Amanda says Ah yes Candice go crazy! She isn’t even on the block and she’s going bat sh*t crazy.

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP = America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


1am McCrae and Amanda are in the bedroom talking. Amanda says that Candice is in the lounge room threatening Elissa right now and she threatened Jessie as well. Amanda says that whole spiel that Howard just said to us was bullsh*t because he’s just getting her to do it for him. McCrae says that’s exactly what Judd said. Amanda says she can campaign against me if she wants to, I don’t really understand why because she is going up on the block, but I think what she is trying to do is spread the votes around so that she gets some votes on her but we all need to be on the same page and vote the same person out. And we all know it’s Howard. Amanda says they’re all just talking sh*t against her upstairs but I was saying stuff like they’re all good people and stuff. Amanda says you would be so proud of me. Amanda says ah yes Candice go crazy! She isn’t even on the block and she’s going bat sh*t crazy. McCrae asks what do you think our best plan of attack is, sit back? Amanda says yeah. Amanda says hopefully if she got into power she would put me up against Elissa or Helen. McCrae says that he talked to Judd and he said he doesn’t respect Candice campaigning for Howard. McCrae says that Judd said he would always vote for Amanda to stay unless it was me and you on the block. Amanda says that Helen said Candice wants to her to flip Andy, Judd, Jessie and Elissa. McCrae asks Amanda do I even need to campaign to them? Or just keep up to date with them? Amanda says yeah just always be like we got you! Amanda says let’s try to get to Spencer with that too. McCrae says that it will be a landslide for Howard to go home. He says and what Candice is doing will make it worse for her next week. Amanda asks who would flip? No one, maybe Helen, Elissa, Spencer. Which isn’t even enough they need 4 people.

1:10am Elissa joins them and Amanda asks what I don’t get is why is she (Candice) campaigning for Howard, when she is going up on the block. Elissa says I don’t even get it. I don’t understand it, if she is crying or upset he just peace’s out. It’s so weird. Amanda says its all about loyalty, like with you and we have a whole army on our side. Amanda says I am not going to campaign against them, I am just going to campaign for myself. Amanda says that Candice was threatening people, she threatened Jessie and Helen. Elissa says he’s going home. Elissa brings up how Candice was balling her eyes out and Howard just got up and left. My husband when we were dating would go to the ends of the earth for me. Elissa says that she would never flip. I have never even had a conversation with Howard. Elissa says that she fell for her because of the racial thing, I felt bad for her and I couldn’t even talk to Aaryn because of what she said to you. Judd comes by and points to his hat and says I wish we could get this campaign on the road! They all laugh.


CBS Interactive Inc.

1:10am Candice asks Howard why he would do that to her? I was defending you and crying and you walked out of the room. Howard says because he didn’t want to hear Elissa lying. Howard says I wasn’t walking out on you. Candice says don’t you see how that looked when I was defending you. Howard says that makes you upset with me? I didn’t know that was a show for her, I thought we were talking. Candice asks wouldn’t you want to change her way of thinking and Helen’s? I was setting you up for a conversation. Howard says he didn’t know she was doing that. What am I to do but keep my temper down, pray and talk to people one on one. Howard says I am the one going home. Candice says well I am on the block as well. Howard asks you are? Part of me walking out is so that I don’t set you up to look bad to go. Candice says it looked like you were setting my up to self-combust and look crazy. Candice says I was talking to someone that would vote for me over you and I am telling her to keep both of us and you walked out. Howard says I will just go apologize to her. Candice says it’s done now, there’s no apologizing. You don’t understand. Howard says that he was frustrated and had to walk out. Am I not able to have emotion too. Elissa comes in and Howard explains that he walked out because I care about her and wanted to get my emotions together. Howard says my feelings for her have been growing for a while now and when I hear lies and stuff that I can’t defend against. I just had to walk out to collect myself. Elissa says yeah it was just weird, I haven’t had conversations with you. If I was crying my husband would be dying for me. Howard says I have been there for Candice every other time when she has broken down and no one else was there for her. Elissa leaves. Howard says thank you to Candice for defending me, I feel bad for walking out on you. Howard says he was frustrated that the deal didn’t work. Candice says that the game isn’t over Helen said she would think about the deal. I just don’t understand why you would walk out when we are trying to make deal. Candice says that Helen is running the house. Candice says that Helen doesn’t believe that she has control over Jessie and Andy. Candice says that she thinks Helen got rid of Kailtin because she couldn’t mindf**k her, and kept Aaryn because they knew they could control her.

1:25am – 1:35am Out in the backyard – McCrae, Judd, Jessie are out on the backyard couch. McCrae says that is the worst strategy you can have being on the block. Jessie says to be on the block being a bully. Helen says she honestly doesn’t think she (Candice) is thinking. Andy joins them. Helen says I have come to you, Judd, Andy and Jessie to try and keep Howard. Andy jokingly says and it worked I am going to vote to keep him. McCrae says stop saying that. Andy says I am joking. McCrae I honestly feel like I am on the block too. I will take all the blood on my hands as long as Amanda stays. It will be Popsicle stick part 2 on Thursday I will not let go. Helen explains her conversation with Candice from earlier. They agree that Candice has to go next week. Helen says she is too much trouble she is threatening to bring down Elissa and I if we don’t help her. That’s not the way you get people to do things.


