Amanda tells Jessie to tell Candice that Elissa is targeting Howard. When in doubt blame Elissa!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin,
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


11:55am – 12:10pm Jessie and Helen head into the lounge room. Helen says you went to bed last night and everything got pinned on Amanda. Helen explains to Jessie what happened last night and what she told Elissa after she called people out. Helen tells Jessie about how she threatened Elissa that she needs to shape up or ship out! Helen comments that even though people say the alliance is a lie, I think that it is true. Jessie comments that she wishes it had remained the way it was before because bringing in Aaryn scares me. Helen says after Kaitlin goes, Aaryn is out next after Howard. She is leaving the second we are done using her. She is out the door before jury. If she makes it to jury I will shoot myself. Even if Howard takes himself of the block then we will back door Aaryn. Helen says I want Aaryn out before I want Amanda out. Jessie says that Helen got Elissa this far in the game. Helen agrees, I did everything to bring the target down off of her. Jessie wonders what if Aaryn wins HOH. Helen says that she isn’t sure why Elissa didn’t get MVP but once she gets it again people will be kissing her butt again. Helen says that she equally wants Howard and Spencer out. Jessie is worried about Aaryn turning their group “the breakfast club” – evil. Helen explains that if it ever comes down to it – it would be me, you, Elissa, Judd against Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn. Helen says she just needs to get Elissa under control and that Aaryn will never make it to jury. They end their conversation and leave the room.

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12:10pm Out in the backyard – Judd, McCrae, Andy and Jessie talk about how it is day 35 in the house. They comment that day 45 is half way and talk about how strange it is that only 3 people have left and its almost half way. McCrae believes this week will be a double eviction. Andy says that there are two extra weeks but says that Spencer says there isn’t. They talk about if it is a double eviction they would want to put up Spencer and Howard. McCrae thinks it should be Spencer and Candice, so that Howard can’t compete in the POV competition.

CBS Interactive Inc.

12:15pm Helen talks to Amanda in the lounge room about the events of last night and how she has done everything to help Elissa and she ruined it for herself and me. Helen says Elissa felt bad after I explained to her how she went against our alliance and started to call people out. Amanda says we can’t tell Elissa anything. Helen agrees. Amanda brings up how can Elissa want to keep Kaitlin when Kaitlin wants you out. Helen agrees and says I helped her get out people that were after her. Helen talks about how Elissa wants Aaryn out because of the racial slurs she said. Helen says I get it, but we will get her out when the opportunity arises. Amanda says I am just not going to talk today. Can you just stick up for me if my name comes out of Candice’s mouth. Helen says she will.


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:25pm Out in the backyard – Judd, McCrae, Amanda and Jessie are talking about Elissa and how she isn’t really working with us. Amanda says if anyone asks McCrae and I are voting with the house. Andy jokes that he is voting out Ginamarie. Andy says I just don’t want Elissa to get HOH because I don’t want to have to kiss her a$$. Judd says I won’t kiss her a$$ no matter what. Amanda tells Jessie that her job is to stay close to Candice and to get her to target Elissa. Amanda tells Jessie to tell Candice that Elissa is targeting Howard. When in doubt blame Elissa. Judd says yeah!

12:34pm – 12:50pm Judd comes out and puts Vaseline in Andy’s hair. Andy stands up and asks what did you put in my hair!! I can only shower every 2 days!! Andy heads inside to wash it out. Judd tells the others that he put Vaseline in Andy’s hair. Amanda says that the first few days Howard was all over me and touching me – it was gross. McCrae tells Amanda to get over herself. Judd agrees Howard was all over Amanda. Andy says that Nick was all over me. Judd says Nick treated you like a red headed sl*t! JUDD puts Vaseline in Andy’s hair. Andy asks what did you put in my hair? Jessie says she hasn’t been called to the Diary Rom in a week. She says the last visit was when Judd won HOH. I doubt I am even in the show.

