Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “Three weeks of safety, f*****g a$$h***s! F*****g bulls**t!”

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Alex – used the veto on herself

Cody – tried to nominate Paul but he has 3 weeks of safety

Paul pulled out his Pendant of Protection

Cody nominated: Christmas

Backyard – Paul & Alex.
Paul – sounds like Christmas was talking sh*t about me. Alex – Yup! And she needs to go home! But we should stay separate until things cool down. But you’re willing to come on board to break up the showmances? Lets blaze bro! Paul heads inside.

In the bedroom – Paul talks to Jessica and Dom. Jessica – Last night I told you something was fishy. I did not stab you in the back. Cody and I play different games. I had no idea this was going to happen. Paul – this concept of a playing separate games… I joined a group and I showed my loyalty to the group. Temptation was put there to see if my group would stab me in the back and I just got backdoored. A vet against Jillian … I for sure was going to go home. Were any of you in danger of going home? No! I know what the curse is. This was a backup plan to ensure that I didn’t get f**ked by the people that I trusted and guess what I got f**ked and thats where I draw my line. I play this game with loyalty and trust and that was just taken out the first week. Christmas storms in. Paul so were you campaigning against me? Christmas – no!!! Are you f**king kidding me?! Why would I sit here and cuddle with you and have real conversations with you if I was going to turn on you? Jessica – don’t turn on each other. Paul – I’m not turning on anyone. What was the whole Christmas you got screwed. Christmas – Guilty by association. remember when he said who he can trust and who he can’t trust and then he nominated you? He thinks you’re playing a deceitful game. Paul – based off of what though? Oh he thought I was a push over!! Christmas badger is out!! Dom – you were backdoored! Christmas – back F**KING DOORED!

12:40pm HOH room – Christmas & Cody

Chirstmas – I have zero alliances! You never talk to me. Cody – You should have tried to talk to me. Christmas – you won’t even have a conversation with me. Fine, I’m going to talk to someone I can relate to. Cody – I can’t tell you how to play this game Christmas. Christmas – I’m not asking for your opinion on how to play this f**king game. Cody – I’m not trying to bring you in and coax you into saying the right things. When you say the wrong things its on you. Its not on me. Christmas – when you sat there, you said that we could go to jury. I trusted that. Cody – you know how many times the plan has changed since the original nomination? Christmas – so stick to your word! By putting me not in jury!? Cody – oh give me a break! Christmas – you give me a f**king break! There were two other potential nominations. Cody – you don’t understand it. Christmas – I do understand it. You’re not a man of your word. Cody – so says you Christmas. Christmas – have I f**king lied to you? Cody – we’ll see if you get yourself off the block. Christmas – have I lied to you? Have I lied to you? Cody – I’m not going to tell you the individual conversations I’ve had with people. Christmas – so far! So much respect gone! Christmas leaves the HOH room. Cody – three weeks of safety, f**king a$$holes! F**king bullsh*t!

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Havenot room – Christmas, Dom and Jessica
Christmas – he said don’t bring my military into this. I said okay fine! You want to play a dirty game. They’re going to f**king know. The community is going to know. And trust me, the military community knows who the f**k I am too. So if you want to play a dirty game and put people down that had your f**king back. I may question what you do and the strategy of the game plan but when it came down to it I had his f**king back. He is the HOH! That is the leader of this f**king house. And then you sit there and throw one of your f**king people and then stomp on them. F**K you CODY! Not f**king cool! And this is what you get for coming in here and playing a f**king loyal game. I’m sorry I am pissed because all we had to do was STICK TO THE F**KING PLAN!!!! He said I don’t talk to him. He doesn’t want to talk game so I respected that and didn’t talk game with him. Dom – I’m glad Paul got safety! Josh comes in and says this is on you. Christmas – Josh you are f**king safe so don’t get in my f**king face. Jessica he told me to not talk game with him and I respected him. Jessica – we’re just going to have to stick with the plan. Christmas – f**k his plan. OHHH.. I’m pissed!! Jessica – I need some answers so I am going to go talk to him. Jessica leaves.

