Jessica – “I never thought it would be this hard.. they broke me, it’s official they won”

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1:38pm Dom’s Birthday celebration

1:39pm Jessica crying..

Jessica – My body is completely out of whack… I feel awful.. We’re stuck on lilly pads on the floor, we’re stuck in frog costumes, I can’t eat, I have been sleeping on spikes. We have to take cold showers.
Jessica – I never thought it would be this hard
Jessica – they broke me, it’s official they won

1:53pm Showmances.. (HATE THEM)
Elena – I like the way your face smells..

1:56pm Paul and Jason getting ready for some fun.

They Are dressing Paul up as a cowboy and he’s going to ride Jason as he hopes.
Paul – don’t break my f*ing leg

They decide against this and just decide to hop around. Jason is going to wear the snapchat glasses and record the event. (Snapchat goes to the POV winner)

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2:08pm Jessica and Raven
Jessica is constipated and Raven is trying to help her. Jessica needs privacy. Raven suggests she’ll make sure nobody goes up they’re to bother her.
Jessica cries says it’s so embarrassing.

2:11pm Ramses and Jason pranking Alex’s water

Alex doesn’t notice at first..

But final does notice.

2:25pm Paul and Kevin talking about being in the house locked down for 6 days.
Paul says he has no clean clothes he needed to do laundry

2:26pm Jessica and Cody

Jessica – I’m emotionally trying to hold it together with a bandnaid right now.. and you’re leaving and I have to do all this alone
Jessica – I have to find someway to bounce back.. you have it easy you get to go home, I’ll still be here dressed as a toad eating slop after you leave.
Jessica – are you disappointed by me
Cody – I’m disappointed in myself.. you have faced all the collateral damage from my risks, If I could go back someone figure out a way so you aren’t affected by it. I didn’t take you into consideration when I took those risks It was selfish of me.
Cody – I do regret it, I care about you a lot

2:28pm Josh and Paul HOH

Josh says he’s going to win the HOH and back door Jess, “Do the same gameplay you did”
Paul says he doesn’t have to Jessica won’t win the POV. Last week they had 1 target this week next week they have 2 so put them both up. (Ramses and Jessica)
Josh now says that is what he’ll do

Josh says Jessica will collapse when Cody leaves.
Josh says he’s not going to say or do anything to Jessica
Josh – I have a sister that age I would hate it for people to go at her.
Josh says Cody thinks there will be a battle back, “If he comes back that will be insanity.. ”
Paul – send his a$$ back out.. straight up
Josh says Ramses is really getting to him. Josh wants Ramses out before Jess.

3:00pm Christmas and Kevin
xmas – you ready for this next HOH.. I think it’ll be endurance.. hanging on something for hours
xmas says the two wild cards are Jessica and Ramses
Kevin doesn’t think those 2 will win any competitions
xmas – Jessica will put me up
Kevin – Absolutely.. you have nothing to worry she’s not going to win
Kevin thinks Alex will win.
Christmas says right now they are just clearing out the house for a better game experience.
Kevin asks – You have three in a row after Cody, Jessica, Ramses and.. either Jason or Josh
xmas – yeah.. I like all of them personally, well Jessica not so much.
Christmas talking about Ramses “Super strong Game player.. really big threat.. don’t let him fool you”
Christmas – Jessica is toxic.. highly emotional and unpredictable
Christmas – Josh I love.. but.. I keep telling him calm it down. tone it down.. because he has the potential to stay .. but (makes a explosion sounds)
Christmas says there will be a battle back once Jury starts
Christmas says the surgery is tomorrow for 6 hours.

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46 thoughts on “Jessica – “I never thought it would be this hard.. they broke me, it’s official they won”

  1. Hope Christmas’ surgery goes ok….I think she shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the game tho.

    I hope production keeps Cody out…hate him on the show…he’s a jerk and I imagine the same on the outside.

    Jessica needs to ask for a laxative and get over herself, everyone poops! Embarrassed, really, rolls eyes.

    Gooooo Paul. Hated him last year, but he did grow on me. Love him thus year, doubt he will make it to the end tho. I’m rooting for Kevin!

    1. I just want to see people PLAY. Don’t hand the game to Paul or raven. I don’t actually dislike either of them, but the way everyone’s giving them a free pass has me rooting against them. And yeah, xmas needs to go with that injury.

