“The only way they can get to Jury is either not lose a competition or work with us” -Matt

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4:00pm Working out…

4:22pm Spaghetti and meatballs made by Josh and Raven.

4:30pm One of Paul’s slaves rubbing him down
Elena says there’s a select few people she will want to go the farthest.

Paul says the next three weeks should be flawless.
Paul says next week they have their 2 targets to put up and if one of them comes down, “Cowboy”
Paul adds that after that they start cleaning out the floaters.

Paul – that’s four weeks literally .. that’s insane
As long as we keep the HOH between us..

Paul – who do you think will crack
Elena – I feel good about me and you,. And dom, and matt… Mark has gained a lot of understanding, Raven is a little bit emotional.

Paul – I don’t know if anyone will take a shot at raven
Elena – she’s going to win the game.. You’ve considered that right.. She needs ot more than anyone
Paul – true
Elena – but is that how BIg BRother works..

Elena gets up “I’m going to go vomit in your toilet”
Elena – Kinda not kinding by the way
Paul laughs
Elena – it’s not a joke
Paul – how many meatballs did you eat

Elena – not that much.. I just think theres too much stuff happening.

5:01pm Paul and Kevin
Paul says he’s got a nice lady waiting for him on the outside.

Matt and Josh join them..

They talk about xmas having surgery tomorrow. Kevin says that she has a cast for 6 weeks. They are going to have the cast with screws, springs and bands to set the bone.
Paul questions if she’s going to be comfortable in the house.
Kevin – after that she has to have more surgery in Raleigh in four months
Kevin – you can’t leave the screws in there.
Feeds cut.. .

5:14pm Christmas gets some crutch pads

5:15pm HOH Dom, Elena and Ramses
Elena – I’m a child I make bad decisions
Ramses – AKA eating too much
Elena – eating bad things .. eating too much..
Ramses – that’s what they say in Big Brother people eat too much

Ramses leaves.. Dom and Elena have a heart to heart where Elena talks about her insecurities about her self image etc etc…

5:43pm Dom and Elena
Dom – you are beautiful.. you are a child of god .. your worth is based solely on the fact that Jesus Christ is your lord and savior.

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Christmas with the boys

6:05pm HOH Matt, Elena, Mark, and Dom
Matt – we have nothing to do until Thursday..
Matt says as long as Jessica and Ramses don’t win HOH the outcome will be the same for the next 2 weeks.

Mark says their group is close and once the other side gets power they might take a shot at them.
Matt – The only way they can get to Jury is either not lose a competition or work with us (Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD)
Matt – I’ll get you to Jury not past that..

They can’t decide who to get out first Ramses or Jessica.
Elena – I’m not here to play Jessica’s game..
Mark wants Jessica out first.
Dom wants Ramses out first.
Mark says they should just put both of them up and see how the weeks go.

Matt is suggesting they put a pawn up so they only make 1 person mad.
Mark – I don’t like Pawns when we have the numbers

Mark says Jason, Josh and Alex are not Pawns they’re all potential targets.
They try to tell Mark why they don’t want to piss 2 people off right now they want some of the outsiders to still work with them.

Elena says she’s worried about Jason more than anyone else.
Matt – I like Jason as a dude but he doesn’t nothing positive for me in this game.

Mark says he’s tight with Josh right now.
Matt – for me he’s 3rd on my list.. he’s almost higher than Jessica
Mark says he’s got doubts

Matt – it’s not that I don’t trust Jason I just don’t think he’s playing with a full deck dude.. after seing his interview with Dom I honestly don’t think he’s all there dude.. he’s been kicked in the head by a bull
Matt – I don’t want to play a game with a guy that sees a bug on the wall and says my name
Mark – OK I got it.. f*in bull rider

Matt says Raven has a really good chance to win the temptation this week.

Mark and Elena gone.

Dom – Elena really likes you
Mark – I know
Dom – don’t play with her feelings and her heart..

6:35pm Mark and Dom

Dom says Raven and Paul have a relationship..
Dom – and they just don’t talk about p$nis and v@ginas they have real conversations
Mark agrees..

Marks asks her how he sees the 6 of them playing out in the end game.
Dom feels that she’ll be the first target.
Mark – what if Paul wins HOH.. I don’t think he’s going after me.. I think he’ll go after Matt and Raven.
Dom – he’s not going after raven I’ve walked in on them twice having a conversation
Dom – the first time I walked in I was liek OK cool the second time which was yesterday seemed very weird.
Dom – I was like sorry did I interrupt something and they were like No I was just giving her some advice.. game advice.
Dom – if his motive is to get her to final 2 I have no problem with that, the reason I don’t have a problem with that is I’m not 200K in debt, I don’t have a terminal illness.

