Helen says we need to make McCrae think we’re close to him, it’s going to take all of us to go against them.

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP = America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


12:50pm Aaryn joins Elissa and Judd on the backyard couch. Judd tells her that she smells like HOH shower. Judd says he is going to get HOH so he doesn’t have to worry about being on the block or being a havenot. Elissa heads inside to read. Judd asks if Aaryn is putting up Candice. Aaryn says yes. Judd tells Aaryn about how Howard came up to them last night talking about how he has to do damage control for all the things Candice has done with threatening people and stuff. Aaryn says that she would be happy with either Howard or Candice leaving, so you guys decide. Judd says that Howard has a better chance at winning HOH so I would rather he leaves. They start talking about whether or not there will be a double eviction.


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:55pm – 1:15pm Andy and Helen are talking in the lounge. Helen explains that they need to get out Aaryn because she is a vote for Amanda and McCrae. Andy agrees. Andy says we need to get out Elissa too because of how she is acting. Helen agrees. Andy tells Helen that he strongly believes that Judd made up all the stuff about kaitlin coming after Helen. Helen believes that too. She says but we need him on our side. Helen says we need to keep Ginamarie over Aaryn we would have her as a vote where as we wouldn’t have Aaryn’s vote. Helen says we need to get out Howard, then Candice and then Aaryn before jury. We would then have Ginamarie and Spencer in jury. Helen says Aaryn has to go up as a pawn next week. She has turned for the benefit of Amanda and McCrae and not us. Helen says Ginamarie is a vote for us that is sway-able. Helen says that between me and you Jessie doesn’t want Aaryn in jury. Jessie’s biggest fear is that I am loyal to Aaryn more than her. Helen says that I am going to act close to Aaryn to make Jessie mad and want Aaryn out. So if you see me doing that just know what I am doing. Andy says okay. Helen says we need to make McCrae think that we are still close to him. It is going to take all of us to go against them. Helen says that she is over Candice bullying her last night. Helen says we need to make the jury favourable to you and I, instead of Amanda and McCrae because that is what they are trying to do. Andy says that he really believes Judd made up all of that stuff and I think it hurt me. Helen and Andy agree that Judd is on their side and need him for now. Helen tells Andy that people said you are floating through this game. Andy asks who? Helen says Judd, Aaryn and Jessie, but I don’t think you are. She says that people also think you float into conversations. Helen says we can trust then for now until we get to jury. Then we will go after Judd and Jessie. Andy says I like that people think I am floating because it means I can talk to people and they aren’t scared of me. Why get my hands dirty when other people will do it for me. Helen says she wants Elissa to win HOH. Helen says I believe Judd made all of that up, unfortunately Kaitlin was the one that suffered for it. Helen tells Andy this conversation never happened, we have to be careful even with people in our alliance. Andy and Helen leave the room to head out to the pool.

1:30pm Out in the backyard Elissa is reading the bible in the hammock. Meanwhile, in the kitchen – Aaryn is making something with slop. Judd makes a comment and Andy asks what was that? Judd says nothing, I don’t even believe you’re a teacher because you don’t pay attention. Aaryn and Helen laugh.


Andy and Judd talk in the storage room. Andy says that Helen pulled him aside and said that we need to stay in the good graces of Candice just in case she wins HOH next week even though the chances of that are pretty slim. Candice joins them to change her batteries. Andy tells her to wake up and get her act together its 1:30pm already!


1:35pm Judd finds Amanda’s panties on the ground in the bedroom and picks them up with a shirt and throws them on McCrae’s bed while he is sleeping.


1:55pm Andy, Judd and Candice are in the bathroom talking about random things while Candice does her makeup.


2pm In the storage room Big Brother gave the house guests pool floaties, leis, a mask & snorkel and more little duckies. The head into the lounge to take photos in the photo booth. Aaryn thinks they might get a vacation soon. Helen says oh ya!


