Raven falls down the HOH stairs “Her foot is bleeding.. GUYS WE NEED Medic”

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1:10pm Alex and Jason
Alex says she’s a lot meaner in the real world
Jason – get being cut throat
Alex – I don’t have enough manpower..
Alex says when sh1t goes down you need backup
Alex – Here i’m going to get my a$$ voted out no one will back me up
Jason – I’ll back you up
Alex – then you get your a$$ beat up
Kevin comes by

Kevin to Alex – You want some M&M’s
Alex – No thank you
Kevin goes to the storage room

Alex to Kevin “ go F* yourself” (Alex and Jason are starting to clue in that Kevin voted out Jillian out)

Alex says Jessica flips too easy.. She would go straight to Paul. They can’t work with her. She also thinks Rameses would flip as well. The other side would use Rames and Jessica to take them out then take Jess/Ramses out the next weeks.

Alex – right now we’re second guessing our basic instinct
Jason – we just gotta stay calm down and stick together
They talk about either Rames or Kevin are lying to them about the Jillian vote.

Jason comments that Elena is still asleep.
Alex – Kevin remembers every single day.. We need to go over the days.
Jason says he’s going to go talk to kevin “because I like that f*er”

1:19pm Alex, Kevin and Jason
Kevin – I’m going to work out today

Alex- you know who is as dumb as he looks JOsh
Alex says Josh thinks he’s getting in good with “them”
Jason – he’s trying to talk to me last night telling me I’m cool…
Kevin – the worst player in the house is giving you directions

Kevin – their sending him to feel you out.. He’s being told get down there and find out what’s in Jason’s head
Kevin – believe me he’s on the f****ing totem poll.. Whatever to say to get you go before him..
Kevin – you can 100% guarantee he’ll never be HOH
Alex wonders if Josh got the 25K
Kevin says it was a young kid that got the 25K from the first comp
Matt joins them..

1:55pm Josh lost a bet on a pool game and now has to drink a cup of pickle juice ev ery day for a week. This is day 2.
Josh – For the rest of my life I never want to see a pickle
Josh says the pickle juice has given him a demon in his stomach.
Josh says the pickle juice makes him constipated and gives him cold sweats.

2:00pm For Jason’s Birthday Raven made him some slop cake…

Everyone that tries it says it tastes great.

2:11pm Paul and Josh
Paul says people will like them playing pranks on each other. Mentions how the fans don’t like it when you don’t play along, Like wearing toad costumes. (Paul’s turning into James)

2:56pm Feeds come back after 30 minutes of fish .. Everyone in the HOH except for Paul and Kevin who are downstairs. Paul is making some foot. Kevin is putting his bag away..

Kevin asks if that’s dog food.
Paul – it’s dessert ..
Paul tries it “wow I think that will be f*ing good”

3:10pm Paul – How many more hours till we can sleep… 7

3:15pm Paul getting tickled/rubbed by one of his servants

3:17pm Raven slipped down half the stairs.. She’s hurt..
Raven hurt her head, foot and elbow
Raven moans in pains..

They find out her foot is bleeding and is black.
Paul – Guys wee need medic..

3:32pm Jessica and Cody
Cody says the blood might have been from a broken toenail.

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Simon do you think xmas will continue in the game or is she done?


I gotta agree. I am all about Team Christmas, but that broken foot, and surgery…. I know she is desperately trying to get to jury, but, … i think she is done too. I hope not… but…


Why do you think she’s done?

Guy From Canada

Because Simon hates twists and if she leaves so does that lame bbcan2 reused twist that Adel won.


Why is she done?


Ever notice when someone is hurt Cody comes to help before anyone else.

Club H.O.H

My thoughts exactly! Yet everyone says he’s @the bad guy!” I’m telling you people Cody is amazing! Yes he has his ways but as a sniper you don’t say your target or your plan. Wake up people! Feel bad for smiling but when Raven fell first thing I thought BB house is taking care of the people I don’t want in the house. Here’s hoping Cody stays.


Cody is a massive asshole, That’s why – bad guy.


Umm this is not true…at all. When Christmas fell outside, Cody told Jess to go check on her while he walked around inside.


Yep, that’s what I saw….Cody sent Jessica out to do recon before he bothered to go out there. Some folks have selective memory….happens every year.


I think he noticed the severity of the fall down the stairs. I don’t think
He realized how bad it was for xmas outside. When he did realize how bad it was he was helping her.


Cody’s out there painting priority targets for airstrikes, and rescuing civvies for extraction. Then it’s Oscar Mike to that five dun k


Cody was the one to carry Christmas inside!!

Since when

Cody’s facial expressions and childish assumptions, not to mention the leach connected to him known as Jessica might be why he is the bad guy.


Cody doesn’t have facial expressions.


I thought the same thing! Cody is the only true man in the house I believe. When Christmas got hurt he carried her and now raven gets hurt and he is carrying her. I don’t see mark or Matt anywhere. And little weasel Paul scurried off because he doesn’t like the sight of blood. Give me a break. All these people wanna diss Cody but he is the first to lend a helping hand and is the one I’d want around for an emergency!

Beyond The Game

I’m sure all these house guests are cool people outside the house. Yeah we all have our quirks but as much as Cody has been taking slack for his personality and game play, Im sure he is a stand up cool dude outside the house. I have noticed he is always there to help the wounded house guests…its a battle field in that house this year!


The reason Cody’s always around to help is that he’s setting booby traps (not a reference to Jess, btw) to take them out. Rescuing them is how he avoids suspicion.


Cause he’s a Marine. That’s what Marines do. Help when someone is in need.

