Big Brother Spoilers Gina keeps eating all Jessie’s slop balls “I want to beat her up”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


4:28pm Elissa, McCrae and Amanda Bedroom
Talking about endurance competition. Elissa asks them if there is any pointers. McCrae goes over a couple tactics. Talks about last year’s Boat endurance comp and how positioning your body is important.

McCrae to AManda: “You’re in danger next week.. I feel like I am in Danger.. we need to win it”

They are in lockdown and are trying to figure out why. McCrea says he’s going to assume that it’s a major endurance competition until the doors to the backyard open up and there is a crapshoot competition for them to practice.

McCrea thinks there are too many people in the house to do a crapshoot.

Amanda says that both of them are in trouble if it’s a spinning competition. Amanda doesn’t plan on taking her Adderall before the HOH competition. McCrea says he’ll puke all over himself and hopefully the smell will get other people to drop.

A bunch more houseguests join them in the bedroom. Just random chit chat as they wait for the lockdown to be over.

Amanda talking about one of her girlfriends that pees the bed “Every Time she gets drunk she pees the bed”

Andy Says he came home one night wasted and was facebooking and peed all over his computer chair.

Amanda one ups him. “My ex had this friend that would get drunk and sh!t.. he was notorious for it” She shares a story about this friend that came to her house wasted sat on the patio chair that had holes on the seat and sh!t through the holes like playdough.
Spencer says he doesn’t like the little person (Peter Dinklage) on Game of Thrones. (Spencer should be instant evicted for that 😉 )
Amanda thinks he’s sexy. McCrae says in the Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister is the coolest.


5:10pm Kitchen Ginamarie, Kaitlin and Aaryn
Aaryn is making cookies, GM is eating and Kaitlin is hanging out
GM says they are outcasts, “Everyone hates the pretty ones”
Kaitlin cannot understand why America likes Elissa so much she’s such a vile person.
Aaryn thinks that America doesn’t like Elissa that is why she went up this week.
Kaitlin doesn’t think so because GM was put up
Gm says her diary rooms are funny as sh!t she’s like Enzo America likes her.
Aaryn says if it’s double eviction it’ll be Kaitlin and her going home
Kaitlin doesn’t care anymore “good I already have my sh!t packed”
Aaryn: “Yeah, I don’t want someone else packing my stuff”
Kaitlin: “regardless if I don’t go home this week it’ll be a constant battle” Kaitlin thinks she’ll end up going up every week at this point she doesn’t care anymore.

They agree that Elissa thinks she is better than everyone in the house that is why she acts the way. The belief is she because she’s so wealthy compared to the other players she looks down on them all.

Kaitlin: “I grew up just as wealthy as she is now.. I have everything I ever wanted my whole life .. my father was a CEO of a company .. does not make me below her in anyway”
Aaryn: ‘Me to”
Kaitlin and Aaryn say they hope Helen wins Big Brother 15 if them three all get knocked out of the game.

CBS Interactive Inc.


5:34pm Bathroom Candice, Kaitlin and Andy

Talking about how America is probably getting bored of the MVP going to the same person every week. Candice says if she was a viewer she would start getting sick of seeing the same person winning. Andy and Kaitlin agree. Candice goes to take a nap, they both tell her “Goodnight”

Kaitlin and Andy start talking about how is it possible that Elissa wins so many MVP’s . Andy says for every person that likes rachel there are 2-3 people that hate her. He thinks the other votes are diluted among some of the other favorites in the house.

Andy explains that the brenchel army voted Aaryn to be on the block because they didn’t know she was going to be nominated that left the remaining votes to got on Elissa. Kaitlin wonders why Ginamarie was nominated as the replacement then.

Kaitlin: “Elissa was so rude to me in the kitchen.,. I asked her a question she just looked at me and walked away.. in front of everybody.. like what have i done to you”
Kaitlin asks him where everyone’s head is at.
Andy: “I haven’t heard one speck of game talk today.. everyone has been in close quarters”
Kaitlin says that Helen promised her safety last week and if she ends up voting to evict Kaitlin she was wrong about Helen being a honest person.
Kailtin: “Amanda is very much against me and I don’t understand why”
Andy: “A lot happened yesterday and I don’t know why” Andy hopes that the backyard gets opened up soon so people can talk.
K: ‘I’m going to pull Helen aside and ask her”
Kaitin says that Aaryn has a deal with McCrae and Amanda. Helen would be better off keeping Kaitlin around. Andy says he feel much more comfortable with Kaitlin in the house than Aaryn.

