Big Brother Spoilers Helen warns Candice “What if Kaitlin won HOH and her head got big”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


9:00pm Backyard Everyone but JUDD is practicing. You can get a decent idea about the comp from the images. They have Bocci balls they roll down a ramp trying to get it to land in a buckets. The buckets are on a platform that rotates. Lots of comments about how hard it is. Spencer: “It’s all about timing”

McCrea tells them they will most likely get one ball and there will be slots with points.
You can hear Howard “I just don’t want to go first”

9:13pm Amanda and JUDD in the Kitchen
Amanda: “I feel like this is such a crapshoot”
JUDD explains the turnstile will have slots it won’t be like it is now with buckets.

9:15pm Couch JUDD and Jessie
JUDD tells her the centre is where the buckets are
Jessie: ‘I think it’s a game of luck doesn’t matter how much you practice”
Jessie says Andy, Aaryn Spencer are doing very good.
Jessie thinks it’s a big deal that he told Kaitlin she might be going home. JUDD doesn’t think is is wants her to stop freaking out.

9:30pm Jessie and Amanda Kitchen
Jessie tells her JUDD went to Kaitlin and said she had a 50/50 chance because Helen and Andy are not locked in their votes. Jessie seems to be the most upset about this.

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:34pm Bedroom Kaitlin and Gina
Kaitlin: “I’m 100% positive I’m going home”
Candice joins them
Kaitlin : “I don’t have the votes to stay”
Kaitlin says she’s heard she doesn’t have Andy, Helen or Elissa. “This means everyone is lying to me”
Kaitlin says if she goes home it’s because of a rumor about her having a secret 5 person alliance that’s not true.
Candice: “I don’t know I’ve been taking a nap”
Kaitlin says Amanda came up to them and said she swears on her life, dogs life and nieces life that she didn’t start the rumour about the secret alliance.
Candice heard the same thing from her earlier today. “I was like.. I hear the words coming out of you mouth but I don’t believe the words coming out of your mouth”

Candice: ‘Let me talk to Elissa.. She’s going to do my hair“
K: “Thank you”


9:44pm HOH Superfriends (Aaryn is part of the superfriends)

They’re A bit worried that Spencer and Howard might win it they were good at the competition practice. McCrea says it’s a crapshoot anyone has a chance to win.

Aaryn: “Kaitlin won’t even talk to me”
jessie thinks it’s because of what JUDD said.
Andy: “Wait what happened”

McCrea explains that JUDD told Kaitlin that Andy and Helen might vote for Kaitlin to leave. Andy: “What”


9:47pm Storage room Elissa and Helen
Helen tells her if Spencer and Howard win HOH they will try to take out aaryn instead of them. She points out Kaitlin is well liked and is a beast in competitions. Elissa is back on board to vote Kaitlin out.
Candice comes in
C: “Kaitlin keeps asking me about votes”
Helen: “You got to talk to JUDD”
Candice: “you would rather Aaryn over Kaitlin”
Helen says they are safer that Aaryn stays. Candice knows Kaitlin is going she understand their reasons she just dislikes Aaryn so much she doesn’t feel right have that person in the house.

Helen: ‘She never talked to us until Jeremy left.. Look how rude she was to me on my HOH night.. what if she won HOH and her head got big” (nice one helen)
Candice says that Aaryn is working with Amanda and McCrea. Amanda is targeting Candice so leaving aaryn means there’s two girls in the house gunning for her. Candice says for her personal game keeping Kaitlin in the house for one more week is better than Aaryn. Candice thinks if Aaryn wins HOH she will put her up.
Elissa says Aaryn yelled at her for 10 minutes during the meeting last night. Helen points out that Candice wasn’t there and didn’t see it.
Helen is worried that Kaitlin is so likable if she wins HOH people will kiss her a$$ but making lasting alliances with. She adds if Aaryn stays noone will work with her.

Helen “Aaryn, Gina and Spencer are the next to go as long as we stick to the plan” (Superfriends)

Helen says that Kailtin is coming after her and Howard and she is scared to be on the block up against Howard. She brings up that Kaitlin told her last week when she was on the block she was targeting Candice and Howard.
Candice: ‘Yes I know she was honest and told me”

Helen mentions the good thing about keeping Aaryn on the block is she can go on the block every week. Even GM will nominated her.
Candice: ‘do you guys have a final 4 deal with McCrea and Amanda”
they deny it
Elissa: “Did Howard says that”
Candice: “A million people said that.. Aaryn said it on the chair the other day”
They talk around in circles about the benefits of keeping Aaryn. Elissa and Helen deny over and over they do not have final 4 with McCrea and Amanda.

