Christmas – “Tell them I broke my f****G foot .. I feel the blood swelling”

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8:45am Christmas and Jason backyard
(Feeds had just come back on after being off for the wake up music. I suspect Christmas and Jason were dancing as they tend to do in the morning)
Christmas – it’s ok it’s ok F*** me
Christmas – no no no no
(Christmas keeps moaning in pain

Christmas – just move move move move
Christmas – tell them tell them tell them go..

Jason – you want me to carry you in there
Christmas – no, just leave me
Jason – what do I tell them
Christmas – tell them I broke my f****G foot .. sh1t
Christmas moaning in pain
Christmas – Ohh lord

Jason runs off to tell production.
Christmas – F*** F*** F**** F****
Christmas – Production I seriously broke my f****g foot, not a twisted ankle nothing else.. I f***g broke my foot..
Christmas – Please I feel the blood swelling I feel it feel it, please please please.. f****G get me something fast.. F**** ME… F*** ME… Sh1t.. I can’t even look at it
Christmas – Hey guys… HEY GUYS .. Somebody please…

Feeds cut to Feed cats

While Christmas moans in pain, Jason is scrambling to get into the Diary room to get help…

He exits the Diary room and starts searching through the room Christmas sleeps in. Grabs something tells them Christmas got hurt. Feeds to feed cats.

9:38am Matt and Jessica

Jessica brings up her conversation with Christmas last night, “It did not sit well with me”. Christmas told her that she’s 100% after Cody and Jessica is just as much a Target as Cody because of their showmance. Christmas says she spend the day talking to people in the house and Jessica should keep her game play separate from Cody’s. Jessica adds the Christmas tried to get her to flip on Cody.

9:49am Kitchen Cody, Jason, Matt and Jessica.

Matt saying when the backyard opened Christmas was laying there with two nurses beside her.
Jason explains what happened
“We were dancing and she was on my back, we ran through there and we run around the yard”
“I f****g slipped on the grass, She was like my f***g foot’s broke”
Jason – I’m like what do you want me to do
Cody – it was lumped up and down also
Jason – on the arch
Cody – yup
Cody – it didn’t look good..
Cody – best case she has a sprain, worst case it’s broken and I have to nominate another person.

10:00pm Paul, Jason, Jessica and Cody
Talking about how bad the grass is for traction. They joke that at this rate Jillian will win the game because everyone will have quit or gotten hurt. They laugh about it because Jillian is so clueless.

Jason – she went out on a bull ride

Cody explains that when he saw her foot there was a big point lump on one side of the arch and a big lump on the other.
Cody thinks her foot will need surgery.

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This is the REAL Curse. I Blame Paul !!!!


Well wasn’t Kevin talking about how Jillian talks about the Bible all the time maybe the curse is not Paul but this is all Gods plan because this is some kind a cosmic joke seriously all Christmas had to do was stay healthy and she would’ve stayed I think CBs is cursed for using the word cursed …


WTF!!!!!!! I hope she’s ok

sunny dee

stupidity. someone does this every time, just totally screws up their game by screwing around. on the other hand, she might be kept in the game simply because she can’t compete in anything and expect to win physically.

i have no sympathy for these people who run amok (or sit on their butts doing nothing all summer) when they know there are physical comps they should be preparing for.


What the hell you want these people to do? Like run AMOK, ARE YOU SERIOUS? it’s a freak accident it happens. You can’t walk on clouds………… Like i’m sorry but your comment is hurtful to intelligent people.

Great White Hump

If CtotheS leaves, then Cody should nominate Jessica.


Omg if her foot is broken she is gone this week …. Does anybody know what medical problems is wrong with Raven … And is Kevin missing teeth he sounds older than what he is … And does anybody know if any of the couples from last year are still together …


I’m pretty sure nothing’s wrong with raven. She just made that up for sympathy. Medical wouldn’t clear her to play if she had something as severe as she’s making it out to be.


She apparently has gastroparesis, which means her stomach basically doesn’t work. She has an electric implant to ‘shock’ her stomach into working somewhat, but it’s a disease with no cure as far as I know. It’s either the electric shock thing or a feeding tube into the stomach directly.


hmm, reading up on it on webmd it seems much more manageable than she makes it out to be, so maybe i’m half right that she is playing it up for sympathy but she and production both know it’s not a huge deal? i’m not a doctor though and webmd’s probably not the best authority to go on.


I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once and I postulate that she is quite able to manage the complications. The show’s medical people would have to have a reasonable expectation of her being able to compete on the show before clearing her. She also dances, has her own dance studio, and able to live a full life outside the game. She may get nauseous and not feel 100% all the time but she’s not going to drop dead if someone bumps her.


Haha, trying to piece in what staying at a holiday inn express has to do with this… either way, best line in a comment in a while.

Is she acting like she can’t do anything? I don’t watch the feeds, and she really hasn’t been shown on TV at all yet.


I also stayed in a Holiday Inn Express once and i totally concur!!!


What’s his name from last season dumped Nicole, lol.




That’s because she doesn’t have a d*ck.


Raven has a stomach pace maker, due to a gastro disease.


OMG watching the live feed. But why are they talking about having Cody nominate someone else?


Another nomination coming. Poor girl.


