Spencer says Andy is a handsome man, I can see why a lot of dudes would want to b@ng you!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin,
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


2pm In the lounge room – Andy is talking to Kaitlin about how they wonder if tomorrow will be a double eviction. Andy says it’s crazy how its day 35 and only 3 people are gone. Andy tells her that Judd put Vaseline in my hair today. Kaitlin says what an a$$hole!

They head out to the backyard. Spencer and Jessie are sitting on the couch. Spencer says that she looks sexy in her hat. I normally don’t like girls wearing hats but you look good. Jessie says thank you. Aaryn, Kaitlin, Amanda, Gina, Helen, Judd, Candice and McCrae are in the pool and sun tanning around it. Elissa is running laps around the backyard. They are talking about the possibility of a double eviction. Meanwhile Howard is working out and Elissa starts doing her yoga. Amanda suggests the next time we get alcohol us girls get it all and we have a bachelorette party. Judd says hell no because I know I will be a Havenot and I want to drink a beer before that. Big Brother tells the house guests they are on an indoor lock down.



2:30pm All the house guests head inside the house. Spencer and Jessie head up to the HOH room. Spencer says that he could never work in corporate America. He says that he has hit the pinnacle of the work force he’s in. Andy joins them. Spencer says Andy is a handsome man, I can see why a lot of dudes would want to bang you! Meanwhile in the downstairs bedroom – McCrae, Judd, Amanda and Elissa talk about people doing it in the big brother house. Amanda says that she isn’t going to do it because it will be on the internet forever. They start talking about the changes in the house this week, getting the beach balls, ducks and picture frames. Elissa asks do you guys still want Kaitlin out? McCrae says yeah. Amanda brings up how Candice is throwing her name under the bus. They talk about the house guests that have cried. McCrae says that he think he will if he gets a HOH letter. Judd says he never cries – the only emotion he shows is anger.
CBS Interactive Inc.

2:40pm – 3pm Gina is curled up in the bed with Nicks hat over her face. She says she doesn’t feel like talking. Aaryn says she isn’t until tomorrow. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Andy tells them about his wet dream. Spencer asks him if he cares to share. Andy says no I don’t remember it. Spencer talks about his first wet dream. They discuss how Kaitlin has been kicking Aaryn’s a$$ in competitions. Jessie says that Aaryn is social dynamite though. Spencer jokes lets just vote out Ginamarie then. Andy says tonight is going to be boring unless there is a fight. Andy crosses his fingers. Andy says I can’t wait till I am on the block, I am going to have freak out. Jessie says well Andy said he can’t wait lets put him up. Andy takes it back. Spencer comments that they should just let the girls drink all the alcohol to see what happens.
3:05pm In the lounge room – Candice and Howard are talking alone. Candice tells him about how she had a conversation with Amanda. She tells him about how her and Amanda both agreed not to fu*k with each other until after Jury.

3:20pm Up in the HOH – Helen, Spencer, Jessie, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Andy, Amanda and Judd are talking. Helen says that she talked to production and they said we would be let back out into the backyard in a couple hours. They wonder if they will have another memory competition with something in the backyard. Judd has a blazer on and shorts. Kaitlin asks him if he can wear that all day long. Judd says of course, it’s Spring Break! Amanda says party on the top, Spring Break on the bottom. Judd heads down stairs. Meanwhile in the bedroom. Elissa and Amanda are talking about Candice.



3:25pm – 3:35pm Amanda and McCrae are in the bedroom talking. Amanda says that she told them in the diary room that we are in love. McCrae says that he doesn’t say that, he says we are in a strategic alliance. Amanda says well now I look like an idiot. McCrae brings up how she flipped out on him the last time he said something in there. Amanda says that was before we said we were in love. Amanda says well I look like an idiot I came in here with a boyfriend met you and fell in love..
CBS Interactive Inc.


3:35pm Andy joins McCrae and Amanda. Amanda tells Andy about her truce that she made with Candice about not going after each other until after jury. Below is Amanda’s facial expression when she tells Andy that she isn’t going to keep the truce. Amanda and Andy talk about how they woud rather keep Aaryn here over Elissa. The discuss how big brother is building something in the backyard but that Candice says she was told they would be let back out there. They wonder if they will get to practice something for the upcoming HOH competition.