Kaitlin: ‘Aaryn and Elissa will never work together.. I’ll work with you and Helen I won’t be targeting Elissa like Aaryn“
Andy: “I don’t really give a sh!t about Elissa… like yesterday her behaviour was so weird”
K: ‘She’s been acting weird all week”
Andy says Helen voting to keep Aaryn doesn’t make sense to him.
Kaitlin says she feels like Aaryn is going to end up staying this week.
Andy doesn’t think so but he plans on talking to people tonight to figure it out.


5:52pm JUDD and Jessie
Jessie whispering I think she’s talking about Ginamarie eating all the slop balls. She’s pissed because GM isn’t even on slop why doesn’t see just eat a pizza or something.
Jessie giggles: “I want to beat her up.. should I beat her up”
JUDD: “No”
JUDD tells her to talk to GM and say that the slop balls take a long time to make. Jessie says they’ve done that already you would think she would stop. Jessie told Amanda and she wants them to start something about it so that Amanda isn’t the last person to yell in the house.

Jessie kisses JUDD on the shoulder and he kisses her on the cheek. (Jessie has a smile on her face finally she has the showmance she always wanted)
Jessie goes to the chess board where Helen and Elissa are playing. She tells them about the slop balls being eaten. Helen offers to make more. Jerssie just cannot understand why she’s doing that when GM can go eat whatever she wants.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


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GM eating the slop balls is a sign, Aaryn and GM needs to be on slop this week…


Absolutely! GM should for sure be a havenot next week. And is that not the loveliest picture of Jessie? She is a beauty.


Jess is so gorgeous

the 2 pics above are great…

the Judd/Jess embrace and Jess smiling

i like how Jess smiles with her eyes

they seem really at ease and comfortable together


Big brother fans…answer a burning question for me. For some reason I think at every POV ceremony the POV winner does it wrong by keeping the chain around their neck at the end..aren’t they supposed to put it back in the box and then close it? Why would the ceremony end with them still having the “power of veto” around their neck?? Its driving me CRAZY!!!!


If they decide not to use the Power of Veto it goes back into the box and is closed.

Ian fan 111

they only put it back in the box when its not used


Yes, usually they put the POV chain back in the box at the end of the ceremony. Its just doesnt seem right now when they slam the empty box shut as the dramatic music plays. Lol


Exactly it seems really weird! Thanks for the responses guys 🙂


Booooo, no way! Howard is a loser. Always making excuses why he “throws” comps.


He sure did get a great edit on tonight’s show. I guess all those DR visits allowed BB to come up with enough to make him look good. They made Elissa look like the Queen B*tch.

STFU Donnie

Find me one instance of Howard being mean or unkind to anybody. Find me one where he’s personally shredding somebody behind their back. Hell, just find me a clip where Howard is impolite.

And because this is important: Nobody makes Ellisa look like Queen B***h…she’s done that all by herself.

Big Sister

Just want to remind everyone to read carefully what they are voting on. Rally with me to vote Amanda up on the block if MVP is following the same format as last week! Her reign of terror (Does she ever shut up about Howard??) needs to end!! I would LOVE to see her face if Howard gets HOH!!!

The Bark Bark

Elissa has gone from power mad, to paranoid, to just plain crazy now. She has absolutely ZERO game without the MVP, and even with production AND Rachel’s fans help, she has managed to ruin the one positive thing she had going, and that was her relationship with Helen. (Helen is slowly turning into the biggest liar and manipulator in the house, and it’s no surprise she’s at the front of the rat line that’s jumping from Elissa’s ship). Big sister, if you ARE Rachel, you’re lame for trolling these boards for votes for your sister. If you are NOT Rachel, then you are just as delusional as Elissa if you think she got nominated because big brother fans are idiots who can’t read or understand CBS fancy interwebs site. BB fans are NOT stupid, and I know this is unthinkable but you need to accept reality, and the reality is not everyone likes Elissa, or even Rachel for that matter. Elissa has NO chance to win this game, and is only causing its integrity to be questioned every time something appears like a shady move by production to save her. It wasn’t an edit…I’ve been reading these feeds every day for years now, and I assure you, Elissa has done the most off the wall, crazy, and sometimes just straight up mean, things in the house this week. She needs to go home now.


simon why are you always on the wrong side of things on the bb house?


