Tyler “Sam has the power, she is not going anywhere! Not a word about this to anyone.”

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 1st
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots ?

11:10pm Bedroom – Fez and JC. JC – when I talk to them I am always trying to put you in a good place. There is no reason for them to target you. I don’t want that to happen. Fez – yeah. JC – you realize you and me are probably the most liked people in America right now. (LOL) Fez – why do you say that? JC – because the biggest guy in the house and the shortest one. Its good ratings for the show. People love that. Fez – its trending. JC – I know Steve is close to us and we’re going to use him. If we’re a really powerful group we will be able to destroy the others but we won’t be able to destroy each other. I am going to be the first one going home. But we could use Sam to vote and do something in our favor. We could be extra nice to her. Fez – but don’t you think everyone is going to be extra nice to her? JC – no but if we put it in her ear that we were the deciding vote, then she will know it happened because of us. She will be more grateful for us. If I get HOH then you are fine for sure. Fez – when people see you talking to everyone, they see right through that. JC – I know Swaggy is your boy but you don’t want to go home because you’re associated with him. I don’t know where the votes are right now .. but I think Steve is winning.

11:40pm HOH room. Rachel, Tyler, Winston, Kaycee, Angela and Brett. Kaycee – so we’re voting to keep Sam? Winston – I am all for that .. I just want to get everything out there that Brett and I talked about last night. When we do keep Sam, she is a liability. She is awful at this game. She comes off of being the robot which means she will be in the house 24/7 which means she will rub more people the wrong way. We won’t be able to talk to her and include her in on all of this. We use her as a vote. We tell her we are the ones that kept her safe. The problem I have with once she knows who kept her safe she is going to blab it. Rachel – its going to be obvious though. Winston – our whole alliance will be exposed. Sam doesn’t know anything about this game. She is a liability. I don’t know if keeping her is really going to benefit us other than having the majority numbers. If we unanimously keep Steve, not only does it.. you (Tyler) can tell Swaggy and them and say that you talked all those dumba$$es into it. Fez told Steve if he picked him as house guest choice he would use the veto on him. He didn’t and I’ve been jabbing him (Steve) all week about it. I can’t believe you made that raw deal man. I can’t believe he didn’t take you off the block. Steve and Scottie have a final 2 deal. Scottie has been coming around these girls more and more. I know he is playing both sides and he’s a wild card. Tyler – Scottie is Swaggy’s informant. Everything they tell Scottie, he tells Swaggy. Swaggy thinks that myself and him are a thing ..so Swaggy tells me everything Scottie tells him. Rachel – Scottie has talked sh*t on all of us. Steve has thrown out both of our names. Tyler – I will be sitting in a room and Scottie will blast the F**k out of you and you. Rachel & Angela – what is he saying? Tyler – just personal sh*t. She doesn’t even say hi when she walks by. Stuff like that. Rachel – petty sh*t.

Brett – he has come to us and said I want to work with you. Winston – you don’t trust him. Brett – no! Fez and Swaggy cornered me trying to get me to work with them. That was the second conversation I’ve had with him. The biggest problem with them is they write cheques they can’t cash. They make promises with everyone in the house. They agree that Scottie won’t come to their side. Winston – is worried if Kaitlyn flips at the last minute. If one of us don’t win HOH, they one of us is going home. Hundo P! Winston – I just wish it wasn’t Sam. I wish it was any other person. She is a liability. Tyler – I have Sam reeled in. Angela – she is from a place where he word means everything. Tyler – if my hair is down vote out Steve. If hair is up unanimous Sam out.

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12am – 12:20am HOH room. Rachel, Tyler, Winston, Kaycee, Angela and Brett. Tyler tells them that Sam has the power. She is not going anywhere regardless. She told me not to tell anybody. They all jump up and celebrate. Winston – that is such a relief. Tyler – She is not going anywhere. The reason why I have been saying you need to vote for Sam. Sam will trust the people that vote for her and if we do get the 7 votes .. she doesn’t have to use it and if one of us are f**ked next week and we voted for her to stay she will use it on us. Brett – that means JC wasn’t lying. He knows. Tyler – no he doesnt f**king know. He thinks its you. Tyler – not a word about this to anyone. Don’t act any different around Sam. Tyler – its going to be a blindside .. Sam stand up after the eviction vote and says I’m not going anywhere. ANd Steve is gone. From what she’s told me. Angela – that scares me about Sam. Winston – that changes my opinion. She is playing the game. I love it! Brett – Sam said if I win HOH none of you motherf**kers are coming in my room. I was like that’s kind of ballsy to say when you’re on the block!? Winston – now it all makes sense. Hopefully we have the 7th vote and she doesn’t need to use it. Tyler – not a word of this to anyone. If Sam finds out I told you the trust will be broken. They speculate on if Sam uses the power and comes off .. will Tyler need to nominate someone else or if Steve just gets evicted. Brett – if it can be anyone, throw Swaggy up. Otherwise you put up Bayleigh. Winston – I say we take the shot at Swaggy if we’ve got it. Angela wonders if two people will go home since they’ve all been here for so long. Winston – This is fantastic. I take everything back about Sam. She is playing the game. She played me. I love it. So HOH we need to go balls to the wall. They all thank Tyler for telling them.

