Bring back the 8pm curfew “If Aaryn wins HOH we are in control of the nominations if not she’s gone next week”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


10:09pm Storage room

Helen counts the votes and say they have even to keep Aaryn. She adds that she will go to Aaryn and says they have 5 people that will be gunning for her . Elissa: ‘Tell her I’m on board to”

Helen: ‘Do we want her to throw HOH or let us pick the nominations”
Elissa: ”Probably choose her nominations..” She adds they need the numbers playing in the HOH because they don’t want Howard or Spencer to win

Helen: ‘So we need her to play HOH”
Elissa: “Umm hmmumm ya.. but if it’s down to me, you her and JUDD”
Helen: ‘She has to throw it.. let me talk to JUDD to see which one he prefers”
Elissa isn’t sure that Aaryn is really telling the truth that she is willing to throw the HOH. Helen thinks she is because she has no other choice.
Helen: “And if she doesn’t.. she knows everyone is after her”
Elissa: “Ohh I want her gone so bad.. I think it’s too risky to keep Kaitlin.. with Howard and Spencer”
Helen thinks Howard is MVP because he keeps going into the Diary room
Elissa: ‘What a liar”
Helen: “he’s been lying since the beginning.. if we get him out it brings Candice to us” (if you get Howie out Candice will cut you)
Helen: “I’m going to say to Judd you are up for keeping Aaryn”
Helen says they cannot let Candice know they are keeping Aaryn they’ll tell her on Thursday before the vote it could get dicey with her. Elissa: ”They Are going to flip their lid.. She’ll come after us.. but they won’t have the numbers”

Elissa: “we can’t let Candice win the HOH either.. you have to stop encouraging her”
Helen: “if she wins next week she’ll take out aaryn it’s no big deal”
Elissa wondering if Amanda and McCrae are making up that Howard and Spencer are coming after them.
Helen doesn’t think so because Andy and Aaryn have told her the same thing.
Helen adds that there are too many rumors about Howard for them them all to be false.
Elissa: “He probably won’t get MVP again if he put me up do you think… .” (LOL )
Helen isn’t sure what the MVP twist will bring next week but she seems convinced that it’s Howard this week.
Helen says Aaryn won’t go back on her deal with the HOH it would be suicide.
Helen says she never talks game with Howard she wonder if Elissa talks game to him. elissa brings up last night’s conversation in the storage room where he swore he wasn’t MVP and he’s being called in the DR because of his showmance.
They start talking about these final four deals that Howard is making with Amanda and McCrae they are shocked by it.
Elissa: ‘He hasn’t even won anything.. or even playing the game”

Helen: “If Aaryn goes back on her deal she’s going back on JUDD, Me, You, Amanda, McCrae, and Andy”
Elissa: “you don’t think they would put me up next.. that’s what i’m scared of”
Helen: “You and I are in control of Aaryn’s nominations.. I’m going to tell her to throw it but if she were to win it I’m telling her Elissa, Helen and JUDD are in control of your nominations I’m going to tell JUDD that”. (Superfriends)
Elissa: “Why don’t we think about it for a night… it’s only Tuesday”
Elissa: “I think we need to step away and see the big picture to get a clear idea of what is going on”
Elissa: “When you get comfortable with people you forget about their character”
Helen: “Spencer lied to us for 21 days of this game”
Elissa: ‘He never lied to me”
Helen: ‘He lied to my face.. and tried to get me against you”
Helen says that Candice came up to Aaryn and offered to work with her
Elissa: “REALLY no way”
Helen: “Candice wants to win this game like everybody else if she has to team up with Howard to do that she will”
She adds that Candice loves Helen, Jessie and her but Candice doesn’t want them with McCrae and Amanda at all.

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:48pm hammock Howard and Candice
Candice says if she becomes HOH she’s making Amanda, Kaitlin/Aaryn, McCrae and GinaMarie a Have Not.
Howard brings up how JUDD has some good points about keeping Aaryn. Candice: “Sorry Howie I just can’t after what she said”
Howard tells her if you play this game personally you’ll get your a$$ out.
Howard says both Kaitlin and Aaryn are in cahoots with Amanda and McCrae so they should take out the one that is strong in competitions.

