Jason “So now if Cody says red rover, red rover Christmas come over.. you’re going to go..”

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1:55pm Backyard – Paul and Jason.
Paul – Christmas is f**king pissed. And we’re in the same boat. Jason – she just yelled out we had an eight person alliance. Paul – yeah she wanted to blow their smoke because she is f**king pissed. Jason – this is bada$$. Paul – yeah you liked my little medallion. Jason – they literally only have them. There’s seven. Paul – not even. Okay maybe, maybe not even Dom. Dom and Elena will not vote Christmas out but the others will. I think Cody is intimidated by her big time. We can use her (Christmas) as a gun. Jason – the next couple days if she can dig in and blow their.. Paul – they’re coming to me big time now. Jason – wasn’t Jessica s**king your D**k. Paul – big time. I don’t believe that sh*t for a minute. You’re telling me that you’re lying in bed with the fool and you didn’t even get a smell of him going to put me up. Bullsh*t! Jason – I think that’s why she waved bye bye to you… because she knew. Paul – now that I know you’re straight… I had to test out the waters with these people. I want to go talk to Alex for a minute. Paul calls over Alex. Jason leaves.

2pm Backyard. Alex – am I going to get f**ked hard next week because you have your medallion. Paul – no. You see this showmance sh*t, this is an easy repetition of last season only it is happening a lot quicker. They are already cooping up, lets go to the jury house and bang. So need to gather intel. Christmas and I are not a thing. Most of those people are acting like they didn’t know but I call bullsh*t. What he is trying to spin it off as is that you guys you, Jason, I don’t know .. cut a deal. Pretty much that you guys were feeding him Paul, Paul Paul is the threat. Alex – when he put me on the block I said I was coming after the showmances. Cody said he was going to make a move and not tell me. He had a conversation with me and Jason this morning. Alex tells Paul Cody wanted safety for him, Jessica, Matt, Raven, Elena, Mark and Dom. Paul – Kevin is tied in. Unfortunately we have to tie in Josh. Alex – Ugh .. I know. Paul – he is a raging bull that wants to redeem himself. You have to put it to a 3 because you’re at a 10 a lot. Paul – how do you feel about Christmas. Paul tells Jason & Alex – play hard for HOH next week, lets battle it out and if you f**k me, I will f**k you harder.

2:10pm HOH room – Christmas and Cody.
Christmas – I am not changing my position. Cody – I basically broke up the group right there and I take responsibility for it. I am the one that did it and I knew you were going to come after me. I knew after Paul pulled out the medallion that I had no other option than to put you up. It was my 5th nomination. Christmas – I feel like you’ve really gotten screwed over. Cody – I’m glad it was me but I would have been cool if it had just been Megan. That’s what happened. So at this point I don’t want to go back on my word to anyone. When you were in here the anxiety was a lot higher. You’re passionate, which is a good thing. I have chill conversations with people but with you the anxiety was a lot higher. Christmas – do you think the anxiety is high because I’m a competitor. Cody – its not like you’re bonkers it was just higher than I would have wanted it to be for the group. Christmas – that could have been a conversation. Cody – in my head Paul was it and then the 3 weeks came up so I had to make a split decision. Christmas – what I got so upset about is that I got bamboozled. Christmas – I hope you fully trust who you have and that they have your back like you think they do. Cody – If not I have enough blessings in my life that if I go home I am okay. Christmas – Hands down, I want Raven to take it. Cody – me too. I 1000% agree with you. I was thinking of taking out a second job after to help her with what she needs. Christmas – I hope that I do stay because I want a f**king battle. I’m pissed at you after what you pulled .. its not cool .. I just trusted you. I don’t need the 500, I want Raven to have the 500. Christmas – its not your fault that I feel betrayed. I haven’t told you everything that I’ve been through… but now is not the time. Maybe over some whiskey.

2:20pm Backyard – Paul and Mark.
Mark – me as a man I am not going to go to a man and express my feelings to another man in the house just to have him backdoored. Cody scared me because he didn’t tell me anything. Paul – he is making deals with everyone in the house. Mark – all he said whatever happens Thursday, I don’t want you associated with. Paul – had I not taken that temptation, I would be done. But were any of you in danger of the curse? No! Mark – I don’t know what the f**king curse was. Paul – I know what the temptation and the curse was and that’s why I took the temptation because none of you were in danger. Mark – outside of this I want to get to know you and your parents. I am not telling everyone this. I have your back.