12:50pm Backyard – Mark and Cody.
Mark – I can’t read Paul. I like him but I can’t read him. Cody – Christmas has to go. Jason – thank you man. Mark – clearly whatever you thought was going on was going on. Jason – I’m in. Mark – we have to win HOH because the house is in the air right now. You were never in danger. They thought you were but you weren’t. Mark – we have to get Christmas out! Jason – oh yeah that will be easy. She is going to lose it the next couple days. That was bada$$ dude! That was incredible. Cody – f**king bullsH8t. He has a bigger fan base. They vote for him to get the temptation. Cody – three f**King weeks of safety!

12:55pm HOH room – Jessica and Cody.
Cody – he didn’t tell anyone he took that temptation did he? Jessica – nope. I feel that all of this was right infront of my face and I didn’t even see it. I knew that you were going to try and take Paul out but I just didn’t realize it was going to be this soon. Cody – I had to. He was sewing so much poison my way .. he was trying to interject the entire time. Every time I’ve had an individual conversation with anyone I trust .. and then any time he gets in their heads .. it is anxiety, confusion and distrust towards me and what I’m doing. I watched the way he played last year and it wasn’t by being loyal thats for sure. And the fact that he hid the fact that he got the temptation is evidence of that. Jessica – you realize you just changed the course of this game? You should realize Paul doesn’t have a nail in his coffin. Cody – 3 weeks of safety?! Who gets that?! Who gets a second chance in this game and then gets 3 weeks of safety!? He better not get to play in the HOH next week. Jessica – he’s going to. Cody – how the f**k is that fair!? Jessica – I’m angry at Paul for lying to me and I’m angry at you for ruining the peace in the house. Cody – five nominations and I somehow play a factor in ruining the peace? Its not on me! That’s on Paul. Jessica – there’s a whole other side of the house and now it looks like you’re playing both sides of the house. You had two other opportunities. Cody – good, good it makes me the target. Cody gets up and leaves. Jessica – don’t walk away?! Can we talk!?!

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1pm Backyard – Paul and Cody.
Cody – you knew from the start the second you didn’t give me that (bracelet). Paul – is that really it?! Come on man!! Cody – that was the first nail. Paul – Really?! How many more nails were there? Cody – I wanted to give you a chance after that. Paul – And I didn’t prove myself with everything that I said?! Cody – the conversations that I’ve had.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

Backyard – Jessica comes out to try and talk to Cody again.
Jessica – are you just going to pull a me now and walk away? Cody – you’re angry at me? Jessica – am I not allowed to feel. Cody – the only think you should do is trust me. Jessica – you’re going to get yourself sent out. Am I supposed to trust that. Cody – I’m fine with that. Jessica – then you’re f**king selfish. Cody – he would have took a shot at me. Jessica – so you needed to take the first shot? Cody – I had to. I’m passed it and now I need to clean up your mess. Jessica – I’m 5 nominations in at this point, I had no choice. Jessica – you need to make sure Christmas goes home at this point. Cody – its out of my hands. Jessica – I’m going to go change .. can you just not do anything stupid!? Cody – there’s nothing stupid left for me to do.

