Nicole and Derrick Nomination Talk “I’ll put up Caleb, Jocasta you put up Amber and ?”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 11
Original Nominations:
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

BB16-2014-07-10 21-47-19-883

9:46pm Rockroom Cody, Nicole Hayden
Nicole saying winning HOH totally screwed up her game strategy, “going to have blood on my hands dripping”
Derrick and Nicole get called into the Diary room to get their HOH room keys.
Hayden says Nicole and Christine were straight up with their votes.
Cody says POWPOW thought she was staying.
Hayden knows why Donny voted to keep her but why did Jocasta it makes no sense.
Hayden would love to see Nicole pout up Caleb it’s good for them
Cody says Nicole should put up Amber and Caleb

BB16-2014-07-10 21-52-52-122

9:50pm who wants to see my HOH room

BB16-2014-07-10 22-23-55-683

Nicole’s HOH letter
My little coco bear,
If you are getting to read this letter than that means you are sleeping in the HOH room. We are all so proud of you but that is nothing new, we have been proud of you since the day you were born. We are happy to see you how strong you are being… just like your dad taught you and how sweet and loveable like I taught you and Jessie says to make sure you are street smart like he is.. Keep being the beautiful person that you are inside and out. Paris and Beyonce miss you like crazy but enjoy listening too your voice “ohh” on the TV and Jessie is happy with the extra cuddle time he is getting with them. All your friends and family and about the whole dang town sends their love to you. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest, eating good and taking care of yourself.. as we are all doing the same here. Remember to breath and enjoy every minute. I spent your birthday looking through old Birthday pictures and thinking “I’m sorry i’m out of breath I’m so nervous” Thinking of all the fun birthday parties you had through the years. And I opened the letter you wrote me before you left and I cried, but it was good, I need to cry. Mom is being strong, just like you want me to be. We love and miss you just as much.
Love Mom

BB16-2014-07-10 22-31-10-180

Derrick’s HOH Letter
Derrick – “This is from my wife”
Hi Babe
Hope you are doing good, I showed Tinley the video of you and her playing together on the bed, eating her hands toes all the time and she smiles and says DADA. I want you to know that we are very very proud of you. I know this is not easy being away from us, but it will all be over before you know it” Not really”  Love and miss you more than anything see you in September when they announce you are the winner of Big Brother 16.
I love you babe, Jana

BB16-2014-07-10 22-35-18-165
Nicole enjoying her HOH room
Mostly chit chat going on in the HOH room. Derrick got Sushi and Nicole’s picture of her brother is from when he was 13. ( She really played up how good looking her brother is) Christine says he has a attractive face, “is that weird to saw about a 13 year old”
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BB16-2014-07-10 22-47-21-380

10:05pm Downstairs Brittany and Zach are making all sorts of food to eat at midnight when there Have nots status expires. Brittany has a talk about her ex husband. THey’re settling out of court she still has a working relationship they are still friends he’s a great guy they just drifted apart, “He’s not a douchebag we sat down and went over it”. He’s gone from the house 6 days a week and she wasn’t the person she wanted to be. He’s older than her and had some assets before they got married that she didn’t want to take whatever he had before her was hit, Says he took the boat and the car.
“I knew being with that person I lost my identity.. I was in a marriage I was alone.. you’re alone raising your kids”
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BB16-2014-07-10 22-54-16-177
10:58pm Nicole’s HOH room Victoria , Christine, Nicole, HAyden
Victoria jokes about Devin’s mental state says her heads going to get chopped off while she sleeps
Victoria is telling them how freaked out she is about Devin says during the HOH competition she was terrified to go sit beside him. She points out how Devin’s whole attitude has changed since HOH.
Victoria walked in on Zach and Devin in the Storage room. Devin told Zach he prays to god that zach leaves tonight.
Christine mentions how Devin just stares at everyone. Nicole lets them know Devin was never her main target before but now…. she’s never going to have him compete in a competition.
Nicole is pissed this HOH screws up her game plan , “It was pure luck I couldn’t throw it if I wanted to.. hopefully my BB fans are tweeting about it” .
Christine and Victoria tell her Amber is driving them insane “She’s so fake.. She takes things out of my makeup bag.. she grabbed it”
Nicole – She’s so fake
They start talking about things Amber does that annoys them. She uses their stuff and wears their clothes all the time.
Victoria – “She’s a f&***g bitch I’m sorry she doesn’t respect people stuff.. it’s rude I would never be able to do that in my life”
Vic – “I want to smash her face”
Victoria and Christine keep trashing Amber. Nicole thinks Amber’s being portrayed as the sweetest nicest perfect thing. Christine thinks they will portray her as fake. Victoria says it’ll show on the live feeds.
Derrick rolls in.
11:05pm Derrick asks her if anyone tried to get her to flip the votes jocasta brittany Victoria says nobody did