3:50pm – 4:10pm In the bedroom – Amanda, McCrae and Elissa are talking. Elissa is worried that she will go up on the block. McCrae says that she won’t he is more worried about Amanda going up. Elissa says she thinks Aaryn will put her up. McCrae and Amanda assure her that Aaryn won’t put her up. Judd joins them. Amanda comments that Judd’s shirt is a little tight. Judd tells them that its Nicks shirt. Judd starts stretching it out. Judd leaves. Amanda tells Elissa I have a plan if they (Howard, Spencer, Candice) get HOH that will keep, you, me, McCrae, Andy and Judd safe where they will nominate Aaryn. Amanda says then we will get MVP and decide who goes. Elissa says maybe America was MVP and they just saw my name and voted. Amanda wonders why she is always the target. She says I am the Yoko Ono of the Moving Company, I split it up, and they think I control McCrae. Amanda tells Elissa that she never should have confronted Kaitlin because you aren`t aligned with her so she had no reason to be honest with you. Amanda says tells Elissa that she put Judd in a bad position because he was the one that told Helen. Elissa continues to say that she didn’t compromise their alliance.


4:20pm Up in the HOH room – Spencer, Andy, Gina, Judd, Kaitlin, Helen, and Aaryn are talking and joking around. Judd puts conditioner in Andy’s hair. (Earlier today Judd put Vaseline in his hair.) Spencer says that he asked his brother in a restaurant if he masturbated. He says his dad told him to go get in the car. Andy says that he was at his grandmas and she didn’t want to play with him because she was tired. Andy says that he told him grandma to get off her a$$ and play with him.


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If Elissa wins HOH this week, the game is rigged…


#1 she is probably going to win
#2 we’ve established the game is rigged- anyone who doubts it for a second is blind. LOL remember season 12? Brendon brought back, pandoras box to save Rachel and Jordan, production making Shelly vote for Rachel?


EXACTLY!! It’s part of the show/game

Teri B


Aaryns raspy whisper

im winning the battle with elissa, and im staying in this game bitches!


Then don’t watch and quit bitchin and moanin.


Then don’t watch and quit bitchin and moanin.

She Sais What

Relax Fans – BB has always been rigged – many have accepted this – the trick is to understand how CBS has portrayed HG via network broadcast – that usually helps to guess what is coming next – and if we’re fans of the show – do we really care? Calling AG out on production interference is half the fun.

Desperate Jessie even turned down spencer

Well since all the woman turned spencer down, he is trying to have showmance with Andy.


Bet his ass tastes like butterscotch


in the gay bear community, spencer is a hot prize. go andy!!!

Seems like Spencer is ready to “back door” Andy!!


I bet andy’s a power bottom.


maybe, but I am! 😉


there is no way amanda will leave candace alone and actually buy into the truce. she’s too much of a lying, talk behind your back kinda mean girl


Actually Amanda last night confronted Candace on the hammock about her stirring up the Elissa meltdown. Candace was trying to pin it on her which is really not true. Candace lied and made and basically coward down to Amanda in front of everybody in the backyard. Amanda will lie behind your back but she will also back it up in front of your face. That I respect in this game. Amanda makes gameplay moves while Candace makes personal vendetta moves.

we all want Amanda nominated so she goes apesh!t

candace: “i want to see amanda nominated and then go skitzo”

why is amanda so arrogant and entitled that she spends more time in judds hoh bed than judd does, and she wears the hoh robe? have any of them asked her about this arrogance?

amanda clearly got burned by howard when he rejected and embarassed amanda and she is fuming about it wanting revenge

dealing with amandas disrespectful and annoying crap and relentless talk about howard…

the scenario reminds me of robert de niro finally snapping on bridget fonda in the movie jackie brown when she is giving him a hard time not being able to remember where he parked the car and making fun of him

amanda is the overly annoying bitchy bridget fonda and howard is quiet de niro trying to stay calm but about to explode

there needs to be someone in there to knock her down a peg because she is just so entitled and arrogant

they need to say this to amanda (in relation to the constant howard bashing): “hey…dont say anything else ok? keep your mouth shut…i mean it…dont say one f-ck!n word ok!”

the 25k for americas favourite player should go to the first person who either puts amanda on the block, or tells her to shut the f-ck up…and an extra 25k to the hoh that gets her evicted…75k to the hoh that bans her from the hoh room, puts her on slop, nominates her and has her evicted


I don’t think it went down exactly the way you think it did.

