Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Wil showing off the sculpture he made of Jodi

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


8am – 10am Joe gets up and heads into the kitchen and then into the arcade room. Joe is eating froot loops. Not long after he falls asleep. (He’s not supposed to sleep anywhere but the have-not room. 9:40am Big Brother switches the feeds to TRIVIA. When the live feeds come back, Ashley is up and sits in the living room. Frank, Wil, Jenn, and Danielle are in the kitchen taking and joking around. Ashley asks what time it is? Frank says 7:50am. Ashley says thank you. They all laugh. Frank says no we’re joking its 9:50am. Wil shows the camera his sculpture of Jodi’s face. Joe and Ian are still sleeping in the have-not room.

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10:10am – 10:25am Frank and Danielle are talking in the bathroom. He says that him being put up on the block is fine if he stay because that shows he can trust them. Frank says he trusts Dan more than Britney. He explains that he realizes him being put up on the block was more Britney’s doing than Shanes. He talks about how he liked how Dan played the game before because he was an honest player. He tells Danielle that he is confident in her vote and that he likes that she is an honest player too. Frank talks about how Janelle is running around the house making up lies. He says people lied and said I had a final 2 deal with Wil and then a few days late there was the lie about me wanting to get Wil out and back door him. Make up your minds, which is it. Danielle is just lying there not saying much of anything. He talks about when people burn bridges in this game it is impossible to regain that trust. Frank leave to go make breakfast. Danielle and Janelle are in the bathroom. Joe comes in to the bathroom. Janelle and Danielle pinky swear. Joe says we’re good, we’re good!


11:40am Britney and Janelle are up in the HOH bathroom. Britney says that Danielle is 100% with them. Janelle says that she talked to Wil and he said he is voting out Frank and says that he said they will hate me. They start talking about Frank and how much he stinks. Janelle says imagine sleeping in bed with him let alone fu*k him. Eww Gross! Britney says that she has never had sex with anyone who stunk. Janelle says yeah that’s a deal breaker. They talk about how co*ky Boogie and Frank are, they think Frank is staying. Shane joins them. They tell him that Frank was up all night trying to get to Danielle and Wil. Joe joins them. They tell him that Boogie and Frank are so co*ky down there. They actually think Frank is staying.


Dan, Wil and Danielle head up to the HOH room in anticipation of being on an HOH lock down. Britney and Wil climb into the coaches bed. Birtney starts mocking Joe says that she has a vital piece of information to tell him. They both laugh. Britney talks about saving a member of your team for a week gives you the exact same odds as bringing back a player. Janelle joins them. She tells them that she isn’t wearing a bra. Britney says yeah I can tell. Janelle says of course you can tell. They start talking about breast milk and Janelle asks Britney if she wants to try it. Britney says no. Wil asks Janelle if she has. She says no. They he says he would if he had breasts. Janelle says okay fine I tried it.


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11:10am – 11:25am Frank and Mike are in the arcade room talking. Mike asks what happens if I can’t trade for Wil, like if he was the HOH for the week. Who would he put up. Frank says he thinks Ian and Jenn and if we had a chance to back door Shane he would. Mike says he hates to do it to Dan but he wants to put up Danielle for what she is doing this morning. This morning Danielle told Frank that moving forward she could work with him. Mike says what the fu*k do you mean moving forward, you need us bit*h. Both Mike and Frank call Danielle a bitc*h. Mike says that we can bully Ian to vote anyway we want. Frank and Mike talk about how stupid Danielle is. Mike says that he wants to ask the producers why they picked her. Frank says that Danielle was confident about winning the HOH tonight. Mike says she won’t win. He says that he can’t stand her. They talk about how glad they are that Shane’s reign is over today and that he will be sweating tonight. They say that Shane is a pu$$y. Mike says that he will be out there trying to get Ashley to jump out of the endurance competition with cookies and ice cream saying come on Trixie, everybody loves you, you’re safe.


