“Thanks the pedant of protection, I would have probably finagled my way out of it”

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3:08pm Josh and Mark in the Austin powers room

Josh – Moving forward I’m all alone in this game
JOsh – I don’t want to last 2/3 weeks..
Mark – i’m a very loyal person
Josh – same
Mark – I told you day one I wanted to work with you

Mark – Jess and Ramses after that I don’t know.. (LOL you Josh)
Mark – your name has never come outta my mouth.. As long as you are honest with me about votes.. And remember our conversation stays between me and you

Mark says that is why he wants Ramses out because he’s said he’ll put up Mark
Josh – moving forward, all I can do is show you my actions how loyal and honest I am.. I love this experience I’m growing so much
Mark – Next 2 weeks theres 2 targets within those 2 weeks other people will show their true colours.

Mark says if Ramses or Jess win HOH he doesn’t know who their targets will be and if they win the lines will be drawn.

Mark says he’s got Josh’s back..
Josh – solid..
They shake, they fist bump… they tight
Mark – I’m thinking long term and I’m thinking you

3:25pm Josh and Paul HOH
Paul – you’re doing well bro.. You’re not even a backup options..
Paul tells him everyone’s telling him how much JOsh has improved. All josh needs to do is keep telling everyone how much he hates Ramses and jessica. If he wins HOH next week and puts them up they’ll side will have “Mad Respect” for him.

Paul – make that move
Josh – I’ll do it..

JOsh – you speak to me like that outside I’ll rip your head off..
Paul orders him to go downstairs now before people start getting suspicious..

Josh – I really f*ing trust you in this game.
Paul – don’t listen to Jessica, she’s out next
Josh – I want to be the one that take her out
Paul – it’ll feel so good

Josh says he lied to Jessica/Cody/Jason/Alex/Jillian and told them he was going to vote out Christmas.

Paul – you make it to Jury as long as you shut the f* up and play your part.
Josh – I want to be friends outside this house.. I will never f* you, put you up or do some shady sh1t..
Josh – don’t worry bro we’re solid
Josh – solid

After Josh leaves.. Paul does a little dance..

4:42pm Alex and Jason
Alex tells him to stop hanging out with Jessica and Cody.
Jason asks if they should try and win HOH to put Ramses/Jessica up.
Alex says they need to show their alliance.
Alex brings up Matt saying Jason is a loose cannon.
Alex says they have to be extremely nice to Christmas and then take her out.
Alex – she’s s***g Paul D**k
Alex thinks Paul is keeping Christmas at an arm’s length because he knows she’s crazy. Xmas is worried she doesn’t have a +1 everyone else does. Xmas wants Paul but Paul doesn’t
Alex starts stresses they have to keep their heads down and try and get power.

Jason and Alex don’t care if Kevin voted out Jillian that’s in the past. They are worried about him they think the game may be getting to him. They are going to talk to kevin and let him know.

3:48pm Josh and Jason
Josh – you have to stay away from Cody.. in the game it doesn’t look good.
Josh – everybody loves you, you’re going to go far in this game
Josh – Don’t take to them (Jess/Cody)in closed rooms and get caught.

Josh – I want us to go far you me and Alex
Josh – we are gunning for HOH and we’re doing what the house wants…

3:36pm Paul’s friendship chat..
Paul says from day one he knew Cody was a hot head. Says he gave the friendship bracelet to Cody and Christmas because he wanted to see what their strengths were and Cody did by winning the HOH.
Paul says he threw the first HOH so Cody would win it get all the power and get blood on his hands.
Paul – it was beautiful
Paul – thank you for the pedant of protection, I would have probably finagled my way out of it
Paul says Cody threw the POV to Alex and made some kind of side deal with her. Paul called all this out and caused their side to question what Cody was doing. People started pointing fingers in his direction.

Paul says he played victim based on what Cody did.
Paul – I turned everybody against Cody and jessica.. And it worked”
Paul – nobody was mad I took the temptation, I cursed Ramses anyways.
Now Paul is going on about how he convinced the entire house to throw the HOH to him and it worked. Says there was a few people that were trying but they “sucked”
He goes on about how everything that has happened this season has been his master plan.

4:06pm Matt and Dom
Talking about how dangerous Ramses is.
Dom wants Ramses to be the first person to go.

Dom says Ramses lied right to her face. They agree nobody likes Ramses.
Dom points out that Jess has a sense of humour she might warm up with Jess.

4:36pm Pool games and chit chat..

4:47pm Alex, Jason and Ramses
talking about First dates from hell.

