“The amount of Charisma Brett has is crazy..in 5 minutes I was buying everything he was saying”

POV: ? Next POV: July 14th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 16th
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers – Power app is over. 100$ sure Haleigh has the Crap app “read it” and I think Bayleigh has the powwer up.

9:34am Winston and Brett Storage room
Winston – Scottie did not vote for me..
Brett – that is what he said to me
Winston – BRO, I don’t know who is lying to me ..
Brett – he told Tyler
Winston – right, so he’s playing games with me
Winston says he had a good talk with Scottie he’s not sure what Scottie’s “purpose is yet”

waking up…

9:41am Bayleigh and Rachel
Bayleigh tells her Scottie says you’re not on his radar at all.
Rachel – he said no definitive answers.. you know Kailtyn put him up.. he’s looking for the best game move for his game
Bay – gotcha
Rachel – big moves
Bay – Scottie’s really sweet..

Morning hugs all around

Sam – good morning there.. P I M P HOH
Sam – you’re like Hugh Heifner

9:53am Kailtyn and Tyler
Kaitlyn – you were legit so mean to me in my dream
baby talk under the covers.. BARF (this is turning into poison.. radioactive poison)

10:02am Kaitlyn now hopes into Fes’ bed
Chit chat about dreams.

10:32am Fes and Rachel
Fes knew Swagyz wasn’t going to get the votes. He thought he would have 4 or 5 votes.
Rachel – I don’t have a chance to have a power app.. that scares me too
Rachel – I could go on the block with someone that has a power app..
Fes – say you are on the block and someone has a power app.. if you stay on the block with that person they use the power up now they are off the block with you and you have the votes to stay..
Rachel thinks there’s 3 more weeks of power apps. For some reason she thinks they end with Jury.

Fes thinks he’s safe this week.. he’s voted the same way as Scottie the first 2 weeks. The problem for fes “he’s a sort of a wildcard”
Fes says he’s moving to LA when they are done.

Rachel goes on about how thankful she is to be in this game.

10:59am Bathroom Scottie and Fes 
S – I talked to both of them last night
S – the amount of Charisma Brett has is crazy..
S – in 5 minutes I was buying everything he was saying .. I was like YEAH YEAH.. then had to walk around for 20 minutes and be like NO NO
S – he’s so f***ing good..
F – did they admit to you
S – no, the exact opposite.. they doubled down.
S – they tried to blame Haleigh again, I have to make sure to let her know
F – I though they were cool with Haleigh
S – they were.. they are trying to say Haleigh was the one that flipped on the vote…
F – on which one
S – both, They were like Who won HOH.. whos up here all the time..

11:57am Feeds down

12:52pm Feeds still down

1:25pm feeds return. They did the BBapp powerup and penalty segments

Hayleigh got the crap app

Fes and Bayleigh
Bay – make sure Scottie gors thtough with it you know what I’m saying
Bay – me you and Scottie and I’ll tell you guys
Fes – tell Scottie don’t tell anybody else..

(sounds like Bayleigh has the Power up)

1:28pm Winston, Brett and Rachel
They all say they don’t have the power app

Brett – did you see Bayleigh snap on Rockstar today

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Sakura Haruno

Unpopular Opinion time!

I actually was thinking and I think it’s in Tyler’s best interest if one of the core member of L6 leaves. Those 4 are together and he’s at the bottom of the group so if one of them gets out this week he can move up in the alliance. He wouldn’t make Scottie side angry because he voted one of the bros out and L6 would go after Scottie. I just hope since last week Tyler saved Scottie in return Scottie would keep him safe for this week.


The game is still in ins early days… Tyler can’t hang out with them a lot since nobody else knows about L6… and since… Kaitlyn!
I’m convinced he goes to bed praying every night that somehow Kaitlyn gets evicted next.
If she wasn’t there anymore, he could go back to being the social butterfly he was before having to become her ‘petting slave’.
I mean… this morning she was whining “you were sooo meeean to me… in my dream!” Now she even expects him to apologize to her for how he treats her in her fragile little mind.
Yes, I wish he’d found the courage to tell her clearly “no more lovey dovey”, but he’s aware just how risky that might be since she’s so emotionally unstable.