11:50am Britney heads down stairs and goes into the arcade room. She says that she just came downstairs to break up some convos. See who’s scheming. Boogie and Frank invite her in. They ask her if everyone is upstairs. Britney says yeah except for Dan. She tells them that she was up there talking about teen mom. The others in the HOH room were all asleep. She starts telling Mike all about The Real Housewives of Orange County. Frank asks Britney who Janelle’s players would put up? Britney says that they aren’t really playing together so you need to give me a specific name. Britney says that all the numbers are off next week, you will have three, Janelle will have two, Dan will have one. Mike says that he hopes he won’t have to rely on Danielle next week. Frank says that he hopes everyone at home is able to see how bad Janelle is playing with running around lying to everyone. Britney leaves. Mike says that he thinks Britney owns Danielle as much as Dan does, we need to keep Britney on our good side. Frank says that he has been thinking about laying the mack down on Danielle. Mike tells Frank to keep tickling and spinning her. Frank says that if we are able to get Shane out next week, Danielle will suck to us like glue. Mike says that he can’t wait for the day when we line up for a contest with Danielle, Ashley and Jenn.


12:10pm Big Brother calls for an HOH room lock down. Mike and Frank head upstairs.

1pm Still on an HOH lock down. None of the house guests are talking.


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Frank or Joe? Soon we’ll know!!!!

Dark Horse

I think it will be Frank cause Joe will continue to dig his own grave.


Adios Frank!! hahaha


I sure hope they give joe penalty vote for picking at the cheese cake the other day, wouldnt that be a kick at shane, would make him have ALLLLL the blood on his hands since he would have to break the tie

Dark Horse

They just told him to stop but didnt give him a penalty nom.


CBS Production didn’t penalizes Joe for nibble his cheesecake. They should look at the tapes to review if he nibble the cheesecake or what! wtg cbs production…..Joe got away in everything. He should be penalizes & 1 vote.


thats what i am saying…joe is on slop and he nibbled on his cheesecake.. and he gets just a warning? WTF! in the past the person would of got a penalty vote or whatever. thats not cool.

Dark Horse

Eagle Eye Joe is a bit bold…he even catches winks in the arcade room, being a have not and all…


I love how they say ” we cant trust Joe” but then they say they want to keep Joe …haha Danielle is an idiot .. She will be the number one target if Jen, Boogie, or Ian win HOh.


I hope Boogie wins and puts up Janelle and Danielle. OMG ya’ll I can’t believe Mike doesn’t like me. I’ve never done anything to him and I can’t believe he’s picking on me. It’s not fair ya’ll. He thinks I’m the heaviest girl in the house but I’m not – I mean I weight a pound less than Ashley.


I think that if they vote out Frank tonight, then Boogie will die trying to win the HOH and he will definitely put up Janelle and Britney and/or Shane if they win POV. I don’t think he really cares about Danielle, besides crippling Dan, but I think he will be majorly pissed at Janelle and Britney for teaming up to vote out Frank. However, if Danielle is the swing vote and she voted to evict Frank, and he realizes this, then maybe he will go after Danielle just to make a point (banking on the fact that he doesn’t know that Britney/Janelle teamed up). I also wouldn’t mind seeing Danielle go because she is so insecure and I hate watching her on the feeds. Every time someone tells Danielle that someone else was talking about her she says “did they say anything about my body?”. She is insane….


Danielle isn’t a threat to anyone, so I agree. Boogie has several more important people to take out before moving onto Danielle. If he comes into the game, that is. Jenn can’t win anything either, so that leaves little Ian. I think that Boogie goes only as far as Frank does, unless he gets a new warrior into his stable.


