Jess “I hope this doesn’t turn into world war 3 again. Whenever I give Cody the freedom it backfires.”

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9:05pm Lounge room. Paul & Cody.

Cody tells Paul that he talked with Christmas. Paul – Good talk? Cody – we talked for a long time. Paul – she was cooperative to talk? Cody _ I was finally able to tell her exactly what… Paul – what you wanted to tell her? Cody – the truth. I had still be hiding certain pieces of the puzzle that I didn’t have anything to gain by giving away. Now I have nothing to lose. Might as well shake it up. Might as well say what everyone has f**king told me. This wasn’t blindly me. I’m not saying Jess was involved but it wasn’t blindly me. I literally kept Jess out of the loop on purpose. Paul – alright then, interested to hear. We’ll see if its even asked (during Dom’s talk show), if not if you want to talk afterwards we can have a conversation. Paul – I’m into it, maybe tomorrow we could have a conversation. Paul – I don’t think she will ask that question. Paul – but there’s audience questions. Cody – ask anything you want, even about the air force. Cody talks about how he was in the air force for 6 years and then the Marines for another 4 years. He says he only signed up to kill Taliban.

9:48pm Bathroom – Jessica & Elena.
Jessica – I hope this doesn’t turn into world war 3 again. Elena – what? Jessica – This interview. Whenever I give Cody the freedom to do something it always backfires. Like every time .. so I’m a little nervous. Elena – maybe cross your fingers. Say a prayer and your toes. Jessica – we’ll see how this goes. Elena – I’m interested. Jessica – I’m very nervous and about to s**t my pants. Elena – I wouldn’t recommend it. Jessica – I find it quite enjoyable, its like a facial for you butt. He’s going to have to clean it if I do. That seems fair.

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10pm – 10:30pm Dominique’s talk show starts with Alex as the first guest. She talks about her clothing line and her thoughts on being inside the house. Ramses is up next and he talks about his schooling and being on the block. He talks about how he recently came out about being gay and how he isn’t dating anyone.

10:35pm Cody is Dom’s next guest. He brags that he can get out of any pair of handcuff with just a bobby pin. He says that he knew he wanted to stay away from Jessica because he knew she would be trouble. Cody – I didn’t want to get into any kind of showmance … not that this is a showmance. I even told Jeff (Schroeder) that showmances are dumb before I knew (that Jeff met Jordan on his season). Dom – any not so great first impressions. Cody – I didn’t like Paul from his season. From getting to know the guy I don’t mind him now. Dom – so you were the first HOH, how was that? Cody – fine. Cody talks about his “hate” for Megan. He then changes it to dislike for her. Cody comments on how he knows he is going this week. Dom asks him if he has campaigned at all? Cody – I would never campaign against Alex. There are 3 people that I want to go far in this game. Alex, Jess and Raven. Dom – is there a reason why those people? Cody – Deserving, respect, I care about them. Cody says he kept Jess in the dark about what he was doing. He says that now she is being shunned when she did nothing wrong than be loyal. People kicked her to the side like she is trash. Paul asks about Cody making decisions on his own and leaving Jess out of it. Cody – I never made a decision without one or two people involved. mark – meaning what?! You told them or just one or two people involved? Cody – One or two people always knew about the decision I was going to make. Mark – which decision is that? Cody – All I’m saying. Mark – no I’m asking which decision is that? Which decision is that?! Cody – all I’m saying. For what?! One or two people in what decision? Cody – that’s all I’m saying Mark.

Dom – one more question? Josh – If you weren’t intimidated by Paul as a player or as a man do you think you would have lasted longer in this game? Cody – is that supposed to be a dig at me Josh? Josh – no its a serious question. Cody – Josh you don’t exist in my book! I’m not going to give you any more air time than you deserve. I’m not taking any more questions from Josh. Dom asks Cody about the “possibility” of his showmance ending when he leaves. Cody – all discussions between me and her are going to be kept private. Mark – I’ve got a question. The one or two people that knew about every decision you made .. that statement right there is going to help Jess’s game? Cody – are you implying .. putting out a general statement that you’re going to go after Jess now? Mark – no I’m just saying. Just like you made a general statement. Cody – why would you mention Jess then when I just said that? Mark – well because you said that Jess wasn’t involved. Cody – she was not. Mark – but one or two people were? Cody – yeah. Paul – would you like to say who? Cody – nope. Mark – so putting out a general statement like that .. do you think that is going to help people with you in the house right now? Cody – Mark, I’m going home! It doesn’t matter. I’m being asked questions, so I’m answering them. Mark – right, so I’m asking you do you think its going to help the people associated with you in this game? Cody – and all you’re saying is that you’re going to be coming after Jess now because I said that? Mark – I’m just making a statement. Dom – thank you Mark for your question. Dom brings up how Cody lied about his age and came clean about it yesterday. Did it help your game? Cody – it didn’t matter. Kevin – Cody, do you think I should have said I was 40 or something. Cody – you could have pulled it off.

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11:05pm Lounge room. The show ends and Cody and Jess leave the room. Mark – I’m good. I just asked a question. Alex – was he saying he had accomplices now or he did? Mark – I knew exactly where he was trying to go. Mark – I was trying to get to the bottom of his smart a$$ comment. Dom – I knew what he was saying. I was well aware. He was saying two individuals and its easy to figure out who those two are. He was trying to throw Mark and Matt under the bus. Elena – yup that’s what I thought! Just clarifying. Just making sure that’s what I was hearing as well. Alex – I didn’t know but now I know. Kevin – he was saying Mark and Matt knew. She (Jess) is sunk.. I feel bad for her but she knew .. she’s sleeping with him. Don’t tell me you didn’t know.

