“I’m not trying to get catty with you I’m trying to live in the same house as you”

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6:13pm Christmas is leaving for surgery until Thursday then will have a second surgery in 4 months. Before she heads out Jessica comes up to her and asks if they can talk.

Cody stay in the hot tub

6:16pm Jessica and Christmas
Jessica – This conversation is hard for me because it’s coming from a position of weakness..
Jessica says she had no idea christmas was going to be nominated. She did campaign against her.

Jessica says she wasn’t playing both sides of the house she always said she was going to vote to evict Christmas.

Jess – I was surprised I am legitimately concerned about your foot.. You’ve been really mean to me you’ve made my life in his house harder.
Jess – I think you are a better person than playing the mean girl.. When you are in a room people feel like they can’t talk to me because they are disrespecting you
Jess – what did I ever do you you .
Christmas believes Jessica had nothing to do with her getting nominated.

Christmas – I never said I was coming after you.. That never left my mouth and didn’t leave my mouth until I felt personally attacked on my Character and the integrity of how I played this game.
Xmas – Hearing this lie, you telling people I was saying this stuff.
Xmas – pretty much forcing them to choose a side that night I asked you if I had your vote to stay and you said yes we had a wonderful hug.
Jessica – I said you gave me a lot to think about let me sleep on it.
Christmas we had a wonderful hug
Jessica – yes we did, I don’t dislike you as a person
Christmas – you going to let me finish or are you going to keep interrupting. I let you finish
Jess – Christmas…
Christmas – I let you talk
Jess – I’m not trying to argue with you

Xmas – Says she never advocated for Jessica to leave Cody. She only got mad at her when she found out about the lies jessica was spreading.

Christmas – it hurt me to get thrown under the bus by Cody
Jess – of course

Christmas brings up Jessica asking about her foot..
Jessica starts explaining that she asked about the foot to be helpful
Christmas says there was a discrepancy of truth “is that fair to say”
Jessica – yes
Christmas says when she she came back from the Doctors about her Jessica sat in the HOH and never came down. (It was Mark and Cody in the HOH)
Jessica – I was the first person that saw you Christmas… when you came out of the DR.. they even asked me about it.
Christmas – you helped open the door?
Jessica – I asked how are you doing
Xmas – and that was the only conversation we had
Xmas says after that she felt continually snubbed by her. Says either Jessica was spreading lies or people were making up lies about what jessica is staying.

Christmas says when she fell Cody told her in her ear “you can see the bone through the foot” Christmas says this was psychological warfare on his part. Adds that Jessica saying she help her outside is a bit of a stretch, jessica was just standing there.
Xmas – I don’t mind if you campaign against me. I do have an issue if you start making lies
Christmas understands things are hard for Jessica right now. Cody is probably going home and that’s the person she’s closest too.
Xmas – you’ve had a really awful week.. I’ve had a real awful week..
Xmas mentions how her foot is really going to affect her life.
Christmas says they should just be normal with each other and enjoy their time here.

Jessica says she doesn’t lie and that is going to make this game hard for her.
Xmas – did you tell people I’m coming after you
Jessica says she said xmas implied she was guilty by association. Jessica took that as she’s being targeted.
Xmas explains how she doesn’t buy this.
Jessica – I’m not trying to get catty with you I’m trying to live in the same house as you..

They agree to be neutral moving forward.
Xmas – I’m going to try and move past what happened but I can’t guarantee. (you just agreed to be neutral with her?)

They hug it out.

6:33pm Raven crying because Christmas has to go in for surgery. Says she died twice on the operating table.


6:55pm Jessica and Cody

7:27pm Dom, Alex and Elena

Talking about Ramses lying about the banner plane.
Alex says she always thought there was something up with Ramses. They talk about how Ramses always fakes sleeping.

Alex says it’s the same thing as Meghan running around the house spreading too many lies.
Elena says everyone in the house is on the same page to get Ramses out except for Jessica and maybe Jason.
Alex – I swear to you he’s (Jason) on board with this.

Alex says Jessica has said some cruel things to Alex.
Elena asks if Cody threw the Veto comp to her.
Alex says he didn’t, she went to him to confirm and he said he wanted to win it to use it on her to prove a point.
DOm says she saw Meghan from day one.
Alex – Christmas told me she was bad news.