BB16-2014-07-10 23-50-39-339

11:08pm HOh Nicole and Derrick HOH
They 100% agree they will not backd**r each other.
He explains how Devin came up to him and offered him a 1 week deal basically downplaying the bombsquad big time. Talks about the vote flipping of last week and how Zach was nominated. Derrick actually says he didn’t know who the members of the alliance were he knew Caleb, Amber and Devin were in it.
Derrick – There was a bombsquad but I wasn’t a member.. it wasn’t an alliance.. what is an alliance
Derrick denies that the bombsquad was a real alliance they never got together decided on votres and such that is what he defines as an alliance. .
Derrick – “Time will tell I’m not a fan of Devin at all since day one’
Derrick explains an alliance is 2,3 or 4 people he trusts and they meet regularly and plan their game its’ not 8 people that don’t know each other.
Derrick says he wants Devin out of the game because he tried to blow up his game by embellishing there was a 8 team alliance. Nicole agrees with Devin being the target.
Derrick tells her personally he thinks there was more than 8 people in the bombsquad.. “PoW was in it to but pows name was never brought up. “
Derrick – what’s your take
Nicole – Devine Is obviously the target this week… it sucks putting up two people and I don’t know..”
Nicole says it’s easier to put Devin up right away because it’s one less person that will be p!ssed off at them. Derrick thinks if Devin plays in the COmpetition he’s going to win it.
Derrick asks her if there are any people not going on the block 100%
Cody , Donny, Christine. Derrick agrees about Christine and Cody.
Derrick says somebody tried to flip the house today and he thinks it was Donny. “i didn’t hear anything.. Donny was trying to vote for POWPOW to stay”
Nicole says she heard Amber was trying to flip the house
Derick wonder about Brittany
Nicole – Brittany wanted POW out 100%

She tells him he’s a good game player and he definitely knows what he’s doing. Derrick warns that Zach lets things go when he talks he gets excited and says the wrong thing. Nicole feels the same way
Nicole wants to be in a potential alliance with Derrick but wants to bring other people in. Derick says he’s not in any alliance right now. Derrick suggests if she puts up Amber and he puts up Caleb.. they start talking about an alliance, Derrick wants her to figure out a name and if they want to add members along the way they will. Derrick says he’s close to Caleb but he doesn’t plan on keeping Caleb around . Nicole points out that Caleb will live the game
Derrick – “I rather get him out before Jury to be honest with you”

They go through potential nominees
Nicole won’t put up Donny, Hayden, Christine, Cody, Zach, Brittany, Victoria
Derrick may potentially put up Donny.
Derick – “you put up Amber”
Nicole _ She put me up on the block.. Caleb is going to flip”
Derrick – “I’ll put up Caleb.. he might not go for but I think he will if Amber is on the other side”
Derrick – “I might put up Jocasta”
Nicole – ‘Give her a chance to compete and have some fun”
Nicole – “What about Frankie.. I’m not putting up Brittnay and you shouldn’t”
Derick – ‘We’re not putting up Frankie because he’s in with everybody”
Derrick wonders if they can get Caleb to throw the competition. Nicole doesn’t know they could ask him that.
Nicole – “Which one would you be more upset about Devin, Amber, Caleb”
Derrick – Dein for personal reason”
Nicole – What if he wins POV
Derrick doesn’t thinks the odds are so remote. Nicole is nervous about putting
Derrick – “I’ll put up Caleb and Jocasta . You can put up Amber and.. you make the decision”
Nicole – I can’t put up Donny… Let me put up Devin and Amber.. then they win and we’re screwed.
Derrick – If Devin goes up he’ll win the battle on the block
Derrick asks her if she would put brittnay up
Nicole won’t do it she needs someone to volunteer.
Derrick says he’ll put up Jocasta and Caleb, Caleb will throw the competition meaning he’s HOH. If Devin gets picked for POV and he wins it they will send out Caleb if Devin doesn’t win the POV they backdoor Devin. Nicole thinks if they have jocasta and Devin on the block they might not get the votes to evict Devin.