@Cal. I think their logic behind wanting Frank out today over Joe,has to do with them feeling as though Frank is more dangerous than Joe.They admit that they don’t trust Joe,but they think they’ll have more opportunities to get Joe out of the house,than they will with Frank.There’s also the issue of Frank being Boogie’s puppet.Joe does what Janelle tells him to do,just like Frank does what Boogie tells him to do.The difference is,they might feel like Boogie is better at strategy than Janelle.Which means Boogie&Frank together are a much bigger and dangerous threat than Janelle&Joe together.This is just the impression I got from reading the updates and watching the CBS show.


JW, i think Dan considered the possibility that the newbies would form an alliance together but
Dan felt that Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Britney were a solid enough team that Dan did not leave out the
fact the newbies could be together in his thinking when the coaches come into the game.

I think that the Brigades or any legitimate alliance should vote for their team member regardless of whether their teammate
did nothing in the game against a player who won more skillful and social. For example, if Jordan and
Porsche were in the final two last year, and Jordan won no competitions and never tried to get off the block and slept all day,
and Porsche won a lot of events, Rachel, Brendon, and Jeff would still vote for Jordan because
Jordan is counting on those veteran votes and has a nice girl image and viewer support although
Porsche would be considered the better player.


@kevins.“JW, i think Dan considered the possibility that the newbies would form an alliance together but
Dan felt that Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Britney were a solid enough team that Dan did not leave out the
fact the newbies could be together in his thinking when the coaches come into the game.”Are you saying,that maybe the reason why Dan wants a alliance to include two newbies(Danielle&Shane),has to do with if he makes it to final 2.He(Dan)might get Shane&Danielle’s vote(if they’re in the jury,and not sitting next to him)over a newbie that Dan brings to final 2.All because real alliances will vote for their fellow alliance member?If that’s not what you meant.Then I would appreciate if you would clarify it for me.Thanks.


JW, I’m sure that Dan as coach and not player considers what’s best for Danielle. I know Dan is
a great player but not that confident that he will be in the final two and considers who’s voting in the jury.
I meant the Dan felt comfortable in forming an alliance with Danielle, Shane, Britney, and himself that
I think he can tell them that the new players may form an alliance with a strong player leading them. If Dan can
pull off being in the final two with a newbie and have Danielle and Shane voting for him, that would be
brilliant. I meant that Dan looking at the cast doesn’t see a unified newbie alliance so he didn’t feel
any threatened by being a previous winner or being aligned with a newbie in the third week of the show.


That Frank is manipulating Danielle like crazy. He is definitely laying it on thick. I am surprised he hasn’t told her how skinny she is blah, blah. She may keep him around so she cam hear that another day. Shane FTW


It’s almost as if Danielle never has a real clue of whats going on…


Danielle, I will feel sorry for you if Jenn, Ian or Mike Boogie win HoH’s & shouldn’t trust Janelle in first place. You should trust your gut to evict Joe. That would be a smart move. However, If Ian be a sellout. I hope Mike Boogie go after his own people.

Dark Horse

Does anyone think, since BB did not give Joe a penalty nom for picking at the cheese cake, that they [BB] want Frank gone?

Just a thought.


I think they do because it would cause a lot of drama and then they would have Boogie coming into the game going after the coaches because he will be pissed. I don’t think they would like it if all the coaches teamed up because it would be like last season. If they (BB) can cause friction between the coaches I think they would.


Production wants Frank gone because with him in the house the budget for air freshener and frebreze has quadrupled!

I was watching him on the couch last night with his arm resting on the back of it, can you imagine the scent he is leaving all over that place….*gag*.
He was talking about if he ended up with JoJo in jury they would likely fool around, I think even JoJo would draw the line at doing him.

Dark Horse

LMAO @NoName

I’m getting the feeling that they want him to go too.

