have already been commented on but would love it if someone could clarify things for this old lady. Christmas won the temptation ring and can use it to stop one live eviction? Is that perhaps why they are keeping her in the house as it would throw a spanner in the works if they had to withdraw that temptation and they really could not give it to someone else. Just curious.


Sorry if someone already answered this…

Taylor – Christmas won the ability to replace any player in a POV competition. For example this time around:
Alex is HOH Jess/Dom Noms & players picked to play were Jason, Kevin & Xmas. Let’s say for sake of argument she wasn’t selected to play but Ramses was. Christmas could choose to remove any of the drawn players (Jason/Kevin or Ramses) and play in their place.

There was no time frame on her power. To my knowledge Paul is the only one who knows what it is (but I could be wrong).

This power works best for a backdoor situation & could be crucial in a double eviction when stakes are highest. Even with Xmas injured the power would work to take out a target she wants back doored or not allowed to play in POV.


Thank you so much for explanation. Now things make a little more sense.


Mark is telling Alex/Jason he’ll vote out Dom who he also was trying to save less than 24 hours ago. And, he doesn’t want to go on block b/c “pawns go home”

So – I have 3 questions

1) once he doesn’t go up as the pawn & one of Raven, Matt or Xmas do – – will he try to flip the vote to save Dom?

2) after saying he’d vote how Alex wants will he ask if he can give Dom a sympathy vote? Thereby pissing off Alex/Jason?

3) Most importantly, will Paul tell Kevin to vote for Raven so they put a bigger target on Mark


I like Kevin in the game. With that said. I think they should keep Dom. She just exposed Paul. I can’t believe they don’t get it. Come on Paul is playing you all. Figure it out!

production rigged it

Funny how Paul campaigned so hard for Christmas to stay over Jillian and now he’s bitching and whining about how much time she’s spent outside of the house and how she can’t compete. Also hilarious about how he said what an honest player he is, the only way anybody could believe that is if they didn’t watch last season. I know some of them did watch last season so for the life of me i can’t understand why they are doing everything that he says, i’m just baffled by it all production must have given him a secret way to hypnotize them when they gave him that protection pendant.


I am so happy Jason finally made top 4 in the ranking he should be higher though. He’s hilarious. He’s honest and upfront old school player who wants to win and take out the enemy and if it wasn’t for him Alex would have completely wasted her hoh. Now just praying boyz2men volunteers and dom can flip Jason and them to break up a showmance


Agreed 🙂


I would like to see Cameron come back. He might be a player. Right now Paul is the only player in the house. Alex and Xmas claim to be players, but I don’t think so. Cody is just a bully. The rest are sheep, except Kevin. He is learning the game, and may stay around long enough to jump up. I want Dom to go, because I don’t believe GOD watches Big Brother. AG2R!!


Ok so whining Mark (non stop btw) gets his way. Jason isn’t taking Jess down…sooo you watch this blow up in their faces when Jess gets voted out. Alex and Jason folded like a cheap card table. They will pay a price for it. Mark will start campaigning to keep Dom…

Team Jess

I think if Jess stays on the block she is leaving. This decision might f**k all of Alex’s plans. Why is she so worried about putting up Raven? Wtf?


I can’t stand the way Paul plays. & what blows my mom is how is everyone blind to it. If everyone says he trust paul the most…. that’s a clear sign he is a snake and playing everyone.


At least paul’s playing


I think Alex as well as some of the others are smart enough to not let on that they know Paul is a huge BSer. He is still safe, he obviously has the upper hand being a vet and they know how he can rally others when he has a target. (Call them out in front of everyone etc). So I still have faith in her and am not jumping to conclusions about the others yet. If I were in there and even having watched the live feeds last season I would keep it entirely to my self for awhile. I wouldn’t even whisper it out loud to myself bc cameras are everywhere and it would sure seem like BB is helping Paul A LOT. So I wouldn’t want to potentially have any questions going to him about me etc. Look what happened to Cody.. But when the time was right that’s when you try and beat him at his own game. So who knows, maybe some are not as dumb as they appear to be right this moment..