Howard: “Them losing Kaitlin decreases their chances of winning HOH and increases our chances”
Howard: “You are more a historian of this game than me… you should know not to put personally feelings ahead of strategy”
Candace believes that Amanda, McCrea and Aaryn are stronger than Amanda, McCrea and Kaitlin. He points out that Amanda, McCrea and Aaryn hate them and McCrae can win some sh!t. Howard doesn’t think McCrae is as big of a threat in the competitions points out that there was a lot of people that didn’t want to win the first HOH.

Candice says that Kaitlin is not a “Gamer” Howard knows that but says Kaitlin can win the comps and have other people will control her HOH.
They are not sure who Andy would put up Howard says he knows Andy would not put up Amanda and McCrea.

Howard says the moving company was good if McCrae hadn’t hooked up with Amanda it would have made it they could have controlled Jeremy.


11:04pm HOH Amanda and JUDD

Amanda lists off all the things Kaitlin is doing. (nothing new.. Kaitlin is in a secret alliance with Howard, She used to talk game with Andy and now she doesn’t, Kaitlin is strong in comps, she’s likable..)
JUDD thinks Kaitlin is scrambling trying to make deals.
Amanda: ‘WHY.. SHE’S making deals with you”
JUDD say no no with other people
Amanda says Kaitlin thinks she still working with Helen but she’s confiding in Howard not Andy.
JUDD: “Then why is she saying Helen is next”
Amanda: ‘Because that is what Howard wants”
Amanda thinks Howard is MVP because he goes to the Diary room 14 times a day.
Talking about who Candice would put up if she won the HOH. Amanda thinks one nominee would be Aaryn,
JUDD: “Because she thinks she’s so racist”
Amanda: “But that is Howard in her head.. that’s why Howard wants Aaryn gone so bad.. ”
Amanda says f*** Candice she can’t win anything.

Amanda says that Spencer and Howard are trying to work the house they are splitting up. Howard is going getting extra “passionate” with Candice because Candice is close to Elissa, he’s using Candice for information.
Amanda: “I’m tellin you if I win HOH next week i’m, putting up Howard and Spencer because I want one of them going home”
Amanda adds that Elissa was talking really good about Howard last week in her Diary room session so she thinks that is why he won MVP.
Amanda: ‘If Howard won Veto I’m putting up Candice.. McCrae and Aaryn would do the same thing”
Amanda: ‘I know from greater powers that there is something up with Howard”
Amanda: “Spencer is an A$$hole.. once he found out he wasn’t the 3rd nominee it’s back to d!ck head”
JUDD just kinda agrees adds the odd comment to make sure Amanda knows he’s agreeing with her.

She asks him who is saying she is shady f*** she wonders if it was Jessie. JUDD says no it might have been Howard. Amanda now telling him that early last week Howard came up to Amanda and McCrae and swore on the bible for a final 4 deal with, Spencer, McCrae and Amanda. (actually it was the other way around Amanda woke Howard up in the middle of the night they they offered teh final 4 to him because they were scared he was going to win HOH)

JUDD mentions the fake alliance he has with Andy, JUDD, Spencer and Howard. Amanda says the “Goof troop” has eyes in ever corner of the house and nobody knows that.

JUDD: “Should I tell Spencer that we’re keeping Aaryn”
Amanda: ‘Too soon tell them the day before or the day of”
A: “If you tell them we’re trying to get rid of Kaitlin they will do damage control.. wait until the day of”

(Amanda really goes off about getting Howard gone.. wasn’t she suppose to lay low this week.. we’ll she’s not she’s in full force and it’s working the entire house is back to being against Howard)

Aaryn joins them

Asks them if she should throw the HOH. Amanda says no she should try and win it but she has to put up Howard and Spencer.
Aaryn: “Really”
Amanda: “I would do it”
Amanda: “You are ELissa to use this week.. if you work with us we’ll let you stay here”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


Midnight HOH Elissa, Amanda, Andy, JUDD, McCrae
Amanda still on the Howard hate train she tells htem they have 6 votes locked to evict Kaitlin they have to keep it a secret from Spencer, Howard and Candice until moments before the vote this way Howard and Spencer cannot engage in any damage control.
Andy and Amanda share reasons why they want to take out Howard Even Elissa joins in.

CBS Interactive Inc.