Zingbot Fan

I didn’t actually read your post but I did give you a thumbs up just because your screen name is awesome!


Love that movie Jackie Brown! Now if only firearms were permitted in the BBhouse we might have a show this year! Bad joke, but love your comment. Amanda needs a WWF smackdown and maybe she will get one soon. Can’t wait until she realizes her game is not on point.


She was not rejected by Howard. Do you just make up things. We all watch this stuff, you can’t just make up stuff and expect us to believe it. Why would she want Howard anyway? He does have nice muscles but he is creepy. The first time I saw Howard was on another reality show “Tough Love” and he was really creepy on that show. He was talking about what a player he was and that women called him the King. Howard is a wannabe model and actor and I strongly suspect that the religious thing is an act. I bought it at first until I remembered seeing him on the other reality show and remembered how he behaved during that show. He is trying to pull a “DAN” but he is nowhere near as good of a player as Dan.


Spencer jokes to Amanda about Hitler,”next time we are in the bathroom I’m going to say Come here Amanda, I have a shower for you”

This guy is truly the most vile of them all.


Oh I think he was just kidding & didn’t mean it. I kinda like Spencer and his game

Spencer Racist Misogynist Antisemitic Pig

He’s just kidding about gassing a Jewish person? That’s what you consider funny?


Why is that about hitler. The perverted mind Spencer has I have no doubt he is talking about a golden shower. Don’t assume sh**.


Jews in concentration camps were told that gas chambers were showers to prevent panic.


Why are there thumbs down for this comment? This is a factual statement!


Amanda is going to run with that comment and use it in all her fantasies from here on out. But don’t knock a golden shower or facial til you’ve tried one! Maybe not from Spencer…boy he’s getting worked up in that house to go after Amanda!


Spencer is a big time creep. If he does actually have a GF outside the house I will be shocked if she stays with him with the comments he makes. The guy has some issues when it comes to sex.



I am willing to bet my life she ain’t waiting up for him.


I am already liking McCrae a little better.


Some girls like perverts when dating them, vanilla sex is okay but every now and again…I think where he’s going wrong is he should be saving his naughty pervy behavior for his girl, not his disinterested roommates. Maybe if Andy gets HOH we might see some Spencer/Andy action! Yikes…


Next week may turn out to be a powershift week like Gary Glitter did to Tom and Liza.


Would love to see a TotalPowerExchange scene in the BBhouse… who am I tying up?


BB needs to put salt peter in Spencers food…now…


Arsenic is tasteless, odorless and kills slowly.

Dr Phil

You sound like spurned woman.


LOL. Glad to say I’m really not.


Candace also said that if she wins HOH she’d put up Amanda and Mccrae because they’d do the same to her and Howard. Don’t be fooled


Marilyn is Spencer’s right hand




Aryan’s Mom sounds like a drunken s**t. I guess the peroxide doesn’t fall far from the shelf. I hope Aryan stays she spices things up.

Howard is Mandingo's long lost brother.

Spencer is a virgin.


Andy is the WORST gay player in the history of BB! All he does all day is gossip and tell other peoples secrets…


That’s not true at all. Marcellus and Lawon take the cake when it comes to the worse gay players in BB history! Andy makes me laugh when he rolls in on every conversation and breaks it up and just walks right back out LOL.

Howard is Mandingo's long lost brother.

So Amanda has a boyfriend outside of the house and hops into bed with the first person in power? Now she says she’s in love?


Girls got to do what a Girls got to do… for 500K I might jump into a situation too! Plus maybe there’s a free pizza in it for her at the end. Off subject, loved her vomiting in the sink! Waste of good Adderoll though!




Is this week’s HoH gonna be endurance? I think it’s time for another one.