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I really like these two. I want them to make at least final 4. Both are smart enough to do it


What’s up with Ms. Piggy’s bro. I think he’s at a point where his constant denying proves his guilt.


All this complaining about Devin telling people what to do, Derrick is just as bad! “Oh Devins a bully. He forced me to do this and that!” Uhh hello?? Derrick is doing the same damn thing to Nicole!


Derrick disgusts me. He talks to much & takes Team America way too seriously.
He’s good at what he does but he also bullies people * In his own way *
His arrogance is starting to show & I think he’s going to get HOH Power Trip syndrome.


Maybe so, but he’s doing it in a way that’s much more subtle than Devin. This is Big Brother, you have to force your will onto others while still looking somewhat weak and trustable, and I think Derrick is doing a good job at this.


half of you people on this site are full of shit derrick’s subtle way of bullying is ok then? whatever helps you guys sleep at night




Sorry but there is no such thing as subtle bullying. A bully isn’t subtle. He is coercing. That’s called playing Big Brother.


Well EricCA certainly called it right: that people would all start hating on the new HOHs. Derrick is playing the game well, period, I agree he’s talking a bit too much and should have copped (forgive me) more about the BS with Nicole. But he’s doing great.


I’m thinking the same. But if he shuts up next round, working the background like he did for Zach maybe, he should be o.k.. The only thing, however, is that with the 4-person nominee twist, they almost have to play the game faster. Not like the Devin-in-a-china-shop fast, but staking their claims to the final more quickly.
IDK. I just want Devin gone. I’m sitting at home, 1000+ miles away, and he makes me uncomfortable just watching him. Creepy uncomfortable. I’m sure his mama would say he’s sweetest person in the world, but . . . .


Umm, if it’s “subtle,” it’s not bullying. That’s called “influencing.” lmao


It’s gonna be fun watching Derrick & Frankie dig their own graves!


Do guys not know what bully means?! Persuading someone is very different from “bullying”. “Bullying” and manipulating are also very different things.


like Devin he’s a bully

smd nicole

by ur logic dr will and dan are the biggest bullies ever….. ur dumb he is not forcing them and bullying them he is MANIPULATING them! there is a major difference in the two things


what about evil dick he was kind of a bully


Ya and Dick isn’t even in the same conversation as Will and Dan when it comes to the all-time greats.


Now THAT was bullying (Evil Dick). He was 100% honey badger.


Nah, Evil Dick was loud. I’m sure no one was physically afraid of Evil Dick. Get over it! He’s bullying me, boohoohoo. Yeah, I know, bullying is a serious thing, we shouldn’t take it lightly, blah, blah, blah.


Just finished watching tvgn’s idea of BB. {I certainly miss Showtime} Derrick confirmed to Nicole the questions in the diary room, lets you know how they are editing the show. ” Devin of course is the bad guy.” . This cast is pretty blah. IMO, there are no stand out characters. They don’t do anything, the other casts were more lively and funny.


Nicole will make the BIGGEST mistake if she puts Devin on the block before the BOB! Everyone needs to talk her out of that, not just Derrick! What could she possibly be thinking?!? I thought she was a “super fan”… Doesn’t sound like it to me. I’m sure if she could have her way she would want Amber evicted this week and we all know it’ll be personal. Nicole is pretty, IDK why she’s so jealous of Amber. They’re both hot in their own way!


She isn’t too worried about Devin, and why would she be? He is a target in the house and has absolutely no reason to be after her. It’s good for her game if he sticks around.
It makes sense for her to go after Amber/Caleb. Amber put her up before and has said that Nicole is one of her targets. And Nicole knows if she targets Amber, Caleb will come out guns blazing to protect “his queen.”


What threw me about that convo is that Nicole thinks if Devin were up against Jocasta, that Jocasta might be voted out? She had to have been joking. Surely we know how the house will vote on that one. And to those who think Derrick is “bullying” Nicole here? Seriously?


u need to backdoor so he does’nt have a chance to win POV if he does everyones fucked


Maybe this isn’t the smartest move, but why not put up Donny, Victoria, Jocasta, and Amber. That leaves both Devin and Caleb vulnerable for a pov switch. As long as someone uses it, and just about everyone would. Even if it was Caleb pulling Amber, Devin goes. Otherwise, get Caleb up and out.


