Superfriends trying to Keep Aaryn “Howard is trying to flip the house.. It’s super scary”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


8:30pm HOH Bath tub Amanda and McCrae
McCrae tells her they need to play down the showmance. Amanda says she hardly wears the ring.
Amanda: “I am so relieved that my picture didn’t come up on the screen”
They start speculating about the MVP sounds like they think it’s Howard.

Amanda: ‘Notice he’s being an a$$hole again.. he’s a d!ck to me to”
McCrae: “Ya.. it’s the slop”
Amanda about Spencer talking about eating p*$$y “He’s disgusting.. he’s a sloth.. you smell your fat and you’re ugly you’re such a misogynist”

Amanda: ‘Helen needs to go.. she’s part of an alliance that we are not part of”
MC: ‘It doesn’t matter”
Amanda: “For someone who watches big brother and is kinda obsessed you’re pretty f****ing stupid sometimes”
MC: “Thanks”

MC mentions how obsessed Elissa is about America voting her to be the 3rd nominee, “She’s so self absorbed”

MCrae start to impersonate Elissa (see image) McCrae says that Elissa is super nice but there are those times when she’s.
Amanda: ‘F*** nasty”
MC: ‘YEAH exactly”
Amanda: “She doesn’t get it”
MC: “For her not to apologize to you ..(I miss about 3 words he said really hard to hear) thats F***ed up”
MC: ‘That is the most f*** up thing i’ve ever heard.. thats something you would see in a fake life.. It;s so beyond me.. thats like OK red flags”

Amanda: “Do you think America is going to see it that way”
MC: ‘I don’t know.. I’m so afraid of.. there’s no way they can edit to look like that”
MC: “That is why I told you to say sorry first because I knew that is how it was going to edit it out”
MC: “I’m just afraid to say anything bad about her.. especially if America votes
Amanda: “I am upset .. I can’t fathom there is no concept of loyalty.. she just doesn’t see it.” (Talking about Elissa)
Amanda: “Why would she be so malicious and nasty say such mean things“
Amanda says they worked so hard to keep Elissa here the first couple weeks.
MC: “she projects her insecurities onto other people “
MC: ‘She projects onto GM, Aaryn, Nick..”
MC: “When you hear talk to Aaryn imagine her talking to herself…. and up it that makes sense”

McCrae tells her no scheming for this week and into the following week. He knows what’s she’s like after the HOH she wants to Scheme


9:19pm Bedroom Aaryn and JUDD
She brings up her conversation with Spencer and Howard she told them to talk to JUDD didn’t say much else.

Aaryn: “What have yoU been telling people when they ask.. because they told me you want me out “
JUDD: “I’ve been telling everybody beside Spencer and Howard to keep you here”
JUDD explains how he’s doing it. He;s trying to tell them that Kaitlin gets along with everybody and Aaryn doesn’t. Aaryn is all alone in the game and isn’t as good at the competitions.
Aaryn says that Spencer and Howard are looking for people to work with so if he wants to move forward with them they will, ‘They didn’t say that about you but i’m, telling you that they probably would.. They don’t have anybody”
JUDD says they have to wait to see who gets the next HOH They have to sit in a good spot.
(Really hard to hear what JUDD is saying.. it’s too bad because it’s important (?) this denotes lines i’m not 100% sure about)
Aaryn(?): “You think I should say no for the HOH “.
JUDD nodes
Aaryn: ‘Say uit”
JUDD(?): “Don’t say…. “


9:40pm HOH Amanda, Andy and McCrae

Amanda says that Elissa really wants Aaryn to stay. MC chimes ins says how hard it’s going to be to get Elissa vote.
Andy brings up how much Howard is called into the Diary room says it’s like Nick.
McCrea: “It’s weirder than Nick because Howard doesn’t say anything”
Andy is worried that Helen may be compromised or they are dealing with another moving company ..
They mention how Howard and Candice say the DR is acking a lot about their relationship.
Amanda doesn’t think so: “If they are going to talk about a showmance they are going to talk about me and McCrea.. I Haven’t even been talked about this yet” (Points at ring)