Unless the foot requires surgery, Christmas can stay in the game with a broken foot. Of course, she’ll be almost useless in most comps and would have to fully rely on social game to stay. Hopefully, it’s something that can be treated and allow her to compete physically in short order.

Season of the Premature

Matt is prematurely grey, Jason is prematurely bald, and Cody apparently is prone to premature ejaculation.

big meech's bald spots

Hate you signed that disclaimer lady. They should implement a no grab-ass rule for future seasons.

Daisey Dukes and Boots

Well after all – she was letting him play grab-ass with her to keep her in the house?
You live by the clown…You die by the clown…


I can’t stop laughing! I almost messed my granny panties.

I’m not a monster, y’all! I’m not laughin’ at the Christmas tree stand bustin’!

I’m rolling over the thought that Cody may have to nominate a 6th person.

Blessings to the pretty Christmas and loads of healing vibes, ’cause that foot looks pretty dang bad. I hope production is able to get her the medical help she needs without removing her from the game!


At this rate, Cody will have nominated the whole house before eviction night!


I am watching last nights show and that have not room is ridiculous. Those spikes on the bed are torture and unnecessary. Makes my stomach sick. Shame on you Big Brother

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious says that is the whole point of it, to deprive them of sleep and make them cranky, irritated and emotional. They are not victims in there and don’t need any cheer leaders….they chose this. Oh dear where has self responsibility gone?


They could have not made the spikes so big, maybe smaller ones. Or maybe I am jst too old to see the fun game play in the beds. They are rediclous




That house is cursed.


Patch it up get her a chair it will be all good


I am an orthopedic resident. Without having access to Christmas’ MRI and X-rays I obviously can’t be certain of her condition. From the pictures I’ve seen of her injured foot my best guess is that she has suffered a midfoot injury called Lisfranc. The joints in the midfoot (which connect to the metatarsal bones) are commonly damaged from this type of fall. If there are no fractures, dislocations, or torn ligaments then the normal treatment is a non-weightbearing cast for a minimum of six weeks. It would be very difficult for Christmas to be on her feet for more than a few minutes at a time and any weightbearing would be detrimental to her recovery. If there is a fracture(s) in the joints of her midfoot or abnormal positioning of the joints then surgery is a necessity and Christmas would definitely be out of the game. With any luck Christmas has only sustained a strained Achilles tendon which can sometimes manifest itself with swelling in that area of the foot.


CODY … ready, fire, aim situation it seems … no worries, 6th times a charm … nothing like nominating 1/3 of the house as the first HoH and somehow getting at least 3 removed from the game if Christmas has to be removed … this keeps up and you will be announced the winner by the end of the month.


UGH – I liked it better when Jason was no where to be found. Now all he ever does is Whine, Bitch or Moan about Christmas, and whether they should keep her or get rid of her. – And now he tries to take her foot off before Lunch. JASON VOORHEES should be his new Nickname !!!


Hmmm hurt while on the block. Interesting.

Can we name the last person that got hurt while on the block? It interestingly enough happens kinda often.

“Oh jeez…man I feel bad I can’t vote her out now”


Daisey Dukes and Boots

Good point.
Didn’t Brittney get hurt while she was on the block too?
I give that girl props because she completed that 24 hour goal kick punishment,
even though she knew she was going home.
Either she was hurt beforehand, or hurt during,
but the tough sport finished it, again knowing she was going home.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.


It wasn’t 100% sure but there was little doubt in her mind. She finished up just in case she made it so she’d be able to compete in the HoH (people who didn’t finish weren’t able to).


Yeah I’m sure she planned on a 250 lbs man to fall on her foot just to maybe not get voted out?! Ok.. makes perfect sense.. Geez. Really?


250 lbs? Yeah okay there..


Kevin is annoyint and overrated. He looks like a senior Chucky doll on meth!

No It Is Just You

Kevin is well liked, You just see in Kevin what you don’t like in yourself, that is all.


Interesting when it is not all models in the house. The nasty comments on how someone looks. I think Kevin is a handsome older man. I would be proud to call him my father.


Henceforth Jason shall be called Magic Head.


Julie” house guest with the chain of events that has happened this week with Megan leaving and Christmas broken foot there will be no one leaving the house tonight!! Let’s just start Hoh competition ” worst 1st week for CBS

big meech's bald spots

I feel the blood swelling everytime I see my girl jess on the feeds.


An inconvenient, convenience.


Wow, if Cody has to nominate someone else, then he will have more blood on his hands than Dexter!


At this point there is little reason for him to have to nominate another person. If Christmas is removed because she needs surgery, I assume they’ll just say that’s the eviction as they’ll still have a couple days for production to complete Wednesday’s show and prepare for a live show Thursday. As it stands now they are down an eviction because of Megan, which means either a way to reenter the house or a double eviction is gone.

Nana Jo

Jessica pointing her finger like a gun towards Alex and saying “Get me an assault rifle ….pao pao pao” is absolutely disgusting and production should call her on it immediately!! It would be hilarious if Cody nominated Jessica in place of Christmas as way of ending the showmance and freeing him ….epic! I feel bad for Christmas. If it’s as bad as has been described she will need surgery. I hope they can fix her up and she can continue. If not production should just draw a line on this week …NO voted eviction …and just show the entire HoH comp and some weekly highlights….enough already. If Cody has to make a 4th nom that is beyond ridiculous.