Aaryn says “I f**king hate her! When I put her up I am going to look like the biggest bit*h but I don’t care!”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie

12:50am Up in the HOH room – Jessie and Aaryn are taking a bath together with the baby ducks. They notice that one of the black fish is dying on the bottom of the tank. Jessie notices that the other fish are eating the fish that is dying. Jessie freaks out when she sees the other fish eating him and says oh my god! They ate at him! They’re eating at him!


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:55am In the storage room – Elissa and Helen are talking. Helen is coming up with their plan to make it look like they are getting really close to Aaryn so that Jessie will want to evict Aaryn. Helen tells Elissa to say Oh my god, I love Aaryn when Jessie is around in the next few days. Helen and Elissa head into the bedroom. Helen tells Elissa that she really is starting to like Aaryn but the point is to get Jessie to want to evict Aaryn instead of Jessie getting too tight with Aaryn. Helen says that she sees what Jessie is doing. Helen says that she doesn’t want it look like she or Elissa are the ones taking out Aaryn. Helen suggests that Elissa do yoga with Aaryn tomorrow. We will both do yoga with her. It will drive Jessie insane!! Helen wants Jessie to think that we are getting super close to Aaryn so that Jessie wants Aaryn out. Helen says Jessie will want us to get out Jessie but we want her to do it. Helen and Elissa go to leave the bedroom and run into Amanda. Helen is smiling and Amanda won’t stop asking Helen why she is smiling. What’s up? What are you guys up to? Helen lies and says that they were just talking about Candice. Amanda tells Helen and Elissa that she thinks that America liking Howard is starting to change because of how he is treating Candice by throwing her under the bus.

1:10am In the lounge – Amanda is talking to McCrae and Andy. Andy tells them that he doesn’t think he needs to or should win HOH next. Amanda tells Andy that if he doesn’t win HOH soon people are going to consider him a floater. Amanda says that would be such an easy HOH because everyone wants Candice out any ways. She tells him he could nominate Spencer and Candice. Andy says that the next couple weeks are just really crucial for me because I need to make jury. Amanda talks about how she explained to Candice while Helen was there backing her up that Candice / Howard were basically an elevated version of Ginamarie and Nick. That Nick could do anything to her and she would just take it. Amanda said that she made it look like she was trying to help Candice. Andy tells McCrae and Amanda that if they don’t want any more blood on their hands he will step up and do it. He says that he likes that he is able to get information from both sides though. McCrae agrees that it’s great the information he gets from them. Jessie and Judd join them. Amanda talks about how Spencer is trying to save Howard when he is a sinking ship. Amanda tells Jessie to stay clear of Candice and of Howard.


1:15am – 1:25am Up in the HOH bathroom – Spencer and Aaryn are talking. Aaryn tells Spencer think about this I didn’t even choose my nominations and now that Howard is going home – I made a deal with Elissa so I can’t put her up. I made a deal with Ginamarie and she is my good friend so I can’t put her up, so I have to put Candice up. Do you know how that looks?! Think about it! The only time they have gone up is because of me and you know what they have been saying about me, so it looks like it is validating what it because I put both of them up. Spencer says oh I knew when you were thinking about Candice and Howard – I knew you were going to look like the biggest bigot in the world now. Aaryn says yup! Spencer says because one of them are going to go home under your watch. Aaryn says exactly. EXACTLY! I mean I can’t control that because I came here to play a game and I want to be here as long as I can and If I have to look like that, then I have to look like that. I know who I am and my family knows who I am and that’s all that matters. Spencer says true. Aaryn says I already look like one and at this point put it on my tab! Because everyone already thinks I am one, so it doesn’t matter any more. Do you feel what I am saying? Spencer says I know dude! Aaryn says you know you’ve already taken that dignity from me so why not through with it then if you are going to put that on me. Spencer says still with Candice going up it is a better opportunity for Howard to stay. Aaryn says please vote for her to go home! I want her to go home! Aaryn says Howard is a good man. Spencer says he is a good man, he’s a very good man. Why is Helen out for him so much. Aaryn says I don’t even know if it is Helen, I don’t know who it is. Spencer asks why is Howard on the block? Aaryn says why has everyone been on the block but McCrae, Andy and Judd? Spencer asks how told Aaryn to put him up? Aaryn asks are you going to fu*k me over if I tell you? Spencer says you know I won’t. Aaryn tells Spencer it was Amanda. Aaryn says if I go up on the block against Amanda, I will go home. If I go up against Ginamarie, she will go home, so if you win HOH next week you can put me up against her and I’ll be okay. Spencer tells Aaryn that he was told the very best he can hope for is first member of the jury. (Jessie told him) She says if he is up next to her, Gina, Elissa, or Candice he has a potential to stay. Aaryn says that Candice is trying to play a victim card right now and it is pissing my off! Spencer says she is such a C**T! Aaryn says it was looking like Candice was going home next week and now she’s not. She was literally going to go home next week and now she’s not! I am so pissed! She will ruin any body’s life to stay here. REALLY? She was miss Louisiana twice? FU*K HER! Spencer says fuck her. Aaryn says I fu*king hate her, Hate her! And tomorrow when I put her up on the block I am going to look like the biggest bit*h in the entire world. And you know what I don’t even care any more. Spencer says well maybe she will have another melt down. Aaryn says lets just pray! I feel like we should make her have a melt down. She’s already a havenot, she’s going to be on the block and her boyfriend is on the block. If she doesn’t have a melt down then she has been faking being crazy this entire time. I hate her, I hate her, I don’t even know why she is here. I bet she was an alternate. I bet she knew someone, she didn’t even go through the same process that we went through. I went through a seven month ordeal. I wont tell any one that we’ve had any conversations now because if people think we are we will be the next two up. Aaryn says Candice isn’t even a target now. Spencer asks who said that? Aaryn smiles when Spencer asks if it was Amanda. Spencer then heads down stairs.