2:15pm – 2:40pm In the back bedroom – Gina says I am sorry to say but lets get Candice out. Howard says I am not going to throw people under the bus but.. Gina says I have always been good with you, you’re a gentleman and I like you. Gina talks to Howard about getting everyone to vote out Candice over him. She says that she’s annoyed at how Candice takes peoples things without asking and how she makes a lot of noise when people are sleeping. Gina tells Howard that she liked him since day one. Gina tells Howard that he should campaign to Jessie and Helen because they felt bad that he was upset that he got nominated. Howard then heads into the havenot room and talks to Jessie about how he doesn’t want to be associated with Candice’s actions. Howard says that he wasn’t involved with the conversations that Candice had last night and never woudl have come at her like that. He says you know Spencer and I have big love for you. He says that he is god with her and hopes she is with him too. She says they are good and he leaves the room.

All the house guests are taking their turns taking photo booth photos with all of the props.

2:45pm – 2:50pm Out in the backyard – Spencer and Jessie are talking. Spencer asks Jessie if she would put him up if she won HOH. She says I don’t want to lie to you so I don’t want to say. Then she says no you know what I wouldn’t put you up, I would put up Candice and one other person. But I am not going to say who that other person is, that person’s name has been thrown out a lot so I think you can guess who it would be. Jessie asks Spencer who he would put up. He says he isn’t sure but thinks he needs to win HOH. Spencer says that he isn’t sure why he is at a deficit. Jessie tells Spencer that he needs to separate himself from Howard. She says lay as low as you can, I think you are doing a good job at that already. Jessie says she thinks Aaryn will be out next. Jessie tells Spencer that she thinks he would be the first member of the jury. She says Candice will go out right before it. Don’t tell anyone this though. Spencer says he is fine with being first in the jury that’s what I want. Jessie tells Spencer to tell whoever wins the HOH right before jury and tell them that you will be a vote for them in the end if they don’t put him up. Spencer says I think I am going to have to win veto every week just to make it. Jessie says no there are two people that everyone wants out before you. Spencer says Candice and Aaryn. Jessie says yeah, but don’t tell Aaryn that because she doesn’t know. Spencer says that he doesn’t tell anyone anything she tells him. They start talking about random things. Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Howard join them. Amanda jokes that she would nominate Ginamarie because she takes up all the photo booth time. Jessie heads inside to take more photos in the photo booth.


Gina with the wig on gets up from the backyard couch runs and jumps at the camera. Amanda says I just saw your whole butt hole.


Fire up your Big Brother live feeds and use the FLASHBACK feature to check out the BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Oh God, Helen!!! What are you thinking?! Blabbing to Andy about your plans and theories? You’re gonna seal your own coffin, you big dummy!!!

VA Vet

Gee, everyone complains about all the rats following the Pied Piper and when someone tries to flip the house, you moan and groan. Make up your mind.

At least she is trying. Maybe her timing is off, but make no mistake about it, Andy and Judd aren’t playing for third place. Just watch for when they feel the time is right.


Helen is doing it all wrong. She knows from last week that Amanda and her puppy are running things. Her deal with aaryn should have been lets get amanda out and deal with Howard later. Howard is all talk and no game! I don’t see him winning and his game talk is crap so why not use him for votes. Her biggest mistake is leaving Aaryn for last before Jury. Bye bye halen


No worry Andy is working with Helen. When Judd keeps throwing Helen name before Andy told him to lay off Helen. If Judd talks most likely Amanda and Mccrea will have doubts as Judd admitted to them that was a lie that he made it up, rumors about Kaitlin so Amanda and Mccrea might think the same and not believe him. If he does that it will go back to Helen and he might have the same faith as Nick, Jeremy and Kaitlin all threw Helen names for eviction. This is just my thought and I could be wrong.


Andy is much more loyal to the Goof Troop than he is to Helen. Same with J-u-double D party daugherty

At this point Helen’s already sealed her fate. Too much of a blabber mouth, blech, hope the Mom squad leave together in a double eviction.