2am Helen and Elissa are lying in bed in the dark talking. Helen is talking about how Candice threatened her and said, she had to campaign to save Howard for her or else she must have a deal with Amanda. Helen says that Candice was bullying her so she walked out. Elissa tells Helen that she doesn’t get why Candice thinks she knows Howard so well. She doesn’t get why Candice wont believe them when they tell her about all his deals. Helen says it would make no sense to get Amanda out and work with Howard and Spencer because they’ve never worked with them the whole game. Elissa says she has never talked game with Howard and Spencer, not even once. So, why would I want to work with them. Helen says that even if it comes out that we are working with Amanda and McCrae it doesn’t matter, because everyone already knows except for Spencer. Helen says that McCrae is willing to get blood on his hands for them. Helen says that’s a good thing. Helen says now isn’t the time to go after Amanda because if we did, we would have half the house after us. They agree that Howard has to go. And that Candice is going to flip her lid when it happens.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:25am Out in the backyard hammock – Spencer is talking to McCrae about getting rid of Candice and keeping Howard. McCrae says that he was worried that Spencer would throw the veto to Howard so that Howard would win it and take himself off. McCrae says that he thinks Howard is the MVP. Spencer asks if Aaryn and Gina are going home next week. McCrae says yes. Spencer says Howard feels like he is on the outs and doesn’t have anyone to talk game with. Spencer says that he keeps telling Howard to trust McCrae. Spencer says that keeping Howard would be keeping an ally and getting rid of an enemy (Candice). Spencer says I promise Howard would be loyal. Spencer says that Candice is already sinking her own ship. McCrae says that he can push for Howard, but says I am only one vote. Spencer says Jessie and Helen got threatened, and with Gina that makes five votes. McCrae says Gina will do what Aaryn wants. McCrae says that everyone is pissed off at Candice tonight, and if this keeps happening, the vote could switch. McCrae says as of right now though – Amanda is staying and Howard is going. McCrae says that he and Amanda can use Spencer going forward more than any of the other girls. Andy joins them and the conversation ends.

3:15am Out on the backyard couch – Amanda and Judd are talking. Amanda asks Judd if he is still freaking out? Judd says no not anymore. Judd tells Amanda that he is afraid of how he is being portrayed because of the way he has been acting. He thinks he is being portrayed as a douche bag. Judd tells Amanda how Aaryn told him about Helen, Candice, Elissa feeling bad about Howard and that is what set his craziness off. Judd says that he was pissed that Helen would talk about that without the entire alliance there. Meanwhile in the lounge room Howard and Spencer are talking. Spencer is trying to convince Howard to campaign. Howard says my plea to you is, and it’s for you to decide, go to Helen with an idea of mending bridges and keeping him and Candice. Spencer tells Howard that Candice has already f**Ked that up for him and Spencer because she threatened Jessie and Helen. Spencer tells Howard that his only option is to mend things with McCrae & Amanda. Spencer tells Howard that his only option to stay is if Candice goes. Spencer says that Candice will sink her own ship because she wants Amanda out so bad and Amanda won’t like that.

3:35am Amanda is talking to Judd and she asks him if he made up the story about Kaitlin saying she was after Helen. Judd smile and says he had to do it to keep them all safe. Judd says he wanted to keep Aaryn so he had to find a way to take the target off her so he made up the story about Kaitlin to make her the target. Amanda asks Judd if the grasshopper alliance was real. Judd says no it was fake. Amanda says that when Howard was nominated Jessie cried. Amanda says that Jessie has to go soon. McCrae joins them. Amanda tells them that he gut tells he Howard isn’t the MVP. She says it could be America. Judd says that one of us three have to win HOH next week. He says that is the only way I will feel safe and Jessie. Amanda says that she isn’t completely comfortable with Jessie because she is a floater. Amanda says that Jessie is good for a vote, but not for power. Judd says it’s too early to get rid of Jessie but understands. McCrae starts talking about the conversation he had with Spencer in the hammock. Judd says that Candice needs to go she talks too much sh*t. Howard joins them and tells them that he is going to distance himself from Candice because she is hurting his game. Howard says that he doesn’t want to be sent home because he is guilty by association and says that he isn’t going to put out fires he didn’t start. He says he wants to work with them instead of against them. Howard says that he’s not campaigning against Candice or Amanda but that he wants to at least make it to jury. They talk about how they can’t understand why Candice is doing the things she’s doing. Amanda says it was a bad move for Candice to campaign for Howard when she is going up on the block. Howard says he just wanted to make peace with them and heads to bed. Judd also heads inside.

4:10am – 5am Howard and Judd head inside to go to bed. McCrae and Amanda talk about how Howards talk with them was good. McCrae says it was good but not good, he is going to be putting out fires. Amanda and McCrae head into the lounge room. They talking about how smart it was for Judd to make up the lie about Kaitlin. They agree he is super smart. They agree not to tell anyone anything about it. They talk about the grasshopper alliance being fake. McCrae says when he heard Judd made that up he knows Judd is planning his endgame. Amanda jokingly asks McCrae if he is going to go the final two with Judd. McCrae says that Judd is playing a better game than me. Amanda says that Jessie needs to go before Helen and Aaryn. Amanda and McCrae start making out really heavily under the covers. Amanda takes off her pants. They continue to make out and then she takes the ring off her one hand and puts it on the other hand. She then give his a h@nd j*b. They then head to bed.


7:15am All the house guests are still sleeping..

Big Brother 15 FLASHBACK: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Johnny (the european one!)

I wonder if there’s anything that can be done (rules, the way the game is organized) so that people in the house are more likely to tell the truth to each other’s face…
Even if your worst enemy is bullsh#tting you, it’s in your best interest to nod and say “yes, and by the way you and I are bffs”.
I’d love to see
– Aaryn tell Helen: “yeah, sure, let’s make a deal. you look just as sincere as you did with Kaitlyn a week ago. You said if she ‘does this for you’, then she’s ‘with you til the end and safe for a long time’. Then she did her part of the deal and from then on, you not only forgot about the deal, you actually put all your energy into making sure she goes home. Sure, sounds great to make a deal with you, Helen!”
– When Amanda asks anybody why America would put her up: anybody: “Umm… seriously? You’ve been ordering people around to nominate and vote the way you wanted them to, always threatening that the house would come after them if they didn’t. You never were able to win power, but still told each HOH that it would be stupid to do sth else than what you ordered them to. How could anyone find this annoying?”
– Someone could have politely put Jessie in her place when she kept talking about “girls hate me because I’m so beautiful! Look at me! I’m so beautiful!”