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1:45am Aaryn comes into the lounge room and asks Judd if he wants to come out to the hammock with her. The start to head out and Aaryn says come on Judd maybe we can scissor. Out on the backyard couch Aaryn tells Amanda and Judd that Spencer is suspicious that people leave the room when he enters. Aaryn tells them that she told Spencer she feels she’s on the bottom of the totem pole. Aaryn said that Jessie said Helen told her that they want me out before jury because I won’t be a vote for Elissa. Amanda says Helen and Elissa will be out before you. Aaryn says that Helen thinks for sure she’s going to win the game, she talks about making it to the end all the time. Aaryn says that Spencer asked if he nominated me and Gina, if I would stay. Aaryn says that Spencer told me that people have told him I am a bigger target than him. Aaryn says that Spencer told me he was putting me and Gina up if he wins HOH. (Which is a lie, she told him if he wins he should put her and Gina up.) Why would you tell someone that?! Amanda said of course that’s what we want him to think, we don’t want him to thinking he is the biggest target in the house. Aaryn says that Spencer is freaking out because he used to think that Candice was the biggest target but he doesn’t think that anymore. Aaryn says Spencer thinks I have his back but I don’t. Judd and Aaryn head to the hammock. Judd says that Spencer is copying Adam Poch’s (BB13) game. Aaryn says she’s scared of Spencer. Aaryn says it bothers her that Helen thinks she’s going to win. Aaryn says that she thinks Jessie, Gina, Elissa, Andy and Judd have a good chance at winning HOH this week if its endurance. Judd says that McCrae will do good since he’s small. Aaryn says that she has a feeling she won’t win America’s Favorite because of all the racist bullsh*t I have been put through. Aaryn says I feel like I have been fighting for my life. Judd and Aaryn both say they trust each other.


2:20am In the storage room – Howard tells Helen that if Candice goes up on the block with him. He would rather be voted out to be able to leave with his head held high. Howard says me as a man and morally unless it behoves you I would rather you send me home so that I can sleep at night. I would feel better and much richer because that woman is the only one that stuck up for me. I am ready to go if people are going to keep playing these games and puppets. I cannot stay here knowing that woman stuck up for me and had her heart taken advantage of. I can’t stay here unless someone else goes up instead of her. It’s a simple decision, I cant look at myself in the mirror or talk my conscience if that is going to happen. If that’s what is happening, I respect the game. Helen says I want you to know something – any puppeteering that is going on, it is not just me. Even if I can switch a few people I don’t know if its enough. Howard says that is fine. If people are too scared to put up Amanda then that’s fine. This is my gift to Candice for all the standing up she has done for me. Helen says even if I wanted to take out Amanda right now I don’t have the votes. Howard says of the 16 people in here, there are really only 6 adults the rest are children. Howard pleas to Helen to protect Candice at all costs. Howard says please make sure I go if she goes up. Helen says that she will try. Howard says I will piss people off to make sure they vote me out. Helen says I don’t want you to do that. Howard leaves. Helen heads to the lounge and tells Andy her conversation with Howard. Helen says that she is worried that although Judd and Jessie might be on board to split up Amanda and McCrae in jury, it’s possible they could team up with Amanda and McCrae. Helen says if that happens then we’re fu*ked! They talk about the different scenarios to break up Amanda and McCrae.
CBS Interactive Inc.


2:25am – 2:30am Howard goes and tells Candice in the havenot room that he fixed it. Candice asks what he did? Howard says I can’t say but I you are staying. I want you to go out and get that HOH. Go get your bed. Candice tells Howard that she is still hurt by him that he’s lied to her. Howard tells her that he sincerely likes her and is glad that we met. Howard asks her to not keep holding it over his head all the time. He says he heard it all last night yesterday, all day today. I just told you I fixed it, I parted the red sea, you’re staying and I am still hearing that you are hurt. Do I need to keep hearing it from you. Howard say I promise you that you are not going anywhere even if you go on the block. Howard says if someone else says anything about you they are going to get it! Candice says I just wanted you to stand up for me. Howard says you were in the mix way more than me, I wasn’t in those same situations with you. Candice says I don’t want to hold it over your head. Howard tells her to get her head right and win the HOH. She tells him that her only request if for him to go tell Spencer to keep her name out of his mouth. Howard says okay and leave the room.

2:45am Howard then asks Spencer to talk in the lounge room. Howard asks Spencer not to campaign for me. Howard tells Spencer the conversation he had with Helen about voting him out if they can’t get Aaryn to put up a third party member. Howard tells Spencer that Candice is really hurt that I didn’t stand up for her more when people slandered her name. Spencer tells Howard that Candice went about it wrong when she talked to Helen. She went in there demanding things when she should have talked as friends with her. Spencer asks Howard if he does go to not throw him under the bus. Howard says I can do that.

Meanwhile in the storage room – Andy talks with Amanda and McCrae. Andy tells them about his conversation with Helen. Andy tells Amanda and McCrae that Helen wants them out and that she has been afraid that Judd and Jessie might team up with them. Andy says that Helen is worried that Amanda and McCrae will pick off her, Elissa and Andy. They talk about a plan to get Helen trusts them. McCrae and Andy decide to talk with Helen to make a final four deal with her. They say that they will bring Amanda in after. McCrae says that he will tell Helen that he is protecting Amanda. Andy says that he will plant seeds with Helen in the next couple days that he wants him and Helen to go with McCrae and Amanda over Judd and Jessie.