12:50pm – 1pm Up in the HOH room – Andy talks to McCrae about how he wonders if the whole fake alliance was concocted by Judd. Andy says either way it worked out the best for us the only thing is that it puts a target on Amanda a bit. Andy says the only way to test is to go up to Ginamarie and say I know the truth but that’s too risky. Judd comes up to the HOH and says I heard every word you just said. He then laughs. Andy tells Judd how they were just talking about what Elissa did might get Amanda put up on the block. Judd says it doesn’t matter either way we have the numbers. He then jokes then we vote her out. Andy and McCrae head downstairs.


1pm In the kitchen – Elissa is now up eating. Andy is talking to her about random things. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Spencer talks about how last night Elissa was acting flipping crazy and that anything she said was validated by her lunacy. McCrae says I don’t know it sounds like moving company 2.0. Were they all talking about her (Amanda) to make her the scapegoat or what. Andy joins them. Spencer starts talking about a girl he was dating back in 2002 – She was hot, her face wasn’t all that but I just wanted to fu*ker anyways. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back, Andy wonders when Gina or Kaitlin will get up. Spencer says or Candice. Andy says crab shop is already open for business.


1:20pm – 1:35pm In the lounge room – Amanda talks to Candice about how she swears she had nothing to do with what was said last night. I am sorry for blowing up on you. I should have pulled you aside to talk to you. Candice says I know that you guys want Howard out. Amanda says Howard’s name only came up when we had an alliance of 7 and he voted us against us. Candice says if my name is in your mouth then I have a right to have your name in my mouth. Candice says that she is very protective of Howie. I know people make fun of him for the bible and for praying. Amanda says who makes fun of him, no one does that! Candice says I know people do that. I am just sticking up for him just like you would for McCrae. Candice says that Amanda does sly things. Like telling Howie good luck in the veto and asking about Aaryn right before she walked in the door so that I would be talking about her when she walked in. Amanda says why would I even say good luck Howie when he wasn’t even playing in the veto. Candice says maybe because you knew Elissa would win and come off so you could back door Howie. Amanda says why would I make myself look guilty like that. Candice says if you leave us the fu*k alone, then we will leave you the fu*k alone. Candice says if we just call a truce then we can make it past the next two weeks till we all make it to jury. Amanda asks if they would put her up if they won HOH. Candice says no! Amanda says I will keep you here until it is necessary to not. Candice asks and Howie? Amanda says yeah. Amanda says I wouldn’t purposely say anything sly against you, I am not stupid like the comments Aaryn makes. If we call a truce to keep each other safe till after jury then I will uphold that. They shake on it and leave the room. Amanda heads out to the backyard and tells McCrae, Andy and Spencer about her conversation with Candice.


1:40pm – 2pm Amanda is smoking while she has the nicotine patch on. Judd asks why are you doing that! It says not to! Amanda gets up and says she doesn’t feel well. She heads into the bathroom and throws up. Jessie asks her if she is okay. Amanda says it’s just the adderall, nicotine patch, coffee and smoking.

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Elissa, you better win HoH to put up Howard & Spencer so she can Backdoored Aaryn.


How can anyone still like Elissa after the last week ? She is just weird & not entertaining


no matter how annoying Elissa is the other house guest are way worst.

WATCH BB15 Bigotry Supercut

Gina Marie


No, Howard needs to win it to see how many of the other alliance are willing to lie to save themselves. I don’t think Howard would put up Elissa with Amanda and McCrea gunning for him. He knows MrCrea lied to him.


No, Howard would not win HoH. He just keep throwing every comp like always. He will end up be on the block. Elissa will win HoH to put up Spencer & Howard.


i never seen a bunch of petty people in one house, all they are worried about is screwing people out of the jury


I cant for the life of me understand how these people put there BB lives on the line for Amanda, do all this chicks dirty work. F**king brainwashed! I think that plan they have for Jessi is gonna blowup in Jessi’s face. Don’t do it Jess!


Check out the anonymous Facebook post of a former member of production who claims the fix is in for Amanda (she’s a CBS/Viacom producer…not a real estate agent, which was just a cover as her mom owns the agency) and Elissa is merely a distraction. It makes sense: The Moving Company was in complete control, then somehow they all panic and split up…after Amanda is threatened, not Elissa. This week, the house had broken up into several smaller groups, all targeting Amanda…then yesterday for no apparent reason they all coalesce back around Amanda and she manipulates them all like puppets.