11:07pm Bedroom – Matt, Paul, Raven.
Paul is mad about Dom’s show and what she was saying – people have assumed or should I say it is easy to… Dude?! WTF?! Organic groups. WTF?! What the f**k are you doing?! Matt – she (Dom) literally called them the outsiders. Did you catch that too? Raven – Yeah I caught it. Paul – and your sales job? I’m not questioning you but I was ready to get up and leave. Matt – I said I was about to throw up. Raven – I felt nauseous. Paul – that was not… that was very backhanded. And I am absolutely not doing that (Dom’s show) on Saturday. Raven – no, I don’t blame you. Matt – I love Dom but that was not.. Paul – chill. Raven – no, not at all. Paul – I’m not concerned about his one to two people. I am pretty sure he is insinuating Christmas because he (Cody) was like me and Christmas had a big talk today. Raven – I don’t appreciate the line of questions .. why are you asking if someone is gay!? Paul – yeah what the f**K?! Paul – I am exponentially more upset with Dom than I am with Cody. Asking Ramses… WHOA dude how do you know he is open to being grilled about his sexu@lity? Matt – I felt bad for him. Raven – that was uncomfortable. That was stupid. They talk about how they really don’t like Dom’s questions. Paul leaves and says he’s not going to be on Saturday’s show and he’s not watching. Matt asks Raven – how are we supposed to trust her? Raven – we don’t trust her. Don’t put your game in her hands. Matt – that was completely unnecessary. Raven – this is her way of stirring up the drama.

Lounge room – Jess and Mark.
Mark tells Jess about how she said to him regardless of how the votes come down on Thursday, the line was going to be drawn. Jess – I felt like I had leprosy. I didn’t talk to anybody because what was I supposed to do. I was in a corner all week. I as bullied by people that can’t even look at me. I’ve been literally in hell all week. Mark – I am very frustrated with him because I was the only one that stuck out my next for him. I was the only one that stated with him for a long as I could. I have a very hard time believing that you didn’t know he was going to do that. He threw one or two of us under the bus. Jess – I get blamed for everything when I haven’t done anything. Mark – then why are you talking to me right now? Jess – because I”m trying to figure out where you’re coming from. Jess – you believe I knew this was going to happen? Mark – yea. Mark – why did he do that? Jess – because he is leaving tomorrow and he doesn’t care. Mark – If he cares about you he will clear the air before he leaves. Jess – or you’re going to evict me. Mark – I don’t know. I find it hard to believe you didn’t know (about what Cody said during Dom’s show). Jess – do you think I like being in a house where people don’t talk to me? What do you think I’m gaining gaining that? Mark – did you know he was going to do that? Jess – no. Can you stop blaming me for his actions. I had nothing to gain from this. Jess starts crying. Mark – hopefully tomorrow we can start getting back on the same page.

11:20pm HOH room Cody and Paul.
Cody talks to Paul alone about the

Paul – so Dom never knew about the idea of backdooring me? Cody – no, no. I don’t know why Mark would implicated himself like that. Paul – I know. Paul – so let me ask you something… Did you see that banner? Cody – I saw Mark at the end.
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11:35pm Havenot room. Cody and Jessica.
Jess – this is just a nightmare. It was a bad idea for Mark to react the way he did. Cody – Paul agrees. Jess – why was he the one to jump up the way he did. Cody – I don’t know. Jason joins them. If I win HOH what should I do? Cody – well always protect Jess. jason if I flip this motterf**ker. Jess -after everything I went through this week .. 1000%. You know how bad I want to see their safely blankets ripped from their bodies. Jason – if I win HOH, I was going to put up Matt and Dominique. Cody – I would put up Mark and Dominique. Mark and Elena. Something like that.

11:50pm – 1:10am HOH room – Paul, Elena, Matt and Dominique.
Paul tells Dom – that was a little odd.. the questions. Paul what I am now concerned about is what was talked about between Cody and Christmas. Elena – so Cody you f**king blew up my game when you did that and now you just did it again!

1:15am HOH room – Paul, Mark, Matt, Elena, Raven.
Paul – fantastic move by Cody but he is still going home. Mark – no, its flipped now with Alex which is really cool, like she is being honest. I just popped in on her and Dominique. And she said Mark I want you to know it wasn’t me. She thought I was attacking him to get her name. Paul – but I can’t say the same about everybody else. They were all a little weirded out. Elena – we were all weirded out. Mark – Alex and Jason were weirded out by the way I was attacking Cody. Paul – I am concerned that names were being dropped and the people that were loose … are maybe a little looser. Can we all just collectively tell Dom that her questions were weird so that she doesn’t think that Matt and I were berating her. Raven – the next live show (Dom show) can we just not talk about game? That’s really awkward. Matt – with the understanding that this is something really important for her…something that she would like to pursue outside of the show… just be really tactful in your words. Paul – one of us has to win HOH… but what I’m concerned about is her foot (Raven), your (Mark) finger and Christmas’s leg.

Dom comes up to the HOH room. Dom – had Mark not said something Alex and Jason thought Cody was talking about them. Alex got so heated that she almost spoke up. When Mark responded, they were like wait, something’s off. Matt – At the end of the day all we want to know is if Jason or Alex win HOH that they want to send either Ramses or Jessica home. Beyond that I don’t give a bakers f**k. Dom – Alex already said she was ready to send Ramses or Jess home.