5:15pm Mark and Matt
They can’t decide who is a bigger threat Jessica or Ramses. Matt says Ramses has lied and ruin his credibility in the house. There’s not a person that will listen what he has to say.

Mark says he would rather Jessica goes out right after Cody.
Mark – and if there is a battle back having him compete against her will be fun TV

5:31pm Hammock Mark and Elena
Elena says her n1pples don’t work because of the surgery..
Mark starts talking how funny it is that the other side thinks Kevin voted Christmas to stay.


Elena says she’s hates that she can’t get done up in the house. Like facials etc.
Mark says he gives facials, Knows a moisturizer that works wonders.

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Jesus Paul’s head is exploding so hard! His fall is going to be like rain in the middle of a hot desert. I cannot wait for the house to turn on this egomaniac!!!


I know there are a lot of BB fans hating on the way Paul is playing this year, but to me he is basically playing the same game as last year. BB inserted him again this year because Paul is without a doubt a BB character. he’s there for the entertainment value and one thing Paul’s brings to the game…his mouth. I just find it amazing how much stamina this guy has when it comes to the continuous conversations with everyone in the house. is it annoying at times? hell yeah it is, but it’s Paul.


Agreed production is playing a fine game for paul


I agree, and I actually was liking Paul this season (wasn’t a big fan last season)…I think mainly because he de-throned Cody who is the biggest psycho I’ve ever seen on BB I think! But he should have come in, been entertaining and played out his strategy and then kept his mouth shut! How he goes on and on how every move that’s been made was his (even if it’s true it’s bad form to brag). At one point he was telling the newbies that viewers HATE when they talk into the cameras (I agree, I hate it) and then the next show I watched there was Paul talking into the cameras??? Very bad cast this year, they are a bunch of self centred ego-maniacs and not very entertaining to watch. I find myself fast forwarding through every “after dark” episode as it’s just one pompous ass after another!


Elena should be worried about her brain not working, not her nipples.


They can only afford so much make up for you to cake on each day like a mason laying bricks.


Unfortunately there isn’t a brain surgery to make her smart. She would still get boob job, if it was one.


Paul and Xmas are so full of themselves. I can’t wait for them to leave.

Bunny Flop

How long until someone spills the beans about Kevin’s vote?

Backseat Driver

I like Kevin…..I’m not sure why, I just do!


I really need Alex, Ramses or Jason to pull out a win this week… they’re the only ones that will go after the showmances and it would be fun to see some friction on that side of the house! They’re in full-on summer camp mode and its annoying.


Hopefully it’s Ramses so Alex and Jason won’t get blood in their hands. Hopefully Alex gets the temptation this week

at the end of the day

Hey Jason,Cody,Jess
Eddie Murphy called. He wants his SNL Gumby outfits back.

Captain Crunch

So just because someone is on the block or if the house doesn’t like somebody that means you shouldn’t talk to them? Im not a Cody fan but if Jason wants to talk to Cody/Jessica why does the house care so much?


Bullies can be very fearful and hyper vigilant. If someone steps outside the “bubble of trust,” it is perceived as a potential threat. Individuality/ free thinking is the natural enemy to group-think. Conformity is a necessity in order for the group to think with one fairy-dusted, Paul-guided brain. It is the only way to keep “peace” in the elfin magic-like realm Paul has created for them.


Not sure if there will be anymore room in the house with as big of a head as Paul is getting. He thinks he is a God. I hope his ass goes out the first week he can be put up!!

Teresa Renteria

I can’t figure out how or why most everyone in the house suddenly became Team Paul. Watching them all slavishly give him their tickets in the HoH comp was bizarre. What happened? Anyone know?


He’s doing their dirty work and getting out Cody, if for some reason Cody comes back it will be Paul he will go after, not anyone else.


Well, Honey Child, Paul told us today exactly what he does…. plays “victim, victim, victim” (because Cody tried to backdoor him) and maniacally play “puppet master”

What’s funny about Paul’s camera chat is that even HE is absolutely shocked that the house isn’t trying to get rid of him. He can’t believe he has everyone wrapped around his finger (his middle finger, that is)

They might just suffer from CWS: Celebrity Worship Syndrome.

Personally, I think the house guest applicants were all asked who their favorite past HG was, and all those “Paul” answers were cast. Plus, throw in one strong person who answered “Paul” when asked who the least favorite HG was, and you’ve got the elements for the perfect storm.

Grandma Cheese

Paul has gotten to be more annoying that that Frankie. Paul’s talk in the DR like he is some celebrity isn’t working. He does not have the looks and that distracting mess of a tattoo makes his chest boy look like a child’s. wonder if his mom did the tat…….