Do you really think it’s a coincidence that they spared her racist comments from the edit, then made her self-serving, ass covering conversation with Aaryn look like she was standing up against racism, followed by her standing up to the mean girls, then featured the fake Amanda/McCrea love story?

Of course, production is counting on the CBS show being taken as the real story, so the audience won’t hear Amanda’s racism, her claim that Howard created the racism for his advantage, questioning and mocking his faith, while the BB lemmings…uh..I mean HG’s scurry for survival, whining “I just wanna make jury”.

Pete Pendergast

Sure, we’re all going to accept the word of some anonymous person on Facebook. Just like we all believe your real name is ‘Name.’

Not to mention that Amanda has spoken about having worked as an actress and as a producer for a reality tv show, so it’s not like she’s hiding any of that. Just like Howard isn’t hiding that he’s on the show to help his (dead-in-the-water) modeling/acting career.

And I mock Howard’s “faith” all the time. This guy is more obsessed with prayer than a Taliban. He goes at it so hard it’s kind of creepy. Like he’s hiding something really bad he did in the past. And he’s just another misogynist pig like Spencer. I can understand perfectly why Amanda dislikes him so much.


Amen Pete!

Howard/Bible fan

I apologize beforehand if I’m wrong, but I feel people mocks Howard’s religious practice because they don’t understand it. If you don’t know the Bible,how can you judge and appreciate his applications of it’s teachings and principles in his gameplay. Jesus taught that when in trying and testing situations to pray and seek God’s guidance often “And he (Jesus) spake a parable unto them (his disciples) to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint; ” (Luk 18:1).
the basic idea is to persevere thru prayer and guidance. Is it fair to mock Howard for doing so and comparing him to a Taliban member which has negative connotations attached? I would appreciate all the religion bashers to at least read the Bible before they judge or condemn a mans practice of it. I feel the same way toward Judges with power to sentence men to long prison terms. They should have to spend at least a one year prison stint as part of their accreditation before being empowered to condemn men to cells. Again, I apologize if I’m wrong and if my words offend for this not my purpose.


Finally Helen solidifies her (friendship) alliance with Jessie. I really can’t wait for the knockout vs knockout showdown.


I bet that within a week Judd will try to hook up with Aaryn & Jessie will cause some drama over it


nah its judd/jess, aaryns got david, and judd hated the way aaryn treated jess especially on nicks eviction night, and aaryn will only be in the overall alliance for a few weeks to help their numbers, then she is gone, as helen told jess


Hmmm, the Superfriends are coming off a little too cocky!!! Never count your chickens before the eggs are hatched. And damn Jessie grow up and tell Amanda if you want to throw Elissa under the bus, doing it yourself!!!


All these houseguest are too weak to actually do anything on their own. They are all followers who wnt to believe they can think for themselves.


Why can’t there be someone in this cast that is likeable?


Havoc reigns in the House! Judas lies!

Helen is so obviously campaigning very hard on the feeds to get the MVP vote. Its either a Black conspiracy or a bad Production edit that’s preventing her from winning the MVP in her mind. Julie said there was an MVP twist and everyone in the house lost their minds. Helen and others still haven’t figured out that the twist was America getting to decide who goes up on the block.

Additionally, to add more drama, Production is intentionly using Howard as their pawn. They keep calling Howard into the Diary Room to make it look like he got the MVP. Thereby, creating even more chaos in the house but at Howard’s expense. Howard is just as confused as everyone else concerning why he is getting called into the DR. Howard says they talk about his showmance in DR. Have you seen the last 2 epsisodes of BB, Howard gets shown in one DR session each episode and its never about his showmance. Watch tonight and his DR session is not going to be about showmance. This is Production creating havoc in the house around the MVP twist. If Production was so interested in a showmance, wouldn’t it had been Amanda’s? Howard has enough on his plate. He has enemies, frenemies and now Production all piling on. Why not use Helen or Amanda as the MVP twist pawn?