1pm HOH room – Jessica, Raven, Elena and Matt.
Jessica – I don’t know whether to cry, laugh or throw up. Matt – its nothing to laugh about. Jessica – its just so crazy that I want to laugh. Matt – this was the easiest play ever! All we had to do is put Cowboy up. We had 9. Jessica – what’s done is done. Paul and Christmas will probably do their own thing now. We have to figure out the next step. Matt – how am I supposed to trust Cody now? Jessica – you don’t have to trust Cody. Jessica – Paul was like give me a minute before you go talk to him. When I came back up, Cody hinted that in order to progress in the game his goal was to keep the couples safe. 6 of us plus Dom. And if the worst case scenario happened and someone on the other side of the house got HOH if someone had to go up it was going to be Paul or Christmas. Raven – why that makes no sense. Jessica – you have to understand that table turn every single week. People drop off whether you plan for it or not. Elena – but we weren’t at that point. Jessica – I thought we had a couple more weeks to deal with that and get him back level headed. I didn’t think it was going to happen this quick. Raven – I can’t trust Cody now. Elena – Paul isn’t going to trust us, Christmas isn’t going to trust us. Heres the thing that Paul said .. why would Cody put him up it there wasn’t the sure vote? If Cody had come to me and said I’m going to put Paul up. I would have said bro you don’t have my vote. Jessica – I told him that last night. The way he feels about Alex, I feel that way with Paul. What are we going to do now. Raven – there’s nothing we can do because Paul thinks we’re all in on it. I’m not voting Christmas out. Jillian is gone now and we’re stuck with strong players. I am not voting Christmas out period. Matt – this was not necessary. Raven – he just disrespected us. I can’t trust him (Cody) at all! Matt – if I was Paul I wouldn’t trust us either. Jessica – now he has Christmas and Paul competing in the HOH next week and they’re going to put him (Cody) up.

Lounge room – Paul and Cody
Paul – do you think I would stir the pot this early in the game? Do you really think I’m that bad of a player? Cody – the only threat I had was you. Paul – me doing what? Cody – I want to play with cool and calm people. I don’t want to play with people that are placing distrust and anxiety. Paul – and you thought I was the one. Cody – that’s why I put Christmas up after you. Paul – 9 or 8 players haven’t played this game before and are going to tell you whatever you want to hear. I’m not going to do that. Cody – I’m hearing you’re saying that but I don’t know what your game plan is. Paul – was this a singular decision or a collective one? Cody – it was all me. Even Jessica didn’t know. Paul – How is it that you would take all that heat trying to get me out. Cody – don’t think I didn’t come in with a Maverick mind set too. Paul – okay, respect. They shake hands and leave the room.

1:20pm Backyard Paul, Kevin, Jason
Paul – Christmas is out for blood. And guess what the next competition is? Guess who she is out for? Christmas is f**king livid! And does not trust over half of the people on that side. And she was batting for you (Jason) specifically. She was constantly saying I like Jason. Kevin – Christmas on the block, is she going to go do you think? Paul – I hope not because we could use her as the pistol. And she is a beast competitor. Would you rather have Jillian here fighting for you or Christmas? Jason – I don’t think you can trust f**king Christmas. Paul – you can because she was f**ked over. Just like I was. I am telling you its the move but you can’t spread that around Alex. There is no way Alex will vote for Jillian over Christmas. Paul – we’re going to do some damage. Jason – f**k yeah we’re going to do some damage.

HOH – Jessica, Mark, Matt, Cody

Mark – Christmas needs to go. Jessica – Paul and Christmas can’t win HOH next week. They are too emotional right now. They’re going to put two of us up and backdoor him. Mark – I don’t care what was said to Cody. What’s done is done. Jessica – Matt is pretty against it. Mark – they need to clear their heads. They’re either going to come with us. Cody – I’m fine if everyone wants to separate from me. Jessica – we don’t need to do that, we need to stick together and rebuild. Cody – I am the bridge with the other side with what I just did. Jessica – this just gave the game to the floaters. We were going to pick off the floaters and let the competitors battle it out .. now the floaters are going to sit back and watch us take each other out. Cody – I had no intention of putting up Christmas but once I tried to put up Paul .. I knew she would be gunning for me so I had no other choice. Mark – its a game now. I’m ready. Cody – all I wanted to do was take out Megan. Dom – they’re going to come after you now. Mark – who. Dom – people. The reason this happened is not having a group. Mark – the first thing Elena said was I’m not voting out Christmas out. We’re getting close.