12:45Am HOH JUDD tells Spencer and Howard he wants them to vote out Kaitlin
Spencer says Aaryn mentioned making a deal with Amanda and McCrae that she would throw the next HOH
JUDD: “I heard that to”
Spencer: ‘She told me she’s making that deal but she’s not going to throw it”
JUDD: ‘She’s going to throw sh!t.. there is no way Amanda would fall for that”
Howard: ‘If AKiltin stays HOH who would she put up”
JUDD: “Helen, I trust her more than Aaryn but she’s a stronger player”
Specner: “We’ve made deals with both”
Judd says so has he just in case both stay.. JUDD regrets the Nomination speech when he called Aaryn a Texas Tornado”
JUDD says that Kailtin doesn’t know anything about the game but Aaryn knows the game.
JUDD: “But right now at this point it’s smarter to get rid of Kaitlin.. what do you guys want”
They are down for whatever JUDD wants there’s pros and cons for both.
JUDD: “Amanda is smart as sh!t”
Spencer agrees..

Jessie comes in

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There is no other MVP, is there, don’t they know that, or am I wrong! I thought they got rid of the MVP, someone let me know will you.


No MVP, America got to vote for third nominee, I thought for sure BB would tell the houseguests eventually, all the speculation on their part is making me a little crazy but I guess that is how they play the game……..I really want Aaryn to go home, don’t like her


No that was just for this week, so BB could CBS edit(similar to the one that Rachel got) that Elissa can do this without their help, taking the light punishment. Bet money Thursday she will win HOH making that POV punishment invalid, and if she doesn’t get HOH, the MVP will be given to the HGs again, which we know is automatically her and the superfriends will assume she’s back to getting MVP every week so they will continue to protect her.

Either way, Elissa is protected, yet again.

lil ole moi

has Aaryn dodged a metaphoric bullet?
has she enough savvy to remain in the
BB house this thursday if there are not
two evictions that day? if the game goes
into overdrive, kaitlin has better odds!!!!!

Roisin Dubh

Judd’s gonna be the one who destroys Amanda, her keychain and Andy. I think he’s just letting them run his HOH room so when he decides to bury them, there will be no controversy over it. Pray for Howard to win HOH, he’s gonna put the dagger in the heart.

lil ole moi

in the four way poll, aaryn is slightly below 55.5%
and kaitlin has pulled up to within 20% of her as both
DAWG and GM are dwindling down to 3% or 4%!!!!


Here is where what could be seen as good gameplay could turn ugly very quickly for CBS (and more importantly, the show’s sponsors).

Though none of them will admit it, probably not even to themselves, the Amanda-led faction is hoping to leverage Aaryn’s bigotry into additional safety for themselves — that is, because of her racism they are banking on the fact that she will be utterly unable to align herself effectively with Howard and Candice, and thus be irretrievably under their control.

What is really meant by “we can control her” is “we know we can get her to put up, or at the very least vote for, Howard and Candice.” Setting morality aside, this could be seen as a very savvy gameplay move since it insulates them for potentially several more evictions.

But they are playing a very dangerous game. Should Aaryn stay in the house, especially in a “surprise” vote, the risk of Candice saying “Enough” and initiating a racially-charged confrontation is VERY high. Even if they avoid that, if in the following week, Aaryn stays in the house and Howard goes up on the block, the racial tension will be a keg of dynamite waiting for a spark to explode.

There is a potential here not just of ruining this season of BB, but also a risk of an incident that could *permanently* damage network and corporate support for the show itself.


Seems to me that Candice is causing most of the race issue lately. I think they both have equal hate in them towards each other.
hate is an equal opertunist. Why ppl spend their energy on such negitive things is bewildering to me. we all bleed the same.


Candace is not hating on anyone because of their color!!!! She is hurt and angry that the person who is so blatantly racist is allowed to stay in the house. Candace was never mean to anyone until they started to attack her “based on her race”. Imagine being in a house with someone hating you because of your race, not because you’re a bad person or did something to hurt them, but because you were born a different color. Aaryn is using stereotyping in all of slurs, including what she said about Asians. I’m glad money can’t buy Candace soul…….Keep in mind we don’t see and hear everything, and there is no doubt Aaryn is giving Candace dirty looks even after her fake apology. Saying sorry doesn’t remove the pain of hurtful words.


Yes Amanda is a liar and it’s sad in the real world there are millions who lie all of the time and without a reason. However, in the house I’m concerned how the other cast members are so easily fooled. Everyone is trying to win the money and would do almost anything, and keeping that in mind why are these people so damn stupid to believe anyone in the house? OOOOoooo Howard lied on his bible he can’t be trusted!!!!! It doesn’t matter if folks lie on a bible, in your sleep, at work, to your spouse, or yourself……ALL LIES ARE WRONG, and only the weak will take Amanda words as truth, they are too naive and scared of her to take the time to seek the truth. Howard lied about what he did, while Amanda is lying about everyone…….Wow they are afraid of the wrong person.