Jessie weeks 2 and 3: several times: “Kaitlyn is cuter than me. I want her out.” (not said out loud, but obvious to whoever watches the feeds: “she got Jeremy after he first snuggled with me! I had to settle for number 4 on my TO DO LIST! (Judd)”

Low key means something different to me… She just benefits from this season’s motto: “get rid of whoever has ANY value in this game. The most worthless and/or least likeable players have the best shot at making it til the end. She’s not one of the least likeable, but imo def one of the most worthless. She’s this season’s Danielle Murphree. Ready to go as low as Judd to get into a showmance. (when she thought she has a shot at Jeremy, she had no attraction for Judd whatsoever!) I wonder why people are so desperate to do so… Sure throws women’s emancipation years back to see women on BB say “oh, Rhett, hold me tight! I’m just a weak woman and need to be kept safe!” Her stalking the so-not-interested Nick even made it on the CBS show! ^_^

I just love how they discuss stuff like “let’s keep Aaryn over Kaitlyn! Aaryin is so hated, people will ALWAYS vote her out before us!” LOL! Ever thought this through? Sounds to me like if you (Helen, or whoever) were on the block next to “that scum every houseguest hates”, they’d say exactly the same thing and vote YOU out!

Everybody has an alliance with everybody, and the only thing that changes is what alliance you refer to as your “one and only true alliance” and the others are “fake alliances”, depending on who you’re currently talking aka lying to….

I’m just sad that BB got rid of the “Elyssa for MVP” twist AFTER Nick got voted out. To me, he seemed like the only interesting player this season.

I’m really flabbergasted that THIS is the best 16 houseguests BB could come up with this season. Guys, if you find yourselves really rooting for someone in this house, ask yourself: “wasn’t this person like my Number 10 out of 16? Am I only rooting for him/her because those I prefered have been evicted or turned out to be even worse?” I hate to say it, but there’s a moment where we need to realize this season sucks.
BB has been intrusive on the game’s outcome time and time again. Now, all they’ve ensured is that the “cockroaches” got to kill off the “potential BB players”. Even Amanda said about how they used the twist: “it’s not fair, but it’s working!”

But hey, I’m still reading the recaps and bitching about it, so I guess it works. ^_^


Why was Nick “the only interesting player this season”? I thought he was a smart guy (maybe not including his game), but I did not find him interesting at all.

Johnny (the european one!)

I was really surprised that BB went to such lengths in the CBS shows to “filter out” the stuff Nick did that would have made more viewers root for him: the Moving Company was his idea (the concept, not the name! ^_^), and he came up with this complex plan to have 1 of them vote to keep David and blame it on Candace, including telling Spencer to tell her to vote out David!
Obviously, making an alliance within a few minutes into the game has the disadvantage that you can’t know if you’ll really get along with your alliance members, but if the others hadn’t totally imploded (Jeremy by being so agressive to many in the first weeks, Spencer/Howard for being so ‘obviously shady’, and ultimately Spencer and McCrae for jumping ships), his plan was fool-proof.

Speaking of dysfunctional alliance, I prefer the MC with some real strategizing and plots over the Superfriends, who basically just agreed that they can form a big group of votes and use the Elyssa-MVP to always get their way, leading everybody to just “resign” to be a part of it, or at least to “try to be” (Spencer, Howard).

About Nick,
Search for this on youtube:
“Truck My Life” – Special Edition of “The Making of College Musical The Movie”
Take 4 minutes and watch this, I just find he’s a really interesting guy… Especially if put next to some of the other houseguests…


Sure, Nick was the mastermind behind MC, but that’s all he really did. He was a big disappointment in my opinion.

What he did outside of the house (youtube clip) was not anything like he was in the house. Didn’t some of the houseguests label him as shy and quiet? His DR were interesting but we don’t really get to see those. He was two different people and that may have been his downfall. He didn’t really have to say or do much and the other houseguests caught onto his strategy. I’m sure if he had stayed longer in the house, we would find him more interesting.


I wouldn’t say this is a bad season. It’s pretty entertaining, actually. But, yes, we are looking at a pretty dumb cast this year.

Just a few people I like, but I don’t even have a singe specific person I want to win now. I’d be OK with Andy or Judd. I like McCrae but he spends too much time in bed with Amanda.

It would be hilarious if Aaryn somehow won. I said it yesterday, but I think she’s been pretty sweet since she realized she needs to put a muzzle on it. Not sure I’d want any of the other girls to win. Helen is playing the game big time, but she gets too dictatorial. Amanda is pretty much the same, just does it all from the comfort of her bed. Candice is bat shit crazy. So is Gina. Jessie is a passenger.

Howard has no idea how to play this game. Spencer is an a-hole. Did I miss anyone?

Anyway, hard to find a person to really root for, but I’m still enjoying it. It’ll be wild when Helen and Amanda have to go at each other.

Say What

Candice has no subtlety. Candice you threaten someone when you are in power. You don’t threaten someone when you can’t back it up. Helen and Elissa are your friends, you are going to need them when Howard leaves. Candice you are playing to emotional, but I predicted that you would go crazy once Howard goes on the block. This same Howard that told Spencer that he would cut Candice loose if he had to. Candice, you are so upset that Aaryn is still going to be in the house and Howard is leaving. Candice…Candice, Aaryn is playing a better game then you at this point. If you really want to be productive, think how you can stay in the game and win it. You getting up in everyone’s face is a lose lose strategy. Leave Howard to his faith and prayer.

You need to rebuild all these relationships that you tore down trying to defend Howard. You need to think about winning the next HOH. Candice all you are doing right now is being counter productive. Stop the insanity.


oh come on Elissa is Candice friend yes but Helen hell no. She sold her soul to the devil just to try to make jury. Howard was not even coming after her but after Amanda!!!!!! This is all Amanda’s doing. Candice knows Howard could really use that jury money thats why she was fighting for him


It’s time that Candice start taking responsibility for her own actions. I don’t buy this is Amanda’s fault. She’s on the block too, yet she’s still strategizing while Candice is threatening people. She sucks at this game.