Candice says she feels left out with Helen and Elissa. Now she has her Snugglemance with Howie she feels stuck in the middle. pleads with them to make sure her and Howie make it to Jury. Helen says he wants Jessie, Elissa and Candice to all go far in the game and she’ll have their back. Helen: ‘You guys are going to be my girlfriends in this house.. If Amanda and McCrea come after you we’ll do whatever we can to protect you”

Candice pleads with them to help her and Howie make it to Juty. She knows he’s a big physical threat, she points to Elissa “If your man was in the house she would understand” Candice says she feels bad for Kaitlin would rather Aaryn go but she understands their reasoning. Elissa would rather Aaryn goes to but is onboard to get the larger threat out. Helen says they can just get Aaryn out next week.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


10:30pm Kitchen Helen and Elissa chatting about their familes


10:37pm Cockpit Elissa and Helen Elissa talking about Aaryn. She brings up the meeting last night. Helen tells her she handled herself well considering there was two girl;s attacking her.

10:40pm Andy, Elissa and Helen
Talking about worst case scenarios for HOH, Howard, Spencer or Candice. Helen thinks if Spencer wins the HOH she’s going up. Elissa thinks if Aaryn wins she will go up. Helen says Aaryn hasn’t mentioned Elissa’s name in a long time last time she talked to her she was nominating Howard. Andy brings up how bad he feels about lying to Kaitlin. He tells them about the conversation he had with Kaitlin in the have nots where he lied right to her face. Helen says she feels horrible about voting out Kaitlin


10:50pm HOH Spencer, Andy, Amanda, McCrea, Howie
random j*** *ff conversations Spencer holds the record out of the group in HOH. The most time he’s ever did it was 10 times., “I was bored” (this wasn’t 10 times in the house)


10:52pm Cockpit Elissa and Helen

Elissa is worried that Aaryn has no loyalty to them she is Allied with McCrea and Amanda. Elissa warns her that once Spencer and Howard are gone Amanda will have the numbers against them.
Elissa: “There is no way Kaitlin would say she was targeting us”
Feeds cut..

Elisa: “They (Amanda and McCrea) just run this house and they are going to win this game. “
Helen doesn’t think so they won’t win this, Spencer, Howard, Jessie and Candice all want Amanda out.
Elissa thinks that Amanda and McCrea will target her.
Helen says she will sh!t a brick if Amanda and McCrea put Elissa up. Helen: “Their target is Howard”

Helen warns her that everything they tell Candice goes to Howard. Helen just goes through all the reason to get rid of Kaitlin. Elissa agrees with them.

Helen: “I don’t think Candice will let Howard put you on the block”
Big Brother comes up over the speakers calls spencer into the DR
Helen: ‘WHy is he getting called in again” (he must have the DPOV)
Elissa: “Probably for his goodbyes”
Helen tells her Spencer will be going after Amanda he’s been trying since day one. She keeps reminding Elissa that they cannot play by themselves yet they have to stick with the numbers because it’s that voting block that will keep them safe if they end up on the block.

Helen proposes and Final 3 with Elissa and Andy. Elsisa agrees says that Helen is totally going to win the 500 thousands

11:40pm HOH Everyone but Candice, Jessie and Kaitlin
Spencer asks them what the most western state is. Helen guesses Hawaii. Spencer says Alaska. He then asks whats the most eastern state and McCrea answers Alaska. Spencer says correct so so far over it’s in the eastern hemisphere.
Helen tells them about Big Brother Canada and how Glitter Gary had the most epic freak outs. She starts to do it on the ground (image) Helen then starts telling them about Topaz and screwing up the final vote. Helen says Glitter Gary was amazing. McCrea: “Yeah I liked him alot”

(Note that McCrea and Amanda take over the HOH bed again. They’ve spent more time int here than JUDD)

11:57pm Elissa and JUDD JUDD tells her he knows she doesn’t like Aaryn but getting rid of Kaitlin is the right thing. Elissa says she has no personal feeling about Aaryn. She then starts talking about Aaryn lying about not campaigning against Gm and Kaitlin. Elissa points out that Aaryn has tried to make deals with every single person in this house to keep her safe.

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The Brigade

Can you imagine if someone had the balls to put up both Amanda and Helen? The House would explode. Its a shame the MVP takes away any real chance they would have of going home.


