Raven – “My toe split on the railing .. I need to get stitches”

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3:43pm Mark and Kevin
Mark wonders what Jessica is going to be like after COdy leaves.
Kevin – Maybe I’ll get lucky
They laugh.
Kevin – it’s like throwing anchor to someone drowning..

3:46pm Raven comes back
Raven – I need to get stitches
Raven – they’re doing it here.. Doctor is coming later.
Raven – My toe split on the railing
Raven says they have to clean the blood on the stairs so they want everyone up in the HOH room.

3:48pm Storage room Matt and Raven
Matt – so what happened.
Raven says she misstepped and fell down

4:18pm Paul in the HOH talking about church and religion. Saying when he was 13 he would question his religion teacher soo much the priest called his dad and said “your son has asked me questions that question my own faith.. I think he should go somewhere else.. He is very intelligent.. like he has questioned my own faith.. he wanted me to go in front of a panel of Armenian priests and start to pose some of the questions I’ve been asking in class.. ” Feeds flip

4:19pm Alex and Kevin

Kevin – we all know who’s going out these next 3 or 4
Alex – yup.. Yup
Kevin – I ain’t got no power in the house..
Alex – yup yup

4:20pm Don’t fall…

4:23pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica – Do you think Kali (ex wife who has had some ‘mean’ tweets to Jess) will be cool with me meeting Paisley (Cody’s daughter)
Cody says there’s no problem on that side. Says every guy she dates Paisley see.

one is Christmas one is Raven.. can you tell?

5:38pm Paul makes Raven some rice. She loves it.
Kevin joins them. Paul and Kevin get into a debate on how Houdini died. Kevin says his Pancreas burst. Paul says that’s how Mussolini died, Houdini died in a magic trick he drowned. Kevin says Mussolini was hung upside down, skinned alive in the streets of Rome with his wife in 45. Houdini got punched during a magic trick it ruptured his pancreas. Raven chimes in that his Grace Paul is right.

7:27pm Alex and Jason Alex says they need to come up with a game plan.
Jason says they should just let one “of those mother F*ers win” they are going to take Ramses out.
Jason – If I win they are going to be like “What the f* he’s doing

Alex – we need a plan the second they get rid of everyone else (Like Josh, Ramses, Jessica) they’ll come after us.. They’re pu$$ies
Alex – we’re f*ing screwed
Jason saying he would put up Dom and Matt.
Jason says they should let Ramses win
Alex – he could put us up to get back good with them (Paul’s side)
Alex says they’ll both go up if they don’t do what the other side wants.

Ramses comes by they asks him who he’s putting up if he wins HOH.

(Can’t hear what he says)
Ramses mentions that Jessica is good to keep around because if any of the girls win HOH they’ll target her.
Ramses – they hate her more than we hate her
Alex – that’s true

Jason proposing they take a shot now against the showmances.
Ramses – yeah that’s what I’m saying
Jason – then we’re the strong ones
Alex says then they will have a whole house of people pissed at you.
Ramses – there has a be a smart way we can do it.. There is..
Ramses leaves..
Jason – listen if two of them are on the block they can’t vote.
Jason – you, me, Kevin, Jessica, Ramses, JOsh..
Alex reminds him of last week when they thought they had all those people.

7:41pm Back from the stitches.
She got 5 stitches and it can’t get wet for 7 days.

8:06pm Kevin and Jason
Jason asks if Ramses is trustworthy
Kevin – when he knows his life is on the line
Jason asks what should they do if they win HOH, Kick Jessica out or split up a showmance.
Kevin – I think if you are me win we start up with putting her up.. she’s a pain in the a$$ anyways

Kevin – we make her thinks we’re on their side..
Kevin – I don’t understand why these other girls.. they don’t get talked about
Kevin – Elena gets up at 2.. they’re not really playing the game.. it’s not a game it’s friendship. (100% correct)
Kevin – I think that’s jive.. I’m going to call them out.. you mother f*ers aren’t playing a game
Jason says that is why you win HOH put two of them up.
Kevin says Jessica, Josh and Ramses could go any time.
Kevin says how knows he might consider that if he wins. (he won’t win HOH and he won’t be taking a shot at the showmances… )

Kevin says they will shit if Jason puts Raven and Matt up. Matt wins Veto he uses it on himself.