Smitten Kitten

Mark, Josh, Ramses & Jason are HAVE NOTS.

Mark my words, unless Mark gets the have not pass, he’s going to be an absolute MESS being a have not!

Mark is used to eating constant protein in his diet & minimizing bad carbs, so unless he gets that pass, his body will go into shock & he’s going to lose his mind.

If it’s not bad enough that Mark won’t have ANY meat or protein in his diet (slop consists basically of all bad carbs & there’s nothing in it to produce energy or the protein that your body needs), he’ll also be dealing with some major sleep deprivation from those God awful spike beds AND cold showers for the first time since he’s entered the house.

He is going to be an emotional wreck all week, so not only will we see a lot of tears, but he’ll be incredibly short tempered & snap at the other houseguests extremely easily.

Add ALL of that to blabber mouth Josh being stuck in the room with him for a week (if he doesn’t get the pass either) & it will be the perfect storm in terms of a blueprint on how to evict Mark.
This could be the beginning of the end for him.


They won’t have the battle back before Thursdays eviction because they need the fourth person in the battle back which will be the person evicted on Thursday night. Also I’m pretty sure Julie said on the last show the battle back show will air Friday night as a special episode.


There is an eviction tomorrow Sunday


They can record the show prior to Thurs and show on Thurs. They have done this before.


Guys the battleback is Friday its not on Thursday just so everyone knows


They may do it like they have in the past and do the next eviction on Wednesday then cut the feeds til Thursday night. It will air pre-recorded if that’s the case.


Wow these houseguest all are so quick to jump ship.


Does anyone remember Julie’s exact words on Thursday in regards to the next/last temptation? I could be remembering wrong but I thought she implied the curse could prevent the return of the battle back winner.. ?


Not sure about Julie’s words but the official website says:

This week’s Temptation is the Halting Hex
Valid for next 4 evictions
“whether the winner is on the block during live eviction can halt the show” (making it a non eviction night, ie a do over)


If Alex knows Kevin is a snake, why wouldn’t she just nominate Kevin if Cowman uses the veto.

Suuny J

Jason is just slow. How can u not figure out Kevin. He gives u all kinds of clues. He talks a mile a min without saying anything. Me you alex and paul final four. Why paul. He cast the hinky vote. He acts clueless but u know he is not. Paul lied from day one.had protection but blame it on everyone else. He is in everyone HOH. Now Dom causes drama. Everyone on here says they forgot she was in the house. How u cause drama like that. She ask a question that Cody answered and everyone names her. The only ones uncomfortable after that meeting was paul matt and mark. Rhe others weren’t until Paul tols them they were. Sheep. Followers no Leaders.


Did I read that correctly? Matt is suggesting Raven go up? Happy day!!! I’m sorry to hear that Alex is wanting to cut Kevin because I like her, Kevin and Jason together. Jason will help mend the fence I hope.


Alex doesn’t realize that Jess is back in with Elena and the gang. She needs to get rid of Jess and keep Dom. Dom has nobody now and will work with Alex. When Cody comes back – that group is back together. Cody has said he would work with Paul and they left off on good terms.


Elana and Xmas had a long conversation today. If you listened real close you could hear the air swishing around between their ears. They should lock them two in a room and make them listen to each other for the rest of the summer. Please don’t put it on the live feeds.


Liking Jason right now. If it weren’t for him Alex would just be another Paul minion. I hope he doesn’t listen to her and goes ahead with removing Jessica off the block for Raven/Matt.


You guys vote for Dominique to get the temptation Drama will unfolded


Ok guys please learn the difference between Mark and Matt. Very confusing to read the sections when the names are twisted. Thanks


Sorry 😉

Bunny Flop

There’s a difference?

D MIST is back

ROFL. Out of all the funny comments here, this hits me hard.

Jc nolasco

Give Dom temptation this week! House will go mad!!!!!


So no talk “show” tonight on AD??? Maybe there is a God!