Jessica “No one buys your reasoning, if anything it solidified the fact that you hid something.”

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9:10pm Bedroom. Jason, Kevin and Alex.
Jason – I’m going to put my shades on and Kevin and I are going to walk around the house busting people around. Kevin – we need to get some of these big guys out first and then we can do it. Apparently if you put your hand on anybody you’re automatically eliminated. Alex – What?! Kevin – if you hit anybody you’re out. Alex – oh yeah, yeah. Kevin – if I hit someone in the head with a frying pan, I have to leave. Alex – yeah. That’s because someone got stabbed here, that’s why we can’t have any knives. (No one got stabbed in the Big Brother house. Big Brother 2 house guest Justin Sebik held a held a knife to a girls throat and asked what would you do if I killed you. That’s why they can’t have real knives.)

9:25pm Alex and Jason.
Alex – until we know what’s going on with him (Kevin).. don’t tell him who we’re putting up. He is acting really weird and really paranoid. It’s not him, he’s acting paranoid. He’s acting weird! You know what like .. he’s acting like one of those mobsters before they rat on someone or flip. That’s not him .. he was like who are you voting for?! He is not like that. You said its in the past but we can’t tell if he lied straight to our face .. and he (Kevin) was actually the one that flipped and he (Ramses) was not. Jason – f**k. Alex – because he’s been talking to Mark, he’s been talking to Paul. We don’t know who he is selling us out to at this point. We haven’t changed the way we are but he (Kevin ) has changed the way he treats us. He is more aggressive towards Ramsese. And he is kind of doing the same thing to me. And I know he (Kevin) is doing it to him (Ramses) because he is a rat. He (Kevin) calls him (Ramses) a super fan to out him … and he has recently started calling me a super fan. Alex – unless we start bringing friends over, we’re going to be totally boned! And I don’t know who to hit .. as much as Christmas says he is by herself she is definitely with Dominique, definitely with Paul. And we definitely need to get him away from Paul. We have to get to at least final 6. Jason – when are they going to decide to get rid of the five? Elena seriously, what the f**k!? Alex – if they’re coming after you I’ll let you know. I didn’t like hearing him say we aren’t going to win the 500K or 50k if we were up against him and Paul. Kevin joins them.

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10:05pm Outside the HOH room. Mark and Kevin are playing a game of chess.

10:05pm Cody tells Elena about how he got rid of his Air Force and Marine core time so that way his time line. Obviously, I couldn’t lie about the wars and stuff so I just got rid of the Air Force time. Elena – so your whole thing was to say you were younger so that you weren’t the older person in the house. Cody – correct because that was the median age. Elena leaves the room. Jessica – no one buys your reasoning by the way. I promise you that. Cody – what do you mean? Jessica – your reason .. I didn’t want to feel like one of the older people in the house. Cody – doesn’t matter, I just wanted it to be a topic of conversation. Jess – for what purpose? Cody – because the conversation had already ended. Jess – if anything it kind of solidified the fact that you hid something. Cody – now you’re making me feel like a f**king complete a$$hole. Jess – I’m not trying to make you feel like a complete a$$hole. Cody – no, I do see your point .. so now I do feel like an a$$hole. Jess – you better start thinking for two people …outside of this game especially. Cody – I know. Noted. Very noted. This wasn’t the intention. I will do my best and shut the f**k up.

11pm Paul and Josh are next to play a game of chess.

12am HOH room – Mark, Dom and Paul.
Mark – I find myself meditation a lot these days. Paul – once she (Christams) starts feeling comfortable making suggestions to Alex she will .. watch it happen. Mark – I was like why did this happen? Paul – once people start getting comfortable then the real sh*t starts coming out. Mark – when I was up here with Elena and you came up and said oh my god Mark, I see what you’re saying. Its so bad, its so freaking bad! This sh*t is like… and I can’t even say anything because she’s on crutches. Dom – I could try and talk to her but it wouldn’t.. she wouldn’t take it well. Mark – and then I finally come up here when I’m relaxed and she is like “You look stressful Mark, lets talk about it. I was so relaxed and then… Just hold up the f**king mirror… no words needed okay. Paul – its really bad. Mark – I feel like I’m going crazy like I’m the only one. Mark – its so bad. Its so bad. While playing pool against Josh last night .. I was hitting the pool cue over my head just hoping she would shut the f**k up. I am just happy I am not the only on to see it.I felt like an a$$hole at first. Okay I am going to sleep. Mark leaves.