Dude……why would anyone voluntarily eat all the slop? GM makes absolutely no sense…..


I am convinced GM has some sort of eating disorder.


GM already said she had (has) an eating disorder, and she used to be heavy, as a child. Looks like she does a lot of binge eating.


I think Jesse would make a great candidate for Bachelorette.


I am now convinced you are watching this show for the latest fashion and romance. This is why guy’s mostly win BB. To many of the female players would be like Mia and would be wanting a showmance. While the guys just want the half million dollars and would do anything for it.


I am a female and the showmances drive me nuts. I preferred when this was not a game move.


And you would be completely wrong.


I didn’t read where Mia said she wanted a showmance. Why do feel the need to comment something like that unless you’re one of those men that would be on there & be a Spencer, single til you realize no one wants anything to do with you then you come up with a girlfriend, MaryHand…maybe you’re a Jeremy, always wanting to say something smart to a woman cause you don’t have the guts to say something to a man, except asshat wasn’t hiding behind a keyboard. I’ve been noticing a lot of uncalled smarta$$ remarks after people comments on here for no reason whatsoever & I’m getting sick of it & I’ve also noticed I’m not the only one. You could have made that comment without directing at someone personally… You’re also trying to hide behind a lot of different names which says to me you’re a just a coward that gets off being a troll…Get over yourself.


I so agree with you, Pearl! If people don’t like what they read, then move on! So what! Why do a few of you have to be so mean to people? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t usually do the chats or comments, but I love to read the updates and comments. I found myself jumping into a chat on the feeds when I noticed how a gaggle of women began to jump on another chatter, for no reason. I know, without a doubt, that those same people would never have the nerve to confront people face-to-face, just like most the nasty commentators here would never say the things to people that they write here. If you don’t like what someone else writes, then thumb it down and move along.

Say What

You reference a gaggle of women. How many women would that be? I am assuming that you meant that in a very negative way. Interesting, especially since you have posted numerous times how insensitive house guests were towards Candice, and how she is a victim. So you like to throw stones in your comment, but when one comes back your way. You holler racism.


The ignorant fiend probably believes slop is weight loss food, or something, lol

Howard's Biceps

Damn right Simon! Howard for HOH and MVP all day!!


Candice needs to get a backbone. Howard always interupts her when she’s talking. The way he speaks to her is disrespectful. She is an intelligent and strong women and doesn’t need someone like Howard bossing her around .I have never seen a houseguests that creeps me out so much. Also he needs to stop professing his strong faith when his actions speak louder than his words.


Lmao Elissa was thrown to the wolves. Amanda definitely got the golden edit. Encrusted with diamonds in fact.


Hard to say. It seemed to be an Elissa and Amanda night on BB Tv


West Coast here, not getting to watch the show for a few more hrs… but I would guess they are taking it easier on Aaryn. She does not deserve it though!


Candice got a pretty good edit and Amanda looked like the hero in her dominatrix fight with Elissa, I was suprised but Elissa was def portrayed honestly


Amanda and that totally ticked me off .. I walked away from the TV… they (production) as far as I am concern said you viewers are idiots.. she is such a nice person … I am disgusted with that showing.

She Said What



Howard by far.


Amanda (Elissa is one of the mean girls now), Helen (she’s the brain that figured out America has MVP. Sorry Andy, you’ve been scooped,), Howard (he’s providing hope to the hopeless).
Hands down, Elissa had the worst edit…or the most honest.


Amanda, of course! Ticked me off! Boo-Hoo! Woe is me.. ::Singing::” They’re gonna’ get caught, just you wait and see!…Why’s everybody always picking on me?!”

BigBro's worstest season EVER???

Simon, the CAST just got a Golden Edit even though some of
’em seemed to be production’s favored few. had this been film
camera footage & edited like a typical classic Hollywood movie,
we’d see 99% of the game~play ending up as circular spirals
on the cutting room floor. the cast looked more relaxed and
less paranoid than they actually were. the episode ends as GM
is not being too upset at being MVP~USA and the whole group
looking more California surf city relaxed than David ever was!!!!
Thanks to you, DAWG and these OBB threads, we know that
if CBS remains true to form, they will not condense the rampant
paranoia into a reel of the most highly offensive BBAD snipits.
we all know all hell broke loose after GM was cool about things!