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3:10am – 3:20am Andy, Judd, Spencer and Howard are in the lounge room talking. Judd tells Howard that he brings his heart into the game too much. Howard says that he can’t help it. Howard tells Andy that Candice just calls people out on the truth. Howard says that his bond with Candice is real. Andy says he can see that. Howard says that he doesn’t want to stay if it means that Candice leaves. Andy starts counting the votes and tells Howard that he wants both Howard and Candice to stay. Andy says that he isn’t sure if he trusts Helen any more. Andy tells them that he was told by Helen that he would be safe this week. Spencer says he has been told he will go up every week and the best I can be is the first member in jury. Howard says that he has to apologize because he can’t be a part of Candice leaving. Spencer says there’s a possibility that if Gina goes up because that was the original plan. Spencer says that Aaryn was crying to him in the HOH earlier because she didn’t want to put us up but she was forced to do it. Judd questions what Candice can do for my game. Spencer says that if both Howard and Candice stay it’s numbers and loyalty because Candice is 100% loyal to Howard. Spencer tells Howard, Andy, Judd that he will have their backs and says that he will be the loudest most obnoxious mother fu*ker. He will make sure Andy and Judd make it to jury because Howard and Spencer will go before them so it helps their game. Howard explains that if you are going to do something now is the time before you start losing more numbers. Spencer says I was treated like I had leprosy until I won the veto and now people talk to me. Andy says he will think about and say he might be ready to make that move. Judd says me too. Judd and Andy both say they need sleep on it.

3:30am – 4:55am Amanda gets Andy come into the lounge room. Amanda asks Andy what they were just talking about? Andy says that he going to bed and says he will tell them later. McCrae questions why Andy wouldn’t talk about right now. McCrae is annoyed with Amanda for confronting Andy because it looks shaddy. Amanda says that everything she does today is upsetting him. McCrae says that people should be on a need to know basis but Amanda tells people everything and calls people into rooms right away when something happens. Amanda gets pissed off and tells him that he is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Amanda leaves and lay in the hammock by herself. Amanda heads inside and finds McCrae in the lounge and asks him what’s wrong with him. She tells him that he is acting weird. McCrae says that she stormed off. Amanda says that he gets upset over the littlest thing because she didn’t think it was a big deal for Andy to know too. McCrae says he doesn’t want to talk about it. McCrae asks Amanda why she asked him what other secrets he has? He says that by her own logic she said that people only question others when they’re hiding something. Amanda starts crying and says she’s sorry. She says she trusts him and says she doesn’t know why she asked him that. McCrae says he just wants her to trust him. Amanda says she does, it’s just scary! Amanda asks do you love me? McCrae says yes. Amanda says don’t not trust me because I questioned you. Amanda says I care more about you, than I care about myself in this game. I want you to get to final two with me so that you can win some money to move to Florida with me and we can start a life together. Amanda keeps questioning McCrae and thinks he won’t trust her now. McCrae says everything is fine but she won’t drop it. She says that she doesn’t even care about the game right now, she cares about him. They head to bed.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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I’m so disgusted by that racist B!TCH aaryn, she flip flops back and forth between being hateful and nice, she needs to GO NOW!!! I won’t watch anymore epi’s until that disgusting piece of garbage is OUT!!!!


I am sick of Candice’s dam whining. She made her bed and now all she can do is act poor pitiful me. GM explained that Aaryn was upset just like Candice when she flipped the bed and did not know it was Candice’s but just the first bed in the room. Candice can whine and cry about Howard being on the block but when Kaitlin or Aaryn got upset that was wrong. Seriously, Candice needs some serious mental help. She has known this guy 30 some days and acting like it is the end of the world, and sorry but race has nothing to do with Candice and Aaryn not liking each other. Candice cannot let anything go and needs to shut up. Aaryn likes Howard who is also african american. Candice just has an attitude problem and threatening, and who else could Aaryn put up without the Super Friends alliance getting mad. There was no one else and Candice just got mad because she was on the block. She was not going home so why the big deal. I really hope Candice goes and Howard stays. Candice is too big of an emotional disaster.


Billie, you are heartless….i hope that one day you get into a situation like Candice is in, then you will know how it feels and i hope that there is no one around to help you out either…..


She knew damn well who the bed belonged to. Aaryn’s bigotry and all-around horribleness, paired with her ability to portray herself as the victim, is pure poison.

She is one of the most evil people I’ve ever seen on reality television.


No BB contestant should ever have to endure bullying or racist taunts as part of game play – not ever. To witness first-hand how bullying and racist intimidation affects people – adults, never mind children, is difficult to witness in real time. Candice’s tears were real and she was suffering. I did not sign up for seeing this unfold week upon week as a Big Brother fan and I am quite certain these painful memories will hurt Candice and Howard for many years to come. I do not understand why CBS has allowed this situation to fester. I would consider a lawsuit against CBS. After all, there is lots of videotape evidence to base a case.

How ironic and fitting that a black fish is dying and being devoured while Aaryn is HOH. Howard must have powerful friends ‘up there’ (sorry, bad joke).

Funny how GM is making promises of setting up some of the House Guests with parties and fun times through her job after they get out of the BB House. Is she in for a big surprise.