Elissa comes in
Andy asks them who would she think is targeting her next week
Elissa: “Kaitlin and Aaryn”
Andy asks about Howard
Elissa doesn’t know for sure she’s unsure Howard would be targeting her.
They point out to her about how many times Howard gets called into the diary room.
Amanda says they can’t trust Kaitlin at least with Aaryn with know where her head is at.
Elissa: “DO YOU KNOW where Aaryn’s head is at right now”
Elissa: “If Aaryn doesn’t go this week we’ve lost Candice and thats going to start a battle”
Amanda says that KAitlin has a secret alliance and Aaryn doesn’t.
Elissa: “I don’t think Kaitlin has any secret alliance”
Amanda: “I can guarantee she does”
Andy says kaitlin use to come to him for weeks to talk game but now she doesn Andy thinks someone else is giving her information .

MC adds that Howard is trying to flip the house.
Amanda says that JUDD heard KAitlin saying to another girl that Helen goes next.
Elissa: “Who did she say that to”
Amanda doesn’t know thinks it was Candice
Andy :’If Kaitlin is allied with Howard, Spencer and Candice that is super scary”
MC: “They are slowly getting numbers”
They start saying Spencer and Howard are making final 4 deals with everyone in the house. Andy says he has one, Amanda does to.
Elisa: ”Spencer is trying to get in good with me now”
Amanda: “Howard says they want you out. “
Elissa: “REALLY”
Amanda: “Swear on my life”
Andy confirms that Howard said he wanted Elissa out.
Elissa: ‘Ok maybe you are right.. you don’t think Aaryn will work with them”
Helen joins them (SUPERFRIENDS)

They fill Helen in that Howard is targeting Elissa. Kaitlin is targeting Helen and Howard is trying to form a 4 person alliance with her and McCrea.
Helen: “Let me fill you in on something.. Aaryn is willing to throw the HOH or pick let us pick her nominations.. either one”
Amanda very excited: “Oh I KNOW SHE WOULD”
MC very excited: “Ya.. she will“
Elissa: ‘I’m starting to think Kaitlin is more dangerous”
Amanda: ‘I would bet my life “
ELissa: “I just feel like I cannot have a conversation with her because if I do she turns it around “
Ginamarie joins them.
They ask GM who they should keep Aaryn or Kaitlin. GM thinks there both strong competitors and theres pros/cons for each one. Sounds like GM would rather have Kailtin stay. They probe her to find out who Aaryn and Kaitlin would nominate if they won HOH. Gm doesn’t know mentions how they girls are pissed at Howard for throwing competitions.

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:00pm Jessie brings the boys some mango icecream to try.. They tickle her she relishes the attentions.

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Okay, I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

its a thought...

i think the odds are increasing for two fast live evictions on thursday
especially if the BB house has no idea over what america just did and
is about to inquisition each other under the assumption that all the BB
ground rules are etched in stone. “What went wrong… ” goes Julie C!


It won’t be a fast forward / double eviction on Thursday. They would have played / advertised that up on these past Thursday and Sunday shows to build interest for the ratings.


How about a triple eviction and get all the Mean Girls out. I’m down with that.


If you mean by “mean” Ellisa lets get rid of the self absorbed mean girl. She plays the game like its Fantasy Big Brother.


The cast in the house doesn’t have any idea of what’s going on either. Everyone is lying and throwing each other under the bus. What I do know is Andy is a sneaky little bugger and I can’t wait for them to figure out he is working both sides and telling all of the secrets, well Helen is also.

Bring Back The Glass BOX

Exactly. I wish I knew who were the current alliances and targets at least
I don’t know if those fools even know!


i like the pic of howard and jess sharing a laugh, with him tickling her

good to see some fun moments being had rather than being 100% serious 100% of the time


New Big Brother drinking game..take a shot every time Elissa says ‘like’ or when GM says ‘ya know’


or when Amanda talks;)


Amanda my friend is working her magic again! Of course she is a target, she is super lound and kinda bossy but she usually get what she wants! She even got engaged!!! Lol


soon she will be pushed with force out the door

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

we’d just be SHWASTED.