1:20pm Lounge room – Paul and Alex.
Paul – this is f**king perfect. Everybody has their brains jumbled up. Alex – I didn’t know what he was talking about . I thought he was trying to say he had an alliance in here and was trying to implicate me. Paul – no, no, no. Its Mark and Dom. Who are the ones. Alex – that’s why she pulled me aside. Paul – that’s why she (Dom) pulled you aside to do damage control. And that’s why Mark was pissed at the question. Now, I’m going to wait until Cody is out of this f**king house and then I’m going to let them know it was Mark and Dom. So what that’s going to do is .. they’re all just going to f**King… (go at each other). And now Josh and Jason are probably sketched out as F**K. Alex – I always trusted you. If there is an event where it is down to you and Jason in the HOH …toss it to f**king Jason and let him make a crazy a$$ move. And then the following week they’re going to try and do the same thing to Jason. Paul – Matt, Raven and even Elena are starting to question Mark. We just have to let that happen. I still think we need to get out Ramses but we need to let this boil.

1:55am HOH room. Paul, Matt and Raven.
Matt – I’m not sure what I think of Dom right now. In terms of who I trust to make good game decisions, they’re both in this room right now. Raven – I agree with that. Paul – she needs to know not to do that sh*t. Raven – no game talk during those. Elena joins them. They laugh about how Alex thought Matt had thrown the veto to her because he did so bad.

2:10am HOH room. Paul and Dom.
Dom – I am trying to figure out why Cody was throwing my name out like that. Paul – swallow it until Cody is out of the house. Jason chooses to be in that room laughing and joking with them. If that f**king vote is not 10 – 1 tomorrow I am taking this ugly piece of art work and bashing it over Jason’s head.
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3:20am All the house guests are sleeping.. except for Elena and Mark who are doing some heavy petting under the sheets.

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Jessica says that she gives Cody the freedom … really?!? Controlling much! Cody is his own person – in or out of a relationship. Jessica has a lot of growing up to do. Hope she is the next to go. Kevin, Jason and Josh I find entertaining. Kevin or Paul for the win!

Cowboy and kevin

Its nice to see Cody actually trying in the game a shame its definitely way to late

Frankie's shorts

Cody hit the nail on the head when he said in the DR that he and Paul are the only alphas in the house. Should add Alex though.


Hmm – I think X-mas is pretty alpha….


Hahaha! Jessica gives Cody the freedom to do something!!!

Controlling issues?


Oh my goodness!!! Respect!!! Cody had a handle on the game!!!!! He just blew everyone’s mind. I am truly surprised that he had such a great read on the going-on’s of the house. If he had any kind of social game, he would be FIRE!

Club H.O.H

And this is why WE NEED CODY IN THE GAME!!!! Boom!!!! A bunch of squirrels running around like chicken without heads! Lmao Cody not only lit back the live feeds but made BBAD A SHOW! #SaveCody #CBSwakeup&sendXMAShome!

Feeling bad for Cody...

I wanted so badly to like Cody from the beginning but I mean his aggression is too much and then saying that he joined the service just to kill taliban is definitely not healthy. You join because you want to fight for freedom not because you want to kill other people. I really hope the VA or some other private agency helps him once he gets out of the house and he uses all this to see just how affected he is by his time because that aggression and anger is not normal and not safe.


Yeah but that doesn’t surprise me if you ask most Marines why they joined, that’s the response. We are also trained to have a certain mentality to dehumize the enemy.



Big Brother Injury Report

Megan (week 1) PTSD, out for the season
Mark (week 1) thumb, day to day
Christmas (week 2) knee, should be out for the season
Raven (week 2) toe, day to day

This season is beyond cursed for the houseguest. We still got 11 more weeks to go…

Imagine the surgeon ban Christmas from coming back to the game and thus Cody is safe from eviction…now that will be insanity.


Well he’s a Doctor, not God. He can’t really dictate that and unless it’s in the contract, CBS can’t force her out over a broken foot either.


Well, it depends on the contract. If CBS feels that keeping her means they’d have to make too many accommodations for her recovery and they feel the liability is too great to keep her then they will cut her loose.


Remember season 1 I know it was just a social experiment back then but Eddie was on crutches and he stayed in the whole season….


Added to that is any contracts Xmas may have out of the house for sponsorships, endorsements, etc. She might be in breach of those if she stays and potentially does herself more injury and that could impact her personal finances and real career. Worth it?


Everyone thought abt that tooo, the game being cursed, when day by day Julie kept mentioning snakes, bad apples, curse and temptations , it all sound like the devil playground, so yep the house very much curse, those poor HG


Production should bring in a doll that looks like Annabelle with a camera in it and start moving it around the house to scare the crap out of them. That might not have anything to do with anything but I would truly enjoy that.


haha! That would be hilarious! It would freak me out, that’s for sure!


Uh, you don’t have to be a deity to restrict a pt’s activity. It’s called ethical medical care. The patient can choose to ignore it, but CBS would be foolish to do so.


I dream that Christmas can’t come back and they don’t have evictions!!!! Boy that would be fire!

Jessica's balding scalp

mark is a big dumb gorilla.


I threw up a little when I read about Mark and Elanas heavy petting…I just can’t get the image out of my brain. Ick


Jess and Mark had a conversation- Jessica plays the victim and calls herself a scapegoat. All she did the entire week was rub against Cody. She didn’t try to repair the relationships. They kept to themselves. Bye Cody and hopefully Jessica is next. Don’t play the victim when it doesn’t go your way.
Go Alex!!!!