Now Judd feels bad about Kait going home. Well I give it to Judd, he knows how to swing a house. Both Helen and Elissa became upset with Amanda and focused the Super Friends on getting Amanda out. Andy informs Judd/Amanda and then suddenly Judd remembers this conversation that he overheard when in isolation. Judd heard Kait and some mystery woman saying Helen was next. Really! That’s what you heard Judd? Lets see who Kait could of been talking to: Maybe Candice, but Kait hates Candice and then they don’t talk game. Kait talking to Gina, but Howard already told both of them not to get ahead of themselves. So Gina, Kait, Spencer, Howard, and Judas had not designated a target yet for the following week. So it wasn’t Gina. It wouldn’t had been Jessie, Jessie is not in Kait’s alliance. It wouldn’t had been Helen, well….its pretty obvious that she wouldn’t be coming after Helen and informing Helen at the same time. The only person left is Amanda, but from the feeds, it seemed like Amanda and McCrae never left the HOH room during your isolation. Nope, Judas made this story up about overhearing Kait wanting to target Helen. How convenient that he only could identify one side, so there wouldn’t be another person that could call him out on this lie. The intended result was to redirect the Super Friends away from Amanda and onto someone else. In this case it was Kait.

Judas then tried to pull this same stunt with Elissa after her blowup with Aaryn and Kait concerning the secret alliance. Judas tells Elissa that Howard and Spencer are coming after me, trying to refocus Elissa onto someone else. Elissa asks how can they be coming after you, when you are not even on the block. Bang goes the dynamite! Howard and Spencer never said such a thing. Judas, was got off guard by such a succinct question from Elissa. He recovered by saying some BS about they want to get him next HOH. Ah! Elissa is so underestimated, but she sees that something is not right in her alliance.

Kait when you go home, you will see that Elissa was actually trying to help you and herself. Elissa doesn’t like Aaryn, and she’s not buying what her alliance is selling. An alliance where Helen controls everyone and doesn’t have Elissa in the final four. An alliance that said they had no use for Elissa if she’s not the MVP. So Elissa informs Kait of what’s happening and Kait can not comprehend she’s being lied to by Judas, Helen and Amanda. Kait is great in comps but doesn’t understand the social game.

weighing in

I read this and all I get from it is that Helen is a bit egotistical, production is using Howard, and Judd is the best player in the Brother House, followed by Amanda and Helen.

I pretty much agree with all that. Just not the way you said it.


Thanks for condensing.. I didn’t read it cuz I don’t come to this site to read novellas


Something tells me you don’t read to much period.


Ah, you didn’t have to agree or not. You didn’t have to read it as well. It was my thoughts, and if its to long to keep your attention, then skip it. My commentary is not for everyone. Just put a thumbs down and move on.


Follow the feeds the reason Helen turned on Kaitlin because Kaitlin turned on her first when she was on a curfew punishment. She is not Judas. in my opinion it is Howard as he is with their alliance and keeps on throwing Helen name to be evicted. He got caught forming new alliances again and again even using the bible to covers his lies and betrayals to the alliance. I suggest you go back to the feeds from the start of this game so you know the truth.


Oldyeller…I read the novella as Mia called your post and I happen to agree. I actually liked Judd…a lot…but his going Judas on us has made me think a bit otherwise. True, he’s trying to protect his game but he’s all over the place and what he is doing is being done in more of a cowardly way. OK, OldYeller….get started on the book. I’ll be anxiously waiting.


I love how Helen dictates who makes jury and who doesn’t. I would love to see her go before jury to see the look on her face.


She is just playing the game and I think doing a pretty good job. My only concern is too trusting and cannot keep game play to herself.


And embellishes and over explains events. Spin, spin, spin.


Okay, so before this site listed GM as up for eviction, now it doesn’t…did no one get put up to replace Elissa?

Big Brother is watching...

it sucks but Amanda is playing a good game. I want her out so badly but I don’t think its happening any time soon


So why would you want her out. I like Helen and Her both good players. Why would good players should go first? Others who are doing nothing stays? When Helen was HOH she got a lot of blood on her hands and not afraid to admit it. She got the job done.