12:20am Faysal gets an order from Hamazon Swine.

12:30am HOH room – Brett, Winston and Tyler. Brett – I’ve got to mellow Rachel down. She is getting a little crazy. She has been crazy since day 1. Winston – she loves you. Brett – he was the best looking man I have ever seen in my life. YOU can’t say that in front of everyone! Winston – its okay! Your guys children will be cute! Tyler – You know how Swaggy went to them and tried to make a deal with them. I am not saying that Rachel is sketchy or anything. But like Rachel never came to us and said that. .. until I said it. She just fell for Swaggy’s sh*t. Brett – this is the only thing .. after she came to me and tried to push the showmance on me and I was like .. UMM NO! She said to me I don’t understand all these people trying to get into a showmance. She was talking about Fez, Swaggy and all of those people… she said I came here to play big brother. Winston – which is the furthest thing from the truth. On day 2 she said there was a Brendon and Rachel and they were Brachel… we could be like that. Winston – yeah she’s in love with you. Brett – that’s why I know I have her tight on my leash but it does make me uneasy.. all of a sudden you have a handshake with swaggy!? Its all good I get my facetime with Haleigh and Bayleigh too. Winston – its all game. It is weird that she didn’t come forward with it. Tyler – she didn’t mention it and that’s why I didn’t want to throw her under the bus in front of the whole group. Winston – that’s why after maybe we need to talk after. They talk about how emotional the girls are. Brett – maybe Rachel is playing me like a fiddle but I feel like I have her in my back f**king pocket.. for the group. Brett – Swaggy .. that motherf**ker lies. He is writing cheques he can’t cash.

12:37am HOH room. Brett, Winston and Tyler. Brett – I will tell you another tactic that we need to start doing. You write a death sentence on someone if you label them as a prior season. Really nail it down. Especially someone who did well. So if you start spreading out there that ..its not as applicable to him doing well .. he was just such a sh*tty person. And this is what’s happening… its applicable where we’re at in the season to just be like dude Swaggy .. just start even saying he looks like him. (Devon?) Small, subtle comments. Winston – that would eat him alive. Tyler – don’t say that! Brett – don’t say that .. why?! Tyler – Rachel and Angela yesterday… don’t say that. (Rachel and Angela commented that if they tanned any longer they were going to look like Bayleigh and that they would look ghetto. Production talked to them about it.) Don’t say he looks like him. Just say he is like him. Brett – umm ok. Winston – I’m confused. Ohhh. I gotcha. Tyler – Rockstar did that to me today.. I don’t know him but Hayden. Winston – we all know Rockstar lies .. she said she hasn’t watched many seasons… they she was talking about season 2.

1:05am Bathroom – Rockstar & Haleigh. Rockstar – we need as many people as possible keeping us off the block. If we have Steve and Scottie and one of them wins HOH .. we are not going up. If we have Sam .. we only have Sam. Haleigh – do you think Steve would ever take a swing at us? I am basically an outsider to Swaggy’s side. Rockstar – when they start taking shots they will start with you.

1:20am Lounge room. Haliegh, Faysal, Rockstar, Bayleigh and Swaggy. Rockstar – I need to find out what they were talking about because Angela was counting and then she put her hands in her lap when I walked in. Swaggy – its not going to be a landslide. its going to be like 7-6, 8-5 (vote). Bayleigh – but think about it .. I know its four plus Kaycee, plus JC. JC is going to vote with them. He said that he thinks Sam should stay. Faysal – he said that he would like for Steve to stay. Bayleigh – right now they have 6 votes and we have 7. Rocstar – if we have Kaitlyn. Faysal – Kaycee said that she likes Steve so she might vote for him. Bayleigh goes to get Kaitlyn so that she doesn’t think they were talking without her. They talk about how they don’t like Winston. Kaitlyn – he said he was going to put up Bay and Angela. Bayleigh – I thought you guys were getting along. You were on slop together. Heleigh – I feel like he is forcing himself to talk to me. Bay – I feel like he has been taking jabs at me. Rockstar – in what way? Bay – over the whole Swaggy thing… love is love. Are you really going to deny yourself love.

