Judd says Spencer is full of sh*t but at least we know he is, but Howard is sneaky as f**k!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Spencer and Howard
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


CBS Interactive Inc.

1am Judd and Elissa are talking. Elissa is worried they are going to put me up again. Judd says he asked Aaryn to pick him as house guest choice so even if you do go up I will try and take you off. Judd brings up the possibility of Howard having the Coup d’etat. Elissa asks what that is. Judd tells her that the person who gets it can use it to take two people off the block and nominate two more people. Elissa asks what?! Really? Judd says it’s not fair, but I thought Howard had it but not anymore he is acting really nervous and after he cried after the nominations. Judd says I don’t cry. Judd looks up at the cameras and asks what’s up Rachel & Brendon did you go on vacation or something??! (Because Elissa didn’t get MVP last week and this week.) Elissa says they don’t love me anymore! Elissa says she thinks they would give the Coup d’etat to a guy. Judd says and you have two weeks to use it. He didn’t use it last week and since he cried I doubt he has it. Judd comments that maybe BB will tempt them to drop out of the veto, $15! Elissa laughs. Judd says a gift certificate to Target for $25 – They be dropping like flies. Elissa laughs.

In the storage room – Spencer is talking to Helen. Spencer says that at least I have a few more relationships in the house than he does. And at least it gives me the opportunity to play for the veto. Helen agrees and says that she knows how it feels. She says you just have to wait to see who wins the POV and MVP is. Spencer says that there is also the opportunity of Aaryn back dooring someone. Howard says I can also see it as a chance for someone to Shepard us in. Helen tells him he could go from on the block to up in the HOH, I did it. Spencer says and Aaryn’s done it. I am not going to give it up. If I do go home at least I get to go home to a beautiful woman, a loving family and a great job.

1:30am Up in the HOH room – Gina asks how long do you think this MVP thing is going to go on for? Aaryn says that she think the whole season. Gina asks really, its so unfair with her being here. Aaryn that’s why I wanted to send Elissa home this week but I got talked out of it. I would have had the votes to send her home too.
1:40am Out in the backyard – Spencer, Andy and Candice are talking by the hammock about random things. Meanwhile, in the bathroom – Juud, McCrae and Amanda are talking about the MVP. Judd and McCrae speculate that Howard is Danielle Reyes’s brother from Big Brother 3 and Big Brother 7. Judd says but it has been so long since she’s been on. They head out to the backyard. Amanda heads over to the hammock and gives Candice a taste of her ice cream. She then heads back over to the backyard couch and offers Judd a taste. Judd tries it and asks who else she offered a bite to. Judd says there’s some people I wouldn’t eat after, but some of ya’ll would. The conversation turns to talking about whether or not they will get a reward/punishment competition. McCrae says he wouldn’t accept any rewards now. He says he didn’t want to last time either. McCrae and Judd both think Howard has a Coup d’etat. Amanda asks why? McCrae says because the
CBS Interactive Inc.

2am In the lounge – Andy, McCrae and Amanda talking about if Howard has the Coup d’etat. Amanda says he doesn’t have it, it’s too much power! McCrae says be he is fu*king snaky. Andy laughs about when Jeff Schroeder got and didn’t know what it was or how to pronounce it. Amanda says if you keep talking about it they’ll give it to him. Andy laughs and says maybe if he does have it we can get him to go after Helen. They laugh. McCrae mentions that Judd is wishy washy about Howard going home. Amanda asks what?! Why would Judd be wishy washy? McCrae bring up the possibility of it being a luxury POV and how they could throw it. McCrae says that Aaryn could easily throw it and take the rewards. Amanda gets mad that McCrae is always thinking the worst. McCrae says that he will take pretty much any punishment but he wont shave his head. I would if I was on the block but not if I am not. Andy asks what if I take a bunch of punishments and I take $10,000 do I lose a bunch of points? McCrae says yeah you would lose like 25 points. Andy says I don’t have my job in the fall, if I don’t make jury I am fu*ked. McCrae says once he is in it he probably would shave his head. Andy says I need that third nominee to be someone like Ginamarie, Elissa or Helen. McCrae agrees. Andy says he can’t stand watching those fu*king pictures fly across the idiot screen. Andy wonders who the third nominee would be. McCrae thinks Howards only possibility to stay is if Elissa goes up. If it’s America we could have been portrayed as the villains.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