And just think week 2 [was it] Frank was talking about all of them picking their feet on the backyard couch…

…but yet he is leaving pit stains on all the chairs.


wow…. the conversation in the arcade room right now is worth doing a flashback on. it is so embarrasing that boogie and frank are talking about how ugly Danielle is when these two guys are so physically unattractive….this is what unhealthy males do….I have witnessed it for decades….it’s still the same. I give boogie props for his business success but that’s it.

frank has no backbone at all…you can see that in all their conversations he always agrees with boogie. if boogie says Danielle is worthless he says she’s worthless. if he likes someone frank does too.

just gross!!!

Dark Horse

WOW seriously?? The nerve…

Someone hand Frank a mirror…and some deodorant!!!


For the record, I think Danielle is really pretty. Just wears too much makeup at times. She has sexy eyes.

Dark Horse

I do too, I agree about the makeup. She’s just too annoying at times.


@SK. Boogie&Frank are calling Danielle ugly?I know it’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.But I wouldn’t think anyone can look at Danielle and say,she’s ugly.I think she’s pretty,that’s why I don’t get why she seems so insecure.Anyway,in my opinion Boogie looks like that character Gollum,from The Lord of the Rings.Frank looks like a mix between Carrot top and Shaun White.After reading this,“Mike says what the fu*k do you mean moving forward, you need us bit*h. Both Mike and Frank call Danielle a bitc*h.”It’s clear that Boogie still has no respect for women.The reason why I said he “stiil” doesn’t have respect for women,has to do with what all the awful things he said about Erika.Boogie didn’t just play Erika.I’m use to watching that happen on Big Brother.Dr.Will played Janelle,but I don’t remember Dr.Will going in the DR and calling Janelle every disgusting,disrespectful word he could think of.Anyone that watched All-Stars(season7)knows what I’m talking about.


I completely agree the nerve of both Boogie and Frank! They look so stupid right now calling her a “stupid b**ch when Frank’s ass will be out the door tonight looks to me like they’re the stupid ones. Besides being insanely annoying! Danielle is extremely smart if she could control her emotions and continue to take Dan’s advice she could actually win this game! I don’t think she’s pointless AT ALL!


Besides being a big dude, I don’t see the threat of Frank…he is too big to win endurance and I don’t think that he has as great as a social game as everyone thinks. Danielle sees right through him and that should say something. He won 1 HOH but I just don’t see him as big of a threat as everyone says he is.


I would loved to see the coaches faces when they announce the twist, trying to act surprised, have them do a small competiotion between the coaches for the right to enter the game like you give up a vote next week and eat slop or stay as a coach or they could answer questions like who would say this kinda responce and eliminate each coach until there is one coach left I hope that to just given them a choice is wrong make them earn an opportunity first.


If big brother just lets them have a choice is stupid and unfair they haven’t had blood on their hands yet and been eating like Kings and Queens especially the coach of Hoh got their own room for sleeping come on Big Brother make them pay big time to choose to come into the game


Hey production you should hire me to come up with ideas, I would really get this year to be exciting instead of the same old crap


like take a punishment for a reward and reward someone for convincing the house to turn on each other. I liked the season when Annie was to be the sabateur but it didn’t last long before she was booted because Big Brother told them someone was playing with different motives Production learn to keep their big mouths shout and not giving some people heads up with whats gonna happen Makes for better TV


Nooooooooo, that’s not how you get a job at BB. Put your application in at Two & a Half Men, then maybe they’ll pick you to produce/direct at BB. Lol

Dark Horse

Danielle is becoming way too much at this point, I was becoming happy with her talking game and it appeared that she got her head in the game BUT…

…really storming out during talk of Kara and telling everyone [I’m sure the DR are sick of it too] that she weighs less than Ashley!!!

Does she think she on The Bachleor or The Biggest Loser???

With that said, I have a feeling she may win HOH tonight LOL


Danielle explaining that she applied to a dating show, and not BB makes so much sense. Poor thing is really desperate for attention and validation. Unfortunately that just makes her more unattractive.