They are playing good. I seems that Helen and Amanda are getting the job done. If you are one of the Brigade you did exactly the same thing. I do not blame Helen on targeting Kaitlin now because it is true that her and Howard is targeting her being they stated she is smart. I do not blame Kaitlin but Howard it is his fault to be ousted in Elissa and Helen alliance because he keeps on betraying their alliance and since that no one in the house seems know how to keep a secret Howard and Spencer still cannot succeed in getting loyal alliances. Why get good players out and it seems that both Helen and Amanda are really working hard campaigning. They deserve to keep playing the game along with Elissa and Jessie. Candice is mesmerized by Howard.


Helen: ‘She never talked to us until Jeremy left.. Look how rude she was to me on my HOH night.. what if she won HOH and her head got big” (nice one helen)



Bye Bye Kaitlyn.


Candice, man. She`s annoying.


She is a horrible player. She has no clue what is going on in this game, and watching her yet to lie and drag Amanda’s name they the mud is hilarious.

And I’m saying as someone who really doesn’t like Amanda. Candice sucks.


Why is Kaitlin even on BB?!?! She knows NOTHING about how this game is played! SO GULLIBLE!!!


helens talking about getting a big head? oh the irony….


SMH @ Helen. she’s completely clueless.


I hope Elissa wins HoH just for the laughs.


I think I puked a bit after hearing the J*** *ff conversation.


Really who cares who goes Aaryn or Kaitlyn it’s gonna get way more interesting when both are gone and these other dumb dumbs have to turn on each other. I think the obious next battle is going to between Howard/Candace and McCrae/Amanda and it will in interesting to see where people fall because lots of people are scared of Howards game and lots are afraid of Amanda’s game. Unfortuatly from the game play at this point it seems like a lot of floaters will make it to the end people like GM, Jessie, Spencer and maybe even Candace!


While I can totally see a Howard/Candice vs Amanda/McCrae, I want to see an Amanda/McCrae vs Elissa/Helen! Then the season will get good.


Simon, this is my first season viewing this site. Just want to say that you guys do a geat job! Thanks!!!!

BigBro's worstest season EVER???

if kaitlin is definately going out the door and this is inevitable, i hope a
double eviction happens and lil ole aaryn has to campaign all over again


Wondering if Kaitlynn is heading out to theTexas ship of fools anytime soon?She seems to be quite the daddy’s girl though,so my bets on Minnesota.

Pete Pendersen

Kaitlin’s dad’s in jail for fraud. (Well he was, I think he might have gotten out by now.)

is there a twist looming?

its almost too damn quiet… now


Well, I know as a child of the 60’s and born of mixed heritage; it would be no fricken way that I would even entertain being on BB. Because I have zero tolerance for racists, derogatory, homophobic and misogynistic remarks. You know what they say in every bit of jest there is a bit of truth into one’s character or lack thereof. I would be telling people of left and right and CBS and BB production would be like damn, shit has really hit the fan. Impress me by putting in a more diverse group of people reflective of the make up of the United States and then let’s see how this would play out. But CBS and BB do not have the balls to do that.


I would like to see racial,age,economic and life experience diversity. Gina Marie,Kaitlyn,and Aaryn plus David and Jeremy belong on MTV. The Real
world called and wants their cast back Big Brother!


So the next time somebody says Judd is smart, that person should be reminded that he had a deal of safety with four people, who he ratted out under ZERO pressure setting the stage for one of them to go home, while saving another person who is not in any way loyal to him since he put her up and others will be able to win credit for her continued safety.

It takes real brilliance to evict somebody who would have protected you well into jury.


You’ve completely forgotten that Judd has an alliance of six or seven people that also protects him. He is nowhere near the bottom of that totem pole and would sail to top five unless a shake up happens. In contrast to what Howard and Spencer is offering, I say he did a good choice in rattling out the grasshoppers.

I still don’t get the Howard bandwagon, normally I root for the underdogs but I just can’t find a reason to like him. He hasn’t won any competition yet and made some really bad decisions.


Yeah…but in the Superfriends, he has to pick up on the fact that Amanda and McCrea are 1 and that Andy parrots what they say and rats everything to them. He also has to see that Helen believes everybody is there to serve her. He may not be at the bottom, but he is nowhere near the top, especially since Amanda and Helen drive that side. Keep in mind these were all things he has acknowledged.

