Howard tells Spencer “I’ll take you over Candice.. You got the swagger.. Like Robert Downey Jr Iron Man”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer

(FYI – the live feed time stamp is wrong. It is 2 hours 13 minutes behind.)


CBS Interactive Inc.

7pm Up in the HOH room – Judd, Candice, Howard, Andy and Spencer are hanging out talking about Ginamarie. They talk about how she said she got a friend and got filled in on what big brother was. Spencer says she has a 5 minute play book. Spencer says Gina goes from Pamela Anderson to Beatle Juice! They all crack up laughing. Judd says oh Spencer you’re going to go to hell for that one! Judd says that when they first got into the house he thought she was the hottest of the girls. Spencer says that Jessie is FINE AS HELL! Judd says I called Gina a meatball and she didn’t like that! Candice says well she used to be fat so she doesn’t like jokes about that. Judd says I didn’t know that meant fat. Andy asks who is just like who you thought they would be like when you first came in here. Candice says you, and Helen. No, actually Helen is more fun than I thought. Judd says Aaryn is definitely not what I thought she would be like, I thought she would be nice. Jeremy wasn’t what they thought he would be like either. Judd says I thought Howard was going to be way over the top. Andy says yeah I thought Howard was going to be the house diva. Candice laughs. They talk about how McCrae say “ah I don’t know” all the time when they talk to him. They say it is so annoying. Candice says ah I dunno know, I’m just a pizza boy. Andy says maybe I should do one of my verbal speech courses with everyone to help everyone with the public speeches. Judd comments on how he recognized Elissa from following Rachel’s twitter. Spencer say Elissa is way hotter than Rachel. Judd says he thought we would have one way over the top guy. Spencer says we did. Judd says he never got in my face. Candice talks about how Jeremy was a great social player but that he paced a lot, got in your face and drank the wine. The conversation turns to talking about a double eviction. Judd says that he gets nervous just watching from home. Howard says that it’s the worst how the first person that gets HOH doesn’t have it very long. Andy explains to Candice how it works.

7:10pm – 7:25pm In the kitchen – Elissa and Helen are cooking. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Aaryn has been doing her hair and makeup. She comments to Kaitlin that she is trying to make herself look cute. Aaryn finishes up and heads out to the hot tub where Jessie is.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Jessie says I don’t know but what you said earlier struck a cord with me. Like being nice you can be seen as a threat. Jessie says the same thing that can save you is the same thing that can put you up. Aaryn says I am trying to think of a way for Elissa to be cool with me. Jessie says you could tell her if you keep me I will throw HOH next week and when you see it I will earn your trust. That way someone on her side will for sure win HOH. Aaryn says I just think if I dont win HOH I will be going home. Jessie says if Amanda / McCrae win they will go after Howard. If Spencer or Howard win they will make a power move. If Elissa or Helen win they will probably come after you but not if you make a deal with them. Aaryn says I think that could be a genius idea. Aaryn says that she heading inside. Jessie says I don’t think we should be seen hanging out too much. Aaryn agrees. Aaryn heads inside and talk to Helen about how she will throw the next HOH. Helen says it’s a great idea but I think you should talk to Judd about it because he is HOH. Aaryn says okay.
7:25pm -7:30pm Up in the HOH – Judd, Howard and Spencer talk about Aaryn. They discuss keeping her because she will always be a big target in the house. Spencer suggests that they tell Candice to tell Elissa that they have squashed it so that Elissa will be okay with her. Amanda joins them. They start talking about who the MVP could have been. Amanda says I think we just need to realize that we will never figure it out. Amanda brings up how apparently Ginamarie is upset at McCrae and I for our wedding. Judd tells Amanda about how last night after the Amanda/McCrae engagement Gina was in the backyard and said “Well lets see who had the best week ever? $5000, a birthday and wedding. He shows how Gina threw her hands up after. Amanda laughs and says she had no idea Gina was jealous. I guess I will try and include her in something to make her feel better.


7:20pm HOH Amanda, Aaryn, JUDD, Spencer and Howard
Amanda says that McCrae doesn’t have a pot to pi$$ in and if anyone has a problem with him taking the 5 grand during the POV competition they are disgusting.
Aaryn say the only person that is talking about it is Ginamarie. She mentions how GM is always focusing on the negative.