7:32pm Kevin and Jason..
Kevin says he’ll do have nots next week.
They agree to keep their cool.
Kevin – you know what I’m going to do this week.. Paul.. Ramses up right now..
Kevin says it doesn’t matter where they vote this week because Cody is going to get 8 votes against.

Kevin says Cody it everything going for him at the beginning of the game, Handsome, muscular, great teeth.. then we went ballistic instead of just chilling and he’s paying it
Kevin says he would start eating Wednesday night if he was Cody.

Jason laughs.. agrees..
Kevin – he’s like George Custer.. it’s over.. sitting bull has got him good
Kevin says Jessica is going to go on a neurotic temper tantrum.
Kevin starts planning that next week Alex and him join Jason in the have nots.
Jason – ohh that would be awesome.
Kevin says the other side is going to head hunt for Ramses, “He’s gone, than Jess is gone”
Jason – then we’ll turn our f*ing game up
Kevin says he thought Josh would be a target but they are all getting tight with Josh.
Kevin and Jason talking about getting Paul on their side but they have to win an HOH first.
Jason – who do we put up
Kevin – I dunno man.. it’s a tough call we’ll have to think that one over.

7:50pm Christmas and Paul join the girls in the HOH.
Christmas says she had her preop, blood work done and the doctor told her about the surgery.
xmas – 2nd and 3rd bone is broken and there’s a ligament that’s popped. They usually fuse but because I’m an athlete they’re using screws and springs
xmas – they have to reconstruct the ligament … so it’s a pretty big surgery
xmas – I’m in that at 3:30 out 7:30-9
xmas says the doctor told her the pain at first is really severe but is supposed to ease up fast.
feeds flip

When they comes back they are talking about Jessica and Christmas’ conversation.
Says that Jessica says she “interrupted” what Christmas told her as her going after Jessica and Cody.

Christmas says Jessica interrupted a bunch of times when it was her chance to talk.

They start talking about how the Cody/Jessica relationship not lasting.

8:19pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica says there is probably going to be a battle back because it was so popular last year. She mentioned Victor being evicted 4 times and came back each time. Jessica really liked Victor says he was a fRiggin champion.
Jessica says she knows if she doesn’t win the HOH she’ll be on the block.

8:43pm Kevin getting his nails done..

8:51pm Dom Christmas Alex Paul
Trashing on Jessica. Christmas says when Jessica was first telling them her type of guy it wasn’t anything like Cody.
Christmas says Jessica’s hate towards her started with the photo shoot because Christmas was getting more attention than Jessica.

Christmas says Jessica wants to be seen as a sex symbol on the show. Dom agrees. Paul doesn’t think so.
Dom – YES

8:55pm Stuff they found in the storage room

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Production please send Christmas home. No eviction. Cody stays. Rameses wins HOH. Nominate two girls.
Paul please STFU
Thank you


I’m really curious how Xmas is supposed to continue playing. She’s going to be groggy for a few days after surgery; there’s post-op follow-up. Rehab, potential for infections…all that. What and how does she think she’ll be able to contribute? She’ll be a vote is all. Still, she might contribute more than a few others we could mention.


I don’t see how the others do much more than that. What does Dom do beside her evening show? That’s the only time we see her. What does Elena do? Nothing but complain. Nobody beside Alex, Paul and Cody really kick butt in competitions.


Dom does nothing.im going to have to research ravens illness.im not buying that she died twice on the operating table.anytime Christms gets any attention for her foot Raven has to turn it around so it’s about her.being sick is her strategy.she was actually angry that Xmas talked about her injury too much.lmao kick this pity party out and go for the 500k its not charity


Big Brother, the “Go Fund Me” addition.

sunny dee

a person who is going to have a hard time winning physical comps is a person i would want in the house the longest. why would anyone vote out a person who isn’t going to win, or sometimes even be able to play? even her temptation could be really useless unless BB is making up some exceptions for someone who is not able to play. i can’t imagine someone taking their place in a comp tho and going all out to win for her lol

really the idea of keeping stronger players until those are the only ones left has always made zero sense to me. many seasons they pick off girls, and the less agile ones, one by one until the comps only get harder to win. even ramses could beat xmas right now


Agreed she has nothing to offer.going to be real fun watching her watch the comps.this girl with the health issues can’t recall her name is full of crap.died twice now?really?

Don't bully

Unless you have a chronic illness and have had a bunch of surgeries you should not judge. Any time you have surgery it’s a risk period. For healthy people like you to doubt someone’s health and life is just shameful. Be glad your healthy and stop judging those who are not.