Interesting post on America Loues Rachel and Jordan Facebook by someone that claims to of worked for CBS and BB who says Amanda is friends and has been friends with Allison Grodner for a number of years and was hand picked by BB to play and will be the winner of BB this year. It will be interesting to see if Amanda goes home this week or if BB is really rigged like the game shows of the 50’s.


The post is there and wonder if it is true. Guess if she wins this year then we know it is. Prior to this year did not think you could be on the show if friends/family worked for the show. I know you cannot apply to be on game shows like, Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy, if family works for them. Seems as if it would be unfair to all of the others, and of course you would get a great edit. A lot of what is going on this year does make sense with that knowledge.


Just because Amanda isn’t going home this, week doesn’t mean the game is rigged for her. She’s in the majority alliance, has everyone working for her, and isn’t stirring things up this week like the others. If she goes home this week, THAT should prove this game is rigged.


If she wants to remain anonymous, the best way NOT to do that is post to Facebook. Any fool could write that.


Johnny that was the worst post of the season


So, Aaryn still going to put Candice up? If so, I can’t see the power play to get Amanda out happening.


Helen thinks it’s too early to make a move on Amanda, but I think it’s the perfect time. Aaryn has said before that she wants to work with Helen. Helen can use that. Have Aaryn nominate McCrae or Judd. Now they have the voted to evict Amanda (Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, Candace and Spencer). With Amanda gone, Andy and Jessie flip over to their side, and Helen is in complete control. Each week that Helen waits, she becomes deeper in the minority with no chance of making it to the end.


Agree. I’ve always thought an interesting twist would be for BB to, at a point fairly early in the game (like now), expose several lies and then watch the house guests scramble. It’d have to somewhat fair – i.e. not exposing huge lies of one person but trivial ones of another.


Candice just got d*ck whipped, can’t she understand that Helen and Elissa are “loyal” to her but not to Howard. Howard and Spencer have been gunning for them for the past few weeks so why should they trade their “false safety” with MCmanda just to have her satisfaction. It is not cowardice that Helen, Elissa and Jessie won’t evict Amanda this week, it is just a smarter move because they would be against four of their allies just to save one who is a sure threat to their game, besides even though they vote to evict Amanda they would only have four against four of Judd, Andy, MC Crae and GM with Aaryn deciding to evict Howard.

The next HOH will be crucial because this could dictate the game.The best case for Elissa, Helen and Candice is to have power next week and put MC and Amanda, automatically this would put Arryn in the bloc as the MVP nom. This way they could ensure that Amanda goes home with votes from Spencer, two from Elissa’s group and Jessie against GM, Andy and Judd. If non of the three wins HOH, everyone would be picked off one by one by the goof troop.


Well said Carlos. You said I are on the same page. Would love
To see Judd and Mc in the block next week. America vote for
Andy alrhough I like him too but they all need to experience
how it feels and we can see how they do in playing this game.


they have been unning for Amanda!!!!!! I used to like Amanda until she started threathing and bullying people. She has accussed Howard of everything under the sun yet she is doing the same DAMN thing. She acts like she is the only one who can play the game ugh this season was a waste.


Maria you are one of the cause that is why most men wins
Instead of women. Most of these reality shows are won by
men. Women cannot support their own gender get jealous
of each other. I am not against men but as you see
Amanda Is doing the work for her and MC. Candice
campaigning for Howatd does not believe Helen and
Elissa about Howard which is true.

Howard's Wife

Ughhhhh i hate this cast of big brother. They’re such wussies. Wish the rest of the house could find out about the goof troop alliance! Im sure then they would consider kedping Howard & Candice. I just want Amanda out to watch McBitch scramble. How the house doesnt seee the couple who has takdn over the HOH room week after week as the power couple is beyond me. Its like BBCAN all over again except that Jillian and Emmett actuslly won competitions and didnt go around trashing peoples reputations.

Anyways… Thursday is a long way away. Hopefully the cast wakes up by then and blindsides Amanda. Spread the votes Dammit!


Candice needs to shut the hell up. She’s fucking things up even worse for Howard

Zingbot Fan

Can you imagine the lies that are going to be told this week? I think it is time to take a page from Judd’s playbook and make up a lie to throw Amanda under the bus. I would love to see McCrae take a McDump if Amanda gets voted out this week.


They don’t have to lie. They just have to let Amanda and McRae take a nap in the HOH bed while everyone else comes together to share notes about what Amanda has said to them.


Wow! Judd lied about Kaitlin targeting Helen. If not for this lie, Helen would’ve voted out Aryn.

Not a Helen fan but why would keeping Howard over Amanda good for her? Howard has deals with everyone except for Helen and Elissa. In fact, those two are who he was targeting because he knows that Amanda and McCrae are liked and have good social game. I read on this site a few times Howard throwing out Elissa and Helen’s name out there, which is saying a lot since he doesn’t throw people’s name a lot.

It’s true that Helen will be out soon; she may not even make the jury. Except for Andy and maybe Elissa, I don’t think anyone likes Helen (or maybe I’m just projecting). Helen has absolutely no influence over anyone in the house, not one single person. They just use her as a scapegoat: Helen calls the shot (yeah, right!), which is actually very funny.

Helen is self absorbed and has no feel for things. You should always listen more than you talk, especially in a game like BB. Here’s a hint: when you’re talking game and no one’s really adding much to your “plan”, just shut up! You’re digging yourself a hole.

Helen’s plan to get Amanda out will no longer work since only chance of that possibly working is IF Candice won the veto. And that is a big IF because I don’t think Elissa would’ve voted out Amanda. Only thing that could save Howard is Judd, but I really believe that Judd personally does not like Howard.