7:36pm bathroom Helen and Aaryn
Aaryn is telling Helen about a way she can gain Elissa trust and her vote. (By throwing the next HOH competition) Helen says for her to go see what JUDD thinks of that then come back.
Helen: “I think that would be a idea to throw to JUDD”


7:50pm HOH Aaryn, Howard and Specner 
Aaryn says she’s not coming after them she really doesn’t have any targets at this point. 
Howard suggests she just worry about staying in the game he doesn’t like thinking too far ahead to next week. 
Howard: “I’m up for game talk with anybody” he says that all the information he gets is on the outskirts, during the day he kicks it with Spencer and JUDD and at night he naps with Candice. Tries to play down how much influence he has in the game.  

Aaryn doesn’t know who is lying to her and who is telling the truth. She’s been lied to a lot in this game. Aaryn: “Everyone is assuming that JUDD wants me out this week but that’s not the vibe i’m getting from JUDD”
she asks them If the majority of the house is keeping her will they keep her. 
Howard: ‘Ya”
Spencer: “hey I like you I have no problem with you staying I think there are people out there that are poisoning your well” 
A: “If I tell you guys this will you please keep it in her she’s not supposed to campaign because people think she will bury her self.. “ 
Aaryn says she thinks she has the numbers to stay because people in the house are getting worried about KAiltin. Her reason is Kaitlin is  so nice and and she’s really strong. 
Aaryn: “If kailtin wins she will do whatever Helen and Elissa tells her to to there is something going on I don’t know what it is.. There is a real good possibility I get the numbers”

She offers them a deal saying if she survives this week they can work together and come up with something. 
Aaryn: “I’m just afraid you are going to tell Candice”
Howard: “I’m not going to tell Candice nothing”
Spencer: ‘We’re walking around with the scarlet letter on.. everyone thinks we’re shady because of that whole Moving Company thing” 
Howard says that “They” got mad at him for training Aaryn earlier in the week.. “I ain’t no PUNK.. i’ll train you the next day and again.. I’m not going to Ki$$ their a$$ because supposedly they have a power” 
As she leaves Spencer says they will talk to JUDD and if she has the numbers she’s good in their book. 
Aaryn leaves 
Howard: “you know you should be a detective”
S: ‘you think so”
S: “maybe I could be like Batman the dark knight detective”
H: “You got a swagger though.. you could be.. Robert Downey Jr.. Iron MAn”
S: ‘Don’t talk to candice about this” 
“Elissa and Helen are going to try and get me and you to go  get Amanda out of the house before Jury.. that’s good it keeps Candice for Jury.. right now Jessie and Candice are low (not safe) “
H: “If its the final two I take you over Candice any day” 
H: “I promised you that day one”
S: ‘I know.. I trust you” 
S: “we need to play pool tonight to do our thing”
Spencer adds that a couple days ago he told Aaryn to start playing up Kaitlin competition ability and that is exactly what she’s doing now. He only told Aaryn this because at the time they didn’t know they could trust Kaitlin for our group. Spencer mentions that Aaryn is going around telling people he’s targeting Helen.  
Spencer: “I talked to Elissa and helen for 45 minutes dude we’re so f**** good with them” 

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Elissa is such fake, just like Rachel’s fans.

ur a hatemonger

you spew so much hate on this website. you are just like the mean girls

One of several posters named 'Name'

you do there are many people that post without creating a username right?

so the default username is:


ps its not my comment above about Elissa

One of several posters named 'Name'

*you do know

One of Rachel's fans

Really? I don’t think I’m fake.

its a thought...

Name… the one liner you handed us
has an almost identical number of
people on either side of the coin!!!!!
what if rachel’s army is a cult group
but that elissa is totally genuine. i feel
she really has no control over any of
her sister’s fans but that she was very
happy when MVP went her way 3
times. she may have thought to her
self she PO’ed them when she got
MVP USA out of the blue because
fanatics can turn on a dime so fast!


I think the Elissa/Helen couple needs to be broken up before the Amanda/McCrae. Elissa has skated through this whole thing.


if anyone is skating by, its amanda and mccrae. all mccrae does is be a tagalong to that bossy chick who can’t do anything but try and boss people around (when she’s not talking crap behind everyones back)


Uh-huh…must be ROUGH for Elissa having MVP three times in a row. I can see wear that would really wear on a person.