And nobody is saying he should switch sides. The point is that he had Kaitlin’s allegiance and he doesn’t have Aaryn’s. If he doesn’t needlessly tell on a fake alliance and actually makes the case that he wants Aaryn out, then he’s keeping two sides at equal strength, two sides he can easily float between. But then he goes off his meds, loses his mind, and ends up worse off than he was before HOH


Wow this season everyone is out to get everyone…everyone in da house is a target lol. It seems judd,jessie, gina,andy, and whovever stays pass this week (aaryn or kaitlen) will float by as long as thy dont make too much noise…jus let the othr house guest eat each other aliveee! This next hoh will be the most critical one thus far cuz it seems like the house is very divided and thy all wana strike each other like a snake lol. Public enemy #1 is now: elissa,howard,spencer,helen,candice, amanda, mcrea (they all need to watch out)


@BigBro’s worstest season EVER??? says: Candice is a solid competitor. You are too funny. Good one. Before she enters a room people start leaving. Her goal is to own a clothing store BTW – how lofty.


whats wrong with wanting to own your own business? A clothing store? Doesn’t someone own, Macy’s, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Bloomindales etc? Lat time I checked,people needed clothes and jobs.

is there a twist looming?

Name… because of the way MVP has leveled the BB playing field,
all the players have an equa-distant chance of ending up top three.
the looming HoH competition is wide open, pure blind luck rules it…


worstest is not a word!!!


Good Lord, leave it to BB to conjure up the most annoying word of 2013: MVP
PS I wish there was an app to make STFU!!!!


I wish there was an app to make HELEN STFU!!!!!


I know and I like her but too trusting of her allinces but her campaigns did pay off both Nick and David and looks like with Kaitlin too but we will see tonight.


I’m convinced they picked Elissa for the show as the crazy chick. They usually have one each season. Elissa is living in her own world where reality doesn’t exist. Aaryn yelled at her for 10 minutes? 2 girls attacked her? She’s freakin’ nuts.


Now who are the two morons who gave me thumbs down. Everything I said is true. Maybe you didn’t see that fight and how people in her own alliance kept discussing later how INSANE SHE IS.

I understand having a favorite player, but at some point one must realize that supporting a player without fault is plain stupid.

Shockerzzz 2.0

Funny amanda and howard have a strong vendetta against each other because both are very strong social players in a different way. Amanda is a very vocal social player tat will push for her way. While howard is playing the social game very hard but he keeps it way on the low low. In an essence both howard and amanda are exactly like each other, but differ in how thy chose to act on their social game. Itll be so interesting to see these two go head to head LOL!!


My thinking on the order of those going home, you could flip forwards or backward one sport, but as close as I can figure:
Kaitlin, Aaryn, GM, Howard, Amanda, Spencer, Elissa, Candice, Jessie, Mcrea, final three Andy, Judd and Helen.

I really have no clue with this group, But what are your guys thoughts, don’t just thumbs up or down, I really want to know what your guys & Gals order are/thoughts?

Like, I ummm, did'nt, like, umm yaknow

I cannot handle AD. I counted 95 likes and 65 ummms and just realized I had no idea what they were saying…so I came here and read your update. Thanks Simon


Not the best season for BBAD,I agree! I DVR every show so I can skim past the McManda makeout sessions,Andy eating anything,or drinking,mumbles McGee,or Judd the dud, chewing on a bag of marbles while communikatin’,etc. I am seriously displeased.


“What if Kaitlin won HOH and her head got big”

It couldn’t possibly be bigger than Helen’s was.

joey marbles

man jessie gets prettier every day. her and elissa are the two prettiest girls in the house. i hope they make it to final two just so i can see them as long as possible….weird how there’s no masterminds this season….usually there’s at least two very sharp players who go toe to toe or align and make things interesting….not that it’s not interesting BB is always interesting….


I really must be over Amanda now every time I see them ugly slippers she has on it irks me LMAO!!! I mean I am very agitated by them I am tired of seeing them walking up the stairs to the HOH. You would think she won every competition because she treats that room like its her very own and that bed is her Throne.

Ted Marie

I 100% agree with you Rettaa. On BBAD last night she was strutting around in the HOH bathrobe. I don’t know what’s more irritating between Amanda and McCrap taking over the HOH or the fact that Judd allows it and never says anything to them. Well, maybe he has but we would never know due to his indistinguishable mumbling.


And another thing can GM please remove her Mic when eating for a beauty queen (LOL) she chews like a COW!!!! and she has no couth or home training what kind of Pageants they running in Jersey


what if helen gets HOH again? just imagine her head size….