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Matt's Tattoo

For all those making fun of Matt’s tattoo…just know this! I’ll make love to you!
But in all seriousness those making fun of Matts tat must hate their own mothers! The song is about loving mothers, something many of you must not have had?? Drop the spite…makes you all look pity.


the mental gymnastics, wow!


“Matt – The only way they can get to Jury is either not lose a competition or work with us (Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD)”

DAMMIT SIMON!!! Hahahaha!


That did make me lol

Watch out loser

The East Coast Family

Shelly's Chompers

I am at work and read that! Laughed out loud! Genius!

Dom is my fave

The more I get to see her, the more I like Dom. She’s a really good person and I would love to see her win.


Also she has a major crush on Mark but she’s playing life coach. It’s obvious


Mark seems like a nice person and Dom is a much better catch. Elena is mean and a narcissist. I guess mark had a childhood crush on the incredible mr. Limpet…besides her droopy bagged melons….i cant see any reason he would want that


Ah, so I’m not the only one who caught. She pretty much admitted as much to him a few nights ago. Although I’m not sure he has caught on yet.

kevin and josh

I had such high hopes for this season and now this hexagon halt temptation probably means no prejury returnee. If someone in pauls alliance gets this temptation they’re going to walk to jury so boring. I’m like 99% positive cat ladies are going to give this temptation to Matt or Mark to.

Uncle Teddy

Just went through my DIRECTV guide and saw there’s a Friday episode next week. Seems like the perfect time for a buyback episode to air



Or, a new house guest or two!


Not a lot of drama here.everyone is OK giving the hypochondriac Raven the win.this girl is greatly exaggerating her health problems.planning trips to Europe has an expensive car but also has a go fund me.disgust


I totally agree. From what I read what she has is NOT terminal. She is totally playing the sympathy card.


This week needs to end. Where the F is Cody? Just hiding out on his lily pad digging Jessica’s grave even deeper? Jeezus dude! Man up and at least try to stay in the game! I hate it when people roll over and die like that. Zzzzzzz….
Someone needs to take out these lame showmances or else I’ll…I’ll…
Ya, I’ll do nothing and keep watching

Doomdoomdoom da da doomdoomdoom da da dieieieie…


Oh my god at this point I didn’t even want Cody to leave so someone will stay and target the showmances and Paul…. why are Alex/ Jason/ Josh/ Kevin not trying to work with Ramses and Jess they need the numbers and have no one else – Paul will side with the showmances and Dom
Also Jess for the temptation and HoH pls at least she’ll make it interesting

Carmen Dalziel

“why are Alex/ Jason/ Josh/ Kevin not trying to work with Ramses and Jess”

Because they all think Paul’s taking them to the end. YES they are that stupid in this game! UGG

Captain Crunch

Dom – if his motive is to get her to final 2 I have no problem with that, the reason I don’t have a problem with that is I’m not 200K in debt, I don’t have a terminal illness.

Im not trying to be mean but Raven having a terminal illness means she should make it to the finals without doing anything? Im sorry but im not just gonna give 500k to someone b/c i feel sympathy for them.


No time to chat, cutting the sleeves off all my T-shirts……………


… And dying them orange??


Dom is that annoying know it all friend with the constant unsolicited advice. Mark doesn’t seem to mind though

Simon Rocks

“4:30pm. One of Paul’s slaves rubbing him down”


Why is almost everyone in the house just wanting to coast to jury and let Raven win everything??!! Might as well cut the check to Raven right now the way Paul’s group of minions is talking!!! I have never heard this many house guests talking about just making it to jury from the first couple days in the game. Doesn’t anyone want to win $500M??? Or are they all secret millionaires?? Grrrrrrrrr

I mean, what..

What if the disease is pat of ravens strategy 😡


Not a lot of drama here.everyone is OK giving the hypochondriac Raven the win.this girl is greatly exaggerating her health problems.planning trips to Europe has an expensive car but also has a go fund me.disgust


It’s not how you play the game. She won’t make final two anyway. Nobody’s that dumb except maybe Boyz2Men. I like how he’s talking about Jason does nothing for his game. He’s got all these plans and hasn’t done sh!t but tuck tail and run on his leader Cody. Somebody give this guy a new shirt his orange stinks! Hopefully he’s fixin to hit The End of the Road

BB stalker

The jury stipend needs to be much less if thats enough of a prize. Crazy people!