Are you serious? Candice is not in any situation that she cannot remedy by opening a door and walking out; she is on a stupid reality show and if she hates it that bad she can choose to go home at anytime. She is not locked away in a prison. She is in a situation that a lot of people tried hard to be a part of and all she does is whine and complain and threaten. Sorry, but she can go home if she is that miserable and she should. I was raised that when someone says I am sorry you accept it and drop it. You let it go, but unfortunately Candice would rather bully and threaten and for what just because someone she met 30 days ago may go home from what is essentially a game show. If the situation is so intolerable for her then she needs to go; she is not forced to stay because no one is holding a gun to her head. No, I am not heartless but it is a reality show, and if this is how she reacts on a stupid reality show would hate to see her when something really major happens in her life like Cancer or another life threatening illness from which she cannot just walk out a door to make it okay. Howard sees it as a game with a bunch of idiots playing; Candice takes it too personal just like Amanda told her and because of that she cannot see the forest for the trees.


@ Bilie – I know you aren’t heartless and I wish Candice could react as pragmatically as you would probably react in a similar situation – just accept the apology and move on. Unfortunately, once the (racist) bell has been rung, it cannot be un-rung whether it’s in real life or a game show – the person on the receiving end will always wonder if the other guy acts from a biased perspective and the racist can plead ignorance or innocence and say sorry, I didn’t mean it so that the behavior can continue unchecked. And the person on the receiving end cannot stoop to such a pathetic level in retaliation because “You can’t wrestle with a pig – The pig will love it and you’ll end up covered in mud”. It’s tough to handle that in real life and probably tougher when your stuck in the BB House.


i think howard is cool, i hope he stays, im kinda done with helen,amanda and elissa, those 3 give me a headache, who wants to sit there and listen how helen has ugly toes, im tired of elissa’s botox face


Amanda, Mc Crae and Andy are smart.That plan with Helen is good but if I were andy I would’ve kept my mouth shut. He is obviously playing for second and third place. Nobody should align themselves as a third party with a showmance because obviously they would keep each other. For now it seems that everything will continue the same as big brother 12, a foursome that steamrolled into the finals (boring!). As of date, the only hope that I can see with breaking this foursome lies with Helen, Elissa and Candice, Candice just needs to get her game back together after howie is evicted this week.


Ok Aaryn is being a bit too mean to go as far to say I f$@&ing hate her …..yikes

sick of her face

I would hate her too because she cannot let anything go. She whines and complains and for what she was not going home. She is a huge cry baby and hope they boot her out. Candice is 30 some years old and cries worse than my 2 year old.


you have no heart


Ok but think about if you were attacked on your race in an already tense situation and couldn’t walk away from it. I feel bad for her and upward because I think it’s hard for them to handle, I think it has affected their game. Is she annoying etc yes but I think having to see and hear someone that has done that yo you would be really hard to deal with she just needs to channel it better but I don’t blame her.

Yeah Right

Why should she let the racist comments go? I agree that Candice is playing a bad game. If you want to play the game and stay in the house then you have to ignore certain things. However, Candice is saying she had enough. Now everyone is attempting damage control because they realize they have lives outside of BB. Gina is saying Aaryn didn’t know that bed was Candice. Aaryn just turned over the first bed in the room. We have arrived again at the comedy portion of BB. So Candice’s clothes on top of her bed didn’t give it away? Aaryn after flipping the bed then challenging Candice in front of Kait/Jeremey and getting in the ghetto character mode that was by coincidence? Gina telling Helen go make some rice, that was because she just wanted some rice and Helen just happened to be Asian? Yep Aaryn, Gina and her supporters are trying to clean this up and its going to be explained away as a lot of jokes and I didn’t know. Racism affects everyone differently. For the racist that’s doing the racism, Candice needs to get over it. For Candice, the person that was on the receiving end of those racist comments, it never leaves you. It could be 10 years from now and Candice will still get upset about the racial mistreatment and what she should of done. The FACT is that she will be entitled to her feelings and dislike of her racial abuser, Aaryn.

Aaryn, you do what you got to do! The other day you wanted to play charade and put on a white sheet and cone on your head. My..my…my..I wonder who that joke was targeted to? Every racist I know when confronted says it was just a joke. Every defender of someone’s racial comments, first thing they say is its just a joke. The problem with these great jokes is that they are exclusionary and not inclusionary, and if you are on the receiving end repeatedly, it affects you. Aaryn, you are entitled to your opinion and will be judged on your actions. However, Candice is rightfully expressing her outrage. It doesn’t help her game, but it makes the other house guests uncomfortable and puts them on the spot. Did they handle this racism correctly. Hence, you have Helen saying there was no racism in this house. Candice actions, makes CBS Prod uncomfortable. This was their idea to put together this racial cast and allow the hate based on racial lines to continue. Now that Candice has decided to stop playing the game, I just hope she reminds Aaryn even more about how she feels. Go Candice!


The racial attacks did affect Candice’s game. But is that not one the intents of racial slurs? To ensure one (the other) is aware of their ‘worth or value’? Had these events not occurred, both Candice’s, and Howard’s heads would be more in the game. This is unfortunate because possibly we would be seeing a different situation within the house had the events not occurred or been dealt with. No one needs to be disadvantaged by personal attacks (I include Jessie in this situation as she was bullied as well).