Jason – they would lose their sh1t
Kevin going on about all the things the showmances do to bother him. He’s really getting annoyed at them.

Kevin says he’s not going to throw the HOH.
Kevin and Jason start to question why some people are allowed to sleep in while others get called out by Big Brother.
Kevin warns Jason they will take him out before Kevin .

Kevin – Cody told me he was going to carry me to the jury..

8:47pm Nothing going on.

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That side by side of the gymp feet is gold


It’s the Paul show. Contractually he has to last at least 3 more weeks, probably longer based on how production is advising the houseguests. Wondering how many actually think this is a game at all at this point. I mean production literally deleted a vet player getting taken out of the game.


Sooooo…. how are these broken people supposed to compete in these often times wet, gooey competitions????


Ya bring back the first guy that got sent out to take Christmas’ place.


Paul is correct. Mussolini pancreas burst and he died. Everyone said what the hell and drug him out of the hospital, shot and then hung his body. In a crazy coincidence his wife’s appendix ruptured the same day. Guess what? Lets shoot her too. Paul what is the meaning of life? Notice Andrew never says stupid sh!t?

Captain Crunch

If Xmas doesn’t come back from surgery and since Megan quit does that mean BB will be shorter this year or will there be none eviction weeks and bring 2 people back?


Not sure if they planned a jury buy back either but that might be an option. They have the time to plan for it. Seeing as to how prone to injury these guys are they may need as many buy backs as last year.


They should throw some new house guests in.

Ohio Smile

Anyone else think production will get into the ears of some of the house guests and have them vote out Ramses? That way, Cody is kept in the house for more drama and fighting.


Onto IMPORTANT issue…………………… Blue shirt & sleeves!!!!!!!

PS home from hospital thanks for the well wishes back to the game!


Actually Houdini died from being punched 4 times in the stomach. His appendix was removed but already had burst and he died.

I dnt know how Mussolini died nor do I care but glad Paul was wrong about Houdini. Mr. “I know everything about magic. I’m amazing”

And how bout that story he was so smart and his questions had the priest questioning his own religion. This dude and his lies about how great he is. Smh. Ha.


Sometimes I think people are so uncomfortable without noise that they say things that in retrospect make them look full of it

Mo Rose

F.Y.I. Mussolini died from lead poisoning…………..the lead being delivered from a bullet.


I could understand why he got it wrong as some stories out there do have him dying because of a failed magic trick


Kevin is absolutely right about how Mussolini died.


Where can we see Cody’s ex’s mean tweets about Jessica. This week is so fricken boring, I need to get my jollies somehow.


Her name is Kali Wilkinson on twitter if you want to see. I don’t think she said anything terrible though. She even later apologized and seems very protective of her daughter.

Houdini's ghost

Houdini died from peritonitis, a ruptured appendix Halloween 1926. He declined medical attention. JS

Ian's Lament

In a month they will change the name Summer of Temptation to Summer of Rehabilitation.

Armenian Toupee

Paul is exhausting. Good TV, but very very exhausting.

Chilltown 2.0

This cast is actually a joke. It sucks that Alex figured out Kevin because she needs him, but is stuck with Jason as her #1.

No other thoughts worth expressing but jeez if BB20 is a thing they need to cast wayyyy better. I dont even think they could get Allstars right at this point ($$$ right now on Frankie!!). What do Mark, Matt, Raven, Elena, Jason, Jessica, Megan, Josh, Xmas, Jessica add to this game? Like seriously someone flatter me I dare you.

Congrats on 500K Paul. At least its vindication for Dayvonne robbing you last year.


You left off Dom as well. I had such high hopes for her and held onto it as long as I could but between the “show” which sucks except for Kevin’s bits of funny sh*t, and then the trances and not only talking to (invisible man in sky) but getting ANSWERS/ADVICE From “GOD”
and the cherry on top is playing life coach at every turn……………………….hello are you spending any time on the actual game? Kevin, Alex F2

Jason from you list dumb as a mile but at least tries, and thinks he is playing the game
even admitting that he sucks at playing. Alex and Kevin drag his dumb ass to F3 and stab each other in the back to take him to F2 for the win!