2:30pm Kitchen – Raven – Don’t blindside me. Cody – I’m sorry I didn’t let you know. Raven – I just want you to know how much I love you. I am a woman of my word. I would rather go home than go against my group. I love and respect you both and I’ve always got your back. I just wanted to let you know that.

Raven tells Paul – I don’t trust Jessica. Don’t trust her. Paul – but Elena is cool? Raven – I trust Elena more than I trust Jessica. I don’t trust Jessica. Paul – what about Mark. Raven – I don’t know, he said he will vote out Christmas. I would rather go battle in the real world than vote Christmas out. I’m not voting Christmas out. Paul – I’m not either. Raven – I am not voting Christmas out. I would rather battle in the real world. Morally I would rather die. Paul – I appreciate your chat. Raven – love you buddy.

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Bedroom – Christmas & Jason.

Christmas – I am not playing both sides. Right now I feel f**Ked! I feel gang r@ped by my own team. Jason – you’re a beast but maybe you’re a beast for the other team. Jason – okay that’s all I wanted to hear. Paul was like Jason she’s a beast. And I was like yeah shes a beast for the showmances. Christmas – what? Jason – but maybe you’re not. Maybe they really did put you up and you’re not a pawn. I am trying to decide if you literally got backdoored or if you’re f**king with me. Christmas – they just took this c**k and bent me over and said Christmas you’re not going to f**king enjoy this. I want you to watch this when we are done and be like Christmas that f**king hurt to watch. Christmas – my connection with Paul is we have similar life experiences. There is no way I am going to come in here and backstab people. I am trying to be there for people that are having a hard time like Josh. If I do stay this week don’t you dare think I’m not going out for heads. Jason – that’s what I wanted to hear. Jason – this morning I had to make a deal. Christmas – and how do you feel now? Jason – I don’t know because he kind of kept his end. Christmas – but he didn’t with me or Paul. He was lying to the whole f**king group. I was batting for you and I hope you see that. Jason – so now if Cody says red rover, red rover Christmas come over… you’re going to go (he puts his middle finger up. Christmas then puts up her two middle fingers. Paul joins them. Paul – from what I’ve gathered the house is split whether you stay or go.

3:35pm Alex and Jillian.
Alex – if it comes to a split vote Cody will obviously vote Christmas out. Right now the votes are looking good. Jillian – Matt told me this was the best thing that could have happened to me. I don’t think they would vote for Christmas to stay because she would come after them. Alex – Ramses said he would vote for you and he also said Jessica would too. Just go reconfirm those votes.

3:35pm HOH room – Mark tells Jessica & Cody that he is glad it happened. I was honestly getting bored.

3:40pm Lounge room. Christmas & Elena
Elena – I feel like we can get the votes for you to stay. Christmas – think its pretty split right now. I feel closest to you, Dom, Paul, and Mark but he still confuses me. Elena – the people that I am drawn to are you, Matt, Paul. I have a different connection with Dom. Mark and I are obviously getting closer but I’ve been hesitant due to his vocalness about wanting a showmance. Like red flags. And not wanting to be stuck in a house with a potential ex-boyfriend.

4pm Lounge room. Matt, Elena, Paul, Christmas, Raven, Mark.
Paul – lets count your numbers .. who is voting against you. Ramses, Alex, Cody, Jessica. Matt – I’m no mathematician but that sounds good. Christmas – I’m not sure about Jason. Mark – if you make it though this week do you truly can I have your… we’ve talked before. Christmas – I need to make it through this week to reinforce what we talked about. Matt – just to be clear Cody is my friend, I’m not… Paul – he just f**ked up.

Jillian – I feel upset. Josh – can we go on a date after this? Jillian – no f**king way .. because you said you were going to vote me out. Josh – who the f**k said that?! Jillian – we were trying to help you and you said you were going to vote me out pisses me off. Josh – I never said that! All I said was we need to look at the game. Whoever said that, call them out here. I never! I never said I am voting for Christmas or Jillian. I do know that you’ve been here for me. Jillian – I’m not going to say who it was. Jessica comes over and says veto is over, two noms are on the block. You’re safe this week. Don’t do anything to put a bigger target on your back. You’re talking to one of the people that is on the block. You’re fine. Just enjoy that. Josh says okay. Thank you. Jillian – tells Jessica thank you.