I don’t seem to recall Aaryn challenging Candace in front of Jeremy and Kaitlyn. The feeds show Candice outside the bedroom going on and on about what she was going to do to Aaryn and the others now that ‘Shaniqua’ was in power and then they show Candace challenge Aaryn and the others, and Aaryn calling ‘Shaniqua’s’ bluff. Everyone in the bedroom had been listening to how ‘Shaniqua’ was going to bang pans all night, that’s why when she challenged Aaryn, her bluff was called Shaniqua style. I would have done the same thing if I had overheard what someone was going to do to me and then they came at me. The feeds on July 11th at 10:31 pm to 10:55 pm show what actually happened instead of what people want to believe happened, just like the feeds on July 9th at 2:42 pm Cam 1 show what Aaryn actually said about the black and white fish, which is way different than what people would like to believe she said. Most of what people believe is Candace’s doctored version and their own doctored version that supports what they want to believe.


Thank you Leonard for stating what most people just do not bother to want to watch and see as they just buy into the BB production garbage. BB and CBS doctored and showed only bits and pieces of what they wanted to show and are for one making Candice look like a whiny cry baby which is making her unlikable. The so called horrid anti homophobic jokes and racial comments are always on BB in past seasons but this year because of the Zimmerman trial BB is trying to be politically correct, but what they are showing is a load of crap. For one I detest the N word but wow GM is the one that said it but that has been swept under the rug, as well as Amanda saying some of the nastiest racial comments about african americans, jewish population, and gays but wow Amanda is the best edited person on the show, or cannot begin to show the great edits BB shows Spencer in. I am a minority and a female but during college had heard much worse that some of the so called jokes and learned that in America what most Americans think that making little jokes do not hurt like my mom taught me long ago words will not hurt me but they do but I also understand that that does not necessarily make you a racist just stupid; I do think though that when someone uses the N word which I consider to be the most disgusting word in the English language you are a racist. That takes a different type of human being, and I use that term loosely, to lower yourself to use that word in a description of another human being.


I normally remember to mention how GM has said 95% of what has been said about black people, but since she’s not a bitchy little mean girl like Aaryn, she has somehow been given a free pass. I agree, the N word is the most hateful word ever created, and the viewing public acts like the one that has repeatedly said it is not even in the house. I seem to recall GM saying “That’s the way I ni**er-rig sh*t back home.” right in front of Howard and no one has even said anything about it., not even Howard. It’s really sad when people pick and choose what to get outraged over and then they twist what they’ve honed in on and make it into something much different than it actually was.


I thought I put Leonard in the name field, but I guess I didn’t.


I provide evidence of what actually happened concerning the race incidents, but since it conflicts with what people want to believe I get a bunch of thumbs down. LOL! I thought all of the self-righteous people in here were all about truth and justice, but I guess I was wrong. LOL! Howard was called out for his use of 4 letter words, swearing on the bible, and placing Candace on a higher level than Jesus and that comment generated a ton of thumbs down, too. You Racism Police are something else. LMFAO!

Aaryn's Publicist

Aaryn is not mean. She donates her old TSU sweatshirts to GOODWILL!


Just caught up….

Sounds like Aaryn’s PR infiltrated the house with all this “Aaryn isn’t a racist” talk from Helen and Elissa. Candice asking how Helen would feel if she was saying stuff about Asian, uhmm, she did a whole skit about Asian people.

The whole conversation between Helen, Candice and Gina Marie was beyond annoying last night. Helen was pumping GM up about how she has such a light even when she was moving around about Nick and how she has never met anyone as special as her. She also told GM that men are watching this show and thinking I need to be with this woman. Gag! I highly doubt that, if anything they are running in the opposite direction, unless they themselves are a creepy stalker. GM was saying how Ny/Jersey guys are all like the Jersey Shore, need to be cool, don’t know how to treat women, need to have the flashiest everything. I grew up in Jersey, worked in Manhattan and let me tell you, there a ton of guys from the area that are normal, nice, treat women well and are not all Jersey shore. My guess is, she just associates with those kinds of people.

Howard is turning up his game. Trying to get the house to flip. It will be interesting to see if Judd and Andy jump over to the other side of the house and work to get Amanda out. Howard is right, if they want to get her out, the time is now. Same with Howard being on the block, you want him out, the time is now. I thin Howard is playing the fool putting his game in the backseat for Candice and saying he will tell everyone he wants to go home so they don’t vote her out. She doesn’t respect his game and made things worse.

I think if Howard flips the house that this would be epic because no one would expect it. It would make BB a lot more interesting. I don’t really like any of them, so I’m voting for who ever is going to make the game more interesting to watch, read and listen to on the live feeds because my interest has been waning recently.

Thanks to Dawg and Simon for the updates and watching this boring house for us!

Aaryn's Publicist

Aaryn is not a racist. Her favorite athlete is O. J. Simpson. Ihank you.

Boiled Speemps

Morally, Howard would rather go and Candice stay because she put herself on the line and was the only one to stick up for him; however, he doesn’t mind pulling the rug out from under Jesus when he swears on the bible and spouts off every 4 four letter word in the book. Too bad Jesus didn’t put himself on the line and stick up for him as much as Candice.

Busted Stunch

This must be the pastor at Howard’s church. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayWQGYHG2GQ


And it took Andy about 24 hours to tell Amanda and McCrae that Helen is after them…..


Less than 24 hrs….
It’s official. I’m putting myself in the ring for bb16
If a floater like Andy can make it, so can I.


Andy is basically doing what Ian did for part of last season


More like 24 seconds. Andy’s a little weasel.


Sorry Candace……your going up as a pawn. Bye Howard.

Gator girl

Andy is a little tattle tale and I hope he gets caught! The duo, Amanda and McCrea need to be broken or they are going to win.