I’m waiting to see how long Andy takes to tell McCranda and Judd too for that matter. Elissa could be the first to let it slip. She told so many people who like to talk.


I have suddenly developed a strong dislike to Helen.


Helen is cutting the same deal with nearly everyone, only she is tayloring the deal to each person.
She wants to go to the end with them and she wants to get ____ and ____ out before jury(who ever she thinks that person wants out)
When this explodes on her it will be interesting.
If they were smart they would jump on this opertunity to get out Queen Kamanda. I was hoping for Howard to go far,
but his game play or lack of should I say is his own downfall. He is not a theat. I predict Arayn will make the finals!
There is’nt a single solid alience, no loyalty, no freakin plan…..Theres your proof…stay of pharmicuticles


Helen needs to STFU already. I can’t wait til everything backfires on her ass.

Sad about BB

I am losing track of who Helen wants out before Jury. She has named at least five different people. Does anyone know how many more evictions left before jury?

I hope that these people keeping talking and realize now is the time to get Amanda out. I want to see the house flipped and chaos happen. Plus it would be interesting to see Mcrae react to her departure.


Helen is waiting to have the numbers. She is correct if Elissa and her flipped they will loose as they do not have the numbers yet. This is the reason why Howard and Spencer failed twice they do not have the numbers and still don!t.


“This conversation never happen” Ten minutes later Helen herself told everyone! Lol


Andy told Judd.


The war between the two superpowers begins!


GM and Jessie?


I was referring to Amanda and Helen. GM and Jessie are more like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in this saga.


Helen’s a dead duck. P7 or P8


a shakespeare reference. nice.

Jeremy's Boat

Heh…If Andy blabs this to Amanda, maybe Helen will go up.


I would love to see that happen.

I dont like you

These idiots have Amanda on the block this week and they are choosing to go after Howard?



Is it me, or are most of the players unlikeable? I get they pick personalities that will create conflict, but Jessie, Judd, and even Elissa (to an extent) have the personality of of a rusty bag of nails.

Racist Aaryn makes the season interesting, but CBS would not look good when the deemed racist puts up two African American players. This just shows her naivety. Actually, I don’t blame Aaryn for her racist behavior, I blame her PARENTS..they are responsible giving her proper morals. I suspect Aaryn’s mom has hired a PR firm to help her reputation more than her daughters reputation…

They better pick better houseguests or the show will be called “Ugly and Boring America.”

Sorry, rant over. 🙂


I don’t know if she’s naive or if she has the backing and urging of the house. I think she’s aware but just doesn’t want to take a stand at risking her own position with the others. But there are different things that come into play with Aaryn. And sure her upbringing may have been a certain way. But I don’t blame her parents .She’s 22 not 12. Old enough to do a lot of things including being married if she chose. Start a career when you are dealing with all types of people and personalities. After a certain point you have to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. I would venture to guess that she was raised and came from an environment where she’s an entitled brat more than anything else. The very fact that certain things don’t land and she’s a constant victim is an indication she has lived in a sheltered world where maybe a lot of her behavior is acceptable or hasn’t been corrected. She’s young enough to be able to grow and make changes if people don’t sugar coat things. Not attack her but just tell her the truth if she accepts it. But not young enough to blame others for her attitude.


hey f

that rant was meh

I dont like you

Helen, if you had stopped talking you would have been one of the house favorites. STFU.


Exactly, cause Andy cant hold damn water. He runs his mouth more than a woman!


Helen, what were you thinking?!?! Have you not realized that anything you tell Andy will get around to the whole house?!


Helen, chill out!!!!! Don’t screw it up, stick with the plan.


