Andy says If I get Have Nots again I’m going to have a Gary Glitteresque Freak Out

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


6:16pm Bedroom Howard and Kaitlin
Howard is talking about the 4 that everybody knows are working together. (Helen, Amanda, McCrea and Elissa)
H: “You can be loyal to them or you can be loyal to the house.. Like the house is figuring out what’s up”
Howard isn’t sure there are many people in the house brave enough to go against them.
Howard saying that he’s not talking to nobody right now the more you talk the more things get concocted. He just tells people enough information then he sits back and watches where they take it. He adds that Candice is doing the same thing. Candice is a lot like Amanda she has the same fire. “she doesn’t use her intellects for evil.. She’s very real that is why I like her.. she stood up for me when they wanted to get me out of the house”.

Howard was whoever stays Kaitlin and Aaryn he wants to make a big bold move break or dismember one of those four. Kaitlin points out that Aaryn has a deal with Amanda and McCrea, ‘She’s not going to put them up” .
K: ‘If I win HOH i’m putting both them on the f******* block”
Howard says anybody can say that.
Kaitlin tells him that Amanda is campaigning hard for Aaryn to stay over her. “She’s campaigning for me to leave why the f**** would I leave her here”

H: “I got my own fish to fry but it ain’t got nothing to do with you gm or Aaryn.. the next HOH is very important”

Howard isn’t caring about the people that scumm bagged him because thats the game. He is really surprised how personal the game has become. Howard says that there is that group of four people in the house that are going to make it to the end unless they do something about it.

Howard says him and Candice are campaigning for her. He knows if he doesn’t win HOH and mcCrea, Amanda or Helen win the HOH he’s going up so he’s got to win it.
Howard about Helen: “She has a good heart but if she gets a little power it goes straight to her head”

Howard says he’s been chilling and watching people the entire time he has a good idea where everyone is at just by how they interact with each other. One person gets up then a few minutes later another gets up and he finds them whispering. He plants a bit of information on one person a day later it comes back and he knows who is talking.

Howard: ‘I have a good feeling you are going to stay.. I encourage you to keep talking to JUDD”
Kaitlin asks if Spencer Is voting for her
Howard says yes if that is what the house wants
Kaitlin thinks she has Jessie, JUDD, Andy, Candice Howard and Spencer
Howard says even if she doesn’t have spencer Elissa will vote to keep her, “If it comes down to 5/5 JUDD has the final vote”


6:35pm bathroom Kaitlin and Gina
Kaitlin tells her to start being nice to Candice because she’s going to be on their side. GM: “She’s a f***** rat bro”
Kaitlin says Candice is so far up Howards a$$
Kaitlin adds that Helen and Elissa told her that they don’t trust Candice anymore because they think Howard has gotten to her.

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:14pm Have Nots Andy and Candice

Candice is saying she likes Kaitlin everyone says she’s so big and beastly in the competitions but Candice thinks Aaryn is more dangerous.
Andy: “She’s big as hell”
Feeds cut.. when they come back they are chatting about the HOH competition being physical this week.


7:21pm HOH JUDD, Aaryn and Jessie

Aaryn tells JUDD the Diary told Amanda they will be let outside soon so he better wake up. She adds that KAiltin and Howard were talking in the bedroom earlier today and when she walked in they acted funny like they were talking game. Aaryn mentions that Kaitlin is going around saying that Helen deserves to win. JUDD wakes up “KJHKJHADKJF Khkjad sdkfhkjsahd fasfklahsf” (huh)
They start to count the votes Aaryn says there is no way Kaitlin is staying. They start talking about how much they dislike Candice.

Jessie leaves. JUDD tells Aaryn that as it stands now Kaitlin is going home at the most she can get is 3 votes against. (Spencer, Howard and Candice) Aaryn warns him about Helen says she’s easily influenced. Last week she almost saved Jeremy because he offered her some crazy deal.
Aaryn leaves Helen comes in to listen to music.