Backseat Driver

Sorry……n-o-b-o-d-y is as bad as Frankie was!


Whoever will take a shot at paul will be my new favorite, right next to Alex & Kevin!


I really really hope Alex gets the temptation this week. she will definitely make it all the way to the end with it.


Maybe. They only have four weeks to use it. Also, I know that whoever wins it will be whoever the average TV watcher will vote for.. and I have no idea who that is.


Jason would do it.


Jessica is stunning …………….


Outside only. A pretty face does not make a pretty heart. And she has a very ugly heart.


You think she’s ugly on the inside because she’s pissed that her alliance go screwed??? Wait till Paul is on on the block. Then you’re really gonna see ugly!!!


A lot of people have short term memory problems, don’t realize that Paul was a total ass any time he was targeted. Jessica and Cody do have a right to be pissed, BB screwed them; and I don’t believe for a second that America voted for Christmas. BB has their hands all over this season already.

your jealous

Plan and simple. You don’t even know this girl. But turn up in every post slandering her. Your heart is by all accounts worst.


…..ly disgusting.

Jess is BAE

I need Jess to make it to jury. Watching her sexy ass is the only reason to tune into what has so far been a disappointing season. Looks like she is coming out of her funk and getting back into the game. If I was her I’d be salty too with all the hate coming from the other females (Xmas wants her and the rest want to be her). #SmokeBomb.

Jess cam junkie

I’m sure it was a master plan. Someone tell Paul to save his breath. This is so unfair to Cody, and to the integrity of my favorite show. He is taking the obvious sabatoge like a champ though.


My, but Paul does go on.
And on and on…
FF most of his conversations because he
Repeats himself way too much.


Pride comes before the fall…


Cody is about as flavorful and ineffective as my Metamucil.

No effort at all on Cody’s part to try and flip the house. All he would have to do is point out the Tazmanian Devil’s doings (even if he didn’t really have him already figured out, which we know he does) and talk about how the Vet is going to sweep this game if the others don’t ban together.

But no! Alex is the only one talking about the future in the game. Everyone else seems to be on vacation (well Kevin seems to be thinking through things a lot… and I hope it is intentional game play. I wish he would open up to the cameras more and tell us what he’s thinking).

*shakes finger at Cody “Get off your rumpus, boy! You haven’t been evicted yet!”

I just don’t understand this rolling over to die mentality.

*Granny rant over (for now)


I know there is a lot of game left to play, but this week is ridiculous. No one is doing anything…with few exceptions, it seems folks are sitting around waiting on Paul to tell them what to do.
Jason is showing some spunk and spark, but he is clueless about the game and keeping things close to the vest. Alex is thinking big picture and further down the line, but she has no one to strategize with.
Kevin told the wrong person his secrets. A jinky vote and he has 25K….and he told Paul.
Ramses has no clue,
The showmances may as well be mannequins.
Christmas is ridiculous.
Josh needs to go home. NOW. He isn’t even a vote.
Dominique disappeared.
Paul needs to be a have not, on the block with Jessica holding the POV.


At this point i want paul to get Neda’d after his last week is over because I’m tired of everyone kissing his ass…..
Mark is trying so hard to win over Elena’s Heart
( which isn’t working) when he should be playing the game.
Dominique where are you ? The only time i see you is when you do your talk show
Raven is basically getting a free ride because of her health problem .
Matt Goals: he wants to get to Jury and help raven win the game what kinda logic is that I’m tired of people settling for jury rather than winning the game.
Elena i don’t know what to say because you’re playing with this man’s feelings (Mark) and you are worried about your fucking Nipple right now and not worried about the game.
Christmas used to be my fav but i want her out after paul leaves
Jessica is so annoying she acts like her shit don’t stink.
It’s nice to know that Cody is still a douchebag i felt sorry for the man in week 1 because he couldn’t get paul out but that went out the window when he yelled at Josh and said he was making victim noises i appreciate him for serving this country but this man is insane I’m afraid he’ll really go crazy if he stays in the house.
Josh was / is doing a good job right now he’ll only be in danger again if he does something stupid.
Kevin- i really hope Kevin is playing paul right now because if he’s not I’ll honestly be dissapointed in him.
Jason- what is your purpose? I have yet to see you do anything it’s like you don’t want the money
Alex – She’s the only one playing the game and will probably be the one to take a shot at paul when his safety is over . I Wouldn’t mind her winning she wanted to play and came too play.
Ramses doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s getting just because he wanted to play the game and win veto to insure safety on his own terms …..Mmmmmm K
My rant is over but this really has the potential to be the worst season in recent memory i still think bb15 is the worst ( i seriously can’t find anything i liked about it) season imo BB16 was weak but Derrick capitalized on that cast wanting to be on tv than play the game BB17 Vanessa just didn’t play her cards right she should’ve known steve as a superfan would take a shot at her because she dominated that house and Vanessa should’ve taken him out when she had the chance. BB18 Production wanted a Girl winner so bad that they had their hand in every cookie jar to insure she won ( nicole ) . I’m Afraid BB19 will be the same as last year unless someone wakes up and realize they need to get rid of paul if they don’t he’ll win this whole game with the help of production .