3am All the house guests are sleeping..

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I know Tyler didn’t want to reveal Sam’s power, but he had to. The Bros were already pushing hard to flip the vote. Tyler knew he had no choice. L6 has new respect for Sam, and I feel good about how things unfolded. They can’t tell JC; he talks way too much.

I believe Tyler’s plan about telling Kaitlyn last minute may work. We’ll see tonight.

*Granny does a jig*

Sadly, if Sam is forced to use her power, this plan could backfire.


I just can’t tell if he blabs on his own or if the alcohol enhances his “Truth telling” ability


Couldn’t agree more, Granny!


I think it was a smart move to “out” Sams power. Unfortunately for Sam, I think the power is only an opportunity and not immunity. That kind of nullifys some of her game. It could wind up being like Jess’ power last season, where everyone simply wants to see it used, so she has to waste it sooner than later. Someone with true understanding of the power would’ve held the information to herself only. I you have a million in the bank, you have purchasing power. You don’t need to tell everyone you have it, in order for it to work. Likewise, you can play poor in front of others if you want to and there’s beneifts to that. It’s a shame that Sam told anyone. She should’ve kept it to herself, because if you lose the element of surprise in this game, which is kind of a key tenant to the game, you lose your upper hand.

The Beef

SkydiverMacGyver, everything you said is true, but it depends on how things play out. I agree it could have been beneficial to keep the power secret, but look at how the knowledge of it solidified the six votes she should now receive from L6, giving her and “them” the opportunity to retain the power going forward, if they can swing Kaitlyn’s vote and save Sam! Also, if she had told no one, it’s possible they would have seen the situation as a lost cause and simply decided to cut their losses (and maintain the secrecy of their alliance) by “voting with the house” and evicting her 13-0, thus forcing her to use the power anyway. At least in the first scenario, there is a chance she and they have a “punchers chance” of pulling that one vote over and preserving that advantage for another week, which would be huge any way you look at it. So, whereas you make good points, if things work out for her, she may end up being a genius for playing it the way she has in the end. We shall see tonight! I can’t wait!


For sure. I would’ve hated to see her have to use the power so soon. I think it was the right choice for Tyler to use it as an advantage for his team. I just questioned Sams loose lips. And Steve has surprised me too. They’re talking too early about too much. But that makes for a great season, just not great gameplay.


Had Sam kept the secret to herself, she’d be dead in the water.


Exactly, that power makes keeping her much more attractive. It’s a gamble but with the vote being this close, it’s a risk with a lot of upside to it.


I wish one of these peeps would clarify the nature of the power in the DR. I mean, it clearly said A CHANCE to come back. In recent seasons, houseguests frequently had A CHANCE to come back. :/ I need more deets.


Sam in the DR on last nites show said “It’s a chance, it is not a guarantee” So I am assuming this is the info she got from production. They could make her wait for a couple more houseguests to be evicted and then she has a battleback with them and that is her ‘chance’ to get back in the house. Who knows and we will see tonight. Hopefully the votes are there and it doesn’t come into play tonight. Second best case is that if the votes aren’t there and she is evicted that she can use it right there and she stays. No battleback.


I don’t think so as that would mean the others who do not have the power essentially have the same power. I’m thinking it’s more she’ll get to compete in the HoH and if she wins, she stays. Or something to that effect.


I was thinking the same. In previous seasons, you didn’t need a special power to be a part of the battleback comp. All you needed was your eviction letter. This must be something different from just the normal battleback as done in previous seasons. Can’t wait to find out. Either way, I adore Sam and I hope she stays!


That is what I was thinking as well. It would be giving others the same power.


Well we are all just speculating so there is no right or wrong answer. I’m aware the battleback does not normally involve a power.

We will see tonight.

I will probably be so distracted by how amazing Angela will look tonight that I will not be able to comprehend what the hell is going on anyhow:-P


Thanks Freefromwhatyouare!


No prob Jenny. And you can call me Free.

Less typing:-)


I straight up agree. It’s just BB making a little “twist” to the battle back, allowing the first 4 evictees having a chance to return. They kind of just shifted how we perceive it.


