“strongest girls are you, Alex and Jess.. if there’s some way you guys can get on the same page”

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9:45am Cody and Christmas Bathroom

Xmas – before I head out.. I’m a little confused why there was so much direct animosity and Disdain to me from you
Cody – I understand.. You’re not going to believe me..

Cody says Jess was involved in his decision to go after Paul/Christmas
Xmas – I believe that

Cody – the reason I Was so mad afterwards…
Explains it was because Jessica was getting blamed for things she had nothing to do with.
Cody says 2 people came to him after “Some interview that was down here”
Cody – Mark came up, he was PISSED.. Something about I don’t even know what the f* he was saying.. Something about a showmance..
Cody – he comes up .. christmas we gotta get him out.. Right behind Mark Dom came up and had the same sedament..

Cody – Jess was sitting there she was the only one that was like What the f*
Cody – Jess was pissed at me for even considering it.. It was Mark and Dom that came to me first about putting you up

Cody – I was so confused because after I put you up Dom came to me and said I promise I’m going to keep Christmas here
Cody – I was like did you (do) just play me to get me to put her up

Cody – after you and Jess had it out after the vote.. Dom was like I would have gotten in Jess’ face
Cody – wtf, Dom appears to be your best friend now.. I’m blown away

Xmas – I thought you were putting me up because I had a good relationship with Paul
Cody says yes that was part of it. He took the shot at PAul he had the protection from Production. So Cody had to put the person closest to Paul up.
Cody – I didn’t go into it BLind
Xmas asks what their issue was about showmances..
Cody says Mark was pissed off by what she said about a showmance with Elena.
Xmas – was it during her show (dom’s show)
Cody – yeah
Xmas says all she asked was they’re going to be a showmance after the show (Elena and Mark)
Cody says Mark told him he was his ride or die till the end, “next thing you know .. you’ll see after the show.. Once that vote against Jillian was made. I looked at mark WTF dude..
Cody – he was just like I had to vote with the ouse.. I was getting played the whole time.
Cody says he wasn’t going into the nominations blind Mark knew all along the plan.
Xmas – so that’s why he kept his distance after we got put up … he avoided me for a long time
Xmas – why didn’t you blow up people’s spot.. Especially since you knew you were going home
Cody says everyone thinks he’s a wildcard and won’t beleive it.
Xmas asks about Elena and Marks position.
Xmas says Elena had nothing to do with it.

Xmas says it was him, Mark, Matt and Dom from the start were together and whenever there was a side conversation it was Mark and Dom on the side.

Cody says if he comes back from a battle back he’s going to go after Mark. Mark betrayed him the most.

Xmas says she thought Jessica felt uncomfortable with her because they danced that one time in the kitchen.
Cody – I’ve never heard that
Xmas – that is the only thing I could come up with in my head..
Xmas says she started getting mad at Jess because she was telling people xmas told her she’s coming after them.
Cody says there’s three girls he would give up his game for, Raven, Alex and Jess.
Cody says the strongest girls are you Alex and Jess.. if there’s some way you guys can get on the same page.
Xmas – I’m the middle child between those 2
Xmas says she can get along with those 2 but they can’t get along with her.

10:20 xmas leaves for surgery

10:25am Cody tells Jessica he had the conversation with Christmas about Mark and Dom

11:43am Jason and Alex
Alex and Jason are saying they only trust each other.

Jason – I’m afraid to tell Kevin anything now..
Alex says Kevin isn’t as nice as they thought says his true colours are coming out.

Alex tells them they might be able to make jit to Jury but then the other side is going to take them oput. They aren’t goign to take their women out.
Jason says Josh may be targeted.
Alex says they like Josh as a pet, they might keep him around.

Jason – I’m going to win HOH and we can do whatever the f** we want.
Alex says they have to play their HOH strategically

12:02am Paul and Kevin

Paul says xmas, Mark and Dom think Kevin is sad and secluded. They always are questioning why Kevin is hanging out with Ramses all the time. Paul says he told them he’s keeping an eye on you.
Paul says if any of them get power, Ramses, Jessica gone.

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Since when is Jessica strong? Jessica been in self imposed isolation with Cody for a week, so being. a BB Thot is strong gameplay now? lol.