1:30pm Paul, Elena and Raven.
Paul – he is not competing next week and he f**ked me over. Elena – if you get HOH are you going to put him up? Or are you going to backdoor him? Paul – I don’t know what I’m going to do. Elena – I understand why you wouldn’t want to trust us but I will remain loyal like I did before and I want to continue my friendship with you. Paul – Actions. Elena – I am going to continue the way I was being and I will continue to build trust. Raven – me too. You are the one person I truly feel connected with.

1:40pm Lounge room – Christmas & Matt
Matt – Cody is my friend and I’m not going to say anything bad about him but he just made me look like a liar on national television. I don’t expect you or Paul to trust me now. Its not that cool. I’m really sorry that happened. You look cute. Christmas – I look cute when I’m mad. I volunteered for slop to show solidarity. Raven joins them. Christmas tells her that she needs to stop wearing her emotions on her face. You need to stay out of this and stay here as long as possible no matter what happens with me.

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Cody is worst player in big brother history.


This is the dumbest comment in big brother history


Such BS Paul got 3 weeks safety, no way he actually won that. Production let the game play out and enough with returning players! Sad to see newbies go out over Paul, ugh.


From what I remember, Paul said it wasn’t fair when the vets came back last year. He said they had their chance for the money and now it was the newbies turn. He wanted the vets gone first. So he should expect the same.

ChillTown 2.0

Aye this is dope. Cody made the big move and he made himself a MASSIVE target as if he wasn’t already…house will be in shambles…Xmas-Paul should be ready to team up with Cowboy, Alex, Kevin, (and Josh for the lolz).

For the record I admire anyone that goes after the vets early, and even though I like Paul CBS basically gave him safety to find his footing and that is bs any way you want to look at it. I would be contemplating never watching BB again if I was Cameron jeez that kid got f^cked haha (insert teary emoji)!

Let’s get this game going! Just don’t keep Jillian over Xmas please!

Big Jim

I love it this shit is starting to get good finally. Poor Cody is screwed after this week. Looks like Christmas is going home earlier than I expected. GAME ON


I think Cody got a little high in that there saddle. He better get ready for that big dose of karma comin’ his way.


They’ll pull some bullshit and Christmas will be safe. Funny that Cody got fucked over Paul’s nomination.


Omg ….o to the m to ggg… We all must say a prayer now that Alex wins HOH and puts the up Cody and Jessica that would be the best thing in the world . Omg omg omg Paul is so so shiting right now . Wow wow wow


Wish I could’ve seen Cory’s expression! LOL


This has been the best day of feeds so far! This is a great start to the season.

I see the votes being

Xmas: Mark/Jason/Jess/Alex/Ramses/Josh

Jillian: Elena/Raven/Paul/Matt

Kevin and Dom are swing votes.


the way you see the votes shows you arent even watching the game! Xmas is staying!


THE FRIGGIN DRAMA I LOVE THIS! I don’t normally watch feeds but I have not been able to look away since the veto. Emotions are high people and it is hilarious


Yep, time to sign up for the feeds ^.~ lol

So anyway....

I hope Cody is evicted next. He’s got to go. I really like Christmas and I hope she’s not evicted!


Love it that Cody’s original plan plan didn’t work. Looking forward to the battle between Paul and Cody.


Bye Bye Christmas, don’t let the door hit you on the way out lol


Really? I hope the keep her for the fight and the drama factor. Who wants to watch Jillian sit around and do/say nothing? They would be smart to keep Xmas and she will go after Cody. She has a chance at HOH I do not see Jillian winning any comp. Yes it would be smart to get rid of the stronger player but for us and the excitement of heads butting I hope they keep Xmas. can they convince 7 people of that? I think they can, Cody went rouge and can’t be trusted.