I am now watching Frank and Boogie on the live feeds and they are talking about everyone…Frank saying he would put Shane and Danielle up next week, etc. Let me know if I am wrong, but if this vote goes according to plan, this really will be an epic eviction night. I can’t believe that Frank and Boogie have no idea that Danielle will vote Frank out. They also have no idea that Janelle and Britney are working together. I really thought that something was going to happen this week where they would end up voting Joe out but it hasn’t and I can’t believe it. It seems like they will definitely have an eviction because there will be too many players after the coaches come back into the game. If they vote out Frank and all 4 coaches come into the game then they will be at 11 players (I think) and I heard Britney say that is a good number going into week 4.

I am so glad I have the live feeds tonight…it is going to go down! If they do end up voting Frank out, Boogie will be so upset, I can’t wait.


Agree, it will make for good tv tonight. Even though Joe needs to go really soon, you have the opportunity to get out Frank who is a great player and that’s what will happen. Boogie needs a reality check since he put all his eggs in the Frank basket. I do hope Janielle is first coach to be evicted because she has been a real big disappointment for me this season. Maybe this is the way she always played but I thought she had more class. The lies just roll off her tongue and she has not coached her team well (except for study time).


I am cheering for Dan & Britney as coaches and Wil & Shane for players. Joe needs to go next week for sure. Jenn needs to put her game into high gear because she is too far under the radar. Ian is such a great fan and I hope he continues to play as long as possible. Ashley appears to be on valium 24/7 because she doesn’t make sense. She acts like a love child from the 60’s – maybe it’s from tanning solution fumes??

I really enjoy listening to the coaches strategize. Boogie and Dan have had great conversations and you can see their game moves. Dan is a master at this IMO because he has all the strategy plus he is nice to the players. Boogie is smart too but he is ruthless and has such a high opinion of himself I’m surprised he doesn’t have a nosebleed everyday! :)


I too am glad I have the live feeds, even more glad that I somehow have it for free. I got a free trial last weekend, cancelled it, but i still have access and nothing has been charged to my bank account. The site even says i don’t have a subscription, pretty freakin sweet.


Shanielle, I will feel sorry for both of you either Ian,Jenn, or Mike Boogie wins HoH & shouldn’t trust Janelle in the first place. Janelle will stabbed you right in the back if Joe,Wil or Ashley wins it. Shane, you should keep the nomination a same and now Janelle Team will backdoor you. I hope you learn your lesson from your mistake.


There is a possibility that Janelle will back door Shane, but Frank has said that he 100% plans on it…so Shane’s best move is to get rid of Frank knowing he can’t trust him, and hope that he can trust Janelle…I think Shane knows that he is probably screwed without another POV either way, but how do you keep someone in the house when you know they plan to back door you? If he keeps Frank, he may as well evict himself.


Agree 100% JH. C’mon captain, keep up with wtf is going on in the house bro!!!!


I’m keeping checking in big brother house but i’m just speak my opinion across.


I dont get why Wil went out of his way to tell Frank he has his vote ,,, how stupid are you let dumb ass Danielle take all the blame ,, I swear these people have no clue


It’s part of his plan to blame it on Jenn. Boogie would HAVE to put all his faith in Wil (especially after losing Frank) which let Wil break away from Janelle’s team but, at the same time let Janelle’s team think he’s helping them by giving them info.
Problem is that Boogie would have to be an idiot to think Jenn would have a mind of her own and not vote his way.
Did you see her in the HOH room practically begging Shane and Britney to crash on their couch so they don’t go neaar Danielle?
Boogie probably commanded her to do that.


A couple things – I think BB told Joe to go back to the have not room because the feeds came on briefly and he shouted something like “is that better” and then they cut out again. Also, I think that Danielle is playing exactly the game that Dan wants her to. I thought about their talk yesterday and I think that she is a smarter player than Boogie and others give her credit for. She is a bit narcissitic (but I think all of them are to a point – I mean on camera 24/7?) and then there is the infatuation with Shane – which I think is a strategy of Dan’s that kind of backfired. Then again, she may be playing everyone about Shane as well. We will have to stay tuned to see.

billy bob

how much coffee does britney drink? lol


Boogie is asleep at the wheel…he’s heading straight for a tree. BAM!!