Her and Cody ruined their own game by taking things way too personally and acting wounded all week. Thenm,suddenly (nudged by Production, no doubt) they come to life and decide they want to re-engage the whole house? They let the ill will fester too long. Battle lines were drawn and nobody wants to go up against Paul.

Although I’m willing to bet Cody will be back in some battle back type situation. Production would like to see the Cody vs Paul drama continue since the rest are just sheeple (at this point).

cowboy and kevin

I really hope Dom doesn’t appreciate the way Paul and Matt came at her about the show and that this starts to form cracks in their alliance

Michelle's Double Chins

Naaaah. Dom will just pray.


Dom cannot and will not make any moves- at least not now. She is incapable of winning any phys challenges. All she has is her social game and she has stated she just wants to make it to jury. It seems that BB is an ongoing interview for Dom to secure a job as an interviewer or show host. I think she wants to be a new member of “The View” bleeech! She needs to stay close to HGs who can win comps so she can make it to jury- typical floater behavior- BOO!


She tries to stay aloof and above it all, but she screwed up badly and she knows it.


I truly believe it would be a in the shows best interest not to bring back any of the contestants being eliminated given the injuries, the unexpected PTSD departure and just the continuous potential for more drop-offs due to Christmas and Raven. The show is also starting to look a bit predictable to the point where its looking like production is making things happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cody would be the one that comes back. I can probably tell you how the show is going to roll out after that.

Cowboy and kevin

I don’t think they’ll do a prejury comeback since the hexagon halt will cancel one of the eviction nights

Uncle Teddy

Don’t forget they lost a player. And if they already factored in a buyback they are down 2 weeks. I think someone mentioned they could cancel a double eviction to catch up on a week and that would work. But I think those episodes are the highest rated other than premiere and finale nights, so I’m not buying that as an option. I think we need to resign ourselves to the fact that a buyback is coming. Which sucks. Next Friday there is an episode scheduled. Seems like a perfect time for a buyback to me. Ugh


On the veto game tonight on TV does anybody else think its bulls#!+ that Paul’s time was 4:37. I think production gave that to Paul. Since we don’t get to see the time on the clock production can say anything but Paul getting that low a time after how long it took him on the gondola, I don’t believe it. Just saying.


Every single year someone says that comp was rigged. No matter who wins. Everyone else screwed up every single time except Paul, and Ramses. And Ramses still screwed up more than Paul. The only time I thought didn’t seem right was Josh’s. But he may have just went through all of the delayed competitions faster.


It kinda looked like they played Pauls from beginning to end for the most part. The 4 minutes does make sense… every one else they clearly didn’t show the full thing, and they showed the highlights of Ramses, but he really did move slowly at every delay he had to do ( with the exception of the math, but he did say he is really bad at it and they may have omitted the ones he got wrong) … Paul also didn’t have to go through the passport pool, which seemed to be a little big of a pain in the neck.


Production has been playing hard for Paul in every way.These house guests aren’t even allowed to discuss him.The whole bombshell on Dom’s show is that 2 people knew of Cody’s plan to evict Paul?How dare they? They act like they went against the rules.terrible people tried to evict Paul that’s so outrageous!!


The outrage was just Paul setting up his next target for eviction. He’s planting the seeds to have someone go for Dom since he can’t and he doesn’t want the blowback when his (ridiculous) Pendant of Protection expires.

Conspiracy Theory

Enough with the conspiracy theories…..yes the “show” is influenced by production and some challenges are set up better for a certain house guest rather then others…..but this whole belief that CBS is going to “rig” house guests time for a challenge is just ridiculous. Yea….CBS is going to risk it reputation over some silly little contest on Big Brother and purposely screw a contestant.

Too many people bring their belief of conspiracy into every aspect of life…including Big Bro. If you strongly feel that CBS is rigging things….simply don’t watch it and support it then. Far to many people use their own free will to believe they have none.


Gotta say, me neither. And Ramses was NOT “zipping” through it either (unlike what Paul was suggesting) AND he only beat Josh by 4 seconds??? I know editing can do a lot to make things appear how they want them to appear, but the time results don’t make any sense. I’m only miffed by it because Ramses (who is really just a sweet, young kid) has taken so much unnecessary heat for it.


Mark annoys me so much!

Brother Utah

I really want to like Mark but he brings nothing to the game. All he does is complain about Christmas and his epic romance with Elena. Sure he bench press Jason and having verbal attack with Cody, this dude does zip.

Brother Utah

Anybody wish the power of veto competition is play on a Monday night?

Then the veto ceremony on Tuesday?

The power of veto competition is usually play on a Saturday afternoon, but after the competition, there is like a five day gap of absolutely nothing. As fans of this site, Tuesday and Wednesday can be a drag in strategy talk.


The veto ceremony is usually Monday night, I think. They do everything early so they can prepare for Wednesday and Thursday. They need the pieces settled so they can craft a story line around the results. I think production actually complained to Vanessa in her season because things flipped around so much during her weeks as HoH.


F#*k y’all.


Is Andrew still in the game? I say he’s playing the best game.he has incredible ability to blend in so long as he can resist the urge to show off his lap dancing skills


Psychopaths want to kill.


What do you think combat soldiers are trained to do ??????????


There’s a difference in being a trained sniper then killing a person because it’s necessary and just signing up so you can kill people.