I don’t see the Rachel “in love with him” that Brett claims, but he also said Haleigh wanted him so bad. Haleigh wants any guy that she thinks will keep her safer in game. Seems she feels that is Fess right now. She isn’t that bright. I’m glad Tyler saw Haleigh for what she is and got over his crush on her fast.

These bros feel the need to explain all the time to the audience why they “getting no babes in here” “Bruh they all are in love with us bruh, but we rejecting em bruh. We in the game bruh. Bros before ho’s”

No one even bothers trying to lie and say Angela wants them. Every dude in there knows she is so many leagues above them it isn’t even funny.

Angela is Elegance…

I hope this all goes well tonite. Sam is going to be very important for Angela to have as a number in this game. Not that Sam is just a number, but Angela’s game is ultimately what matters most. Angel will take Tyler and Sam to final3 in a perfect world. I am all but done with Scottie. I am disappointed in that kid.




Amen! Preach it….love it! You rock! (I roll, as in a wheelchair)

Cat Nip

Granny. I read everyone’s comments everyday, but usually don’t have time to post. Great group here. Simon and Dawg rock. That said, I think you are one REALLY funny lady.


Well, thanks Cat Nip! Now, look…you keep that gravatar critter away from my cigars. Ya hear?

Cat Nip

HAHAHA Granny. I’ll try


Angela the boring racist for the win ! Nice


And the season has officially begun.

The trolls and haters have arrived:-)

Little do they know…Angela is such a badass that she is troll and hater proof.



Angela is a racist she’s in a league of canceled. She’s a snotty mean girl & she’s boring and bland looking so stop


First, hello to y’all since this is my first time posting here this season. Yeah, like previous seasons no chance for me to watch the feeds so I’m giving myself a chance to “be surprised” by the CBS episodes instead of learning everything beforehand. So I’ll be stopping by a lot on Wed nights. As usual, don’t forget to support Simon and Dawg by clicking on the ads. Amazing site/blog this is!

So I have no real feelings about this season yet besides being a bit tired already of this 6 alliance that – just like in any previous season – has reunited the fit and good looking. Oh well… hey, it’s BB! Haha. Let’s see if the bruhs are able to show any charisma… so far, on TV, they are pretty bland.

Speaking of bland, the robot thing… I can’t put my finger on that. I was happy Sam got the good app. However, watching last night and seeing her running her mouth to Tyler, I was like “girl, why are you doing thiiiiis?” Quite honestly, didn’t she realize that she had already had a talk with him and he still put her up on the block? Why does she trust him? Then BAM, I get here now and see Tyler telling all of his friends about her power. If I were her, I’d have kept mum and tried to work the votes. Only as a last resource I’d have told Tyler a lil’ bit about what the power in an attempt of saving it for the upcoming weeks. Paul didn’t tell anyone about his power last season and that did him some favors. Sam could have learned who wanted her in the house and who were her legit allies. But, oh well, I ain’t there so I dunno how does it feel when you are under pressure. Please share your opinions cause I’d love to know what you think about this.

I’m not very fond of the other alliance as well. The 24 year old life guru is kind of a joke. A life guru at 24? Really? Hahhahahaha. And Steve thinking that he knows everything and that he can save his @ss solely relying on his performance at comps is laughable. I dunno why former cops/detectives go in this showing thinking they can flip the house, manipulate, figure sh!t out easily. Is that because of Derrick? Steve cannot even tell that Tyler is lying to his face. Kinda sad actually…


I love Angela so whatever keeps in her in the game I am a fan of. I don’t care for Brett or Winston that much, but I do like Kaycee, Taylor, and Sam. Rachel doesn’t bug me. JC is annoying but can be useful.


Well, I agree with some of what you say, but most of your opinions would likely be totally different if you were watching the feeds and not just an edited broadcast. Just sayin’.




Granny preaching. So true.

Trackin the Kraken

Welcome to the OBB Boards. I agree with several of your points as well


Level 6 Still commands the top spot on our Ranking


So the Bro group(6) is going to vote out Steve, then hope that Sam stays so they can use her power?? Wouldn’t it be smarter to make her use it and keep Steve so they have another number and Scottie?


The problem lies in the fact that Scottie seems to lean towards Saggy D/Fez and Steve seems more willing to work that side as well. Steve stays the Bros will have to fight to pull those two in while Sam is essentially a lone sheep. We’ll see if she gets her game legs on if she’s able to stay.