It would be great if Danielle won HOH. She needs the confidence and it would keep Shane safe. Best of all it would knock Boogie down a peg. I was hoping after all stars I would never see his mug again. I wish he would just talk a little more about Chilltown… Oh wait that is what he LIVES for… Enough already with the “hasbeen”. (I feel better now after bashing Booger) LOL

Dark Horse

I think she may win it tonight…I kinda hope so too, to rebuild her confidence.


boogie calling Brittany stupid and she is totally playing him in the arcade….priceless!!


That was hilarious! I am DYING to see Boogie’s face tonight! He really should have figured it out last night, for a second he looked suspicious, then Wil told him not to be, and magically Boogie felt safe again lol…Boogie, you WON before, come on, you know how to play…stop being stupid!


He won because Dr. Will carried him the whole way.

production rigged it

that’s funny boogie and frank talking and boogie saying we can bully ian to vote anyway we want, weren’t they the ones that have talked about willie all the time about being a bully what a couple of hypocrites and it’s also funny that they’re calling shane a pu$$y, let’s see i think i’m right in saying that shane has kicked frank’s ass in every physical or skill competiton that they’ve had so far what a couple of idiots it will make it that much sweeter to see the looks of their faces when julie says by a vote of 3 to 2 frank u have been evicted from the big brother house.


Hahaha Frank and Boogie are comical little do they know……………………….guys tonight is going to be INSANE

Myka 9

Lol, it doesn’t matter if they give Joe a penalty nomination, Shane will break the vote and send Frank packing, but let’s be real; 1. Boogie/Frank are gunning for Shane next week, so it won’t really matter if Boogie knows Shane was in on getting Frank out or not and 2. You seriously think once Frank gets voted out that Boogie isn’t going to expect that Shane was at least partly behind it lol?

Frank and Boogie think they rule this house, and while both are obviously good players, they honestly think Frank is safe tonight. If they bring back past players to compete (including Frank), it probably means that coaches who choose to participate (if they’re given the option) in endurance but don’t win will be going home.


I don’t like Joe but I despise Frank even more. I really hope he’s gone tonight, all this talk about his bad BO is starting to come through my computer so he’s really ticking me off now. Here’s hoping Frank is out tonight, coaches are in the game and Janelle wins HOH. Also Wil REALLY needs to go, too much drama and he should be kissing Janelles ass for saving him otherwise he’d likely be going home tonight BUT instead he’s being an ass to her because he wants to play his own game…LOL LOL LOL Ya play your own game and you would of been GONE!


All you Janelle’s worshippers. Why you like Janelle so much? She took 5 her alliance member help her. She didn’t do by herself. She was helped by her Sovereign 6 alliance member. She needs to do this on her own. Be more realistic! She already lost twice & If she continue to lose again. Let’s see how Janelle feel more like a loser. I’m just telling a truth & honest.


Captain, what site are you on? There are NOT a bunch of Janelle worshippers here.


Yeah but why these people keep worshipping Janelle. She carried three floaters.

Beyonce Fan

Can’t wait to se frank face tonight tonight might be the best night in bb history and frank look like he stank ughhh and I hate danelle but why is these men calling this young girl the b world? Can’t wait for the look on there face.


Yeah, wait till the coaches coming in. I would love to see Janelle’s face when she leaves next week. Let’s see who laughing. If Jenn, Ian or Mike Boogie wins HoH! Janelle will be gone next week. Her husband will console her for being a three time loser.