        1. Yes but he went into the house an amputee – he didn’t get his leg amputated while on the show. I think there is a difference. Christmas needs to recovery from this.

    1. Its a strategy and quite frankly being in a house full of beautiful people and living life in the moment I would showmance the heck out of the experience. How can you hate cuddles, smooches and a little I lost control of my hands. Good grief how boring would it be if there were 16 house guests that hated physical touch.

      1. Apparently more people like being frigid then getting warm with another human body. Are we heading towards an asexual world?

  2. The sympathy show has commenced in hopes of initiating pity for Jessica. She will get the Halting Hex and stop the eviction. Paul’s beard will burst into flames and Josh will shat himself with fear.

    1. You’re 15 minutes of fame are over, get ouuuuttttaaa here!! Give Christmas a new cast, that is all!

  3. Jessica chose to get up under a guy 1st week for protection, she should’ve distanced herself from Cody after he went against his alliance which would’ve saved her game. Nicole did this strategy for 2 seasons, she got lucky in the 2nd.

  4. I didn’t think i’d say this, but I really hope thursdays HoH is an endurance competition and that Jessica wins it. I will be so bored if anyone else wins because they will all be manipulated by paul to target Jessica or ramses. Even ramses would be convinced to target Jessica.
    I think Jessica knows she can’t salvage anything with the showmances, and cody said don’t target the guys target their hearts. So I think jessica would nominate Elena and Raven. Which would atleast be interesting watching them all talk about wanting Raven to win, but is Elena ready to give up her game in week 3 for Raven!? I don’t think so

    1. I don’t believe anyone is getting manipulated. They all hate Cody and Jessica because of their behavior. They just don’t want the blood on their hands in case of a battle back and Cody wins. Paul is basically their pawn.

  5. It’s nice to hear Cody own his game play and tell Jess how selfish he was when he didn’t consider anyone but himself…that he has regrets for how it negatively impacted her game. Way to go Cody.

    He just redeemed himself a little bit.

    1. It really isn’t a big deal, yes even pretty girls poop. Give her some cabbage and kale juice and she will be all better.

  6. Simon or dawg how does xmas know camron isn’t in the swimsuit picture or think that he isn’t? That is a weird thing for her to say.

      1. Isn’t it obvious. What if Simon wanted to start a scrabble game while eating a tuna fish sandwich for lunch. Would that not be sensory overload or what

  7. Big Brother 20 needs some spicing up! Next year lets add in:

    Open Bar
    Marijuana Edibles
    Polyamorous People

  8. I hope hop-a-long’s surgery goes bad, has to leave the game and the eviction for Thursday is canceled and Chen says “Due to circumstances there will no Eviction this week!” CODY STAYS!!!!! The faces!!! Priceless!

  9. Honestly everyone has redeeming qualities except those two bottle blonde bimbos… P.S. remember when big meech was constipated from eating a WHOLE box fiber crackers in one day!!

  10. Did Paul receive 3 weeks of safety or 3 nomination pass. I remember last year James received 3 mon safety (2 HOH and 1 VETO). If Paul received the latter, he should be available to be put up this week. Maybe I’m just hoping.

  11. Hope her surgery goes well tomorrow and mine too! (first under the knife in AM) should be no problem just a Baclofen pump replacement. Like Raven I have a pump for meds since my car accident and battery only lasts 5 years. Cripple people problems I like to call them :)
    Hopefully home Thursday for Cody’s eviction and Alex or Kevin HOH (HOV) win!!! Matt still rocking the tank so his tat be poppin’!

  12. Xmas is so obsessed with getting Jessica out over jealousy and she wants all the “pretty girl” attention once the prettier girl leaves. Xmas has all the mental issues she claims everyone else does. When ppl cut on others they are really talking about themselves.

    Why no one sees that Jess is a free agent now and bringing her in is gold. Gold for anyone except Paul and Xmas. Paul wants her out for the simple reason that she can be a number against him. And contrary to popular belief Jess has a brain and Paul fears anyone with brains.

  13. Oh my gawd! Jessica you were a big mouth bitch. Now who’s the baby. Put the toad head back on and get to hopping….

  14. Jessica needs to pull it together. Channel her inner Rachel.

    I hope Christmas’s surgery goes well. Maybe she’ll learn not to ride someone else’s husband anymore ;)

  15. I think anyone that is so sexual and can’t keep there hands off Each other for five minutes is annoying and does not have there head in the game!!!!

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