Elissa is starting to figure out that Candice was manipulating her the whole time about Aryn and the racial slurs but Candice is willing to work with Aryn if she keeps Howard. Candice is all about Howard. How sad.


Amanda just turns my stomach. How she can do what she does knowing the camera is on them and her parents watching…….what a slut. It also makes me sick that she is staying this week. All her conniving and deals and her own threats against people and not one of them have two braincells to slap together to realize that there has to be a reason why she is on the block


At least she’s on slop this week.

Get real

Candice gave Howard a hand job, why aren’t you calling her a slut?


Cause I didnt hear about that one. As for Amanda she has walked around the house topless, her clothes she wears barely covers her, and MC’s birthday was the icing on the cake so to speak. Yes what Candice did was just as wrong but is she doing inappropriate things on a daily basis to Howard?

Big Sister

Prove it! Date and time, please.


Prove what? That she walked around topless? Doing you not recall the night she went topless and placed band aids over her nipples? Do you not recall her dressing up as a dominatrix on MC’s birthday causing Elissa to make remarks about the slutty way she was dressed? Do you not recall them taking over the HOH on MC’s birthday when they weren’t hoh and the feeds mysteriously went down and didn’t come back on for many hours? do you not recall them getting into bed last night and amanda removing her underwear only to have judd i think it was throw them on MC? Maybe you should read a little closer to what Simon/Dawg post on this site and watch the live feeds a lot more or take those rose colored glasses off


“Howard joins them and tells them that he is going to distance himself from Candice because she is hurting his game”.

So Howard finally shows his true colour (no pun intended). He throws his #1 ally and defender Candice under the bus to save himself. Not a proud moment.


Candace is the one throwing more heat on Howard, and she’s messing up her own game in the process, not to mention Spencer’s. I don’t get why everyone is so scared of Howard. Spencer is the brains of the duo, he has worked hard to keep both of them safe, but what has Howard done? Pretty much nothing but get in the middle of drama that he should have stayed out of, it isn’t the real world, it’s a game, and Candace dragged him into it and made the target on him even bigger. Howard doesn’t really talk game with anyone, he doesn’t really talk about anything with anyone. Howard hasn’t been a contender in any of the competitions, and I am not buying that he has been throwing them. He needed to win this one and this HOH, but he didn’t do well at all. At this point I would rather see Candace go than Howard, she is more of a threat than Howard is.


In the real world when you are dealing with an “hostile air” or sick minds,mean-spirit people, prejudice people who judge you differently, liars, etc you can sort of go home and get away from it and regroup. Some of the types of attitudes in there were far too personal and have gone outside of just regular Big Brother strategy. To have to live with those types of thinkers, people who enable it, and have people constantly in your face and living environment wouldn’t be easy . So I think Howard tried to remove emotions from his game no matter what came up maybe to a fault because it can look like a character flaw. And I don’t know maybe it is really. Like trying to take the easy way out. Either way, I don’t think his approach meshes with Candace’s approach so he doesn’t want to pulled into her emotions and they way she handles and expresses herself. He’s told her that before so she can’t force herself on defending him the way she wants to. The only thing she can do is live and go by her own game approach and what she’s comfortable with. Especially since it’s impossible for her to win. I think he cares about her but in his mind she may be high maintenance in the sense that he doesn’t agree with her approach. But he can’t really control her to make her chill out so it’s maybe frustrating so he checks out. I think he’s tried not to lose it in there and her approach is going against his so that’s his way of detaching and checking out. He may be one of those people who go from 0 to 100 and doesn’t know how to stand in the middle zone while standing up for yourself directly. He kind of approached his loyalty to the moving company the same way it was extreme to the point where he sunk with the ship and was lost at sea eventually (lol). So maybe he’s an ass but maybe at the end of the day he just wants to detach from how she deals with things and play his game even if he has to go out the door this week.


I agree with you. I also think they did not have the same experiences growing up that would create the kind of bond that Howard needs.
Candice, I think has been loudly fighting prejudice all of her life, whereas Howard grew up with his family, friends,
church and school in a tight-knit community….you don’t go making waves.


Maybe if Candice actually played the game the last couple weeks instead of getting permanently attached to Howards’ penis, she would have been all in on the moves that Helen and Amanda made because it seems she’s so out of the game already she has no idea what’s going on anymore.

Same mistake that Kaitlin made with Jeremy.

Dumb broads think this is The Bachelor.

Bb sad

This is turning out to be a too predictable season. I hope bb learns from their mistakes and picks a better cast next year. Why such a young cast? Throw some of the older crowd in there. That always makes for an interesting show. Remember Renny?

Amanda and McRae are making me hate them. Stay off the freaking Hoh bed!!! ????


McCrea is going to win this. They now have something on Judd and will throw it out there in time for Helen to see she was used and she won’t like that. It will be Amanda and McCrea and everyone will vote McCrea over Amanda. Her pizza boy will have money and she will stick with him. If anyone had the balls to get her out, it would be a whoel different scenerio. But the fear will cost everyone their game. Judd heard them say Jessie is a liability and that isn’t even making him re-think getting out Amanda instead. Jeff was right about McCrea.

Johnny (the european one!)

I agree. I can’t see any advantage for Judd in telling Amanda and McCrae that he made the Kaitlyn story up. Especially since she’s out and it woud have remained secret until the end…


I can’t believe Amanda just made a mistake like that. If Judd is at all loyal to Jessie (And I think he is…) he will not like hearing that they want to get rid of Jessie. All he has to do is tell Jessie that Amanda said they need to get rid of her soon and BAM…Amanda is gone. They have the votes if Judd and Jessie turn. Judd is going to stew on that, then when he talks to Helen……production may not even have to step in this time to save Howard. Amanda did it for them.


BBLL I agree with you 100%
At this point, it seems like MC will win, Amanda will be second and MC will move over to Amanda’s town for a while. Yep.
If they don’t get Amanda out this week with the help of America, I will try to not be frustrated by her game play but to cheer
her on as she dishes to the house guests what they deserve.