Can someone explain me what those shows they do are about? Is it a big brother formal thing or just an initiative from the houseguests ? I don’t have the feeds and this was never shown in any episodes but all over every blog people mentions the dom and Kevin’s shows… thanks.


Sometimes to occupy their time, house guests do their own little thing to the cameras .. Paul did his Friendship thing for the cameras last year. Well, Dominic this year seems to be trying to do her own talk show and has been interviewing the other house guests. In my opinion, her little talk show is too real … interviews the house guests like she is not playing the game but rather like she is Julie Chen outside of the game. Some of the interviews have been funny but I think interviewing people you are playing against and getting them to reveal stuff they may not want to share about the goings on in the game or showmance information is going too far. If I were a house guest, I would have no part of that show Dom is doing and personally, I would be looking to get Dom evicted as soon as possible. It is obvious she is not playing Big Brother but rather is trying to use it to land some gig as a Talk Show host after the game is over. She seems to think her questioning the other house guests motives and gameplay is perfectly fine as long as it is done in the spirit of having a fake Talk Show … it’s not and the house guests are stupid to go along with it.


Thanks for the clarification.

It’s why I started to get confuse and think it was prepared by big brother producer to make better live feed. I cannot understand why they all answers her questions and expose their game!! That doesn’t make any sense. But with this cast, everything is weird.


That “show” they time to be on BBAD (after dark on POP) where they talk to the viewers. It is so bad that I ALMOST wish they would just play Pot Ball and those who know what that is know how boring that was.


Raven and Matt can go as well!!


Dom did say she was in the house not for money but for exposure.

Even so, I wish she’d make these interviews more lighthearted and entertaining not only for the rest of us, but for the houseguests as well. They must be bored and stressed as it is. Even from looking at that picture of Ramses with Dom, he looks uncomfortable. Why add to it?


First off, HUGE props to Simon and Dawg for their usual bang-up jobs on keeping us all updated. I have the live feeds but actually prefer OBB because these guys bring something that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Laughing out loud at Elena about her game being blown up. She needs to have a game first.

I have never seen Dom’s “show” and it seems I am not missing much. Josh is just immature and if he thinks his blowup at Cody makes anyone forget he’s a selfish player who got his entire team eliminated in the first (?) HOH comp because he just had to have the Golden Apple, he’s mistaken. The kid is an unstable, loose cannon.

Paul wants to be seen as this great mastermind player, but needs everyone to throw comps to him to do so. Still trying to figure out how he completed that VETO in under 5 minutes.

I want Cody to stay. He definitely has the balls to go after threats in the game, and if he had been more strategic in choosing alliance members, he would not be leaving.

I would love to see Alex and Jason pick up Ramses and Jessica and form an alliance. I am not sure about Kevin….he’s definitely playing all sides of the house. Would be interesting to discover where his true loyalty lies.


when it comes to individual timed comps that aren’t on feeds and aren’t shown entirely, who is to say how long it actually takes them to complete the comp, or if the veto in those situations isn’t storyline driven. As a reality program, they are not held to the same standards as a gameshow. Most of the contracts repeatedly include the phrase “Big Brother reserves the right.” I mean, we are talking about a show that brought back a previous house guest, made him immune to nomination in week one, gave him three more weeks free of nomination, withheld twenty minutes of the hoh comp from feeds between end of show and beginning of feeds, and then had an individual ‘time’ comp for the veto. Everyone should be smelling something, because something is rotten in the state of denmark.


I’ve always thought that, as well. We have no proof of the players’ actual times in those individual comps, and Paul increased my suspicion when he was so worried about Ramses’ 7 minutes and some seconds beating his 4 minutes and some seconds (not even close). Even just having the players see and know their finish time prior to the whole house (and tv audience) reveal would be more validation.

As viewers, we are left to trust production and assume fairness. Yet, this granny has trust issues, especially when fairness can’t be verified by the viewers.


First, the ‘edited’ part of Paul’s veto comp lasted about 4minutes on TV, to me. So how can they say the time he spent on the entire comp was just 4 minutes and some secs. On the feeds he was complaining about how long he took to complete the comp. The time that CBS showed for Paul just doesn’t make sense. Second, when they were all complaining about Rameses time being close to Paul’s , I thought it was like seconds apart, before I saw the show. It’s over 3minutes! And Paul the tyrant didn’t want Rameses to win and save himself. That’s crazy talk. Anyway, there’s no way CBS can convince me now that they didn’t do anything with Paul’s time. They sure have a favorite to win and it’s Paul.


Does anyone remember how long the feeds were down when the veto comp began? It seemed like 4 or 5 hours. I think the times played combined was like 75 minutes. Why did it take so long to finish? it shouldn’t have took more than 10-15 minutes to reset between each player. I call BS. I’m just hoping for Cody to stay tonight!

N 2 Deep

I guess it is time for everyone involved in this show to understand the acronym,”CBS”……………….Creative Bull $hit!


Agreeing with all your thoughts. But I want Cody to come back ONLY if Jessica is out. The 2 of them, I can’t. Especially her.

The timing of Paul for the veto is BS.


The problem is Cody doesn’t have the social game to make a difference anymore. He’s a much less likable Victor, sure he can win those comps but can he get people behind him and coordinate a strike? Victor allowed Paul to be his social game. Granted Vic was evicted half a dozen times but Paul got to stick it out=)


Cody and Victor are nothing alike. Victor had a social game he just didn’t have the know how to make big game moves, that’s where Paul helped him out.

