Andy says what lazy f**ks we have in this house. Judd says early bird gets the worm motherf**kers!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin,
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


CBS Interactive Inc.

9:43am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen to wake up the house guests. When the feeds return, Andy pulls Jessie into the lounge and tells her that Howard thinks the house is trying to frame him so he is going to go to everyone in the house and ask them who they are voting for. Andy says and he wants me to go with him as a witness. We told him that we are voting out Kaitlin, so when he comes to you just say that. Jessie asks who is this, Spencer? Andy says no Howard. Jessie says okay. They leave the room.

As the house guests are on a indoor lock down for the live episode tonight, Helen is doing her morning run inside. Meanwhile Judd is up in his HOH room packing up his things. Jessie heads up to join him. Jessie says so what’s up did anything happen last night. Judd says nope. You missed a steak out though. Judd says that I was waiting to talk to Amanda and McCrae but someone got to them before me. Judd tells Jessie that Howard asked Andy to go around and ask you and a few others who you are voting for because he doesn’t want to be framed. Judd says that the reason they wanted Kaitlin to go is because she wanted Amanda about but that is not the reason why the whole house wants her out. My reasons are because she is good at competitions, she is a great social player. Jessie agrees and says there are a ton of reasons why she should go. Judd says that Amanda/McCrae and Howard wanted to both get the last word in, it was a steak out that lasted till 5:30am. Judd says that Amanda wanted to sleep up here but she didnt. Jessie wonders why they felt they needed to get the last word in. Judd says I don’t know, nominates are already in place. Judd tells Jessie how he is tired of people using him as a scapegoat. I am tired of people taking my weakness for kindness. Judd says Helen is the worst – no old lady its up to you! Judd says I don’t think I can tell Kaitlin she is going home. Andy joins them. Andy tells Judd that the vote will be unanimous so there will be no blood on your (Judd) hands. Andy says I can’t believe what lazy fu*ks we have in this house that sleep until 1pm. Judd says early bird gets the worn motherfu*kers! Andy says that he will never trust Spencer and Howard fully. Judd and Andy say that they also don’t trust Elissa. Jessie says that Elissa tried to explain her actions on a brain haze.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


11:10am Andy and Jessie head down from the HOH room while Judd has his last HOH shower. Andy lays on the living room couch and talks to Helen when she continues her work out. Big Brother asks them to clean the house. Helen says come on big brother you want us to clean the whole house, what do we look like house guests? She then says just kidding. All the house guests are now waking up and getting ready for the day.


CBS Interactive Inc.

11:25am – 11:30am In the storage room – Candice and Howard have a quick conversation. Candice tells Howard that he shouldn’t have told Andy that someone is turning on him. Howard says okay, I ain’t worried about Andy. Howard talks about how he hasn’t talked game with Spencer in a few days. Candice tells Howard that when he gets upset about something it’s obvious and he can’t let people see that. Howard says okay. In the bathroom Judd talks to Aaryn about how he been told by others that he can’t outright tell someone they are going home. Aaryn says she read that in the rule book. Judd says okay, that’s what I thought. (I think Judd is just going to tell Kaitlin that its not looking good before the vote.)


11:30am Up in the HOH room – The house guests gather for the regular live eviction day HOH lock down. Helen congratulates Andy on making it 3 weeks as a havenot. Andy says I look like a havenot too. Judd says I look like a have!


(FYI – The live feed time stamp is messed up again and behind by 21 minutes.)

11:38am The live feeds switch to TRIVAIA..

12:40pm Still TRIVIA..

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Bad news for Kaitlin, the votes will unanimously and it’s not looking good for her.


I thought you were on the train, railroading Aaryn out of the house? What happened?


You guys voted for Kaitlin!!!!!!!!


36% is not reading the blog before voting


Okay, what is 64%?


could you imagine if Aaryn wins HOH and places Howard and Candice on the block, and the MVP vote to place on the block is Helen. two African Americans and an Asian on the block is not what CBS would want with Aaryn winning HOH. Al Sharpton will probably parachute in the BB backyard with Jessie Jackson right behind him.

Mandingo's Love Child A.K.A. Howard

Al Sharpton already has a front row seat to tonight’s show.


” Al Sharpton will probably parachute in the BB backyard with Jessie Jackson right behind him.”



Someone in that house need to tell McCrae and Amanda to GTFO the HOH bed and go sit on the couch, like everyone else does…. I’ve been watching since season 10 ,and I have never seen such disrespect to the HOH.


I agree .. Thumbs up for a powershift!


Agreed.. Anyone HG who will put Amanda and McCrae on the block, on slop, and lock them out of the HOH room gets my support.

Spencer would be good for this job.

Eh Eh Eh

I know! This whole season I have just been thinking “Why is everyone always up there…sleeping and making out!”