We haven’t really seen enough of her to say either way.im not a fan of hers but I could c her possibly doing well in certain comps


Wait…. So is that true about Mark and Dom going to Cody about putting up Christmas and Paul? If so….WOW!!


I don’t recall that at all. I watch the feeds a lot but never saw that. All I remember is Cody wouldn’t tell anyone who he was putting up. He mentioned Paul to Jessica and she basically said she wasn’t with getting Paul out at that point.


does it matter? this is the stuff cody should have been saying a week ago. all he needed to say was paul was being shady, look how he lied about the pendant, i panicked and put up xmas because she and paul seem close, and boom paul would have been on his heels instead of cody. gamewise cody made decent moves, but selling them socially he didn’t do the work and screwed himself.


Why would Paul show the house his hand the first week? The dumbest thing he could have done was told the house he had safety for 3 weeks. He was testing the waters for loyalty and Cody got burned, so in my opinion Cody did screw himself.


It doesn’t matter what Paul should do. It matters if people THINK he did something wrong. This was an easy opportunity for Cody to paint Paul as a target (regardless of whether he deserves it) and Cody missed it.


I totally agree Cody screwed himself. He has a poor social game….but Paul had no intention on telling everyone he had safety for 3 weeks. He was forced to reveal that when Cody put him on the nomination block. It was his only way to get off the block and save himself from going home week 1. It doesn’t seem to have hurt his position in the game. He got the protection and was forced to use it


I remember Mark being pissed about the question Xmas asked him. Not sure why but he isn’t to bright. He turned on Cody quick just like Motown Philly and their women. I hope Cody comes back and does some damage.
Andrew & Alex Final 2!!!


who in the world is Andrew?

He's lying

No it’s a lie.


No, Cody’s spinning the convo where Mark didn’t like Xmas asking about the future of their showmance, but Mark wasn’t suggesting that she and Paul should go on the block. Cody is just finally playing the game by trying to create splits in the group.


No, it is not true. Cody is lying, hoping to protect Jessica, and get her some protection. At the same time, sticking it to Mark, Matt, and Dom.


Yeah. Cody is tryin to spin ‘a web of intrigue’ in case he comes back. He is stirring up some $h1t. I think it is too little too late. However, C’mas gets like a dog with a bone and she will go after Mark and Dom and then she will have a target on her back. Drop the mike


It is true. Mark and Jason are the ones who wanted to get rid of Christmas. They were both in Cody’s ear about it. I’m not sure about Dom, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Actually, I think she was in the room during a conversation between Mark and Cody, and I do remember Mark talking with Dom about Christmas “watching them”.

How dumb for Cody to share these details with Christmas as she is walking out for surgery. She could help him flip to Ramses if she was there, but now she won’t be back in time.

*Ya know,it’s tough being on the sidelines and seeing an obvious good play, but have no way to get the players to act. *sigh


Never heard Mark, Dom, or even Jess suggest that. Mark was upset after the interview thing but it wasn’t anything major, just momentary grumbling on his end. I think Cody is either imagining all this or he is really trying to start trouble before he goes. Mark did drop him so maybe this is his payback.


I believe Mark did talk about getting Xmas out. He was mad about the question putting a target on his back.


Mark was livid that Christmas asked him if his relationship with Elena was a showmance or romance during his After Dark interview with Dom. It really put him on the spot and he fumbled around for an answer. He finally said something like, “I hope it turns into a romance.” Mark did complain to Cody about Christmas and said she had to go. I don’t recall Dom being in the room, but she takes her role of Mark’s therapist quite seriously, so she was no doubt involved.

In Christmas' ear

Christmas should not be allowed to keep leaving the house and coming back. Simply for the fact that she is in a position to get outside information. Especially if she has to stay in the hospital overnight. You can’t tell me that she will have no contact with family/friends, etc who will fill her in. She’s having surgery for crying out loud, they aren’t going to make her do it in a vacuum with nobody who cares about her in touch with her. She was an early on favorite of mine, now after watching her on the feeds, I can’t wait til she is out of the house for good. I’m all for being confident, but she needs to tone it down a bit and not act so superior to everyone else. Plus I just don’t think it’s fair her getting special treatment from production.


She is assigned a “handler” to prevent that sort of thing, but I suppose there are no guarantees that she won’t be given valuable information.