Jessie…yes,you are almost invisible.Don’t knock it. Would you rather have a target on your back? ‘


ian terry says hi


Man I hope next week Howard or Cadence or the rest of that crew gets HOH!!!! Things will get turned up lol and We will truly if the SUPERFRIENDS!!! will remain lol OK BB lets turn this house upside down next week


Yeah Helen, use Aaryn to throw HoH so she will be evicted next week. Also, Helen say Aaryn will never made jury. She right, Aaryn is going home next week.


am i the only one who finds amanda’s catchphrase ‘I’m not stupid’ obnoxious?!?!?! sooooo annnoying!!!

Ted Marie

Not only is it annoying as hell listening to Amanda say “I’m not stupid”, but the way she talks so fast and then she has a weird thing she does with her mouth after she’s done speed talking. Not sure of the correct term for how she speaks so fast and furious. It is getting intolerable listening to her and Helen. I cancelled my live feeds so I could continue to watch BB. Listening to them on the feeds was going to ruin it for me, and I’ve been a fan of the show for so long I didn’t want to throw in the towel this soon. Anyway, I agree with you “name” on that one for sure.

Big Sister

Try muting her–I do! All you will miss is more Howard bashing…


amanda has the least attractive personality


And her and Pizza Boy sucking face and grinding each other all day makes me nauseated. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! I dont blame Pizza Boy she is probably his second piece of a$$ in his whole life and we all know what went down the other night on his birthday when they turned off the HOH Cam all night

Judd's granny

NAME. YOU never lived on a hog farm, did you?


I’d say second next to Aaron. She’s horrible.


amanda vomiting up all her adderal

what will she be like now?

candace says amanda is skitzo


I am praying that after tonites show on CBS they will announce that America gets to vote for who will get evicted. That would be perfect for ag and for us because that guarantees aaryn will leave the house if not it will be a nightmare for CBS if Howard and Candice leave before aaryn and aaryn makes it to jury or final two. That will shock the house and create more drama if that happens…please ag let us vote out aaryn..I need to see her getting grilled by Julie Chen.


wouldn’t that make it a totally different game/show though? America has never voted out HG’s. I’m not completely opposed to the idea but if America votes out people, it’s really a different show as a whole.


Yeah, it would make it The Glass House. a one-and-done knockoff of BB on ABC


They are going to have to have a double eviction soon because we are getting close to the halfway mark of the show. I think a great idea would be to have Two MVP votes now each week. One MVP being a house guest and the other MVP being America. 4 people on the block with 2 going home would add total paranoia to the show


Not to be a debby downer or to like hate on Amanda’s gameplay but where are people coming up with the notion that she is playing a “great” game? Like seriously we’ve been blessed with some great players in past BB seasons and people actually think Amanda is playing a good game? I’m sorry but it’s not that hard to stir up shit and be manipulative when you’re surrounded by people who (for the most part) have absolutely no backbone. Don’t get me wrong she’s running the house right now, but if this was actually a NORMAL season of Big Brother Amanda wouldn’t last 3 weeks in that house. She’s a control freak, rude, and she OVERPLAYS everything. Is she running the game right now? Yeah sure. But just remember that she is surrounded by people with no backbone, who won’t call her out on her bullshit. Amanda bullies people she knows won’t fight back or stand their ground, remember the wine incident with Jeremy? Amanda went outside ready to try her bullshit antics with Jeremy, and as much as I can’t stand that dude he actually stood his ground….and what happened? Amanda started bawling her eyes out. She is a fake tough “guy” and I’m tired of people praising her and acting like she is some great mastermind…SHE’S PLAYING AGAINST WEAK PEOPLE IT’S NOT THAT GREAT OF A FEAT…just saying.


This reminds me of how a lot of people talked about Dan during and after season 10. He wasn’t that good because he was playing with people that he could manipulate at will in any way he had available to him. He wasn’t good, every1 else was just that bad. Then a year later he was being called one o the greatest ever, and last year was almost unanimously crowned the greatest reality game player of all time by doing the exact same thing.
Ok, Amanda is a bad player that preys on the weaknesses of others. Ok, Amanda is a bad player because every1 else is just that much worse. How much will peoples opinion change a year from now? I will tell you. If she wins she will be condemned as a pushy, obnoxious loud-mouth who bullied her way to the end. If she finishes 2nd people will say how it was the same as Danielle Reyes in season 3 getting screwed out of the win.