Yes, and I do not like Aaryn AT ALL- she is vile, however I felt bad for her that she did not even get ONE night of sleep in her HOH bed because Jeremy and Katilyn were all up in there- THE WHOLE TIME. That is ridiculous. Amanda and McCrae make me vomit.


Split them two up!

STFU Donnie

Hell, I’d settle for somebody other than Amanda/McCrea/Howard/Spencer expressing the wish to win, rather than “just make jury”, and talk about how they can make that happen. The truth for every single person in the house is that every ally is temporary and other than identifying a singular partner, nobody can be trusted and you have to be open to using everybody. Why Judd and Andy are so adamant on closing the door on 2 people who can help them in Howard and Spencer is beyond me. It’s fine to like other people more, but if you can co-opt them, ensuring your own safety and try to cover them so they can take out some of your competition before they leave, that’s absolutely in their interest.

Quite honestly Judd and Andy should want Howard/Spencer to get Amanda/Elissa (and manipulate to make them targets) 1st and only then do they help McCrea/Helen get Howard/Spencer.

Roisin Dubh

Judd, you’re a mumbling idiot. Amanda and her keychain squirted on your bedsheets and you get mad at Helen for treating you like a scapegoat? Jeez, go swallow some more pills dummy. Looks like Howard is getting hip to the” bash Howard for everything game”. Andy being the little turd that he is will overthink it and try to outsmart him but it won’t work this time. Opie’s gonna get caught. Bad week for you red. This upcoming HOH is the biggest one. It’s gonna put the light on everyone. Reactions will be interesting.


Agreed, Andy the dick is everywhere and I cant look at him anymore.
Biggest rat in the house.


Have you guy’s ever noticed when watching
CBS show’s how truly cheesy & melodramatic
the background music is?


I have been saying that for years, Josh! LOL I always point it out to my husband, telling him how it can, at times, change the context of what actually happened. 🙂


Howard, Spencer are going to win HOH tonight, and things could get entertaining when McCrae, and Amanda goes up. House in in desperate need for another shake up.


couldn’t agree with you more…


Yes, I too think Spencer is going to win this HoH.


Its a shame that in a houseful of people only a few will clean up and that not everyone cleans up their own mess!! How hard is it to rinse out or wash out a cup or plate with soap and hot water and put it up?? What else do they have to do all day long? Its pretty ridiculous! I really hope Amanda gets out at some point….I just hate how McCrae is so under her thumb. Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work and for this awesome site! I look at it many times a day and I also have the app on my iphone that I look at when I see its updated. Can’t wait for tonight….I hope Howard or Candice get HOH just to watch some scattering around.


I hope Amanda wins tonight just so she can have a taste of her own medicine. Would love to see her and Helen go at it on who’s more bossy as a backseat HoH.


You mean someone other than the HOH in the HOH bed?


They seriously need to target Amanda next week for sure!


“Aaryn says she read that in the rule book.”

I’m curious to see this “rule book” – because I feel lots of rules were broken this year.


They have a rule book in the house so we only know the basics
You can’t sing
You have to wear your mic on at all times
You can’t talk about Production
You have to go to the Diary room when asked
If your a have not, you can only eat what America chooses and slop and you have to sleep in the have not room and take cold showers
You can’t Physically harm anyone
if you talk about someone who didn’t sign the release form they will go to FOTH (Front of the House. When we don’t get to see something live, they showed the “Front of the House” in BB6, they showed the ” Fish of the House” and in BB7, it was a fireplace and we called it “Fire of the House.”



Do not pluck pubic hair with tweezers on communal beds?


I find it hard to believe that Aaryn has read anything.


JUDD….worst ever HOH.


Why would you vote Aaryn out? You want her sitting next to you in the final two.


I know, right? Aaryn’s the ultimate goat!

BB15 letdown

I am dying to see Amanda and Andy up on the block. That would just be amazing. Throw in McCrea or Helen as the MVP nominee and I would be in heaven. Come on Howard!!! Get that HoH and shake things up.


I’m with you on that one. But I would put Amanda and Mcray and Andy hopefully for MVP so BOTH Amanda and Mcray cannot be saved with POV

Janelle pov queen

I miss janelle in chill town ????Thea’s people suck


Chill Town Yes.. Janellle.. NEVER AGAIN.


I have a feeling Elissa is going to start a lot of crap in the next few weeks.


You think so, I think Elissa should relax a little and then get physical.


YES- I think Elissa’s recent antics were just an appetizer!!!


please tell me thats not who i think it is sleeping in the HOH bed -___-


Amanda will become a country music star. Her first big hit will be…LAYIN IN BED EATIN OTHER FOLKS FOOD


I hope Howard gets HOH just to see of Amanda will sleep up there.