Uncle Teddy

Totally agree about Simon and Dawg. I follow Jokers on Twitter and I have the live feeds too, but these guys just kill it with their recaps.

Paul getting people to throw him comps is good game play. I think the point you’re making is that he thinks he’s good at comps but he has to have people throw them to him. That I would agree with. But getting people to throw him comps is very good game play. Mastermind? Eh, I’m not there yet. Having 3 weeks of safety makes people want to work with you. Let’s see how he does rallying the troops to his side when he can go on the block.

As for Cody… I think he chose decent alliance members. He just kept them in the dark and screwed them over by going rogue. The whole point of an alliance is to move deeper in the game together and with a unified strategy. He didn’t do that. I understand what he was trying to do. He ran the risk of Paul finding out about his back door plan if he started talking about it beforehand. And it almost worked! I think if he worked the house after the Xmas nom instead of hiding in the HOH room all week and sucking on Jessica’s face, he might have been able to keep an alliance together. In short he’s just not a good game player outside of the comps.

I agree with everything else you said.


Paul is pretty good at comps. He won when he needed to last year, and no one was throwing him those wins at the end.


Yes and if Cody’s plan worked and Paul didn’t have safety, I think this would be a whole different game. His alliance, although still upset, would get over it and see that the move Cody made to get Paul out was the right one. That’s the game of Big Brother, things change daily.

Kevin's 25K

Kevin is aligned with Paul, I believe Kevin has only told Paul that he got the 25K, this would lead me to believe beyond everything Kevin is doing in the BB house that he is with Paul. Kevin is playing a remarkable game up to this point so far…..has most of the house puzzled.

Cody's problem wasn't in choosing his alliance members. It was in alienating his alliance members by not keeping them abreast of his plans. They felt at the bottom of the totem pole if he didn't even trust his alliance to let them know what he w

Cody’s problem wasn’t in choosing his alliance members. It was in alienating his alliance members by not keeping them abreast of his plans. They felt at the bottom of the totem pole if he didn’t even trust his alliance to let them know what he was going to do. That was his huge mistake and where everything started busting up.


Cody’s problem wasn’t in choosing his alliance members. It was in alienating his alliance members by not keeping them abreast of his plans. They felt at the bottom of the totem pole if he didn’t even trust his alliance to let them know what he was going to do. That was his huge mistake and where everything started busting up.


Kevin seems to have the same mysteriousness as JMac did (why not bring him back to host a comp?). JMac’s full game strategy and relationship-building didn’t come out until after the show wrapped so he annoyed some viewers: “He’s not doing anything”, etc. I think Kevin falls into the same category of subtle. He’s playing his cards close to the chest and some of his important moves aren’t making it to the show. Plus, I’m guessing he’s not as entertaining in the DR (?) as JMac was, so we’re not getting any clues from those either.

Bunny Flop

It’s very irritating to hear Josh try to be viscous. He really isn’t very good at it. Not because he’s not mean spirited. And not because he doesn’t want to fight. He’s just too slow witted to keep up.


You’re absolutely right….he is basically a big ball of mucous (viscous), and when he attempts to be deliberately cruel (vicious) he just ends up crying more.

But, please do not mistake this granny as being judgmental about Josh. He is just too soft for this game, where genuine feelings are rarely honestly validated (while in the house, that is) and having all other HG’s combust before your eyes is the ultimate goal.

Only one person wins this game.


Cody would destroy him in seconds if he wanted to.who is he to question a Marine combat vets manhood?hes a boy Cody is a man like him or not


I really don’t care if Cody is evicted. One of my friends says, ‘oh, but he’ll go after Paul and Paul is the greater of two evils.’ My response is give it time, Paul has a big yap, and eventually people get rubbed the wrong way. Sorry, but it’s week two and Paul still has safety for another stupid week (even if he gets booted, who is to say production won’t cater a return comp to Paul out of some misguided ridiculous notion that people want to see more of him), and really, i’ve heard enough of Cody’s opinions, he can go.
As far as Mark: gee. Why not react a little more to throw suspicion in his direction. Mr. Sensitive’s innuendo was quite clear. If Cody doesn’t clear his name, Mark will make sure Jessica is evicted. They already have her on the eviction short list anyway. Here is what i get from his actual character so far: he backstabbed his alliance mate by week two; he expects loyalty and honesty in return for being disloyal and lying; he will make threats to others in order to get his way. He needs to own that. I’d respect it if he’d own it. I’m no Cody fan. Nor am I a Jessica fan. But the bloom is fading from the rose on this yahoo as well.
As far as Christmas: I haven’t missed her. I guess i’ve made up my mind, she’s not one of the ones i’m going to give a damn about.
As far as Josh: oh shaddddup. Every time I see him my brain says mute.
As far as Raven: well maybe she wouldn’t have problems navigating stairs if she got her head out of Paul’s butt. Stepfording for every word out of Paul’s mouth… I just don’t respect it. But then, that sentiment goes for more than half of them.


CODY – you should have just worked with Paul from the beginning.


Am I the only one who thinks Cody may still have a tiny chance at staying? He does not need to flip the house, just Paul. Paul should realize his safety is coming to an end, and as the only vet, he will need a target bigger than himself in the house.
Josh and Jessica are annoyances but no real threat. As long as Cody is in the game, the focus would be on him and not Paul.
Cody should go talk to Paul and feed on his paranoia of Ramses being a snake, and how sneaky he is. How Ramses almost won the VETO, etc. They could team up with Alex, Jason, Jessica, and possibly Kevin…make a Final 6 and then every man for himself.