Also take a shot every time A MAN DUH says, “Howard needs to go”, or when Andy says “Howard scares me”.


im with you rosie



Or every time Amanda tries to be funny and points at something like herself in Diary Room sessions.


she is the seasons version of bb canadas peter

the one you love to hate


AT 1;21 est Kaitlin was getting some spaghetti,{ and I can’t believe my eyes}, with her hair like that, she looks like Brad Pitt, in Interview with the Vampire,


There is something very mansexual about Kaitlin. She has some very masculine features.


Wouldn’t be surprised if she use to swim competitively. Her rib cage up reminds me of that sort of athletic build.


When she interviewed before she got on the show she said she played softball all through Catholic School. And before anyone starts riding me about that, it was absolutely TRUE when I was in college that the higher the division, the more lesbians there were.


Gosh, I hate Spencer. Even more than Aaryn. He disgusts me.


His obsession with Jessie REALLY need to stop its gross and embarrassing!!! If I was Spencer girl friend I would be soooooo mad!


Makes you wonder how many pre-BB romances will remain after the show ends. If I were Marilyn, I know I would now be Spencer’s “ex girlfriend”.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Howard and Amanda working together would rip that house to shreds. Please let them team up. That would be pure comedy! Plus, no one would suspect it at this point. I think that’s the only damn alliance this group has not had. Geez.


If you mean rip the house a part as in, Amanda sleeps while Howard works, then you might be right.


I’m not sure what flipping the House is? So that everyone votes out Elissa?


Thanks for the information.


Really disappointing on so many levels. 1st the obvious that the worst racist is staying. Really Helen where is your principles. Oh and you promised Kaitlyn a week or 2 safe you lying douchebag! Kaitlyn nor Arryn are longterm threats! But Helen the douche has no principles and isn’t capable of telling the truth! She’s pure trash if Kaitlyn goes before Arryn…. Please note it’s about order. I don’t want either staying very long but racism appeased is pure garbage.

PS How the heck are “Super Geniuses” allowing Amanda to run the show? She’s a habitual liar, no better than Helen or the mean girls. It’s a nasty season of lying 2 faced skank! Frankly I’d be happy if that could be done on principle and skank isn’t the worst complement ever.. 😛

Part of the convo above is likely spot on in that they lose Candy next week. Those 3(any) win HOH and turn any 3 more to their side and Super friends could start being evicted. If Arryn and GM go with the HOH they need 1 vote more and MVP nom won’t matter. 3 on block, HOH no vote and 4-4 tie goes to HOH tie breaker. Watch the McManda rats scramble if they sense a possible drowning ship.

I think I’ll mention 1 further point. What are the overwhelming Americas vote folks going to think of Arryn staying and someone else going. Might not want to see next weeks MVP backlash. Pretty clear from facebook who they want gone. You have to play America not just the house guests!


I think any promise Helen made to Kaitlin justifiably went out the window when Judd overheard Kait telling someone Helen needed to go next. As far as liars go – they all do it, part of the game. However, players that pray with you and then stab you in the back are crossing a moral line in my book. I dislike Howard as much as I disliked Dan.


Kaitlyn was indeed safe for a week or two, but after hearing that she will be targeting the person who made that deal, it would be stupid of Helen to honor that promise. If only Kaitlyn waited after the veto ceremony before she started talking to Howard and Spencer, she would’ve been safe. What I’m waiting for is when Mc Crae and Amanda turn against Helen and Elissa and vice versa, I initially thought Helen is oblivious that Amanda is targeting her but I think she’s just waiting for the opportunity to strike.


“What cha gonna do girl? What cha gonna do? Do it! Do it right now! I wouldn’t get in your bed anyway with all them crabs.” Come on you know that shit was funny as hell!


I think with Jeremy around to bully the house, Aaryn made everyone really uncomfortable. Now that he’s out, she’s kind of harmless — everyone knows exactly who she is. She’s not very bright, incapable of making alliances, incapable of taking control of the game, unlikely to win any competitions, disliked by everyone and not likely to win any new friends… in other words, she’s the perfect goat to take to the finals. Everyone can beat her.

Kaitlin, on the other hand, is excellent at competitions — she’s been in the final two or three of nearly all of them lately. And she’s obviously pretty bright, if misguided, so she’d be capable of making alliances.