12am Christmas, Ramses, Josh, Alex, Elena all give Jason the birthday bumps. Hitting him with pillows.

12:25pm Elena explains the conversation she had with Cody when he revealed he was lying about his age. If he lied about that what else did he lie about. They discuss who would be better to get out after Cody. Ramses or Jessica. Paul – Ramses is a better competitor. Mark – I want to win HOH so bad. Paul – she always tries to relate by telling something that is better than you. This is not the place to heal your leg. This is your bread maker in your real life. Elena – she wants to make it to jury. Christmas joins them. Paul – once Cody is gone Jessica is going to let Jessica out again. Even though we know she is doing that we can let the guard down. Who goes first Ramses or Jess? They wonder if there will be a jury buy back.

12:40am – 1:10am Josh and Jason.
Josh – I fully trust you. Has my name come up with anybody? Jason – shakes his hear. Jason – I feel like they’re going to back door the f**k out of me. Josh – I feel the same way. The only way this friendship alliance will work is if we are completely honest with each other. They don’t share information with us. Whatever you tell me is between me and you. The house is united we can take the shot at Jess or Ramses. This Thursday send Cody out. Jason – I will, I will.

~1:09am Jason, Alex and Ramses
Ramses swears to them he never voted out Jillian. Tells them that Kevin is playing both sides perfectly.
Ramses goes on about how he did not vote out Jillian and Kevin going around saying he does when Kevin was the one that did is dragging his reputation through the mud. Ramses stresses that Kevin is playing them. Ramses points out how Kevin and Paul are always in the HOH. Paul calls him up all the time.

2:20am – 2:40am Josh tells Mark – Moving forward .. we will get Cody and Jess out but I don’t see where I stand. Mark – I don’t know where I stand with everyone either. Josh – but you’re in a way better position. Everyone f**king loves you. America loves you. Josh – back home I react to everything. Mark – we just need to get 3 more out and then that’s jury. Mark – coming in here I didn’t want to be a target because of my size. People are going to start turning on other people and true colours are going to start coming out.

2:40am – 3am Josh – if I get past the next few weeks, this house is going to blow up. As soon as we get into jury .. Matt is going home.. well to jury. Josh starts talking about his family and how grateful he is.

3:05am – Josh heads to bed.

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Kevin's Focking H. O. V.

Looks like Paul’s gonna be there for a while. With production rigging and most of these numskulls with their heads up his A$$ like his some kind of friggin’ movie star. The first one that makes a move against Paul (WHEN THEY ACTUALLY CAN MAKE A MOVE) will be number one in my book.


So your fav should be Cody then. He took the first shot


As much as I dislike a Cody he desperately needs to seek psychiatric help for his PTSD. Something awful must have happened to him or somebody close to him. Nothing else can explain his behaviour.


That’s a strong accusation to say someone has ptsd he is a wet blanket I’ll agree but game move wise Paul would and should be the target if these people weren’t recuirted models wanting to make friends and we say way worse shit in these chats than Cody said to anyone in the house


I have been thinking his personality disorder might have been caused by his service to this country too…I cannot help but feel compassion for these soldiers who come back home after seeing, hearing,experiencing horrific things and trying to cope by themselves. One small thing we can all do for our soldiers is to thank them for their service when we see them.


something awful did happen to his brother, I don’t like him but I feel very bad for him.

Fragile Badass

I knew Cody was an “at risk” player the minute I saw his reaction to Jeff’s pre-movein interview about crying in the house. Cody coldly responded, “I don’t cry. Ever.” He has had all empathy removed from him courtesy of our military. I hope he can be helped, however he is currently the truest definition of a sociopath.


So reading the order that Matt and Raven want people out I couldn’t help but notice they never mentioned Alex? Did I miss something?
They mention Jess, Ramses, Jason,Josh and then talk about Kevin and Don. They they talk about the final six? Wouldn’t that be Matt, Raven, Mark, Elana, Paul and Christmas?


or why i desperately want the other side of the house to win the next hoh, put up matt next to raven and then we’re guaranteed probably matt or mark go home and this whole plan crumbles.