Josh was making victim noises!! They had to talk to him like a 2 year old just to calm him down!!!


I wish Cody would realize he could cause more drama in the house. Since Alex is on the block he could at least try to make her a bigger target. He could talk to Mark and put a bug in his ear that Alex will target the showmances as soon as she gets HOH. Then he points out that his targets are Paul and Xmas and then the outsiders. Point out that Xmas can’t compete in physical comps and Paul will lose protection eventually. Its a slim chance that he would stay but a least it wouldn’t be rolling over and giving up. If he could cause enough paranoia in the alliance maybe it would sell-destruct.


Tried to start an old fashioned game of Simon says. Everyone pulled out they’re phones to catch his latest post… I immediately made a sizable donation once I realized what I was missing


when Cody leaves I hope he blasts CBS for ruining his plan to get out Paul. I loved that Cody hated Paul and wanted him out ASAP but he had no chance. He had a plan in place to get out a big threat (and a loudmouthed loser who had his chance already) but NOOOOOOOOO CBS with the help of mindless teenagers sabotaged his plan. How do you win if the game is manipulated in such a way. Where’s the skill? Anyway, it’s unreal and to be honest I’m not watching after Cody leaves.


Completely thought the same thing…Shark meet CBS, jump CBS, jump!


Alex, Josh, Jason, and Kevin seem to be plotting to take out Paul. I don’t see anyone other than maybe Christmas having a problem with it. My thoughts are the house just gave into Paul because they know Paul will be around for 3 weeks and they’ll be able to dump a ton of blame on him. Paul’s gets another free pass next week then I believe he is eligible for eviction. It would be great to have him face Cody in the fight to get back into the house.


Christmas will probably be on the block with him if those two don’t win .


House full of idiots! I can’t even deal! Paul is annoying AF. With all the temptation going against codys odds. Crazy.


It’s a dream to be on big brother and these idiots just want to make it to jury……… unbelievable


Paul is such a snake.


I am hoping everyone is voting for Cody for the halting hex! It would make some great TV!


Umm….Cody will be long gone before the Halting Hex temptation is given….


Let’s be real!

Ramses has no allies in the house. Of course he just tried to ensure his own safety, he has been dreaming about being on this show for years! Can’t be mad at him for trying to win safety. It was Paul that chose him to get the bad temptation curse in the first place. Why would get believe he was safe?

Mark – seems like a chill guy. Like his sleeping buddy, Elena too.

Dom – she’s just minding her business! Dom is staying tight lipped, it is just week 3. Enough people going for blood among each other. No need to pick a fight.

Raven – I have a friend with gastroparesis and its in joke! No cure, limited relief – you do die from it. Great spirit and she’s genuine. Everyone likes her.

Josh – you said it best ‘I’ve grown so much in these past few weeks” . This guy can’t lie well, has a big heart and really just young man that is feeling the pressure of so many alpha males – even the females are vicious! I can’t believe Cozy would want to start a rumour , out of pure spite, that josh is some creepy predator!!!

Jessica -. I hope she is more than to just a scripted mean girl with a jealous steak.

Matt – I can’t take my eyes off that body and smile!

Jason – you can’t be mad that he has found FRIENDSHIP with Cody. He won’t vote against him just like Paul never voted against Vic! Everyone should respect that.

Christmas- WYSIWYG. (Showing my age right there)! She’s joined up with Paul because Cody blindSided her by putting her on the block as Paul’s replacement. Even with a broken leg, she’s still a vote!

Cody – obviously was not liking Paul dominate every conversation, completely two alphas in the house and he wanted Paul out. Paul can work with other alphas- worked with Vic and Paulie last season – both had huge ethat.Cody messed up.

Kevin – Can’t believe he told anyone he took the$25k. It was too early. Think its hilarious the other side doesn’t have a clue about his vote. I wonder if Paul is testing him by requesting his vote goes to Ramses, just to keep people guessing or to see if he will follow his lead?