Now I know WHY the houseguests said the veto comp was rigged for Ellisa. PRODUCTION must have told her to only go along the her side of the mud pit to pick the ballots! It just figured that she had all the higher numbers ESPECIALLY the 20! BS If I was HG I would of been screaming about that comp and how unfair it was!! But since Judd screwed up PRODUCTION by putting up Kaitlin instead of Howard or Spencer. They had NO choice but make sure Elisa was SAFE!! What is so bad is she sucks as acting so surprised when she told PRODUCTION she wanted to leave they informed her she would WIN and be off the block!!! Too bad PRODUCTION has to interfere SO MUCH in this game! but it is a TV show first unfortunately!!! GOLDEN EDIT goes to Amanda!! they finally showed the comments Ellisa made to Amanda SURPRISE!

She Said What

Why such a surprise this year about production’s pet. Since BB3 production has had a major hand in the game – what do you think Big Brothet means? BB is everywhere and is aleays in control – that’s what the game is all about. We’re just window dressing.

She Said What

Please excuse my typos – however, I know that will read my response correctly – strange but true.


Yep – I think production told her where to concentrate her searching.

But one thing I thought interesting is for 20 points I think the penalty should’ve been to not be able to play in the next HOH since we’re not at a point in the game where everyone is playing in the POV – the odds that her name would be chosen are just to great for that number of points. Of course, I guess this may be the week she makes her grand exit – how tempting would it be to put her up since she can’t play? If she’s on the block then does this penalty mean the POV would be one person short?


You are what you choose to eat. Makes sense.


Judd and Jessie do make a nice down-to-Earth couple.


even though judd was jessie’s third choice and she is only with him because the only other option left for a showmance is spencer lol……….like remember jessie is the same girl who was literally following nick around because she was so desperate for a showmance


Nick actually didn’t choose anyone. GM’s voiced in her head said she did.


Elissa comes off as fake on t.v. Amanda does not. I know that this is going to drive Elissa fans nuts, but Elissa’s face just screams plastic surgery…and she must have Botox too, because the only things that move (barely) are her lips.


everything happens for a reason

judd is great for the overall game of jess

and they respect each other and have a solid connection and comfort level


Down to earth is the last thing I think of when it comes to Jessie…lol

julies rice bowl

M.I.A. , Don’t forget downtoearth Jess is carrying Lance Armstrong and Magic Mike’s babies.


your humour is almost as bad as amandas

lol what

GM sorry to inform you but you are not even close to being as funny and liked as Enzo and you are not one of the prettier girls in the house


Judd and Jessie are cute, in their affectionate ways


they look very zen and chilled out


I honestly think Judd is a snake in the grass. He can lie easier than any houseguest I have ever seen besides Shelly. It will be interesting when this super-alliance falls apart soon–when they will all have to begin turning on each other. I have enjoyed Amanda most of the show, and I truly think she is the most intelligent houseguest–however, she is extremely hypocritical. I don’t appreciate her wanting to begin making up lies about Elissa wanting Howard to go home, so they will turn against her. VERY UNCOOL…… Yes, Elissa is a little bit odd, but she is a decent person. Now BB is showing her like she is not a nice person–again UNCOOL. She is nothing like Rachel. Andy is the biggest floater in all-time BB history. I like him a lot, but if I see him pop up one more time from room to room—-ugh! Aaryn will show her true colors again I am sure–she is an absolute psycho. (BTW, did anyone else see her have to calm herself and breathe deeply right before the argument with Elissa last night. She has major anger problems. What is crazy, Elissa really never did ANYTHING to give her a reason to be mad, except for sending David home. That is why Aaryn hates her so much.


You lost me on Elissa being decent. She causes her own amount of drama and trouble. I watch her and think I wouldn’t want to take a yoga class from her because she isn’t authentic in how be behaves. It’s bad enough she had so much plastic surgery when I am certain she was pretty without it. All that tells me she is a very insecure woman. She said she would never wear a one piece yet when I watched her in a live feed talking in the kitchen the next day saying she wears one pieces all the time. I don’t think she adds that much to this game except she got MVP for a few weeks and her causing drama. Disclaimer: all the girls cause drama, I am well aware of this and it’s been driving me nuts all season. I think that is why I can’t really get into the game, it’s like watching high schoolers fighting over their place in school.