Big-Brother-15-july-27-2013-159am 2:20am McCrae and Amanda are alone in the lounge alone talking under the covers. Amanda says you love me so much. McCrae says no. Amanda asks what?! McCrae says yeah. McCrae says the best was when Spencer said we are going to use this microscope to find your pen!s. McCrae says I’ll show you my di*k it’s daddy size. Amanda laughs. Amanda says it’s huge, I bet yours way bigger than his is. Andy and Gina join them. Andy says he thought of her today, you know how you always want to go into the diary room and find a card. Today I went in there and there was a card.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Andy decides to go to bed.


2:35am – 3:20am Up in the HOH room – Judd and Aaryn are talking. Aaryn is talking about how right after the nominations they were all up here jumping and screaming and they not even a few hours later they aren’t sure they would vote him out. Judd says oh I know how stressful it is, they did that to me too. Aaryn asks who would definitely vote out Howard? Judd says Amanda, McCrae, Gina.. Aaryn says Amanda, McCrae, Gina, You, Jessie. Judd says we only need 4 and we have 5. Judd says we probably have Andy too. Judd says that Helen and Elissa can do what they want. Aaryn says this is where Helen is wrong she thinks the HOH decides who goes home. Judd says that’s what gets me mad, people use the HOH as a scapegoat. Judd brings up how Howard and Spencer both wanted to switch the numbers and get you out last week. Aaryn says I know. Judd says that Spencer wanted me to come up here and talk you out of putting them up. Judd laughs that Spencer looks out for both of them and Howard only looks out for himself. Judd says I would rather Spencer stay over Howard. Spencer is full of sh*t but at least we know he is. We don’t know where Howard stands, he is sneaky as fu*k! He goes into the diary room for no reason, he doesn’t do anything. The only thing is he is in a showmance with Candice but he was being called in there way before that. Aaryn says that he has to be MVP or that he is related to someone. Judd says Nick was called in all the time to and it turn out to be because he was in that secret alliance. They talk about if the POV is a reward competition. Aaryn says that it will be really hard not to take trips and money and stuff. Aaryn says that Howard has to go, I feel like they really like him and he just needs to go. Aaryn says that with Helen and Elissa are wondering if they want Howard to go home, so why shouldn’t I take rewards. I’m not going to do that but.. I am sick and tired of Howard pulling on everyones heart strings. Aaryn says Helen isn’t that emotionally strong. Judd says yeah she is a moron. Judd talks about how it makes him sick that Spencer tries to use religion now. Judd says that he regrets not putting up Howard and Spencer, but says that he is happy that Kaitlin left. Judd tells Aaryn that he trusts McCrae and Amanda. Aaryn says that she doesn’t trust Helen. Judd agrees and says Helen is too wishy washy. Aaryn talks about how Jessie has flirted with every guy in here. Judd says I think she just has a flirty personality.



6:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..

CBS Interactive Inc.

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The live-feed HOH cam has been zoomed in on Aaryn’s creepy clown all morning,
instead of her. Nice subliminal message from production, LOL, well-played.
Now bring on the clowns that are waiting for Aaryn inside of Pandora’s Box.

Share your ideas, here are mine…
send in ZingBot to follow her around and zing her
give her a clown make-over and a clown-tard to wear
make her a forever have-not


The best Pandora’s Box would involve Rachel –

If it were bad for the HOH – Aaryn would have to spend a few hours with Rachel locked in the HOH while the house gets some sort of MAJOR reward.