4:20pm Lounge room – Raven, Matt, Elena, Mark.

Raven – I am not voting Christmas out, I’m not! Elena – I don’t want you (Mark) to go back to Cody & Jessica and tell them everything. Mark – I’m not. Matt – I’m going to have a sit down with Cody and say you’ve had my loyalty and I trust you but you’re going to have to let me in on what you’re going to do because this cannot ever happen again. Elena – and also that you’re not voting for Christmas to leave. Matt – Oh I’ll tell the entire house that. Raven – me too. Elena – same.

4:50pm The house has calmed down. In the kitchen – Paul, Christmas, Raven are in the kitchen cooking / doing the dishes. Out in the backyard – Jason, Alex, Jillian and Kevin are relaxing.

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Club H.O.H

Love it!!!! Cody threw in the A-Bomb and boom!!!! Welcome to big brother Christmas!!!! This ain’t no book tour!!!! Say what you want Cody is playing big brother along with Alex. I’m glad Paul has the safety too I want to see those three in the final 4 comp hands down. Hoping Christmas goes even though I forget Jillian is in the house.

P.S- I respect Cody. If you all knew him he is a man of his word no matter what the blondes want to say and He is one of the best marines and on one of the best sniper teams. He’s no joke.


Id be surprised if Cody made jury.


To be fair what first hoh of the season has had to nominate that many people in one week. Also creating that many enemies at the same time. I bet no one else will have to do that all season


I’m not sure why this got so many downvotes. Everything said in here is true. Cody is on one of the best marine teams and he did try for a big, ballsy move. What I can’t stand about these comments is how everyone talks about how the recent players never make big moves. Here you have Cody making a big move by targeting a threat instead of taking the easy way out and putting up a weak player. He’s doing what everyone said they wanted. People need to make up their minds on what they want!


I think the problem is he’s taking a shot at someone he was working with instead of taking a shot at a threat outside his group. Jason will be a threat to Cody. He tried to create this big alliance or at least the appearance of a big alliance and then he shot it in the foot. Cody burned a lot of trust early in the game and part of that was keeping his pals in the dark.


How do you know he is one of the best marines?? Do you know him??


He’s playing Big Brother… but poorly. Being the first HOH tends to backfire afterward and he went and made it worse by nominating 2 who thought they were in his alliance. And without consulting his crew. I don’t see how anyone can get blindsided by a decision someone they’re supposed to be aligned with makes and NOT lose trust. Especially if that makes them lose trust with everyone not in on it.


What are the chances that Christmas stays and she works with Paul, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Dom and Josh to get rid of the couples?


Cody is so far from a man of his word in this game I’m shocked Club HOH could claim that!
I felt pity for Jillian and wanted her to stay….but now, I hope Christmas stays and comes after Cody with all her might!


Me, too


Watching Sunday’s episode. There is no doubt Megan quit. There is no other way to read the situation

sunny dee

she made a mistake, the producers should have cleared it up rather than milking and manipulating her psychologically. she legit thought jessica said panda, tho jessica said ‘pow pow’. i don;t mind someone who is malicious getting called out for flat out lies (aka audrey) then gets caught and tries to cover up, but all that over mishearing what was really said was not cool.


Thank you! I was thinking this and made a comment on an earlier feed too. She simply misheard what Jessica said, although maybe shouldn’t have been so quick to call “racist” over it.


Don’t get the feeds so rely on the wonderful updates from Simon and Dawg. Thank you. 30 mins in tonight’s episode and one major conclusion, Cody is a major arsehole.

Screw cbs

The people on this site are a joke. Y’all bitch and whine when no one makes big moves but when someone does yall bash him. I respect the hell out of Cody for trying a big move and stir shit up. 99% of y’all on this site would just sit around and now do anything in the house. I think Cody needs the power next week to screw them all over.


Sometimes his motivation is hard to figure out (one of the reasons I call him Dexter). It is smart for him to target Christmas because she is his equal in competitions


I think he secretly got the hots for Alex and has been thinking with the wrong head ever since. I think Jessica certainly either sees it or instincts it and that’s why she’s on a tear against Alex all of a sudden. If he thinks Alex flirted back at him all this upset is the result. Suddenly it all makes more sense.