That sounds pretty decent as long as you could get Victoria to throw the BOB then put up Devin and that would send Caleb to try and sway people for Amber.

I Dont Like Derrick

Or No, maybe get Zack, Hayden, or Cody out. Derrick’s side. It would be just dumbass for the rest of the house to just let Derrick’s team pick them off one by one. But it looks like that’s what’s happening.


I think it is smarter to have Amber on one side and Caleb on the other … Just in case Veto isn’t used .


I would rather they put up Frankie, Jocosta, Amber & Victoria. This would make Frankie parinod like Zach was and Frankie hand will be shown more to others. I believe this will make the game more interesting. Just my thought.


I think Derrick is underestimating Nicole’s gameplay. Why is he bothering to bring up/lie about the bomb squad? These two are great but he is going to talk himself to his own grave. She will never fully trust him and he needs to slow his roll before the house catches onto him.


So far Nicole is the only one that hasn’t let Derrick get into her head. She is smarter than he thinks. She knew about the bomb squad before last week, she knows Derrick was in from the beginning and him denying it just tells her he can’t be trusted. He has a good read on the rest of the HG, he has been able to make all of them confide in him to some degree, but not Nicole. He should be careful, because this week could blow up in his face.


His undercover detective skils are playing to his favor. I am disappointed in his action. I would of thought he would be more of a person to be more observant and less talk but actually he;s the opposite.

Butters Mom

Nicole’s main target isnt Devin is why she would consider putting him on the block with Amber… She really wants to get out Caleb or Amber more. Putting Devin on the block with Amber would make fewer people mad… she really is in a bad situation because Derick is going to drag her through the mud for sure. It wouldnt surprise me at all if he put Hayden up as a replacement if he remains HOH and the veto is used because Hayden is a strong competitor and not an original member of the bomb squad. Im surprised he is suggesting Donnie with Donnie being a member of TA… he threw off the suggestion of putting up Frankie right away … No way putting Frankie up… that tells me Derrick is for sure sticking with bomb squad minus Devin.


Don’t forget you want to – first – put up weaker players so you stay HOH. Derrick wants Donny up because he thinks it’ll help him stay HOH. And he doesn’t want Frankie because he thinks he’s a stronger player. Donny isn’t going anywhere. Derrick won’t compromise Team USA.

Captain Crunch

I don’t think Nicole believes Derrick and knows he’s lying to her. Derrick is talking way to much trying to cover his ass and I think he’s gonna get s exposed.


She knows Derrick is lying because Christine told her everything.


Christine was/is not capable of knowing the truth about the bomb squad. She only ever knew/knows what she believed/s to be the case. No person is in anyone’s head. Even she was not really “IN” the bomb squad herself. Both she and Amber were told they were in and they weren’t saying any different. They just tried to use their situations to better their chances with what they were given. If everyone is playing to win a game then you can never be sure of anything. When Caleb and Devin first began to fill out the bomb squad players like Derrick were saying in their asides that it was way too soon to be forming such alliances. No way they could from a trust alliance without knowing people better. When Devin decided at 2 am to tell 2 girls about the alliance without a group discussion the smart people saw the bomb squad was just a tool to keep the targets off their backs while they did their own thing (including Devin.. which is why he is so paranoid because he believes everyone will do the same things he does). Is it possible, Derrick’s description of the actual nature of the bomb squad, here with Nicole, is not a lie. Derrick preserves the benefit of the bomb squad with Caleb because it benefits him but he gave the illusion of going along and used them as he could. Christine’s take on the bomb squad she shared with Nicole was face value and in no way definitive truth. Is it possible, only Caleb and Amber committed to the Bomb Squad and every other house guest used it only as it benefited them but were making other plans. In which case, the real truth about the Bomb Squad was it was a two person alliance with 6 floating traitors.


So far BB has been great this year


If Derrick n Nicole do as the plan and if Devin does win the veto, Devin and Caleb may reconcile and Devin will use the veto on Caleb, then probably Jacosta or whoever Derrick puts to replace Caleb would go home.