Cody’s failed attempt at being Evil dick is sad to watch…..never seen someone screw themselves this bad in a long time. He was literally in the sweetest spot but he walked around like owned the place now he has to hope around helplessly like a frog. We had a good chance of watching some real BB but since he messed up the house united , now we have to watch weeks of ” voting with house”


Weird mood in the house tonight.
Elena being a bitch. Playing mean mind games w/mark.
Mark overly intense, slightly aggressive
Kevin walking around like he’s a mob kingpin.
Jason looking and acting creepy.smiling like a serial killer.
What’s marks problem with Christmas anyway? He jumped down her throat.


OMG!!!! Cody … you’re right about you being an a-hole. Can’t wait to not see you in the house.

Jessica …. get some self respect. How can you stand by someone you just met two weeks ago and allow him to demean you on National tv. If a guy talks to me the way he does with you …. he’s gone so fast his head wouldn’t have time to spin. He tells you to “Shut the F**k up” and you cuddle and kiss him???!!!!! WOW!


No problem there. You can’t keep a man if you wanted to

Candy Crush

Totally agree. If my husband of 23 years said that to me, that would be the last thing he said. He would be out the door for good. There’s a little thing called “respect”.


So Cody has a daugther? Wow I feel sorry for her

Cody's Daughter

Its okay, feel sorry for yourself….I don’t need your pity. He is a super father but thanks for being so judgemental!


tell Em. Its a game and its production.. I feel bad for him and hope that Ramses wins the veto.



Spartacus Jackson

Good job Alex. Don’t trust Kevin. He’s playing both sides. He did vote out Jillian and lied to you and Jason’s face. Use your intuition but do not waste your HOH on him if you win it. Go after the hearts of the “MEATHEADS”…Raven, Christmas or Elena. Then watch the guys cry like bit$ches…Damn Matt and Mark are disappointing. In the words of Jeff “Julie I got a pair!” Yeah I’m a super fan. Lol! Dude said that to Julie 6 years ago and I still remember…

Uncle Teddy

I would love for Alex to win HOH and then get the temptation. She would take a shot at a showmance knowing full well she could halt a live eviction if she went up the next week.

Jason Lee 79

Simon and Dawg are just killing it. It might not be as well timed but its more detailed as they bring up very important parts of the conversations and never bias towards HGS. Now with that being said I absolutely love Alex she is definitely playing the game she is spunky and fun to watch and yeah Jason said a couple of dumb things but I don’t think it was meant to be malice toward anyone just a slip of the mouth from the way he was raised other than that he is very funny and entertaining. As for Kevin he is likeable and funny kind of reminds of a mob boss I’m just disappointed that he is letting Paul take advantage of him and not doing what he wants but instead he is doing what Paul wants it wasn’t smart to tell Paul that he took the 25k cause Paul is using that to his advantage and isn’t grateful that Kevin is the reason why he has another shot at the game but hey lets not kid ourselves somebody was gonna get that money if he didn’t just as we knew production was gonna make the twists so he was protected for the summer. They gave him immunity and 8 bracelets that sent Cameron home and then the Den of Temptation which gave him safety on top of that its been announced that he knew Christmas and Raven outside of the house. Then on top of that BB made some rules that helped Paul win HoH as the sheep handed him the tickets and too top it off Christmas got the ring of replacement but it turned out to be a waste one cause Christmas couldn’t play and two Cody and Jessica never got picked to play for veto the most she got was to rub some salt in the wounds and make them V-toads and then Paul made them Have Nots.
As for Cody hes said and did some really dumb things that might not be forgivable to most , but trying to take out Paul was undeniably the biggest and best move of the game and if not for twists Paul would of been right behind Cameron. Usually the twists get better as the season goes along but I guess since CBS knew he had a pre existing fan base that he would get it even before the show started. Hopefully summer camp is put on hiatus for the rest of the house and a new HoH is crowned and ready to make big moves.


It obviously wasn’t a good move to try and take out Paul. Not sure how some people are still saying it was. It’s never a good idea to go against your alliance or go rogue week one. That is just BB101. The better players I have observed imo are able to anticipate twists and turns in the game and proceed accordingly. Cody is much too near-sighted and ego-driven to do that, objectively speaking. He is not a very good player.


Taking Paul out makes sense. The only real problem Cody had was refusing to let anyone in on the plan. If he truly wanted to work with Matt and Mark, just clue them in. You can’t use the first HoH to test everyone’s blind loyalty to you. That’s why the first person evicted tends to be someone the entire house has problems with.

Even with Paul getting the pendant, he could have salvaged something if he talked to his two buddies and gotten a feel for who he’d have the numbers to remove the first week. Instead he pissed everyone off.