I completely agree with you ! How can anyone trust Helen after she promised to protect Kaitlin but now campaigning to get her out .. I wish CBS would allow “America ” to pick the evicted houseguest .. It doesn’t look good that the whole house is against the only two black people


ellissa is going to win mvp and howard is going to have to win either hoh or pov or else he is gone


I too would like to see the house turned for the excitement, but Aaryn still being in the house really continues to hurt the house, the game, and CBS too… in the long term,

The House: America is now “really” watching to ensure Aaryn comes out of there ASAP. America wants to see Aaryn get her well-deserved public ridicule (and the bad news about her job). Then America wants Aaryn to go home and never be heard from again. If the rest of the house does not oblige America’s wishes (AND, AND) America has a few more shots of playing around in the game (Being MVP, America’s Player, Have-Not foods, any other schemes CBS can cook up for America to play their part, then names like Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Kaitlyn could start being nominated and very possibly be sent home. Could Happen. Basically, ANY America’s vote would have an Anti-Aaryn (and anti-associates of Aaryn keeping her safe) bias in it.

The Game: It suffers in many ways as is. Production rigging, The Live Feed and Show editing. But more importantly, future BB America games will suffer a viewership decline in the future. Racism is not something you can play around with. It’s a third rail kind of issue. Don’t touch it, and if you do touch it, remove yourself from it as quickly as possible, otherwise you get seriously injured or wake up dead. Attendance will simply falter at some point, because anger (for not evicting Aaryn) will replace the now present voyeuristic need to see justice done to someone well deserving of public mockery.

CBS: If viewership falls, AND falls far enough… well, we know what that will look like.

For all involved, big picture, it’s better leaves sooner rather than later. Really soon.



Well said…


I do think that there are a lot of Howard fans that will be voting for him as the next MPV.

We finally got a small “break” in the Elissa MPV run and it may be easier for America to give another HG the opportunity, I wouldn’t mind watching Elissa un-ravel some more as she realizes America is not “omg obsessed!” with her, Howard is def in trouble this week if he does not win HoH..and I think he has a large fan-base (myself included) that is particularly interested in seeing MC/Amanda & Elissa be over-thrown….

Big Sister

From your mouth to God’s ear! Amanda is being so ridiculously over the top. I have begun to mute her when she starts in on Howard.


Anybody else got this gut feeling that Aaryn will be around for a while? I think if she makes it through this week Amanda and McCrae will be targeted and she may slip into the background. Guess we will see what happens though.

Georj F

I dont understand people being anti-elissa-what has she done, exactly to deserve this? She hasnt been evil. people hate her because america likes her? that’s kinda weird. what you think she’s in control of everything the producers do? Wow she must be the most powerful woman on earth.

Jake Pendersen

Elissa’s nasty as hell, walks around with a stick up her entitled holier-than-thou butt, has let everyone know that she has connections with the entire production crew and has “suggested” to them that the show is protecting her to keep her in the game so she’ll be the “star” of the season. So what’s to love?

Plus, that obnoxious voice and ridiculous speech patterns, the falseness of everything she says, and that weirdly frozen plastic-surgery duckface…. I’d hate her too if I had to look at her all day.


Jake Pendersen ^ realeast comment ever on this website. Elissa’s a fucking bitch, that being said Amanda is definitely the biggest cunt in the house, defs might break the record for most lies in the house .Why is she so against Howard, makes up so many ridiculous fucking lies about him and his game, 90% of which aren’t even nearly true. She has a more rank pussy than Jenn on BB8


Correction.. America doesn’t like Elissa, America likes Rachel!! That’s why people don’t like her or think its unfair for her to be there. And if you don’t think production is pushing for her to stay or that the MVP twist wasn’t created specifically for her, your crazy. Yeah Elissa isn’t a monster like Aaryn or a few others but she really hasnt contributed anything game wise or been able to form a full sentence yet. Houseguests did not come up with the idea to use Elissa getting MVP to their advantage on their own, any logically person would see she should go.. That’s dr brainwashing at its finest.


I sure hope you’re right, Simon. I want Kaitlin gone this week and Howard next.



I”m sorry but did I miss something, when did Howard say he wanted to get rid of Elissa. Is this another one of Amanda’s long list of lies?

STFU Donnie

Yeah I think this whole conversation is going to backfire on Amanda, McCrea, and Andy.