Mike Boogie, Dan and others won because they lied , but those in the house was to gullible and trusting to question those playing a game with them, which is designed around lying. I’m glad to live by one of my favorite quotes, “Don’t tell me who you are, show me” and “If someone show you who they are believe them”.


Amanda is so self-entitled I give 2 weeks tops


Kaitlin’s going nowhere this week, because the BB15 Executive Producer has already decided on a different evictee. Aaryn Greis. And AG is like “the house” in Las Vegas. She always wins. (And when the house gets especially difficult, she’ll use a special power, to get those pesky, sometimes too-independent HGs back under her control…..)


Wow! Maybe I missed something/didn’t see something you did because I was convinced (mostly to myself), that GM’s black and white pants will no longer be around this next eviction evening. I had hope for Aaryn ‘learning’.

She Said What

Jim, any thoughts that AG might try to flip the house towards GM – granted CBS hasn’t given her the edit they have given Aaryn, but she has said some mean-spirited statements (nig.. insurance) for example,, GM seems off the radar but I’m thinking CBS needs to work its damage control and GM is the only nominee that’s America’s vote – just food for thought…

lil ole moi

SB is correct about how 99% shattered the old public image is that CBS once had with honor intact!!
they are so very close to looking way seediler & trashier than Fox’s ignoble worst moments as any
pretense of all mount-olympus-like benign social judgement on we mere mortals from a higher social
plane becomes an ongoing farce! this is their classic “jerry springer” moment as ratings are their goal!!


Amanda: “You are ELissa to use this week.. if you work with us we’ll let you stay here”
and she sales houses? ya right…. being a dominatrics maybe …I might believe that.
If I were Arayn, I don’t think I could bite my tounge. I’d tell Camanda were to shove it.
Prediction: Camanda, by a vote of everyone you pissed off, which is the whole house ….u have been evicted!


Amanda is playing too stupid, too aggressive too early. as much as Amanda thinks voting off Kaitlin weakens Howard, by hearing Howard tonight he has his own opinion on how voting Kaitlin helps him out. I like the composure Howard has in the game. he’s the only one who you could actually see mentally playing for himself. everyone else is too caught up with the HOH alliance huddles. America needs to vote for Howard if there’s an MVP this week.


Apart from being an underdog, I don’t see any reason why Howard deserves the MVP. His many deals and alliances have come to bite his ass. He thinks he is in a good position yet there are five people that are gunning for him next week. Amanda with her lies and deals is actually playing a much better game, she started the day with people gunning for her and now the target on her back is definitely smaller.


That doesn’t even make sense. His main alliance was the moving company and still Spencer and now with Candace. The very fact that he hasn’t made deals and they don’t trust him is one reason why he’s a target. Maybe you meant Andy.

lil ole moi

simon — kaitlin is closing the gap with aaryn!
once again i see your logic even if GM was
a logical contender all along for MVP USA!
aaryn has a degree of wiggle room! if she
is extremely tactful & strategic, she’s golden!


I officially think Amanda is a pathological liar outside of this game. For someone to lie and lie this easily, has got to be a bonifide liar outside of this house. I bet everybody she knows will question what she saids for now on. And she believes the shit that comes out of her mouth. Give her crazy ass more medication BB!! Please BB, give Helen some liquor so she can calm her ass down. She’s always asking did they give them liquor or alcohol. AA is calling Helen, they said you can come back. And she’s back to being a dictator again?? Helen really think if Aaryn stays and gets HOH she can threaten her with the house coming after her if she don’t do things Helen, Elissa, Amanda, Judd and McWussy’s way. Helen talks too much and she just named the people that Aaryn will try to put up. Learn to keep that trap shut Helen. Damn!!!!! Aaryn won’t go after Candace or Howard right away because she’s trying to prove she’s not a racist and her words were twisted. Yeah okay………… Elissa, I thought was way smarter but she is definitely no “Rachel”. Stupid and idiotic. She wants everybody to like her. Jessie is actually the smartest female in there (I hope). She’s laying low, keeping most of her true game to herself and waiting for these catty, inmature females to give her an opening. Then it’s game time. Right now there’s still too many people in the house and she has to bid her time. Unlike, snitch mouth Andy who thinks he’s safe. What an ego inflated idiot. Amanda and McWussy are using the crap out of him. Judd is smart, he’s letting them think he’s a dumb little country guy. Hopefully, Judd and Jessie will send all these idiots to Jury or home if they keep playing like over-rated jackasses!!