It’s just so disappointing that he’s so dumb. Everybody likes and trusts him and they all give him information…and rather than keep some of it to himself to suit his needs, manipulate some of it to suit his needs, or have any strategy at all in what he reveals from conversations, Andy just spills everything to two people who will never take him to the end as long as they’re together and two people he absolutely wants others to break up for him.

If Andy had a brain, he would understand that he needs Amanda out while there are enough numbers that his hands are clean in McCrea’s eyes, which means McCrea’s loyalty will fall to him and he has somebody to take him to the end. The last thing he should want to do is help Amanda head off growing threats. So whenever Helen brings up she needs the split up, he needs to make sure Amanda is the target and he can even share with them that Helen is wary of their game dominance…but don’t hand them her blueprint.

But then again everybody not named Amanda, Howard, Spencer, or McCrea is pretty stupid.


No worry Andy is going to be caught. I will not be surprised if Amanda leaves Friday or by Friday Andy is caught.

Gator girl

BTW Aaryn is right, to put Howard and Candy on the block she does look racist.
The housemates may not think she made racist remarks, but America does.
She should put up that weasel Andy. Little tattle tale!

sick of her face

Aaryn has no choice but to put up Candice when Spencer takes himself off. All of the others are in the Alliance except for GM and that is Aaryn’s close friend. Candice is blaming Aaryn but Candice is so stupid she does not see that Helen, Elissa and Amanda are the minds behind the nominations and that is why Aaryn has to put up Candice. Candice is so stupid not to of figured that out last night when those three where in there with her spouting off their crap to her. CANDICE IS NOT smart to not of figured that out because Howard knows because Aaryn told him. If Howard and Candice and Spencer were not so dumb they would put their heads together and figure out that Helen, Elissa and Amanda are the nominations not Aaryn. Stupid people.


Tactically, she needs to put up Helen.


Howard not wanting to fight to stay in the house just shows how bad of a season this really is


Ha. Amandas testosterone levels just finally dropped a notch!


she ran out of adderal


I actually think Aaryn is severely jealous of Candice to mention the ms louisanna

Aaryn's Publicist

Aaryn donated $10.00 to Louisiana hurricane relief,out of the goodness of her heart. Thank you.

Uri Dequad

Aaryn’s parents must be paying you $10.00 because you suck as a publicist…which is fine cause Aaryn also SUCKS!!!

A Name Not Worth Mentioning?

$10.00…. How amazing -_-


Wow so hard to get behind any of these nitwits. The best players are annoying and the decent people (Judd and Jessie only2 I see) have awful game. More drama than a 90’s nighttime soap. Sheesh


Candice is such a bitch to Howard. Really annoying.


I hope Aaryn put Helen up!! I know It’s unlikely but it would be so funny to see her face! She’s way too sneaky and confident and she talk way too much!!


She has been there I would like to see Andy and Mccrea and Judd. The Goof Troop is sitting pretty but soon they will be exposed. In my opinion Andy says bring Helen in a fake four alliance deal so she will not go after them and why is that, why not just put her up when they have chance later, just maybe he is protecting Helen and that could be strategic to protect Helen and make sure him and Helen are going to be safe. We will see just my thought.


Above comment is mine Guest1 just forgot to type my name. Sorry name says.


Andy need to go since he is the biggest blabber mouth. No one has game with him around.

Bob Saben

I feel so sorry for Howard…Amanda is the devil


“Helen says that she is worried that although Judd and Jessie might be on board to split up Amanda and McCrae in jury, it’s possible they could team up with Amanda and McCrae. Helen says if that happens then we’re fu*ked! They talk about the different scenarios to break up Amanda and McCrae”

me : ………………………..


I knew Andy would tell demanda and the pizza boy that Tellen was after them. That boy can’t keep his mouth his shut for one second! I’m not surprised tho since he’s in every conversation in the house.


“Tellen” love it


We should all be calling her Tellen so when she is out of the house she will know how she is being view. But Andy is the biggest “tellen” in the house.


Aaryn there is nothing you can do to salvage your reputation espcially after you denied making racist comments a few weeks after “apologizing” for them. Might as well put Candice up. Your publicist will just have to work over time.

Aaryn's Publicist

I am doing my best. Thank you.


Always thought this publicist thing was very odd and so quick….as if things were already set in place before she even entered into the house!
How are you going to defend someone who openly said such negative comments. Or was this bad behavior on the agenda to keep the 15 minutes of fame going until she made money!
Just saying.


I bet Howard still keep lying about be align with Moving Company. Too bad, he will be gone.


Howard’s conversation was Helen was much too chivalrous. Especially considering that this is a $500,000 dollar game and the rest of the House-guest are terrible people.

Twitter talk

Aryan you have a nice surprise waiting for you when the game is over……….Unemployment and HATERS. Go ahead and hate Candace and believe you don’t have a choice of who to put up, and BTW Karma is knocking on the BB door waiting for you. You have a choice but you are a coward and afraid to make a big move. You said how putting the African Americans up is making it look bad for you, yet you still iron your sheet and put them up. LMAO……stupid is stupid does.


Not everyone in the country watches or cares about big brother. She’ll get job.


That’s true, not everyone watches big brother…but 10/10 times when applying for a job, especially in this day and age, the new job will run a background check..good luck finding a job when the first thing that comes up after googling your name ‘Aaryn Gries’ is a video of you being racist to Candice and the 2nd is a change.org petition to get you removed from a game because you are a racist bitch…


It will be on her resume. 🙂


Aaryn is in one hell of a wake up call when she gets out. Yes Candace is holding on to the race issue and not doing what Howard told her to. BTW, I don’t care what people say about Howard he is truly a good guy, it’s going to be sad to see his go….if he is going.