If it were bad for the house – Rachel would enter the house a la Dan in BBCAN and Aaryn would get some cash (she will need it since she has no job to go back to!)

BB15 letdown

Can we trap Aaryn in a room with Rachel? That would be fun. Or how about Will from last season? He sure would have lots to say to her. 🙂


that is funny. i would like to see her get little punishments like, having to use a sock puppet whenever she talks, or get up and dance everytime the music plays, but i know those have already been used. how about having to be a baby for 24 hours. she has to crawl everywhere instead of walk, suck on a giant pacifier when she is not speaking, drink out of a big baby bottle. that would be harmless and funny i think.


if amanda not on the block i will be shock in i will know the show is rig for even if it is she should sill go on the block racheal did we will know america


You are a idiot


Simon…Are we allowed to caa each other idiots?


an, duh!


FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!! Use spell check and punctuation! We don’t read Ebonics!


Spellcheck yo mama

Aaryn's Ex

This is why you don’t send your kids to public education. I know you did your best man, you can’t spell, and went to public school.


This is what I wish would happen Amanda third nominee, Howard, Elissa, Helen or Candice wins veto and nominations stays the same. As much as I like Amanda, she is teaming up with Spencer who has said a lot of disgusting comments about the women houseguest and I do not think that is a game strategy. Those Goof troop who has not been in the block must experienced how it feels to be there. What would really rock the house is Howard wins veto take himself of and Helen and company convinced Aryan to put up Mccrea. . Let us see how the profess of love from Amanda and Mccrea goes. ,

Say What

If Howard did cry in front of the other house guests, then it stops being entertainment to me. Even if Howard was gaming, I can’t watch a grown man cry. Howard crying also let the rest of the house know that he has been beaten down and they won. If Howard leaves, I still want him to leave with his dignity and pride intact.


I am hoping Elissa will FINALLY be sent home! The self entitlement attitude and mean remarks have wore on me. I was actually rooting for her to win but when she doesn’t get her way, she gets ugly, REAL ugly. Go team Andy!


Not going to happen. Aaryn ready blew her chance of sending Elissa home but she didn’t. So don’t count your chickens before you hatch.


elissa’s mean remarks? what she has said isn’t even in the same league as demanda, mcpussy and their sheep


Well that certainly excuses it! What happened to those Christian ideals of “do unto others..”, “turn the other cheek”, and forgiveness? She has one strange “ministry” in my opinion.


I love how you got thumbed down for pointing out Christian hypocrisy in action. They are quite sensitive about that you know.


Your Rachel hate is showing. Elissa did not enter the BB game and play as a mean girl from day one. She has not used racist comments. She was made a pariah from day one and ostracized. She had people telling her they didn’t want to be seen talking to her. She knows she is being used by HGs for the MVP. I think everyone has a point where they say they are done being used and being the metaphorical punching bag. This is Big Brother – this is not a team sport. You are not loyal if you do things to secure YOUR safety in the game over those in your alliance? Seriously?


Elissa is the only one who has the courage to stick to her beliefs about the racist comments. She didn’t bow down to Aaryn like the other spineless house guests. Spencer must be an amoeba, a single cell, spineless creature,


She doesn’t say any uglier remarks then anyone else in the house. I would rather play with some one like Elissa, you always know where she is at. Look at the rest of this group, nice to your face, scum bagging you behind your back.

BB15 letdown

Does anyone really think Amanda will be America’s choice for a nomination??? I would LOVE for her to be up on the block and I voted for her. But the online fans of the show are the only ones who really see Amanda. If you just watch the CBS show she seems like a “funny” girl who is standing up for others in the house. Oh and she is in a showmance with lovable pizza boy McCrea. It is very likely that it will be GM (for her previous edit/affiliation with Aaryn) or Elissa (people hate her sister therefore her) on the block. But my fingers are crossed for Amanda…..please, please, pretty please AG!


I voted for Amanda, too. I don’t even want to see her leave, I’m just tired of her being so comfortable while everyone else does all of her dirty work.