That will be a perfect week. I’m rooting for the underdogs now (Devin/Caleb). But I don’t want Jocasta gone. Amber can leave.


I hope production saves Devin this week and he wins HoH next week

I'll take out everyone one by one for the love of my daughter

Grodner, save Devin just like you saved Frank on #BB14

I'll take out everyone one by one for the love of my daughter

Devin to #BB16 = Sabrina to #BBCAN2

I don’t think anyone can compete with Sabrina. She wasn’t even HOH, but was running the house (when she took time away from picking her nose). And she was having meltdowns every other day. Sabrina in the first half of the show is unparalleled.


Not even close bud. Sabrina had game Devin is an unstable NONgamer. We have all been watching the same show and everyone knows you don’t just randomly bring people into your alliance with out consulting your members. Sabrina was one of the reasons her idiot first 5 buddies were able to stay a live for as long as they did.
Sabrina = BB Fan lasted to final two!!!
Devin = too many pills and lack of proper social skills . HUGE difference.

Butters Mom

I have noticed when Derrick is lying he talks really fast…. when he’s being truthful, he talks less and slower.


Why is Nicole always talking about Amber? Have they even had enough interraction for Nicole to be trashing her so much? It’s reminiscent of the Candice situation from last year. Not saying that anyone’s a racist, and thank god for that, but she is slowly coming across as a mean girl.

Butters Mom

Victoria and Christine were talking bad about her just as much or more than Nicole was in the HOH because she “borrows” stuff without asking and if she does ask to borrow something, she doesnt give it back and uses it over and over again. Victoria was upset about her using her face cream or something like that and a sweatshirt she loaned her and she wore it for 4 days straight… I think girls are mean to each other regardless of race… lets not start that race crap again this year… yes Nicole is white and yes Amber is biracial… it doesnt mean Nicole is a racist because she talks crap about Amber… it just means she’s a gossipy girl… which is typical regardless of race.


Uh, Victoria was trashing Amber not Nicole. And even so, Amber talks about how she doesn’t like Nicole. I find it hilarious that Amber has started flirting with Cody and Hayden recently after seeing how close they were to Nicole. Makes you think…

Butters Mom

yes, Victoria was trashing Amber… I thought that was what I said… thats what I meant anyway. Victoria was trashing Amber more than Nicole was trashing Amber… over face cream and a shirt. I agree.. Amber is starting something by flirting with Cody and Hayden… that could really piss off Caleb and cause problems for both Cody and Hayden.


The problem is lack of communication. What do you want to bet that none of them actually TOLD Amber to stop borrowing their things. Easier to trash talk people and eventually form a mob to get her out. I feel like she is screwed in the house from the beginning because of Caleb. He behaves like a stalker (even though I feel like he’s very sweet to her, she has suggested many times to his face that she does not like him in that way)– do you want her to tell Caleb F** you, and for him to turn on her and try to evict her? She has to be nice to the guy. Then everyone blames the girl- she’s “USING” him. It just makes me mad, because Dawg and Simon would have reported her being a bitch if she was one. Everyone has their moments but I cannot recall anything specific. With Nicole there’s a sh*tload.

PS The way Derrick is lying here, I’m shocked he wasn’t shot dead by a drug dealer during his undercover ops. He sounds so crazy. His game is going down the toilet– he’s too nervous and overly excited, talking talking talking, this week. And Hayden came in right after and told her the Bomb Squad is still together and not to trust Derrick.


Nicole trashes Amber all of the time, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. She’s obviously a jealous little turd who is used to being the “pretty” one and now she’s just the “nerd”. Some sort of discount bin Taylor Swift rip off.

Since when is Cody close to Nicole? The guy sleeps all day and is barley on the feeds. Seems like you’re distorting reality to fit you’re view of Nicole. Makes you think…….


Once Amber is gone, they will start talking about another girl they dislike as much. I’m not sure why some people bond over picking apart someone else. I think it’s fine to dislike someone, just don’t be mean about it. The guys this year are just as bad as the girls. I’m sure you get to know people’s habits real quick in this house and since there is nothing else to focus on and things start annoying your faster in real life.

The Truth

Does anybody know whether or not Amber is getting a “golden edit”. I really don’t understand why Christine, Nicole, Victoria and Hayden “hate” her? I don’t have the live feeds and based on what I read here I’ve never seen anything that would lead me to believe she is a b*tch.