Perfectly said.. It’s like her game play is relevant to the village idiots. Not that I think they are idiots really but in a metaphoric sense . But I can’t imagine her in the cast with some other truly intelligent strong personalities. She’s on the cast with quite of bit of young people in their 20s who just don’t seem to have the personality or life experiences to put her in her place. So she looks like a damn near genius. The types of people they cast for the Amazing Race would have actually been good in the house. They are from different walks of life.


This could definitely backfire on Jessie and Amanda because Candice will confront Elissa and Elissa will tell the whole house what’s going on. For someone who thinks they are so smart, Amanda is really dumb. She knows Candice and Elissa talk so this is a really dumb plan.

Amanda has a big Ego

“Amanda says that the first few days Howard was all over me and touching me – it was gross. McCrae tells Amanda to get over herself.”

Amanda still thinks Howard wants her. Sorry, honey he’s just not that into you. I would like to think she would leave him alone, but you know what they say: Hell has no fury like a women scorned.


Last week, according to the polls on here, Amanda was amongst the top 3 in favorite players. Now it seems like the majority of the posters on here dislike like her. Maybe I missed something, but what has she done differently this week than she did in the past weeks to cause this shift?


She is playing the game and doing a lot of strategizing. I cannot understand why others cannot look at BB as a game and everyone is trying to win a half a million dollars.


its her annoyance factor


lol Howard was all over Amanda? I doubt that, and if it is true, she knew she liked it, lol.


Im still really confused, is Judd just playing GM or is he really with the ‘fake’ alliance? It’s my bday tomorrow. I’d love to see the house flip..


Congrats on becoming a teenager !!


What does that even mean? Youre an idiot


I meant ‘name’ being an idiot. Go back to your hog farm dummy


The irony of a SoCal broad calling someone an idiot is rich with irony !!


LOL socalgal calls herself an idiot…. priceless


SoCalGirl, these are personal attacks, no need for that, Hun.


Judd & GM did talk about them playing together & not telling anyone about it…whether either one of them stick to it remains to be seen…Happy early Birthday in case I don’t see you on here…….or forget by tomorrow 🙂

Amanda has a big Ego

Amanda will dump McCrae the second the season ends.


I think once McRae realizes how ugly she is….he might be first in that discussion.

Also, Aayn has moved to my less-shit list – Amanda has scored number one.


Now Candace just shut down Amanda!!! You better work it girl!!! Way to handle your business. The Panther has awaken and she is not going to put up with this BS anymore!! Kudos, bravo and how you like me know…..


And Amanda will probably play the pity me card about how mean Candice was to her.


Meh. I don’t think anyone threw down anyone.


Amanda is smoking a cigarette. Judd tells her she isn’t supposed to smoke with the patch on. Amanda says she doesn’t care. [she had a cigarette an hour ago as well].

Nicotine poisoning tends to produce symptoms that follow a biphasic pattern. The initial symptoms are mainly due to stimulatory effects and include nausea and vomiting, excessive salivation, abdominal pain, pallor, sweating, hypertension, tachycardia, ataxia, tremor, headache, dizziness, muscle fasciculations, and seizures. After the initial stimulatory phase, a later period of depressor effects can occur and may include symptoms of hypotension and bradycardia, central nervous system depression, coma, muscular weakness and/or paralysis, with difficulty breathing or respiratory failure.


1:45 PM BBT Amanda gets up from the back yard and runs inside. She is sick to her stomach. she vomits in the sink. Jessie comforts her and then rinses out the sink for her.

STOP SMOKING you idiot


Amanda, quit smoking! It will kill your lungs.


I bet she runs with the scissors in the house, eats raw meat, and doesn’t wait 45 minutes before going in to the pool. Plus BB probably knows half these people are on meds, but gives them alcohol. Not shocked at all that Amanda went off yesterday morning.


that was karma

she got punished for being a b!tch to so many in the house


Anyone notice the timing of the conversation between Candace and Amanda and then the timing of Amanda getting sick? Basically, she is probably attempting to provide herself with an alibi for not having spoken with Candace today. But Elissa is in the kitchen so hopefully she noticed both of them coming out of the lounge room. Also Amanda will now probably go to bed and let Jessie approach Candace about Elissa targeting Howie. This is one devious hefer if she would allow herself to become physically ill to cover up her manipulations and deceit.