Mad props to him for TRYING to make a move. He had it planned from the giddy-up. I personally just think he should have discussed it with his core group and bounced the idea around and not blindside his group and cause distrust. Since it blew up in his face I find funny because he is a too smug thinking he runs the house. Too bad he doesn’t know when you are HOH they tell you what you want to hear and then the put a boot in your ass when you turn your back. Loyalty and honor do not mix well with big brother


They all still say they trust him! Strangest group ever


They are saying they trust him (but may not really) because I think they’re partially buying that he was trying to protect them . If they REALLY didn’t know anything, they can’t be targets. However, few seem to believe this regardless, and it will likely cost him – with his 6 even – more then help him as you can’t help mistrusting someone who shares too little.


It’s not the final result that’s a problem but how he played it that’s the problem. One, his buddies thought Christmas was going to stick around a bit for comps; two, he never even bounced the idea off anyone. If he really trusted Mark or Matt he could have at least floated the idea to them to gauge a reaction. It’s a move that’ll cost him.


The problem is he made a “move” without even knowing if he had the votes. He just assumed they would follow big leader Cody. I find it hilarious that it backfired.


I feel like Matt will tell Cody eventually


This house is hilarious!! The feeds have not been up a week and already they are LIT.
Elena made me spit water with her “not wanting to be stuck with a potential ex-boyfriend”, and Cody vs. Christmas should be a good fight. Batcrap Crazy meets Totally Pissed. I wanted Jillian to stay but she is just Meg (season 17) 2.0. And let’s not forget about Josh who is one meltdown away from being thrown over the wall.
Not sure who is aligned with who but it seems as if it was the showmances vs the rest of the house. My early faves are: Jason/Whistlenut, Mark, Alex, Dominique, and Paul.
Elena gives me a weird vibe, and Jessica and Ramses are non existent but probably dark horses.
Kevin will probably take it all.


Kevin is funny. Paul v Cody should be fun to watch




What’s with the “I want Raven to win this” stuff? I mean hey, It’s sweet but good lord, play for yourself or self evict. I will never understand going into the house and wanting to give up your game, essentially for a stranger. My family would disown my a$$ if I even thought about it.


She told them some story about being sick and dying.

Bring Back Zac Attack

As much as I hate Paul having this safety, I love how the whole veto thing turned out. I can’t believe Cody’s decision was CHRISTMAS!!! I would’ve thought he’d say Ramses or Kevin and have Jillian sent home just to minimize the damage after blowing himself up with Paul. I can’t believe he kept his deal with Jason/Alex. Paul annoys me, but Paul and Alex would be an awesome pairing that could get rid of some of these annoying people.

Baebee Gyrl2

I don’t think Cody’s decision was Christmas. Remember when Paul had to pick a bottle with a number on it. That was probably her number. For his safety for 3 weeks, he had to sacrifice someone else’s safety. I’m so hoping Paul and Alex pair up too. They would be unbeatable.


That’s an interesting thought…


Additionally, the show said Paul couldn’t see the numbers so (assumedly) has no idea it was Christmas’ bottle. So…I dunno…Production making the suggestion for Chrstimas’ being up, or…didn’t Jason and Cody bring Christmas’ name up when they talked their deal. I’m pretty sure Cody did, so maybe it was his decision (?)


The bottle Paul picked was for the curse and it was Ramses bottle he picked. The curse is that Ramses will have to be nominated once within the next 3 evictions.


Nope. Ramsey got cursed.

Baebee Gyrl2

These showmances and 8 people alliances really irritate me. How can they be loyal to each other?


How do people know what others are telling them is the truth. Raven could be telling a really good story and be very good at it and end up with all the money even though she didn’t win. What is wrong with her? Everyone wants to give her the money get second jobs for her? That’s really nice but if she was really that sick should she be on that show?




Raven has a rare stomach condition and has a stomach pacemaker that you can literally see in her stomach. I think this is why people are so willing to bring her along because there is proof of her illness. I found Raven rather annoying in her intro interviews and hate that stupid hairstyle she sports, but props for her for trying to live a rather normal life. She doesn’t seem as annoying as she came off. I think as the game goes on more people are going to want to evict her and their desire/greed to win will set in.


Mark is the one pushing for Christmas to go because she made the showmance vs romance question. Cody sort of made a deal with Mark that she would go soon.