Spartacus Jackson

It was a good move, his team (Mark, Matt) would have convinced Raven and Elena to vote out Paul. Christmas being nominated was the tipping point for the team turning on him., due to the other girls liking her personally. NOBODY expected Paul to have 3 weeks of Safety – that’s unprecedented in Big Brother…well at least the American version. Cody was literally forced to show his hand too early. That’s on CBS, not him. If Paul was on that block last Thursday, he would have been sent home Week 2.


Christmas’ temptation is good for 4 weeks, so she still have 3 veto ceremonies she can affect!


She can only use it one time…


A true OBB addict waiting to go into the OR and had to check the updates


Hope the sx goes well!


Am I the only person who is not mad at Paul?! Let the man play the game!! Why does everyone want him out so bad? Things will inevitably change up in the next few weeks and his chances of staying will get slimmer but for now I’m enjoying his game play. The one to watch is Alex! She’s set herself up in a sweet spot and I think she’s going to become a pretty ruthless player in the next few weeks.


Paul is only good for a few of his insights into the game, but I feel like he is a retread tire, coming back too soon! Who had time to miss him?
For everybody calling the season dull, please just give it a chance because they have not started playing! The game has just begun!


First comment this season. This cast SUCKS! Duller than a butter knife. I can hardly stomach watching the feeds. Doubt i’ll stick it out this season. The Hgs are just that pathetic!

See You

Big Bro called, they said Bye and stop whining and complaining! You won’t be missed, complainers never are!! (:

Cody's Toothbrush

Bye Christmas!


Why don’t they just cancel this season and give Raven a check for $500,000? What is the point of going through all these weeks of competing if they’re just going to give the whole thing to Raven?


Now that wouldn’t be very good for ratings. Big Bro production replies that they will not cancel the rest of the season and play on. Business as usual!


Is she really sick would they put a sick person in the house I don’t see scars from feeding tubes or surgery it’s probaly fucking ibs and she making it like deadly


Wow, the temperature seems to have changed quite a bit since the last post: 1) Alex and Jason are mistrustful of Kevin, 2) Mark is quasi-trashing Xmas (what happened there?) and 3) Paul is saying “this isn’t the place for Xmas to heal” – I thought he was “on lock” with her (?) I’m not complaining about 2) or 3) because I’d like to see Xmas leave too. As for 1) I’m not happy because Kevin’s my pick to win. And even if Alex and Jason are losing trust for Kevin, they are desperate for people on “their side” so will continue working with him.

I have to laugh that several are saying Kevin sounds like a “mob boss”. Is it the accent? Rhode Island? Mass? (I have trouble telling those two apart.)


I’ve been relatively entertained this year so far but DAMN what a long week! I need to go back to watching the shows and not reading spoilers but yikes how can I not click on this page?!

As detailed as the rankings are, I miss the little polls guys. Sometimes I just feel like voting for Dawg!

I really want Alex or Kevin to win the next HOH.


If you like Alex, you should hope she DOESN’T win the next HOH. She is in no serious danger of being nominated. She has ingratiated herself to most of the people in the house (especially by taking one for the team and “volunteering” to be a pawn).

If you HAVE to win HOH, your game is in trouble.

No one is going to hand Alex the HOH like everyone did with Paul last week.

If Alex does win HOH, she will HAVE to nominate Jessica and Ramses or risk moving to the top of the eviction order the following week.

Why would Alex want to AGAIN expose herself as a top flight competitor, simply to achieve the same result that any other house guest could accomplish?

If Jessica, Jason, Kevin or Ramses (the “outsiders”) win HOH, it would be GOOD for Alex. If the “in” side of the house wins HOH, she is in no danger of leaving. She wouldn’t even be considered a replacement nominee.

Alex should keep her powder dry.


I said I wanted Alex to win because I thought it would make the game entertaining for the viewer. I never said it was best for her game.


Fair point!

I’m not so sure that Alex or Kevin will even try for HOH and even if they do, I think you’ll see the same nominations.

The only real shake up would occur if Ramses, Jason or Jessica win HOH.


In that scenario then, I want Jason for HOH…but he’s already a target…and I like him (my #3) so no, not Jason. Ramses or Jessica for the HOH!


Great and detailed analysis, thank you. Alex is my #2 for the win, so will keep this in mind.