There is ZERO good reason to make this big of an issue over Aaryn or Kaitlin and they’re feeding information that won’t hold up in Elissa’s eyes. Putting aside that with Aaryn it’s personal, which is huge, too much of their story involves Candace, who they want to poison in Elissa’s eyes. They don’t appreciate that Elissa already distrusts Amanda and likes Candace. They just don’t get Elissa at all or have zero clue how to sell anything. Amanda and her two lackey’s sell everything based on fear and come across as bossy and overbearing doing so. And trying to bury Kaitlin, then Candace, all in order to get back to Howard is requiring too big a leap into conspiracy theory with ZERO evidence.

Elissa is going to talk to Candace and Candace is going to remind Elissa that 1) Amanda and McCrea can’t be trusted and likely have a deal with Aaryn, just like they’ve made with everybody in the house, meanwhile Kaitlin made the deal with Elissa and Helen and 2) Aaryn is a horrible person who doesn’t deserve to be here. Elissa will never get past that last part, regardless. Elissa is sanctimonious and she will not allow Aaryn to escape the block again.

I think all this talk of keeping Aaryn is just like last weeks talks of keeping Jeremy. It has some legs, sure, but ultimately the anti-Aaryn voices will be louder than the pro-Aaryn voices. Elissa is still feared because of the MVP and she and Candace will be adamant by tomorrow night. Helen will follow along because her designs on a BB dictatorship are built on Elissa’s MVP and she needs her more than anybody. Howard and Spencer will talk with Judd and ask him what he wants them to do (because they know how to present a co-equal relationship) rather than try to tell him what to do. Judd will have heard from Elissa and Candace, both of whom will influence Jessie (who has no time for Amanda) and Judd will decide to throw the votes to Kaitlin and continue to keep her within the “alliance”. Andy will run to Kaitlin’s side and sensing defeat, Amanda and McCrea will let it go.


It actually looks like Elissa is coming around on keeping Aaryn. I would bet money that Aaryn stays at this point. I also think that the doubt Elissa had about Amanda is shrinking and now she’s gunning for Spencer and Howard. All they had to do was tell her Spencer and Howard were gunning for her.


EVERYONE lies on this show.


Yeah but there’s a difference between a white lie and being completely fucking psycho and making up the biggest bullshit theories ever, Amandas a stinky cunt.


Enough with the C*nt word. Geez! You’re as bad as Spencer.


Yes a big lie. He didn’t say that. I still don’t understand why everyone wants him out so badly. He is playing the game like everyone else.


it looks like the plan right now is for everybody but howard spencer and candice to vote for aaryn while the house votes for kaitlin and thus isolating the three and setting them up next week to get rid of howard


i mean the house votes to get rid of kaitlin and howard spencer and candice vote for aaryn thus they are isolated and they can get rid of howard

STFU Donnie

You’re seeing something that isn’t there. Whoever leaves will leave by a unanimous vote. Judd is covering his bases, not trying to trick anybody. Why would he want to piss off Howard and Spencer, when neither really cares which mean girl leaves? So he can risk leaping over Amanda and becoming the #1 target? You seem to think that the entire house will be in on a plan to keep Howard, Spencer, and Candace in the dark in order to what? Isolate them? Get them to vote against the house? Why does that even matter? If the plan is to eliminate them next wouldn’t you want them comfortable, rather than on edge, especially if you’re friendly with them like Elissa, Judd, Jessie, and Andy all are? Don’t you think the way this house talks that word of which way the votes are going will certainly get back to them?

Any group conversation you see or conversation between people we know are targeting each other or any conversation with a nominee is to be taken with a grain of salt? In any given day there are only a handful of honest, straightforward conversations and most times people will agree with whatever somebody else is saying…then they think about it, talk to their one or two closest allies, AND then decide whether to agree or explain why they want to do the opposite.

Just remember that Aaryn has been the target up until tonight…just like Jeremy last week. And last week at this time, Jeremy put on the charm offensive and began proposing deals. And Helen, Elissa, Amanda, McCrea, Judd, and Jessie were all willing to listen, discus among each other the desirability of what he had to offer. And then by the following day they were convinced that Jeremy still had to go. This house talks and lies. Maybe Kaitlin does end up going…but all I see is 3 people pressing their agenda (Amanda, McCrea, Andy) while everybody else is just not committing and keeping their options open.