Also, someone in the hospital would have to be a fan of big brother and recognize her. They’d also have to be able to get to her. The odds that you’d have a fan who watches the feeds who works at the hospital who’d have the time to have a regular conversation with her is small. Most hospital staff have way too much to do.

sunny dee

these people are in sequester for a week before they get into the house, as well as hanging out with other potentials and other HGs prior to the final selection. i am pretty sure they get the point that if they violate anything they are out.

not to mention almost every BBUS for a while now has had a ‘win’ outing for 2 to 3 HGs, from going to an ariana grande concert and going backstage, to some kind of football event, and on and on. HGs interact with people outside the house from time to time, let’s not pretend that this is something that never happens and that they haven’t figured out already.

Christmas' ear

I totally get your comment, as well as Granny’s. But that is different in that they are chaperoned. With her being in the hospital and needing to update her situation with regards to her surgery to her direct family/friends, that’s the part I don’t think is quite fair. They will have direct contact with her, unlike the times you are talking about. Just my thoughts. Dr. visits are one thing (in that she is chaperoned, etc) but an overnight hospital stay? That’s something completely different. I’m sure she’ll be talking to friends/family given her surgery situation. I just don’t quite believe somebody won’t give her valuable information. So that’s my point, not sure any house guest has even been in direct contact with friends/family before.


she isnt allowed to talk to family or friends because if it got out CBS would get sued…this is a reality show but also a game show and there are strict laws about all of this.


Rules maybe but not laws.. She wont be talking to her family, her handler will probably be the one to update family.


Not sure I believe Dom and Mark knew about targeting Paul or Xmas … think they were both surprised but who knows, maybe they did know, I do not watch the live feeds. I do think Jessica knew before hand about Paul but not sure she knew about Christmas. Think Cody may just be a little ticked off at Mark and Dom for flipping and is just saying they knew to cause a rift and get Christmas to target them and work with Jessica.


Mark may not have known that Christmas was a distant target for Cody, but Cody knew Christmas was a target for Mark. I do truly believe Cody just put her up in that impulsive moment. He was completely shocked that Paul was safe. He never expected that to happen. He admits now that Christmas as the alternate was a mistake, but at that moment, he threw the name out that seemed right at the time, and likely that’s because he knew she had some votes against her already.

I’m still somewhat stumped as to why he didn’t put Ramses or Jason (so is Christmas), unless he just truly did not see either of them as competition or a threat in any way.

Mark has since changed his mind about Christmas and feels bad that he ever voted for her in the first place, but now that she knows Mark was involved in the whole thing, that relationship may become sour.

It will be interesting to see how that all pans out.

sunny dee

mark was fully on board to vote Xma out, he didn’t like her and didn’t want her around and that was back when she was up as the replacement nom. cody probably already knew that, and that might be why she was his go to replacement. he’d already eliminated jason and alex as potentials due to deal making, he was unlikely to put up ramses because he made a deal with those two and that would include ramses at the time.

mark only flipped his vote after different discussions, which of course made sense, since it didn’t make sense to keep jillian, a number for the ‘other side’ no matter how he looked at it, while xmas was also injured and not a threat. i can see cody being puzzled about why, after mark said the things he said to him (which i did see on After Dark and the show i think)

unrelated, this conversation and other things, i feel like cody finally gets it. he is wearing the frog costume all the way committed, and they are not 100% isolated now. i wish he’d done that back when he was HOH, instead of all pouty face when paul won HOH


Mark doesn’t think for himself.He listened to Elana, Raven and Paul and of course Matt did the same. Matt and Mark where focusing on their showmances

Team Andrew

Just give the money to Andrew already.


Who the hell is Andrew??


He’s HG they found at a Chippendale’s tryout


Andrew is the guy that makes that Dos Equis guy look like a basement dwelling, greasy lay about!


There’s a huge difference between a “win” outing and what could be multiple hospital visits even over night.this shouldn’t be allowed.but I have no issue with her getting another chance next year

Brother Utah

I have no problem giving Team Andrew the win and getting his 500 large ones.

He truly deserves 500,000 vietnamese dongs (their currency) which equates to $21.98 american. Please spend the dongs carefully and wisely Andrew.

