Chris to Brooke “We’re winning that veto and we’re using it on you, ok! ok! We got it!”

12:25am Kitchen – Brooke, Chris and Susanne. Chris comes into the kitchen and tells Brooke to give him a hug. Chris – just know we are winning that veto and we’re using it on you, ok! ok! We got it! Brooke – I know I’ve got you guys. Chris – the first week was just seeing who was real and who wasn’t. Brooke – and I do really appreciate you letting me know before you know. Like just being direct like that. Chris – oh yeah .. and like we’re going to use the veto on you. I am planning on it so that we can do what we really want to do. And if not we will have someone else use it. Brooke – ok. Chris – don’t sweat it be.

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“I freakin did her eyelashes so she wouldn’t look like a clown the other day “

9:30 pm Maddy, Rianne, Michael, John Luke
Maddy retelling her conversation with Minh-Ly. (the conversation was supposed to squash their beef)
Maddy – she’s only talking to me because she wants to clear the air so I’m not mad at her than you guys aren’t mad at her.

Maddy says she was trying hard not to lose it she kept reminder herself “Use your teacher’s voice”
Maddy – I just can’t be fake I’m not fake
Maddy – if she gets put up on the block tonight I’m going for that veto HARD
Angie joins them.
Maddy sighs “Josh she’s so annoying”
Maddy – Hey Minh tell Nico we say hi

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BBCAN8 First night of Live Feeds “She’s a piece of s**t a f****g loser”

9:34 pm Cam 4 Bros bro-ing out
“Solid and f***” “Bro we got all week”
Brooke walks in on them.
Talking about Between the “three of us” there’s no one that can stop them, “We got the beasts”
Chris – this game is all mental
Chris – we’re big guys we’re the targets none of us are getting backdoored any point we’re going final 4
“Like last season we’re going to rock bro”
Kyle – last season but better
After Chris leaves Sheldon and Kyle talk about working on pushing “last season” to Chris. Sound slike Sheldon and Kyle have a final 2.

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Big Brother Canada 8 – First Look Inside The House & Save Your Superhero Twist!

Get ready for the first twist of the season before Big Brother 8 even premieres on March 4th!
Canada, you have the power to come to the rescue of your favourite house guest(s) and keep them safe from the first eviction. The house guests with the FEWEST votes will find themselves in immediate danger!

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Big Brother Canada 8 – cast revealed

WOOO HOOO here we go the Big Brother Canada Cast was revealed today. Time to shred these people based solely on their looks, hometowns, age, and occupations. I’m going to skip the pre-show interviews so opinions are based solely on what is shown below. Let me know what y’all think in the comments.

I noticed a lot of people from BC this year. We’re the best so I understand ;)

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