This is so funny to me. Helen couldn’t take the fact that Candice was keeping it real. Seriously Helen, I would have tooken it as a complement if someone told I have a lot of power. Not a threat. Candice is the one of the ONLY people in that house that has your back and now you are turning yours? That’s alright it will come back to bite you. And Jessie also saying Candice is threating when hours before Amanda was blackmailing you? Your kidding Jessie right? Production ethier give out some type of twist/Pandora’s Box or just give Candice & Howard like $100, 000 for all they had to go through on this show. I am sick and tired of turning on my live feeds and there is Amanda and company making fun of the blacks. I sure that if Amanda & Mccrae were on the block and there was still an MVP nom Amanda would be doing what Candice is but probably worst.


I ‘m at the point where I have to pick someone to pull for, or stop watching. It has been almost im possible to “like” any of these people’. So by a process of elimination ,I have decided to join TEAM GM. When I took the list of candidates and eliminated all front runners, bullies, scumbats, religious fanatics, weasels, moral degenerates, and politicians, I am left with 2 candidates…Jessie, who has played a pretty clean game, and Gina. If I pick Jessie, and she throws her game away because Judd (or anyone) pats her on the head, I will PUKE, So I am left with Joe Pesci’s God daughter, who, at this point, is only in it for the slopballs. Her strategy now is simple and honest…Get fat and crazy looking, say things like “C’mon M****F****s, come and get it! Huh? Huh?’ and eat as many slopballs as possible. So I’m in 100% TEAM GM!!! Just remember this: They always come after the PRETTY ONES!

Johnny (the european one!)

Joe Pesci’s God daughter, who, at this point, is only in it for the slopballs”
LOL! ^_^


I just want to see the people that thought they were running the show squirm.


Candice and Howard are the least persuassive people I have ever seen. You don’t get anywhere with the arguments they’re using. I just want to shake them.


Stooks, You have to get behind me because I am first in line to shake them both. Neither of them have any game play. What game did they think they were coming to play?

Triple Eviction X4

I divided this HG cesspool into two – Scum of America and Boring/Annoying. Want none of them to win. Hard to comprehend how, with millions to choose from, BB ended up with these pathetic choices. I expected to watch for entertainment, not to get angry. BB should put them on outdoor lock down, then burn the house down and spare us the rest of the season.


I am team GM only because she completed the cinnamon challenge twice in a row! That is a super power that I can admire.


And she is world class Anchovy ice cream guzzler!!!! GO TEAM GM!


She swallows like a pro…..pun intended


You are picking Gina Marie? really?? the one who said the N word?? If she is your only option I say stop watching.


Who else is ENTERTAINING? This is a show. Who do find interesting?


amanda is so dumb telling judd that jess needs to go as that threatens judds overall game

team jess


can someone tell me what time the feeds came back on last night….thank you!


Thanks Dawg! Hey Dawg…..what is your real first name?…..your given name from your parents?


He is named after Saint Dawg of course….what are you thinking?


Saint Dawg, the Omniscient


the tragedy of this week is that with aaryn back to be eligible next week to be America’s third nomination, there is no way Amanda goes up on the block. The only chance seems to be if Candice gets HoH which does not seem likely, unless production really riggs it and we are in for a major Candice’s revenge arc. If that happens, she can put Amanda and McGrae up on the block with Aaryn. I think by then Aaryn with go back to Helen and assure her of her loyalty, making Helen realize at last that she has to get Amanda out of the house before it’s too late. Helen/Elissa/Spencer/GM(she will do what Aaryn tells her) could then vote out Amanda with Judd/Jessie/Andy being unable to stop it. But Candie winning it is a big if…


I guess I’m the only person who finds Amanda entertaining, sure she’s a bitch on wheels but that’s what makes her fun. The house would be a whole lot duller with her out of it.


Ho hum. What a snoozefest. They really need to stop casting showmances. They ruin the game. I like Amanda and I like McCrae, but by being joined at the hip they are ruining each other’s game. They need to put their hormones aside and stage a break up. If they really do like each other, they can hook up after the show and spare us the steamy make out sessions. I don’t want to see that! Candace needs to just grow a thick skin and stop being offended by something that happened weeks ago. The game changes every day and she is stuck on being offended and liking “Howie” (he told Spencer that he hates being called Howie). The girl is smart, but her game is crashing and burning because of these two obsessions. As for Amanda, she is playing a great game, minus the showmance. She is driving the bus, but she lets everyone think that Helen is the one in the driver’s seat, and Helen reinforces that idea because she talks too much and is always reminding everyone that Elissa is her closest ally. Why would she do that? And now she has said out loud that this might be the only chance to get Amanda out. Being that the people in the house can’t keep their mouths shut, it will eventually get back to Amanda and then the superfriends will crumble, at least I hope so. It’s almost time for a double eviction, maybe this week. The only person I can like right now is Judd. This game is going to be really boring if all the strong players leave before jury and we are stuck with Helen, Andy, Jessie, Candace, Spencer, Elissa, McCrae, Gina and Aaryn in the jury phase of the game. One by one the players that had a mind of their own and the guts to play their own game have been sent home. This could end up being the season of the floaters.


Helen is a politician. Any idea she has needs to be “tested on a Focus Group.”

Elissa's Botox

Candice is psycho , she’s just alienating herself from everyone


The season is over for me….I hope BB doesn’t come back….


Judd, Candice and Amanda are all on slop, and they’re all making mistakes, socially. Maybe being a have-not is more of a disadvantage than I thought.


Judd can redeem himself from his stupidity if he now campaigns to Jessie, Helen and Elissa to vote off Amanda. Judd’s hearing from Amanda that she wants Jessie should warn him of Amanda and MC…. but Judd will play stupid again and vote with the house.