In the grand scheme of the game and the dynamics as they stand, this week doesn’t mean anything. Arryn or Kaitlin staying changes absolutely nothing. But Aaryn staying will undoubtedly make two people very displeased in Elissa and Candace, which is why I think she’s got about as much chance as Jeremy did last week of staying. A very slim chance.


its a numbers game if howard spencer and candice vote for aaryn to leave and kaitlin leaves that means those three are completely on their own…everybody (including aaryn who they voted to evict) will be going for them and that means the HOH comp is 3 vs 7. no there is no difference between aaryn or kaitlin staying but amanda and crew see that they can use this eviction to set up the eviction of their number one target Howard.


lmao, Howard has no idea what’s going on in the house, i love it. He thinks Kaitlin going is better for him when in reality the other side has Aaryn to do their HoH bidding.


if aaryn stays she will go to judd/jessie/howard/candace/spencer/gina side and it will be 7 on 5

she is lying to helen/elissa about hoh deal

she doesnt want to play on elissas side, and has been training with howard, and confiding in judd/jess


This is pure nuttiness. I bet by Thursday night GM is evicted due to a mental breakdown. Spencer is gross. And having an alliance with everyone everywhere at all times will make not only Amanda not a target, but aaryn now not a target. Key is to not inform Candice. She is in love with Howard. Good luck to the current nominees. The votes will change 10 more times before Thursday. Everyone knows that no matter what, howard is big fish. BB should make everyone a havenot. Brilliant move Jessie to aaryn about the deal. A lot can happen between now and Thursday. Lesson is this. Don’t ally yourself with everyone in the house to cover your ass, b/c then your ass is gonna get covered, in eviction votes and Julie Chen’s “what went wrong?”‘s.


I sincerely hope MVP is over this week, it was fun while it lasted. (Actually, no, it wasn’t.)


Would CBS really let the house keep Aaryn?


Yes they would. Arryn staying would fire up Candy, Howard and Spenser and perhaps no comp throwing but realizing they have no numbers period and no short term safety For this to work for CBS one of the 3 or either mean girl must win HOH. That’s not enough but a start. Then McManda have to cut a deal for safety or become targets. This holds true for Judd and/or Andy also. There can definitely be NO pawns either going up. It would also help to get the MVP in their group. 3 noms and HOH no vote with MVP and HOH 5 can send 1 of 7 packing next week.

It’s a long shot but it can become a snooze fest if the same 2 or 3 folks run the house every week. For now at least it appears Helen versus Amanda isn’t happening. I’m also expecting a double eviction next week(F12 to F10) rather than F11 to F9(jury). Candy and Howard have very little time and margin of error or they are on the outside looking in permanently! Both could be gone and Arryn still here. Somerthing for Helen and “Friends” to be very proud of!


Interesting – would like to see Howard get a fighting chance; also Aaryn at this point. Most Improved behavior (as far as I have seen thus far).


Are they really that stupid to think Howard would waste a MVP nom to get ride of Aaryn instead of Amanda? These people make me so mad sometimes! I wish they would stfu about the MVP. I can’t wait for Thursday, my prediction: it will be a 5 to 4 vote with Kaitlin going home! I really hope Howard wins, time to see someone make a big move! gotta love the underdog.

No Name

We were so close to getting Amanda out yet production saves her with the MVP and it’s screwing over Howard. What happened to everyone realizing that Amanda is trying to control the house?


