“The reason Paul and I get along.. we’ve met each other, he was like Dude I was so happy”

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6:55pm Jason and Alex
Jason – I don’t understand what the draw for Jury is
Alex says there’s no draw, it’s just that the people are lasy and they don’t want to work for the next month and get paid.
Alex – they would make more money doing this than in the real world
Jason – I don’t want to go to Jury
Alex – Christmas is going to skate by and she has a broken foot she can’t even play
Alex – it really irks me
Jason – I really want Kevin to win HOH
Jason – they want to get jessica out then they want to can my a$$
Alex – IT’S NOT YOU and this is why you aren’t listening to me.. Literally, they want you winning to prove you’re on their side

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7:04pm Matt and Raven
Matt – we can’t just keep putting up JOsh and Alex.. that’s not a good look
Matt – Alex, Mark, Elena and Dom are the only ones that haven’t been have nots
Raven – Christmas
Matt – nobody can make xmas a have not

They talk about their order to evict: Jessica, Ramses, Jason and Josh.
Raven – that’s a month.. Pew pew
Matt – that’s when it gets tough.. Kevin
Raven – yeah Kevin goes after that
They talk about how everybody in their group is working to get to Jury. Raven says Dom said she’s not here for the money more for the exposure.

RAven – I have one secret I’ve been keeping ..
Raven – in March… the reason PAul and I kinda get along.. because we met each other
Raven says the reason why her and Paul get along is they met each other before.
Matt – OH REALLY! That’s Awesome!
Raven thinks if that comes out in the house it might not go over well.
Raven says it was leaked there’s a picture of Paul and her in her instagram.
Raven – he was like Dude I was so happy I saw you.. Just so you know you’re pretty good with Paul and Christmas is too
Matt – Perfect

7:36pm Raven, Christmas and Matt
Raven says she wants Jessica, Ramses, Jason, JOsh, Kevin out.

Christmas – are we like a solid 7
Raven – solid 7 I like it

7:40pm Elena, Ramses, Jason and Kevin
Elena says there will be 1 vote maybe 2 no to evict Cody.
Elena hopes they can still be friends after the show.
Jason says Cody is gone..

7:55pm working out
Mark says he went from 330 to 250 in 5 weeks.

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7:56pm Christmas and Kevin
Christmas says she wants to go into the kitchen and ask Cody what’s the reason behind all the disdain.
Keivn suggests she doesn’t.
Christmas wants to poke cody on more time
Kevin says he’s been poked enough he’s going on in a frog costume
Kevin – I said you went from the penthouse to the outhouse real quick
Christmas – I heard that, I like that ..

8:00pm the boys are working out

8:15pm Matt and Raven
Matt and Raven both don’t want of get rid of Ramess next week. Everybody hates him in the house.
Matt wonders if Dom will get fired up this season.
Matt says Jason has been kicked in the head too many times. Says Josh tired 7 times on national television.
Raven says Jessica is a hot head, she will go after people, “It’s not smart.. at all”
Matt doesn’t know why Christmas came on the show.
Raven – exposure.. followers. obviously she’s fine with her money.
Raven – I swear I’ve seen her
Matt – I’m sure you have seen her she said she was on the cover of the paper with Julian Edelman

8:45pm The frogs are playing checkers. ..

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I had such high hopes for this season.

Conor vs. Floyd Aug. 26th

Yea. I’m tryna see Cody stay and take shots at Meatball Mark. And Jason take a shot at Failed Attempt To Be Cultured Tatt Matt.

Bunny Flop

Xmas needs to be nice. The night before a big surgery is not the night to draw bad karma.
Just sayn, surgeons can slip, the person prepping her foot could miss a spot, the boom, big infection.


I hope Christmas goes soon.


So Dom is here for the exposure and not the prize money. Never would have guessed that.


Funny how Raven Paul and Xmas all know eachother. No wonder production put Cody in a costume, he almost spoiled AG’s summer


Exposure for what exactly?

Tompson Triangle

Something that doesn’t require a lot of personality?


This season should be called “The Summer of Annoyance” even Kevin is starting to get on my nerves. Jessica Frogs breakdown today was hilarious to watch. Poor girl if shaking her T & A don’t work she just doesn’t know what to do.


She kept one boob popped out of the costume – so insecure with herself that if her boobs aren’t out and jiggling, she doesn’t feel good about herself. She has brains and beauty but still so insecure.


I need professional help

Wasting Time

Funny you say that…Jessica is the only one there, (except Dom and Elena), that hasn’t had a boob job. So, who is secure here in themselves?

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman

You jealous?


Houseguests that are openly and often talking about just making it to jury and/or just wanting to get another HG to the end, should be removed from the house. CBS should stop expecting people to watch the show if they can’t find a cast that actually wants to play the game.


The frogs playing checkers look kind of cute


So not only does Paul have a million advantages provided by production, he has a friend from outside in the house too?? Can this be anymore of an obvious ploy to rig a win for him? I’m very close to being done with this show.

They practically admitted it

Paul didn’t win one care package last year. America did not vote for you sleeze. He’s parents must be mad rich


Well, last year they showed a clip of Paul’s parents house, and it was beautiful! It was clear that they were loaded. That’s why Paul doesn’t want his own place. He said it would be stupid to get a place, when he could stay at his parents.