Aaryn will make it to jury at least. It makes sense. It guarantees Aaryn showing up for the live finale night and reunion show. That’s when the ish will hit the fan and the truth will come out as to how she was portrayed on the show and how America views her. Then the whole house (all 16) along with Julie can have a debate on it.
Now if Aaryn leaves before jury and goes home, her family will inform her on what’s going on. If that happens i would be shocked if she shows up for finale night and reunion show. With the big target on the backs of Howard, Amanda and Elissa (Candice as a possible collateral damage), Spencer and Ginamarie should also make it to jury too. That way CBS its all set up for finale night were all 3 (at the same time) will find out how their comments in the house affected their real lives outside the house.
Now if that happens we all know the show is rigged but at the same time i get it. Not mad at CBS for pulling it off. In the end, its all about ratings.


I’ve read that Aaryn’s Mom has hired a PR firm for damage control, I don’t think her people are going to let CBS throw her to the wolves-unfortunately.


A rinky-dink PR firm having sway with CBS? Good luck with that!


If she is stuck in jury house until finale how is a /pr firm going to help.. she will be on a live show there will be no way to stop ppl from cutting her up for the rasict bigot she is… gives alll blonde hair blue eyed girls a very bad rep


They get their stipend(cheques) at the finale. She’ll definitely be there! As to her making the jury I think the numbers suggest she does. Helen the racist douchebag will take little Hitler with her for a few weeks. Howard, Candy and GM or Spencer likely as 3 who go next 3 weeks. though I do think we are due for a double eviction this up coming week.


@Janelle#1Fan: that makes a ton of sense; I didn’t think about that. I was buying into Ms. Chen wanting a piece of her ASAP.


Proba ble F3…Amanda, McDuck, Elissa My fave F3…GM, Aaryn, Jessie

Dog Days

I think that comment qualifies you for minority status.




Hey simon i forgot is it once they get down to the final 9 houseguests, when jury comes into play right? 7 people voting to decide the winner between the final 2.
Having a brain freeze right now! Part of my brain thinking its final 11 houseguests with 9 people voting to decide the winner between the final 2 but i’m thinking that jury is too big with 9 people.


If Andy was on the block with Amanda, I wonder how long before he tells all of his secrets. It will be criminal if Howard, Candice or Elissa go before Aaryn. Can’t seem to pick a favorite this year. Thought maybe Judd but he is turning into a mean girl and what the heck is up with Jessie? I have to wonder if the DR made comments to Elissa about her “alliance” because they really do want Aaryn to go and so Elissa started questioning everything. Judd messed up with his noms. We should have had the privilege of nominating the racist barbie.


Hate watching Andy chew.


Is it bad that I dislike this cast so much, that I’d rather watch CBS’s edit of them than watch the live feeds?

Dr. Will Kirby

probably the worst season of BB ever, actually certainly. the MVP twist was an absolutely terrible idea, absurd concept and ruined the game along with the worst cast ever. It’s going to end up something like Jessie and Andy sitting in final 2 with no good arguement for winning.

Dog Days

More than the twist, I hate CBS putting former players or their relatives back on BB or over to Amazing Race and Survivor. Want all new cast each time.


Absolutely! MVP may have been a somewhat ok idea with a completely fresh cast. MVP was a terrible idea when you factor in Elissa. No more family members or repeats. It has never turned out well for any of these shows.


Agree….MVP is the worst idea ever…….America nominating a 3rth nominee is not bad……but giving the MVP-HOH to the same player every week is really bad


Spencer as HoH will be entertaining.

Shoot me in the head if Candace wins though.


Why would Howard and Spencer target Amanda if they win HOH while Aaryn is still in the house? I hope Elissa and Helen win the first ever joint HOH tonight and Aaryn falls down the incline where the points are collected and dies. All the HGs can then take a big steaming piss on their body before they light it on fire as Julie Chen laughs hysterically. The rest of the HGs then decide to forteit the game as Helissa alliance is too strong. They split the winnings and are declared best BB players of all time.

oakland mcnuggets

I would have to say there is a distinct possibility all of that happening

production rigged it

because they’re tired of Amanda running the house trying to tell everybody what to do, plus Howard knows that she wants him out.


I have a feeling no matter who wins HOH this week the next week is gonna be entertaining. These people are too paranoid to stay aligned for long. Everyone seems to either be on Howards or Amandas side, im secretly hoping they both make it to final two, that would be really interesting.


“Amanda wanted to sleep in hoh last night”. Sure why not seeing she has used hoh 75 percent of the time. She uses the bed, bathrobe, eats the food, showers etc. She even uses the hoh room to do her scheming. Yep sounds like she is hoh to me. Please someone put up Amanda and MC. Judd,s hoh has been the worst hoh yet


Dont forget the Birthday sex that the HOH livefeeds were down all night


I like GM’s game now. She knows she’s doomed, so she’s just gonna eat as many slopballs as she wants,and fart all over these dummies. Of course,tha t makes Spencer want to keep her around.