She will if you can remember that Judd admitted to making up stories about Kaitlin wanting to get Helen out. He should have not done that and he admitted to
Amanda and Mccrea so if he tells them something Amanda and Mccrea might not believe him as he make up stories for the gamenplay. Just wondering if Helen was setting him up. Helen is correct to wait because Elissa and her do not have the numbers yet. This is the reason why Spencer and Howard did not
succeed and they tried it twice and both plan failed.

This Season Blows

Game-wise and personality-wise, this is the worst cast in BB history.


Sadly agree. I had hopes for this season since it didn’t have some kind of returning vet angle for once. Instead we get a twist that only favors one contestant and a house full of frankly not interesting people except for a racist and people terrified into a Superfriend alliance. Absolutely the worst season.


You can definitely tell Helen is a politician, she talks waaaaaay too much! Wake up girl, you do not know everything and will be sent packing sooner than you can say……well maybe not. LOL


They need to take Amanda out this week and McCrea out next if they don’t they will be handing them the win. I don’t see how people in the house can’t see that. I hope they smart up getting out Howard or Candice is a waste of HOH.


The problem with your theory is who the HOH is. Howard and Candice are in a weak position because Aaryn is the HOH.


Who is Helen’s order of getting out? She told Elissa she wanted Amanda out before Aaryn and not in the jury house. Is she lying to Elissa or everyone else? ITA with everyone, she needs to STFU because she is her own worst enemy and when she gets back doored she is going to be wondering who wasn’t true to her in her alliance when she is the one telling everyone her cards.


No Helen and Elissa have strong bond trust me. Helen is the only person that defended Elissa in the first week of this game when everyone hated her
being Rachel sister. She was all alone crying in the room and only Helen came to her.


I really, really want to see Amanda leave this week, because I know McCrae is capable of being a really good player, but not with Amanda around.


Helen and Elissa versus Amanda and McRae. That was what was set up to happen since Day 1. Looks like it will be that way to the end. Helen, though she blabs, is the only one in a real power position to make a move. Candice is not a strong player. She has been playing it personal from day one.


Just a minute!!! Between Helen and Amanda Helen is in big trouble. Every week she is helping evict potential allies while all Amandas people stay. Arryn over Kaitlyn turns out to be a REAL bad decision for Helen. Andy and Judd are certainly playing both sides but right now both would choose Amanda. What Helen has and doesn’t realise is all she has is Ellisa and the out casts. Amanda will pull the trigger when shes ready. Helen confides in those 2 b**tches Andy and Judd and you can bet every word gets back to Amanda. Also notice Andy is giving far less info to Helen about Amanda directly that matters.

When are Judd and Andy going to figure out an end game? For 2 players well positioned on both sides of Super Friends power they are almost letting “fate” determine how far they go in the game. Ask Howard how well that strategy works longterm. Once the MVP is gone well get a double eviction. Based on the present set of facts that might be F9 and F8 unless MVP is on it’s last week. You can’t do a double eviction with 3 noms IMHO. Unless the 2 players with the most votes are evicted! LOL


I think it’s amusing how they keep saying Howard is a threat in competitions and has a better chance a winning HOH. Yeah, since he’s come so close thus far *rolling eyes. Some of the comps have a fair amount of luck and chance in them and not skills. Everything type of comp isn’t everyone’s forte.Howard came kind of close with the question and answer HOH comp but a lot those were toss ups and guesses including they one that he got eliminated on. And if it’s something dealing with endurance when you are hanging off or onto something for hours I’m not sure his size is a good thing. It would have to be a comp like that did during Season 13 with the ropes where it was clearly geared for a man with some strength and Brendon ended up winning it. Who can and can’t win the HOH is all a crap shoot at this point.


Exactly. The compettions are never based on Howards particular skill set (massive strength).

They do this every year, the bigger more athletic males are always targets when they have the fewest competions geared toward their skill set.


Yeah, especially if you look at this past week. Kaitlyn was supposed to be more likely to win an HOH than Aaryn, who went on to win HOH….