Seems she is as bad as Veronica from season 16…


Aww…I haven’t thought about ole Vivian since I had the hairs on my chin lasered away. But I do have a pair of tweezers named after her.

sunny dee

that’s funny. cody probably made BB history with the highest number of nominations in one HOH lol.

i was surprised he nominated paul, based on the conversations ‘deals’ he was having, clearly he was always going to, but it surprised me since he seemed to be including paul in the ‘big’ group. funny because so many in his ‘big’ group all wanted paul to stay, so how easily he has soured them on him, given they like paul and want paul in the game, they’d be wanting to vote out jillian not paul, and that was surely going to backfire on cody even more because he’s now going to be seen as someone they can’t rely on to deal straight.

i’d be surprised if he was on the block that people in his socalled group would now be voting him out just for the fact anyone else is going to be more reliable

Spartacus Jackson

Oh Christmas don’t throw a temper tantrum, you got caught playing both sides. Now you are whining and complaining because you didn’t get your way. Cody was absolutely right in nominating you because you were the best available option. Don’t be mad at Cody…BE MAD AT CBS-BIG BROTHER for the BS 3 weeks of safety that they gave Paul!!!! Because his butt was going home week 2, if not for that crappy twist. That’s a smart move! I’m glad he’s going for blood early. I was getting tired of this take out the weakest non threatening link early in the game. Make big bold moves early. No voting with the house CRAP!!! If you don’t like it win HOH or VETO to save your behind!!!!


ROFL…. you gotta watch the show as you are clearly a rookie. If prod wanted Paul to stay or Xmas now all they have to do is invoke Megan”s leaving as this weeks eviction. In fact if they want Xmas to stay and the votes to keep her are not there they can use Megan’s leaving to evict no one on Thursday. Personally I would love that! Remember the HG’s are hamsters and AG spins the wheel. Start to a potentially great season.
About Xmas. I think folks miss a very important point with this woman. She is a grown 35 year old woman, not a 21 year old. Forget the physical aspect she brings a lot to the game frankly.


There’s no way Paul will last after 3 wks, besides he’s rich he doesn’t deserve the money like Nicole did.


Jessica really beat out Zakiyah for being the saddest excuse of a houseguest.


I am waiting to make that judgement. Hoping she is playing him


I don’t think she playing him there was something going down under the covers in Hoh last night

Spartacus Jackson

By the way the whole house knows that Paul – a returning vet was given the 3 weeks of safety. Good job CBS you actually made him a bigger target than he already was!!! Lol!!! In the words from SURVIVOR, flush it out and now it’s in the open!!!


This is perfect. Cody is so fuking stupid.all he had to do was nominate Jason or Kevin and his alliance would be happy. He now has no one on his side at all. Not even Jessica wants to work with him anymore. He is now an even bigger target than he was before. Christmas is out for his blood , he has lost trut of everyone in the house. I love it. Hopefully he goes next week and we can be rid of this tool


This. Is. The. Best.

I mean, respect to Cody for even attempting a shot at getting Paul out, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy he’s being taken down a few pegs. Now I just really want to see Christmas rage…I feel like Give No F*cks Christmas would be amazing to behold ^.~

And please get these damn showmances out of there!


I’m Loving the feeds right now…. I hope Paul,Kevin,and Jason gets most of the house to vote out Jillian this week But Thursday is so far away anything can change I hope Christmas Stays . All i know is Cody is screwed next week he better hope the allies that are still on his side wins HOH if they don’t win he better win veto or he’s gone.


I think this is brilliant!

Already the showmances are turning on each other. Although I don’t like Cody, I actually think he’s playing quite strategic, so I do actually want him to get nominated and win vetos etc. I think he could turn into a victor, given some time!

I hope Christmas stays because she will be out for blood and she will no longer play the middle and neither will Paul, which is great because two sides going at each other is always more entertaining.

I’m hoping all this drama gives alex more time in the game! Now Paul and Christmas may shield her on her side. Whilst Cody, mark, matt and Jessica will shield Dominique (who I like)

Sorry Jillian you need to be a casualty this week!


Cody swung and missed. Next up will be Paul taking a swing at getting Cody out. Let the fun times roll!