How is it only Paul who Cody needs to convince? I’m not opposed to your plan, but what’s the backlash for Paul in having to re-convince all the minion votes? That would be a hard sell at this juncture (even for Paul’s mouth) and the minions would surely object, no?


Production was pumping Cody up to the the Paul Slayer, they did not want them working together. Plus the house needs opposing sides, not just two people running the whole house.


I’m so ready for the showmances to take a hit. They feel way too safe and it’s irritating. The way it’s going now we will be watching the “Paul Show” all summer.

Team Andrew

I don’t recommend yo shat your pants. It’s not a good look.


Some of you are so consumed with hating on Cody and Jess that you have no clue what is going on in the game.

Mark the mouth breather outs himself by getting pissed that Cody sat up there and spoke the truth. Cody set a trap and Marks doofus ass fell in it.

Dom one wants to have talk show after show and it won’t happen cuz she the worst public speaker I have ever seen. But Dom also in those “shows” is looking out for herself and wants drama so she can sit back and float longer. She on ppls radar now. Backfired.

Paul irate because any truth being told to whole house together starts to out his game of having every single person in the house in his pocket.

Kevin trying the play all sides thing and lost Alex. You lie in this game a lot but never fk over the ppl that actually have yout back. He thinks he can be cool with everyone and then sit back and see how things play out and then whoever is left and can get him to F4 he will roll with. He needs to lead and play at some point or everyone will be like what is this fool doing to help my game? He great guy but you don’t win it all playing game he has played so far. Many here will say Kevin is doing great he just laying back and is good with everyone. That is great right now. But I want this fker to win it all and thinking long term.


Bye Bye Dom

The thing is, I don’t think Dom has a clue what she is doing. Game wise that is. If people think Dom was smart enough to try to expose people, she did it out pure naivety, and it backfired on her more than anyone . The “shows” are cringeworthy to watch, and I am not sure she even knows she just sunk her own self. People feel uncomfortable with a “show” that exposes gameplay by forcing the issue.

After all, she doesn’t want to be in the house other than the exposure of these ” talk shows “.

Just me

Simon, Dawg
So…Christmas was only suppose to be out 4-6 hours for her foot surgery. Any word on when we’ll find out if she is able to come back? I kinda thought she may pop back in last night.


From the conversations I remember I think she comes back today.


We start calling the show “ER” instead of big brother!

Fruit loop dingus

So if Paul is pulling himself off the “The Dom Show with Kevin” does that mean Andrew moves up a day so we can finally meet him?
Simon and Dawg need to be in the cast for a season or at least an episode of Big Brother as a comp host.

Impractical Joker

Julie chen will come on the tv and say houseguests tonight is eviction night however it is being cancel for medical reasons christmas is being pulled from the game all nominiees are safe for one more week and we will have a new hoh competition all are allowed to play so paul ahem I mean someone can win, so congrats alex ramses and cody.

boom the house explodes


I don’t think there is a pre jury buy back in the past when there was Julie would say to the evicted house guest just because you’re voted out doesn’t mean your game is over and she didn’t do that with Cameron or Jillian


But she also didn’t show any of the goodbye messages…


So since the next HOH comp is the endurance wall. Alex is the next HOH winner for sure.


Depends on the endurance but I would look at anyone short and thin to be able to win it. It could be a “spinning” endurance which is harder to predict for. Maybe Jason would do the best cause he’s use to spinning around on a pull.. LOL.

People that may have a anatomical advantage for Wall style Endurance and that are eligible to play.


And I hope Jessica wins it, because she might the only one to take a swing at the showmances.
But considering how all these houseguests are acting, I think they will all be manipulated to swing at each other 🙁
But I think Jessica might be ballzy enough to put up Josh and maybe Raven (Pawn life)


why put up josh? i mean i get that she doesn’t like him, but no one likes him. put up matt and raven, guaranteeing that matt or mark goes home (as no one’s voting out raven until the showmances lose a few more members, and if mark uses veto then elena goes up, so matt’s the only player who could really take himself down).


The good players are Paul and Cody. Followed by Alex and Jason. Cody can be crazy at times but that move to get Paul out was a good one he should have just waited a bit longer and he should have thought about twists before just executing. The good players to me are the ones that think a lot of moves ahead, are good physically and socially. Cody has 2 of those traits and Paul(like him or hate him) has all, that why I believe he’s so far ahead right now in the game. Alex and Jason I feel just aren’t great socially. I feel like everyone else is more sheep/floaters right now but their might be some more good players in there but they are laying low until more people are out before they start playing. I think Matt has potential.


Agreed! Except although Matt has potential, he’s stated numerous times that all he wants is to get to jury or help Raven win. He has no drive to win this game and Paul does.


I’m sorry, did you just say Jason’s a good player? I don’t think even he’s stupid enough to think that. Wow.


As some of you may know Dawg’s wife is pregnant. Last night she started going into labour!

So Dawg will be missing for a couple days, Y’all have to put up with just me.



Best wishes to Dawg, his wife, and little one! You got this,, Simon! I so appreciate both of you!


Good luck Dawg!!!


Congrats to Dawg’s growing family!


Do they even sell caffeinated Kraken?!


I wish!

nacho mama

Can we talk about Jessica stating that she finds bowel incontinence “quite enjoyable?” She goes on to say, ” it is like a facial for your butt.” Note to self: if Jessica ever opens a spa- stay away! I guess this is proof that she is a ‘dirty girl’ EEK!