Zingbot Fan

Not endurance. It is questions about Rachel and Brendon.


Ha! good one!


It’s a tv show. Production can do whatever they like, get over it and take it for what it is.

Janelle pov queen

Elissa playing both sides


If Candice or Howard wins HoH, Amanda will go upstairs and explain why Howard should go home.


ROFL LMAO!!!! Bravo to you!!!


She will also have a few new ideas on how to backdoor Candice! ha, ha, you are funny


Gay or straight, Spencer would still be lying about having a girlfriend.

Judd's granny

MIA can we have a showmance? I’m old, but I can get adderal and atavan.


If you don’t hear back from Mia, I’m available…


Spencer is a disgusting human being at little a perverted freak all he cares to talk about is masturbation and pussy and it’s just gross.


spencer is hilarious, if any of you on here are older than 16 and are straight you would know that guys talk about how sexy the girls they see are and talk about sex and shit.


Spencer is completely gross, he wants to see the girls have all the alcohol you know if america wasnt watching he would do something against their will….He make my skin crawl….


Huge difference between being a little bit of a perv and being a pig. He has talked about women in a completely disrespectful way. I have a 17 year old son and he has a dirty mind and sense of humor, but he FULLY understands the boundary of being disrespectful to women or about women or anyone else for that matter. Anyone who doesn’t needs to be reparented!


I’m well over 16 and I will say that guys in my age range have much more class than Spencer! There is a huge difference between saying that a woman is sexy and saying the garbage he does. My sons are over 16 and they have the class to respect women and not talk about them like that.


I just love how offended Amanda was when she has talked so much shit behind Candice’s back since DAY 1


Spencer is such a disgusting pervert. Screw this incessant desire to get rid of Howard. Get rid of Spencer instead!


Spencer is such a disgusting pervert. Screw this incessant desire to get rid of Howard. Get rid of Spencer instead!


Hopefully, if Elissa win HoH she has to put up Spencer & Howard on the chopping block.


Correct me if im wrong but as it stands the two sides are

Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd, Jessie, Helen, Elissa, and Aaryn


Howard, Candice, Spencer, Gina Marie, and Kaitlin.

And Kaitlin is the one going home most likely tomorrow right?


After last night I think Elissa’s floating on a sinking raft, Aaryn’s trying to figure out whether her hair is still pretty,and Amanda’s trying to Backdoor Howard again.


Elissa’s the one on t.v. coming off as self-absorbed. She is not a natural at all. Amanda plays much better on t.v. than she does on the feeds.


Amanda is getting a good edit.


Well the list looks about right for TODAY. The question is who, if anyone are flippers? Howie, Candy or Spencer need HOH for starters or likely Howard goes home next. They need no floaters but 2 Friends going up. Lets say McManda are the 2 for now. MVP is Ellissa and here lies the rub. No one flips and Ellisa can nom any of the non HOH 3 and they go next week. So they need to flip 2 votes or Ellisa to get a Friend out. The number crunching after next week for Howards side gets much worse. If they don’t split off a Friend next the only question becomes which of Howard, Candy, Spencer or GM makes Jury. I like GM’s chances at the moment.

So what 2 could split off? Make the vote 4-4 and HOH break a tie? Maybe, Judd and Andy but really only Hellen could decide to turn on McManda reliably and have it work. It sure doesn’t look good for any of these 4. Please note this also means RACIST Arryn can make jury pretty easily which is disgusting IMO.

Todays F3… Judd, Amanda and either Jessie or Arryn. Amanda is on gut feeling she’ll turn on Helen before Helen pulls the trigger. Likely Helen and Amanda decide to evict Ellisa and then Amand working with Judd(new MVP) to get Helen out. McCrae becomes a casualty when Amanda throws him under the bus to save herself. Jessie and Arryn as the F2 dejour as anyone beats them. Andy the redhead rat has an F3 shot in place of Amanda or Judd but he’s the sort that will get caught voting “the wrong way”. eventually.


Talk turns to the first bad word they ever said to their parents. Spencer said his was dildo.

I wonder what his mother thought of that.


Spencer seems to have forgotten about the 24/7 camera situation! He needs to get a room and work some things out. His filter on his brain/mouth seems to be in need of a repair.


