“She was a super fan, she studied, week 1 she got busted and she quit B***h quit..”

11:24am Jessica and Dom

Dom says Mark Jacobs makeup is the “bomb.com”

11:41am Jessica and Elena

Raven joins them..

Complaining about Jillian.. Accusing her being “sick” is an excuse of her not doing well in the POV coming up. She’s against cody “you have a shot” after all, they say.

Elena wants to blow up on Jillian but she won’t because “we will show our cards when we evict her”
They agree to keep Jillian around for a couple weeks.

Jessica says they are evicting “pow pow” (aka Alex)
Jessica says the brain of the other side was Megan. The muscle is Alex.
Jessica says they have to keep Jillian close to them to feed them information.
Elena – we have the numbers and the power.

Jessica and Cody Showmance…
Cody – it’s so sexy when a girl wears your clothes.. Marines around the world are f***g slobbering

Cody goes on about Jerry (BB10) being the only other Marine to be on Big Brother.

12:05pm Mark, Matt, Cody

Talking about how desk jobs suck “You get fat”

Cody – all I wanted to do is fight in a war..
Cody says career wise being in the marines isn’t good.
Cody – 90% of the career guys are f***g douchebags.. WAY TOO motivated

Cody explains that all his friends left after 4 years he didn’t want to be in the military anymore. Adds that he went to sniper school with guys he went to bootcamp with.

Cody says there is a lot of bums and hippies in Austin.
Cody says all the companies are moving their operation to Texas
Cody – DR peppers headquarters is there. It’s taxes..

Paul is with them… says he was thinking of moving his clothing company to Texas because of TAXES


12:22pm Kitchen
Paul talking about how great having a beard is.
Paul – people buy me drinks

12:30pm Josh and Christmas
Josh – I’m going to stay strong and positive because my family is watching

Christmas – look at that smile
Josh – thank you I genuinely love you
Christmas – Keep playing and keep having fun
Josh – thank you I genuinely love you
Christmas – Good.. Keep playing Keep having fun
Christmas complains that she wants to compete more, she wanted to get picked for the POV.

Josh – you look nice
Christmas – thanks, I’m trying to.

Josh goes on about being stronger now and being able to handle the Big Brother house.
Christmas gives him a pep talk.. Brings up Megan.
Christmas -She was a super fan, she studied, week 1 she got busted and she quit B1tch quit..

After Christmas leaves Josh says “ I love that Girl she’s an angel”


I love you mom I’m going to play this game and make you all proud

1:03pm Feeds cut to cats for the POV competition.

3:18pm Feeds still on kittens yo

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I can’t wait to see Cody get voted out. I hope he doesn’t even make it to jury. He can take his girl with him.



That’s all I’m looking forward so far: watch Cody falling on his face. I also want to see Matt show more of his personality because so far he’s just a follower.


Couldn’t agree more. Can’t even watch him without getting annoyed.


But Cody is so hot!!!!


Freaking showmances!!!! And what was up with that ring on Nicole’s finger last night? Was she trying to tell us something?


I wonder if they are going to do a big reveal (very few will care) about her getting engaged or pregnant or an actual job.


Totally choked on my water when I read “or an actual job”


Except she’s a registered nurse so if she NEEDED the extra money, she could have a job instantly (-:


i got to say, im disappointed in matt and raven. i really liked them at first and i still kind of do but its disappointing seeing them join up with cody and the douche squad.

cody continues to be full of himself and an insufferable douche


yeah, i don’t dislike matt and raven. mark seems okay too, but cody sucks and the other women who have joined into this group i don’t really care for either.


definitely rooting for alex cuz anything that exposes cracks in cody/matt/mark/jessica/elena/raven can’t happen soon enough.


I’m thinking Cody has the best shot at this. Everyone is falling in his trap. Now if Josh can take control of the other side of the house we might have an epic showdown! Cody v Josh!!! Wow!!!


um, i think christmas is who to root for in terms of rallying the rest of the house, maybe paul. the rest are pretty lacking in game skills (as much as alex may claim to the contrary, least she knows what game is, the rest look clueless).


um, i think christmas is who to root for in terms of rallying the rest of the house, maybe paul. the rest are pretty lacking in game skills (as much as alex may claim to the contrary, least she knows they’re playing a game though, the rest look clueless).


Hello Dawg and Simon!!!

How was your year! I am excited about the players, so far. The gals are ruthless and here to play. The guys seem to be doing the same and both genders are using each other. I am unsure about trusting Christmas, she is strong knows what she is doing. Paul saw that immediately.


What The Frell! A Tv Guide article is claiming Megan old a fan that she didn’t self-evict. NOw I will have to watch Sunday to see if they show what went down

w hat

At first I was wanting Cody to get rid of Paul ASAP because I wanted someone from an older season to be on, but now I want Cody the stone cold shell of a human to get out of the house and I will enjoy my time with Paul much more without Cody looking like he’s about to kill.


I thought the very same thing.


If you think Paul is going anywhere anytime soon, you don’t know Alison Grodner.


zzzzzzzzz Cody is such a bore he will get evicted soon. Jessica is annoying as heck, and I’m sure she is racist. I like Alex and Paul!


alex or pual all the way


I am pretending this comment is in response to my post=) It fits.