TheyI Love Judd!!! Aaryn Isn’t Mad About David Going Home, She’s Just Jealous Of Elissas Fabulous Life. And Amanda, Well It Looks Like It’s A Waste Of Time To Say Anything Bad About Her, I’m Starting To Believe That Production Does Want Her To Win. If Prod Is The Real Puppeteer Of This Game, I Wonder HowThey Will Get Aaryn Out On Thursday…., Watchn Feeds Tonight To See If They Can Make It Happen


Wouldn’t it be funny to have a season with the all-time great floaters. No one would ever win HOH or POV so production would have America vote people off.


Whoa just a minute!! Ellisa sent David home? Have you been watching the show? Week 1 MC evicted David while Ellisa was on the block. She had to nominate someone as MVP. She has a right to compete to stay in the house. MC sent David packing plain and simple.


What kind of stuff does Spencer watch? Peter Dinklage is an awesome actor!


He makes me want to throw up every time i see him, the things that comes out of his mouth are just out of order.Can’t wait til his eviction!!!


amen!!! 😀

the wizard

I saw the veto competition and there was no way that comp was rigged. Anybody could have picked up the two votes envelope. There were no specific lanes after you crawled under the bench people were free to look wherever they wanted plus the votes were in envelopes no ellissa didn’t know what she picked up at the time. Yes production does a lot of rigging on this show but you people get too far fetched in your conspiracy theories


“Everyone hates the pretty ones”

I cannot believe that anyone grown woman could be delusional enough to believe this. The a of times I’ve heard her and Aaryn say this is ridiculous!

Aaryn saying she didn’t want to cover her face in mud because it would be a waste in the diary room made me throw up a little.

Sometimes people are jealous, but I’m betting you three are on the block for many other reasons that have nothing to do with being “beautiful” .

I’ve bee reading the updates, watching feeds a bit and I’m still finding this season lacking. I’m hoping things will pick up once the dead weight is evicted.


Sorry for the typos…. I should have read it over more carefully


Hate to be catty, but truth is GM is the LEAST attractive of them all (in numerous ways)!


GM looking lik e a drowned rat saying:They always hate the pretty ones.Priceless.


love judd&jessie. mcree&amanda seem more like….idk a game move! i really like jessie. loved kaitlyn but …. idk hate her going after amanda. i wish elissa was still up so she could go home! i liked her until this week. ew


I am so glad I watch the live feeds and read OBB when I can’t stay up that late. Amanda said in the DR that if Elissa didn’t get MVP then she was useless and she could go. This woman has the nerve to talk about loyalty. She has used Elissa from day 1 so she doesn’t need to act so high and mighty. Not to mention she said she wanted to dress like a stripper and when Elissa said she looked like a stripper she got offended. I think Elissa is much more conservative than Amanda especially on national tv.


What do you expect when the SAME person keeps getting the MVP – it’s essentially “use” her or go home – it’s just a game folks!


I agree all of you, please put Aaryn & GinaMarie on slop.


Apparently Elissa doesn’t think before she speaks or hear what’s coming out of her mouth. The way she talked to Amanda at the birthday celebration was unbelievable and uncalled for. I thought Amanda looked good and the “theme” was cute. Amanda should have “shook her stuff” all over Elissa until she left the room… And it seems like she’s getting some perverse pleasure from intentionally trying to hurt Amanda’s feelings and make Amanda feel personally insecure.

On a separate note… I’d like to squeeze Elissa’s lips and see what pops out… I mean is it like a solid object in them or is it some kind of caulking or what?

Please don’t “thumb down” me… it will likely send me crying into a bush.


Thank God this bush has WiFi




does Elissa remind anyone else of that girl Dalia from that show “Suburgatory” on abc….same voice, same behavior, and the same tendency to say completely random things


I don’t find Elissa to be such a “good person”. She’s fine when everything is going her way, but quite heartless otherwise. She fully believes right now that she is better in all regards than every single other person in the house. At least that has been my impression from reading all updates on this site and watching the show. Some of these openly “Christian” people that flaunt their faith are the most judgemental hypocrites around. I don’t have the feeds so I was appalled to see/hear that birthday celebration for Mc. Could Elissa have been any more cruel? Sheesh, everybody was just having some fun! I am a senior and a Grandma and I saw no harm being done. Honestly, I am now think that Elissa is one of the “mean” girls too!