Emma Vaughn

I voted Amanda, I think alot of us did, we are all tired of AManda & cray cray being so comfortable, they are some of the few houseguests left that haven’t ever been on the block so she deserves it


yeah like andy

Zingbot Fan

If I had known Amanda was going to be a have not I would of voted for chalk and turds instead of ramen and raisins.




OMG too Funny – thanks for the laugh so Loved it!!!



haw haw


GM is CLEARLY jealous of Candice, because the only way that hoodrat GM gets work is if she uses that “deep throat” talent she has, and when she’s evicted and finds out she was fired, she’ll be doing that again to get work, and even then she’d ave to wear cakes of makeup.


OMG… too funny….


Does everyone in the house have the same pair of black frame glasses? Or is there ONLY one pair of black frame glasses that they all share?


Ole Judd not gonna eat nuthin no darkies touched.No ma’am!


Darkies? Seriously? LMAO! Haven’t heard that one in a LONG time! Holy Inappropriateness BatShit!


*Bat MAN!


Did America vote for who to put up on the block this week or for an MVP this week? I’ve been working and/or drunk a lot this week so I’m not sure what’s going on.


Did u read Judd’s comment about the ice cream? Did u read Judd’s Comment about The $25 Target card? Did you catch it when Judd said Howard should go back to AF_____ ? Do you see anything INAPPROPRIATE about any of that?


C: Did you read that I’ve been working and/or drunk ? So to answer your question… No I didn’t see all that shit! But thanks for the update.

Emma Vaughn

We voted to who to put up on the block, I voted Amanda to go up with every email account I had, so I know for a fact that I put up Amanda at least 200x that is how much I despise her, Amanda and McCray is too comfortable letting on like they own the whole house


He never said it was a race thing. Could have implied Gina Marie – I could certainly understand that!


I hope Amanda goes on the block as the MVP’s nom. Can’t stand that B**** anymore.


I’m not really invested in BB as I’ve been in previous seasons. I was glad to see that they cast some black people who were’nt assholes or clowns for a change. I really hope that Howard or Candice make it til the end. The way things are going though, Amanda is probably going to win it. I mean, is’nt she friends with AG?


I’ll be happy if Amanda is going up. I bet Elissa fans pay a close attention of not putting up Elissa. Just remember Team Elissa, Elissa can’t play. I hope McCrae & Judd will play.


Im rooting for Howie but honestly they making hin seem like the second coming of dr will..thank god dan or the puppet master werent in this season ..it wouldve been too easy


Who is picking Elissa and Howard as their favorite player. Two complete morons.


Well….it’s not like there are a lot of great players to choose from.


Not even going to lie, I am scared for Candice if Amanda is the MVP nom. If Amanda talks about killing Candice now what will happen when she is on the block.


If they played “who is the real racist”, Amanda would do well, butJudd would win hands down. He is the real deal. Yes, ma’am.


I hope Amanda is going up a America’s MVP.


this cast is the most disgusting, lying group ever. and it sucks for howard and elissa in how those losers keep accusing them of putting up whoever when its really america doing it.

hopefully amanda will be nominated by america this time, and helen gets a clue to then throw out the strongest person on the block. but i’m willing to bet she’ll be too afraid.


I have a feeling that Pandoras Box will be happening soon. If not this week to save elissa. Or next week when Elissa is HOH and she gets a special power. But don’t complain! REMEMBER big brother 13 when Porschure got HOh and put up Jordan and Rachel and then she opened it and her and kalia got railroaded… aweful!


Can someone please explain why everyone’s so scared of Amanda and McCrae? I’m I missing something? It’s very hard for me to understand how a pair that hasn’t won much is running the house. All I can say is the couple is living of McCrae’s original win and people are intimidated by Amanda’s bark, I will say she’s articulate.

But this is just stupid, and majority of the house guests are weak.