Was she even on the show Wednesday? I think casting, in trying to avoid the stereotype of black woman with attitude, picked a person so bland she blends in to the background.


I remember a certain time last year we all thought that Paulie was going to win last year, but the HG’s eventually woke up and Victor nom’d him and took him out. Don’t be so sure that Paul’s win is a sure thing anything can change in the upcoming weeks, just saying.


You mean Nicole.

BB Fan

Why does Jessica not get called out for not wearing toad head? Both guys have it on all the time and she very rarely. She should have to stay in it for another week for not following the rules. Whats the point of having stuff like this if people can just do as they please.


Houdini died of peritonitis after his appendix burst in Michigan. While the incident of being punched in the stomach while at Mcgill University, Montreal, a week earlier was reported to Houdini’s insurance company, there was no police investigation or charges.
Mussolini died in front of a firing squad.
Kevin was closer to correct than Paul. Raven would say Paul was right no matter what he said on any subject.
the facts themselves aren’t really that important. The fact that the trend of Raven following Paul blindly is becoming more prevalent, that’s something to be noted.


Thank you for writing this! I was getting annoyed at people who comment and think they know what happened without ever checking their facts. I will give Kevin the points because he was much closer than Paul. Paul just showed his ignorance by saying Houdini died by drowning. That’s so blatantly wrong that he prob saw so,e movie where a magician died by drowning and made up in his head that it was based off Houdini or something . And stupid, vapid Raven would agree with Paul bc she has the beta, herd mentality.


Right Now this is my season’s ratings
1. BB10 (Back to the Basics theme was amazing)
2. BB14 (Yeah Dan actually played the Game, so did Ian, 2 players in 1 season!!!)
3. BB8 (People weren’t sheep)
4. BB6 (Janelle, Kaysar, James, lots more great personalities and power struggles)
5. BB7 (I mean I picked Chilltown for a Reason)
6. BB3 (Danielle Reyes is amazing)
7. BB5 (Great Season to Watch, loving that the winner cut his showmance)
8. BB11 (Power Struggles, Underdogs, good BB)
9. BB4 (People flipped, Villians won, backstabbing happened, no one felt safe “to jury”)
10. BB2 (Although people were figuring out the game as it had no POV :(, epic TV moments, + Dr. Will)
11. BB17 (Epic Players, Johnny Mac, Vanessa, Epic Blindsides, power shifts did happen :))
12. BB15 (Although Racism brought it down, atleast people played the game, we had Elissa, Amanda, Andy)
13. BB12 (This was one alliance dominated, but atleast it was NEW, no time before had one alliance pulled in side-deals and manipulated the house so well)
14. BB18 (Not a huge fan, but atleast people were there to win (for the most part Paulie, Paul, Victor, Natalie, Bridgett) Power shifts happened
15. BB13 (The reason this was rated so low was because of Production’s Pandora’s Box twist which I was not a fan of at final 6)
16. BB19 (Production Influences with “Den of Temptations…not a fan”, we wanted a newbie season, 1 boring majority alliance)
17. BB16 (Everyone literally did what Derrick said, also the Majority alliance ruled the game)
18. BB9 (Um by far showing BB is a Summer Game)
19. BB1 – This is not real BB #ByeFelecia

P.S. Feel free to criticize some of my decisions I was not positive with all of them 🙂
Let’s hope that this season turns around! BB10 had a majority alliance early on, eventually splitting making it an epic season!


Seems pretty close how I would rank em too. I will say this season is only week 3… so anything can happen, get better, Paul evicted, etc…

I also have a soft spot for BB13 (Jeff, jordan, rachel, Danielle are some of my faves). Danielle vs Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan vs Shelly; man I loved some of those fights…

We'll be right back

you left out over the top.


Anyone have the link to codys ex twitter? I wanna see her get pissy about Jessica.


Seeing those pictures of Raven post stitches reminds Granny why she gave up mascara in 1976.

*Granny is tender hearted with a sentimental soul, and who, much like Josh, is brought to tears for a variety of emotions: anger, disappointment, pain, sadness, fear, happiness, BB feed-blocks, repetitive questions about the non-wearing of frog costumes, and, of course, running out of hemorrhoid cream

Exposed Man Granny

Who thinks “granny” is a middle aged man living in his mom’s basement?