You’re right, I shouldn’t have implied such a thing. It’s wrong of me to compare the dynamics in the house to the utter vileness of last season.


I am trying to find something to like about Victoria – anybody got anything?


Everybody in the house complained about devin being a bully as Hoh, so what is derrick doing to nicole? The same thing he is forcing his hand to Nicole so she could put up who ever he wants so he can remain hoh. Devin is whatever you guys want him to be but with out the drama he brought this week’s this show would of still be boring with nobody stepping up and everybody being afraid


I agree that Derrick is downplaying his BS role too much and it might hurt him, especially since it’s all pretty much out there. But I do believe he wasn’t really into from the beginning – he would have known it was too soon to make deals with people he just met.


It’s refreshing to see a different group of people enjoying the HOH room and having some chill time together rather than the same people monopolizing the HOH suite week after week. It will be interesting to see if Pink Snitch can weasel his way into this circle or if Nicole can successfully keep him at a distance. (fingers crossed)


I hope Nicole knows that Derrick is lying to her, Devin is not coming after Nicole so she needs to not worry about him and play her own game and tell Derrick to kiss her Fat white a$$. LOL


I don’t think it was so much that she (Amber) borrowed the stuff its that she over does it with the borrowing. I guess to us it sounds like no big deal but when your in that house with nothing but what you own, which is some clothes and a toothbrush lols. I think it would get annoying people borrowing what little you have. Especially things like soap or perfume. The thing is, when you run out, you cant go out and buy your favorite (insert whatever here) , so when it runs out, its out. It would get annoying.

Remember how Sarah (BBCAN2) freaked out when Ika took literally one potato chip .


I hope by the end of next week Caleb gets sent packing


Why the hell is Derrick still talking about the BS at this point. It’s over and done, move on. Your damage control is just causing more damage and making people who know what is going on trust you less. Also, if Derrick puts up Donny I will lose any respect for him in this game and hope he’s soon to go. They all have to know at this point that Jocasta is playing her own game and no one tried to flip the house. If someone tried to flip the house everyone would have know because no one seems to be able to keep a secret in this house. If you want tos see who you can trust, you tell people different things to keep between you and them and sit back and see if it gets back to you.


Getting rid of Amber would be a complete waste of an HOH! These jealous girls need to get their shit together and start thinking strategy. Every season girls like to get rid of each other for no real reason….”She’s so fake”……. Who gives a fuck, you’re here to win money, not make FRIENDS. she’s probably not gonna win, they need to look at the bigger picture, all of the threats. Caleb, Devin, Cody, Frankie even, people who are lying and playing it low. because their gonna be riding guys coattails for the rest of the season. Then get sent home when the MALE alliances reveal themselves. It’s gonna be BB12 Brittany all over again. PS I wouldn’t get Devin out if I was Nicole because he isn’t trying to get rid of any of the girls. He wants Zack, then they can befriend him and get him to do their bidding. Plus as long as he is in the house he is a target.


What? Devin was the one who went against BB convention and said the Bomb Squad should target the floaters because they are the ones always around at the end and strong players like them will go home because of them (perhaps this was his game play to get the rest of the BS targeting floaters so he should make deals with the floaters for his personal benefit) Devin also said house guests act on their emotions too much and should stick to what is best for their game. Then Devin completely contradicts himself on everything. He targets anyone who is rumored to have a view that is not in support of him or how he wants to be perceived. He was targeting PowPow then, on his own, made a deal with her. He was talking about putting up and voting out Victoria. Then when Brittany has the never to twist his intended image around from his heartfelt confession about what he did to Donny, she gets targeted… but only until he flips again and justifies targeting a BS member he told to his face he did not trust then how that person takes it is used against him as justification: he told me to put him up. What Zach did not say was if you don’t trust me for what I have done how is it possible Devin can expect anyone to trust him for what he has done.


Derrick is so stupid trying to deny the Bomb Squad.

Cristiane and Hayden already told Nicole everything about Bomb Squad.