Helen: “Has anyone told Howard, Spencer and Candice what to vote yet?”
JUDD: “I was going to do it tonight… ”


7:40pm Bedroom GM and Kaitlin
Kaitlin reallys thinking she has the votes. Kaitlin explains what happened with the MVP. The lovely Brenchel army all voted Aaryn and/or Kaitlin to be nominated because they didn’t know the nominations at that point. Since those two were already on the block the remaining votes went to Elissa. Gm was fourth because of her association with Aary.
They start talking about their dislike for Amanda. Kaitlin: “McCrea is such a baby b!tch.. she has him wrapped around her little finger”
JUDD joins them.. He says it’s not going to be a tie but a lot of people are saying “It’s up to the HOH” He adds that sometimes this is a cope out people use when they want to hide their vote. JUDD says he heard Andy and Helen say that. Kaitlin is worried she’s going home. She doesn’t understand Helen and Andy promised her protection for what she did last week and now nobody is coming through with their side of the deal. Gm asks about Jessie, JUDD doesn’t know where Jessie’s head is at she’s been talking to Aaryn a lot in the HOH. Kaitlin wants to go talk to Andy right now about his vote. GM suggest she does it later tonight. Tells her that Nick and her would do all their talking at night so it’s fresh in peoples heads the next day.


7:51pm Cockpit Howard, Andy, Spencer, Helen, Candice
Just Chit Chat
Howard says he once ate so many gummy worms he gained 2.2lbs
Andy says if he gets Have nots again he’s going to have a “Gary Glitteresque freak out”


8:45pm Competition to practice


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I really dont understand gay men with all the glitter talk. I was reading gay personals once and most of the ads said ‘looking for straight looking straight acting man’. If this is the kind of man gay men like, why do they all act so glittery? Not being a hater I really am curious about this….


Just so you know there are both gay and straight people who act glittery. We just tend to associate all glittery people as being gay and vice versa.

Hey Glitter

You don’t understand gay men with all this glitter talk? Gary from Canada BB loves glitter and Andy references Gary’s reaction to being a have-not and you assume all gay men talk glitter? That’s a pretty stupid conclusion to draw. If you’re reading gay personals perhaps you also have a passion for glitter and worried about your own sexuality. Not being a hater I really am just curious.


wow. touched a nerve, did I? I just meant, gay men act all effeminate and lispy, yet they are attracted to straight acting men-that doesnt make sense. and I expected the old rebuttal-‘welll you must be in the closet then’ that’s the standard response to any critique of the gay lifestyle….


Are you for real “gay men act all effeminate and lispy”??? That’s a racist stereotype, I’d like to introduce you to my gay best friend whose size makes Howard look like MC. With that attitude I am sure you will get hit on by a gay man one day, and by Hit On I mean beaten to a pulp.


actually i was hit on by a huge gay man who wouldnt take no for an answer and i broke his nose for him. nice try.

Glitter is a jerk

But his comments aren’t racist. They are rude, ignorant, idiotic, stereotypical and probably homophobic but not racist. Gay is not a race or ethnicity.

Also, I did not understand the reference to BB Canada. Sounds a lot more interesting than BB15. Clearly I should switch countries.


I’m so surprised at how many homophobes there are on this website! This disgusts me! They’re thumbs downing all the pro-gay comments, and liking all the homophobic comments… How are these comments allowed on this website?


Please switch countries


Why can’t someone ask a question without having to tip toe around? Geez! This is how dialogue opens with intelligent people.


because they dont WANT intelligent conversation. they want everyone to agree with their viewpoint, or be banned. you know, like the NAZIS did?


“racist stereotype”? Look dude… pick one, not both ok. Besides… how the f* is it racist?? Being gay has nothing to do with race. Apparently being dumb doesn’t either.


Being gay isn’t a “race”.


1.Not all gay men act effeminate…that is a very inaccurate sterotype
2. Maybe the effeminate gay guys like straight acting guys because that is what they are attracted to!

Bottom line…it comes done to prefrence. Everybody has their own attractions, and it doesn’t need to make sense as long as the person gets what they want.


You do realize that you don’t have to act like who you’re attracted to? A girly-guy can be attracted to a manly-man, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that in your eyes.


where did i ever say anything was wrong with anything? I merely posed a question and all the gays hit the ceiling. see, with these Nazi types, questions are not allowed…..