McCrae and Amanda must have ‘vertigo because they cannot stay upright for 3 mins in a row. I have never seen a more prone position twosome in BB history. If there’s a challenge where you have to lay down on a bed for the longest and eat simultaneously, well hand them the trophy.

dawg sux

so now i’m banned? fine i’ll go to big b rother junkies-better site anyway


No idea if there is a technical problem or not: after posting a comment a few days ago, and seeing several replies to my comment, I saw that very comment erased, as well as other not related comments of mine. The answers from other users to this post were moved to the end of the comment section, where they didn’t make sense anymore since the post they were replying to was gone.
When I posted new comments, I saw them as “waiting for approval”, and later they were simply gone.
Since that comment was about my current difficulties with sometimes understanding what is written here, I sadly assumed I had been banned.
Now Simon told me that I wasn’t banned. So I’d just like to get to the bottom of this: what happened? why wasn’t I able to post for days? why was my comment deleted, along a few others from that day? I did end up re-posting the same post again hoping that you’d finally see it, but that was only after days of not being able to post.
Simon? Dawg?




sorry my bad. sorry for the ruckus and your site is better…


That’s a joke right?


Helen poses the question” What if Kaitlyn won a competition and her head got big?” Well Helen, that would be a genuine medical emergency and the appropriate steps should be taken immediately. Any other questions, I am a Dr. and I play one on the internet!


So ….. did the Grasshoppers alliance meeting actually happen or did Judd make it up?

Brad B

Amanda needs to know enough to reign in her social game. its a ticking time bomb waiting to go off


And I have also decided that Andy is a snake also, I cant wait until he gets caught and goes on the block


Jeremy, did your girl suppose to bring home a check? Guess what? Never happen!!!!!!!!!!


I guess Jeremy cockiness cost Kaitlin to be evicted.


The burning question: why the hell hasn’t Andy been recognized as the biggest f**king rat ever on Big Brother and Spencer as the perviest – dude has his hands down his pants 24/7 and then touches everything. How is Andy getting away with it?


Did someone really say Elissa is the prettiest one in the house? I think i just threw up in my mouth.


I’m really getting tired if Candice with her please protect howie shit. Helen should tell here well tell howie’s ass to plead for himself then you lap dog.


And it ticks me off that they are giving Amanda a good edit like feel bad for her Elissa made her cry lmao Whatever they are no showing the true snake and wench Amanda is


Showmance me Jessie!


I mean I get the race thing with Aryan as a black girl myself. I have to say
Candice is just freaking annoying me to death with the protect Howie crap. Learn to play the damn game
She’s letting stuff get personal. Like I really doubt Aryan or Ginamarie will win the next
HoH. Get rid of the big fish that’s controlling the house. Instead she acting like Howard is
her life boat. Amanda is being really annoying also I thought I liked her but the things that come out her mouth is vile.
I’m done with pizza boy lover. She’s a big fat hypocrite. Elissa just suck at social game just
Like her sister. @ this point I can’t stand anyone except Helen.


I guess she’s riding that loyalty out which on the surface isn’t a bad quality. I think he’s probably just a caring girl overall and has a emotional connection with him due to the types of personalities and what happened in the first 2-3 weeks in the house. She was only the block with Jesse week 1. But emotions seem to be a big thing with Candace too bad because she’s smart actually in some her observations. But the consequence seems to be that she’s on the outskirts of an alliance with Helen and Elissa. And has really sort of isolated herself or parts of her potential game play socially because of it.

The issue I have with it that it I’m not sure it’s reciprocal in the same way on his end. It’s almost like the gender roles are reversed and she’s the protector and he’s the damsel in distress. But I don’t think he asked her to be that way. She attached herself.. He’s hard to read. It’s like he’s seems to have tried to play down everything about himself and his obvious alliance with her (other than playing down prayer of course) that it makes him look shady or maybe not be respected because he doesn’t own “it” by just going hard at comps, speaking your mind, etc. They assume he’s a threat either way at this point ,he may as well just go for it esp. starting today. It’s good that he has removed emotions but he also sort of doesn’t appear to have passion or heart (even though he may). But I think she would maybe try to rid a big fish if she could get in power or get into an alliance that doesn’t include mainly Howard. Now it’s sort of like being at the mercy of the house since she has no real power or influence and isn’t on the numbers side. And when Helen won HOH it was a pinnacle moment that has set up the dynamics that didn’t weigh in Candace’s favor because of her choice to be so attached to Howard. He ended up allowing Helen to strip him down basically lol and it’s sort of been a get him out campaign ever since. He’s seems sort of backwards in a few ways to me in how he views perceptions. And she may be foolish for isolating herself with him as far as game play. Time will tell.


Kaitlin will be OK as she has stated she grows up with wealth and Daddy is a CEO of a company.


You must of not got the update Kaitlin father went to jail for fraud I think he was gone for a few year he did Federal time and it tore her family apart and they lost everything


It seems like every HOH is Amanda’s. I don’t understand why all these people let her stay in their room and call all the shots. Everyone follows her like sheep. Someone grab a brain and get her out!!!!!