They have final four with Andy and Judd….no one knows and that really helps

STFU Donnie

See I don’t think it’s that anybody is afraid of Amanda and McCrea, rather it’s that Amanda has succeeded in identifying and building other people for the house to fear. That’s her power…but when she gets Howard out (and maybe Elissa) that’s when the culture of fear she’s created will likely turn against her.

I had an Israeli prof in college. Really brilliant guy, very experienced in Israeli politics. Anyway, he told me that many Israelis leaders are only interested in peace on their terms with little negotiation, precisely because once that external threat is eliminated, the country will look inwards for the first time and that’s when you will see a real war. Orthodox Jews vs Observant Jews vs Non-practicing Jews. He told me that the fault lines of Israel are enormous and the only thing stopping an eruption is the constant outside threat. I don’t think Amanda appreciates that she has to keep creating bigger threats and if she doesn’t then the “house” will make her the threat.


can everybody please write to cbs and ask that Amanda gets her true edit Elissa wasn’t being that awful plus Amanda had it coming I know that some people hate that Howard is on the block that’s not Elissa or Helens fault if it was suggested by anyone else that Howard shouldn’t be on the block then Amanda would screw their game up it seems Allison Grodners friend Amanda is getting a golden edit and I don’t know if its just me but Mcrae is always acting like he is the toughest guy in the house yet he calls women the c word a lot and uses the word retarded with some of the others he was talking about how hes gonna call that mofo Howard out and he is going to do this and that but we all know if Howard come out swinging Mcrae would curl up in a ball suck his thumb and cry for his mommy I have seen midgets act tougher than Mcrae he is just one of those pansies that talk to much and then runs behind his friends I know there are some naysayers out there but elissa has tried to get the mean girl out of the house and the other mean girls and she has been really nice to mostly everybody people don’t have to use derogatory or racist comments they just need to play a good social game win when they need to I applaud elissa for being against the hate and racial slurs at least she stood her ground she had to play it safe this week don’t disregard my comment cause I said something nice about elissa because I tell the truth and the truth is Amanda and mcrae are looking sweet and innocent to America but us live feeders and readers really know whats going on


Punctuation-use it.

Why is this a common theme among Elissa fans?


We all know he answer to that……..;)

Amandas Golden Edits

will cbs show amandas poor behaviour and comments?

of course not

favouritism: the practice of giving special treatment to a person or group


Someone tell me this:

Do they play for the Veto today? And when will they reveal America’s choice for the 3rd nominee?

Zingbot Fan

They do play for veto today and America’s MVP nomination will be revealed before the veto competition.


Thanks, Zingbot.


I voted all ten times for Amanda to go up. I really hope she does. Wish it meant she would go home but I’m not holding my breath. I’m so over her and the pizza boy. I’m starting to really like Candice and hope she goes far.


This response is in relation to the Veto competition. Last week, someone commented on here that they thought Aaryn had to color her hair pink for a punishment from the veto comp but it turned out not to be true. Now, they are speculating that veto comp today will be a punishment/reward comp and I am pretty sure I heard Aaryn say something last night or night before something about if she has to dye her hair pink or something. I am interested in seeing what happens today and if that really turns out to be her punishment

STFU Donnie

“Judd says that’s what gets me mad, people use the HOH as a scapegoat. Judd brings up how Howard and Spencer both wanted to switch the numbers and get you out last week.”

And in this statement Judd reveals why he’s not especially bright, proves the cast is filled with the “just want to make jury” types, and why everybody except Amanda can’t grasp Howard’s strategy.

In past seasons, there was a very simple and easily understood bargain between HOH and voters. The first idea is since the HOH did not nominate you, you would return the favor should you win HOH. The second deal was that as HOH, YOU identified a target and made nominations to encourage the ouster of that target. So when a voter comes to the HOH and offers to vote how the HOH wishes (as opposed to dictating…like other HG’s this season), that person is striking another bargain, in essence saying “I’ll vote how you want and in exchange you realize we’re not adversaries, so we have no reason to want to see the other evicted anytime soon and you’ll return the favor one day with you’re vote.” But Judd thinks somebody offering to follow HIS lead is a threat and is somehow setting him up and he views the people who dictate how it’s going to be are the ones he’s safe with. Anybody who was in that house to play to win, with designs on running his/her own game, would not choose the dictator over those offering equal partnership.