Aaryn's Publicist

Aaryn will work to help underpriveleged Barbies @UPB.com. Thank you.

Stella Crosby

Dawg or Simon, do you think Amanda gets such good edit because she is a friend of Ms. Grodner?
CBS makes her look so good, when we all know differently. They also make Elissa look bad, she is
not Rachel.
Is the winner predetermined? Anonymous posted that and watching the show it makes you wonder.


I feel somewhat bad for Elissa….although she doesn’t really understand how to play the game….she is no where near her sister in my opinion. Friend of mine was like “she was so catty last night” I was like “Finally someone who isn’t trying to be fake to the HoH and kissing their behind…..its a nice change.” Then silence as they realized….yea it is a nice change.


In my opinion, CBS can only manipulate so far – the DR for example – Pandora’s Box – and complete control over its prime time show. But the votes are up to the house guests. I have no idea how brainwashed HG are once they are secluded in the jury house. Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four novel was all about BB watching its citizens along with manipulation. I always found it interesting that Orwell’s estate filed suit against CBS because of copyright laws – and I guess in some form of poetic justice – that suit was settled out of court and remains secret to this day.


Howard not wanting to fight to stay in the house just shows how bad this season really is


Decay I agree…they can’t keep conversations between them…they run to the others and tell it all. I hate this season.


Candice and Amanda making my whole gender look bad being so needy and beating dead horses. Ugh.


Howard is such a caring person. More of a man than anyone else in the house.


Wow Aaryn . I mean hate is a strong word but I guess she was entitled to flip her bed, get in her face because Candace isn’t worth respect since she didn’t like her and now it’s just full blown hate I guess. I hope Candace takes the week to try to process out and just deal with the rest of it when she gets out or gets evicted. It’s probably a little easier for Howard and people who are just sitting at home who has never experienced certain things to say she’a broken record etc. When in actually some people may be even more emotional or offended in the same position due to the dynamics in the house. The thing with the bed flipping incident is that it represents more than just flipping someone’s bed. And people can say what they want, if that same sort of thing happened to them than they may be just as emotional and hurt by it. There is just certain humanity you should have towards everyone unless they’ve done something to you to warrant something than all bets are off. Helen talked about how she didn’t like how Jeremy talked to them about the wine and said no one has ever done that to her. And he he wasn’t even talking to just her. The same with how Howard lied to Helen and she has wanted him out ever since with no redemption because she was close to him initially and he proved untrustworthy for her game. Let’s not act like someone is being unreasonable when they are taking something that happen to them personal and has to look at the person and be at the mercy of them in a round about way. I can’t imagine some of their reactions if a threat and someone that hated them did some sort of physical act to demonstrate what they thought of them to provoke them. And I don’t think Aaryn is naive like people like to label her. She’s actually not bad at reading some people. And was smart enough to know she had to tone some stuff down to assimilate into the house for her own good. I think she full well knows why she flipped her bed and did that whole bit. And she wasn’t sorry . She felt entitled to do it and thinks she should just move on from it since it was a few weeks ago. So now she’s trying to make it seem like she’s some sort of victim. She was mad so I guess it was okay. But instead of maybe pulling Candace aside and taking true responsibility and growing from it.. She would rather get with a mob and talk about how she hates her and how Candace is basically victimizing her and they sit there and validate it. That would be rough. And it’s not like Candace can confidently pull her aside because Aaryn is the type that will say she attacked her and lie about the intent of the conversation.

But having said that, where Candace is losing empathy is that at the end of the day it is a game. You can’t pick the people to live with. And you don’t have to live with these people once it’s over. So I want Candace to try to move around it if she can’t move passed it if she’s going to stay in the game. There’s nothing that she can do other than trying to align herself in the house with others and winning. She didn’t need to try to defend Howard and get people to see him like she did. He’s a big boy he knows how to deal . So she may have heart but no one asked her to be a martyr because he was her emotional support. So with any situation fair or unfair, you have to just sort of be realistic and deal with it and there are time where your silence and letting go is your defender. Because it’ snot like everything that went on isn’t being filmed. It’s great she has a good heart and is loyal. But there’s a time and place and stop forcing justice or forcing your needs and emotions when people have their own goals. They didn’t or couldn’t win to be in a position to change things. So next strategy or try to win next time. I hope she gets that she can’t do anything about feeling like the people she trusted the most didn’t understand, etc, Helen being a back stabber, Howard not defending her, or whatever else. Howard leaving will be a test. Because she has the personality that it’s hard for her to separate the two for her own good, not because what she’s saying or feeling isn’t valid. But it’s not always good to stay in emotions or what you used to doing when it’s at your own detriment. And if she’s not going to self-evict than she’s has to do what she needs to emotionally including letting go of Howard and that he’s a good guy campaign until he game is over. But also just accepting that Aaryn is there and can sort of do what she wants with her HOH at the end of the day whether it’s of ill intent or pure strategy doesn’t remove the fact that she won and can use it how she feels.



not a fan of Candice

Candice proclaims to be so nice, but yet she cannot forget and let anything go. She demands and threatens like with Helen and Elissa and is becoming Jeremy and that is why she is so unliked. I also maybe don’t hate her but definitely am sick and tired of Candice’s constant complaining. Also, Candice did offer to help Aaryn and then Candice starts running her mouth about Aaryn and not accepting what Aaryn said so sorry I would be made and angry at Candice also. Candice lies and then plays the pity card. Candice is so much a drama queen and hope she goes and Howard stays. I mean seriously Candice talks about high morals of hers, but she goes and giues howard hand jobs under the blankets on the show. Sorry, but that does not say much about her “so called” morals. UGH!!!!!