Nothing personal but you sound niave and sheltered. People asume that ALL gay men are effeminate and All gay women are masculine. That is NOT true. They have the “lipstick lesbians” and the Down Low gay men. Your question really doesn’t make sense. Think about it… staright men like women. Women are by comparison feminie. Straight women like men, who are by comparison, masculine. So why would a effeminate gay men automatically be attracted to another effeminate gay man. Wouldn’t he be attracted to a more masculine man. Haven’t you heard “opposites attract” And none of this is 100% it is just who you are attracted too. But with most of the gay couples that i know, there is obviously a more masculine person and a more femine person. This is true for both gay men and women. I say you are niave because you think you know a gay mane by the way he acts. I had a really close gay friend and the men that he dated were the most masculine, athletic, dominate men you can imagine. I’m talking Football & basketball players, boxers, you name it. Basically men that look and act like Howard & Jeremy.


yeah everyone who doesnt agree with your viewpoint is ‘sheltered’. for your info I live in the downtown area of a large city very near the ‘velvet triangle’, the gay part of town. sheltered? hardly. I get hit on at least 10 times a day by gay men. See, YOU are the ones with ‘preconceptions’ and ‘biases’…anyone who doesnt agree with you immediately goes into a labelled box in yoiur brain…..

Chill Pill

Lumping people who do not agree with you and calling them Nazis is not a way to have an intelligent discussion. It suggests you don’t have anything intelligent to say in response to those who do not share your views.


Glitter, why don’t you just talk to them? I’ve found most people are open to sincere questions and will answer them honestly. I would recommend building a bit of a friendship first but some people just go in and ask their questions. 🙂


“See, YOU are the ones with ‘preconceptions’ and ‘biases’…anyone who doesnt agree with you immediately goes into a labelled box in yoiur brain…..”

Can you see that you have done the same thing with gay men? Yes, the effeminate men stand out but you probably just don’t recognize the straight acting/looking gay man as being gay.

I get it

I’m a straight guy, but just since you brought it up, I think it does make sense. Think about it. A gay man, particularly one who is all glittered up and such as you describe essentially is a females mind/heart in a males body. Most women want a manly man in the guys they date, so why wouldn’t a gay man who has those same desires. Hope this doesnt offend anyone, just thought it made sense from a straight dudes perspective.


Howard for MVP, HOH, POV and House Preacher.


It brightens some people’s lives. 🙂

And ....

…saying all gay men act glittery is racist and ridiculous, is your name Aaryn G?


Gay is not a race, dummy. way to throw the race card in a game of ‘Uno’….DER. Is your name VaGina Marie?

Spell it out

Ok you’re not racist, perhaps ignorant, discriminatory, biased, intolerant, narrow-minded, homophobic, hater, but not racist


That’s what my parole officer said about me as well. Personally, I find them to be admirable qualities little fella. Now scram !!


Reality TV Shows seem to cast effeminate gay men that fit several sterotypes about gay men. Rest assured, most gay men do not carry glitter around as if they were Kei$ha. Generally you wouldn’t be able to tell a straight man from a gay man if you met them at the grocery store.


anyone having trouble getting on live feeds tonight?


Yeah Andy, go for it!!!! Go for havenot again.


I know right, i want to see him crack.


I hope Kaitlin stays and works with Howard. it would be awesome if he won HOH then of course everyone would be
kissing his ass LOL I think he would make a good move


@Fish. It is unfortunate for her she is not taking a more proactive approach in her campaigning. She can lie as well as most of them, she would just have to come up with something more intriguing than Aryn, for Judd. Or a reasoning, for Judd to keep her. As long as she comes up with something Judd had not thought of he would toy with the idea. We seen from his DR tonight he flirts with alternatives. She should have learned earlier on that you never fully trust, and you always work. Especially when you are on the block. Pawns go home.


JUDD wakes up “KJHKJHADKJF Khkjad sdkfhkjsahd fasfklahsf” (huh)

Simon – that was the highlight of this post for me. And here I thought Howard counting up a tie vote would’ve been my favorite. 🙂


The glitter is a reference to a gay player on BB Canada Gary. He loved to throw glitter around and threw one of the biggest hissy fits ever for being put on slop.