She Said What

Nope – she’s following orders from AG – but she’s losing – and will be sent home sooner, rather than later – but that’s what she was probably assured.


nice job big brother i thought i was votoing for elissa MVP instead i was voting to put her up. me and millions of others apparently. way to trick us you bastards.


way to be an idiot for not reading or being able to comprehend what Julie Chen says! -_-


Elissa looks like a female Satan…………or………a female Joker in one of the Batman movies ! ! ! She is a PLASTIC person……when she laughed on the show tonight ………..she actually looked so evil ! ! ! Scary ! ! !


Oh My God – I surrender this weeks gameplay guess – production has missed its mark – Dan’s mist is still in the air.


I don’t like Amanda or anything but I do wonder why hasn’t Big Brother showed ‘The Goof Troop ‘ & ‘Knockouts’.


I love GM.So crazy and always eating. I think she was this homeless girl they grabbed off the street. “You’ll do fine. We will get you some clothes and all the slopballs you want!”….COOL!

allison grodner

all hail i am the one and only true hoh, nomnomnom more food


I bet production showed Elissa in a nasty light tonight to make everyone think they are not working together! Kinda sad don’t buy it production hahaha


I swear… If I have to hear GM talk about them sending the pretty girls home, I’m going to loose it… I mean she’s not ugly but pretty is taking it too far… Isn’t this girl in her 30’s… She reasons like a teen… She’s crazy over a boy she likes after getting close for a week… Then she pops off with nothing to back it up… She’s so messy… I can’t deal


I swear… If I have to hear GM talk about them sending the pretty girls home, I’m going to loose it… I mean she’s not ugly but pretty is taking it too far… Isn’t this girl in her 30’s… She reasons like a teen… She’s crazy over a boy she likes after getting close for a week… Then she pops off with nothing to back it up… She’s so messy… I can’t deal


And also. Amanda likes little people.


people don’t necessarily like him cause he’s a little person, they like him because he is badass.


Ellisa is leaving in two weeks so she just needs to stay before jury and she receives her Extra Money that the production promised her for staying in the game!! She told the houseguests when she first arrived after she got called out that she has another commitment that she must deal with at that time. The next HOH will go to Candice or Howard you will see that the game will be designed for his strength. That way production will have the drama they need, because they will put up Amanda and McCrae and maybe backdoor Aaryn if one gets saved by veto. The house will scramble on who to save!


“Amanda talking about one of her girlfriends that pees the bed “Every Time she gets drunk she pees the bed” ”

The Booze will do that to you… But when you’re peeing from one side of the room, you’re just being a d-bag….


elssia hoh tomorrow put up amanda mcrea in howard mvp put up helen pov helen wins then howard put up jesse then mcrea goes home my prediction


“Spencer says he doesn’t like the little person (Peter Dinklage) on Game of Thrones. (Spencer should be instant evicted for that 😉 )”

The F**k?, he’s my favorite character on that show, he gets all the tall b***hes… Forget an eviction ..EXPELLED

Mike B

I’d be paranoid too if there was a third Nomination. Your stuck in that place for all that time only seeing the same people all day. You are bound to snap on people and get weird. I want to see someone be bold and put Amanda and Howard up lets end this once and for all because those are the two who are moving the pieces on the board.


Can someone help me out? When did this convo take place where Candace talked about money or whatever that made Gina and Judd call her a golddigger?

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Is anyone having trouble getting the live feeds to load? Mine keeps saying the server is down, tried on 3 devices. Thanks.

Fleur de Lis

Spencer says he doesn’t like the little person (Peter Dinklage) on Game of Thrones. (Spencer should be instant evicted for that 😉 )

OMG! That is sacrilege! Peter Dinklage rocks and as a woman I find him sexy too! Spencer is totally disgusting and repulsive so I have no doubts that he is jealous and I have no doubt that as a little person, Peter has a bigger Peter than Spencer (especially since we have to see him looking for it so often in his pants).

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Thanks Simon. They are working now, guess they were down for some of us, BB FB had some folks with the same issue.

Forget About It!

It would be great if Howard won HOH and DID put Amanda and MC up! but I truly feel that he won’t. Everyone becomes a coward when they become HOH! Why? I am looking for Ellisa to go home soon–please! Why did she deserve to win MVP? Because of her bipolar sister Rachel and the Rachel fans! UNACCEPTABLE! If she wins HOH watch out BB Fans, hands down she will act just like her sister and everyone will be kissing her A$$! Forget about it!!


simon-do you know why the sound always cuts out when someone is evicted?