Like literally

love them i pray for a couple


I’m not sure scottie will save Tyler. Scottie keeps saying he is making a big move to the other side, how are the bros really a big move? They haven’t really done anything but act like arrogant a$$es (right up there with scaggy). It wouldn’t surprise me right now if Scottie is playing with Tyler and he is actually thinking of putting him up. I just don’t see how putting the bros up is a “big” move. Getting scaggy out was a big move, getting Tyler out would be an even bigger move IMO (even though I don’t want to see Tyler go anywhere) but I don’t think he would, he would either use his power or Sam would use hers on him, so he would have a chance of staying. I wonder who he will put up if one of the bros do come down. At least it wont be as crazy of a week as it was with Kaitlyn. This will be interesting.


Big week for Scottie Boii! Hoping he makes a big move and targets Angela and Rachel seeing as the have been absolutely irrelevant so far this season and are literally taking places of more deserving fans who could have been casted. Nevertheless, interested to see how this week plays out!



If Angela and Rachel are irrelevant, how is targeting them a ‘big game move’? … This game is just getting going. Only 2 evicted houseguests. Split votes on both. Random comps. This game, and these players, can flip everything on its head at any given time

Yeahhh. . .

We’ll see how long it takes for the house to know Bay has the power app. I’m thinking tomorrow morning. As soon as Kaitlyn finds out about it, it will be known to all.

Roll Tide

Or JC. JC is working both sides and everyone believes him. He may win this season. He has no one against him. They tell him every thing. And he uses it to his advantage.

Tom Brady

OML is craziness K jumping on every guys lap outside the big brother house too? LOL
I gotta say it Hayleigh is the hottest girl and why did she got the crap app LOL
cmon america stop supporting racist rachel and racist angela
we need a good guy to win big brother this season

My Two Cents

I predict that the power will quickly go to his head… and we’re gonna see Scottie with a raging case of HOH-itis.

Like literally

Can i ask what have Bayleigh done in the game so far apart from open her legs for swaggy like you guys are so full of hate for certain player you get blind worshiping these wallpapers… She didn’t even campaign for her boyfriend properly . You guys say like players game and such and after is about sam’s , baigleighs, Rachael’s and all the doormats available.


Bayleigh hasn’t done much except Chris. I’m not seeing hate except for a troll or two. Well some folks are really not liking Angie and I can see it because she says asinine things and talks trash about folks. However the trash talk is true for several folks this year. I think this year has a more entertaining crowd overall and so the few folks not liked get all the hate. The last few season there were so many we could hate on so it kind of evened out for the house guests.

Franks Farts

Production gave it to her obviously


Bailey could just be pretending she got a power app.


As much as RS and Kaitlyn annoy me, Scottie is making a stronger move to put up the Bros and target the looney toons later on. With that said, Scottie has got to stop talking about the Steve eviction. It was painful last night watching him talk to every houseguest to investigate who lied about that vote. Scottie, that vote was eons ago and you’re the one lying about the eviction that just happened 2 hours ago. Shut-up about who has lied because everyone has, except Sam.


Tyler wants to use Kaitlin to be his Victoria. She is dense…but not Victoria dense. This poses a problem.


In that one pic of Hayleigh, in the green A&M t…she looks like Nicole’s doppleganger

Franks Farts

Production made sure Bayliegh got power app no way fans voted that way.


This is about being talked. Even if you the most annoying one as long as you got mentioned , you can get the power.

Same old B.B.

Clearly you’re underestimating the power of voting and real fans seeing the feeds and how people banned together to vote bayleigh she’s was in second place last weeks vote. Tyler is productions pet remember