Ohio fan

Jessica should be penalized for not wearing her frog head piece . Is she too cool not to be made to follow the rules ? Rarely see her hop also !

Not A Fan Of Ohio

The memo has been sent into BB headquarters, they heard your constant whining but it got rejected just as every other whining complaint does. The show will go on…..


Bb is scared of getting sued

I am Jason's Underdeveloped Medulla Oblongata

“Alex says they like Josh as a pet, they might keep him around.”

Best, and most accurate comment of year.


So let me get this straight. Is he playing the “I pretty much know I’m going home so let me torch the rest of the house for Jessica” game?

Vote for Cody!

IS anybody voting for the halting hex for Cody? That would sure make them all panic. It would be good TV!

The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Halting Hex! Whether on the block or not, they can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night. But remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.

The only thing that sucks is I can not stand the Cody/Jessica showmance and that would help her. Maybe Alex should get it?


Cody will more than likely be gone before voting closes so all those votes will be wasted. I believe voting closes after the eviction so he can’t stop this eviction.

Doctor Manlove

Kevin is slowly becoming Paul’s Jessica…


It seems that way but I think Kevin is playing Paul. I think that will change when Paul’s safety runs out.


This will be very interesting once she comes back. I have no idea if she believes anything Cody said and if she does, what will she do with the info? I do find it hard to believe Dom ever suggested putting her up. I do feel a little bad for Xmas since so much happened to her in a short period. The blindside by her own side of the house, followed by a possible end to her career (foot) and now hearing some of her close peeps were maybe plotting against her.. And this right before going under the ?.. I’m trying to give her a little benefit of a doubt with her recent cockiness bc I’m sure her ego was bruised with all that and now knowing she can’t compete at her best when that is a huge part of who she is.. She’s not perfect but I do feel for the girl.

Jessica Graff = Queen

Cannot WAIT for Christmas to leave SOON <33!!!! Ugh, she's so boring with her self-entitled ass. Definitely reminds me of an annoying episode of Spongebob sometimes.

Can't stand Cody/Jess either but HEY, they're making the M O V E S in the game so far! SO, GO THEM!!! They CRAP all over Raven & Elena & Mark & Matt's boring as hell Paul allegence. Can't stand the viewers that worship that side of the house as bad as Raven/Matt worship Paul.. hopefully none of you EVER get casted in the BB Game. Would be completely ridiculous to root and watch your spoiled, boring, dull, lazy asses play the worst games in BB History. Cody would probably get all of you out, anyway. Haha!


Only MOVES Jody are making are on each other.. and you happen to be on here hanging out with all of us spoiled, lazy whatever you said ppl so welcome to the club! But you might wanna take something before you pop a vessel.. Go Andrew!


I hope Cody stirs the pot some more before he leaves. Plants doubt seeds in Matt and Marks ears. Cody won’t say anything to upset Raven because he bought her exaggerated story. Jess Alex Jason need to stick together. I wish Kevin hadn’t aligned with Paul. I would love a monkey wrench to be tossed into that relationship. Sure hope Cody comes back to shake those slugs up.


Xmas says she can get along with those 2 but they can’t get along with her.

Give me a Break Xmas, Jessica tried to have a conversation with you (even tho she isn’t very good at it) and let’s be Real, Alex can get along with anyone, she is trying here butt of in every aspect of the game, physical, mental, strategical and all the above! I’m over Xmas playing the Victim.


Omg they are dropping like flies! Now Raven has fell down the stairs and hurt her foot. That entire house might be cursed!

Ian's Beer




Sorry for this but this is my first bb season
U all keep saying if cody comes back…how would he come back??


If they have a prejury buyback. He could possibly get to compete with the ones evicted so far but nothing has been confirmed.


I don’t think they shouldn’t do battle back that been played before And Cody almost got physical with Josh so no get him out before this time he really hits somebody!!!!!!!!!


Please call her Christmas, not Xmas. It’s disrespectful to her and most of all to Christ.


I’m with you, X is the unknown in algebra and Christ is not an unknown…

jenny d

I think BB19 is rigged in Pauls favor. I understand people liked him, but let the newbee’s figure their fate out on their own. His friendship bullshit is ruining this season. Send him packing, back to mommas house.