“Did you tell Kailtyn about your evil plan .. the one where you backdoor Tyler”

POV: Scottie Next POV: July 21st
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Scottie Next HOH: July 19th
Noms: Brett & Winston Have Nots Angela, Sam, Tyler, Brett

Big Brother Spoilers lockdown for Thursday’s show starts tomorrow between 5 and 6 . This usually means that the Head of Household competition will be endurance. EVERYBODY seems to be targeting Kailtyn.. lol..

4:17pm Angela and Rachel

Rachel says they need to start telling Kaitlyn they are voting for Brett to stay, She’ll start going to Kaycee and JC, they still go I dunno I dunno I dunnno
RAchel – JC and them won’t give her a clear answer .. it’ll be a flip vote again
Rachel is going to start tomorrow making it known she’s voting for Brett to stay
Angela says she is already saying that.
Angela – I’m voting for personal reason I enjoy Brett’s company more than Winston’s
Rachel says they need to figure out when to tell Winston it’s a done deal.
Angela – you know the saying a chain is only as strong at it’s weakest link, he’s the weakest link and he’s proven that over and over and over again
They agree he’s a liability
Rachel – me, you Kacyee, Tyler and Brett all need to get together and have a plan for Thursday. Nobody can throw this I understand we all have personal games but nobody ..
Angela agrees
Rachel – Winston admitted to me he threw the HOH competition, I said WHAT..
Rachel – I think he’s dumb.. your life was on the line the week before
Angela – ok congratulations you just got out.
Rachel – Tyler thought he had Scottie in his back pocket.. Clearly he didn’t and that’s why we’re in this position
Rachle – no one else can leave.. I think we were ok with Winston leaving
Angela – I think it’s actually a good thing. Once Winston leaves they are not going to suspect the four anymore because we haven’t been hanging out
Rachel says she is going to start talking shit about BRett and Angela.

4:39pm JC and Tyler
JC – (Rachel) she told me she really really really really really really wants to f*** Brett. that’s what she wants to do
JC – but Brett really really wants Angela
JC – this is going to be so interesting..
JC thinks they should get Brett to win the HOH to take the next shot.
JC says Rachel told him Fess needs to go up in the next 2 weeks the other night Fes was saying to him
JC – Kaitlyn can’t get it again.. if I get it I feel like she is the one I will take out
JC – we don’t need her any more
T – she’s bad for my game
JC – Fes doesn’t like her.. I told her don’t talk game.
JC adds that Fess said he controls Kaitlyn.
Jc – At this point she has the whole house against her.
JC – The only one that is still licking her A$$ IS ROCKSTAR

4:59pm Fes and Rockstar
Talking about the bros not really separating yet. They both are feeling confident in their chances in winning the HOH compared to the other side.
Fes says just on odds they have 50% chance..
Rockstar says KAitlyn told her today that she flipped on the Steve vote. Rockstar claims she already knew that she just didn’t know why
Fes – I don’t know this game that well.. It’s not important so I’m not going to bring it up
RS – I feel the same way about Scottie

5:16pm Scottie and KAycee

Scottie says people are convinced she Sam has the power app.
KAycee doesn’t know
Scottie – does anybody talk game to yo u
Kaycee – did they try and make a deal with you BRett and Winston
KAycee – no

Scottie wonders why Kaycee went to the other side . Kaycee says she was excluded from his side.. Swaggy made the alliance and pulled the people he wanted to pull those people had meetings.
Kaycee – what else am I supposed to do you know what I’m saying… by default I was with the other side..
Scottie says the same thing for him but once Steve left he was brought in..
SCottie – I like you I trust you
Kaycee – I trust you as well
Scottie – this is what I’m hearing about Sam.. she had a power app if she were to get evicted she can switch someone off the block.
Sscottie says this is how the flip happened.
Kaycee – interesting.. I haven’t heard that at all
Scottie is worried that SAm’s app can protect a bro, “apparently this is the last week she can use her power”
KAycee – I haven’t heard anything about that app and how it works
Scottie is pissed about the apps wishes they didn’t have them it would make being HOH easier.

5:40pm Hammock Bayleigh and ROCKSTAR
Bayleigh mentions telling Scottie that Kaitlyn and Tyler were the first two to know about Sam’s power
Bay – he goes.. what.. I’m like WHAT .. he’s just like when I asked Tyler if he knew about it he asked all surprised
RS – that’s cool because Tyler is a fierce competitor so if he’s other people’s target that’s great
Bay – I doubt it.. I don’t think Scottie would target him


6:20pm Girls..