Although the game is admirable, how does one explain to their children at home what they did for half a million dollars? Just putting the question out there. It was okay for mommy to lie and make up stories to get money but ….. Anyone?


Lordy! She is like an old cougar with that nail biting pizza boy. If she isn’t sitting and bouncing on it, she’s whacking him off.
Bet her family is proud of her.
She is a slut!


What exactly makes her a slut. Is she not supposed to
enjoy sex until there’s a ring on her finger? The fact
that she has no unhealthy hang-ups about sex is a
positive thing. Is your way of thinking a mid-western
thing or what is it with all the puritanical posts?
You’re the peeping tom in this scenario, so either
stop with the judgments on this site, or stop watching
I think all posts like yours are pretty disgusting!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Um, f**king the 1st man who wins HOH to gain control over him in the game, is a pretty clear sign that she’s a slut, as that’s one of a slut’s main attacks to gain a man’s favor in the real world.


she’s done nor said anything as vulgar and offensive as this comment.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

True, but the whore way to get to that money, is working for her. Long as she don’t f**k up, she has 2 ways of getting the 500k, her winning or McCrae winning and they get married.


Bye Bye Howard! Next week Aaryn, then Amanda, then Spencer, then Candice, then GinaMarie, then Jessie, then Andy, then Judd, then McCrae, then final 2 Helen and Elissa!!! Elissa wins BB15!


Hold up, I didn’t post that one. I’m the real captainwedgiearchnemesis


Hi Rachel, thanks for posting! 🙂


Well I guess everyone loves Helen again, now that she wants Amanda out (or at least realizes the power of McManda). :-\


Why didn’t Amanda wear panties to the picnic?

She wanted to keep the flies away from the food


Amanda is a real sow probably smelling pretty ripe. She keeps forcing herself on that poor stupid pizza boy.


Just had a funny thought, Howie goes home ( kinda no brainer now ) McCrea wins HOH, shebot takes a sigh of relief and America pulls together again and puts Mcramda up with the mvp, that would be Priceless !!!


I cant believe we gave the idiots the perfect time to get Amanda out and they still want Howard out WTF. I say lets Helen Butt on the block next week


My gosh Helen is annoying.

Mike B

Howard is a threat to them because he has big muscles and knows when to talk to people in secret. He also is a honest guy so if he was to get to the end they know they would vote for him to win. He wont make it to the end though this is why Amanda wants him out so bad hes a threat to her game. Howard messed up when he didn’t vote for Jeremy. I think it would have been better if he voted Jeremy out. Because of that it gives these people the feeling that he can’t be trusted. Like Nick was another one who made a mistake for not making a deal with Elissa. Lots of mistakes this season. Also it was a mistake to take David out first because then they would have had the numbers and the Moving Company would still be on top playing all these fools.


Helen and Ellisa VS. Amanda Mc C… If Helen was smart she would keep Howard in the game. Howard want to work with Helen, Howard don’t trust AMc.


Helen knows what she is doing. She has everybody in her side, She is the smarstest player by far.

This Season Blows

She actually has played an awful game. Too many side deals and false promises and she literally blabs everything eventually.

Amanda is the only one whose game has been on-point.


amandas game i would rate not a C minus but:



I hate all of the Superfriends, but Helen is in a really crappy spot because she relies so much on Andy the rat. If she knew any better, she’d rally to evict Demanda this week but she’s a “GOOD” person so she won’t. Helen is terrible.

That's the wrong thing to do

I don’t understand why Helen is saying to get aaryn out next to prevent her from getting close to Amanda, when they COULD just vote Amanda out this week. Still want aaryn gone before jury though.