So am I.
Their not playing the game, it’s Pauls show. Giving everything to Paul.
While they lay around on each other.


Does Dom do anything else that put makeup on??


Who’s Don?


Reads her Bible. Dominiaue.


Dom sleeps all day or reads her bible. This is supposed to be a social game – go figure.
Kind of like Nicole sleeping all season but then winning in the end.


Reads her Bible.


How much makeup can Dom put on?

This season's the worst

Dom needs tons of makeup to convince the world that he’s a girl

Cave Dweller

Please head back to your cave and don’t bother coming out for eternity. Humanity thanks you!!


I snarfed my drink!! Thanks for the laugh!!


She’s beautiful!


Once Kevins lie about the vote comes out it will make things very interesting.


Just waiting for kevins lie about the vote to be exposed to the house.


7 ppl quiet watching a chess game…

I bailed on BBAD.

I almost miss the nightly bowling game from Nessa’s season. Wait. No I don’t:)


I think it is too early to predict the path this season will take, but there is a lot of potential for chaos with Alex,Kevin,and Jason switching uo the script. It sounds like Matt and Raven might flip the script too…we still have many weeks of dasterdly deeds to be done!

In other news, sending good karma to Christmas for a successful surgery and enlightenment on her healing path. Not sure the BB House is where she can heal…perhaps she could come back another time?


Expect the unexpected as they say. I can see this season going so many directions and see a lot of unexpected turns ahead!

Im happy to see CBS giving Christmas the choice and power in her decision and just not taking her off the show. If Christmas wants to “tough it out”, let her as only Christmas is responsible for Christmas. Quite honestly it is not like they do a lot in the house anyway, she has already been resting it a lot. Yeah she is going to suffer come competitions but she knows this….


At this point I would rather have a root canal than listen to these lazy foolish kids pretend to play BB while doing nothing but talk about staying together??? Oh and Cody and Jessica are the enemies.. just ridiculous

Complaint Board Of America

At this point I’m going to need a root canal from all the complaining and whining on this message board. Is all some of you know how to do is whine and complain?? Boo hoo….this is the worst season……yadda yadda yadda…on todays news….gasp someone is upset at Big Bro….join the millions that don’t care about it!

This season's the worst

I knew something was up with Raven. Every time I turn on the feeds that dull chick and her goofy looking grey haired raisin are on, doing and saying nothing, just staring at each other, taking feed time away from kevin, jason, and alex.


This season is the best so far!! You clearly are not watching what I am!

Nurse in real life

I hope Christmas does not come back in house. It would be highly irresponsible on the part of production. She needs healing, rest and then PT down the road. Just the risk of blood clots alone with decreased activity in the house not to mention the stress, risk of infection. Those jerks walk out of the BR without washing their hands all the time! Not to mention, they are slobs, the place is a cesspool. She will be impaired on pain meds and have unsafe judgement. Also not fair to her game. She’s in there with a bunch of morons. She needs the people who really care about her not out for 500,000 grand. Not fake “friendship” but expert medical care. Not paid production second rate handlers./ “medical care”. Oi. This show not worth jeopardizing her long term ability to walk properly. She can come back again.

Christmas Tree

Christmas is a grown lady and can make her own choices. She is choosing to stay in the house, I support her, end of story!


NURSE IN REAL LIFE, I agree with you. I do worry about infection, many ways and places to stumble and fall, not giving herself time to rest, risking another injury in future competitions, and lack of adequate physical therapy. How will her being on slop affect her taking of pain medications? Surely it would not be fair to other house guests for her to be exempt from slop. I think Big Brother should step in but only if her doctors insist, after surgery, that she needs to withdraw. Christmas is a strong competitor and should be automatically invited to come back to BB20. Her doctors should have the final say and not Christmas; otherwise, BB and CBS could be held accountable.


I feel like watching Mark Elena Dom convos is a cheesy rom com where the buff dude goes for a superficial chick but really has a deep connect with the intellectual friend and eventually they run off together in the sunset……………….


Why is Paul allowed to have special bonds with certain people (Raven, Xmas) before the show? If that isn’t advantageous for him then I don’t know what is.

No fave yet, lots of nots

Jessica looks like Casey Anthony in the pic playing checkers.


Ugh. I hope Alex wins this next HOH, and puts up one of the showmances. I’m so over seeing them. I could care less which one of them leaves… as long as they do.


Question: Is a person, not on the block who uses POV to pull someone off the block, exempt from being put on the block in place of the person he/she saved from exemption? Example: If Alex and Elena are on the block, Mark wins POV, and pulls off Elena, can Mark then be put on the block in place of Elena?


No, whoever won the veto can not be placed on the block. If someone on the block plays the veto for the other person then the veto winner can be voted off the show. Basically, the veto winner cannot be nominated but if they are on the block they can still be a target.


Thanks, HMM…


POV holder cannot be nominated.


POV winner is exempt from being placed on the block


Mixing. Vets. With. Newbies. Is. Fucking. Stupid.

Fuck Paul

Fuck Grodner.


Not surprised that they would bring people in who Paul would click with. They should have brought people who are actually fun though instead of two dull women who are there to promote themselves. There is no Vic in the house for Paul to actually have fun with. The other young guy in the house is too stupid to be entertaining and all the other guys just want to get laid. Kevin is funny but not fun and Jason just doesn’t seem to click with anyone but Alex.