Cody’s convolutions are going to get him tossed soon. Even his closest allies are perplexed at how close to the vest he’s playing. You have to give your buddies something to show trust and they have a reason to follow you. Cody leaves before Paul’s immunity expires. At least that’s my guess.


Kevin Paul Jason and Matt need to run this sht.

Paul needs stop crushin’ on Xmas. Everytime she mentioned he tryin’ to spin it thats she is great. I dnt trust her.

Still not happy production making sure Paul stays in house at least 4 weeks eventhough I want him to go deep in game.

Less production meddling the better.



So anyway....

I started out thinking this is going to be a boring season. But damn after today I’m in! Getting good. Cody is screwed and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!


It’s hard to tell. Does Mark want Christmas out because she is his physical competition or because she asked the “relationship” question?


Haha haha! I love a good backfire!


The machismo handshake that Paul and Cody had in the backyard shook the earth. It was reminiscent of Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage forming the Mega Powers back in the day.


My least favorite thing about Big Brother is these pwople arent real people recruited models and entertainers.. I am glad Jason is staying Cody made a big mistake but I guess I see what he was trying to do he was trying to create a 10-11 man alliance againist paul xmas rames Jillian possibly kevin. But he didn’t take into account that people that are the models don’t like the “outsiders”


They look like “real people” to me. I really can’t stand this notion that someone shouldn’t be on the show just Bc they are somewhat attractive. None of the people on this season are even real models, most of them just have regular jobs like everyone else with the exception some are looking for a break into the entertainment world. There are a lot of good looking people out in the world that are fans of big brother. Being attractive and a fan of big brother are not mutually exclusive.


i wouldve liked to see Paul get the votes and stay in the house, not pull out a canadian butt veto

Butters Mom

CBS is playing so heavy handed and obvious this season… did anyone notice that this season they dont show who votes for who when they go into the voting room… they usually have in past seasons, so that you know who is leaving before Julie even announces it… now they dont show it… which gives production levy to control the votes… on top of giving 3 weeks of safety… shame on them.


The first eviction wasn’t live, so they were able to do that for the tv suspense. Don’t they’ll be doing that during the live evictions. And they showed the houseguests saying their votes after the fact.


Live isn’t live most of the time. AG explained years ago that the show is taped and edited before air time. This is why OBB can actually spoil evictions before the show even airs. Not hat the boys would ever do that….ROFL! 😛


Although I can’t stand Cody, I hope he stays for a minute. Christmas won’t go, and I don’t want Christmas and Paul to have it too easy.


Agree! You don’t have to like him but he’s one of the only one’s who will keep things interesting.


Cody is way better and less of a douche nozzle then Paulie. Yeah, you know I’m right.

Can’t wait till the 2 fake showmances turn into a dumpster fire. Matt and Raven can stay together though I think that one could actually work out. Real talk.


Cody has no one to blame but himself for this FIASCO. He basically led his whole alliance into believing that he was going to nominate Jason as the replacement but he didn’t and now no one trusts him, and really who can blame them.
I loved that Christmas stood up for herself and took it straight to Cody – She’s not afraid to get in his face. Lines are clearly drawn now. As always with lines drawn in the sand you have a few people left out in the cold. That seems to be Ramses, Dom, Alex and Josh. My guess is those 4 will be used as pawns or be first to go over the next few Weeks.
I am really liking how this House is setting up now. Should be a fun Summer of BB.

Dr. J

Paul has taken a direct hit early in his game this year. I think he is secretly boiling along with Christmas but is staying low key. I would love to see the two of them rally a group to go against the other side of the house to make for an interesting season. I am torn about the 3 wks he got though. I don’t feel it’s fair to the others because he already had the advantage by playing before. IMO Jillian does not add any real value to the play of the game. She is a floater and will remain so, should she stay. Jessica is there to strut her stuff for future television time on other shows. Cody’s military is showing big time with no questions asked just follow me. As for Josh, I’m a former US Navy vet and for his info we all fought for his right to be stupid on television. Just my 2 cents….