Uncle Teddy

Cut the jury down to 7 or even 5 people. Then these losers will actually have to play rather than avoid as much of the game as possible in the hope of making it a month and into jury

Not to mention that the first juror is out of the house 45 days before it’s over. How are they in any type of position to cast a winning vote?

I mean, what..

What if the illness was a strategy all along 😡

Bolt Uprite.

That is genius. Contract a fatal disease so people might have enough sympathy that you might possibly win a reality game show against 16 other people. Genius if you win, but there is still that pesky fatal disease.

I mean, what..

What if the disease is part of ravens strategy

Dr. R. J. Johnson

Raven has gastroparesis,this is the inability of the stomach muscles to contract and push food into the intestine.She has a electronic stimulator implanted in her abdomen to contract her stomach muscles for her. This disease is NOT fatal nor terminal in nature. She has a perfectly normal appearance and is not depicted as wasting away from lack of nutrition. If indeed she was terminal in any way,she would not be on this show. CBS would not even remotely take a chance on any individual competing on this show and having a chance of them dying. If she did not have insurance to pay for her treatment,she could owe 200k.A lot of people owe large sums to pay for medical care,she is not unique in this regard. Remember…………….Big Brother is a GAME!

Enlightened One

Holy poopsicle you make far to much sense! Not only are house guest falling for this but so are fans….im rolling on the floor literally laughing. Raven is healthy, happy and if that is a game ploy and it works then go for it! Big Brother is a GAME and play it as you like!

Big Jim

The East Coast Family!!


cody’s stategy is hard to watch.. Too prideful for big brother, you actually have to beg some point in this game. l had high hopes for him. Why couldn’t he just come up with some bs apology for his initial alliance tell them Paul already had a chance and too much inside knowledge of the game and the only reason he didn’t tell them, was do they don’t have blood on their hands incase it backfired. Instead….. Jessica


I hope this all blows up in their faces because this is just getting ridiculous.
Paul is not a celebrity! He’s your competition. I mean, WTF!


is raven really terminal? or is this like (matt’s wife?) from a previos season?


When Elena puked in Paul’s bathroom , I was thinking she might be sticking a finger down her throat just so she doesn’t start gaining so much weight in that House. – It was just weird when she had that convo with Dom afterward, about stress eating. I hope that’s not the case anyways.
This House is seriously Cursed this Season – A broken foot, a walkout, a peeping tom, eating disorders and Raven who does have a disease but is lying that it’s terminal. Not to mention that half these people are PARANOID as f**k just like Vanessa was. I keep waiting for another earthquake to hit just like in BB Season 10 !!!

Enlightened One

Quit being paranoid as fuck and enjoy the season!!!


Alex, it’s time to start slowly but surely planting seeds.
As annoying as Josh is you need to start making him see that once ( Jason Jessica Ramses ) are gone y’all two are next on the chopping block. Then rally the other outsiders to shake things up

Put seeds slowwwly into the showmances and others heads (Kevin) about each other and the Paul dominating force. (Sidenote: I like how Paul is slowly but surely doing the same thing and planting seeds how he won’t make it and Raven is going to win…….it lessens him as a threat as well as feeds the idea of Raven being a threat)

Paul is annoying but he is playing the game and as much as I hate to say he so far he the most deserving to win, game wise.

Mark- I do not understand how you get no haterade, you literally are one of the biggest sheep…….but wait your whole alliance is…….
Ramses- Does not deserve all the haterade……….god forbid he tries to take himself off the block
Dom-PLAY THE FRICKIN GAME……seems like great person but goodness
Jason- I really like the guy but he has no idea how to play……

Frankie still sucks

Cody WTF play the game!!! It’s BB you need to start making deals dude. I amost want him to stay Ramses goes out and there is alliance between Alex and Cody to take down the Showmances. On another note…. why is Xmas still allowed to play? That is some BS anyone else would be gone. She will not be at eviction? Please don’t let this turn into BB16 again.


Motownphilly’s back again
Doin’ a little east coast swing
Boyz II Men going off
Not too hard, not too soft

Boyz II Men Eh Bee See DVD


Matt thinks Jason is retarded? He says over and over again that hes not all there. After the interview? Lmao he didn’t act slow at all. What is this guy seeing?