First Power of Veto Results ” I don’t care if Ramses comes in here and looks at my c**k”

Alex wins the Power of Veto.

Paul congratulates Alex on her win

When he leaves Alex tells the camera she’s going to crush every showmance there is. (my soul mate)

3:32pm Christmas and Paul
Talking about Ramses being a “smart little f****r”
They are trying to figure out who the replacement nominee will be.
Paul – if anyone gets backdoored it’s going to be me. (he has the pendent)

3:40pm HOH Jessica, Matt, Mark, Elena, Raven, Dom and Cody
Matt saying they can now backdoor Jason.

They start talking about how insane Josh is getting.

They agree if one of them doesn’t win HOH one of them is going home.

Paul joins them. Warns them about Ramses and how he goes in all the rooms and collects information. Points out that in Big Brother the worst case scenario always happens.
They agree Alex should have let Jason win so they both would have been safe.

Matt – I don’t care if Ramses comes in here and looks at my c*ck
He stresses all that matters is that their side wins HOH.

3:50pm Jillian saying that she killed herself in the competition today..

Complains that she’s “taken so many hits, I’m a have not, I’m on the block second time”

3:52pm Storage room Ramses and Elena
Elena telling him her side hasn’t talked about an alliance at all. Adds that Cody is anti alliance.
Ramses sounds convinced.

4:00pm Lounge Ramses and Christmas
Christmas complains about Korn “freak on a leash” for wake up music
She asks him if he got the temptation.
Ramses – no
Christmas – I want to get the temptation..

She starts to show off her abs to him..

4:06pm Jessica, Dom, Cody HOH
Jessica is telling Cody if he brings Alex it will hurt them. “she’s annoying as all hell” and Jessica doesn’t want to be in jury with her.
Cody thinks they should bring her along for a bit because she’s so strong at competitions.

Jessica says the other side of the house is not a threat. Once they get rid of Jason they don’t have to worry about: Kevin or Jillian, ramses

4:17pm Matt, Cody, Jessica and Dom

Cody says Paul is talking they should put Ramses up but doesn’t think it’s the best idea. Dom and Matt agree. They seem to want “Cowboy” nominated. Which was the plan all along.

Dom really stresses they have to focus on winning HOH next week so their group can progress.

Matt says if they take Jason out this week and Alex next week, Josh, Kevin and Ramses
Jessica – no shot
Matt – we do these 2 things we’re in jury
Jessica – coast
Dom – yeah.. unless BB tries to play us

Elena telling Alex this is the most attractive cast ever.

4:38pm HOH Cody and Jessica
Cody tells Jessica that he’ll sacrifice himself for them.
Tells her his entire life has been taking stupid risks, “I’m never going to play it safe, ever.. I will make sure you guys are safe”

4:41pm Christmas and Elena
Christmas saying that Alex that threw Megan and Jillian under the bus day 2.
Elena says Ramses thinks the renomination will be him or Jason.

And with this I’m out for the night.. Enjoy Dawgs updates 🙂 be Back 1am

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ChillTown 2.0

Alex is a beast! Always hate when the “popular” HGs create their mega alliance in the first week and are convinced they can knock off the “outsiders”. I do not know enough about Cowboy to know if I like him but to lose him over Jillian would be shame considering I find her kinda useless and whiny.

Alex looks to be in the same mold of Bridgette and I am down with that…btw Paul got lucky he has the 3 week safety.

Spartacus Jackson

Bridgette has a better attitude than Alex, everything that comes out of Alex’s mouth towards the other houseguests are purely emotional.


My biggest problem with Alex is when I was watching After Dark she was talking to Jillian and she was like we have to let America know who the good and bad people are.those people are bad people . I cannot stand when people on the show do that you are not the moral authority of who is bad and good nobody has to be nice or kind to you .

Spartacus Jackson

Awww is Alex jealous and bitter because no guys in the house wants a showmance with her. LOL! She’s been Debbie Downer since the season started. At least she won a comp to save her butt when it mattered most but damn if you’re this big of a target in week 2….I give her three more weeks tops for survival in the house..definitely once Paul’s (Production Immunity) is flushed out.


Trying to catch up, as I was not able to watch, but for some reason no one is “grabbing” me yet as a stand out to pull for. Either that, or I’m still burned out from last season.


Right now it is a competition as to who will leave earlier: Josh or Cody. Otherwise, I think we will get a better picture as to who is the strongest of the bunch within the next 2 comps


Maybe he will nominate Paul after she takes herself off the block!! If he doesn’t do it now, Paul will probably make it very far in the game!!


paul won a safety for 3 weeks


Should I be surprised Paul won the pendent to be safe, the same week they brought him back?! -_____________-



now cody cant get rid of paul, josh or alex. its perfect. that means his HOH is going to be a complete throw away, he’ll get rid of someone useless

out of preference i hope he nominates kevin

this is awsome. well done alex!!!


dominique, and christmas are sitting pretty though if you think about it. alex and the other side are focused on taking apart the showmances, and so by that they will go after matt, raven, cody, jessica, mark and elena before either of them. meanwhile the douche quad like christmas and dominique and will never go after either of them because of that , unless they do something that causes them to disutrust them. cody doesnt like josh and they plan on getting rid of kevin and ramses at some point.

so even though dominique has alligned herself with cody she’s no a target. her and christmas are sitting in the middle. play it smart and they can sit and watch the 2 sides take each other out and ride that to the end. I’d love to see another all female finale. hasnt been done since alison and jun

they both have strong social games as well.


and really. well done to paul for getting off cody’s radar too. he’s sitting well himself. not as good as christmas and dominique but he’s still sitting good


Here you go, from Megan’s own lips


I’m glad Alex got herself off the block. Not that I’m rooting for her but just glad the outs managed to save one of their own. I’m not thrilled with the popular crowd.
I’m okay with Paul (of all previous choices) being back in the house but he wins safety for 3 weeks??? A bit too much…
I don’t care for Christmas or Jessica. One’s an ignorant slut, the other walked in with a fan base.
Random thought: there’s alot of floppy boobs in the house. No wonder all the guys are hooking up. Geez Louise guys! Can’t you last 5 minutes without having to hook up?!
Still no favorite but it’s early.


Josh needs help psychological help or he needs to be put on some kind of pill because he just talks nonsense.. I think Cody will be banging Jessica before the week is out ….

Josh's meds

Mommy packed us for you but BB production will not give us to you. We will be here when you self evict or are carried out in a straight jacket.


Freaking dying. Best comment I’ve seen yet.


I love it !!!! Cody’s HOH is a waste he can’t get rid of Alex,Josh,and Paul . He’ll probably take out someone weak most likely Jillian or Jason .

Club H.O.H

What I don’t understand why was Jessica not kicked out when she did make racial slurs and did it again the next morning. She even lied saying she did call her PowPow but it was taken the wrong way. No you were calling her Pow because of her ethnicity. You can be all fake and pretty but with that type of persona she is ugly and needs to go. I’m rooting for Cody even though he is something else and I’m glad he’ll knock the entitled brat who hasn’t done anything off. Good for Paul that he’s in the middle with Dom. Are Zankie coming back on? Saw on the cbs store shirts being sold of Them.


They didn’t kick anyone out during the season of racists they just let their employers and the public take care of it later. They may call Jessica in for a private chat about her comments but that’s about it. Free speech and all.


Isn’t it interesting that immediately the male members of the house separated the least attractive three girls and agreed that they were outsiders. Evidently that was determined by their bra size.