Considering that Elissa has been nominated twice I wouldn’t say that as skating along. Helen has also played well using the MVP twist, if there’s someone who’s skating around that would be the ultimate floater Andy. As of now, Howard and Spencer are also floating and skating around right now, luckily people have seen that they can’t be trusted.


I think it would be fun to keep Amanda and Howard on each week to see them try to pick off each other. I’m not saying it’s going to be a fair fight, but it will be a fight.


Would be more sweet if Amanda and Howard had a secret alliance, nobody would see it coming!


I’ve watched a few reality shows…I used to be an AI fantard, and the last couple of years I was a DWTS fantard. Few things to know: 1) if the show tries to coronate a winner too early, people will turn on that contestant. Elissa is getting blowback because she is perceived as having an unfair advantage. If she’s watched ANY reality shows, she should know this. 2) People like the darkhorses. If someone comes out of nowhere and starts playing the game– or steps it up significantly they gain fans quickly. I think Judd or Andy could be these type of people. Potentially Jessie. If you have a strong personality and people like you — like Donald Driver for instance on DWTS, you’ll go far. Elissa is not this type of personality. Howard shows potential to have this kind of vibe. People know who the genuine people are, and it show through not only by their actions but the way they speak and show sincerity behind their words. Elissa has done the right things, but she lacks a little humility, IMO. In other words, she shouldn’t be SHOCKED that people don’t like her. It will happen.

La la la

Ugh spencer! Can not stand him! Get him and howard out and I will be satisfied!


Spencer wanted desperately to have sex with Jessie, but she had Judd. One day Spencer got so desperate that he went to her and said ” I’ll give you 100 dollars if you have sex with me.” Jessie looked at him shocked and said “hell no!” He said it’ll be real quick I’ll throw the money on the floor, you bend over and get it, and I’ll be finished by the time you’ve picked it up! She thought for a moment and told him that she would have to talk to Judd. So she called him and explained the situation. Judd says, ” ask him for $200. Pick up the money really fast, and he won’t be able to get his pants down!” Jessie agreed and accepts the proposal. 30 minutes go by and Judd is still waiting for his Jessies call. Finally after 45 minutes, Judd calls and ask “what the f*ck happened!” Still breathing hard Jessie managed to reply, ” that bastard had all quarters!!!”


How is this down voted? Too many here have no sense of humor.


What is with the shades indoors?

production rigged it

Is that how you pick up your women, probably why you use the name LURKER because that’s what you do lurk in the shadows and wait for women to walk by then you throw money down and bang them for a minute. Is that your middle name the minuteman. You’re such a loser instead of making a contributable comment to this site you come up with some stupid a$$ little story throwing off on Jessie. You must have had a crush on someone that looked like her so now you have to console yourself by talking about her. You and everybody else that thought it was funny are pathetic.


Of course you realize this is just an old joke in which the names Spencer, Judd, and Jessie are plugged in, right? Surely you didn’t read it literally. Because if there is a person so humorless as to miss the joke, it would be somebody who spends their every waking moment complaining that a reality TV show isn’t actually reality.

bend over Jessie

Spencer doesn’t have $200 I betcha he is using slugs that look like quarters

One of several posters named 'Name'

you have about as much class as amanda

you are a vile individual and i loathe you


Candice. Your brain is trying to reach you.


I feel like Amanda and Howard know each other outside the house.


Wow Howard & spencer r idiots .. Kaitlin is suppose to be in an alliance with them but their not even fighting for her to stay.. What purpose does keeping Aaryn serve she will vote out Howard next week! They basically just gave Amanda & mccrae another alliance member


Actually they realize both girls are floaters now and there’s no reason to fight either way…which is exactly what Spencer told Aaryn. If she gets the votes, then they’re on board. See this is why everybody wants Amanda out. She never grasped that it’s never really worth fighting to hard for anybody’s safety/elimination unless they’re your partner. All you’re doing is pissing of people who prefer somebody else leaves and annoying those who agree for being bossy and controlling. The smart play is to let others argue over who goes home…especially in an eviction with POTENTIAL allies, but not confirmed ones.