If I’m production, I’m doing a lot of work in the DR trying to get Joe out for the following reasons:

1. I’m tired as fuck at being yelled at during every DR session he has.

2. People keep mentioning how much drama Frank being evicted would cause. Over half the house is convinced Joe is staying. If Frank goes, it’s really only Boogie, Ian, and Jenn who are pissed. If Joe goes, fingers will be pointed in every which direction between Jannelle, Britney, Dan, Wil, Ashley, Shane, and Danielle.

3, Any comps involving strength will be a cakewalk for Shane from here on out.

4. Joe has been blatantly breaking Have Not rules all week. If I were production, I’d be kinda pissed about it.


Idea for a twist: Hold a Coach’s competition, something wherein any one of them has a fair chance, but only the winner has the option to enter the game as a player.


Julie : By a vote of 3 to 2, Frank, you are evicted from the Big Brother House
Mike : OH MY GOD! (Storms out like a loser)
Frank : (about to leave, point out Danielle and Shane) You know, I have an alliance with her and with him
Danielle : Yeah whatever, Frank. That’s whatcha gettin’ for puttin’ me up y’all…


production rigged it

i really don’t see them giving the coaches an option to enter the game and then if they don’t win the comp or if they’re the first 1 out then they’re out of the game because obviousy if they were told that i don’t think they would all enter because they wouldn’t take a chance on losing $100,000 that way, now if they come in and they’re told that if they don’t win or they’re the first one out but they remain a coach then they would take the chance, i personally think all 4 coaches r coming in because production knows the ratings r down and if the coaches come in then the ratings will rise because of all the chaos that will start, just my opinion.


Now everyone knows why Boogie is single. Not just because his face looks like the witch from the Wizard of Oz, but because of his horrible personality. He had to become rich or else he would never get laid.

And Frank, well he’s just an unemployed asshat who looks like he was dropped out of a 70’s porn film with body odor that clears a room. What a pair of delusionoids. I can’t wait for tonight.


Well said!!!!


Can’t wait until tonight. I hope the twist lives up to the hype. It would be even better if it was unpredictable? Although those things only happen when a fan favorite is headed out the door. Oh wait, that IS predictable. LOL

So comment with one name only…. Who do you want to win it all??

Shane FTW


Diana’s Diary Room 8/1
check it out on youtube
best recap show ever!
I know I keep shouting it out
just trying to put you up on something good.
I liked Frank at first but he turned into Boogie 2.0
so for that he’s gotta go. I know alot of u guys dislike Joe
but just cracks me up with loud talking.

The line of last nights bbad is from Wil
“give me five reasons not to evcit your ass”
and the Jani nip slip was cool too.
Couldnt stay up I watched on dvr this afternoon


Tonight’s live show is going to be amazing! Can’t wait to see look on Frank AND Boogie’s face – they are both so cocky. I heard janelle say something like there’s a new sheriff in town indicating that she is in charge of this BB house, not Boogie. LOL Only think Janielle is in charge of is coaching her team to lie. Her team is first to fall apart with regard to loyalty and Joe is a lose canon as witnessed by his lame game move with Jenn.

I am cheering for Dan and Britney as coaches along with Wil and Shane as players. I hope Janielle is first coach to go home and Joe is out the door next week. Ashley needs to get off the valium and start some critical thinking because maybe Trixy sniffed too much tanning oil forumla before coming to the house – I can’t recall a player who was so loopy. I hope Ian can play as long as possible because he seems like such a good fan but not very savvy about HOW to play the game. Jenn should start stepping up because she is way too far under the radar.


What is up with Ashley? I am in the medical field and that girl is on something, BB you need to check her bags she is STONED! Get Frank the F*@k out! He annoys the hell out of me!


Ashley is on pain killers -which I find odd. If she really has a back injury, then she wouldn’t she been cut from casting? I imagine they had a medical examination to make sure they could to participate in all the physical competitions. Ashely claims her back pain is the root need for her pills. One of the house guests counted and Ashley took 6 pills one night. That will make anybody flaky.