Really? hypocritical much? You shouldn’t tell someone not to judge others then you yourself go ahead and judge that person. You don’t know that this person is healthy, you don’t know that they don’t have a chronic illness or if they have gone through it with others. I have had a serious illness for over 40 years, I have had people question whether I am telling the truth or not. I have reports about everything I have claimed but some still don’t believe it and will talk about me. I have no issue with people thinking I’m lying because unless you have lived it, it is hard to believe. But the one thing I have never said is “don’t judge me” because I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Everyone in the world judges and anyone that says “I never judge” is full of it.


That’s right she’ll be a vote, a vote for Paul. That’s the only reason production hasn’t sent her home. If this was Ramses they wouldn’t have given him the choice to stay.


Physical therapy too

Club H.O.H

Amen!!! Literally watched feeds in the morning before work, went to work, came home, cooked and ate dinner for my Family and hop-a-long is STILL talking about herself and bashing Jessica! I already emailed CBS about hoppy da hoe!


Do you think Christmas isn’t going to have family around during this surgery!!


She doesn’t deserve such a beautiful holiday as a namesake. She’s a user and a liar. Playing soooo dirty cz she knows production has her best interest


So could it be that Jessica is finally leaving isolation and remembering there’s $500,000 in play? I’m not a fan of either Jessica or Cody but I thought Jessica had a shot at having some sort of game after Cody’s HoH. I guess she figured losing the showmance crushed her post big brother career bounce.


So how do they plan on keeping christmas from being told or hearing anything about what’s going on in the ‘house when she’s at the hospital? Seems unrealistic that she won’t hear something. Kind of seems like an unfair situation.


Do you think they have someone from production stay with her the whole time she’s at the hospital? Maybe be in her hospital room and in the waiting room during surgery? If she doesn’t stay overnight at the hospital, I would think BB would put her up at a hotel and have someone stay with her and disconnect the tv. I can’t see Christmas being left alone other than inside the operating room itself. From the way she describes this surgery, it sounds pretty major. She’s not going to be able to participate in any competitions other than mental ones. No way she can do any physical ones as she’s not going to be able to move her foot or get it wet. It’ll be interesting to see what production comes up with to let Christmas play on.

About to upset people

Laughing so much at Jess. That can’t be right. Did she really want to talk to Christmas so she could tell her everything was Christmas’s fault?

So Cody telling a member of his own teammate (at the time), followed by them pouting for a week while isolating themselves from the house had nothing to do with her situation?

I thought they weren’t taking hallucinogens in the house. Apparently I was wrong


Hey guys, I was wondering if you are going to do poll’s this year? I keep looking for them……..


So is Christmas out?


No, Turd!

The anesthesiologist won’t put her out until just before the surgery. tee hee

She’ll be back soon enough.

For all those who think Christmas getting injured and then having to get extensive surgery on her foot is an unfair advantage in the game: well, that’s just plain ol’ riDICKulous thinking! She’s got two surgeries and months of painful rehab ahead of her for simply trying to save a horse. Sheesh, give the girl a break! Oh, wait! BB already did that.


Love you Granny… you are a riot


Don’t have the feeds. Does Dom talk to anybody?


I liked seeing Christmas and Jessica clear the air.

Jessica has stood by her man, which is admirable since he will be the reason for her own demise in this game unless she can do some more damage control.

Granny’s advice to Jess: “Darlin’, a good man is one who brings out the best in his partner, not the worst. Find yourself a man truly worth fighting for because Cody won’t even fight for himself. He tried. He failed. He quit.”

triggered? get a tampon

Cody is the embodiment of what America needs right now. Ferguson thugs thrash its own community, trans people have a mental illness, and Islamic terrorist should be dissed heavily at every opportunity. The new conspiracy now is he was a plant to discard off top, to invalidate these opinions. And further carry out the progressive globalist agenda


Keep your wacko politics off here, troll.


I’m sure if Cody got called a misogynist or a women hater you’d agree/want more posts like that. YOU grow up & stop fighting for SAFE SPACE culture in our BB house you f*cking hypocrite. It’s BB’s biggest PROBLEM lately.. nobody wants to OFFEND ANYONE even when it comes to GAME MOVES.. LOL. let alone political opinions. So once YOU and other people, mainly floaters like Dominique and Raven (what’s her disease..? She’s literally LYING) realize this way of offence-tip-toe thinking you’ll realize you can actually still WIN by making REAL GAME MOVES… You’re welcome, xo <3.