They also know that they don’t need to fight for Kaitlin’s safety, since Elissa, Candace (and potentially Helen in order to stay in Elissa’s good graces) will do the dirty work for them. And Amanda will possibly make the same over-playing mistake she always makes. Aaryn was the target from the beginning, so why is she valuable to those campaigning to save her. Anybody who fights too hard for her will raise suspicion.

Howard and Spencer understand that it doesn’t matter who leaves this week. They believe they have the numbers (I think they do now…but who knows after HOH) and the two girls who stay will go with the majority. Besides, Kaitlin tried to play too hard with announcing targets and sharing info, so there’s no reason to really trust her, while Aaryn is a problem for anybody pretending to be Elissa’s ally (and they still fear her MVP). Amanda would be wise to let this one go easy because if her, Andy, and McCrea do the same ham-handed sales approach to save Aaryn (like the Howard pitch to Judd), it will only make Elissa, Candace, and Helen distrust them that much more.


kaitlin cant be trusted. She doesint keep her mouth shut and is constantly talking with the other side. Keeping aaryn atleast keeps some heat off of them (so they think)

Go Aaryn go!

I like the way Aaryn is humbling herself to others and is in campaign mode. I think she is going to be safe this week.

Watching live and see MC and Amanda in HOH while Judd is in a bed on the first floor. Whats up with that?


She’s eating crow. And you know what color crow is.


Freak that! She is scared, she’s still the same racist, ignorant and mean girl. Hopefully they do get kaitlin out cause she is a stronger player but Aaryn is still a two face little girl that have a lot of grown up to do.

its a thought...

in the lil onsite four way mini poll
aaryn’s big lead is shrinking as
we speak. odds are a 50/50 bet.
GM is not a great player. we have
48 hours to see if aaryn can keep
her opines to a minimum because
one more stupid remark sends her
home but a hundred thoughtful ones
spares her for another week. she
may get lucky as she does damage
control. on a git level i think she goes
home early but if her attitude improves
she has to face less flac in real life.
CBS has not laid out the twist in full.
as foolish as having 3 women leave
and 3 moving company guys return
sounds on the surface, this show
likes to pull off zany + unexpected
twists. there may be 2 evictions
and lightening fast HoH contests!


lurker roflmao


Amanda taking over the HOH bath NOW!!! SURPRISE!! NOTTT I hope GM wakes up and let’s everyone know how shady they are.. I can’t believe that McCrae went with this after telling her to lay low because SHE is NEXT to go!


most inconsiderate house guest of all time


Even if Aaryn survives another wk she won’t make jury ..&she’s just delaying the inevitable ..


OMG keep the crazies on….can you imagine how boring it will get if it is just friends left?…….and then there is Elissa…zzzzzzzzzzzz. What a piece of work…I like the crazies but she is just sad….and boring mmmmmmmm….like……hmmmmmm….like umm hmmmm…..kill me NOW


I’m looking forward to when she finds out she has no job


Who woke up Jessie?!


Spencer will suffer the same fate as Nick. Convinced by his own genius, then his “genius” does him in.

its a thought...

i think he thinks he can quietly control the bb game
i think he has no idea why nick failed in a big way
like with aaryn one big bad stupid move on top of his
motormouth sinks his lil dingy before he can get his
derriere where he wants to be. judd is polite + clever.


Did BB run out of dishes? If not then why is Amanda eating out of a pot? Personally I find it nasty and lazy….i bet she doesn’t clean the pot either but leaves it for someone else to clean. Theses house guests have been the messiest with all the seasons combined

Wpg Fan

Kaitlin is on her way home


All anyone can do in this house is talk s**t about eachother. Why cant they ever talk about other things. I feel like when they have to do a comp where they need to know things about eachother no one will win.

Annie Are You ok?

Spencer is slowly taking control of this game, Watch out because any second he might strike!!!

BB fan

That is what I was thinking guippy…I honestly think Jessie could sock some people…I think she is just playing dumb a lot of the times…she seems to have a lot figured out…

Janelle pov queen

I can’t stand Howard or spencer if the other side win HOH they just go kick Aaryn to the side


although i would rather see aaryn go, i do think it’s a smarter move to get rid of kailtin. she is a strong competitor.