LOL. I thought the same thing about Ashley, she always acts like she’s high. I’d hate to see what she’s like when she really is.


Just thought I would throw this out there.
After tonight they will have ten newbs;
Janelles team (2 or 3- but prob 3)
Boogies Team (2 or 3- But prob 2)
That leaves seven house guests, four coaches
According to your schedule the finale is scheduled for Sep 19. That leaves us with 6 Thursdays (after tonight) that will get rid of six players for sure. Finale week starts off with three players, the three fighting for final HOH. There we have nine.
To get the eleven players total we would need to have two double evictions, which honestly I can totally see. One next week and one the last thursday of August.

What I HOPE HOPE HOPE they do is tonight when they give the coaches the option to join the game they give them three options that they have to pick from
1. Enter the game
2. Stay as coach
3. Have the choice to stay as coach and bring back an eliminated houseguest.
I think if that was to happen
Janelle would enter the game
Dan would bring back Kara
Britney would bring back Jojo
Boogie would bring back Frank

I would much rather see three evicted houseguests come back, than all the coaches join the game.


Doubt that bringing back Frank this week would be an option. It would be bad for BB to immediately negate an HOH. I really don’t think that Brit would bring back JoJo. I think she was waaaay over her by the time she left. The only player that really listened to her advice was Shane. I think they will all enter the game tonight. I think they will all compete for HOH and I think that the coach that does the worst will be immediately evicted from the house just like Jodi. That would leave them with 10 players and one fast forward week. If this is how it will play out, I don’t think that the coaches will know ahead of time about the immediate eviction. I think after the comp they will get their keys, just like the noobs did.


I was thinking same think. They need the numbers game. Like season 13 when Brendon brought back. So, why can have a same thing? CBS Production, better come up an idea to improve the ratings. Make more interesting.


Britney & Dan already said they would join the game, not bring back players. Janelle looked down on her chest, discussed it with Dawg, and they both agreed she wanted in the game. Boogie’s decision could be ego-based, so that one is a coin flip, IMHO.


It would be hysterical to see Ashley win HOH tonight. She is so out of it all the time, that she would make this upcoming week a total clusterf**k! I cannot stand watching Danielle anymore – she is so annoying. I do not think she is smart at all, and she is barely playing any kind of game. If Dan enters the game, then Danielle would be so paranoid and lost. Dan really is the best player in this game – he is totally off the radar. No one is scared of him entering the game at all. He is a brilliant player and I hope he goes all the way. Of the entire house, he really is the nicest person and best BB player. Britney is so funny. At first I wasn’t too crazy about her, but over time I think she is darling and really, really funny. I kind of would like to see her and Dan get to the final 2.

BBFan 4ever

That is it. Now I know for sure that CBS and the Big Brother show are racist. Don’t you dare show that picture that Wil made of Jodi. It is just wrong. And you all got on Willie for mocking Wil because he was gay. Have you heard how the others mock each other. Britney being Janelle, Britney being Joe, Britney being Ashley. This season is going down as the WORST ever in my book.

thank goodness for this site as I just won’t watch the show.

CBS why don’t you do a FIRST EVICTED HOUSEGUEST season. Bring back the houseguests that no one got the chance to know from the last 14 seasons and put them all in the house. It could prove to be interesting knowing they probably watched their season at home. Enough bringing in coaches and people that have already won.




Question for people with the live feed, are you able to see what’s going on in the house while it’s airing live?


Hey Simon/Dawg,

Thanks for everything you guys do during the BB seaso. You mentioned in a previous column that you can watch old seasons of BB. Can you tell me where again?

U de best!!


For some reason You Tube has this blocked now….Bummer.
I saw them on Amazon video but then you have to pay per episode…


I really hope Danielle sends Joe home and teams up with Frank and get Shane out, I liked Shane but I feel he is just using Danielle.. He shouldn’t be kissing her and letting her lay all over him if he doesn’t like her!!