I coulda rocked the House

Personally A real BigBrother Player keeps things unbalanced, and that’s what Helen is doing. Annoying maybe, but playing the game, which is more than I can say for many of the other Players

Bigot Brother Stinx

It seems to me that Helen’s planting a seed. It’s too early in the week to ask for votes. She’s finding out if anybody else is willing to vote out Amanda. If Helen, Elissa and Spencer are down to vote out Amanda. GM will vote out Candace. Then Helen just needs 1 more vote to evict Candace and 1 more vote to evict Amanda. If she gets some positive feedback I think she can convince 2 of the 3 (Andy, JUDD, Jessie) to vote that way. If she gets too aggressive too early in the week it will fall apart.


There is a choice nut in this comment! You hit the head of the nail square on. What if the vote is 4-3-1. You could get someone out with 4 votes and no tie breaker from Arryn. Ellisa, Helen and Spencer would need to flip Jessie which I think is possible Then convince GM to vote out Candy last minute. 4-3-1 Amanda is evicted. It would take balls to try to do this so it won’t happen but the above comment was a good observation.

Bigot Brother Stinx

Thanks Stan7777!

Thanks also Simon & Dawg! You guys do unbelievable wrk. Got the live feeds thru OBB. look forward to your updates all day


Candice needs to convince Helen to convince Aaryn to put Mccrae on Spencers place stead of Candice. That way Candice,Helen,Alissa,Judd n Spencer can vote out Amanda. Wouldn’t matter how Andy,Jessie or Ginamarie vote Amanda will have 5 votes against her n get evicted! Better now than later! She can easily get to the top manipulating people.


I agree, Candice should go. I’d much rather have Howard stay. Helen has a much better shot at turning the house against Amanda/McCrae with Howard in. Candice is just too emotional and is threatening people. She seems to rub people the wrong way. Howard can get along with nearly anybody.


Right. They all love Howard. What u smokin?


I really think Howard can get GM and Aaryn on his side. With him staying in, the House can go after McCrae/Amanda. Howard still can flip the House. Helen has the right strategy. She however, needs Howard to help pull the trigger. Candice is too much of an emotional mess to be able to think straight. Her tactic is guilt tripping people into voting for Howard, and its turning people off. She is completely unable to form an alliance with Aaryn and GM, which is what its going to take to get McManda out. Dump Candice.


I can’t stand when the very person everyone wants out, “miraculously” gets HOH! And then goes after the weakest people in the game, purely for personal reasons! So much for going after the “power” players! How I wish they could be clued in on America’s MVP. Amanda is not the strongest player by any means, but she is one helluva bully. Why these people are afraid of her, I will never know. Sure, she’s “in your face”, but she wouldn’t be if they’d wise up and put her out the door! She and her puppy have made more alliances, floated back and forth, and lied more than any other player in the house. Why can’t the others see that?! She’s as much a bigot as Aaryn and GM and doing it like it’s a joke doesn’t excuse it in any way. Production, you really need to let America see her for what she really is! And for her to make the remarks about Rachel being a sk*nk is like the pot calling the kettle black! From the bandaids, changing her ring out, to the panties on the floor, she is a piece of work. I would give anything to see her leave and see what the other players can do on their own! Please, Production, give the other house guests a clue! It’s not the “Amanda Show”, it’s Big Brother!

ILLWILL That A$$hole

True, Rachel is a skank, but Rachel wasn’t getting half naked on National TV parading around with band-aids covering her nipples, and then doing a strip tease.

Amanda is more of a skank than Rachel.


It wld b crazy if McCrae/Amanda finds out make arrayn put up Helen make a deal with Howard and Spencer and vote helen out


That’s a great idea, and would be easy . Someone should tell Amanda that Helen is MVP. Judd?


Helen is going to lose this game if she get out Howard. Helen want to get out everyone that’s will stand by her. Andy, Judd, Jessie, Amanda, and Mc C, will go against her. Amanda is too smart to keep Helen in this game. Amanda’s focus has been Howard, and her big target is going to be Helen.