Rachel is letting the girls try on her pants from https://cutebooty.com/

6:52pm Angela and Rachel
talking about things they can say to the other houseguests to keep up the ruse that they are not friends anymore. They don’t want to give people reasons to get the other one out they just want to make it a point they are really annoyed at each other.
Rachel is going to work on SCottie and KAitlyn some more to make sure they don’t think she’s mad at them for their HOH moves.

Rachel asks her if anyone has approached her about the all girls.
Angela says nobody has.
Rachel suggests Angela go sit with Bayleigh. Angela doesn’t want to say anything until she’s approached.

6:57pm Rockstar and BAyleigh
Bayleigh – did you tell Kailtyn about your evil plan
RS – which one
Bay – the one where you backdoor Tyler
RS – F**** NO I didn’t tell her that (LOL)
Rockstar going on about hos she’s never done anything wrong to Brett.
RS – between you and me and America.. our girl Kailtyn is erratic.. to say the least..
Bay – what do we do about that..
RS – nothing immediate..
Bay – we just wait..
RS – amazing backdoor television move.. you should backdoor her
Bay – you do Tyler I’ll do Kailtyn
RS – I’ve been thinking about what Scottie said that backdooring is sleezy
Bay – why is that sleezy.. kaitlyn did that to swaggy ..

7:01pm Rocksalt and Haleigh 
A plane flies overhead..
Haleigh says she wants to see one crash but without anybody in it “Obviously”
RS – you’re such a noodle head
Haleigh – whats your thoughts on 9-11
Rockstar – totally an inside job
Haleigh – good, I knew that would be your answer but I had to see..
RS – Obviously
Haleigh – you never know about a person
H – me and my mom got in an argument over it when I left
RS – like why would the government do that to us. Yeah parents..

Agreeing Brett needs to go this week. They really question Sam’s power how it’s been described to them.
Hayleigh tells her that Sam will never get over them voting against her week 1.

Rockstar jokes if they take Fes to final 3 and convince him Haleigh is in loves so he throws the final HOH.
Haleigh told her Scottie said in front of 6 people that she was playing Brett.

7:17pm Angela and Fez have been chit chatting…

7:42pm Rachel and Bayleigh
Bayueligh says the house is confused, America is confused and even though she says her boyfriend will be fine with it he is confused
bayeligh – that is why I’m confused..
Bay – I would like your words to line up with your actions..

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Around 7:45 BBTime, there is an interesting conversation between Rachel, Bayleigh, and Rockstar about fertility. Bayleigh was asking when do women ovulate. None of them know. Bayleigh ends that conversation by saying she is scared of the adult thing and doesn’t know if she is fertile. It definitely makes me wonder if she ended up using the Plan B that Swaggy asked for.


Oh, and she also stated that she doesn’t like birth control because it makes her fat.


It’s this attitude that leads to so many unplanned pregnancies.


OMG. Does she realize pregnancy makes you fat too?!! These kids are so clueless sometimes.


Why are they not talking to Sam? It is a tie if you do not count Sam.

Evict Winston:
Angela, Kaycee, Tyler, Racheal, and JC (5)

Evict Bret:
RockStar, Bay, Hay, Fezy and (last check-in) Kaitlyn (5)

Sam is the only one I have no idea how she will vote or even if she uses her power. Sam could vote to keep Bret and use her power on Winston… if Winston does come back that would be cool but if it doesn’t no big loss.

On the other way of thinking. Sam could guarantee Brett’s eviction and her not using her power would guarantee he stays out unless if he beats who is ever evicted next week + Swaggy and Steve.

Nobody is working on Sam… This is the most clueless Season yet. They only campaign to the choir.

TBH I want the Bro’s to stay because I really want to not have to hear “I’m voting with the house.” or “I’m doing what the house wants.” as long as I possibly can.


There is no battle back….Steve and Swaggy were sent home. Sams power is the only way to come back.


Has that been confirmed with Steve and Swaggy sightings? BB always do buybacks. Honestly how many did Victor get 2 or 3 LOL frankly I do not want Swaggy to come back and make the Summer boring? I thought if San used it gets used automatically next week.