Maybe basement wrong. But that is a male.


Oh no, I most surely have a vagina. lol

nacho mama



After seeing those pics of raven with the running mascara I kind of wonder if that’s exactly why she wears it.

Impractical Joker

watched tonights veto episode really wanted to like Paul and ignore all the hate talk about him but OMG he one arogant sob cody is introvert and odd but doesnt deserve the flack hes getting,
If I were Cody thursday night he should say in his speech congratulatons Paul you arogant prick you won the 500k these lemmings followed you perfectly


Can’t wait for Xmas to be gone, leaving the floatmances with one less vote!

SAW 19

This whole thing has turned into a JIGSAW fun house . Saw Nineteen or something.

CBS lawyers and Doctors are on call 24/7 now. We have sabotaged jungle gym ropes that dislocate fingers and almost rip them off.
Oil on the lawn to slip on, in order to break bones in the feet when doing a rodeo show.
Now, we have invisible razor blades on stair to chop up toes.
They will be lucky that the ants in the house don’t grow a brain, team up, evict these people and carry them out en masse. At this point, if the ants were added to the popularity poll, I am betting they would at least make top 10.

All this is on top of the knowledge that CBS had when casting people with PTSD, terminal illness’, stomach pacemakers, psychotic momma boys, brain wiped robots, and nympho concierges.

I think, in short, CBS no longer has the intent of the game in their best interest. They are recruiting people who are out for glory rather than win.


O to the m to the ggg .that is funny well said

Bunny Flop

Those are fire ants. They hitched a ride from Texas in Elena’s make-up bag. They lived on the sheep placenta night cream. They are now angry and ready for revenge. They sawed through the vine, so that giant got twisted up. They’re second target was Xmas. They formed a rope to trip Jason as they romped around the yard. They then tripped Raven on the stairs, then utilized they’re pincers from hell, and cut through her toe. Hopefully they’ll set up shop in Paul’s beard. There by having a perfect base from which to launch a full scale decimation campaign. No one will willingly get close enough to that thing to see them.


Hilarious, LMAO!!! This is why I come to this site everyday, for the funny comments like this one. Thank you, made my day!


Paul proves once again that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he was way off base on who died of what. Mussolini was executed by fire squad and Houdini died of peritonitis. The magician that died of drowning was Genesta who was trying to do His own spin on Houndi’s Milk Can Escape ( Where Houndi was wearing a strap-jacket and trying to escape a big Milk Can and the Milk can had water in it ) . Kevin was Correct on what Mussolini and Houdini died of and for a “magician ” you got the deaths of one of the greatest magicians wrong smh .


Can someone explain the Elena/Mark/xmas drama situation? Thought I read a convo earlier that mark was having with Paul in HOH that mentioned xmas coming into the room and then some conflict about mark/Elena’s showmance… I is confused. Pls halp!


Can’t stand arrogant Paul! He is so annoying. As much as they hate Ramses I am glad that he tried for that veto. I respect that. People wait far too long to get on this show for some idiot to expect you to throw a veto!


Raven needs to buy waterproof mascara! What the hell! She could scare small children with that look!

Ian's Lament

So when they did her stitches did they tell Raven to put on some Harley Quinn makeup ?

Bring Back Zac Attack

I can’t believe how utterly annoying Josh is and that these people are okay with him being in jury! I don’t care if he would be a vote for me, I couldn’t handle him. He’s the worst, followed closely by the overly arrogant Paul!

Please have Cameron replace Christmas OR cancel the thursday eviction if Christmas doesn’t come back – to see thing blow up for Paul the way they did for Cody last week would be the besttttt.


I was thinking there was no reason Christmas had to leave but now she’s had surgery and the question becomes, how can she participate in the majority of competitions? She can sit out, which puts her in a very weak spot by just relying on her social game. The biggest issue is what happens if she gets a curse she’s not physically able to do? Is it fair to the other house guests if there are modifications for her in comps?

Christmas may be a competitor but there comes a time when it’s too detrimental to a person and the game for you to stay.


Simply put, that girl is not a quitter.