BB Fan

OMG it seems like Big Brother ER. Everyone is going to be dead within Week 3 ahahhahah




I wouldn’t mind if Raven won this game. She is someone who actually needs the money and will use it to further her health – seeing all these money-rich personalities on this show playing for 500K when they are really playing to just have won big brother is pretty aggravating. She is well deserving of it and frankly has a good attitude which is helping my attitude.


Not sure where you’re getting that information? She’s covered on her parents insurance. Her family is not in financial straights. They bought her a dance studio. Her condition is very manageable.


Apparently, you do not know alot about her condition Anonymous. It’s pretty serious, especially since a pace maker is involved. And sorry, but ..Her parent has the same disease and has the same insurance. Hopefully that sensitivity chip that seems to missing is rediscovered by education.


You might what to study it more actually. If you research gastroparesis it is actually very manageable with a great prognostic outlook.


Big Brother is a strategic social game. it’s about maneuvering through the game using a variety of skills to make it to the end. It’s not about handing the prize money to someone because of their injuries, an unfortunate condition or illness. It is horrible Raven has had to deal with her illness. It doesn’t mean someone is insensitive or uneducated because they want the person that plays the best BB game to win.


Let’s watch Raven milk this one. I’m sorry she got hurt but already she’s changing the number of stitches lol


BB is not a charity


everyone on the planet deserves to be there.

Paul's Mouth

Am I mistaken or is that Cody carrying Raven to the DR? Where’s her guy Matt????

Ms Retta

How come Jessica keeps being allowed to not wear her frog hood?


How come Matt was eating regular food as a have not?…


The way the BB houseguests are going down, including poor Cameron who only got to play for a few hours, what is CBS going to do to those who don’t follow the rules to the tee. I don’t think they’ll be kicking them out any time soon, or this will be the shortest BB in history.

Paul's Mouth

ENOUGH already! We get it you’re upset because she’s not wearing the frog hood. GET OVER IT!!!!


Why does my shit not post? So annoying!


Simon and Dawg moderate the posts. They try to weed out the offensive and spam ones. Sometimes a post may get caught in the jumble or missed. Also they both have regular jobs, families, and need sleep. It may take a little while for them to ok a post. I’ve seen them post in just less than a minute and then it took a few hours. It depends on when one of them have the time to work on the posts. They are not getting rich doing this site and I believe the donations and income generated sometimes fails to cover the necessary Kraken allotment…

Jimmy 64

What is it big brother general hospital everyone is getting hurt.


Raven looks like a young Tammy Faye Baker.

Jessica's V@g!na

I like my man tall, dark, and sociopathic.


Well, that’s the third injury in the house. I hope I didn’t jinx the house with my earlier comments.

It’s great that they can treat her (stitches) there instead of carting her off (like Christmas) to the hospital.

My guess is….

Two girls with bum legs + 1 guy with bum finger = non-physical HOH

Just sayin’


While it is amazing that no one has fallen (or been pushed) down those stairs until now, there is definitely a curse on this season’s Houseguests.


GinaMarie fell down those steps a couple of years ago


This season is cursed!


It’s either that or someone in Big Brother is doing a sneaky version of Agatha Christie’s “10 Little Indians”

Ian's Lament

I think this is officially the clumsiest house of BB.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Where was Andrew???
Just sayin Andrew would have caught her!!!!


Didn’t GinaMarie take a tumble down the stairs? I think it’s happened before but nobody has been injured. The house wasn’t cursed then lol

Bunny Flop

It was cursed with GinaMarie, Aaryn,McRanda in the house at the same time.

Pauline Callowfury

This could have been avoided had BB finally renovated the house floorplan after 12 fucking years.


Idk why everyone is hating on Paul. He knows how to play as we went through it last year. Also he has done to Cody what he did to him. Only difference is that he got everyone on board big deal. Cody is a narsactic a hole. I am glad he’s going home. Paul isn’t my favorite and he wasn’t last year but at least he is playing instead of just sitting there like a mindless drone. The only other one playing is Alex and I can see her winning.

Second why is everyone hating on Raven. She is a sweet girl and has serious health issues so I hope she gets something to help and just because she has insurance doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have to pay deductibles.

Personally I am ready to see Christmas go because she is soooo on my nerves


Raven’s family actually has a gofundme set up for her trying to raise $200k for medical expenses.


I’m hoping Julie says Xmas isn’t returning so there will be no eviction this week! After 3 weeks of safety it’s only fair that his HOH is null and good.

Fearless at 50!

OMG that would be too perfect!! ???

Ian's Lament

Not to be callus towards Raven but this supposed to be competitive and entertaining to watch . If I want to watch “Make a Wish BB” I’ll watch the Lifetime network.

Anonymous also

I can’t stand to watch Jessica and Cody. She clings on him and acts like they have been married for twenty years!!! I have a feeling she is going to look back on this and kick herself for giving up a chance at $500,000 for someone she has known for less than a month. And don’t even get me started on Cody. He deserves to go home! He spent a week in isolation letting Jessica preen him and listening to her gravel and whine instead of fighting to save himself and actually play the game.


Jessica playing Liz ‘s game keep crying weak dumb bitch!

Spartacus Jackson

Damn. Megan quits, Christmas breaks bones and Raven slips and fall down the stairs! Lol! This is crazy!

El Cappy Tan

Simon and Dawg can we get little bandaids or something on the photos that lets us knwo whos evicted, hoh, noms, etc…

Getting hard to keep track of all these injuries!


Maybe i’m really callous and cruel, but if i walked into Big Brother as a house guest, I’d keep my eyes and ears open for the most sympathetic hard luck story in the house, and make it my mission to get them out of the game. Think long game. Think arguments to jury. How do you beat make-a-wish in final two? You don’t. Especially when they slap on more mascara so everyone can see the tear stains. Yeah, no chance I’m going to be needing a halo.

ZACHERY alderton

what colored shorts is Raven wearing where is the bleeding came from