Hate when Candice talks game, it just makes it more difficult for Howard. I applaud Candice for confronting and sticking up for herself against Amanda. However Candice then tells Amanda, lets have a truce and we won’t put each other up for the next two weeks. The problem with Candice is that she is the only one adhering or honoring these deals. Candice, did you discuss this with Howard before making a deal like that? How about the last deal you thought you had with Helen and Amanda, the one where Aaryn is the next one voted out. Everyone agreed supposedly until Helen decided otherwise. Candice if you win the next HOH, its may be your only chance to get Amanda. Take the shot!


Don’t think for one minute that Candace is going to hold up to that deal. She is basically telling Amanda, I am onto your BS, so play lotto you have a better chance of winning.


OMG Amanda I cant stand her. Boy She can lie w/ the best of them. And they talk about Howard and Spencer lying I got to give it to her Amanda is a snake


And just a quick question why is so many of these players on adderall and ativan wtf!!!!!


I hate to see Kaitlinn leaving this week, But Aaryn is my favorite.

Next week I know CBS will manipulate and give Howard the HOH.

Anyways I hope Amanda or Helen wins HOH and get Howard out, I am catholic and feel offended of someone using the bible like that. I bet he does not even trust God.


The irony of Aaryn being your favorite but you speak of being offended. I guess we all relate to someone and have conflicting standards of what is right and wrong.

Jody H.

Hey Simon/Dawg:

As every year I appreciate all the work you put into this. Gave a donation. It’s not a ton, but it’s what I can afford.

Great job!


Thanks Jody, I’m glad you enjoy our spoilers enough to support the site it’s much appreciated.

Jody H.

You work hard and put in a lot of time. It’s only fair we help defray some of the costs. This season is mind-boggling though,,,

She Said What

What Is Elissa eating for breakfast – Fruit Loops or the breakfast of champions? I guess only time will tell.


This reminds me of how Tom from BBCA was talking of the people he wanted in jury and was trying to make sure Gary wasnt in the jury because he wanted a cool jury house

Long Story short, Gary ended up in the final 2 and Tom went out pre-jury.

Will it happen again?


A word of advice to the house guests.

Dear Amanda, screw off you are going on the block next week and will be on slop. In addition, there will be a padlock on the HOH room preventing you from entering.


LOL that would be great


And Pizza Boy won some money he can leave now


Stay classy Amanda


Yeah Amanda all the guys want you…….not!!!! You have more men riding you than a new York bus. Wonder how she will work things out with the bf on the outside. Unless he knows what she is like and doesn’t care.

production rigged it

In the pic above it looks like Amanda is trying to squeeze a big turd out, she’s probably having trouble getting it out because McCrae camps out in there and has marshmallow roasts and sings campfire songs. It’s like a second home to him, he’s probably in there at that moment and that’s why she can’t get it out he’s blocking the exit. Imagine what her face will look like if she goes up on the block next week. Come on Howard or Candice win HOH!!

Jody H.

I haven’t posted much this season. This group went straight into heavy handed play. Maybe realizing who Elissa was helped direct them that way. But these people don’t stop for two minutes. And if they would just think about things I believe it would be very different.

To us, because we have a birds eye view into everything, it is pretty obvious who is manipulator and who is being manipulated. However, it just comes down to figuring out how some information leaked and letting the house in on the “truth” so to speak. Anyway, would love to see who ends up on what side if that happens.

I would love to have Kaitlin stay and then she, Howard, Candace, Jessie and Elissa take on the others. With using Spencer for his vote. Judd might go their way. It could get interesting.