I’d be intrigued to see what happens if Aaryn did win it, and whether or not she’d stick to her word.


Who cares who goes home this week! It’s all the mean girls so it’s a win for the viewers no matter what! I personally would love it if everything switched back around and Aaryn gets evicted this week. She’s the worst BB houseguest, EVER!!!!


Arryn should go home this week…


Can someone help me out? When did this convo take place where Candace talked about money or whatever that made Gina and Judd call her a golddigger?

BigBro's worstest season EVER???

the inference is that the poor woman proverbially has her eye on the prize!!!!!!!
it could be debated since nick was not too upset about going out the door that
one of his BigBro goals this season was to be a household name, given that
he perhaps is a halfway decent actor in real life. some of the BB house guests
are not adverse to the lesser checks if they loose. she has not talked of what
she’s do with her life, wardrobe and surroundings were she to luck into a cool
million! candice like helen is a solid competitor and this game has been in flux. as
to the ring being talked about, JUDD’s big idea is to be very cheap but sincere?
JUDD is into flashy zircons that have a faux look? or something like that, perhaps?


it happened a couple days ago they were talking about wedding rings and candice said something about wanting a $40,000 ring or something like that


I don’t recall when, but Candace was on the hammock, Judd was sitting on the ground, and there was someone else on the hammock…I had just started watching so all I saw was judd get up and storm off over to the couch and he said he couldn’t stand Candace ….cant recall his exact words but had to do with money and he also brought up when Helen and Candace said, quite awhile ago, that an engagement ring should have 3 carats and cost about $30,000. This doesn’t really answer your question, sorry, but there was a conversation that caused Judd to feel that way.


Thanks a bunch y’all.


Are there any rules for practicing?


great! so what happened to my original comment?

This Season Blows

I actually liked the edit Rachelissa got tonight. They finally showed her how she really is – a catty bitch with no respect for anyone and no tact.

Just my two cents...

I totally agree with you about the edit Rachelissa received. She needs to go home before jury.

Howard for HOH, POV, and MVP. I want to see him shake things up.


If I were in that house, I would have to self evict because I could not tolerate Elissa and her attitute. I would want to slap the duck lips off her face then choke slam her.


Agreed! I was really shocked by how nasty she was being. She’s is just an older version of the younger girls she claims victimize her in the house. Also, does anyone understand where the Candice and Howard hate is coming from? Howard getting called into the DR so often is also definitely not helping his case.


Watching them practice is so boring.


Watching after dark. If this is what its like for two hours, PASS


Yay. It ended. Now for game and nonsense talk.


I never understood why every season people assume the bigger and muscular guys are the best competitors. Like how many competitions per season really come down to who is the strongest? maybe 2 or 3 at the most? Hell half of the endurance comps are more geared to smaller girls. Personally I would find a person who is mentally smart and has a strong social game a much bigger threat than a big strong guy


I look forward to GM once again realizing she is on the wrong side.

Tits Mcgee

i like glitter, but then again i sleep with a pizza boy


Just lovely, Spencer follows up prospecting for gold up his left nostril with a rub & tug down his shorts !! Stay classy big boy !!


i cant wait for tomorrow to get this show on the roll … thursday it feels long waiting for big brother to start so much traffic will be on this site tomorrow oh lawd i cant wait for howard or candice hoh victory lol


….but then again you liked Topaz the moron.


At least every body ain’t asking, Wonder what the HOH comp will be? now they know…also, I laugh when Candice is talking & the camera cuts to Howard & he’s looking at her like he’s thinking, Shut up, just shut up!…

BigBro's worstest season EVER???

a lull before the storm, again… things are quieter today?
i sorta think a double eviction looms, and there is a twist!


Hate Amanda, but you gotta respect her gameplay. Constant pressure.

good point

If od would have intended for two guys or girls to be together. He would have made the parts fit together to where they could create life. Being gay is clearly wrong in gods eyes. That being said so is spewing hate or hating someone.

Better point

If God created everything…….didn’t God create gay people? Aren’t we supposed to love all of Gods works? Or……are you saying God made a mistake?