I wish Nicole could backdoor Derrick. He is so lame


Bomb Squad:
Caleb – original member and picked the name. Loyal to the Squad and Amber no other alliances.
Devin – original member… never committed always undermining and looking out for Devin
Frankie – recruited without a real choice… always playing his own game while using the BS for his personal benefit. He needed strong physical and mental players as he said in his DR and these idiots came to him. With this Gift alliance. KaChing. Loyal? As far as it helps him, sure.
Cody – recruited without a real choice: join or risk being targeted… went along in the hopes it would shield him but had no trust or faith in it after Devin told 2 girls about the BS and added them as members without discussing it with the membership.
Zach – same as Cody.
Derrick – recruited without a real choice: join or risk being targeted. Openly stated in DR it was not reasonable for these people to be creating this alliance this early… went along with it as it might benefit his game and protect him for a while.
Christine – recruited without a real choice: join or risk being targeted. She was included but not a loyal bomb squad member. She betrayed her true devotion to the alliance by her disclosure to Nicole.
Amber – recruited without a real choice: join or risk being targeted. Caleb’s obsession handicapped her game and she had no real option but be loyal.
Hayden – recruited without a real choice: join or risk being targeted. He uses the bomb squad and claims he never truly joined.

Bomb Squad = 2 real members: Caleb and Amber. The rest are opportunists using the bomb squad if it helps them but really just floaters in the alliance. No loyalty to the Alliance. So how is Derrick lying? How are Christine and Hayden’s descriptions of the bomb squad the truth or even accurate to their own participation in it. Nicole’s best friends are feeding her distortion that does not help her game. If Nicole believes Christine and Hayden it helps their games but isolates Nicole from other potential allies.


This seems like such an easy HoH for both parties….
The nominees should be Amber, Devin vrs Caleb, Jocasta/victoria — its too simple

You might even talk Caleb into throwing it to keep Amber off the block , then the ONLY thing you have to worry about is Caleb/devin winning POV (which IMO they give these guys way too much credit for being an automatic “lock” to win everything) – even IF caleb/devin wins POV- you can make a big move by backdooring frankie (eww- no pun intended) or a small one by letting joca or vicky get voted off….. either way you would split the core 4 of the bomb squad

Nicole gets least blood on her hands bc she is only returning the favor to amber, and making a “house move” with devin

Derrick gets least blood, bc he can say he knew she was putting amber, and he wanted to give caleb a chance to save her (caleb is volunteering anyway- crazy but whatever) and so what if you have jocasta or victoria coming after you…. he should just let nicole pick his second nominee bt joca or vic to gain trust and get closer to nicoles group-

I think buying into calebs ego and assuming he OR devin will just win every comp is faulty reasoning…. the house already made a mistake by letting zach stay (he will make watching better) but to let him stay on the potential that he will
A) win Hoh
B) nom devin
C) his team lose BoB
D) insure devin doesnt win POV
E) effectively vote Devin out
F) then expect him not to care anymore and become easy prey

is all slippery slope reasoning…. devin has enough enemies already to get him out WITHOUT zach “going after him”…. they should have pulled the trigger on him and continued to place POW next to the real target every week….

BB is like a poker game… you cannot have the ego that drives you to beat “the best”….. keep the fish and kill the sharks…. a win over either is equal after its written in the history books, and the path of least resistance would ALWAYS be prudent

I think this should be the best season in a while…. the strategy is at all time high…. good mix of personalities….

Devin had good ideas, but poor execution (too domineering) … he should have nom’ed his two victims and let the house vote as they wanted…. wouldve made him a more democratic member of the 8, and who cares who goes as long as its not one of the 8…. however, britt was def the bigger threat over Pow…. but the diff was negligible and the outcome wouldve obviously been the same- minus the bomb squad self-destruction….


Your scenario doesn’t work because if Caleb “throws” the BOB, then he stays on the block, Devin is removed, and Devin is SAFE for the entire week (he can’t be backdoored).


That sounds pretty good, but how would letting Vic or Joca get voted out split up the core four?


Derrick is a little liar. Haha. But I can’t complain because it’s apart of the game. He reminds me of a shady car dealer that is trying to sell a naive Nicole a broken down car! Why is Derrick even bring up the alliance, you can tell that Nicole is calling total BS on this conversation. Like my mom always say, “People who talk a lot, Lie alot” DERRICK.


Derrick denying the bomb squad is almost as ridiculous as Hitler denying the holocaust! Nicole is not buying it for a second! Haha.