Basically Howard (and Spencer) did everything in their power to show Judd they were loyal to HIM and would go where HE wanted them to go. Howard’s strategy has been simple. He appeals to an INDIVIDUAL self-interest. But whenever he tries to appeal to Judd or Aaryn or Andy’s self-interest in how he can help them win, they are threatened by this. It’s precisely because the majority of this cast either has no plan, no strategy or if they do it ends with making the jury. BB has cast the show to feature maybe 6 real players, while everybody else was intended to be drones to serve them. That’s why Howard appears to “have no strategy”. He keeps expecting the HG’s to play to win and do what’s in their interest…except their interest is just to make it to jury. “Make it to jury” is a new BB term, one that did not exist in the first 10 seasons…you know, back when the show cast people who played to win the game.

It’s like being on a basketball team and assuming everybody is there to win the championship and every player is ready, willing and able to be MVP…only to find out that the vast majority of your teammates just want to make the team and when they do get to play, refuse to take a shot or make a play, preferring to CONSTANTLY defer to one or two teammates…and then discovering these same players get mad at anybody who passes the ball to them when they’re wide open and furious when those same players encourage them to shoot.


THIS. 100X over, THIS.

I’ll admit I’ve been overlooking Howard as a mediocre player, but you’ve perfectly put into perspective why he’s playing one of the best games, and why he’s suffering for it.

Good players are not succeeding this season. Nick and Kaitlin especially did not deserve to go home when they did. Drones and fame mongers are running the house this season.

STFU Donnie

If I had to analyze Nick and Howard, I truly believe Nick was inspired by Dan’s winning season and Howard was inspired by Will in All Stars.

Nick like Dan did not want to make a bunch of commitments, getting involved with every single player, eviction, and drama, rather he preferred to find safety/coverage and lay in wait until he had to make a move…but because this isn’t a cast of people trying to win, they talk constantly, reveal every bit of information they receive, and generally run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Because Nick wasn’t a fellow crazy, it made it very easy for Helen (and eventually Amanda) to make everybody afraid of him. Nick wrongly assumed that since everybody would want to win, they would see he was not committing or talking about everybody and everything and therefore a potential partner and somebody who could be trusted and confided in. But since the majority has no designs on winning, Nick’s calm demeanor created fear, as opposed to confidence that he could be a good partner.

I think Howard saw how Will was very good at showing there were bigger threats to other HG’s as individuals and presenting how he could assist in helping them get out that threat, without ever identifying anybody as HIS target. Will gets cast as a master liar and he was, but not for reasons people think. Will would tell you 95% truth and that’s why the 5% of lies were so effective. He always relied on logic and how he really could help others advance in the game. The mistake the other HG’s made was assuming Will’s help in a given week meant he would be an ally until the bitter end. Now sometimes Will encouraged this and sometimes people just made the assumption. I think Howard saw that the way to advance and win is making sure he could make himself seen as useful to his fellow players. He wanted a majority of players to understand he can help them with their threats, without demanding similar help in return. Then he could use his pliability to remain out of the house’s cross hairs. Howard assumed that as long as a majority of voters saw him as useful to their individual game, he could afford to have enemies, since he would never be under threat of eviction until the numbers really thin out because a majority would always see him as useful. Howard assumed since everybody would want to win, they would have no interest in helping others evict somebody who was not only no threat to them, but could be helpful to their game.

I just think Nick and Howard both gave the HG’s far too much credit and missed out on the shift in casting the last few years. Now BB is 1/3 players, 1/3 drama/showmance participants, and 1/3 superfans just happy to be on BB and only want to last long enough to have a voice in choosing the winner. Had either Nick or Howard been cast in seasons 1-10, I think both would have thrived…maybe not won, but both would have made it until close to the end.