Facts DON'T CARE about YOUR feelings!

Sick of the hypocrites and their crying nature. (Josh) Grow up & limp your way back to the BB Jury Home, Xmas.


Finally, a little more game talk from Kevin. I like that he and Alex are thinking of volunteering to be have nots next week – good opportunity to strategize. Jason’s “Oooo, that’s awesome!” was sweet.


Why does mark always have that dumass look on his face.


That’s the face with which he was born.


Christmas is a dumb name.


so is Easter, lol


I’m really hoping Jess starts playing the game after Cody leaves! Him leaving can only help her and her at least trying to clear the air with Christmas is a good sign. I hope she can pull it together because i see her and Ramses as the only chance to end this Paul worship BS!


What the hell is wrong with these players? I have been watching this show for a very long time ! They talk about Cody bullying people! But look a Paul an Christmas, they bullying people just as bad ! They so far up Paul an Xmas ass if they stop they be up to there necks in shit! I just can’t believe that they would not even try an talk to jessica an Cody at all ! Just fucking sad ! All of them r a buck of ass holes! Why c he tried to take a shot a Douche head paul an Xmas! Get over it! Hope he comes back in the game an whip all there ass!

Club H.O.H

Well said!


It is very difficult to talk to people who isolate themselves and snarl when you come near. Why fight when you can party?


So true! Cody was man enough to actually play this game & Jessica had the integrity to remain by his side until he walks out the door. Paul is too good @ this game for the rest. BB has stacked the game too far in his favor. These are not average peeps, some of these peeps have huge social followings that offset the game in their favor.
Cody was set up to fail as first HOH by BB. Respect for Alex, Cody, Jason & Jessica’s integrity.


Have they ever said, because of houseguest injury she’s out and no eviction tonight? Do u guys think that might happen on Thursday? Doesn’t seem fair to Paul’s huh, but there’s no way Christmas can stay in the game.

sunny dee

pretty sure that was resolved on day one of the injury when she came back with a cast on the foot. whether she leaves or not is entirely up to her, they aren’t going to force her to leave for this. lots of BB HGs have injured themselves, and a few on crutches now and then. granted i don’t remember an actual broken bone, but Mark’s injury is common, another sprained an ankle or something? anyway a few on actual crutches a few times,. the winner of BBCAN Jon was injured his arm while playing around similar to xmas/jason,
he milked the injury if i remember right, less of a target.


Ok, but she’s leaving the house to have surgery. It should be like survivor, you can’t compete ur out.


Evacuated for medical. You don’t come back!!!


There have been several times medical teams in Survivor have medicated folks and left them in the game.

Brother Utah

After seeing Cody lifting Jessica in the pool, I swear I saw this identical scene 34 years ago. The intro to Magnum PI where Tom Selleck was holding the girl and smiling.


Notice how the house is cooler and Jess is a part of it and even Cody now that Miss play the victim and shit stirrer Xmas is gone.

Kevin Alex Jason still need to bring in Jess. And also use Rams. That’s five. Not enough to pull a get Xmas or Paul out nxt week but it will be soon

But that 5 can keep Jess in nxt week. Also hopefully Jess wins HOH so this head up Paul’s ass robot crew can begin to unravel.


Jess is BAE

Simon, you have outdone yourself with the GIF of Cody and Jess. Damn she is fine!! She is gorgeous and her body is perfection. A vision of loveliness! Come on BAE…you can fight your way back into the game. I am rooting for you! #JessTo Jury!

Alex n Jason fan

Alrighty then….


I don’t want to see mark become an asshole. If he takes something that seriously let the person know in a calm and respectful way.
Everyone has a different personality and sometimes people dont take the small stuff too seriously.
These people need to lighten up and have a little fun.
Again, if it’s that important to you, let a person know.
It’s a game of pool for goodness sake.


Can’t stand Paul. What a snake. And pity party Christmas really needs to go. Her 2nd and 3rd bone is broken and a ligament is popped. The fact that BB is allowing her to stay in there is ridiculous. Josh is mental unstable. Plays victim constantly. And Paul mind slaves is a disgrace. So be on big brother is a dream but their goal is to make it to jury. The fact that more then half the house just wants to make it to jury is annoying as F. No wonder every year people just want to float on to jury and not make big moves!!!!!! Make big brother great again please cause it’s the same thing each season it feels like.