Thanks Dawg!


The biggest mistake Howard did was to algn himself with Judd and Andy who are all working with Amanda and want him out. He thinks he can trust em but they will hear all his plans and tell Amanda who can then scheme even more. If Howard or Candace or even spencer win hoh I hope they don’t listen to Judd and Andy lie to them to try to save Amanda and put up aaryn or Elissa. Howard needs to put up McRae and Amanda and win pic to guarantee Amanda goes home. I don’t trust Judd one bit. He was the one who lied about Kaitlin saying Helen’s name to get Kaitlin out to protect Amanda. I hope Julie says the MVP was America tonite and says the MVP twist is over so we can now have a fair game


I said i wouldn’t flip-floppy again from my latest fave of Judd, but man, he’s making it hard. I’m as bad as any of these HGs. I may return to favouring Howard, who was my first choice in the beginning.


I hope next week is a double eviction and Amanda and McCrae are both sent packing.


Howard has played one of the worst games by far in my opinion. Andy and Spencer are running a close second. All the boys need to go so we can see an almost all female jury/finale. Aaryn GM and Godzilla can call themselves the ‘Koot Klux Klan’ xD


so funny how we keep watching this shit even though 70% of us don’t jave a fav house guest, or even like anyone in this house!

wish I could help cast next season’s houseguests.


i think that it will be an athletic competition tonight, one that requires endurance, so i really doubt Spencer is going to win.
I think one of the girls is going to get it tonight, or McCrae.
It would be terrible if Aaryn doesn’t go home and then wins, but I think Elissa is going to be tying her absolute hardest to win, and she may have an advantage.

If Elissa does win HOH, she will probably put up Andy, Amanda and McCrae; shes one of the few houseguests that aren’t afraid of making big moves, because regardless, she has a huge target on her back.

If she does win i will not be able to listen to her read a letter, and would feel bad for all the house guests who have to o to her room and be excited. However, this could finally stop Amanda and McCrae from sleeping in the HOH bed at last


ou thanks for the tid-bit!

who do you think is going to get HOH tonight?


if amanda wins hoh will bossy hellen tell her to nominate etc… its what the house wants .. do these house guest put pressure on amanda or does she do her own thing my guess she does her own thing ….. howard and candice or howard and elissa she will nominate … this cast is a bunch of spinless bitches


I really hope that Candice wins HOH just so Amanda and Mcc can get out the HOH room.


Yeah I dont believe Candice would put up w/ any of Amanda’s Crap and they would deff not be laying up in the HOH bed


Is their a mole in the house?


Judd and Andy are both Rats and need to sleep w/ the fishes lol (they are the 2 butt kissing moles but I think when the power shifts they will use their rat skills for the other side)


Just my opinion, but I think it’s so funny how no one is making fun of Andy’s Color Orange, you know, that little duck needs to be taught how to eat, especially in public. I mean, what a slob.

Amanda got what she deserved, crying in the bathroom because she realized she was the FAT PIG, that she labeled Candice with a week ago. I was in shock that she would wear a bathing suit at all, but we all know why she has to wear a one piece! We also know she laid her way into high dollar real estate by sleeping with a broker or two.

And, the only reason McCrae won the first HOH was because his spider like skinny ass legs were rapped around that pole at least twice! Now, someone needs to feed that boy some food. When he is sitting in a chair with his legs folded hanging over the side, etc., and playing with a single strand of his hair, wearing that ‘girlie’ looking bandanna, makes me wonder what he is really delivering in his pizza.

Howard, you need to step up now, and take over! Thanks Elissa for putting each one of these jerks in their place, & playing a great game……America loves you, we are watching you spin their web & send them scrambling….We Love It.


Hey simon, where are my posts? I keep posting them, I don’t see them?? Help


I see two comments from your IP on the system both on this post and both are live. You may need to wait a bit before the cache refreshes.

Was there more?


I can’t stand Andy, he is always creeping around, listening to everyone’s conversations, throwing in his 2 cents and is completely annoying as hell. This entire cast is ridiculous, everyone is worried who is making deals, duh, isn’t that what you are suppose to do in this game. Amanda, I just can’t stand listening to her anymore, watching her lay in the HOH bed constantly with McCrae. They both are disgusting. They seem to take over every HOH. I would’t let them lay all up in my bed. Amanda’s hair was so greasy last night and she is laying her smelly cooch all over Judd’s sheets. By the way, Why is everyone taking orders from her? and McCrae? Who the hell made her judge and jury in that house?