Paul – hated you in the beguning of last season – obnoxious! Then he grew on me with his loyalty to Vic. He is still too rowdy. But Cody caused this drama. Everyone is glad he is getting blood in his hands not theirs. I think Paul will make it to jury but not win. He is a good guy- his momma said no humping and he hasn’t.

Alex for the win! Smart and beautiful, fair and a beast in competition!


Thanks for the name of her condition.im going to educate myself . Sorry she is ill but the girl was very threatened when Xmas got attention for her foot.even said she talked about it to much.What? from the girl whose hole identity is about her health.an great job making Xmas surgery all about her and her lies about dieing twice on operating table.


Paul is too annoying I wish this season didn’t have babies they don’t do shit but they get mad at Cody for a smart plan wtf


Cody did not play it right. He kept his plan to himself, ruled with power ! First HOH is hard, you can’t play it with power and rule. You need to bring a group in and talk over all plans and make plans as a group, and listen to others. Then others will have your back the next week. Cody blew it !


Cody broke a cardinal rule: Before you go after a huge target, make sure you have the damn votes to get them out! He could see that Paul had made lots of connects to others in the house and many admitted to being fans. He was wrong to assume that all the other in his “alliance” felt the same way he did.


Ramses needs to win HOH this week and stir this shytt up already. The summer camp bullshytt with the showmances need to be decimated. It’s Big Brother not Bachelor In Paradise.

Detroit Girl

So, Matt and Mark can’t decide who’s a bigger threat, Ramses or Jessica. *Insert several crying, laughing emojis*


Why in the world does everyone think Ramses is dangerous????? lmaooo!! They’re so manipulated by Paul and don’t even realize it at all. I wasn’t sure about Kevin at first…. but I am starting to like him. I like how he is acting like he’s down with everyone, and pretty much staying off the radar. He’s more dangerous than Ramses imo.. but I would be ok with no one catching on to that! 😉


All of the bravado and bold intentions with which this group of potential “winners” entered the house has been systematically diluted because of Paul’s immunity from prosecution and his firm grip on their throats. If you’re wondering why they would throw competitions and volunteer to have Paul lead them, it is because fear has found a resting place in their hearts and minds.
When fear takes over, only the strongest minds can overcome and persevere. Unfortunately, what we are seeing is people who have lost their will to assertively play the game. They are hoping to get back to game-play after Paul has rescued them from the evil monster, Cody, or after Paul is gone, or whenever it feels safe to emerge from hiding.
SPOILER ALERT: SAFE time never comes!!! If you let him, Paul will mix the biggest threats to his own game with lambs to the slaughter (floaters, whom he abhors) and clear his path to victory. He will ensure you are nominated by the HOH (whomever that may be), promise you are only a pawn, and laugh mockingly as you exit the house.

What they fail to recognize is that, unlike them, Paul would never voluntarily relinquish power. Irrespective of who is HOH, or holder of the POV, please know that Paul will hold on to his WILL TO WIN and NEVER allow FEAR to rule him. He will always bear in mind that getting evicted is not the worst thing that can happen in your life. The others have lost perspective and something as routine as votes and evictions has become the scary monster hiding under your bed, or in your closet, or wherever you store your worst fears. The game is all about trickery, lies, misdirection, fun, socialization, mental and physical challenges, and figuring out YOUR OWN best path to the winner’s circle. All of the players know this when they sign on for this social experiment. You don’t belong there if the mere thought of being evicted paralyzes you with fear and, thus, prevents you from being a viable player, enjoying your “summer of fun.”

Who is the most hated/ least popular person in the house? Cody. Why? Because of his methods, yes; but more importantly, because he is not afraid, and therefore is not a mirror in which they can see their own reflections.
Too bad for Cody that he doesn’t know that. I loved his reign as HOH, mainly because he was breathing new life into the stale, old game; and no one, including Paul knew what to do with it. All of the old tricks and manipulations were useless. Even Jessica, his bedmate, was left out of the loop. Nobody could misquote him, or leak secrets, which is standard game play. Cody set a refreshingly new standard that promised to resuscitate the show. Production derailed all of that.

Paul knew the houseguests needed to think of him as a safe-haven. So, he mirrors their fears and joins them in their “victim stories.”. Never mind that he is holding all of the power and even has a production-inspired advantage over them. For them, he feels cozy and warm and safe. Paul relies upon them to be lazy, frightened, and dim/ short-sighted in their thinking.

If only Cody could wake them from their slumber… but that would require him to put aside his own ego and massage someone else’s.

Nobody WANTS to be evicted or lose the game. But, just as you can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket, you can’t win Big Brother without participating in the game. No shame in losing when you’ve given it your best.
Paul knows this. It’s just money…