Poor Marilyn. Real or not.


Hey McCrae, keep Aaryn because she will come after you.

People fighting the Ethical Treatment of Aaryn

Shhhhhh. Don’t let him know that…..


If he keeps Aaryn, that would be biggest mistake.

People fighting the Ethical Treatment of Aaryn

I know. Cannot wait.


After watching the feeds last night/this morning it finally occurred to me that the reason that Howard keeps getting called to the diary room is that he talks in so many circles it takes all those DR sessions to get a 30 sec sound bite that barely makes sense. Talking appears to be a shell game for him. 🙂

It was so funny that Amanda had to ask him if he even knew what an alliance is. I had to agree he must not know since his answer was basically I don’t have to protect my alliance members unless they’re on the block. Umm – noooo!! ROFL!!

Anyone else find it a little hard to watch the edited show. Watching her reaction – I think production told her ahead of time…


AMANDA admits that she fell in love with McCrae? He also said it back that he LOVES her! but she is mad because he didn’t say it to DR like she did. I think he is playing her and she wants to settle down with him when they are done! lol He just wants to deliver pizza’s and be a bum! lol

Jessie's butterscotch vag

Amanda wants more tv time,,, she is afraid Howard is telling the truth and they are playing up H/C showmance more than hers, so she had to raise the stakes. She wants to turn this into a career. NO MATTER WHAT!


After that immaculate editing Grodner gave Amanda, those rumors are looking even more true. I mean my goodness, could it get any more perfect? If I only watched the CBS edit, I’d be in love with Amanda too. Oh, and they’re working. People who loved Elissa now hate her and those that love Amanda love her even more. Never mind the fact that she later proceeded to call Candice a fat and ugly bitch who she wanted to kill, right? Amanda’s not going anywhere as they have geared her up to be a fan favorite. People thought Elissa was getting that title? Absolutely not.


cbs golden edits for amanda…

favouritism: the practice of giving special treatment to a person or group


Now I know WHY the houseguests said the veto comp was rigged for Ellisa. PRODUCTION must have told her to only go along the her side of the mud pit to pick the ballots! It just figured that she had all the higher numbers ESPECIALLY the 20! BS If I was HG I would of been screaming about that comp and how unfair it was!! But since Judd screwed up PRODUCTION by putting up Kaitlin instead of Howard or Spencer. They had NO choice but make sure Elisa was SAFE!! What is so bad is she sucks as acting so surprised when she told PRODUCTION she wanted to leave they informed her she would WIN and be off the block!!! Too bad PRODUCTION has to interfere SO MUCH in this game! but it is a TV show first unfortunately!!!


I’ve been criticizing Amanda for the past few feeds, so I’m no blind Amanda fan. I’m leaning more towards Howard now. I know Elissa fans love Elissa to death. But on t.v., it’s clear she had a lot of work done, and none of her words come off as sincere. Her face looks like a plastic doll, Better hope that the people voting also watch the feeds and not just the show. Well, minus Elissa’s melt down last night.


You sound like a hater and very judgmental. Elissa looks attractive. Are you Aaryn’s mother? You sound like you have a grudge.


Ellisa’s “meltdown” will appeal to a lot of her fans. Make no mistake Friends are already targeting Ellisa in the future including Helen. The Ellisa army will not have any loyalty to Friends Alliance as they can see the long range backstabbing coming. Ellisa’s strength going forward lies in continued confrontation and backbone and MVP .


i am hating ppl trning on amanda i wanted kaitlyn to win the game but now im hoping she goes home followed by spencer elissa & candice.


What the hell’s up with Judd?? Putting $hit in Andy’s hair?? Lol. I think it’s hilarious;)


Yeah and what’s with snotty girls always having that turned up nose? What’s the deal with that?


Dude the game ain’t rigged Shelly and Adam coulda voted for Porsche maybe production gives hints but in the end production or the jury doesn’t pick. RACHEL won fair n square. Elissa is digging her grave. She won’t win!!!

Boogie Man

Expect the unexpected! Am now waiting for prev Spencer’s closet door to burst off the hinges! Sounds like he has a crush on Andy.