All the talking these people do, they start overthinking and from the outside looking in, it is painfully obvious they sway themselves to forget what they heard before and go hard for what is the newest target.


i know what ayran said was wrong i want her gone to but i hope she stay too cause i will never get her out cause a final 2 deal with her you went from 50percent of winning to 100percent winning elssia aryan final 2 elsssia wins big brother 15


Candace & Howard are gone. Aaryn wiill make it to the end. I know some people think this is the smart move but it really just validates her behavior. It’s sad that most people will do anything for money. BB should have exposed that it was America’s vote or at least let us vote on if we wanted them to know. The MVP in the house gets the option to tell them. This was perfect for them to pin this on Howard. And he is a pro football player??? It’s training camp now, how does thst make since? Elissa knows in her gut that Amanda is lying but “supposedly” smart Helen is on board. Why are these people so oblivious to the “real” power couple McCrea & Amanda. Are they really that scared? They only way team Howard/Candace/Spencer-yuck will make it pass next week is one of them will have to win HOH and the other will have to win MVP. Then they will have to know what to do with them. Put up Amanda, McCrea & Andy. First they need to make a one week deal with Helen & Elissa to stay off the block and for them to NOt vote them out. They will also need to make sure they got GM in the fold for a few weeks. And they all will agree to get out Aaryn. At least that is how I would play it. Putting Andy up will expose some of his double dealing but he wll also be safe against Amanda. I think everyone will vote amanda out over McCrea and Andy. And without Amanda their side will be done. Now if Howard goes next week.. Candace/ Spencer/GM/ Jessie/Judd and yes, AARYN will have to pull together if they want any chance at getting to the end. Jessie & Candace will have to cut Aaryn as soon as they can or she will turn on them. One last thing, Kaitlin had an easy week if only she knew how to keep her mouth shut. Telling Amanda everything Howard says and telling Howard everything Amanda says…….. how long did she think that would last. Sorry, Kaitlin, that only works for Andy in this game.

Janelle pov queen

Wow at Elissa wanting Aaryn to stay and I can smell spencer in my house hummm old spice nasty nuts and farts and with all the nasty shit he said about Jessie I will be suprise if his girl friend don’t leave him or mabe he don’t even have a girl friend


Well, these people can’t keep their mouths closed. So I suspect that somehow this will get back to Howard. By way of Candace from Helen or by way of Spencer from Gm or Andy. then there is Jesse & Judd.. forgot about them. I just don’t know what side they are on. Im not sure they do either.

Janelle pov queen

Every time Howard talks its about Amanda every time Amanda talks its about Howard at this point it’s Amanda army vs Howard army


But Amanda has about twice as many troops.


judd/jessie/howard/candace/spencer/gina/aaryn versus amandas troops

7 on 5


It doesn’t matter that the house wants to get out Howard rightnow. So much changes by the time nominations roll around. This time last week they said the same thing and look at Howard now…safe. It all depends on who wins HOH. The HOH isnt going to nominate Howard unless he’s directly coming after them. Really, no one has a reason to nominate Howard except for Amanda and McCrae or maybe Elissa.

By the time nominations roll around for next week, I bet the houses target will be Amanda. She’s really smart but she’s a bit of a bully like Jeremy. They’ve already been talking about splitting McManda up. I just want to see Amanda on the block. It will be such good tv!


lemme start by saying…this has to be the most gross dirt bag cast ever on BB. the BB house looks dirtier by the second. I can’t believe how they destroyed Judd’s HOH room. at one point MC and Amanda are in the HOH tub, while Judd is downstairs taking a nap in MC’s bed. MC’s leaves the HOH room and heads downstairs to the storage room for some shaving blades for Amanda who’s gonna shave in the HOH tub. didn’t Judd win the HOH this week? while Judd is outside, 90% of the house is in the HOH room just laying around with dirty feet all over the HOH bed and couches plotting without Judd. we need to vote HOWARD for MVP this week.


I really don’t think he cares, and if he did I’m sure he would say something. Judd is a nice guy but he mostly say what’s on his mind. And beside he doesn’t really have anybody, Jessie is way too busy begging for some attention, she’s kinda a very sweet tease…


judd and jess keeping their friendship low key

and both playing in an understated way keeping things cool, not caring about the hoh room etc


Why is it every night, Howard has to have a consultation with Candace on looking at the big picture and not play the game based on personal grudges. And Candace agrees with him, yet then she say “But still…” and Howard looks like he wants to smack his head against the wall. Funny stuff.

And it is very strange to me how Howard is being made to be this evil villain. Like he is Mr. Bad Guy going around devouring souls. If you follow, dude is not that hip to what is going on in the house. It’s Spencer that is the master manipulator and schemer. Howard’s power is his social game. If he didn’t have that, yikes.