Who in the world does that U G L Y lying Helen think she is ? ? ? ? ? She needs to go back to whatever part of the world she came from ! ! ! She seems to think she is “in charge”………she is “the leader”………..she’s a jerk…..hope SHE goes home next week ! ! ! And her partner in crime…..Howdy Doody….he is the biggest jerk of all ! ! ! Him and those old’ ugly tank tops he wears everyday………yeah, he’s a real man ! ! ! LOL

Judd's granny


Time for your meds

You need to step away from the GAME for a while, you’re taking it way too seriously. Attacking players like that on this forum is uncalled for. Helen was born in America, btw. Every year on BB people lie, cheat, try to be in charge, etc. This your first time watching? Take a chill pill and write something constructive about the GAME that they are playing.


Simon and Dawg…do hope the following was a Freudian Slip. 2:15PM today regarding the conversation between Howard and Gina. You quoted Howard as saying he was “god” to Candice…Please tell me you really meant good! Love Online BB and thank you for the wonderful coverage.


Must have been good..

Judd's granny

No, it was god. I read it.


I should not respond to Pattypoo, I don’t agree with Helen at the moment, but I’m sure she is an American. Your comment is too crazy.I hope you know that their are many cultures in America that was born and raised here.


I chose not to respond as well. You should never get into an argument with an idiot. They will drag you to their level and beat you with exeperience. Buy you ARE definately correct. Helen is American. Some people forget that American’s come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Maybe he want’s he to go back to Virginia? LOL!



billy bob

aaryons hella tweakin cleaning the hell out of that kitchen,lol i wish i had an aderral ,my house needs to be cleaned, lol

Judd's granny

Aaryn ‘s publicist sent word: Clean the kitchen! People like a girl who cleans the kitchen!


There are only a couple of people that are trying to win this game and everyone else just wants to make the jury. I think BB should change things up and eliminate the jury. They need to tell the house guests that this year America is going to start evictions each week once there are 5 left in the game. There will be no more 13 winners and any money that we would have paid will go into prizes during contests. Maybe then these idiots will get more cut throat.


Can someone tell me why Howard is such a big threat? He has maybe 2 friends in the house (Candice and Spencer when it benefits him). Howard has not won anything. He has no power to influence anyone. A smart BB player would want take him to the end or at least be nice to him until the jury for his vote. Please fill me in on if I’m missing something.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

From what I’ve seen, he’s big, he’s black, and at one point tried to take out Amanda(which that plan died with the MC).. Nothing much else “threatening” about him.

Amanda? she’s the most threatening person in that house, so much everyone is afraid to take her out, even when America gave them the golden opportunity.

ILLWILL That A$$hole

Weak-minded cast, Demanda is in full control of them all, all she needed to do was f**k the 1st man who won HOH. hide behind and build her game around MVP, and take over everyone’s HOH bed. They have the perfect chance of taking her out this week, and they choose to take out a weak target.

The way I see it, whether it’s Demanda or McCrae who wins, she will control that money, there’s a reason why she jacks him off every night, watch he win and all of a sudden they get married.

Love her or Hate her, you can’t deny the masterful way she’s played the game.

I’ll bet money she is the reason Elissa isn’t and probably will never be MVP anymore.


Hahaha another update and another conversation with helen talking about how hard aMANda and MC will be to beat yet the house is not willing to take one of them out.

This season is the season of floaters (Jesse, Andy) and no do’ers (Amanda) everyone is doing amands bidding and jesse and andy just run to who ever has power.


nope jess has not floated to power at all


when is veto ceremony?




Wow This game has zero excitement
and does not feel like a typical BB season.
People are going to lose interest fast!
Amanda has GOTZ TO GO!!!!


we might see a shake-up in alliances and gameplay….but without amanda’s personality, a lot of these other houseguests are going to be putting me to sleep!


I wonder if Hellen has actually cooked aaryn some rice.


She did last night !!!


We will see how PRODUCTION edits TONIGHT!! Probably will give AMANDA another good edit with HOWARD! and fry AARYN or GM lol