Brother Utah

Kinda tough for Paul’s team to win HOH when they have a lot of injuries and Paul can’t compete for HOH.

I believe the HOH endurance will be wide open tonight. Everyone want Josh to assume HOH but with wildcard Alex, Jason and Ramses…the outcome might be different tonight


I think this talk show of Dominiques is a MESS. She is trying to use it as her “safety” in the house. I am very glad they are seeing through it and noticing that her questions are targeted. i think Kevin would be a better host. I am actually surprised production lets this happen but they show it on the After Dark show. I hope Jessica will change her game after Cody leaves. I think this is a good bunch …. now lets play the Big Brother game people.

Paul or Christmas for the win

N 2 Deep

I guess it is time for everyone involved in this show to understand the acronym,”CBS”……………….Creative Bull $hit!

Rachel Harmony

Although I think that Dom is a cute girl and seemingly bright,she does not possess the “chops” to host a talk show outside of the house.The internet is totally loaded with a ton of very talented”talk show ” hosts or “interviewers”. She needs to stay with her outside profession. I question why CBS even allows this. Next thing you know,Kevin will probably be trying to sell life insurance policys on air.(with all due respect to Kevin).


It’s a shame that this game has been so corrupted over the years by production that, even when there hasn’t even been the hint of an opportunity for an evictee to return, everyone ASSUMES and ACCEPTS that eviction from the house is somehow a TEMPORARY state of affairs.


It’s hard to watch Josh still be so heated over Cody’s Week 1 game play. Dude!! Move on!! Heal yourself.


You can hate Cody as much as you want but y’all must agree that “You must change your diapper first” is gonna go down in BB history as one fo the best lines ever said.

Josh is so annoying. I wish it was him leaving this week. Damn you, Ramses!


It’s right there next to Fruit loop Dingus in my book but it will definitely go in the book.

Ian's Lament

Even though he is a turd I would like Cody to stay so we can see him drill sergeant Josh so hard that he goes Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket.


I have a feeling one of the next few temptations will be giving someone a week safety or something, curse will be letting an evicted houseguest back in…(Cody) as the curse Either will be a battle. Or it will be a “random” number picked which will represent a certain houseguest..still know it will be Cody though.


I sure hope so.

Team Jessica

Jessica is so little and cute. Why would anyone want her gone? You really want to look at Elenas deformed breasts and cunt belly? Admit it or not the show is popular also because of the good views in the house.

Save Jessica!

Elena's Chest

Women come in all shapes and sizes….there is a saying variety is the spice of life. You will become a better person when you accept this fact and lose the judgements on other people appearances. Man those that pick others apart don’t realize they only pick others apart because they themselves are not happy with themselves. No one that is truly happy with themselves even needs to put down another.


Says the person with ‘Elenas Chest’ as their screen name. No one that is happy with themselves goes on TV show message board and tries to act like they Holier Than Thou.

Holier Than I

There is no “thou”, you have fell into a dark illusion.

pot calling on kettle

“fallen”. the verb tense is “fallen”

Give me a Break!

I’m so tired of hearing Cody use the words “Victim Noises” he is the ultimate “Victim Actions”, he is a poor sport, folding his arms, clinching his jaw, not clapping, on and on with his Victim actions. He isolated himself from the other house guests, told people not to talk to him and then complains about no-one talking to them. He says he wants to win, but want’s to see three girls to do well? That’s not a competitor. He had the power and the #’s, now he doesn’t Paul does, and when Paul doesn’t whoever does the house will swing that way. Cody & Jessica need to look in the Mirror, can stand people that see in others, what they are guilty of themselves.

Victim Noises

So you went on a rant about Cody and last sentence you said you can’t stand people that see in others, what they are guilty of themselves. So you just totally judged Cody and found in him what you probably can’t stand in yourself. Your post is so paradoxical you best not have any mirrors in your house!


I’m guessing you don’t have a Dictionary in your house.

1.the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions. (Which is exactly what I did from watching a Reality TV show, yet you attacked my Character when you’ve never met or seen me, and no nothing of my life, because I didn’t put myself on a reality tv show)

Seems your the one with the Paradoxical post, best you get a dictionary in your house, and watch something other than a reality show were all here just to discuss the show, not attack someone we don’t know.


Paul DOES have a number of sheep & if he didn’t have protection he would have already been gone. Ohhhh and by the way Josh is playing the victim, noises and all.
PS…get your own name

Victim Noises

Are you being possessive over an online screen name? I hear victim noises…..

Brother Utah

This cracks me up…

Cody: I was a sniper

Aims at Alex: MISS
Aims at Paul: MISS
Aims at Christmas: MISS
Jillian killed (evicted) by accident

Bo Diddler

Dominique’s shows are pretty dreadful. At least the bloom is off the rose and people can see her for the schemer she is. We knew Cody was going to drop a stinkbomb before he left the house, Dom blundered right into that one. Don’t ask questions you don’t already know the answers to, and keep your mouth shut.


Do you wanna know what I think?
Mean girls, mean girls
I’m a just comb you outta my curls
Mean girls, mean girls
You no longer run my world
Mean girls, mean girls
I’m a just comb you outta my curls


Simon do you think xmas comes back at all or is her game done?


I think her game is done.


Kevin is the funniest. Watching the live feeds and his stories are hilarious. After Cody was talking about having no job to go back to, Kevin said “you’ll be fine. You have nice teeth.”
He’s a cool cat.


HAHAHA I caught that too. it’s in my upcoming post.. so funny