Prettt sure because Julie told swaggy about Hayleigh voting for him to stay. She wouldn’t have revealed that to him if he was still technically in the game and had the chance to battle back.


They are in ross and marissa show talking about the game! They are in their home!!!!


Yea, it was confirmed when Jule told Swaggy after he was evicted that Haleigh voted for him to stay. She’d never be allowed to tell him that if there was a chance he could come back to the game.


Swaggy is active on Instagram, confirming there is no battleback (:


Steve and Swaggy have both done post interviews. Swaggy has been vocal on social media about the game. They were shown goodbye messages. Swaggy was told info about how the vote went by Julie. These two can’t come back.


Victor got it because it was jury though. OR big brother can bring the same people back on another season, like they have done numerous times already.


Swaggy posted on social media that he will be back for a future season


JC is a little lying pervert and someone needs to give Rachel the D, poor girl walking around desperate for someone or anyone to drill her. Haleigh I love you but stop trying to twerking…..like seriously.


“7:01pm Rocksalt…” ?

Thanks for that laugh, Simon! Autocorrect or not, it was funny!

Scott D Hudson

I love that you are now also calling her Rock Salt.


I missed several episodes of BBAD (wasn’t interested) and I’ve only been reading these updates for about a week. I feel like I might have missed something vital in regards to why everyone dislikes Rockstar so much. Fill me in!

Like Literally

I think she’s just so catty, and personally critical of everyone regardless of game play. She’s made very judgmental comments about people in the house not being diverse and enlightened the way she is, doesn’t understand how KC could be on “that side” because she’s gay. The two gay people are more on the opposite side of the house because they get along well, especially KC. I love Angela, Rachel and KC together. Rockhead is obsessed with race and talks constantly about skin color. She hates “Trumpers”. I think the majority of the house either like or dislike each other on the merits of their personality. She turns me off talking about Rachel and Angela thinking they are so hot, and I don’t think any of the girls this season obsess on their looks. no false eyelashes and hair extensions just to lounge in the house. They all seem pretty comfortable in their own skin.

Douchey C

Well said LL….she even made the comment that Kaitlyn decided to bd Swaggy “ because he’s black” she is quick to criticize and pass judgment but prides herself on being so tolerant…… hypocritical MoFo

Like Literally

Right – and even though Swaggy screwed his own game, watching them on After Dark, their connection seemed to be quite genuine (Swag & Bay). And for all her moral superiority, she’s done her fair share of lying too. Which is acceptable, of course – everyone steps in it now and then, she just does it ALL – THE – TIME. Bleh.


She’s also the only one that drops the F bomb constantly, the others were raised properly and taught how to speak in company. She’s just trailer trash all the way around and very easy to dislike.


JC= scuttlebutt.

Like Literally

Props Simon and Dawg for giving a transcript of JC’s conversations LOL – he talks so fast I miss half of what he says. That probably bodes well for him since he talks out of both sides of his mouth. He’s a hoot.


He’s an ass.

Douchey C

Hoping Pockstar & ding dong Kaitlyn go out asap….. over it


Is tyler for sure is voting to evict winston?
I belive sam will do the same.
Seems like he knows he have to drop kaitlin and its not bullshit to j.c i feel.like its true..

I dont like baily and hated swagg but if she backdoors kaitlin it will be so amazing !!


Tyler is going to have to dig deep to get himself out of this mess with Kaitlyn. Rockstar running her mouth to Scottie is giving me a headache. Well. Rockstar gives me a headache pretty much constantly. If level 6 or JC or Sam doesn’t win HOH, Tyler may be having to use his power very soon. If he isn’t blindsided. Love the Bayleigh and Sam interaction. Bayleigh is suddenly playing big brother.


Rockstars logic don’t even play the game just hang out all summer and give the money to whoever is brokest

Douchey C

Something tells me Rockbottom’s baby daddy does the majority of the household chores/ childcare while she sits around lounging and bitching

Rockhead's Glasses

Old timey aviator glasses?


I thought they were more “Professor Trelawney glasses”


YESSSSS!!!! That’s it!!!!


WTG Simon “Rocksalt” lol


Has anyone thought that next week could be a double eviction and that Production has influenced Sam not to use her power. This way production has the influence on who comes back if they come back depending on who is bringing in the ratings for that episode?