*she wants Jessie gone*


This has been one of Amanda’s strategies. Throw out the name of someone close to the person she is speaking to and read their reaction. I think JUDD is aware of this and is why he tried not to over react to her statement. He will work with Amanda this week, but like Helen, he see’s this week as to soon to make his move against Amanda. And he might perceive himself winning against Amanda in F2. But revealing his move last week to keep Aaryn over Kaitlin may have flagged himself with Amanda. Or, he wants to think that so he is perceived as more than he is. May or may not work for him.


its not too soon

they could easily vote her out


If Amanda were to win this crappy season of BB, she will go down as one of the most disliked winners EVER!!! I tried to watch BBAD last night and had to turn it off. I am soooo tired of the Amanda and McCrae show. I would rather watch the HGs sleep than one more minute of these two one-on-one.

America gave a gift to the house. We nominated Amanda. We knew that this duo needed to be split up. We got the blood on our hands and now these stupid HGs are not going to take advantage of it?

Racist Aaryn is going to nominate Candace to take Spencer’s spot…does she have no clue what this looks like? She can deny all she wants her reasons for doing so, but her past behavior has tainted any moves she makes and this looks REAL bad. In any normal season, you do put people up that are allied together, however, in this case, so much more can be read into it.

CBS Production should strongly urge her to rethink this move and put up someone benign like GM. They can still, if they want, oust Howard, but at least they eliminate the perception that she is racially targeting her noms. If she sticks to her plan, CBS might as well give her a white robe and hood to wear when she does it. THAT is the perception that America has of her.


I don’t think so. I don’t think she will be a more disappointing winner than Lisa (BB3), Maggie (BB6) or Adam (BB9). I don’t get the Amanda hate. Is she rude and abrasive? Yes. Is she playing hard? Yes. But she has been true to her true alliance and she has managed to get her way without getting any blood on her hands. She hasn’t won anything yet, but the best player of all time, Dr. Will never won a competition, never directly got blood on his hands and was still the winner on S2 and came 4th S7. And everyone loves him. I just can’t figure out why people love it when a guy plays like this, but if a woman does it they hate on her. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t tune in to watch people be nice and considerate to each other. I tune in to see personalities clash, people get blindsided, lied to and scummed.


Have you heard her violent comments? She has now aligned herself with a racist…who continues her racist actions. She has talked about doing violent things to other houseguests. Amanda is not being true to her alliance….she IS the alliance. She has bullied and threatened almost everyone in the house. And no, it is not all about winning competitions. But Dr. Will had a good social game and was very deceptive in the way he did things. Plus, he was playing before most people understood how to play the game. Amanda is quickly burning her bridges. If she manages to get to F2 she will not win the jury votes. Once in jury – these HGs will begin comparing notes and they will never give it to her.


If she’s a bully, then everyone else are weaklings. If they all stood up to her, they could get her out. They are not. Which means 1 of 2 things: 1) everyone but Amanda on this show are weak 2) she’s not the bully you want her to be.

Johnny (the european one!)

“then everyone else are weaklings”
Oh, I’m sorry… I thought we had already established that! ^_^


amanda is the most hated house guest of all time

but cbs are trying their best to give her the most favourable edits possible as she is friends with the shows executive producer


Apparently, only Superfriends are allowed to threaten others.. Helen did the same s**t during her HOH, telling people if they didn’t vote her way they would be on the block next time, and Amanda threatened Jessie to win the POV… GTFO

In REALITY if McCrae was on the block Amanda would be doing 10x what Candice is doing, she’s just upset as ANY showmance partner would be.

I wish they can kill this shopwmance s**t, only cat people enjoy it.

I knew Judd was b***h made, he could’ve aligned with Howard, Candice, Kaitlin Spencer, and Jessie, with the potential of Elissa and Helen and had the numbers. against Andy,Amanda and McCrae. Now since this idiot told Amanda and McCrae that he lied, they’re gong to use it against him, but then again he was already at the bottom of the totem pole anyways.

Entire season not 1 Big Move….


Aaryn….just put up Candace so the whole house will vote out Howard or Amanda.


Im at the point that i don’t care if howard goes home. his game play sucked. the people that have won comps put them in positions to make deals and alliances. howard admitted he was throwing them. if he and candace didn’t snuggle all day every day and play the game than maybe they would be in a different position. people like amanda and jessie who float and mingle with the power at least are playing the game. would love to see amanada go home but there just arent the numbers. betting if spenser won he would have put up aa and gm, maybe amanda would have went home.


For Howard to stay all amanda needs to do is keep telling Judd Jessie must go before Elissa and Helen which will piss Judd off and then Amanda needs to tell Helen that Judd made up the Kaitlin rumors to get Kaitlin to leave and aaryn to stay. This will freak out Helen and get her to start her lets keep Howard…they have five days for Amanda to self destruct herself

Aaryn's Ex

Hey! Where are the pictures of Aaryn? Aaryn is the real deal. What makes it so funny, is that Aaryn probably be the one to get both Howard and Candice out. It was Aaryn, that made the big move and shook up the house. Aaryn is going to be more famous then ever. Forget about the modeling agency that dropped her. She will get a bigger gig. For all this talk of racism, CBS doesn’t care, because Aaryn is their star. Go Team Aaryn!


no she won’t. name the people making it big after Big Brother. or DUE to big brother. she will get a job here and there, and go away into obscurity. people already don’t care anymore. she would have to be even more racist for people to even remember a big brother houseguest.

maybe she can help dan sell his books and workshops.

Aaryn's Ex

I am not sure why Spencer is fixating on Jessie. Aaryn is the one with the better body. I guess Spencer knows that she has way to much class for him.


Blah blah blah blah blah………..waaaaah.

I just want Elissa to have a power to be honest. Besides the MVP thing. I thought that was dumb either way. But I’m hoping she’ll get HOH and make a big move. Her and Spencer are the only ones likely to do it. I really don’t care about the rest of them and what they’re doing (or rather not doing) at this point. Bummed.