And I very much think Jessie has that lumbar lordosis condition.


The moment I started to open up to Howard was when he started to train Aaryn after a night full of hatred. It reminded me a lot of Hardy from Season 2.
I wasn’t even open to giving him a chance before that so just shows to go ya …… It takes an incredible amount of courage to do what he’s done and does.


Why! Why! Why, do they listen to Amanda? Has anyone else notice that every time she makes a statement, she then validates it by making up a lie to prove she was right. I predict, the Black Widow will get trapped in her own web and eaten by her once prey!


What really sucks is that the house guest have to worry about what the wenchle zombies will think.
That outside influence should not be happening. Howard, Elissa, Spencer, GinaMaria all need to go asap
Judd F’d ^ this HOH. bummer…his game not mine ?

Roisin Dubh

Looks like Kaitlin’s going home. Aaryan is so weak that they know she can go anytime. These people are stupid. I wouldn’t want her 50 feet near the jury house. The best thing is this is gonna be like J/J when they went to bed one night in charge of the house and woke up the next morning on the chopping block because of Rachel’s impressive scheming which is one of the best BB gameplay of all times but never gets mentioned. I’m so glad I watched the feeds when that all went down.


A day ago, I thought the Superfriends were on the verge of disbanding. And now they’re back like a seasonal flu, stronger than ever. Largely because of Howard and Spencer’s terrible gameplay coupled with the tactically pea-brained Elissa and Amanda’s hate train for Howard.

Just hoping for a Candice HoH and MVP to turn the tide.


These people lately are creepying me out these are some bizarre people. Please tell me why Judd is not in his HOH room and McCrae and Amanda seem to have taken it over? Also whatever happens Howard, Spencer and Candace are just strange why have they secluded themselves from the rest of the group I can understand them hating the 3 mean girls but this is Big Brother and if they don’t start talking to others they will be out soon. I say get all the couples out I am sick of seeing Amanda jump on McCrae every 5 second and the same goes for Howard and Candace. I swear this season has more showmances then real game. How many couples this season 4 or 5? I won’t even mention slutty Jessie why is she all over Judd, Howard and Spencer everyday gross!


I like the terms ‘more racist’, ‘worst racist’ .
Thief: ?”more of a thief”, ‘worst thief’.

That lemon is more of a lemon than that lemon. Hey now.


hello people…this is BB…its the most immoral game around. Everyone lies, everyone deceives…I don’t think we have a bunch of nuns and priests up there…hmmmm let me rephrase that…they are not exactly sin free either.

Kayla J

Amanda about Spencer talking about eating p*$$y “He’s disgusting.. he’s a sloth.. you smell, you’re fat and you’re ugly you’re such a misogynist”

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! couldn’t have said that better myself!


Helen has rounded up the troops again. Strong, the force in her is.


I HATE Amanda and Helen. Helen acting like a fool when Judd won, was so immature. It is time for power to flip. No way Elissa gets MVP, people will start tuning in elsewhere and just say it’s rigged (which it is). BB really messed up with this idea. They should have simply said, like the HOH you can only have the MVP every other week. That would have solved it. And let’s be honest. We should NEVER be included in this game. The greatest seasons ever never included our interference. And it should always stay that way. BB is desperate, this is an expensive show and they need viewers to justify the costs. You do need to lie to win. Dr. Will lied, Dan lied, Ian lied. The best winners have lied. This is true. HOWEVER there is a difference in misleading someone, and flat out bold face lying. Anyone can lie. But to mislead takes talent to pull off. I can see Dr. Will tell someone something that just has enough twist in it to be important, and somewhat true, but still gave him the results. All the great winners have. But lying is not that hard to do and it ALWAYS gets your tail caught. These folks are not creative, and for super fans they are outright terrible. I have NEVER been as bored on afterdark as I am this season. I swear to God Amanda and McCrea are a waste of tv time. But it all catches up. I just hope this friendship alliance 2.0 has a bowling ball like Howard and Spencer run through it, just to make people start playing. WAAAAY to many floaters in this game. Way to many, who make ZERO moves. Wasted season so far. Please BB Gods give me a power flip. I hate Aaryn but I swear I would do back flips if she won the next HOH so we get some entertaining TV.