It seems like ever since Xmas broke her foot, she’s acting different. I kind of liked her before but now I almost can’t stand her. She never shuts up and talks crap about everything and everyone. I liked Paul last year but not as much this year. I liked Kevin to start with too but he seems to have undergone a personality change as well. Not even sure who he stands with in the house. He acts buddy with Paul and then 5 minutes later is plotting with Jason. I hated Josh at first cuz of the Megan thing and him screwing over his team for protection the first week, but not so much anymore. This is such a weird season so far and these last 2 weeks have felt like months. Looking forward to some good action moving forward. Thanks dawg and Simon for the great job keeping us filled in.?


I agree. I wonder if the pain killers are part of her change? I know she’s been taking them because they’ve talked about it a couple times.


I think people should cut Christmas some slack right now. She is on pain meds., and is in constant pain. I know how I react when in constant paint with a toothache or earache. When I had a problem with my back a few years ago and couldn’t get any relief I was just looking for someone to be nasty with, and I am not that type of person. I usually hate confrontation. I know she can be loud, but I think the person that should be watched is Mark. He knew about Cody wanting Paul out and lied about it. He, IMO is as shady as hell.


That why she should get the f**k out.


It feels as if so much depends on the next HoH as to how this game may play out in terms of excitement … I hope the power flips once again and all those controlling things this week are put in the crosshairs next week.


Face it, Cody NEVER had a social game… Not one ounce of it… He came in the house with a pure bully attitude and in this game, the social game is 90% of winning …

Ohio fan

Jessica needs to be penalized for not wearing her frog head as she’s suppose to be doing. I believe she does it on purpose bec she thinks she’s too cool to follow the she doesn’t hop either.

Nazi Germany

Its okay, it is just BB, we are not in Nazi Germany here! Death to Jessica for not wearing her frog suit! My goodness some of you need to lighten up!


Hopping is super bad for the joints. My guess is that BB decided to let the hopping slide and settle for skipping, probably figuring two injured house guests is enough.

My memory tells me that BB has never been super strict about the costume punishments. The HG’s end up getting away with sliding on their duties. I’m so glad they have ventured away from the form fitting unitards/body suits (*Granny pictures Frank in the purple BB cheerleading suit then Kristen in the tie dye get up with frizzy wig and vomits in mouth a bit)

I do love it when HG’s accept their punishments with grace and follow the rules, though!


I think as long as the humor the producers and mug for the camera from time to time, no one fusses. Production just needs them to do some stuff worthy of taking a couple minutes of the show.


Haha Paulie and his pies ?


My take on last night with the HG’s:

Paul’s floatie this season should be a dung beetle, and his curse should be that he has to shave his beard. *Please make this happen, BB production!

Elena actually threw an idea out to some of her core (maybe testing the waters) and no one said a thing. She asked aloud who would be best to get out: Alex, Jason, or Cody…..WOW! No wonder she is so constipated…she is holding in actual game play. Elena may surprise me down the line.

Mark is in a contest to squat every house guest when he should just sit on them to shut them up.

I lost some respect for Cody. He is definitely completely whipped by Jess. I’m not sure why he has folded so easily (i suspect he has mommy issues), but I have a feeling his Jess guilt is ruling all his decision making from now on. OMG! Cody, listen to Granny! Jess came to you because you had the power and you are sort of pretty. Beyond that, you have little to offer that girl (in her opinion).

Jason and Josh are living in an alternate universe where their existence is game changing. :-/

Dom is confused. This is not 7th Heaven. I’m so sick of her claiming she has a purpose in the house.

Kevin needs to pull out his Goodfellas “Jimmy the Gent” persona and truly use that frying pan. I can’t wait!

Raven is now getting on this Granny’s nerves. Her last adorable moment was talking to her babies.

I wish Matt would shave his armpits!

Christmas needs those crutches to move her 50 pound head around now that she has a bum fender.
*Granny makes mental not to begin designing a Christmas bobblehead doll for the upcoming holiday season.

Mantid (aka Alex) is going to devour this house, and I’m going to enjoy every meal. I just wish she would stop talking to Jason, because he IS his career choice, if you know what I mean.

Andrew should just move in. Seriously!


HAHA great breakdown granny!

Grumpy Granny

Granny, you maybe starting to turn a bit bitter in your older age. Where is that granny wisdom of acceptance and being non judgemental? Maybe Granny needs to dive into the “holy book”?


Thanks for your concern Honey, you are absolutely right.

I just checked and found my Depends are on inside out.