I think the real show would be evict Mcramda, send the cameras to Florida to follow her around and watch the fireworks as shes gets shunned from all the high society folk for her pizza boy delivery. That would be reality tv !!! just sayin.


Since I doubt Aryn will make a big move and nominate Helen as the replacement nominee ( which is a shame since watching Amanda and Helen campaign against each other would be great entertainment, hopefully the next HOH will recognize how much of a threat Helen is and nominate her.


I don’t think Helen will be a replacement nominee. Aaryn already set on Candace instead of Helen.


Good idea let Aaryn put all the minorities on the block!

Bigot Brother Stinx

Maybe I’m misreading this, but all Candice and Howard need do is split the 5 votes between them. That would evict Amanda with only 4 votes.
Maybe go to Jessie right before the vote and say ” I know you don’t want to vote against Howard because you feel bad. 1 vote against Candice won’t make a difference”. Then do the same with GM. If Helen, Elissa, & Spencer can find 1 more vote perhaps they could get Amanda out w/out the majority.

On a side note, as much as I despise Aaryns racism and production interference, I kinda hope somebody puts the thought in her head that if she puts up C & H the general publics perception of her will be even worse. And in this case, ALONE, would be inaccurate.


mcrae gets the handjob. that is officially the most work hes done all summer.


If JUDD doesn’t get pissed and turn on Amanda after what she just said directly TO HIS FACE about Jessie, then this season will officially be a lost cause. If JUDD stays loyal after all that, I don’t think the Almighty himself could come down from the heavens and convince these geniuses to turn on Amanda.

BB Fan

What if Aaryn put up McCrea for eviction, since Spencer won POV. That would be one less vote to keep Amanda. Helen can rally everyone else possible to vote out Amanda this week. I think she would definitely have Candice, Spencer, Ellisa, and herself (4 votes). I think that she could sway Gina Marie with Aaryn’s help. Judd and Jessie would be the wild cards, but they do always seem to go with the hou. Just a suggeted scenario to think about. I really think it is a smartmove to get Amanda out this week. She has to go!


aaryn, for as tough as she pretends to be, will NEVER go against Amanda like that unless MAYBE it was a double eviction night. she just will not stand up to her, watch the stuff Amanda gets away with saying to her, Aaryn will NEVER do it. she will put up just about anyone else in the house before she does someone to piss off Amanda.


its the Jessie and Judd’s of this game that are killing us. Jessie is one of the most frustrating players in the game, as her vote is basically someone else’s vote. it just makes it really hard to make significant moves with so many votes tied together like this. they all just tell each other WAAAAAY too much. there seems to be absolutely no strategy outside Amanda


jess flipped on her own alliance week 2 bro because she wanted to despite taking alot of heat for it


Howards only chance depends on Candace. Candace must go to Aaryn and tell her how bad it is going to look nationally if she is the one to put both Howard and her on the block after all her racial comments. Candace must ask Aaryn to put up GM who won’t mind if she knows she can give a shout out to Nick during her speech. Then it might come down to a 4-4 vote and Candace can tell Aaryn that by casting the tie breaker vote for Amanda she won’t be considered a racist anymore. Will Aaryn fall for this? Probably not. What will happen is that Candace will go on the block and Howard will throw her under the bus to no avail.


Aaryn won’t do that. She will turn it around and say that Candice threatened her and tell the whole house that it was Howard who made Candice do it.


I used to be team Amanda an McRae but after their comments and personal attacks, I just want for both of them to go home.

Helen is confusing me. After Aaryn wins HOH, Helen is in the storage room throwing Elissa under the bus. Then she goes up to Elissa and tells her that she is safe. I am not team Elissa but I would at like to see her make jury. Helen is her only ally and Helen is rowing Elissa under the bus.

Production will not let Aaryn nominate two African Americans on the block. I have a feeling that big brother wants to keep Aaryn in the house longer so that she can somewhat fix her reputation. Since Aaryn is perceived as a racist, it would look bad if a minority goes home on her HOH. A minority ( especially an African American ) needs to stay so that production can sway Aaryn to be nice to them to be nice so that she will not be seen as a racist. Also, after the Trayvon Martin case hearing tension between races are strong. (regardless if the man was guilty or not) So CBS cannot look bad either have a percieved racist send home minority contstants. I doubt that Candice will go one the block and I doubt Howard will go home. However, I do believe that production likes Amanda since she starts drama and is entertaining. They will try to keep her as well. I think that production will sway Aaryn to put a “throw-away” on the block like GM or Jessie. then they will sway everyone to vote them out over Howard and Amanda. Another thing they might do is let Aaryn nominate Candice and then on Tuesday bring out a Pandora’s box that will force Aaryn to replace all of her nominations and Amanda and the minorities are safe.


Candice, girl. You’re game sucks. That is all.


CORRECTION: CBS might look bad if a perceived racist sends home a minority in their show.

Uhg with all this racist, misogynistic, and catty behavior from this cast, I think I will be teamAmerica Especially since they aren’t afraid to get blood on their hands.

BB Mom

For all the whiners out there… I’m really enjoying this season. Just saying 😀


Those hoping for more production interference will be disappointed.


the problem I have with this season is the ignorance of the house and CBS defending the racist remarks. I also have a problem with Howard and Candice for not taking it up with production. if it was me in the house, I would of asked production to clarify if there was racist remarks done. Aaryn and GM should of been penalized by automatic eviction. Howard and Candice seeing that no penalty was issued, should of walked off the show. Howard and Candice voting last week with the house for Aaryn to stay was stupid. Howard talks about dignity, his vote for Aaryn to stay was not about dignity….it was disappointing. Aaryn was the one being personal and making derogatory comments, and everyone rewarded her for it. you have MC last night tell Aaryn even if he hears her say something racist he will defend her, and say she didn’t say anything racist. Helen and Judd this morning are basically defending Aaryn’s racist remarks too.