Grading on a Curve

Thoughts on the House:

Amanda-Loud and crude, but the house is eating up everything she says. Love her or hate her, she is the puppet master, and playing the best game. A-

Andy-Infiltrated every social circle in the house (albeit obnoxiously). Needs to make some moves, but playing the best social game. A-

Jessie-Playing under the radar like Andy, but not quite as good at doing it. Needs to be a little less self-focused in her conversations. B+

Judd- mrph mreh fremmm mo miniabeh prefes mreghbemb alkfjeb. B

Candice-A very intelligent player that hasn’t been so great at avoiding the drama. If Candice starts keeping more of her thoughts to herself, and lies low this week and next, she could really go far. B

Howard-Has been trying to play a great game the last couple of weeks, and his strategy in conversing with the other players is one of the best, but the lies he was already caught in may have doomed his game. B-

Helen-While I find her attempt to re-create the friendship a total joke, Helen remains to have a lot of pull within the house. It will catch up to her though. C+

McCrae-Classic coat tail rider with no real strategy but to follow Amanda. C

Aaryn-The girl’s social capital is non-existent, though she’s also too afraid to make the moves best for her in this game. Aaryn needs a fire under her, and soon, or she may as well call it a day. C-

Spencer-You’re shady bro, and everyone knows you’re shady. Not sure you’re long for this game. D


Gina-Poor girl. What strategy? F


i agree on jess – playing measured and understated – has the smallest target on her of anyone there – keeping her friendship with judd low key too – seems to get on well with almost everyone – likes to flirt and have a joke and a laugh – looks and sounds a very nice girl – good to see her having a good time as it shouldnt be about being 100% serious 100% of the time – i hope she does well


great post. you hit the nail right on the head.


I liked reading your perceptive and break down. Great points.

rs wilson

playing a good game accounts for everything cant appear to be to strong or run your mouth that has killed them all except david and the moving company blew that he was brain dead no threat at all


I think the best thing that can happen this week is Amanda gets put up with the MVP Howard or spencer wins veto aryoon puts up McRae then they vote out Amanda I can’t stand her she is so controlling


just give the cheque to amanda and macrea judd talking bout he trust them andy talking bout he trust them more than hellen .. judd and andy are oxymoron if they think amanda and macrea wont take each other if they are left in the house


I really want to see some reason that Howard deserves to be there. He doesn’t make any sense, when he does speak to people. He’s not connecting and he seems socially uncomfortable and constantly making awkward faces so it shows. He has further pushed himself into a corner by getting close to the two people who are ‘getting on people’s nerves’. Uncle Spencer is just plain creepy on so many levels and Candice has now taken on the victim stance. IMHO.


It’s a gameshow, no such thing as deserves to be there.

The reason people want Howard there is because the rest of the House is full of vile unlikable people who do nothing but trash talk others personally for no other reason but being ugly on the inside. I’d rather have socially awkward and overly religious (which is something I hate) people than the other vile personalities in the House.

Oh and people keep blaming Howard for the racism in the House. Everyone with a brain can see this is not true, except these dumb Houseguest.


To Julie Chen…….I think you are hoping that Howard and Candice are the next 2 out, so you can talk to them about how awful Aaryn is. Then you can feel good abou t yourself, and once the racism “magnets” are gone, you can carry on with the plan to have Amanda win. Don’t do it. BB makes the rules. You can call a HG meeting. show them the tapes of their racist behavior, give Candice a C OUP DETAT, and have a double or TRIPLE elimination. Then you can interview Amanda,Judd, and Aaryn (or whoever) about racism in America. Would Allison let you do that? I know CBS’ lawyers can get you out of the deal that Allison made with Amanda.Think how good you would look. C’mon now.


Aryan FTW all the way.