This is it, Candace will be the replacement nominee.


Sometimes I wonder if the house overplaying isn’t so much that the DR is telling them what to do as that BB just casts paranoid people more and more each season.


Wtf. Amanda has this game locked up. I hope America gets to vote for MVP nom again. We will be the only ones keeping Amanda in check. But Amanda has too many frienemies in the house. Something’s gotta give


Someone get me a barf bag. I’ve had enough of McCray and Demanda.

julies rice bowl

Pulitzer prize for journalism nominee: “Jessie and Aaryn are taking a bath together with the baby ducks.:” ELEGANT and UNDERSTATED!!!…NY TIMES


Take a bow, Simon.

Sad about big brother

Why watch anymore. Amanda is going to win. We all know that. Everyone tells her everything. She says Howard has a deal with everyone in the house when in reality, she does.


Why are we discounting Helen as a possible winner? She has been doing the same coercing and manipulating.


I want America to be able to cast the votes to evict – not the houseguests. Let the houseguests THINK they are voting, but when Julie announces who is going home – she can tell them the only vote to evict that matters this week is the MVPs vote and the MVP voted to evict Amanda. Can you just see the paranoia? Can you imagine Amanda’s face? OMG that would be a shocker!!!


That would be AWESOME!!!!


If Helen was as smart as she thinks she is she would plant the seed with Jessie that Aaryn has been flirting with Judd. This would not be a lie and he has been flirting with Aaryn as well. Aaryn has already said she wanted to sleep with Jeremy and wanted Kaitlyn to leave first and now she’s saying she would have sex with Judd. Apparently she doesn’t want Kait for a friend after all. Why does everyone trust Andy? I wish they would all get together and talk. It wouldn’t take them long to figure out who is doing what in the house. Just as a side note to men and women, it is extremely annoying to have someone constantly ask you what is wrong when you have already told them nothing is wrong. So stop asking AMANDA.

Aaryn's Publicist

Aaryn does Not want to have sex with Judd. She is saving herself for a real TEXAS HERO, Lance Armstrong. Jessie gave her his number. Thank you.

Amanda sux

Seriously, how disappointing has this cast and season been to you guys so far? I am truly disappointing, there si noone likeable, and th house is soo boring. Id like to hear your opinions on it


it’s going through a slump right now.. I think it’ll pick up once the superfriends have to turn on each other.


House of Sheep being lead by the evil Shepard known as Amanda…EVERYTHING she is doing is designed to control the whole house and its working! Everyone is afraid to oppose her with her boy toy McCrae (aka Loki) who she hooked up with JUST AS A LEVERAGE MOVE to increase her power. If no one steps up to her, she will steamroll through this game & this season of clever backdooring and intellectual schemes will be ruined.

Pinnocchio Obama

Lies, lies, lies. It is beginning to sound like an Obama press conference in the house.


I hate to say it, but I almost wish they’d let rachel back in the house. At least then we’d have some drama and crazy shit happening


As a Howard fan (not a Candice fan), it pains me to see him go. But hey, at least he wasn’t backdoored. The POV comp was stacked in his favor (people wise). But in this game you’ve got to either align yourself with the right people or win when you have to. He did neither. Possible future good news for Howard. Depending on how CBS edit him on Wednesday and Thursday night, Howard could be in the running for America’s favorite player for this season. I think the winner of that (no matter when you are eliminated from the game) pretty much take home the 3rd highest earning possible.
As far as the rest of the season, I could really care less who wins as long as it is not McCrae, Amanda or Helen. Hell, Aaryn could win it over those 3 and i would be cool with that.
To all those Amanda, McCrae or Helen fans, I can admit that they are best ones (maybe Andy too) at playing the game this season. But I don’t like them. Not rooting for them at all. But in season’s past all those that i rooted against all won or made it very far in the game. So I might have just helped ya”ll out. Oops!!!


You know what’s bullshit????….someone using my name to post shit. I never never never posted that first post on this thread. Come up with your own goddamn name. Do not use kev. Thhaaaaaaaaannnnnnk yooooouuuuuuu.


Andy reminds me of the kids i used to hate back in high school…and no, it has nothing to do with him being gay and everything to do with him being a nosy tattler and an annoying one at that. You know…those kids who spent more time studying people’s conversations than doing their homework.

Elissa's Botox

Candice is so bad at this game

I wish someone would target that rat Andy, he is just floating to Jury

Dr. Martin Luther Kang Jr.

I have a dream that one day little black fishes and little white fishes and little orange fishes and little neon fishes can one day eat dead fishes without the HGs making it about color.


Candice is acting a bit whiny she is throwing her alliance for Howard she is being dumb


Btw, BB Canada freaking rocks!!! I just watch all the episodes. It really makes this season look soooo sad!! There are just not enough schemers. Somehow everybody leaks to andy, and that leaks to amanda. its so frustrating how linear this season is. it will change in a few weeks. but so painful to watch. (SIMON AND DAWG LOVE YA!!!!!!)


what the heck is andy’s problem? I mean seriously, he went and told Amanda and mcrae everything? is he this year’s shelly, did production hand a check to andy to team up on the other side?

blah andy…..blah…


Amanda really needs to go home. Yes Aaryn is a bully, but so is Amanda