That explains a lot.


Wow the “This is the worst cast ever” “This show sucks” “It’s rigged so not gonna watch” posts are picking up in numbers now. Funny how the typing patters seem similar on many of them:)

You could take screen shots of this site from every season and basically the complainers have said the exact same thing repeatedly every season.

Now I’m not saying the same ppl come here year after year and complain the show is going to end the world if not up to their standards. But I do feel every year there is a new or old small group of 3 or 4 ppl who post under diff screen names all season and complain.

In season 17 I actually had my life threatened here because I did and still do love Nessa/Vanessa. Haters dnt faze me. That season this site was full of Nessa haters. It was fun. I find this all entertaining and even though annoying at times all posters here and this message board are and is the best BB message forum on the net.

Ok rant over. Sorry.


The Dude

I completely resonate with you on this! The haters are hilarious and no longer do I get upset, I just laugh and point at them like some freak show exhibit! People only whine and complain because they seek attention and compare everything rather then enjoying something for being new. Each season is a new one, with new players, new dynamics…yet the complainers just see everything as the same, they have no imagination.

Really the complainers are their own worst enemies as they stress the fuck out about a “reality game” show. It is comical that many hate the world and themselves so they need to complain just to make themselves happy for a moment.


Yes! I loved Vanessa. It was hard to come here because of it haha. But it’s all good. I can see why some people disliked her, I personally thought she was a beast.

And you’re right. Every year you see the “I’m never watching again”, “rigged”, “boring”, but I’m sure most of them comeback 🙂


Check out the ranking grid.

Christmas and Paul are starting to plummet! Don’t have an answer why Matt is so high though. B2M fans must be morning people 😉


Nice work Simon!

Love these new extras!


Thanks Granny!


I feel like everyone saying this season sucks,is only saying that because this week is so cut and dry..we know what’s happening…last week it was the “best season” “so crazy” etc…every week can’t be perfect..the house sometimes has the same targets…believe me..everyone says he show is rigged…then production will be firing things up for more “entertainment”. Which along with that will hopefully come some actual game play and strategy. I know we will see Paul and Alex doing some real game playing.:just hope a few more start realizing where they are and start playing too!

Conspiracy Theory

Big Brother is the “worst season every”, the house guest all suck…..blah blah blah blah…

It is the same as the “flat earthers”…these people are just looking for something to piss them off and resist “reality” in every way possible. Just point and laugh at them…they eventually go away!


Only thing worse than the complainers are the people who complain about the complainers.


Even though I don’t especially like Cody, I keep hoping that on Thursday Cody has a burst of competition energy and convinces a few house guests that he has no power or trust in the house and thus posses less of a threat than Ram. It should be easy to get him out in the next week or two. Because if he does go out now, odds are he will be battling his way back in, so it’s a wasted vote anyway.
This house is too boring this week. Plus, who else in the house has the b*lls to eventually take out Paul.


I was just going to post the same thing. I don’t really care about Cody but I would be alright if he stays and causes some drama, at least for the next couple of weeks.


lmao at Jessica thinking her and cody are gonna have babies and be together after BB


The people really playing this game are great tv, however, we have all seen the ” Victoria’s” make it to finale night so this truly is anybody’s game! I do think the voting with The House crap is boring,and I applaud the occasional original voter, but week to week the game will change and it will not look anything like the previous week. I love this darn game!!!


Read that Kevin’s father was convicted for drug trafficking. Didn’t Kevin say his brother was in prison for murder? Maybe the mobster act comes from real life experiences. I don’t know how true those things are. Does anybody? He it my favorite.

Get Your Head Out of Jessica's azz

I wish Cody would campaign to stay instead of playing “lily pad” with Jessica. There are a lot of people who want to get rid of Ramses, and if he were to make a deal with a few people, he might be able to stay. With three people on the block, he wouldn’t even have to get that many votes. You have to admit, he made a bold move, and year after year, we complain about the house guests not getting rid of vets as soon as they can, and when someone finally does, it backfires in a BIG way. He did get cocky with his HOH, but hey…I’ve seen it happen time and time again on this show. You’re king for a week, then your hopping around in a frog costume and sleeping on spikes the next…Welcome to Big Brother!


I’m really tired of Paul. He was obnoxious most of last season when he had true challengers to him winning. This season he’s worse since 1. He thinks he knows everything and 2. The sycophants are letting him dictate just about every move.