the Truth

Amanda is a raging bitch that manipulates and schemes to get what she wants. How she is in the BB house is probably how she is in real life only x1000. Even her dad was saying how she “usually gets what she wants in life”…. Well I say BAD PARENTING is what led the bitch to a life of self -entitlement. It was as if her family was afraid of her and no parent should be at the mercy of their child. Can’t wait until she, and the barnacle on her tit (Mccrae) get the boot from the house.


Barnacle on her tit LMAO ha ha ha ha ha …….Thank you for the good laugh, I really needed it.


Trellagrl I agree. I think at this point Judd is the smartest of the boys and Jessie is the smartest of the girls for two reasons. They are not going about their showmance like Amanda and her toyboy thus reducing the target on themselves. Secondly, none of them suffers from foot in mouth disease as is the case with all the other house guests


team tenexas judd and jess

understated, measured, patient in the game


All wires and circuitry underneath with the odd little jab here and that at some woman because she wasnt’t installed with the capability to lead by example, but rather lord over others her 0% body fat, perfect life-having, CBS ass-kissing, sister to a demon-having ass without actually wanting to see that everything that ‘looks perfectly crafter’ can still need repair.


All wires and circuitry underneath with the odd little jab here and that at some woman because she wasnt’t installed with the capability to lead by example, but rather lord over others her 0% body fat, perfect life-having, CBS ass-kissing, sister to a demon-having ass without actually wanting to see that everything that ‘looks perfectly crafter’ can still need repair.

*little jab here and there at some woman
*looks perfectly crafted


i dont know what you said but i like the way you said it.


If I was in the house and given the 3 nomination choices, I think that voting out Kaitlyn is the best strategy. I think no one will let aaryn win and she has so many against her in the house and outside the house that she is just a pawn in every sense. No one likes her but everyone seems to like being able to use her. Candice seems to be off in her own little world, lost to the house. Way to control your girl Howard. Amanda, oh dear, Amanda. What do guys think? I think she is playing so aggressive and with a team mate (mccrae) she just might make it very far in the game. I am not sure anyone would go against her. I am sure they realize that she is a threat, but they are waiting for an opportunity that may never come to get rid of her. Someone is going to have to be brave and draw first blood on that, if no one does, I see Amanda in the finals.

lil ole moi

Kaitlin is within 16 points of Aaryn!!

at one point they had a 35% gap!!!

Aaryn had briefy gone above 65%!


Looking forward to see Aaryn gone!


Cappy, Aaryn is’nt going anywhere, unfortunately. I think that redemption may be in the cards for her-


She will be gone. Kaitlin probably weaker in endurance because she really tall.

Pliny the Elder

Normally, I vote for Dawg, because he and Simon deserve so much credit for this site. But the question was ‘who do you think will go’. We are surmising, from watching and reading the activity how the vote is going to go. I am not voting on who I want to go home this week. I am guessing what the house is going to do. And it looks like Kaitlin is going to be sent home because the house can’t pick a person to hate more than a day or so. That’s why I think Kaitlin’s numbers are rising.


amanda overplaying as usual, judd/howard and co playing things super cool


Wow, so that didn’t last long. Aaryn tells Helen that she’ll throw HOH or let them choose her nominees. And within minutes, the whole house knows. LOL. I can’t read her. Maybe it’s bc I dislike her so much, Idk. But I’m not sure who she’s telling the truth too. Bc if she really meant what she said to Helen, she wouldn’t have went & told Spencer about it. But I also don’t really see her working with Howard & Spencer either. So, I don’t think she’ll work with Helen, Elissa, Howard or Spencer. That just leaves Amanda & McCrae & maybe Andy, that she would work with & actually he loyal too. I don’t know though.

***I see that Helen is back to her demanding ways. Lol. What an idiot. The way she’s going about telling Aaryn she HAS 2 give them HOH or let them choose her nominees or else they’ll send her home. That’s def not a good way to approach someone in the BB house. Or anywhere for that matter. If Helen came to me & said that I’d laugh right in her face & say yeah…..ok….sure:) & she’s back to making deals for Judd again. He’s gonna be pi$$ed when he finds out.


some week 3 superstars up in here