It’s been an hour. What’s going on. The world needs to know. I don’t understand why these men have not started to form an alliance again!! These women would tear each other apart and all you have to do is sit back and watch


How many “actors” do they have on there this season? Nick & Amanda, apparently Elissa who it seems is there for more publicity for the Brenchel/Reilly familly…Howard, Aaryn, GiniMarie, Candice are all models, David was a wanna be model…Katlin got recruited from a bar supposedly & had never watched BB, McCrae is a hard core fan but has just been laying around…hmm, Spencer is the drunk uncle no one talks about in Andys family, Judd & Jessie are cousins. Helen is probably AG sister-n-law… Jeremy is & always be an asshat….tomorrows HOH will involve yoga mats….mvp will go to Elissa & pov winner will be Howard…


i dont remember in the past few seasons like almost EVERY single conversation involving someone asking someone else –>who they will put up if/when they get HOH!!! i find it super annoying!
the more this week unfolds, the more i want JUDD to vote out Aaryn and switch to the other side SO bad!!!!! if Amanda were gone i would so be team JUDD/McCrae! but McC’s game was taken over week one……what a huge dissapointment….. i wonder if he feels that way at all…… *sigh
now all i see in JUDD’s future is maybe teaming up with GM! (LOL) but at least she would probably stay loyal!

Dog Days

Would really like to see how McCrae would play the game without Amanda. Right now he just a nerd kid that got a free pass into a whore house I’m for Judd, don’t hate him as much as the others, probably cause I don’t understand what he’s saying but I find him humorous.


yeah judd is a funny guy…joking around with Andy…

Andy talks to McCrae about how he wonders if the whole fake alliance was concocted by Judd. Andy says either way it worked out the best for us the only thing is that it puts a target on Amanda a bit. Andy says the only way to test is to go up to Ginamarie and say I know the truth but that’s too risky. Judd comes up to the HOH and says I heard every word you just said. He then laughs. Andy tells Judd how they were just talking about what Elissa did might get Amanda put up on the block. Judd says it doesn’t matter either way we have the numbers. He then jokes then we vote her out.


AMANDA admits that she fell in love with McCrae? He also said it back that he LOVES her! but she is mad because he didn’t say it to DR like she did. I think he is playing her and she wants to settle down with him when they are done! lol He just wants to deliver pizza’s and be a bum! lol


McCrae would franchise a pizza joint if he won. Then I hope he would spend the rest of his life being nice to people. Because we really need more of them.


Candice says if my name is in your mouth then I have a right to have your name in my mouth.

I think what Candice meant to say was: if McCrae’s dick is in your mouth than I have a right to have Howard’s dick in my mouth.


One thin that really gets me is that Amanda treats the HOH room like it’s her own…she’s always ensconced on the bed, and holds court in there like she’s queen. Although Judd doesn’t seem to mind, I can’t believe he’s okay with hardly ever having the room to himself, or sleeping in the bed. I wish he’d throw McManda out! Also the guy’s HOH food was been decimated by everyone, almost as soon as he opened the room. He’s allowed people to step all over him (I know he’s laid back, but really…give him some respect.) I can’t wait to see if/when Amanda is a have not, on slop and someone else gets the HOH room, and LOCKS HER OUT! If she wins, it will be a travesty. For the poster who said she’s really not a realtor, just Google her name and you will see she really is, and has sold several houses in 2013. Very, very pushy woman. More than likely, McCrae will get the boot after BB15, unless he can find a job she approves of.


judd playing understated this week

didnt give a f-ck about the room…allowing amanda to create an even bigger target for herself as the ‘leader’ of their side and make her think she is running things when she is not


Where do they find these people?


Candace = oblivious to everything.

I am pretty sure Candace is from outside of time playing in a different season of BB.


I have to say I am concerned about this whole cast of houseguest this season. Did they go to different mental health units to pick out this years guest? I would never send someone with cancer to a bar with smokers or put my blind sister in a maze, so why would they cast so many ppl with mental health issues in this situation. I can usually find at least one or two houseguest to pull for, even the ones I find are villians like Dan, but this season I can’t find any that I want to win. I find myself more concerned with there erratic and disturbing behaviour. Anyone with mental health issues should never be put into such a stressful environment. I hope they have doctors on stand by for there breakdowns.


Gosh. Amanda is getting on my nerves. When can she go please.

Amanda Probs

Amanda needs to stop throwing everybody under the bus. She’s acting like she’s in charge of everyone. Someone needs to put her on the block. I’m getting tired of watching her and McCrae. Why is she getting mad at people for talking about her when she makes fun of everyone in the house. She needs to go!