So glad to be back with OBB! I love the exchange of ideas and opinions. This site is like the Cheers of Big Brother,
I hope everyone’s year has been good and all is well.
So far, I think this entire cast is weird and that Cody and Josh are pathological psychos. Kevin is slimy and looks like the villain in a Stephen King movie adaptation.
Not sad to see Megan gone and not mad to see Paul return, but I do believe that Paul’s popularity was because of his friendship with Vic. Will be interesting to see how well he does without him.
No favorites as of yet, but someone will grow on me.


Cody is this season’s villain. He’ll probably be around for awhile. Just wish Matt and mark weren’t attached to him. They both seem like nice guys, especially Matt.
I can’t decide on the girls. Jillian seems cool. Christmas is pretty vain but I don’t hate her. I hope she doesn’t keep plugging her book. It will get annoying.
Poor Josh, guys a mess.
They should bring back the last kid who was evicted to replace Megan.


Oh yeah, they’d be fools to not get him out asap. Too good at physical comps. Also he’s the biggest douche, and a bit serial killerish at times.


aligning yourself with Josh is like tying an anchor to your leg and throwing it overboard


Hi Simon and Dawg
Greetings from Arizona
It’s good to be back. Hope all is well. Congratulations Simon on your 2 kittens. Looking forward to this season. Was pleasantly surprised when I read about the cast. Let’s hope for a fun season (that’s not rigged;) lol


is Megan the first to self evict?
will they bring back Cameron?
Paul safe for 3 weeks, are you f***ing kidding me?


If she did self-evict(apparently that’s in dispute), she isn’t the 1st one.Evil Dick had self-evicted the same season his daughter was on


oh ya for reasons that happened outside the game. Im wondering if Megan is the first to self evict because of reasons inside the game


I like alex a lot she my favorite next to pual so far


I don’t know Josh but I bet he has a good heart!


u gott be kidding? Josh is mean and has no respect for women. he is a dumb…he gotta go


I was being sarcastic! He keeps saying that over and over. Talking to the cameras and crying all the time and yes being a tool to everyone else he needs to go before he causes us to all self evict!!


Cody is basically Paulie 2.0 , but without all the charisma I’m excited to see what Cody is gonna do without power next week if one of his peeps don’t win next week ( the people that are like him hot and attractive) I’m hoping the outsiders get HOH so they can have Cody’s peeps scattering like rats the whole week.


JOSH …. keep it up and your name will change to Broken Record


Raven Walton is from Arkansas, is she related to the Arkansas Waltons of Walmart?


CBS does love to find “needy” women, stalker type guys, a couple of totally bat shit crazy folks and throw in a token gay dude. I like the way Dom is easing into the game. She is not getting mixed up with all the BS and drama (that I have seen) and She is not throwing herself at any and every swinging d*ck. If she could somehow get a solid 4 voting block together but they are all a hot mess and the “cool kids” will pick them all off before they know what hit them. I want to like Alex but something about her just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe Paul, Christmas, Dom and Jason?


Snipers in the Marines are trained to be a certain way, less emotion, more tactical. Does this transfer over well to a social game on BB, probably not, but I cannot hate on the guy for being what he is. Like trying to put Rambo in a quilting class. He is out of place. But I do think that he does have some good insight into the other houseguests, but he will have to win a ton of POV’s and HOH’s plus hope to not get backdoored early to overcome that flaw.


Your point about Cody makes perfect sense! Horrible social skills. Still don’t like him.


Hi Dawg and Simon!
Very interesting start to the season!
Paul….Never Cared! Although, I did like him last season. Not sure how long he’ll last.
I’m not a Cody fan. Can’t wait for him to go!
Why Jessica????
I like the “Silver Fox” & Mark…they seem like stand up guys and I hope they break free from Cody.
It will hurt them being aligned with him bc I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before that ticking time bomb blows!
Not thrilled about Matt and Raven.
Josh seems too immature and hasn’t learned when to keep his cards close to his vest which will only hurt him.
The cowboy seems pretty game intuitive but, I haven’t read all of the feeds yet.
I like Dominique. I hope she makes it far!
I also like Kevin too, not sure how far he’ll get bc of his lack of knowledge of the game but, I think his social game will carry him. Hopefully, he sticks with the right alliance since he is under the radar right now. I have a feeling he can read people well (which is key) given where and who he was raised by. For a man in his mid 50’s…the guy has swagger.
I like Elana, she seems sharp enough & looks like Marylin Monroe but, “showmance” already?
Same thing for Jessica….
Christmas is growing on me. She reminded me of Amanda initially.
I’m not sure what to think of Alex but, I do love that she told Cody to eat s*#%!


I believe Megan now when she said that Jessica called Alex a panda because Jessica just got done saying that Pow Pow (a Chinese house guest a couple season ago) is going home this week meaning Alex.

Cody Cruise

Does anyone else see Cody’s UNCANNY resemblance to TOM CRUISE???!
He’s totes got the crazy face going down.


I thought more of Jim Caviezel. Either way, can’t stand the guy.

uidai card

Thanks for finally writing about >”She was a super fan, she studied, week 1 she got busted and she quit B1tch quit..”
Big Brother 19 Spoilers | OnlineBigBrother Live Feed Updates <Liked it!